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File: Capture.png (641 KB, 585x593)
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641 KB PNG
What game is your holy grail -- the one you want more than any other game? Perhaps it eludes you because of price or scarcity.

Mine is probably picrel w/ manual (don't care about the box). It's the main thing stopping me from having a complete Virtual Boy collection. Another one is Panzer Dragoon Saga, but I'll probably pic that up before the end of the year.
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I jist want proper physical copies of Megaman X, aLttP and US Yoshi's Island without paying fake ransom prices.
Sure you will buddy
Was this only recently discovered by the non jap speakers? I swear this was never on any list of 64DD titles for the longest time, so it really must have been an obscure as fuck, limited release.
Ape Escape 3 or Red Ninja, both for the PS2
None anymore... Maybe ffvii but I've owned so many copies over the years i just emulate now. I pick up random games here and there and such and it's just after you take the everdrives, odes and soft/hardmod pill, owning physical copies is less of a desire. Though I do have nearly all the games I want physical copies of. I'll probably buy them eventually

I have a legit us alttp but I stuck the board into a sufami cart because o dont own a us SNES, kek.

File: BURGER.jpg (388 KB, 639x720)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
Is super mario bros 2 (JP) good? I've heard people say it's like a kaizo hack or whatever before
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Yes it's good.
There's a romhack that even fixes this and the op just wants to "remake bad" post.
Kudos on fully illustrating the problem.
Kinda I guess but than again the only good Mario games are 3,World, and 64
Donkey Kong arcade, Mario Golf N64, Toadstool Tour, Tennis for GBC, Super Sluggers, MK Wii, Luigi's Mansion, and the M&L RPGs are all good.

File: commandos2-1654097875932.jpg (153 KB, 1024x1024)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Should I play the original version or HD remaster for Commandos 2?
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I liked the french thief "going ze're"
it made me so mad they changed the va in commandos 3. he was my favorite
Play original and then play xbox/ps2 version of it because it has slightly different levels.
Just play Commandos 1
Play the console version through Xemu or PCSX2

Cursed rpg
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You're laughing. You don't remember what you laughed about and you're laughing.
It was just so funny, lol I can still remember it
Zoomer lingo
Completed this game for the first time recently.
The story was novel and made for an amusing meta narrative.
Stan is a very likeable character who carries the game a lot through his humour.

The gameplay is absolutely horrendous.
I understand it was a small studio who did this game and pretty much nothing else, but it has the most basic JRPG combat one can imagine that would've felt barebones on the NES, much less a world world in which the genre had already had Earthbound, LIVEALIVE, Chrono Trigger, nine Final Fantasy games, etc.
You'd think the development team had played Dragon Quest 1 but otherwise had managed to remain totally ignorant about the genre for fifteen years before trying to make this game- but given how meta the nature of the story is that couldn't possibly be the case.
This game came out the same year as Shadow Hearts and Final Fantasy X.

I would almost never advocate just watching a game on Youtube instead of playing it, but I think that would be wise in this case.
Not that I regret playing it myself, but I am a man more patient than most and even I found the combat tedious.
File: 1546137526119.jpg (8 KB, 148x154)
8 KB
>localization removes the giant eyes of the protag but not the others

File: file.png (138 KB, 225x300)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
ITT expensive shit you bought for your /vr/ setup

pic related, just spent $300 to plug in all my consoles at once.
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>I'M just using a Radioshack one the composite only that was like 15 bucks.
Youtube ruined a whole generation of retro gamers.
Is there anything like this that has component, composite, AND S-video?
Agreed. RF is much more appropriate.
Love me PVM but it’s red-tinted since the green is weaker now, so I’m more inclined to sell it and free up space in my apartment, and maybe buy another later if I ever find a good one.

Why did they give the GBA such an awful soundchip?
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>Its the same DAC in the DS. Which also sounds like crap.
if it had some kind of low pass filter to remove the anti-aliasing it would have helped to improve it (slightly). very noticeable in the bios/operating system's sound effects (for example).
It depends on what game we talk about, there's various GBA games (and ports) that take advantage of it
games were usually referred to as hands so you would put the hand into the gameboy hand holder and it'd make a complete handheld
File: 000017729-1113669660.jpg (1.35 MB, 2048x1536)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
GBA SP debuted in what, 2002? 2003?
The Game Boy Light was on sale in Japan in 1998

File: images (1).jpgH.jpg (19 KB, 184x274)
19 KB
How is she so powerful? Her magic stats are insanely high compared to Terra who is a born demon.
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I tried T-Edition and I fucking loved it. I've heard mixed things about BNW, though.
>the ones telling you to just have sex are literally incapable of it
BNW is actually extremely well balanced, it just has too much memery/cringe. I detested the balance of T-Edition (chest enemy in Daryl's Tomb is harder than fucking Atma Weapon) which got me to drop it. Also randomly including other enemy sprites just makes it look like an RPGMaker game. SaGa enemies look like shit, hideous series.
is he a toad or not?
I thought that bit was more or less fine, perhaps a tad too hard for that particular moment but it was an optional monster-in-a-box, so you could always go back to beat it later. However, one of my biggest problems with the original (not saying it's a HUGE issue, mind you) was how easy it was and how it hardly forced me to think and figure out strategies beside spamming the same attacks for every enemy and boss. I'd been craving a real challenge for a long time that scratched that itch, and T-Edition delivered. I even went a step further and tried my best not to level up too much, even equipping the Moogle Charm as soon as I got it to made sure I stayed at lower levels even going into the harder bosses. I think I was only ever forced to outright grind a bit against Bahamutand Kefka himself.

File: image.jpg (83 KB, 750x422)
83 KB
How does /vr/ feel about these? One just opened up in my town and has another location about 45 minutes away, so they know what they are doing to a degree.
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File: s-l1600 (1).jpg (130 KB, 1600x1600)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Even better now that we have proper USB and Bluetooth controllers for every console + TV sticks like picrel
>if you want to try to haggle but I can't haggle on his behalf and usually if they show interest they'll end up purchasing it at the price I list it for, I never put the games out the second day and say that someone came and bought them all if anyone comes back.


If the price is already very reasonable then I see NO point in trying to haggle. In my experience, I noticed it just pisses off the sellers even more if someone tries to bring the price down even more on a cheap item. If I see an Item I really want for a good deal, then I buy it.

I've gone to flea markets and generally pay the asking price (if it's reasonable). I notice I can get far better results and generate longer lasting relationships with sellers that way. Sometimes the sellers are even willing to go back to their storage and offer me items they haven't put out for sale. Especially if they know I'm serious and won't try to haggle them to death.

One time my friend wanted this one rare game and kept looking at it behind the display case, and asked me if he should get it. It was a reasonable price and I told him yes just get it now. He hesitated and wanted to think about it. The owner saw him looking at the game repeatedly over and over. My friend didn't buy it right away. We came back the next day, and the owner raised the old sale price of the game by $30 dollars. My friend was pissed.

I chuckled.
File: 1715977689901635.png (572 KB, 600x580)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
>go into "retro game store"
>look around
>point out multiple cartridges to the manager that are clearly reproductions
>get banned
Been checking out retro stores and cons quite a bit in the past year. I'll just dump my observations:
Prices are usually higher than ebay.
Lots of business is done with non-retro consoles and other merch (plushies and such).
Most people frequenting these stores are extremely entry-level. The type that get excited just seeing a mario or mortal kombat cartridge. Explains why the price of common-but-popular games stay high at these places despite it being baffling to us.
They suck and are filled with kikes

File: 1602136622278.jpg (37 KB, 410x600)
37 KB
I come to you with a rare question that's also very simple: what was the first video game that included an actual background music tune?
Besides games with short fanfares like short 5 second melodies that would play when you put a credit in or on the title screen, while we're at it I would also like to know the first game to include that too, but mainly interested on knowing which was the first game to have a soundtrack, so to speak.
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>what was the first video game that included an actual background music tune?
If you mean actual, continuous music instead of jingles, it was Pacman.
Namco being kings as always.
Wasn't it Smurfs? With Simple Gifts, of all things.
It wasn´t Tallarico, that's for sure

he wasn't even on cribs

File: 1709933538309582.jpg (34 KB, 554x554)
34 KB
> what makes me tick when it comes to beautiful ladies like Chun-Li and Cammy?
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His signature scream plus he shares the same male groan as every other male character.
its pure envy. see a therapist to get on HRT immediately
You will never know what it's like to do whatever the fuck you want to do and not gaf if people think you are gay or not.
i mean, i literally laughed at the last person who thought i was straight

What is the best game in the falling block puzzle genre that isn't pic related?
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File: file.png (29 KB, 77x155)
29 KB
I see you, Akira Hayasaka... my love...
File: BulkSlash_title.png (51 KB, 640x448)
51 KB
You can marry one in Bulk Slash.
>All the little details on the clothing
I'm astonished at artists who can do this
File: 27437.jpg (132 KB, 800x600)
132 KB
132 KB JPG

File: axrjprhivl4pzbeknb60.png (156 KB, 1280x720)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Why are sports games held in such low regard with the retro game community while something like RPGs aren't? They are so undervalued that they are the best value in gaming, if done correctly a hockey, soccer or wave racing game can match up with any other genre
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You need to go back to /v/.
You’re delusional if honestly think that the OCEAN shovelware you just posted is an “all time great” sports game
You do know that this is just an inferior clone of Track & Field, right? The nintendo version is infinitely superior to this speccy bastardized game
Mario Golf and Mario Tennis games on GBC and GBA. IMO the best of the four is GBA Mario Golf.
File: 1703096660196964.jpg (42 KB, 480x480)
42 KB
A lot of people do, in fact, it was essentially the biggest and most beloved football/soccer title, before FIFA and Winning Eleven at least, and it's the most popular sport on the planet, lots knew and played SWOS, many loved it. I'm not going to argue that, in the US, video games based on the sports more popular over there were more of a hit, but that's obvious, your claim is still unfair.

Nintendo got most of the beloved sports video games of our time, for sure, but it was never the focus, part of their identity, like it was for British computers and for SEGA, as (>>10943034) said.

I can't say I was surprised, it's incredible how it's always like this when it comes to both the British video games industry in the 80's and 90's, and of course, football/soccer. It's a big deal, perhaps it wasn't big in the US, but while the US may be the center of the world, it's not the whole world still.

Damn this bitch eats a lot
Stop posting your fetish
What emotion is this expression trying to convey?

File: 1699838890723676.jpg (111 KB, 640x853)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I miss these lil discs like you wouldn't believe
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You can literally just download demos now and it's better. Tbh, most people just pirate before committing now so they are obsolete.
Why would anyone believe a mentally disturbed child trying too hard to fit in? Apply yourself.
Why, what range are you shooting from?
>these lil discs li
i burnt the GOG version of Neverwinter Nights 1 Diamond (not the bullshit remake with less content) onto 6 CDROMs, and the fanpatch too.
I don't, and I can tell because I've played a lot back in the day. Optical technology is absolute crap; Loading times, scratches, laser related breakdowns etc, etc, etc.
If you actually PLAY the damn games it's completely impractical and painful to deal with these issues.

File: images.jpg (25 KB, 195x258)
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