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File: 1713827673119618.png (84 KB, 775x1232)
84 KB
The issue of animal rights/environmentalism is a great topic to gauge the development of an individuals soul. I don't trust or want to be around anyone who holds unusually cruel or archaic views towards the animal kingdom and the natural world.

File: IMG_0623.jpg (160 KB, 1147x657)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>Ghosts are just demons, trying to deceive you.
>Aliens are just demons, trying to deceive you.
>Cryptids are just demoniacs, where demons try to corrupt God’s Image in Man; like those that call themselves Legion.
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Read Vallee
To you, everything you don't like or understand is demonic. It's the primitive Christcuck ignoramus's one dimentional answer to any phenomena that doesn't fit within their warped religion, that they are afraid of! It's the blanket answer to everything they don't want to understand.
bro why are you even on this board
Man there are way too many people who are extremely upset at the thought of demons deceiving them.
it's all just ultraterrestrials, they are capable of moving in every part of the electromagnetic spectrum and change where they are on it at will. this is why sometimes dogs and military equipment can detect them while they remain invisible to the naked eye. you can see them if the pattern recognition of your brain gets accustomed to their presence. other than that they are actually really chill dudes who most likely wont 411 you (unless you start trampling on their shit that is).

File: IMG_0886.png (846 KB, 750x1334)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
I know I can’t post and I gotta go and all, but fuck I am so proud. I just beat Lucifer energetically, he came to me and not the other way around
Of course maintenance is key, but fuck man, I will love his mother and I will inspire everyone her to leave so with lily.
It’s possible, love can win. This is so great man, maybe I can finally write those uplifting lyrics to balance the other stuff.
I didn’t even touch him.

Ok I think I can leave lucifer’s pit.

I will use his poses on my modeling work and imagery like as a memento or something.

I beat Lucifer!!!

The 13 and the 300. Who are they? Why are they doing it? Why!!
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im gonna need, maybe one more clue, some sort of informational direction as to where i might go to find "your interest" besides looking at my own

>sooo, so you think you can tell, heaven from hell......savant from coomer....can you tell a teen's field, from the cold cream's veil, a smile from a bail, do you think you can tell
ohh a man of international misteries I see, let me see....

oh ok ok

well you know the usual crap, understanding what being is, how that relates to you, and to human society and the institutions you know and love, such as the government and the church (and their modern derivations)

its not hard
and well with this I mean

understanding the meaning of "being" and analysis our institutions and society and working toward moving them, alligning them with "the will of that being", when you understand what "being" is

File: 1645998379670.jpg (39 KB, 425x425)
39 KB
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>named Kris
>looks like an aspie
>Completely mentally insane
Like pottery
I had that thought as well.
that trump might win
That's easy. Assuming that doctors don't have the means to do this yet, they just leave the body parts that are needed to keep the brain alive. The idea is that they remove as much of the body as possible while still keeping the brain alive and healthy.
People who say this is hell are overreacting.

File: EfXCE01UYAA8csO.jpg (41 KB, 798x644)
41 KB
Why did God put sensitive dumbasses like myself in this world?

When it's clearly not conducive for us at all???

Seriously, I'm losing it.
I'm trying to follow the good word of Christ and the Buddha, but everytime someone expressed any negative emotion at or around me it riles ME up.

Its fucked me up so hard that I moved from my mom's place (even though I'm 25 she keeps wanting me back since she misses me)

And now even though I've been with my autidtic girlfriend for 7+ years I internally feel really upset whenever she gets very dramatic with me

I don't want to ruin what I have since people seem to like me and be in my corner... but by them just beingbhuman IM being hurt (I had a breakdown on acid about of anger in public while with my girlfriend and expressed my frustration, It was intense so I know something is up)

Om a recent shroom trip I saw that my life is vr being played by higher dimensional God entities so I stopped giving a FUCK as much as I used to, now my life just seems like a fucking annoyance...but that's now what all lf my mind wants to think, I don't want to be angry and paranoid of others

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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maybe you've seen threads about a guy (Aion) who makes predictions - and not only - with the help of a pendulum and an otherworldly entity? If not, then in any case you should contact him (the main thing is to ask the question in such a way that it can be answered either yes or no). Here is his nickname in discord: seabrick91. I hope you find the truth for yourself, good luck!
Mental illness is at an all time high right now in the west. Those who aren't mental are just boring shells.
The key is the golden mean in between.
At some point during the pandemic, I just stopped. What the vaccine would do to people, what it is currently doing to people, was so obvious with just a few minutes of thought. Instead, the whole world just lined up, not even reluctantly but enthusiastically and with great force. How do you even communicate with a "normal" person? What are the kinds of thoughts that go through their head? How do they see the world, that something so blindingly obvious was for them entirely unthinkable?

I just stopped living. I don't much see the point in playing the game anymore. The people who are really in control of this world are really only in control of the normie mind, which is a nightmare. Physically, biologically, the world is completely screwed no matter what we do. And it feels like a cosmic taunt. It feels like God is telling me, personally
1) Yes, I ensured the world works under certain rules, which were deliberately designed to function in this specific illogical way
2) Yes, it results in every single person being arbitrary and cruel, intentionally so, and those in charge are the worst of all
3) Have fun! (:
And he's sitting there, feeling so smug and proud of himself for it. Like the fact that I ever tried is hilarious to him, and the fact that I stopped trying is even funnier. And I just cannot care anymore. I admit defeat. You win. Enjoy your victory, enjoy dancing or whatever. I'll quietly allow myself to die in the imminent civilizational collapse as bodies continue breaking down or the immune escape reaches its apex, and when the curtain is lifted I will simply find a secluded astral spot to install myself and avoid anything for the rest of eternity.
Those who aren't "mentally ill" probably have higher "birthright" status or something else going for them. Meaning their families probably made deal with archons in the past or something. I really can't come up with better explanation for this spiritual war going on.
It's definitely a bot

It was here earlier in the thread, there's a demoralization campaign om this site stay clear

File: normies.jpg (445 KB, 1062x2106)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
95% of the people are cattle. Just ignore them and start taking from the system. Stop creating, stop working, stop paying taxes, stop helping people, stop feeding the beast. Just take and take and don't put anything back until it all collapses.

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or married ;0
File: vaporwave 232.gif (122 KB, 200x200)
122 KB
122 KB GIF
Don't think, just flo.
The IRS won’t do shit bitch
okk pretty ggood advice

File: images (1).jpg (4 KB, 301x168)
4 KB
Insider story. Been lurking here for a while. My occupation is among higher levels of nato command. Won't explain more, nor post a proof.
First of all the story of a guy with liver cancer, who posted here couple of months ago is true. So is the reddit guy with his underwater NHI claims.
Second, brace for the event of disclosure, meaning a presence of an nhi vessel on our orbit. It will happen in the coming two years, they cannot calculate the exact time as the observed objects movement is erratic.
Also the info on Ganymede message and Arctica is true, it connects with the uap base in the ocean story. Also Antarctica is full of remnants of previous civilization or structures and devices left by our creators to guard us.
It is not expected that the visitors will be hostile, however all possible precautions are being taken. It is believed they're communicating with underwater nhi's/ai's.
Also yes, Musk is actively involved.
Chinese government works with USA and Europe on this. Russia is temporarily excluded.
What is basically expected is an et vessel which will replace the underwater bases with new ones, as they are a significant part of a kind of defend system created long time ago on our planet and it seems the present vessels are dying due to loss of power or just being old.
Probably no live et's will be involved as the process seems to be fully automated. As of now the accepted theory is that all these are AI remnants of previous civilization or devices left by our creators /people/aliens that established homo sapiens on earth. It is possible that this year all this will be somehow disclosed by US to prepare general public for the incoming events.
Also, watch for Apophis news.
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so youre saying theyre going to admit we're actually from offworld? yeah, nice try.
earth is a buc-ees and we're the possums digging through the trash.
its fucking gay QANON shit you tards.
Why doesn't anyone mention how the UACs are with the UAPs?
Also UASs
Man, if you want to post a believable larp about being a NATO official why do you include crap like ancient civilizations in antarctica?
Pretty sure it came from all the predictions of when Trump would drop out in 2016
Probably don't want to violate the prime objective.

File: Battle-Jacket-Front.jpg (982 KB, 1916x2182)
982 KB
982 KB JPG
Post 'em
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File: IMG_5823-compressed.jpg (420 KB, 1966x2621)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
Good enough I suppose.
File: file.png (1.83 MB, 810x1080)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Holy cringe
can you post more op?
he realized he went too far and couldn't undo

like how he wrote zaphkiel increasingly neatly

Post any and all memes / reaction images related to spirituality, kundalini, transcendence, aliens, and the supernatural.
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Based and me too.
You can't say this shit if your meme is no funnier than the rest
>he doesnt know about apathy route
Flap around like a retard with no direction or purpose
Eat lamp

File: IMG_9970.png (3.4 MB, 1170x2532)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB PNG
What are some old painting that you consider errie or scary or discomforting? must be old painting
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>37752255 [me]
my bad, these are not paintings but a photographs.
File: weirdparty.jpg (42 KB, 484x308)
42 KB
"at the end it all got a bit weird"
Two of my favorites


bump 4 moar

>>Book Recommendations

>>Load your Chart [Exact Birth Time]

>>Additional Resources:
https://sevenstarsastrology.com/ - methods
https://astrologyking.com/ - aspects
https://www.skyscript.co.uk/ - general
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hurr durr durr There Is Number Next To Venus Sign, Do This Mean How Many Gworlfrand I Have??
literally pajeet hands wrote this

did you know that if you all
>didn’t murder females at birth
>simple stopped reproducing like parasites

then maybe you’d get a wife
until then considering necking yourself and making the world a better place
What happened in the last 24 hours that attracted so many sub 40 iq morons here
Are dominant planets in one's chart a thing?
What do you think of this person? This is a female that I know.

File: 1711622114262514.jpg (142 KB, 1024x1024)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Why did christcucks gift the red heifers to the jews?

3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Christians be like
>"le antichrist will build the third temple and most likely be a like!"
Also Christians
While unknowingly supporting their ritual to literally bring in the antichrist.
the main argument is that the revelation prophecies re being fullfiled, It's retarded. christians used to be reactionary back then now we re literally sheeps
America Protestants have always been kike larpers going way back to the pilgrims. Read about Judah Monis if you want a real redpil.
I cannot fathom why Christians support Israel so much
Do Jews not maintain that Jesus was a false prophet and everything in the New Testament is heretical?
File: 1711682116574152.jpg (144 KB, 548x659)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Jews want dominion over all of mankind. They will control everyone who's not able to see trough their lies.


A large part of them are retarded, thus fall for their lies.

>secular liberals?

Same. In fact liberalism is a Jewish invention. Jews gonna jew, the real question is what are you gonna do about it?

File: 934939.jpg (50 KB, 710x827)
50 KB
Have you ever had an interaction with a stranger who you suspected was a ghost or entity?
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kek I love the idea of a vaping wendys rasta ghost
Even in death, Jamaicans are chill as hell.
Very interesting
>You haven't seen the way the wind blows the tops of the trees on a fall morning."
so have you seen that yet?
Cringe and fake and gay

There are two emotions the 3d Demiurgy cannot process, Love and Fury. The most intense, illogical forms of passion the machine cannot predict. They managed to kill gender cohesion to kill love. Fury Be Thy Victory. They've given you more than enough to let the dragon roar.

Love is dead on the altar of modernity. Fury roars in seraphic divine stanzas.
File: watching.jpg (50 KB, 1024x1010)
50 KB
lol yes, OP is a glownigger or a faggot, either or both, but never neither
Faggot fucking retard
File: Drag.png (87 KB, 251x260)
87 KB
>t. Man who has neither lightning not sun in his soul

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