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File: 1645998379670.jpg (39 KB, 425x425)
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we can only hope anon
Well thanks for making this scenario scary again
>I’m a 30s white male chad from the USA.
This is the most Indian thing I've ever read.
no idea why "ron mexico bwc" is posting so much on the /x/ board on 4chan.org
8 the b8. Gr8.
Wasn't this basically what they did in Martyrs?

File: IMG_7105.jpg (108 KB, 900x600)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Yesterday there was a news of a blood covered horse running through London.
Can anybody decipher the spiritual implications of this event?
What mean??
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File: c2sch.jpg (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
>the horse was white not sickly green
k next

Sleipnir, those are War Horses, usually impossible to disturbe, not your regular field cattle. Even more disturbing that they stampeded like this, it's a sign from the Gods.
Many European Iluminati are Satan followers

Signal exchanges between Chris Mellon and a senior USG Official: "We're dealing with a recovered UAP that landed in Kingsman, AZ in the 50s...we also know who recovers landed or crashed UAPs under what authorities."
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If that helps with anything, Chris Mellon is well-off enough not to be motivated by money in whatever it is that he is doing in regards to possible disclosure. One of the reasons I consider him well above the average in terms of credibility.
Shalom aleichem.
Will and intent. Might have taken some brain mapping like those monkeys they got to play pong using brain input.
Might have circumvented the original controls and installed something humans can use. If they figured out how the power goes to the engines, adding controls to increase/decrease it shouldn't be much harder. 360 degree steering would be harder to figure out, but if it's two "thrusters" you just add tank controls (left track, right track) and another for altitude.
I'd imagine there's a mechanism to work the Z axis separate from the X and Y.
Did you see anything interesting while you were there?
File: s-l300 (8).jpg (15 KB, 225x300)
15 KB
Thanks for the info. A number of books note a crash retrieval in Kingman AZ. The information is often sketchy, but I make note of it so I can go back when something like this comes out. I'd like to get Roberto Pinotti's book on the 1933 CR that Grusch mentioned.
>we also know who recovers landed or crashed UAPs under what authorities.

So how do these things operate? You've got what, a dozen or so guys, a flatbed, some heavy wrecker equipment and tools. The documents and paperwork need to be in order. Need money, etc.

Any idea what this means or symbolizes.
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>you'll be more mindful of disappointing yourself by poor reactions to stimuli,

A perspective perhaps helpful for some but not for others--some people are already unduly disappointed in themselves so a little more and a little different is just ineffective. And mushrooms CAN help a ton--exactly with THAT btw. Toxic guilt is the worst
We agree there's more too it. Also, I'm not certain we should be super convincing when suggesting people eat mushrooms and attempt a schizophrenia.
Sure, they should discuss it with their doctor first XD ofc.
Being one with the force.
The parasites I meant are inserted thought forms that leech energy from the consciousness through programmed activation stimulus, such as when a "pet peeve" is activated and the like.

File: 1700266973445338.jpg (77 KB, 750x778)
77 KB
I'm going to do some shrooms in a few days. Can I do something to avoid HPPD? If I get it, is there something I can do to treat it/cure it?
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it's very rare, usually harmless and time will heal it. compared to that "risk" driving a car is pure insanity
I have HPPD
it's not bad
it's mostly unnoticeable
if I stop moving my vision and focus on something, the fractals and movement start at the periphery of my vision
if I focus for long enough, my vision goes full "trip mode" where it's essentially the same as if I was deep in a 2g shroom trip
I permanently have trails, it doesn't bother me
cognitively I'm just slightly more creative and schizo than I was, but most people interpret it as me being really funny and unique

HPPD is long-term suppression of the mPFC as an adaptation to the tripping state, basically it's just rolling back how the mPFC filters information from your occipital lobe to your frontal lobe

you won't even know that you have it because psychedelics have a tendency to erase your perspective pre-trip. it won't be until you're talking to someone and realize that they don't see trails or OEVs that you go "oh shit i might have HPPD"
OP make sure you spend most of the trip in a dark bathroom staring into your eyes in a mirror
It's not something to worry about for most people. I've taken doses doctors told my family I was never going to come back round from, but as soon as the drugs were out of my system I was fine. I've known plenty of other people take similar doses and I've only known one person to develop HPPD. You hear people complain about it online, but they're few and far between in real life.
Blackness looks like rainbow static and I see transparent black vortex's in the sky.

File: Adam and Eve.jpg (1.97 MB, 1485x1920)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
Adam and Eve were White and Divine, created in the image of God. But after Satan (in the form of a serpent) persuaded them to eat the forbidden fruit, they lost their divinity.

This is known to all, but what is largely unknown is that Adam and Eve's children come from the Caucasian, Aryan Race, who are naturally noble and wise. But Adam also had children with the demon Lilith, and their offspring are the dark-skinned races, who are predisposed to wickedness and sin.

Remember whenever you are talking to a brown "person" that they have the seed of evil within them.
What are you babling abouy? From experience I can say that ive witnessed autistic little shits trying to act like they are better, bigger, stronger and cooler all my life regardless of race. Literally acting like angsty teenagers thinking they are hot shit.

Always fucking lying, trying to gaslight, scare and trash. Even use violence.

You really think your skin color fucking matters and not your heart?
Withholding of knowledge is the tactic of a slavemaster. The roles were reversed.
Satan had sex with Eve thats why Eve cursed all humans

Don't shit up the thread with "proofs" that don't pertain to pic related. Only answer how this is possible on a globe or flat earth model, no other debates, no curvature, nothing only hurricanes and how they work on either model
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lol. lmao even.
The sun and moon are local and track along the equator under the dome. Their passage creates the prevailing winds (trade winds) and eddies (coriolis effect). Cyclones require spin to keep their precipitation from quenching their updrafts of warm moist air, and the spin (eddies from the passage of the sun and moon) isn't present at the equator, but only north and south of it.

windy.com nixed their azimuthal equidistant world view, because it was too easy to see this.
i heard they rotate in the other direction on the southern half. So on the equater they wouldnt rotate..?
funny that they fill artillery manuals with correction data for it then. almost as if they dont want to hit the target.
This is just off the top of my head:
Observations show that no hurricanes form within 5 degrees latitude of the equator. People argue that the Coriolis force is too weak there to get air to rotate around a low pressure rather than flow from high to low pressure, which it does initially. If you can't get the air to rotate you can't get a storm.

/x/ film thread
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File: cremator.jpg (93 KB, 611x917)
93 KB
File: inthemouthofmadness.jpg (742 KB, 1280x1828)
742 KB
742 KB JPG

File: 3902646_9294_4.jpg (38 KB, 750x422)
38 KB
Why the fuck this thread keeps getting deleted Edition

Anyways yada yada this is a thread where we talk about astral projection and Lucid dreaming, Any question or inquiries ask them here and someone shall answer, So yeah both threads are mixed, Keep bumping so we don't lose this precious only real thread we have in this board

But what happned to me last night is that when i tried to sleep knowing full well about the etheric and real body double, I saw something in my eyes even tho i fucking closed them they opened by themselves and i saw some thin lines moving fast and when i opened my eyes i also saw them, I felt like i really reached it but got too scared and stopped it. Did i like finally come close to it ?
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I talk to god in my dreams, and he calls me by my angel name. I go around timetraveling doing stuff.
Last night I was following a river looking for pretty quartz that I could make glow, when I found myself in a cave.
The cave walls were covering with paintings of simple figures and symbols. I wanted to know what they meant and who had made them. Then I saw a stone statue of a mans head sticking out of the water. I went over to it and the statue started talking to me. It asked me if I wanted to experience who they were, but to do so I would have to be born and then die. I thought for a moment, but finally agreed to the conditions. I felt a burst of sexual pleasure, and then I saw a flash of light and immediately I was in the water and I looked down and saw myself as a baby who had just been born. Then I was walking around as a fully grown man and I asked the beings there who they were, and they said they were the Kingdom of Viracocha. I was in a mountaintop cavern, and the entrance was a weird smooth ramp with rolling hills, sort of like very difficult round stairs. I went down, and met a group of teenagers there. I ran with them up the ramp, and then one challenged me. I didn't want to fight, so I just kept running, and it seemed the others knocked him down the ramp.
At the top I saw a girl, who started talking about partnership. I didn't want to form attachments, and said I would be celibate in that life. This seemed to disappoint her and make her angry. I told them I had only been there for 2 hours, but they said it had actually been 30 minutes. Then I heard god telling me my name, and I looked off the side of the cliff and flew out into the clouds as my angel self. I heard a sinister laugh, and saw a weird flying box which I beat into pieces with my sword, before waking up.

Maybe try to use your lucidity to contact some spiritual forces?
It has been interesting for me, to say the least.
>Maybe try to use your lucidity to contact some spiritual forces?

I have and yeah it's a lot of fun and has produced some really interesting results. My post was more of a thought experiment where the atheists are correct and we're just playing around in our heads like a VR playground. Which btw, our personal experiences don't disprove that possibility.

It sounds like you have plenty of experience exploring the outwards but have you explored the inwards? Next time you're lucid really focus on the visuals themselves. Look hard enough and you should see a pattern emerge. Focus on what's between the lines of the pattern.
I just dreamt that I was inside some weird virtual reality game, which felt super real, I was stuck in some sort of big arcade hall with all kinds of games that had to be played in reality.
I was in a game where I had to solve different puzzles with giant wolves around me. I had to distract them and solve the puzzles.
At one point I distracted the giant wolves but there was a small baby wolf left, who was trying to get me. I had a little packaged glass cup that I could use, and threw it to him to try to scare him away.
It hurt him and the wolf seemed scared, and I felt bad for him, the wolf also kinda resembled my recently passed dog. So I went to the wolf and tried to comfort him, and then suddenly he went on to attack me and that's when I woke up.

I love Astral Projection so fucking much bros
>Anyone who has the desire and sticks to it for a few months can do it.
On that timetable, only if you have a natural sensitivity to the phenomenon. Otherwise it can be much much longer, or on the flip side an extremely sensitive individual may be AP in their childhood without even trying.

File: 2spooky4me.jpg (55 KB, 600x400)
55 KB
Am I being targeted by evil spirits/entities or is the matrix attacking me?

My life has been pretty awesome until about March where I lost everything I cared about. My relationship, friends, job. I'm trying to improve and get myself out there again but I have nothing but bad luck and even almost got fucking robbed.

I do not know why this is suddenly happening to me, I dont think i have been bad or anything recently although I did make some mistakes in the past so maybe it is now suddenly catching up to me?

Am I cursed maybe? I also have a huge red pimple on my noes and had a nose bleed a few days ago.
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thats crazy, i was never actively religious but i was so deep i actually started praying, but i did pray for something, or someone specifically
can you even interact with it? Any demon tries to fuck with me he's gonna have a good old fashioned beating
>i was never actively religious but i was so deep i actually started praying, but i did pray for something, or someone specifically
I think that's okay
I had a friend that died and I'd read that you're only let out of purgatory if either Jesus, God himself, or enough people that know you advocate for you, so I prayed that he be let into heaven
literally that night he showed up in a very real-feeling dream and he had an actual halo (like biblically, bright light behind his head making a corona) and told me that he got into heaven. it was such a bizarre feeling because i felt pure happiness to the point that it was making me cry hysterically.
you can and you can't
it doesn't have a physical presence, but you'll know if it's around you. not sure if there are different demons that want different stuff, but they'll try to drive you to do shit you wouldn't do normally.
I probably can't describe it to you in an understandable way but it's like if you're standing somewhere high and your brain starts going "WHAT IF YOU JUMPED, IMAGINE JUMPING OFF, HOLY SHIT WHAT IF YOU JUMPED" but like feeding off of sexual or negative energy.
I dont think I want to be in heaven when the people I care about aren't there. How does that work? Would a version of them you love be in heaven, but the version of them that was bad, the real version, not be there?
i have had those thoughts about what if I jumped etc all my life.

The thing is a few months ago I felt my guardian angel was close. I saw the number 11 everywhere. And then suddenly this stopped, or I got used to it and thats when all bad things started to happen. As if my guardian angel was replaced by demons.

Even if the demons would go away I dont think I would be happy still because i still lost what is important to me so they won anyway

File: 456.png (23 KB, 334x344)
23 KB

The Roman Numerals

in the HAND

is there... any significance to the number 45,650?

How many more years of living like this? I want to return back to source. I'm tired of this world and life. There is nothing left for me here, even my tears have run dry.
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i dont believe it could possibly be hopeless.
>everything I don't like to hear is a bot
there is no choice but to fight on
For you ? 56 years, 8 months, 14 days and 3 hours. Have fun :)
someone needs to ban you.

I know we're in the minority, but I personally come here to browse old hypothesis I used to believe when I was younger. Ideally I would want some spiritual reality to be true, but the evidence against the fact is so strong I can't lie to myself
>all humans for the most part act the same, there is little to no uniqueness in the quality of people you meet
>we're driven by biochemistry and complex neurological impulses. There is no soul.
> I'm currently working on a materialist explanation for near death experiences and out of body experiences, have yet to publish my works, have been researching for 3 years.
>evolution speaks for itself, I can simply put that here.
> I don't believe in transhumanism, not because it's right or wrong, there is no such thing as mind uploading and saving continuity of consciousness in a medium other than the brain you're born with.
>The world itself is a cold and scary place. Imagine the worst thing a human can possibly do on many gore sites; nature has been doing this for billions of years. I see little evidence for some benevolent god when the type of universe we reside in exist.
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>a coordinate system without* z
>Any object with a z dimension can still exist in part in a coordinate system with z.
That has nothing to do with the fact that you still can't reference that z coordinate by only talking about x and y.

You're talking about something else. What you're talking about is the idea that you must exist in the highest system, and I agree with that. So because you exist in true reality then you will always be able to find things outside any subsystem and "escape" it.
Yes, that's true.
But that doesn't mean you get outside the subsystem by ONLY referencing terms inside the subsystem. My point is that you can't.

You can only see what's beyond a system of logic by simply seeing it. You CANNOT reduce something outside the system into terms inside the system.
So in the example with the z-axis. Yes, you can still have a z coordinate, but if your logical language ONLY contains x and y, then your z coordinate CANNOT be expressed in that logical language. Because it's something fundamentally new. Something fundamentally distinct from x and y, and the only logical course is to observe that your logical language is missing something (i.e. the z-axis) and then add a NEW axiom called "z" into your logical language.
>That has nothing to do with the fact that you still can't reference that z coordinate by only talking about x and y.
But you can by understanding there is an influence on the system with unknowns. You may not understand or even be able to conceptualize the unknown, but you CAN talk about there being an unknown and how it impacts your subsystem.
If it doesnt impact, then there is no subsystem. there are two completely unconnected systems.
>But that doesn't mean you get outside the subsystem by ONLY referencing terms inside the subsystem.
And no one has argued that. You arent listening to what I said.
Any subsystem will have things that point outside that system. Otherwise it is not a subsystem.
>Modern science has thrown the ground of reality into the trash
>our conscious lived experience carries more primacy than the objective reality we observe.
Your logic is ungrounded. By default/from birth we are solipsists but then we (atheists) become ''materialists'' (which is a misnomer by the way because even atheistic materialists are dualistic). Therefore you need to address why materialism is compelling and you need to do a better job than ''muh jewish indoctrination''.

One compelling reason starts with object permanence. When something/someone ''disappears'' outside our perception we imagine that the object continues to exist and we confirm that imagination to be true with observation. The next reasonable step after object permanence is called theory of mind: we must assume that other people are thinking and feeling because disregarding the NPC meme people act as if they think and feel in a manner that we can predict based on our own thougts and feelings even though we can't observe their thoughts and feelings. It follows that the stuff we observe has an invisible component: the brain = conscious. That is the duality of materialism. Material already has a dual aspect like a coin with two sides. It doesn't need extra sauce.
But how does that invisible thing arise from matter, which it is otherwise completely distinct from.

Wouldnt it make more sense to say that consciousness is a field like the higgs field, that encompasses all of existence, and that brains made of matter merely serve as receivers of this field to give rise to qualia.

Because in that sense consciousness and matter are once again made into one and the same thing since matter also arises from quantum field fluctuations and isn’t actually a real tangible thing on its own, and mass arises from particles interacting with the higgs field, and is also not a fundamental property.

And this all can be easily asserted through the Ship of Theseus thought experiment, where one realizes that the so called permanence, doesnt exist, everything changes every moment, even if only for a single atom, thus since one cannot say when the old thing became the new thing we have only 2 options.

1. Everything is a distinct separate island of existence from every other thing (Buddhism)
2. Everything is fundamentally different forms of the one and the same eternal permanent thing (Non-Dualism/Advaita Vedanta)

File: IMG_1296.jpg (186 KB, 2287x1445)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Its kinda crazy how smartphones created the one world religion/culture

>everyone is atheist/nihilist
>dressing like a slut, tattoos, trashy is normal
>everyone speaks American and Ebonics
>people only worship brands, material things, etc
24 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1712075183054239.jpg (13 KB, 270x306)
13 KB
>I had so much sex, you have no fucking idea. Even vaginal, yes they gave me a fucking vagina.

Even if this isn't fake this is definitely gay anon.
File: charls_no.gif (1.44 MB, 292x292)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB GIF

(Forbidden) Apple
Pandora('s box)
Amazon Kindle
Android Galaxy
File: 64511 - SoyBooru.png (91 KB, 1059x1222)
91 KB
>"smartphones created the one world religion/culture"
>muddying the waters
>mandatory neutral frog
>thread FULL of shilling which i won't even go into
Blackrock Vanguard L
Social Media is MK Ultra Transhumanism propaganda
It’s just our society(western) committing cultural suicide.

File: Pine Tree.jpg (220 KB, 839x606)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Post your spookiest /x/ greentexts.
142 replies and 83 images omitted. Click here to view.
>reading spoopy greentext
>weed is mentioned
This, or any drug, really. Oh, you were freaking tripping balls on a mind-altering substance and saw some weird shit? You don't fucking say! Then again, I guess it'd make sense for paranormal entities to target people doing drugs BECAUSE people would be less likely to believe them.
File: Anon Finds An Ossuary.jpg (901 KB, 3014x1820)
901 KB
901 KB JPG

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