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File: grant2.jpg (594 KB, 1280x960)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
Why did no one attempt to copy Gran Turismo or at the very least make a game similar in scope to it.
It wasn't until Forza came along that something even remotely similar popped up and it's still not quite as large in scope or vehicles as Gran Turismo.
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Quite a few PS2 titles did offer that option though, here's a full list:

The link dies sometimes, in which case - web archive is your friend.
Is it or me or is Sega GT Online really hard? Especially on Hard difficulty. Seems like you have to drive perfectly to win.
File: hqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
More like ShitCube^2.
Why would they bother when it did what it was going for so well? Plenty of arcade racers around
All those games are better than GT. GT doesn't simulate anything realistically. It is basically a branded collectathon.

>Come play this game and collect all your favorite brands.

It is the Pokemon of racing games.

File: KNiDL_Nightmare_Wizard.png (317 KB, 688x524)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
>Have the most epic Kirby boss ever
>Have epic NES KINO song
>Expect in a inevitable remaster or potential return to the franchise some KINO orchestrated rendition of it
>Drop... THIS

Just whyyy? Who the fuck thought this theme would song good as EDM?
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I've never played Star Allies, but it sounds more like it got reduced to a mid-boss theme rather than a final boss theme. So in that sense I think it fits fine. Also I need to get a RetroMax so I can play this game again
play the 3ds classic version, it removed all the slowdown.
this ain't reddit boi
That's what makes it cool though.
Most new Kirby games always has a significant song addition that are crazy remixes of older game songs
The most important thing: What's the context it appears in? I'm pretty sure Nightmare is not in Star Allies in the first place

The Genesis version of this one is better tbqh. Has the TV show's theme song and is a proper PnC adventure clearly inspired by LucasArts games. This game is a little too simple and...meh you can tell it was designed for 8 year olds.
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I think they're both good because the adventures and mysteries both provide are different.
It did have a few pretty shitty samples like "zoinks" and "gangway".
The quality drop from Genesis to SNES pretty much matches picrel.
I'm actually playing the SNES version now. I remember it taking me forever to beat the first level as a kid but I did it pretty quick without actually remembering anything about it other than it being on a ship. 2nd level is going fairly smooth.
Not that great of a game, but I like Scooby Doo, so whatever.
That's how it is for most multiplats...

File: file.png (876 KB, 876x657)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
>He doesn't play on a 20in+ broadcast video monitor

May as well not even game at this point.
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Utterly embarrassing post.
It's possible to ship them if you package them extremely well (one I received years ago was double boxed with packaging peanuts inside both boxes, and it arrived unscathed), but people seem so desperate for them these days that you'd probably have good luck with a local pickup listing on craigslist or on a Facebook group
Why on Earth would you sell an asset that will only increase in value for one that will only decrease?

Double so if you like old video games.
It takes up space, I'm not appreciating it, It could fail or be damaged. It's simply not about the value for me.
>Lag. Input lag. Laaaaaag.
it's 2024 and people still pretend runahead doesn't exist
This is me too...

Everyone loved this game back then and no amount of zoomer larping stories will ever change that.
>b-but I got it for christmas when I was a kid and it was so boring!
No you didn't. You are a liar. Everyone back then loved this game. Stop making shit up.
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We were still craving for these games up until the gamecube started doing shit like tak and ty. Up until then it was cool to simply have a world to roam around in, and no one cared about switching characters and backtracking, it just meant more to mentally keep track of which was a nice challenge in and of itself given how large the game was. I still don't see it as a flaw
>it just meant more to mentally keep track of which was a nice challenge in and of itself
This is something that many people don't realize. Memory is a gameplay element in and of itself. Imagine a game of Match Two with "quality of life" enhancements. After failing a match, the cards would stay turned over where you can still see them. It wouldn't be much fun, but that's modern game design for you.
Feel sorry for you if you didn't have friends to play multiplayer with back in 1999, peak N64 experience
okay but what about now? what about not pretending like you still live in 1999 where you assume your entire neighborhood constitutes the only allowed opinions on a game? just let people dislike things vro.
No they didn't...

File: Masterofweapon.jpg (16 KB, 200x285)
16 KB
>Earths environment is destroyed in nuclear war.
>A supercomputer is still operational.
>"N" take over the supercomputer and uses it for evil.
>You are Master of Weapon: N destroyer.
Sounds epic
File: N.gif (2.95 MB, 285x208)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB GIF
>N destroyer
Pretty based
File: captain-n-gun.jpg (61 KB, 640x480)
61 KB
Master of Weapon is just a really great name. I don't think i could ever think of something that good
File: Master-of-Weapon.jpg (354 KB, 720x1000)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
better image of box art
That ship is awesome.

File: gun smoke.png (2.32 MB, 850x1216)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
Post jankino core

Ah, Gun Smoke, the best shot'em'up of all times and most underrated game ever. You remind me I need to to 1cc this game someday before I die.
Red Dead Revolver, Gun Smoke, Capcom and the team who ported RE2 to the N64 (Angel Studios/Rockstar San Diego) are all connected but I don't feel like typing that story out. It's pretty interesting though
This game rocks.

"This will get you a little closer to that dream of yours. It's not the Dallas Cowboys but it's a start."

Ohhhh...the Denver Broncos.

I think owning the Denver Broncos is pretty good.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, explain to me why it isn't.

You just don't understand football, Marge.
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a Cowboys-Raiders 'Owl in the 70s would have been clash of the titans. such a shame that didn't happen.
the SNES had a lot more handegg games as that was when you start getting into modern licensed/annual release sports cancer
They were playing in Denver and the refs didn't want to die (literally) if they let the Raiders win. Sporting events in the 70s were like that. Today you have to go to soccer matches in Argentina for that kind of experience.
Everything makes sense now
no? Rare cranked out a lot of NES shovelware.

File: Fb0X1F5aIAAIK1q[1].jpg (496 KB, 2500x1368)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
We've had discussions in the past about what X and Mega Man might see in each other but what about the other side of the coin? How would these two get on?
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File: Mhx_vilestand.PNG.png (81 KB, 228x360)
81 KB
From what little I know about Bass, I feel like he's a bit closer to Vile. Totally independent and maybe a little more wreckless

This seems more accurate to me. They even share the same color scheme
>Bass: the real way to pronounce it is 'JIF' the creator said
>Zero: What?
Inafune debunked the "robot apocalypse" ages ago but Bass is one I can honestly see getting destroyed by Zero in a vain attempt to prove he's still Wily's strongest robot.
Wouldn't peg Zero to be the "inferior models shall be eliminated" type.
This lol

File: 1700551311613.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
Imagine how many people put their heart and soul into developing this game and then lost their job because the main character's name is Butts. Imagine tanking an entire project with one single decision.
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they should've given him a cool name to match cloud and squall, like hurricane
Buttz Tsunami
last name Hurttz
File: z.png (208 KB, 361x691)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
have u ever sat down and seriously thought about suicide? if not you should asap
Butts lol

I have no idea why there was a shovelware tie in game for a property that didn't even appeal to 7 year old kids. The property was aimed at tweens and teens and tweens and teens know better than to buy shovelware
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I haven't really kept up with cartoons, but is it cool to hate Samurai Jack right now? It was always beloved on release.
I personally never really got into it
Me neither. I get what Gennedy was trying to do but it was just felt like a guy who had a surface level idea of what anime was and went "I CAN DO THAT!"
>but is it cool to hate Samurai Jack right now?

The point is less that people *hate* the show itself and more it's fans have allowed themselves completely up their ass and seem to think it's way more mature than what it is. Very few people actively hate the show, but it's quality is overblown by people for something so basic.
It's hip to be contrarian. Jack was loved here because it just sorta ended and no-one talked about it then the ending season came out and people liked it so now retards screech about how they hated it the whole time to seem cool. Hating things is easy and a cheap way to get attention.

File: IMG_8293.jpg (527 KB, 828x902)
527 KB
527 KB JPG
Even high level Sega staff blame the 32X as the reason the company went under.
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What if the XBOX and Game Cube are not selling very well? What happens to the stock?
there is usually a buy-back clause for inventory under certain conditions where the manufacturer is obligated to take stock back.

usually it coincides with a retailer who doesnt pay for the inventory it takes from a manufacturer so the retailer has less risk exposed.
Several things can happen in America.

1. The item at retail gradually gets discounted as time goes on. 25% off. 30% off. 50% off. 75% off. Until its thrown into clearance at super deep discount like 90% off. I remember seeing a new Gamecube + 2 controllers combo being sold for like 25 dollars at a local Walmart. And Gamecube games were like $5 dollars each.

This was right when the Nintendo Wii came out and the shelves were transitioning to the new generation and they wanted all the old stock out ASAP .

2. Retailers sell it to Secondary "discount stores". Places like Big Lots, Ross, Marshalls, etc. Basically these are stores that sell a variety of goods at deep discounts. Lots of Clothing that is "last season's" fashion, overstock shoes in various sizes, electronics that aren't the latest anymore, and even food. Ever wonder what happens to leftover holiday food like Valentines chocolates when Valentines is over? They go to discount stores. This gives the chance for bargain hunters to buy stuff on a deep discount. Need a new pair of jeans, and you don't care that it's jeans from last season? Go to a discount store. I saw some old boxed consoles here.

Imagine your family is low income, and you can't buy your kid the latest stuff. But maybe you can buy them an old (but still new in box) Gamecube with a bunch of games and new extra controllers. Imagine this is 2007, and you give your 2 sons a new Gamecube system and a bunch of games to play. They finally have their own system even though it's old.

3. Send it off to auction. Ever go to an auction and see a random pallet of old sealed electronics? Retailer probably sent it there.
Yeah because it's obvious

File: Airfix_Dogfighter_1_.jpg (59 KB, 640x480)
59 KB
that was a game!
I remember it. Only the demo.
it was a great idea and was fun at first but the mission design sucked hard
It can easily be improved today. I'd also add some small open world like in a bee simulator
File: unnamed.png (249 KB, 512x384)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
I wish more games like this and ToyCommander had existed.

File: 169587982735.jpg (66 KB, 396x556)
66 KB
Are you a SCAT lover? I'm into SCAT myself. SCAT is great. SCAT music goes pretty hard too
It's genuinely one of my favourite NES SHMUPs, very underrated. There is a romhack which lets you control the options manually which is pretty neat
Great game, very unfortunate name.
even as a kid i knew that scat meant poop so i always associated this game with poop

We all had to attend a weeklong science conservation camp once we reached 6th grade here in one of the cow shitter counties in Central California. The camp counselors would sing us all manner of bangers, including this absolute classic
I attended said camp in ‘92, so yeah SCAT has been in use by normal people since way back. I’m sure that one autist will come in here screeching about porn again. You all know who I’m talking about

File: IMG_8354.jpg (25 KB, 640x480)
25 KB
The DE10 Nano costs $225. If you need the extra ram (not required for every core) it's $32 for the 128mb ram board (and if you can solder, you could build it for cheaper). Literally nothing else is required.

I genuinely don't know where you retards get the "$600" price that you throw around from. If you want a USB hub or any other extras they're a couple of bucks each but they're extras and aren't necessary. Getting a MiSTer isn't much more expensive than getting the latest Retroid model and works better.

And I don't understand why in every single MiSTer thread poorfags show up crying about "muh $600" and shit up the thread EVERY SINGLE TIME
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I don't know, some kid in here just said "wait 4 new" so I'm waiting.
Heh, helps to at least know what you're waiting for. I honestly wanted to know what's up with the new analog boards myself, I was hoping you knew.
I don't need to, new = good, old = bad. There's no way they make a new board and it's not better than the old one.
>SNES emulator
its just not the same without that vertical line in the middle of the screen
What the fuck??

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