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File: ps1_299.jpg (89 KB, 1280x720)
89 KB
>no pack-in title
>memory card sold separately, have to shell out extra cash to save your games
What did Sony mean by this?
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Sega surprise launching the Saturn for $399 in North America after E3 1995 was a universally despised move by major retailers. A handful of retailers like Walmart weren't included in the plan and KB Toys (remember them?) even refused to stock the Saturn or its games in protest. It was a retarded move and it practically handed Sony the in those early days, who were offering a cheaper product to consumers and playing nice with major retailers with no surprise bullshit. PS1 sold more in 2 days than the Saturn did in 5 months. People were far more interested in Ridge Racer and Battle Arena Toshinden than Saturn's American launch lineup too, despite having Virtua Fighter, Panzer Dragoon and Daytona USA.

>What did Sony mean by this?
They meant business
Physical retailers genuinely have too much power and control over markets and I could not be happier that they are dying to shit like scamazon and teemu
>>no pack-in title
>>no memory card
>>no extra controller
>>no dual shock
the power of marketing upon gullible low iq masses
>kvetching about a hyphen
>no pack-in title
Mainly it was cheaper. The included broad demo disc was enough to show off potential of the hardware, and people bought games they wanted themselves.
Although as well like with their CD/VHS players being sold standalone despite their music/movie producing companies, they let their console take its own path without influencing customers or imparting a specific identity on the console. At the time they were the king of electronics, not a mascot dependent electric toy company like Sega or Nintendo that had to push a character.

>memory card sold separately
Mainly it was cheaper. No point pushing the launch price point above $300, or eating the cost themselves, when you don't have a pack-in game.
Although as well, most of the launch window titles either didn't support memory cards, had an additional password option, or were arcade-style experiences that didn't justify the save system so they let customers decide for themselves if and when they needed one.

File: 1701663224286.png (577 KB, 1890x1417)
577 KB
577 KB PNG
I decided to play GTA III after the GTA 6 trailer and this character really stuck out to me.

>follows Avery Carrington around as his apprentice and note taker
>ends up at parties with Vice City elite/celebs/pornstars on yachts in the 80s
>disappears for the most of the 90s, possibly developing Venturas alongside Avery (off screen)
>reappears in 1998, runs for mayor, hires a mafia killer to outright rig the election
>goes horribly wrong and Donald Love is exposed in the Liberty Tree for his mob ties
>flees to a safe house after getting greenlit by the Colombian Cartel
>uses the same mafia killer to assassinate Avery Carrington steal his plans for the city and EAT HIM
>escapes on a private jet and lays low on a yacht in the Caribbean
>by 2001 Donald is back living in the Love Media Building/his Trump Tower
>bribes the Colombian Cartel to go through with Avery's plans
>hires an East Asian Tai-Chi instructor who tries to enter the country without a passport
>he ends up in the same prison transport bus as career criminal Claude Speed and 8-Ball
>Love has bought countless forms of media, casinos and real estate and owns several senators by this point

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He's in Liberty ity Stories but Kyle Maclahclan didn't want to voice him anymore for whatever reason.

Even better, get this shit. Michael Madsen didn't want to voice the lead caharacter in liberty City Stories even though he voiced him in GTAIII.

He turned down the role because he thought GTA was too violent. Madsen, the guy who cut a cop's ear off in Reservoir Dogs.

Anyway, pic attached is his hot sister.
im pretty sure i saw this very same thread and topic in the past?? are you a bot reposting??
he flew to Epstein island
>>Even better, get this shit. Michael Madsen didn't want to voice the lead caharacter in liberty City Stories even though he voiced him in GTAIII.
Dumb rumour. A lot of actors where missing because Rockstar had no reason to pay well known actors for a spin-off game.
Besides, Madsen would be the last person to turn down anything, violent or not.

File: 61pAgQj9BpL.jpg (91 KB, 1000x1436)
91 KB
I tried this game for the second time and I just don't get it. The simplicity of the levels is kind of fun, but I don't get how to beat enemies with guns unless I also have a gun, and even then it seems impossible to avoid taking damage. And then unarmed enemies you knock down, wait for them to get up, then repeat. Guess I'll give Bouncer a shot.
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man I can hear this webm.

Iria the games
zoomer homo: the buzz word
Oni is about the same level of quality as the official Iria games.
Also iria: zeiram the animation now stream on tubitv

Only for lovers of Avalon Hill board wargames. Just like with Uncharted Waters I'd recommend the SNES version over this one as it has superior audiovisuals (the NES music gets obnoxious after a while) and you can actually save your game. Plus it has an in-game tips and advice feature so less consulting manual.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The Mexican Runner took three videos to beat this game. What a drag.
Is there something wrong with that?
A Conflict and Uncharted Waters fan? I can't imagine an Anon being so based.
The scrolling status bar on the NES is kind of cool but I agree Super Conflict is better especially since you can save your game.
What even is the goal/win condition in these games?

File: Star_Cruiser_cover.jpg (101 KB, 267x374)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
This is Restaurant...
That doesn't sound like any restaurant I know of

File: IMG_6239.jpg (77 KB, 440x697)
77 KB
Games that received massive upgrades for their international releases. Bugfixes, new tracks/rescores, extra content, new playable characters, new difficulty modes, UI/graphical changes, you name it.
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It really does. It's still kinda fun though.
If anything, I thought the DQ8 party was one of the weaker groups of the series. They're mostly just along for the ride while everything centers around Trode, his horse, and his scepter. Jessica loses all relevance once she joins up (barring a brief boss fight against her), I think Yangus only got his flashback scene in the 3DS version, and they don't even give the Hero any backstory until the post-game. Angelo only gets some relevance because his brother is one of the major antagonists of the plot.
I agree that Jessica needed more backstory and focus but you're misremembering Yangus and the protagonist. Yangus has the entirety of Pickham, his feud with Red, and then seeing Red again at the Pirate's Cove and before the final battle (to get her mace) which makes him one of the most fleshed out characters. The hero also gets a nice amount of backstory as long as you regularly visit the magical spring to talk to Madea about their past together, which is very heartwarming. I think its easily the best party in the series. They interact a lot through party chat. But again, I wanted more Jessica.
Also Yangus' flashback was in the PS2 release. You get it when they leave the first continent by the ferry.
Yangus is a bunch of constant reminders to the player that he sucked so badly as a thief thay he gave up and went straight. Funny and admirable, but not very engaging. The Hero is really just an extension of Medea's storyline and gets nothing that's truly his own story until post-game.

And Party Chat in DQ8 is usually just an excuse for the game to repeat your current objective. Rarely does it give out anything more substantial in my experience.

File: file.png (224 KB, 256x381)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Had this game as a kid on Xbox, remember it was pretty fun as far as arcadey racers go. Neat artstyle/redesigns for the characters, great music (of course) and interesting gameplay. Some levels were better than others but overall I really enjoyed the game. Don't have the Xbox version anymore but I managed to score the GameCube version for a not-horrendous price, so looking forward to playing it again.
Anyone else have fond memories of it?
Got it for Christmas in 06 and thought it was good. Picked it up again during covid, and had fun beating the single player campaign. Underrated game

File: MGS.jpg (28 KB, 287x346)
28 KB
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Based, came here to post it
Best warioland and best gbc game
This is definitely a contender for goat gbc. Pokemon crystal, la dx, blue sphere, ghost babel, mario tennis and survival kids seem to be high tier gbc games. Iirc isn't lufia 2 also pretty good on gbc.
It was good enough to get 1 GBC sequel (JP only but fan translated) and then 3 DS games and a Wii game sequel ("Lost in Blue" series).
>Wii game sequel ("Lost in Blue" series).
I started this but gave up pretty early.
File: lost-in-blue-stylus.png (408 KB, 383x530)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Ds games were very cool, I still use the little wooden stick looking stylus that they gave away with the 2nd Ds game

File deleted.
Does anyone else feel bad when being evil in KOTOR?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The evil options in kotor are mostly shadow the hedgehog tier. A dark playthrough is a kind of dumb but it's something different to do. I think it all works best as an occasional impulse to be naughty rather than going all in
now Jade Empire on the other hand (heh)
the way the guy said to me about my edgy choice being "not what closed fist means" really hit me back then.
Yes! Jade Empire was sick! Had to replay it omce or twice; didn't even knlw you could go harem mode with the two love interests at the end. Binding death's hand and slaughtering the remaining goody two shoes was great. Grest story line and fun mechanics.
They are worse than that. Even Shadow doesn't help kids bully aliens on the street for bad guy points.
The only evil path in RPGs I ever fully enjoyed was mask of the betrayer
It really doesn't feel like a good path where you can occasionally kick a baby, it's actually a fundamentally selfish plot that makes sense with you being a vindictive monster

It was made on 2013, 6 years after 2007, I know, but it was made on a retro console.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
big black shlong
Uh? There's like 6 threads about earlier than 4th gen games at best and all the 4th gen discussions are entry level. The rest is 5th and 6th gen
>Retro gaming means platforms launched in 2001 and earlier, and official game titles for those platforms released no later than December 2007 (homebrew console games made after this date will be permitted).
According to /vr/'s rules, no it's not.
Games weren't good until 4th gen anyway
I know you're baiting but this is unironically how a big % of the new userbase think so can't blame the oldfags for leaving the board. There's plenty of places to discuss older games, /vr/ just isn't one of them anymore

>October 1992
>Only a month left until the launch of the biggest game on the Sega Mega Drive
>The only mention it gets in Mega Drive Fan is a half-page segment and one of the images is upside down
>The magazine is 104 pages so it's not like they were tight in space or anything
Was this sort of thing normal back in the day? Were big games not often hyped up before release? This was after they had decided on Sonic 2sday (it's literally mentioned in the article) so you would think they might try to hype up the game more.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Based schizo
This. It's a IS game.
Not exactly the same thing but Nintendo Power had to act like Super Mario Bros 3 and the Super Famicom didn't exist and when they couldn't hide it anymore they had to be coy about whether either of them would come to the US at all.
Sega of Japan was nothing. They didn't have funds for marketing, and Sonic 2 and 3 sold 200k copies there.
Sonic is lucky it got to take half of Romance of the Three Kingdoms MCXVIII's page.

File: R.jpg (86 KB, 789x999)
86 KB
Why were some games only able to load saves from slot 1 but others could load from either slot?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
cards were a scam. America never even used the arcade to home data gimmick once.
Games that only load from slot 1 are the reason who I constantly have to swap my PS2 memcard and my PS1 memcard on my Playstation 2.
>cards were a scam
They were necessary with the advent of disc games
Backup ram is often too small
Are you ok?
File: 1424144185.7226.jpg (1.56 MB, 3264x2448)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
Because the programmers were lazy/incompetent

>cards were a scam

Sega Saturn:
Has a chip in the console to store saves... that is kept alive by a battery, the same battery that powers the clock which will run down the battery in 2-3 years.

Want more? You can buy a backup cartridge too, except not all games are compatible with it so you will have to manually move the saves around for those games, and you can't just keep the cartridge plugged in there either because sometimes you will need to swap it for a RAM cart for some games.

Some games save to the cart. Some use a battery that will eventually die, some do not but the chip might be finicky in other ways. Some require a memory card, which also uses a battery that will eventually die, and you will need to swap out if you want to use a rumble pak. For many games it's practically impossible to bring over your saves without bringing the entire cart. Oh, also, the memory cards have both a capacity and file limit, if you use up all the files you can't create more saves even if you have enough space. The N64 had no built in memorycard manager either, you had to rely on a game's built in memorycard manager, which was different and had different features between every game.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (142 KB, 1280x720)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
How are the XBLA remasters of these games? Improved or ruined? I know goldeneye never officially released but it did leak (i don't think I have the hardware to emulate it)
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Because it's a better game in all honesty despite not being as culturally significant, though it's more likely just down to technical hurdles that take time to overcome with currently available disassembly tools.
The 360 is the only console I know of that's completely impossible to softmod. They're easy enough to find on eBay but you're shit out of luck if you aren't comfortable with using a soldering iron and I imagine prices for modded consoles will skyrocket after the XBLA marketplace is shut down in June.
Are pre-JTAGed/pre-hacked consoles still cheap?
Relatively. I got mine for about 150 a few months ago.
The neat think about the GE remake is that just pushing a button it switch between the remastered and the classic graphics. I actually used it a couple times in Statue and Depot, because the new graphics disoriented me since I was more used to the N64 version.
I don't know if it's usual since I don't play many remakes, and it's literally the only game where I've seen something like this, but I think it was really neat. Actually I wonder if it was meant to be released as is, or it was just a debug thing for the people making the remake.

File: act-j2e.jpg (112 KB, 768x669)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Why is there no good translation of FF4 on SNES?
88 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm playing the FFV pixel remaster which seems to be using the GBA translation as it's base and while I didn't mind it back in it's day...it's just fucking terrible now. I think I'd prefer something more straightforward and boring.
bizarre cope given that the translator boasted about putting it on the somethingawful forums
From what I know, Square JRPGs rarely contained many pop culture references. At most outside of Super Mario RPG, they would do small nods to games, but not shit like Beevis and Butthead or Madonna.

Your meming aside, yes JRPGs have joking moments, but a lot of series very much are intended to be taken serious at least most of the time. Just because a work has some comedic moments does not really do much to negate it not being seen as a cheesy comedy as that was not they were intended to even be seen as when they were written.

oh nooo one of several comedic moments! every single second of a work must be 100% serious and realistic at all times to not be used for shitty strawman like this!!!!
Square RPGs most of the time are really pretentious movie/art shit so they generally weren't playing things up for laughs.

What retro games have a stock market in them where you can buy/sell shares or products etc as part of the gameplay?

Picrel is Railroad Tycoon 2. It's got a decent stock market system, but there's only a few things you can buy, just other train companies, or your own.

Drug Lord 2 is another game with a drug market. Not really a stock market and doesn't have decent charts and stuff but still functions in a market kind of way.

Any others? I'm sure I've seen some, i just can't remember what games they are
17 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
its funny you mentioned JP when they routinely get fined for manipulating the precious metals market.
Dumb question. What was the actual name of that game in the screenshot. Just 'Capitalism'?
This looks fun af
nta, but might be this one
Sweet. Thanks!

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