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File: oneaboveall.jpg (51 KB, 474x474)
51 KB
That's why nothing makes sense. God is real, but there is something "above" God, even. I feel like I'm correct about this. Anyone want to discuss this in-depth?
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If you replace the term "God" with the term "Reality", you realise that there cannot be an entity above "Reality" since if it is Real, it is by definition an aspect of Reality.

However there is one exception. Sure, Reality comes first. But for things to be Real, it must be possible for things to be Not Real. Just as there is God, there is Not God. Either Fake Gods, lesser gods, demigods or the Other Thing.

Chaos. Pure, Unfiltered, Chaos. Within this Chaos is the Ability of Reality. Think when you asked yourself "What came before the Big Bang?". If the answer is God, one then asks themselves "What came before God?". Others may try to gaslight you into saying "Ooooooh nooooo there is nothing Before God, or After God, its Ourobouros" or some shit. In truth, For there to be Ourobouros, there must be the possibility for No Ourobouros.

Finally, your "feeling that it is correct" is solid. Trust your gut. I trusted mine as it came to a similar conclusion.

HOWEVER, without Reality (or God, if that is one's preferred term), there is no Primordial Chaos. Since Primordial Chaos has no basis of comparison. It is alone. Primordial Chaos only becomes what it is, not at the step of Reality's definition, since then Primordial Chaos would only exist in the form of "Not Reality", but later. It is a kind of Thid Wheel to Reality, but is making itself more and more present as religions fails to grapple with this odd yet fascinating Truth. This New Reality.
Apparently, from my own source, God cannot interact with the universe directly. He has to use some sort of system of "randomness" that dictates what happens in the Universe. But he created this system himself
God made a computer that throws a dice for 'chance', he is not allowed to throw the dice himself.
Chance calls and God follows.
God believes He is playing Himself.

In Truth His opponent is Primordial Chaos.
Is it because we are confined in the container of our Universe where we apply laws and rules that put things in a restriction? (Cant create matter, can only transform it, Cant move faster than light etc)

Maybe for 'God' these rules just don't exist. Which we could never comprehend because we always assert a 'Source' to everything; Because our Universe simply works like that. (If something happens to someone, chances are, there is a source for his cause. See someone with a bruised eye? They got it from somewhere) This also brings up the question of what causes birth-marks besides 'random' but that's irrelevant

So its impossible for us to comprehend 'God' not having a source for those reasons.

Even though in our own thoughts (if you dont have Aphantasia) you are not bound by any law or rule. You can fantasize whatever you know of. You can never think of anything you havent experienced before though (like imagining a color that you've never seen)

File: IMG_9100.jpg (490 KB, 1290x816)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
Can fentanyl kill a vampire?
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you fuckers had one chance like america to tell the mainland to fuck off and you kissed their asses.
Hi my names Cindy. I am a 100+ year old vampire.
Don't ask for any pics or vids for proof, just trust my larp guys, totally not a basement dwelling troon.
AMA! hee hee.
Look up Philadelphias drug war
It hasn't killed me yet
All cops are bastards

File: file.png (1013 KB, 1339x775)
1013 KB
1013 KB PNG
>Mario Chalmers, a former Miami Heat guard and teammate of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, shared an interesting superstition that James has before games.

>According to Chalmers, James lays out his jersey on the floor before the game, and nobody is allowed to step over it.

>If someone steps over it, he will have the equipment manager get him a brand-new jersey, shorts, tights, headband, armband, and socks

alright what kind of satanic voodoo is this? did he sell his soul to the devil? is he letting some kind of spirit into his body by doing this? puts an empty outfit flat on the floor before every game. he also has a special chair that he sits in that if anyone else sits in the other team mates get them out of the chair and say "ay yyoyoyo yoyooyo.. no.. get out thats bron's chair." that part i can see as the autism. but the empty flat uniform on the floor is odd.
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that's pride and ego to the extreme
Mario Chalmers peaked in 2008.
You never played a sport have you? Its everywhere not just blacks. Just google white baseball player rituals. Your welcome incel shutins.
Look at esport fags too
He also pretends to read books for the camera. Irl he reads at a 5th grade level.
It's very bad to steal Jobu's rum

File: FB_IMG_1649757674912.jpg (82 KB, 720x1210)
82 KB
>What are the Four Noble Truths?
1. The five aggregates that make up the phenomenal world are suffering (dukkha).
2. The origin of this suffering is desire for sense-pleasure, desire for existence, and desire for non-existence.
3. This suffering ceases when these desires cease.
4. The cessation of desire (nirvana) may be accomplished by the Noble Eightfold Path.

>What is the Noble Eightfold Path?
Right View, Right Intent, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Meditation.

>Where can I learn more?
Ideally you should read the discourses of the Buddha. For secondary lit and translations, read up to see if the author has an agenda besides promoting Dharma (theosophy, perennialism, etc.). Avoid the 19th & early 20th centuries: Rhys Davids, Herrigel, Jung, Suzuki, etc. Modern scholarship is much better, older commentators are more hardcore.

In the Buddha's Words - anthology by Bhikkhu Bodhi
Atthakavagga - Pannobhasa's translation

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>But when they become free from passion, desire, love, thirst, fever, & craving for those little sand castles, then they smash them, scatter them, demolish them with their hands or feet and make them unfit for play.

This is an evil teaching comparable to the babylonian talmud. Krishna plays and playing is good. Destroying a childs sand castle is evil it is not wise. May God repay you with a thousand narakas

>when one is caught up there, tied up there, one is said to be ‘a being.’ “Just as when boys or girls are playing with little sand castles (lit: dirt houses): as long as they are not free from passion, desire, love, thirst, fever, & craving for those little sand castles, that’s how long they have fun with those sand castles, enjoy them, treasure them, feel possessive of them. But when they become free from passion, desire, love, thirst, fever, & craving for those little sand castles, then they smash them, scatter them, demolish them with their hands or feet and make them unfit for play.
Who is "one" that is being caught up? When the sand castles are destroyed, ther children go home and still exist. So are we children or are we sand castles?
And if we are sand castles, what and where are the children? Why are we conscious sand, and not conscious children?
File: 1685186011261219.jpg (618 KB, 736x1213)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
It wasn't a 1:1 comparison, I just think he has something to say about these issues, even after 2600 Anons. But I said your criticism.

File: caesar.jpg (50 KB, 603x298)
50 KB
>The initials
>Caesar was from Gaul
>Jesus was from Galilee
>Corfinium is the first city Caesar occupies
>Cafarnaum is the first city Jesus enters
>Caesar crossed the Rubicon
>Jesus crossed the Jordan
>Julius was betrayed by Brutus
>Jesus was betrayed by Judas
>Julius had 23 wounds (2+3=5)
>Jesus had 5 wounds
>Both were deified after their deaths
>Caesar’s death created the Roman Empire
>Christ’s death created the Holy Roman Church
>Both died on the 15th day of the month

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: BTFO.jpg (267 KB, 600x900)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
What do you mean?
As for what I can share, I view the catholic church as operating on a metaphysical rome; the hearts of men being territory to conquer. It replaces physical violence with cultural violence.
This means that we are the battleground. If you understand this, you will understand the amish and others better.
File: IMG_1746.jpg (543 KB, 700x467)
543 KB
543 KB JPG
That so?
Would you kindly expound what you mean?
Your thoughts are not something I can 'see'.
File: 33 wounds.png (845 KB, 1347x513)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
shakespeare said caesar had 33 wounds, which would strengthen that connection

File: steak.png (253 KB, 600x600)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
When one eats meat, does one also eat the screams and pain of the sacrificed animal?
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When animal dies, there emotions, fear get to be imprinted on to meat.
Then people have this fear in them because of it after eating and are scared.
Some might say is not true, but go and see studies done on humans transplantation of organs, how some people gained knowledge or spoken a new language after. Because it holds information inside.

It be good we are thankful for what they provided and show some respect. And tell animals 4 days before the good byes. This way animal have time to remove it souls out, so you just get meat.

I'm concerned why people are punting plastic in to pig foods in usa.
Based. I love being the bad guy. Nice meme btw
So children who ate meat fed to them who then die are also supposed to make amends? I suppose there's an entire bureaucracy dedicated to the innumerable sins of man
Oh no the horror
I have to fight some pigs, sheep and chickens?
XD idiotic fuck, this is some next level crap

File: 1687053359997301.jpg (58 KB, 587x538)
58 KB
-women are the window into the heart. God the father is the heart. If you can't get laid, you aren't following christ consciousness.
-the heart is the central point in the body, it is just as connected to eros (your dick) as it is your mind.

A woman's beauty, is that of the sun, it reflects what the masculine (sun) shines onto it.

Women's beauty is your report card from god.
109 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
satan is teraforming Earth into hell.
>y-you dont need a woman to be happy.
this is such bullshit.
It's time to come up with a different insult, that one is just as outdated as take your meds.
You really don't though.
>Kind hearted women with a good soul, modest, well raised, soft spoken, loving and pretty are extremely rare nowadays.
No they're not, they're everywhere. You're totally delusional. Also, incels lack all those traits.

File: C1zjLyCVQAAN_cb.jpg (158 KB, 1432x780)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
to understand the true nature of reality?

there are so many different things that factor into the question here (biology, chemical compounds, psychology, religion, physics, math, technology, etc).

Even if you make headway in one area another perspective could be just as reasonable. So why waste time pursuing that area? What if you investigated religion for years and then found out the true nature of reality was that it was just an advanced simulation?
33 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
The urantia book
What does that say? I can read the あ, the てい and maybe a ん between them, but I'm stumped by the last character
What kind of Simulation? Elon Musk became the individual with the most powerful Tongue in the Anglosphere with his telling of the "we statistically live in a simulation". He prob dropped acid once and had a "whoah" moment, but later developed that into a Huge Ego. Pride with little substance (he does not care about safety of his employees).

There is a better explanation. We (statistically) do not just live in a Simulation, but a Game Simulation. There must be some freedom somewhere, albeit it is confused for freedom of action. What we have is Freedom To Identify, or Freedom to Self-Define. From there, we have Freedom of Choice.

Knowing this, the other axioms of Language (as percieved through the English Language) become easier to uncover. If one is still stuck, The French have unironically uncovered Axioms to the True Nature of Reality through their language. Choose to believe me or not, but I know it is fact. Deleuze, Guattari, Sartre, Baudrillard, Foucault, Camus and even going back to Rousseau and Descartes. The sum of their work is approximately equivalent to German Philosophy, as in Hegel, Nietzsche and some others I assume. We just (for now) do not have any philosophical equivalent in English. All Ayn Rand and Milton Fiendman have uncovered is the nature of reality from the perspective of an egoic atheistic mind, which is therefore not complete.
maybe: Anteiku (あんていく, Anteiku)

File: Grusch STO.jpg (533 KB, 1265x1024)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
This fact was omitted in his CV submitted to Congress.

>J-33 is the highest echelon military entity dedicated to offensive INFORMATION WARFARE. It supports the CIA and NSA in their operational missions, such as hacking, concealment, and DECEPTION.
>J-33's operations branch controls the Special Technical Operations Center within the Pentagon. The center is the most secure facility within the U.S. military. Dozens of special access (or "black") programs are monitored at the center. These include the United States's own hacking activities, STRATEGIC PSYCHOLOGICAL, CONCEALMENT AND DECEPTION operations.

However, in his CV ( https://docs.house.gov/meetings/GO/GO06/20230726/116282/HHRG-118-GO06-Bio-GruschD-20230726.pdf ) you can see that he's ALSO been a commanding officer of the 318th Cyberoperations Information Warfare Center until just one year ago:

>The squadron conducts training on cyberspace operations, including operational security and DECEPTION at both the initial and advanced level.

These Pentagon Information Warfare programs have been waging meme war through social media and, as you know, 4chan, for years:


QRD: Grusch 100% confirmed psyop disinfo glowie. You've probably called him a glowfag before on this very board

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
20 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
He is almost certainly part of the group that opposes the program. They've probably set him up for life. Or maybe he's just a sacrificial mkultra'd autist.
didnt he basically say in one of the interviews he was the it systems admin for like all the things in the sky? if so, he knows all things even if he does not know where they come from or why they are utilizing his network.
I will personally smack him in the face because I'm really tired of dumbasses wasting my time by talking about aliens and never providing any actual evidence.
its the flerfers

File: file.png (17 KB, 617x97)
17 KB
if the moon is always presenting the same side to us, how did the craters get there?

pic related
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
please stop trying to convert people to judaism, thank you.
How come all those asteroids missed earth? Where are all the earth craters?
Worn away by atmospheric and oceanic erosion and geologic processes (volcanoes etc)
there's only so many to around you know. the sun gets most, then jupiter and saturn, those greedy fucks. the moon gets its share, which comes out of ours.
Burned up in our atmosphere or under the ocean or just on the ground anon

I had a demon in my room and I kept running out because he would change forms to try and trick me that he was peaceful. The first time it showed itself to me was in the form of a little girl which I jumped up and pummeled through to get out of my room. The second time it grabbed my dressing gown and slowly dragged it towards my bed which I again ran through but the final time it showed itself as a tall man around the corner of my room and at this point I was ready with a couple of swingball rackets to smash the cunt but as I came around the corner he was gone and he hasn't bothered me since

Are demons pussies?
File: 1689442903169130.gif (35 KB, 320x208)
35 KB
OP is that a photo of your dream girl???

File: 1686266441921440.jpg (311 KB, 1482x1134)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Why is saturn, both the planet, and its mythology commonly associated with time and not the sun?

Are there any books, videos, papers, etc that provide more in-depth insight into how ancient astrologers perceived time and space or how they perceived celestial influence?
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Weird in a way that it gets more basic and abstract ? Everything is just basic shapes ? No thoughts or voice ?
and saturn is also named kali and kali is also time in tantra
>saturn is also named kali
I was looking around and there is some connection between Saturn and Kali in things like Mahavidya, but a lot of what I'm seeing is that saturn is also known as "blackish" aka krishna/kali and kali is also a conjugation of kala, time.
>Other names
>Shanishvara, Chhayasutha, Pingala, Kakadhvaja, Konastha, Babhru, Roudhrantaka, Shanescharam, Sauri, Manda, Krishna, Pipplayshraya, Raviputram
>Saturn -Iccha: In the Mahavidya system, Maa Kali is represented by the planet Saturn as she is the Shakti of Time (Kala meaning time) and time is the only thing that cannot be controlled by anything.
And an unbacked claim of Saturn being the planet of Kalaratri.

Is the Bird Box movies about higher dimensions? The crazy people had weird eyes after seeing the apparitions.
Saturn is bound because he's a wannabe

File: Christ_in_Gethsemane.jpg (220 KB, 1141x1600)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Hey. Ask a gnostic master anything. I'm still learning, but I have the divine spark. Ask me anything. Begin with goodness as the Truth said. Then follow by fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. It purifies your soul and helps you achieve Gnosis. Let's go.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I don't care what you do as long as you get there. You also need spiritual knowledge. The mind having become still, you need the spark to burn your inner ignorance. That is where I come in. Conversations with a fool.
Cool gif by the way.
What do you think about pre-christian traditions of Gnostic thought? Orphic, Neoplatonic, etc?
What do you think of women?
Women, are basically like men but with different roles. Ad personality attributes. Some women may be sneaky, some women loud, et cetera. But in the end they're all women. I am a benevolent person so I don't have anything against women but Buddha said bad conduct or something like this in essence is the taint if woman. The pre-christian pre-christ traditions of ancient Greece and Egypt are manifestations of the god-mind. True essential teachings for all ages are or were contained within these traditions. Read the secret sermon on the mountain.

File: images.jpeg-287.jpg (33 KB, 590x350)
33 KB
We gotta get this guy out and let him continue leaking on the CIAs occultist practices
17 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
help the campaign to free assange = good karma

not do shit = bad karma. stuck on the wheel
File: images.jpeg-304.jpg (58 KB, 658x466)
58 KB
File: 1707794048014146.jpg (60 KB, 620x388)
60 KB
Julian Assange will be extradited to the U.S. and will be killed, made to look like suicide...

calling it now!

File: 1706516990743900.png (860 KB, 1311x751)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
Post your favorite /x/ themed YouTube channels
127 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>How is it "high quality"?
By being good stuff
>His information is inaccurate
can you give any example of an inaccurate information he pushed ?
>He misquoted at the very least 3 books that I own
which books ?
also which translation and edition ?
Be a little more descriptive, stank ass. Differentiate what stands out about Mythos that is very good as opposed to his peers in the niche of religious education or the oversaturated YouTube "content creator" space.
Best UFO channel for primary sources (interviews with witnesses, abductees, etc)


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