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How many more years of living like this? I want to return back to source. I'm tired of this world and life. There is nothing left for me here, even my tears have run dry.
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I'll be thirty in less than two months and I've never had sex. I tried really hard for years and I think I actually went partially insane because of it. I'm also attractive, which feels kind of like an ironic joke considering that I've lived nearly thirty years without knowing what sex feels like. It turns out that you have to actually have social skills or having good genetics won't matter.
i dont believe it could possibly be hopeless.
>everything I don't like to hear is a bot
there is no choice but to fight on
For you ? 56 years, 8 months, 14 days and 3 hours. Have fun :)

Post any and all memes / reaction images related to spirituality, kundalini, transcendence, aliens, and the supernatural.
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File: 20240425_100914.jpg (115 KB, 1195x1080)
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115 KB JPG
File: 20240425_101123.jpg (75 KB, 719x896)
75 KB
File: 20240425_105245.jpg (268 KB, 1284x1257)
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File: 20240425_105415.jpg (59 KB, 1098x795)
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One day they'll invent a pill that people can take to be happy with their biological sex.
People will try it out, and it'll be the end of trans, no controversy.

File: IMG_1296.jpg (186 KB, 2287x1445)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Its kinda crazy how smartphones created the one world religion/culture

>everyone is atheist/nihilist
>dressing like a slut, tattoos, trashy is normal
>everyone speaks American and Ebonics
>people only worship brands, material things, etc
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File: eagly.png (612 KB, 729x655)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
>everyone speaks American
Yeah and secret is money
File: 1712075183054239.jpg (13 KB, 270x306)
13 KB
>I had so much sex, you have no fucking idea. Even vaginal, yes they gave me a fucking vagina.

Even if this isn't fake this is definitely gay anon.
File: charls_no.gif (1.44 MB, 292x292)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB GIF

(Forbidden) Apple
Pandora('s box)
Amazon Kindle
Android Galaxy
File: 64511 - SoyBooru.png (91 KB, 1059x1222)
91 KB
>"smartphones created the one world religion/culture"
>muddying the waters
>mandatory neutral frog
>thread FULL of shilling which i won't even go into
Blackrock Vanguard L

File: 1709262524370878.jpg (1.73 MB, 2040x2689)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
How accurate is this
leave Israel
Although it lists a lot of real things, it doesn't really explain anything. It's like
>1. Lots of scary names and stuff
>2. ???
>3. Conspiracy !
Exactly. These are so stupid to me. It's like an ingenuine schizoid theory, not bothering to find patterns and just lists conspiracy buzzwords

File: 1645998379670.jpg (39 KB, 425x425)
39 KB
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It's pretty astonishing to consider how lucky we really have it compared to all the humans who existed prior to us. For hundreds of thousands of years, humans couldn't even dream of the things we take for granted now.
I feel like we should all be a lot more grateful for this. There's so much discourse about how modern generations have it so hard. Despite very real economic/societal problems, it's really the best it's ever been if you zoom out even a little bit.
we can only hope anon
Well thanks for making this scenario scary again
>I’m a 30s white male chad from the USA.
This is the most Indian thing I've ever read.
no idea why "ron mexico bwc" is posting so much on the /x/ board on 4chan.org
8 the b8. Gr8.

File: Pine Tree.jpg (220 KB, 839x606)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Post your spookiest /x/ greentexts.
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still not taking the steps of enlightenment? what are you doing with your life anon
>reading spoopy greentext
>weed is mentioned
This, or any drug, really. Oh, you were freaking tripping balls on a mind-altering substance and saw some weird shit? You don't fucking say! Then again, I guess it'd make sense for paranormal entities to target people doing drugs BECAUSE people would be less likely to believe them.

File: 1709779521935207.jpg (146 KB, 1179x1443)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
because it's a gnostic death cult promoted by glowies against dissident or problematic communities and it's adherents are all crypto trannies with skeletons in their closet that they overcompensate for.

It's antinatalist self castration hiding behind a veneer of misogyny and anti semetism (jews want to steal your vrill!) but the core of the movement is anti male and rooted in the anihilation of the self. The bodybuilding manosphere and christcuck/pagan larp elements are just the public front to draw in suckers.

I'm going to keep pointing this out in threads until the discord raiders making these threads fuck off (they call people shills when they literally are engaged in organized shilling)

I stand by my assertion that it's an effort to trick typical anon types into becoming court eunichs for the reactionary controlled op wing of the NWO with the false promise of godhood
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Keep seething kikes, I'm just not going to touch my penis, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.
the psy op is the dumbass narrative that semen retention is being pushed by fucking christians and the reward is given by a litteral fucking God who doesnt want you to touch yourself.

SR may have those dudes in it, and we allow them because the ends justify the means. But if you wanted to actual biology and esoteric understanding you could have asked or found out yourself.

your post is irrelivant to any discussion on the subject. This isnt manifestation though is tends to become that later on. It's the biological patterns governing reality that humans fail to adhere to because they have freewill

For the majority of humanity SR adherents would suggest balance in continence. Find someone to have fun with, if u cant because ur butt ugly then retain to have the motivation to improve your standard of living. Then use money to solve that issue if u gotta.

For the mystics who want spiritual steroids then SR is a lifestyle that brings exactly that. SR is also not pass or fail, if you only masterbate once a week, you only cum like 4 times a month. Thats better then cumming every day and busting 30 something fucking loads a month. the difference with just a little bit of restraint is staggering.

this is also the age of aquarious, the sexual waters of Gnosis pour down on us. The hidden is revealed en masse. The male and female must find balance.
you assumed your way into your success, there are no physical mechanisms, they are all under your control. you can become vegan, go celibate or just gorge yourself on all the bounty in this world if you so choose, do what thou will but do it with the belief that it will not poison you and it wont.
>Wrong. You can have sex without cumming.
God, this whole thing is so fucking gay. It has nothing to do with self-improvement. You are fucking deranged and going to end up with testicular cancer.
File: Source wizardries.png (72 KB, 500x250)
72 KB
While i understand your point. 99% of people are incapable of holding onto narratives to any degree especially this deep into the dream. Working with the greater psychological patterns is just a simpler way to do things. Ignorant midwits with terrible self inflicted self defeating self fearing ideas need structure until they are ready to break all of that down. hanging out in the kiddie pool and walking people over to the 6ft area is my ultimate vice.

93 and all that

File: ryu.jpg (40 KB, 393x458)
40 KB
I am a martial artist
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I have no suggestions, but "best" in what way. Your question is too subjective, and you should already know how this subjective space works.

One person will tell you that its the "best" because it made them feel "inner peace" and it actually produced no tangible or measurable results for them.
Even the name or word kung fu is a teaching in itself. It means workmen but it is skill
File: karate-kid-wax-on.gif (221 KB, 220x165)
221 KB
221 KB GIF
Give me ur best tai chi pdfs old man

File: IMG_6103.jpg (179 KB, 1197x840)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
I usually sleep with my laptop playing YouTube vids at a very low volume, my lamp on, electric blanket and a sleep mask (blindfold)
These past few nights however i’ve been having a terrible time getting to sleep, falling to sleep around 2-3am, waking up briefly at 4am and then waking up for real at 9am etc…
Well last night during my attempts to sleep I was in a quasi sleep/awake stupor for what felt like an hour. I kept seeing CEV of people staring at me menacingly, different people/cartoons/animals/insects/shapes(?) would appear and disappear behind my eyelids all creepily staring at me.
Finally had enough of it and got up, walked around and then was able to fall asleep but needless to say this freaked me the fuck out.
What caused this? I don’t have schizophrenia or a family history of it, was it just a lack of sleep?
Never happened to me before

Don’t take any drugs besides nicotine. I did start taking finasteride on monday but only took 1 pill so far so I doubt it was that.
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>electric blanket
Bathing in them EMFs
But it’s comfy
These are the same the other one is someone else
>I usually sleep with my laptop playing YouTube vids at a very low volume, my lamp on, electric blanket and a sleep mask (blindfold)
I just fall asleep wherever I am when I get too tired to stay awake whatever time of day it is.
Just light some candles and take a bath with Enya playing on the stereo if being as gay as possible is your endgame.

Made a thread not long ago where I sum up my experience for eight years with stalkers. If interested, read here


Basic gist is that these people staged and still stage events in my life to divide or create chaos . In the last 9-11 months it has been at its most chaotic. Latest scenario really fucked my and someone else’s life up and I’ve been on edge already. Would explain the full situation but I know I am being watched .

They have entire books on the art of being a psychopath, liar or setting people up - diversion is usually where most people call it quits. Extending beyond that, threats, creating situations with the intent to divide or cause harm. Let’s just say this time it’s obvious.

This shit is too much to be coincidence. Rarely do I feel fear about my words, this however gets to me. I don’t want anyone else to be fucked over for what I’ve done, so come against me before anyone else.

Right now they’re blasting bass outside, have been blasting all kinds of noise all day. Lame shit.

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right - here I am Stuck in the middle with you…
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Just wanted to say I hope for the best for those here and elsewhere.
Stfu fed
File: .png (99 KB, 1500x1500)
99 KB
Call the cops! He said he's gonna hurt me HELP!
Reaction can take many forms, talking or interacting directly with the husks is only one form. The moment you give them any form of attention they or whatever is pulling their strings start taking your life energy. And I'd like to stress LIFE energy. If this goes on long enough a human can sink into a deep and very dark pit.

I'm going to shill the "Reality Transurfing" book that is quite popular on this board. Long ago I searched for ways to get rid of energy vampires and stumbled upon it. His description of pendulums/spirals is on point. You can download the book quite easily if you want to check it out.

OP, you seem to be on the right track. Any weaknesses in this fucked up little game of theirs will be ruthlessly exploited. The cardinal sin being self-pity. Until you manage to reach the difficult state of being Zen about it, choose hatred. At least it is a constructive driving force. Hatred is all the meat puppets deserve.

Excuse the blog post and once again, good luck to you OP and other anons struggling with this.

File: Picture.jpg (59 KB, 998x920)
59 KB
A dream I had yesterday that scared me. I was hanging out with my friends, and we were chatting amongst ourselves, and then a creature appeared in front of us. It looked like almost nothing else in the world, more like a sea creature. The closest thing I could liken it to was a jellyfish. It had a lot of eyes, and my friends witnessed it in the dream. It didn't have wings or any means of levitation, the creature didn't fly but it levitated 15 to 20 meters above the ground.

The scariest part of the dream was that the creature spoke to me one-on-one and knew everything that was going on inside me. Without me opening my mouth, it was speaking for me, saying things that I knew, and my friends were saying things like, 'How can this creature know these things, what is this? The creature told me that it was with me, that I could never be separated from it, that it would always be inside me.

The thing the creature most resembles is picture related. I usually laugh at such dreams, I don't take them seriously, but I have never had such a strange, frightening dream in my life. I have never encountered such a creature in my dreams in my life. I am someone who has never experienced DMT, I fell asleep normally.

Can someone tell me what this dream means, what is the creature I saw? I'm really curious and I'm sure there are people here who know something about it.
why does every dream thread OP use the exact same language and writing style

is it just one guy
I too had a strange dream last night. I was walking through the shallow water of a beach, enjoying the ocean. Next thing i knew I was in a large warehouse and before me was a mechanical contraption that looked like some sort of cybernetic mobile suit that was unfolded as if its pilot had opened it up and left if behind for a moment. But it was not like a cool Gundam, it was clearly designed for a creature with an enormous cranial capacity and a small vestigial body by comparison to its enormous alien-proportioned head. Then I was driving away down the road to my old home in my old car through my old neighborhood, but my headlights weren't working so I could only see by the headlights of other cars on the road.
Depends on what you believe dreams are. I've always viewed such entities as the closest thing possible to a physical manifestation of your unconsciousness. If you're adventurous and want to better understand yourself ask it to take you deeper.
Of course a creature in your dreams knows what you know, you daft git. You're the one dreaming about it. This guy >>37769354 is right, it's a part of your brain talking to the rest of you, possibly to try to help you figure something out or do something with your waking consciousness. Think about what it means.

File: IMG-20230910-WA0051.jpg (39 KB, 802x1046)
39 KB
Scary man
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Thats busty lemieux
File: F5.gif (45 KB, 207x237)
45 KB
big boobies?
File: boobies.jpg (101 KB, 512x551)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
File: 45642 - SoyBooru.jpg (64 KB, 644x800)
64 KB
File: IMG_20240413_085638.jpg (2.51 MB, 2448x3264)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
Mammary breasts hmmmmm

File: 18_Job_03_03-4204270692.jpg (298 KB, 1584x1584)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
The bible proves it.
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You are possessed by an asherim.
Do you get lots of bfs?
Sir you are dog ugly and balding
its just sad how they go
No it's more like God tested Job his most loyal to the breaking point to see if he could break someone like that and he did. Maybe god never seen nothing like that before and made it experience. That or he did it for the lulz.

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i know, really intersting
I've had two interesting dreams, but the one that stuck with me the most was after I'd taken antidepressants for the first time. It was extremely realistic, almost as if it were high definition. I'd look in the mirror and my face would start to decompose and necrotize - it was extremely realistic.

I reacted very badly to the drug very quickly and had horrible side effects. I even went to hospital and suffered for two months afterwards.

I find it fascinating that my body tried to warn me like that.
en sí el sueño no fue tan extraño, pero soñé que una mujer desagradable a quien no había visto en mucho tiempo, ni había tenido contacto con ella de ningún tipo en mucho tiempo me intentaba hacer daño... al despertar tenía mensajes y llamadas perdidas de ella intentando persuadirme para hacer una alianza.
I think my strangest dream was when I was in Mauritius and slept with metal music in headphones. I dreamt that I tried to assassinate Steve Jobs or someone like him, a this man liven in tennis court, no house, just court. When I arrived to him with a handgun this man was in motorised wheelchair (like Steven Hawking) and for some reason I said to myself "he's actually a nice person" and just walked away. The hell does this mean? Also sorry for my english I'm not native speaker.
It is indeed very interesting. Normal dreams are thought provoking enough but once you start to become fully aware of your dreams and start diving further things can get downright abstract.

However the part of my experience in finding my deceased friend that I found the most interesting was how normal and mundane the setting was and how little control I had over the experience.

Normal lucid dreams feel more like painting a world around my will. This felt like visiting someplace else entirely.

File: Eh kinda.png (585 KB, 860x484)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
I have never had anything happen to me that was paranormal. I've wanted to, but I guess I don't have the gift or whatever. What a do have is a few stories that were weird. Things that you can't properly explain to people, so you don't bother. Most of these involve "synchronicity". I want to hear your stories if you have anything like these.
I'll start off with the tamest example. Once my brother and I were hanging out. The radio on the car was broken, so we were driving in silence. My brother asked me if I knew what he was thinking about. I jokingly just said what was on my mind. Billy Idol. I wanted to listen to Billy Idol. He went quiet. Started smiling and shaking his head. 30 seconds later he said "you cannot be serious" and laughed. Turns out he was also wishing he was listening to Billy Idol. Now if we told that story, people would assume that Billy Idol is our favorite artist, or that we had both listened to him recently. It wasn't the case. But people would assume that anyway.
Another story. Once I was watching my parent’s dogs. I asked my brother if he wanted to come and watch a movie and play some monster hunter. He came over. At around 2 in the morning he left for home. He lives about 8 miles out of town. I began to clean up the kitchen. As I was cleaning, I heard my name being yelled. Let’s say my name is Paul. I heard "PAUL!" like it was yelled from a few rooms over, but it seemed to come from every direction. It was my brother’s voice. I was stunned, and yelled his name back. I figured he had come back and was locked out. I searched the outside of the house, and did a room by room check of everywhere including the basement. I was alone. It’s not the first time I had imagined hearing my name being called so I just finished cleaning and went to bed. The next day I went back to the area my brother and I live.
(Part 2) I stopped by his house and began talking with him. I decided to tell him that I imagined his name being called. He got a look of shock on his face. He then asked me if I was screwing with him. I asked him what he meant and he explained that he had been in bed around 2 or 3 and he heard me yell his name. Said I yelled it in a way like I was looking for him or I was spooked. He called back to me angrily because he was almost asleep. He went outside and could not find me, and said he had imagined it. If we told people that story, people would say it was just a coincidence and that it’s because we had hung out that evening. That we knew how we called out to each other and imagined it. But that doesn’t feel right. Too many pieces and the time frame fit together to make it into something way weirder. But no one would ever take it seriously, especially since I don’t have a good explanation or even a notion what any of it could mean.
The last one I will tell is the one that may be the most easily explained away, but feels the weirdest. My family owns a cabin up in the mountains. There is a generator, and old flat screen tv, and a blu-ray player. My brother and I would go buy groceries and head up on weekends back then. We would take turns each week with responsibilities. One of us would run in the store, the other would go to the red box and pick out a horror movie. We saw some real bad movies, and some real underrated gems back then, which is why we liked the genre so much. I could be mystery science, or something awesome. It was the luck of the draw. This time it was my turn to pick. I started scrolling through the pages and found one that caught my eye. It was this white background. There was a man’s face from the side on the bottom left portion of the image looking upwards in horror. His face was in black, white and grey.
(Part 3) His lips were sealed together in connected strips of flesh, almost like his mouth had melted together leaving him room to open his mouth, but having it permanently sealed by the grotesque flesh. He was staring at the title at the top. The title was “I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream” written in black or grey, sharp looking letters (This happened years ago so it is a little fuzzy). I put it in my cart, but then decided it looked like too big of a risk and chose a different movie. I think the movie I picked was about a door in India that separated the living from the dead, and some foreign couple had stumbled onto it because their kid was dead or something. It was ok. Nothing memorable. A couple of years later, I remembered the movie I had almost checked out. I began looking up details. I found the short story, and read it. I loved it. I found the game on steam. I played it. But no matter what I did, I could not find a movie by that title. It did not exist. I made up the whole thing. I have looked for similar images. Found some, but nothing was close. There was a slipknot album or something that had a dude being tortured on it that was similar to the description of the man on the cover, but it wasn’t close. There is a video game that kind of had a similar layout and vibe, but wasn’t that close. I tried to find out if I had heard the name of the story somewhere, but couldn’t. I could take you to that exact grocery store, at that exact time of year, at that same red box that stands there today. I created a movie that does not exist named after a story I had never read or heard of before. People I have told this to think I must have created the memory from bits and pieces of things I heard over the course of my life, or that I made it up. Maybe I did create the memory somehow, but I have never done anything like that before or since.
(Part 4) The reason I told you these relatively boring stories is to hear yours if you don’t mind. I want to hear something that made you scratch your head. Or something that made you say “huh” out loud. Something seemingly insignificant, but sometimes keeps you up at night wondering if you can trust your own memory, your own eyes, or wonder if bigger things are going on, and you got a brief glimpse of it before blinking and finding reality again. But it was probably nothing, right?
(Part 1, Scene Me) Nothing I think of ever happens.

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