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File: 1695574850457631.jpg (1.56 MB, 1439x2048)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
Thread to discuss utaites, vsingers, and their music. Originals, covers, utawakus, lives, etc., post them here.

Previous Thread: >>47161678

Upcoming Lives:
6/29: Re:AcT 2nd gen LIVE
7/20: Yukarium Acoustic Live "Sumni No Engei"
7/21: LiLYPSE&アイデス1st TWO-MAN LIVE「反神叛戯XENOGLOSSY」https://www.zan-live.com/ja/live/detail/10449
8/02: Himehina Live 2024 Day 1
8/03: Himehina Live 2024 Day 2
8/03: AZKi 1st Major Debut Live "Voice Entropy" https://virtual.spwn.jp/events/240803-kowairoentropy
8/07: Isekaijoucho Anima 3 https://www.zan-live.com/en/live/detail/10411
8/08: Kamitsubaki Fes 2024 https://twitter.com/kamitsubaki_jp/status/1789128674614350313
8/12: Such & Yuka Nagase 2 man live https://wallwall.zaiko.io/item/364971
8/24: ASU Sunlight Live 3 https://youtu.be/PxVdsYY3QmU
9/14: Singularity Live Volume 3 (KAF, RIM)
9/15: RIM 3rd One Man Live Neuromance 3
9/19: Sana Natori 1st Live
9/22: Yuka Nagase Live Tour 2024 "Eureka"
10/12: Yuka Nagase Live Tour 2024 "effect"
https://youtu.be/WiXyZLaJEvM - feriquitous ft nayuta
https://youtu.be/cq4RwWrqxu4 - lapix ft yoshino
https://youtu.be/5RvswZtrB9c - komainu always be with you
https://youtu.be/Z-2zTNjNfQo - shido cover
https://youtu.be/PVQGXtOv_94 - forte cover
https://youtu.be/VackW0ZS0nA - gero loveit
https://youtu.be/2UrAgHsST1g - yuni cover
https://youtu.be/t0Uwq6THbKE - dustcell ema cover
File: ojou.jpg (215 KB, 2048x888)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
File: 1704480657732685.jpg (601 KB, 1152x2048)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
File: file.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x1986)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Yoshino-chama's cooking...
do all utaite need to be girlfailures
>Vocaduo 2024
Submission deadline is soon, and I will add all the suggested links to a pastebin sometime after the event is over. Day 7 may be heavier on submissions, so may take some time to get through. I won't make it through everything, it's just too much. Also now catching up a bit on the day I missed.

Day 6 Recommendations:

https://youtu.be/RVC-v91uwDA - Misora Mimi (Yuuyu)
https://youtu.be/lMxbXZlE-Ik - 雨宮みやび(桶屋-Okeya)
https://youtu.be/yKJOWfBZYzI - Muto (shikiura)
https://youtu.be/OLnyLU9qR4U - Layla (ゆたこ 様)
https://youtu.be/vLgGuf0FFOE - TONARI (Makayaveli, Ayumu Arai)
https://youtu.be/MbbfEuc6JJw - oishite kudasai (Anddy Mule)
https://youtu.be/LlQns7Y0bNU - hinotaro (nataneabura_P)
https://youtu.be/dvVH_C9h07w - Kurage Kon x Misumi Polyca x 00A5AC (Shikakui Square)
https://youtu.be/eYLu-pTd83E - 言ノ花/ねむれす (2997/ユシナ)
https://youtu.be/aCZq2kbIahc - Igarashi (Zokepo)
https://youtu.be/e4sf0hCN0iA - Hiona Kohigashi (monaca)
https://youtu.be/a-05DqhiJEI - 余白_モノクローム (爪楊枝地獄)
https://youtu.be/iSL90LExx0E - Chiiko x July (Nagu Morizu)
https://youtu.be/QfAHUTaACQA - Yoshika x misora sora x kanzaki meisa x noa Polaris x nanoha x goho batsuko (QLOCK)
https://youtu.be/RPu--Wt-jhg - suisai (ikke)
https://youtu.be/xfL9oz6bVg0 - Miko No Osushi (IDONOKAWAZU)
https://youtu.be/xdklo9VlWS0 - Fuyu No Haku (哀乃)
https://youtu.be/xW_gLbj2WXQ - Kochira Yoto x あーずかい (Taro)
https://youtu.be/RPX1XIHBQpI - RiCO (Sceno Ichiro)
https://youtu.be/sx66vQYAlU0 - Amakusa Fran (5ECH0M)
https://youtu.be/O4i0WJs3tf0 - Obbli Kinose (PANP)
https://youtu.be/nDBa71eT6Uc - lemone (mochi 0v0)

>Last thread's anchor for recommendations
almost certainly not. it's a nightclub event in shinjuku
I can cook better
File: IMG_3745.gif (1.95 MB, 576x432)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
I'm too old for a show that ends at 4:30. Just in time for the trains to start running again...
File: 1691876212835036.png (65 KB, 1200x1200)
65 KB
File: IMG_3827.png (3.37 MB, 1448x2048)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
So many good VocaDuo songs released today.
Lita and Yomi are overlapping...
It's like they're trying to tell me to pick either KMNZ or Vesperbell
I'm slowly waking up and getting ready to go through the last bunch.
File: Tanabata.jpg (154 KB, 1280x1280)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
new yoshino cover

found this channel while autoplaying on ytm
File: 1720360000018513.jpg (339 KB, 1920x1080)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Did you not like yesterday's yoshino song or did you just miss it posted above.

I've definitely heard the mori x hanakana song but can't remember if it was posted here or not. I'm not really familiar with aco kawai but that song is pretty nice.
File: GO6spyUbwAEGlGL.jpg (137 KB, 1448x2048)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Yomi twitcast archive.
I missed the first 7 minutes.
It's panno mimimi
I can do this but I need a few days, sorry. Busy with other stuff. I will try to post everything you want in this thread.
meant for >>47251657
thought it was hachi
They both originally came from REALITY app and used the nose bandaid
My second guess was Rushia
File: 1715905094749987.jpg (515 KB, 1920x1080)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
All five real witches were also in attendance for duos with their vocaloid counterparts as guests.

there's a mole too
File: 1704787905281976.png (150 KB, 894x826)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
>2,000 teams
It’s 1998
File: FGgSPyCVUAEFul8.jpg (313 KB, 2048x1448)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Get over here so I can cutely flick your forehead

Maybe one of Psyqui's weaker songs
i didnt really like it. i think lapix's style doesnt fit yoshino's voice and style. i like her more singing these two kind of genre.

but yeah that group definitely has something in common with kikivivilily, just with alot more rap
>cant even round numbers up in peace
might as well say it's 1984
https://youtu.be/5D_qrOHOMP8 - yoi shigure ft ruka motomiya
https://youtu.be/Fh2gIQr0tRc - momone chinoi (rissyuu)
https://youtu.be/fzOvLFiOauk - shiho melt
https://youtu.be/P7nMc5vHCb0 - nomelon nolemon
https://youtu.be/3OHLAfmVczY - dongdang romeo and cinderella
forgot to add in
https://youtu.be/7AfVSx3Hov0 - nanatsukaze
>Vocaduo 2024
The window for submissions is closed, but I'm still going through them.

Day 7 Recommendations:
https://youtu.be/G8PCB_JXDzE - somunia (higma, Yaca)
https://youtu.be/s2VbWbmTYf8 - wanuka (x0o0x)
https://youtu.be/E09p8lwebtY - Real Miro (Thorndique)
https://youtu.be/oR7pa6-R6aA - Koharu (Kasamura Tota)
https://youtu.be/d08D5UaiNEo - oishite kudasai (Kanade Chigi)
https://youtu.be/kCaPbSCjffA - Misora Mimi (Tsubaki)
https://youtu.be/ijwEV49lrXs - The Binary Mido (Thorndique)
https://youtu.be/bZTrmDeUfk0 - Sennzai (NIL)
https://youtu.be/fI9CUMNYXjc - Miku Mitani (Miku Mitani)
https://youtu.be/2R25rIDSK28 - Koharu (catacleco)
https://youtu.be/5X0184k2UVs - Delutaya (Angel Kinema)
https://youtu.be/oF7Kjs2GkdU - madotsuki (NIL)
https://youtu.be/dxljj21uy54 - pi (ALUVI)
https://youtu.be/jXfLAn6GrzE - Waka Nana (toluc)
https://youtu.be/3GinhBXDsQA - hinjack (n0y)
https://youtu.be/4FV7J-T2G44 - Tug (Vivid Lilia)
https://youtu.be/0rKqHditp58 - Muto (rinri)
https://youtu.be/fSO2l7oSGFY - Muto (Sohbana)
https://youtu.be/3IbkiuzS1Yw - yowa (Remo)
https://youtu.be/JnpQ4gkvxGc - Yukimi x Noel x Hinjack x Marugurit (YAMAAD)
https://youtu.be/9KOJWu64_o0 - Yuudutsu Tear x Yui Maru (Spicy Rabbit)
https://youtu.be/j38dxIrJk-Y - Yumemi Tobira (藍川)
https://youtu.be/_iV-CGHzfts - Naruse Senri x Katsa Naito x Otonoha Lino (Azamaru's Fantasy Music Workshop)
https://youtu.be/AG29hTaJC3U - vally (Miyolophone)

File: 1720393395753266.jpg (390 KB, 1920x1080)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
>Vocaduo 2024

Day 7 Recommendations, Part 2:
https://youtu.be/_SwZdspssOc - um (砂乃未時)
https://youtu.be/atwFinZwihU - Umiusi Kanata (Rusino)
https://youtu.be/SP_Hcr7vDVQ - hotoke (MIMI)
https://youtu.be/_YyEhAyjD6Q - suisoi (niho sika)
https://youtu.be/BZkqkgi1bcY - えりあす (niho sika)
https://youtu.be/NMT7W1Ttcqw - Sonia Toosaka (Yuzy)
https://youtu.be/pQ0kdYBdwnE - Kottaro (32ki)
https://youtu.be/P27hxDQ637Q - Yusuke (Yukino Ito)
https://youtu.be/_Z6hK_6lGck - Tsuzuru Sekai (Dinger Box)
https://youtu.be/X-dVEsAcJc4 - anyui (HomingEcho)
https://youtu.be/HyxWtvDGaqw - mendako (kuma bgm)
https://youtu.be/J5kkh-4qCtc - Shairu (Timothy Alv)
https://youtu.be/Ki_Lij5F0WA - Aria Tsukiyomi (夏央)
https://youtu.be/98ZYCTXLyDY - Hakono Nakami (YM)
https://youtu.be/shTXJ1Agf7s - SeviL (wkdon)

File: Sogen.jpg (11 KB, 673x75)
11 KB
Is that the year that you were born, old man?
i wish dude, im in my early twenties with severe back pain. if only my age could justify this pain.
Is Ado a butler or something?
File: 1701850336164992.gif (2.8 MB, 374x374)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB GIF
What's the relationship between KAF and Roshidere? I'm so confused.

Anyway the ED is a cute cover
>Vocaduo 2024
This should be my last set of Vocaduo recommendations. I've listened to about 300 songs and I flagged a little less than half of them. Sorry to anyone I didn't get a chance to listen to. I'm tired now.

Day 7 Recommendations, Part 3 (Final):
https://youtu.be/NcdwjLbq8EY - wotoha (Sasuke Haraguchi)
https://youtu.be/Vdl5iO8cTDc - Hujigasaki Catherine (Pepoyo)
https://youtu.be/Bawn5x6eaok - Setsun Ann (ノル)
https://youtu.be/m_1Hjdx_-4I - Nagino Mashiro (Thorndique)
https://youtu.be/rImLMeaN0UQ - Euhi (ぐりす)
https://youtu.be/K41VeiCB9F0 - yukino (sidore)
https://youtu.be/3YQdjCa-LrQ - Tsukino (Capchii)

she's clearly an airplane
can't you see ?
No I meant her design
probably not. o remember her earliest design picture to be her with that outfit surrounded by clothing mannequins like a tailor or something from a high end suit shop.
Good job, i would have done it myself like i did last year but sadly i have a full time job now
it's true I just saw ado flying over my house
File: GR9e3pWaAAECHlJ.jpg (478 KB, 1920x1080)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
7/23: VESPERBELL 4th ANNIVERSARY LIVE「Noise in Silence」https://www.youtube.com/live/lpp5fiSyNJw
File: GPieJqiasAATYpn.jpg (817 KB, 2659x2659)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
First try
You've now messed it up three times
Nobody cares
Anon please you are making these same mistakes on two different threads this is embarassing
7/23: VESPERBELL 4th ANNIVERSARY LIVE「Noise in Silence」https://youtu.be/lpp5fiSyNJw
File: EsjYGfgUwAAiQkv.jpg (404 KB, 1450x2048)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
You did it. Good job.
File: 1711564423981923.jpg (467 KB, 2048x2048)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
Sometimes I use random threads to see how my posts will turn out before I make my final posts. Not only 4chan, Twitter and Discord as well. I usually delete them afterwards. Sometimes I stopped trying after the second try.
File: aDON.jpg (551 KB, 2304x3072)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
is it just me or are people here more autistic than usual
perhaps, ive been trying to compile the songs i like from kurage kon but havent gotten the drive to do so.
ive been too lazy to check any of the vocaduo posts too.

btw new somunia song yesterday with yaca and higma
its a vocaduo song so of course it was already posted :)
>its a vocaduo song so of course it was already posted :)
i was gonna delete my post because i just saw that on the vocaduo post. i really should check these stuff out more.
>Vocaduo 2024
I've compiled all the recommended links into a single pastebin.
It's 145 videos, about six hours long.

File: F-j2yF7bYAAv3fl.jpg (164 KB, 1200x960)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
>about six hours long.
Thankfully it's only an annual event
I need a vsinger like Haachama
kurage kon



decent pinball cover, the high notes she did was very nice though.
more pinball covers

dunno who this is but she seems to be quite popular

finally got her most popular song posted last month
here's some cover of it

also this other song i never heard before

time to get into vocaduo stuff now
File: wtf.png (140 KB, 320x258)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
also some cute songs
The only cute male song that don't make me want to vomit is this
this looks like something straight out of yakuza.
you might also like this:
Glad to see you are still around and lurking at least. It's kind of exhausting to go through this many songs. Last year I mostly just set it to your playlist and it did all the work for me. I feel like after you hear so many different artists and genres over such a short time, it becomes hard to remember what you liked about individual songs.
had to search this one out of my ass because i remembered yshiro singing a cute song that sounded pretty good

also leona posted a new single yesterday, i think its pretty mid honestly.
Leona doesnt get good original music.
Not sure if it's because she is retarded or because she just has shit taste.
Might as well add a few VocaDuo songs I liked.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7OPTrViKyU - Sumoa (dingerbox)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29MuokhEbfg - Odette (dingerbox)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkMPrDQdmpE - Vivi (Konon)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HydvPiS9IzE - Vivi (pikaMine)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOipz-hn6cg - Ushio (thorndique)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mntY66f_g44 - Fuyu (yrn)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QB-gk93KpE - yureru (佐藤 乃子)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpRjnmRW4IQ - pomme (Kamisaki Nei)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJO24Lvgs24 - Queue (Lil Johann)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zQj_iFA-qs - 32 fucking people participating in this, is there some prize to win if you have the most members or something?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djgJcrHltTU - Choko was popular in Denpa threads so maybe some people would enjoy it.
>Vocaduo 2024
I changed the pastebin link to just make it easier to remember.

And I added your suggestions to the list. Thanks.


Oh, this is VIVI from PHAZE. I didn't realize. It must be her rebrand account after PHAZE disbanding.
File: GG4M4yPboAE658X.jpg (371 KB, 2921x2021)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
I still miss her. Would I trade the new KMNZ for her? I think I would.
probably both
File: 1683612571679293.jpg (197 KB, 1200x630)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
yomi cass
I fucking love Yomi
Yomi is an honorary KMNZ member
I maybe wrong but it's rare to see vsingers talking about other vsingers originals, unless it's a really popular one like Suisei's bidibidibida song.
Munbiin's kilmaa lives in my head rent free
The low key version isn't as good earlier but I'd take those
Meh, I don't like the song itself.
Is there some ranking for VocaDuo? Not by anons I mean, an official one or at least by other people.
>An official one
No, this is not an event where like awards are given out or anything like that.

>Ranking by other people
Just sort all vocaduo songs by views from high to low. That's probably the closest you'll get unless you find some jp bloggers suggestions (which will also of course be subjective).

As a side note, there is a song with 5 digit views that I did not recommend. What do you think about it? I thought the vocals were especially bad.
Suisei (the song not the vtuber) x Boogie Back

pretty nice
new Lita cover
File: GSC4wYbaYAAHjsr.png (558 KB, 1920x1080)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
Nice rapping as always. What I like the most is how unladylike she looks sitting like this.
Here Mabo is also being unladylike
File: 1705222976132687.jpg (419 KB, 2048x1366)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
Did anyone else notice that Ado's bed is at the pop up store? Why is it so messy
that song sounded like something from a gacha commercial lmao
new songs from Ado's Zanmu album released today


Are these the only two new ones?
yeah, everything else was released already
interestingly the song featuring Miku sang at the Tokyo concert is not included
The two songs were pretty good, I prefer Sheeno Mirin's song. But I already like both Yunosuke and Mirin, so I'm not surprised.
I'm honestly not sure if this is anime related album or what but it's pretty decent, if a bit generic.

But to be totally honest I'll probably never listen to it again, since it's not available in USA, and I mostly stream music. Had to VPN over to Japan. Only the first song doesn't require the VPN. I checked Spotify too.
File: ado-ado-puppet.webm (175 KB, 318x498)
175 KB
I didn't realize Teniwoha wrote Ado's best song
Talking about 永遠のあくる日 not ギラギラ
File: 1710598259788348.png (140 KB, 880x707)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
I'm trying to visualize this
Not really feeling 0, Nukegara however is pretty good though.
seems to be an album from the anime "Whisper me a love song".
genuine queestion, has there ever been any music anime with actual decent song? havent seen any anime since like 2012.
I think the short answer is no. Most of the anisongs I tend to enjoy are CV music, which I won't post below since it tends to be from non-music anime.

I absolutely loved Girls Band Cry, and it's a fully fleshed music anime (also it's an anime original), but I can't say that I'd listen to the music outside of the context of the anime. Still, it's a must watch for me. I will definitely watch it again.

I would rank the Revue Starlight Movie album very highly, but to be honest, I didn't finish the anime. I think a lot of people like it though.

Gakumas is an spin off of the Idolmaster series, and not technically an anime yet, but the music is actually great. Minami and Hakushi Hasegawa have written songs for them, for example:

It's not a singing anime, but Hibike Euphonium finally wrapped up it's third and final season like ten years later. I was surprised to find out that a lot of the ensemble music for the show is original. The show is filled with beautiful kyoani animations, and I'd say it's worth watching all three seasons if you like this kind of thing. I can post a song but the payoff on the finale needs to be accompanied by visuals.

In a similar vein of being a good music anime but not as focused on singing/original music, I'd recommend Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon).

I'm also a fan of Walkure. It's like the only anime/idol music that I like on its own. I actually like to watch the Walkure concerts. Don't actually care as much about the anime though. There are plenty of concert uploads on nyaa.

Paripi Koumei is a highly enjoyable music anime, but it falls flat for me when it comes to the actual original music. This is probably a go to example of music animes with shitty music. 96neko was involved with a lot of the vocals for this show, but other than the OP, all the music kinda just sucks.
>Whisper Me a Love Song
>Genre: Yuri

Also related
>SS Girls

Hmm, where have I seen SS stylized like this before?
File: 1720558905398000.jpg (347 KB, 1920x1080)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
that is the best ado song
it's true
Anyway, a more important release today
File: E6ZL4OLUUAAmtfU.jpg (135 KB, 966x965)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Making playlists is life-changing. I should've done it sooner. Now I'm thinking about making a dedicated playlist for each of my favorite vsingers.
File: F8G_KeyaAAALam5.jpg (155 KB, 1280x720)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Ado softly saying she loves you while cuddling
Ado's unladylike voice turns me on
been going through the vocaduo stuff and this song has been my absolute favorite so far because ballad?

also found several nice singers i need to check out later on.

cant listen to "good morning" even on YTM for some reason. overall the album is decent? i like "beige and pink" and "borderline" from the newer songs, otherwise "u want" is still at the top.
borderline has a second singer? i really like her voice and it brings alot of change to a子's usual style.

>mfw too many favorites
if ur too lazy to hassle on making several playlist for each vsinger, you can just use YTM's custom radio. while the way it works kind of pisses me off sometimes (it only lists the singers you've been constantly hearing as of late), it's pretty convenient if you want to mix and match several singers.
finally a great ado song again
oh and nukegara exists too
Yeah same, newer songs were hit or miss for me but I liked borderline the most as well. Isn't it also a子? I don't see a second singer credited anywhere, and she also sang it during her live. It might be credited properly on the physical album but I'm still waiting for my copy. Japanese fans seem to believe it's her. If it's her, I really hope she does more with that voice.
File: Borderline.jpg (167 KB, 1080x1117)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
NTA but I think it's just her. Nobody else is credited either. Not that this system is foolproof or anything.
Amazingly, Leona got an actually good original song. Although, it sounds exactly like a TUYU song, so im not sure what to make of it.

File: EJQCcLcUUAAiz9J.jpg (26 KB, 557x580)
26 KB
Samojiro...They're all leaving...I don't want Lita to leave...
I wonder how Lita feels. She's basically the only one left from the old KMNZ. Now more than ever, she needs to stay. At least for another year to give legitimacy to the new KMNZ.
Nero once tweeted that she was serious at making the new KMNZ works and that tweet really put my mind at ease.
This is like the same thing that vesperbell's original producer said when he left some months back. I don't like this. Feels like samojiro was waiting for them to get back on their feet to leave. But new kmnz is still too new...
Oh this song is some months old, only the mv is new. But it does sound like a TUYU song...
KAF - Gestalt (Collapse Remix)
>stepping away on his own free will
>want to challenge himself on a new stage
It doesn't seems like he was fired at least. Still, to quit now after a little over a month from the start of the new KMNZ is concerning. It's a little cruel.
Damn it, I wasn't nearly this sad when N left. I need something to make me believe that Lita will not leave for a few more years. Like KMNZ getting a record deal or something.
8/11: One Piece Day 2024 Special Live Day 2 (Ado) https://intl.stagecrowd.live/s/scint/group/detail/i10146
Zero or nukegara?
I don't like either of them compared to the other tracks, Nukegara sounds too similar to Chocolat Cadabra and Zero reminds me of a K-pop song
Nukegara. 0 is way too k-pop for me desu.
yunosuke's style is too predictable, with that said nukegara is pretty good.

maybe it really is her, but the transition on this timestamp really seems like 2 people singing. but then again that stuff can just be edited in.
Zero showed me a new side of ado's voice, so I go with zero. Though nukegara is also pretty good
https://youtu.be/omGbAka0VB4 - ibuki's 2nd single (yowanecity)
https://youtu.be/YyEGVNHL4zw - empty old city
https://youtu.be/Mw81kJpXQK8 - haku you cover (very hard to top nayuta ver. but that is just my opinion)
https://youtu.be/jQl0vYxLj6A - noa 2nd first take
https://youtu.be/Sz7GN3tswYk - syudou
https://youtu.be/w3i8WYxJVMs - utrecht
https://youtu.be/7BsZHuk2aGg - mugei x chumunote fatal (onk op)
https://youtu.be/Tx3sLfqC7t4 - holo regloss cover
https://youtu.be/WjZWECYwgH8 - manami numakura gundam seed cover
https://youtu.be/1YEozle62zQ - forte cover
Panno Mimimi also released an EP today but I'm still not sure how to feel about the transition.
Don't really care, she was barely a vtuber in the first place. Just a girl streaming on REALITY app and doing performances in person.
But, I honestly didn't bother listening after hearing the pre-release single. This is objectively a terrible song.
File: 1716726299721179.png (3.44 MB, 2443x1361)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB PNG
Yup, the placement of the mustard still bothers me.
It takes a lot to not trigger anon's autism
File: mefr.jpg (80 KB, 888x896)
80 KB
It's just a ridiculous placement why would there be an unopened mustard there. And nothing else?!
That's the only reason you think it's a terrible song? I agree though, it sucks.
No, I think it's a terrible song because it sucks. But I did autism post about the mustard before the song premiered.
A lot of the utaites from vocaduo that I'm not subscribed to have been finding their way into my algorithm. Here is Tsuzuri.

>New Cover
>Vocaduo 2024
>Salamander done entirely with an iphone when she was 15 years old
File: Nero.jpg (4 KB, 245x55)
4 KB
I never had a chance ;-;
I liked it

There's actually three of these Suisei x Boogie Back mashups for whatever reason. I'm not sure what "nice vocal" is.

Tomoko Ikeda x TENDRE
Minami x Ohashi Chippoke
kZm x Chiaki Sato
File: GP4N6IcacAAdIqE.jpg (212 KB, 1536x2048)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Lita is cold-hearted but at least she's genuine.
File: 1698628545558925.png (124 KB, 869x566)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
File: zanmu.jpg (316 KB, 2048x2048)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
what's the verdict?
File: MyHonestOpinion.jpg (79 KB, 1170x1137)
79 KB
I'll be critical. As a full album from start to finish, it falls flat, lacking in both form and structure. The structure, when compared to Kyougen, feels even more haphazard. Each song is independently produced, and it is hard to see a clear vision from song to song. She just feels like an instrument, in a sense. Some songs, especially Show, emphasize this fact. Vocally, Ado flexes her powerful and versatile voice, which is why I prefer her as an utaite as opposed to an original artist. The only two songs that were not yet released as singles feel shoved in to the top and bottom of the list. I like some of the songs as singles, but this is not an album that I would ever replay front to back again. I give it a 2/5
>ヤミタイガール cover
File: 1720641057417533.jpg (125 KB, 1920x1080)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
perpetually suffering OL my beloved
Bandori creepy nuts cover
File: aiobahntv.jpg (114 KB, 1000x841)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Aiobahn appreciation post

somunia: https://youtu.be/xTT5KTy1Vig
rionos: https://youtu.be/63jACiwo61c
Yuka: https://youtu.be/3z8y7enYB30
Isekaijoucho: https://youtu.be/evloseZCQcc
nayuta: https://youtu.be/n5Jv-FFhfDU
No Nanawo Akari?
Also I didn't expect to find an actual cover for this song.
recent vaundy song
File: IMG_7490.jpg (154 KB, 1234x1234)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>5 months
That means they joined KMNZ in February, 2 months after Liz’s graduation. That’s pretty fast. What did they even do in the first 3 months? Bonding?
File: F_u0B8NaQAAmn7D (1).jpg (152 KB, 1363x900)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
I hate english words in the chat. Know your fucking place weebs.
it's ok
value is the only song I really really like
i love it, but I'm also a huge Ado simp, so I might be a little biased
File: GR-aO41bwAESYzR.jpg (680 KB, 1920x1080)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
Vesperbell Kasuka - Hana ni Natte cover
It doesn't really matter. Everyone is biased to some degree. What important is we need to try to not be a mindless fan.
I'm 30 minutes late but Lita is singing
That was so good I almost shed a tear
But I didn't because that only girls get emotional
they're all pretty decent, just nothing i'd listen on repeat. found this from gakumas that sounded alot like a psyqui song.
the hibike euphonium song was nice, definitely a bit too dramatic for my tastes but a good song regardless.
>I can post a song but the payoff on the finale needs to be accompanied by visuals.
oh, i dont think i'll ever watch an anime unless im really interested in something. i just dont have the drive or interest in any anime since so long. i just read manga these days.
>ikenai borderline
i did not know this was from an anime. heard this sung by leona and never imagined it in anyone else's voice lmao.
i like this one, i dont think i would like it for daily consumption but i'd prolly play it once in a while when im feeling sappy or something. same with https://youtu.be/XuViCtFh1ao

this one is different though, i like how shes harmonizing with herself as a backing singer.

just finished all the vocaduo stuff
this song itself is pretty good, the drummer is going off so hard in the back though. from the start he's drumming very unorthodoxly and not really supporting anything and he also gets a solo for like 5 seconds which sold it off for me immediately.
really liked the song https://youtu.be/njB78ze1dCk by nagumorizu, very fantasy like. kind of disappointed that they dont make many other songs with vocals outside of vocaduo.
the singer herself is alright, pretty comfy to listen to.
this song is from last year's vocaduo but i dont like the singer at all.

i like her voice alot, shes like yoshino and rene being melded together. also haha cock
i like the opening but the song itself seems very generic and dragged out, i could enjoy this in the background more i guess.
been really liking ASU's blue night darling, really loking forward to her maybe upcoming album. also really liking mele's voice. its cute but still has a mature feel to it.
File: 1704398370647629.png (673 KB, 1291x1003)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
These stats are weird. I don't even see my private vocaduo playlist that I made. Also, how can I listen to mabo's entire playlist which is over 5 years, but she is not an artist on repeat.

>Songs on repeat
It's all just stuff at the top of my vocaduo playlist because they were added first.
I still don't know how to access this page.
Yeah it's empty for me. Apparently I need to enable public stats for it to appear but I'm not doing that.
No, I think you are misunderstanding the requirements. Clearly I have mine set to private (you can see it says "Private" in the picture). This means nobody can see my profile. What you do need for it to work is enable watch history.

>Eligibility requirements for Recap
>To view your Recap, you need at least 4 hours of listening time each season for Seasonal recaps, and 10 hours of listening time for End-of-Year Recaps across YouTube platforms.
>Recap isn't available to users who have autodelete set up for activity older than 3 months. Find out more about your YouTube watch history settings here.
>Recap may also be temporarily unavailable if you recently deleted or edited your YouTube watch history.
based stack bro
i think artist on repeat is the artist you've been listening the past 20 to 30 days lsten time accumulated. as for playlist, i never really looked at it because i've only been listening to the exact same playlist lol.
Weird, I have a seasonal recap but not the weekly thing. I will research more.
Hm that doesn't make total sense either. Because sometimes I'll have one artist at like 5 hours one week and they'll fall off the next week.
not sure, but my theory for now is each artist has it's own start/reset timer.
Kei Sugawara MV for one of the Yu Orie movie songs
File: usseewa.jpg (63 KB, 1169x699)
63 KB
i just discovered ado this week lol
it's a little bit raw but i really like this yorushika cover
are you new to the whole vsinger stuff or literally just ado?
File: RINGING.webm (3.72 MB, 1920x1080)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB WEBM
Ado is not that famous.
Ado is the new LiSA
Thanks for sharing the cover. There should be more Aiobahn covers desu
How popular are Asmi and Yama in Japan?
You are joking. Even my grandma knows her.
Surely you just jesting
File: 1703681912051627.png (158 KB, 480x480)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
I will be traveling on Monday July 15 and Monday July 22, if someone could kindly archive Yuka in my place. I'll resume posting archives on the 29th.
i could try yeah, what time does she stream again?
I need my daily Neronium
8pm JST
Nice pi
Koeda karaoke #197
new rim cover
kinda mid, not as catchy as her usual picks.
I am preparing my Friday list and I thought it was her weakest cover in a while. This song just drags, just a poor choice of song.
5m20s is just way too long for this song
i was gonna say "didnt fit her style" but genuinely the song is just mid. i dont think any other vsinger could sing this and make it better.
this cover i think is pretty similar in style, the song is just way better than the new one.
Happy Friday!

https://youtu.be/kiW6lgLIqlw - harusaruhi
https://youtu.be/pDzdTzqqCGw - choqmay
https://youtu.be/fS2q-hZ-pyY - radwimps ft yojiro noda
https://youtu.be/fDL2UhbysVk - sou
https://youtu.be/XtP6-R55QAE - dazbee cover
https://youtu.be/3BK8a0LcUtY - choko cover
https://youtu.be/7Hk3WLadcMI - himehina orangestar cover
https://youtu.be/GQs8dHcUFZQ - atashi cover
https://youtu.be/WFtBpA_2RDU - meramipop cover
https://youtu.be/QDxTp7uLyhQ - 3ningumi magia cover
https://youtu.be/t2Vak0k4Et8 - yukimura cover
https://youtu.be/tJ4tklyXRKo - kurokumo cover
https://youtu.be/_HqD8-xgspw - mulasaki ima
https://youtu.be/0mUQSpjC2Sw - 9lana ft むト new let me battle ver
File: 1708482954276837.jpg (580 KB, 3000x3000)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
I really like Haru's new song. Relaxing.
kind of a tight time for me, how early is the waiting room? if its already up around 4PM JST i can definitely do it.
It's always up like at least 24 hours before so you can just set a wait for video flag (assuming you are on yt-dlp). I'll be around on mobile so I'll try to post it ahead of time.

--wait-for-video 30
oh nice, yeah thats doable. im testing with another stream just to make sure everything will run smooth.
File: 1706766329736473.png (31 KB, 1202x194)
31 KB
Thanks, I appreciate it. Also, don't forget the usefulness of -U (case sensitive) to update yt-dlp whenever you experience issues.
>not subbed
>opened channel once to listen to vocaduo
>you have been gifted a membership
what the fuck is wrong with youtube?
>don't forget the usefulness of -U (case sensitive) to update yt-dlp whenever you experience issues.
ah yeah it was spewing out warnings even though it kept on downloading so i updated my yt-dlp. downloaded mine with pip so it was abit different.
File: file.jpg (662 KB, 3059x1467)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
Guerilla yomi
the more and more i listen to yomi by herself the more i wish she was just a solo artist.
I legit just forgot I was listening to a karaoke.
That was great.
Then watch WON
yeah I know WON. maybe I chose the wrong way to convey what I was thinking. i find vesperbell's original music really unmemorable.
Same. They have no chemistry voicewise.
Yomi is the best live singer.
Tbf, I think most of WON's singles since 2023 were also unmemorable.
On one hand, the vtuber gig probably brings her the dough and she loves the attention and exposure that it gives.
On the other hand, I wished she'd be more active with her label and push for more ballad type music in her orisongs
It was a great stream.

Vesperbell Yomi Archive
Chima cover from last week is really good
Here's the Yuka streams from 2024 to start
Nanawo Akari's released a new song written by NayutalieN. It's also an ending song for some anime this season. It's not bad but honestly I expected more from this collaboration, maybe I'll like it more after some listens.
NayutalieN's past compositions sounded kinda same-y to me, I like his more recent stuff way more, feels fresh. Both this song with Nanawo Akari as well as the Sou song from today I've liked way more than the past stuff I heard from him.
Oh that I kind of agree, I thought he would be stuck in his style forever. I appreciate him trying to differentiate. Although I have to say it has worked well for him before, all 6 most popular Nanawo Akari's songs are written by him.
File: IMG_7670.jpg (115 KB, 1024x754)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Does anyone here have the archive of KAF's 1 million subscribers karaoke ? I think she made it private
It wasn't a karaoke, she just talked
New harutya cover
File: IMG_7665.jpg (70 KB, 444x443)
70 KB
File: kmnz_15.jpg (1.1 MB, 4096x2896)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
File: 1720878313138636.jpg (323 KB, 1920x1080)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
oreo woman love
One of them is not like the rest.
File: IMG_7693.jpg (535 KB, 828x878)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
>make perfume
Yukimura is multi-talented
did she slug a whale to make that
new Yorushika
File: IMG_2669.jpg (98 KB, 903x1199)
98 KB
It’s probably her bath water
Yeah, but she sang a few songs with a guitar. If somebody has the archive, I would appreciate it
Iamzcup cover
ラヴィ / 倉持めると 戌亥とこ
You're great anon, arigathanks
i dont like asu's new cover either...
True fans like every song
File: 1720393395753293.jpg (357 KB, 1920x1080)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
rule is pretty good
it's nice when ado's voice goes hard
true fans know how to think for themselves and rate songs critically therefore giving honest feedback and improving said singer

btw heres a plug of my favorite sayoko cover and her latest song cover
>therefore giving honest feedback and improving said singer
Yeah, this is surely what (You) do.
Nero is shining brightly....
>therefore giving honest feedback and improving said singer
real (i never say anything to them)
File: Friend.jpg (17 KB, 621x153)
17 KB
Jesus Yomi, I'll be your friend if you want.
atleast she's married, right? that's a lifelong friend.
>atleast she's married
To be honest, I'm not too sure. She did tweet "Let's get married!" to everyone a few weeks ago.
should i be concerned? the output video seemed fine...
It's fine. Check your yt-dlp folder once it's done.
ogumo gasha original song
eerie and liminal enough to be good.
Looks fine. Did you check the folder and find the merged file? She has the link up already. Thanks for your help.
yeah the merged file seems fine, i have the download queued since yesterday. hope it doesnt crash or anything while im out.
File: IMG_5702.jpg (388 KB, 1535x2048)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
Yomi twitcast
If someone would be so kind to archive Yomi’s twitcast, I would appreciate it.
Yuka July 15: https://gofile.io/d/1I0tYL
i was just getting home :(
new yoshino cover
File: unnamed.png (692 KB, 640x640)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
here's my yuka archive i guess

dazbee is doing a collab with mirai kodai orchestra

also found this album, seems to be different singers with ZUN as the producer. nothing amazing in my opinion, but theyre not bad either. singer selection isnt the best but the song is prettu groovy.
Thank you both. Next week as well dozo. I'll post an archive for the yukarium acoustic live once I return home if nobody does it. I think they said the archive would be up for 2 weeks.

Water color memory is just a 2hu doujin circle so they have zun labeled as producer since he composed all the 2hu music. I don't think he worked on this album directly.
>Water color memory is just a 2hu doujin circle
ah okay so its prolly just a "homemade" 2hu album then? i dont have any knowledge on 2hu aside from the characters and game type.
I guess that's a simple way of putting it. Anyway the best thing about touhou is the music.
Isekaijoucho r906 cover
new miminari song
new satomoka song
so far not liking any songs of zenith except for this one which is definitely driving me away from even checking out their other songs.
2 years after it went viral, suisei finally releases a shanti cover. truly a pioneer of her field.
new suisoh also with cool zundamon

harusaruhi covers tofubeats on piedpiper channel
Released today

sou new album - Sense Of Wonder
File: F9iqv6TbQAEhWHP.jpg (105 KB, 800x960)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
My Ado shop order arrived, I now own all the blu-rays and CDs. I look forward to watching the Los Angeles concert
Good album overall. Nothing groundbreaking for the standard Eve/Sou type fare, but that's not a bad thing if you already like it. It opens with two new songs written by inabakumori and that one dude from Frederic. iyowa is also on there with a previously released catchy song on the 9th track. Some other familiar writers that are on this album include Neru, Hiiragi Magnetite, Sasuke Haraguchi, higma, and then (appropriately) Nayutalien to close it out.
Meant to say that I really enjoyed the first two tracks but I dropped a word or three.
File: ako.png (49 KB, 637x198)
49 KB
I feel like this might be the jazziest miminari song yet. Also the arrangement is so minimal; if you listen to the Instrumental version there's only really a few things going on until all the layers come in around 1m40. I'm consistently impressed by their ability to find the suitable vocalist to work within each of these niche subgenres. Never even heard of Kairi Yagi before. I like this voice type at least.
File: 1714723634963900.png (132 KB, 288x276)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
>all the blu-rays and CDs
Definitely the best Sou album yet, each track has its merits and they really got some of the best producers in the scene to compose for it. ことばのこり is still my favorite out of the album, but the Inabakumori song is very very nice as well.
Apparently the physical CD has a bonus track, which is a cover version of Planetes. Would be interesting to hear Sou's take on that song even though it's been covered a million times, it's a shame these bonus tracks don't ever seem to get uploaded anywhere.
dont upgrade to win11 friends, its not worth it.

at this point i cant tell if they make the music first or pick the vocalist first
Only girls listen to Sou and Eve.
File: Lavie.jpg (826 KB, 1079x1660)
826 KB
826 KB JPG
Who did it best?
I like men
im just so used to listening to yoshino's cover on this that i dont like either yukimura's or tina's version of it. theyre both decent, but definitely nothing amazing.
I know this is bait but as someone who only got into this music scene very recently, it feels so funny to me that there are actually people who think like this out there. Like imagine walking up to someone with a Nirvana shirt or whatever band and telling them only girls listen to male vocalists lmao
because for a lot of people this is less about the music and more about waifufagging, just like vtubers.
which is fine, but being more into the music is of course fine as well.
Nta but I dont think its totally false. Eve & Sou definitely have a higher percentage of female listeners compared to most of the women posted in this thread. In general (there are exceptions) female utaites attract male listeners at a higher rate and vise versa. However they wouldn't be the strongest example of this. I'd say it applies even more so to guys Mafumafu, Amatsuki, Meychan, Chogakusei, and Soraru. Go watch some of Amatsuki or Meychan live and try telling me he's not trying to appeal to women.

You're trying to compare utaite culture with a regular western rock band and it just doesnt work the same. But whats important is that you should just listen to what you like. As long as it's not honeyworks.
If you ever want to know who the market is, just look at their merch. It should tell you clearly enough if you are the demographic.

Bands are a bad comparison for sure, but I do think it applies if you compare it to western male singers/pop stars instead, even guys like Ed Sheeran have a majority female fanbase and I wouldn't say he's specifically trying to appeal to them, just like the more "gender neutral" male utaites (Eve, Sou, etc).
Music is music though I'll listen to male utaites if I like their voice and songs, just like female utaites. Everything else is secondary.
File: 1714281980233536.jpg (797 KB, 1536x2048)
797 KB
797 KB JPG
put the hatsune miku figis in the bag and nobody gets hurt
anons here are ALL gay
Hey now liking dudes still does not make me the target for girly merch
New album from pi on a new project
Pi is great as always. I'm tired of Japanese retardation though, why do I have to be from Japan to access the download link? At least it's free.

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