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File: MMX4Promo.jpg (176 KB, 735x900)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Kind of a weird game. Camera is zoomed in more than the past few MMX games, and the stages aren't really built for the same high speed blasting around like the older MMX games. But the presentation, soundtrack, and boss fights are all top tier. Sadly, at least to me, this was the last MMX game I could call above average. The basic game design went into the toilet in X5 and X6, and I don't really know why. And it goes without saying X7 and X8 are rough.
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Deterrence, to make it clear that if they get attacked, they will retaliate harder.
File: 1643554888362.jpg (170 KB, 2000x1333)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
I can't get into X4 - The production values are tremendous but the game just bores me. The level design has very little vericality, mostly being full of linear corridors where nothing happens, the difficulty is too low to ever really engage outside of the final boss (Which while challenging borderlines on tedious with how much you have to hit him and dodge his attacks)

I genuinely prefer all the other PSX entries to it.
Oh no, Inafune always praised Iwamoto and he was one of the guest designers for Mega Man & Bass' robot masters. The guy loves Iwamoto as much as he does Ariga.
It was actually a jab at Okohara, who went on to direct X5 through X7. After X7 he got demoted/"transfered" to the mobile game division (as in, the old cellphone games, pre-smartphone) and was replaced by a different director in X8.

Okohara, despite writing Bass' ending in Power Fighters, had this headcanon the X series wasn't the future of classic, at odds with Inafune, Kaji and BAMBOO on this.
Have you tried playing as Zero? Try going through the game as him, fun as fuck
its kino

File: 12207851630829714.png (732 KB, 500x697)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
The Ranma 1⁄2 anime aired 35 years ago, I think we should have a thread about the videogames based on it.
Starting with imo the best one, Chougi Ranbu Hen, I think Japan still has tournaments for this game.
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You need to leave.
Not really.
File: ranmabrh.jpg (299 KB, 1000x1821)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle/Bakuretsu Rantou Hen is probably the most well-known game due to being the only one with an overseas release (if you dont count Street Combat), it tries to be an easy to play fighting game by using simple commands instead of motions (think of using special moves in smash brothers), the results are mixed overall (i think it feels kinda odd to play) but there's some positives, I do like the spritework in this game a lot for starters, I prefer how Akane plays in this game in comparison to her Chougi Ranbu Hen counterpart and while the roster is missing some key characters (I dont think there was people excited to play as The Gambling King over someone like Kodachi), I do like that it has Pantyhose Taro as a playable character (there's also Happosai but he's only playable via debug codes).
Not a bad fighting game but I'd rather play other SNES-exclusive fighters, including CRH.
the first game was transformed into other thing.
the second well it was good and the most memorable of all ranma girl huge tits bouncing each time she moved.
File: ranmadt.jpg (191 KB, 702x702)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Ranma 1/2 Datou Ganso Musabetsu Kakutou Ryu is the last Ranma game for the PC Engine, it's a fighting game that goes from the Bathhouse Battle story up to the Hiryu Shoten-Ha arc.
This is another really simple fighter where the combat is mostly just mashing the attack button when you're near the opponent or hold the button to unleash Ranma's Amaguriken attack, though it manages to be entertaining unlike the first PCE game, and the presentation is still top notch with nice looking cutscenes, you also get extra lives by playing a card game against the gambling king.
It's nothing extraordinary but its a charming title, worth a playthrough if you like the series.

Do you enable crosshairs when you play Doom? Is it considered cheating?
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Yeah, but the guns all point exactly where they going to shoot, so the combination of that and some horizontal aim assist make crosshairs just a visual preference. It really is just showing where the center of the screen is, not even where the bullets will go since there is so much auto-aim in Doom generally.
Part of it for me is that all the later shooters built those neural pathways of using the crosshairs for me over the decades, and with all the ports of Doom giving me the option it's what feels natural to me.
It's also that I sometimes play GzD and sometimes Woof, and the consistency feels better, even if it matters less for Woof. It doesn't intrude on classic or classic-like gameplay like some port options can do, so it's fine to me.

On the other hand, the guns point the direction, but the dot in the middle still gives a much clearer indication, which is nicer for playing fullscreen and with higher resolutions where the gun will be further away from the screen. Mind also how the gun sways back and forth as you move, with point of impact staying the same.
It also provides a consistent point of reference for the times custom .wads have replacement graphics which either aren't pointing clearly, or uses guns angled from the side like in later shooters.
That last one is thankfully less common in .wads (GzD or otherwise), people seem to have settled on the notion that centered sprites with centered projectile origins both handle better and fits Doom's aesthetic better.
I don't have that problem myself, and this is the first time I've heard of it, but I can see why that would work for some people via the crosshair providing a visual grounding point to intermittently return focus onto with ass-hauling movement.
This. It would probably drive me crazy how bullets don't even go where to cross hair is. Besides, you're supposed to be focusing on doing projectiles.
Why on Earth would someone need a crosshair in a game where vertical aim doesn't exist

File: IMG_2268.jpg (53 KB, 370x270)
53 KB
Eastern pray-em-ups.
Post games with Shinto, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, etc., themes/settings.
Has anyone made a Pocky & Rocky doom wad yet?
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File: IMG_2290.jpg (2.09 MB, 4032x3024)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
I have, it’s definitely a great game. Natsume put a lot of love into it
Nice. I know what I’m playing next
DDS 1/2 are my favorite megaten games
I love Natsume games and their remakes.
But I have to admit I haven't gotten the Pocky&Rocky remake yet because the original game filtered me something HARD. I got back to it years later, now that I actually got good at video games, and it still filtered me. Just a little less harshly.
Keep trying, Anon. You can do it
thats not correct. always bothers my autism when people try to give japanese vowels english analogues, it results in cringe "nah-nee deh-SOO-kah?" tier pronunciations. there is no proper english analogue, just listen to a TTS program pronounce them, thats how they're pronounced.
Play the Kikikaikai arcade game or the FDS game for a comparison. Pocky & Rocky SNES looks downright modern in comparison. Though P&R can be pretty tough overall.

Fuck Interplay
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someone i follow on github 'starred it' and i saw this in my github feed.
On April 16, 2024, Kevin Bentley released the source code for Decent 3, but without audio and video libraries.
i agree. theres this pc anime racing game that is like the old Sega Superscaler arcade games. cant remember the name tho...

unique games like those need to be open to development /modding.
Those formats are under NDA and FFMPEG can read those anyway.
So, nothing is really lost
Are all the FMVs on YouTube?

I grew up in the absolute peak of pokemania but going back and playing these games again it's crazy how poorly designed they are.
>The opening third of the game is brutal. If you pick Charmander you're completely fucked and forced to grind for hours because all the trainers besides bug catchers are nothing but rock pokemon and there is nothing you can catch or train that they're weak to.
>pokemon types are almost worthless because they barely learn any moves. besides pikachu, which knows thundershock as a starting move, everything else you can catch just knows tackle or scratch or whatever until you grind them into the 20s
>because type matching barely exists and everything you can catch is just normal type anyway, battles are just spamming tackle over and over. Moves like hyper fang and sand-attack are actually S tier because of this.
>trainers pokemon for the first third of the game are way over leveled, and then they spend the rest of the game severely underleveled. Rockets in Mt. Moon have level 16+ pokemon. Trainers on the routes around Serge have pokemon level 18-24. And then the entire rest of the game 95% of trainers have pokemon barely at or under level 30. All of the wild pokemon are 10+ levels under trainers, so you again have to grind for an hour.
And then once you make it through the absolute slog that is this first portion of the game, the game becomes boring as fuck because once you finally learn type moves they usually one shot everything. Going back and playing these is like rewatching Space Jam and realizing it's actually a terrible movie
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I don't phonepost, I just know some of its pitfalls.
File: okay-scan.gif (800 KB, 500x500)
800 KB
800 KB GIF
I don't phone post, I email myself the picture then screen shot it with the snip it tool in windows
Cancer upon you, dumb little monkey
What’s wrong with phone posting?
File: 1501588606701.jpg (66 KB, 612x574)
66 KB
Not just "across the nation", here in Spain it was a rumor too among all the kids. Same thing with the glitches and Missingno. It was so creepy and fascinating and mysterious :)

There are a few games I still want to get and I'd like to get into other consoles eventually, but for now it's just too expensive and I'm lacking the space. For the foreseeable future it's emulation for me. Any other collectorfags that feel the same?
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This is the correct answer. I don't, nor would I ever want to have a collection that big I just needed an image kek. I can provide my spreadsheet of games (though it's a tad bit out of date) of there's any doubts though.
I got all the games I wanted and now I'm spending my life playing them
No. If anything, im winding down collecting because im nearly done getting everything I want across multiple platforms since I started in the 90s.
Sold all my easily emulated retro games and bought guns. Still have all my disc based stuff except ps1.
Good. Collecting fucking sucks. It was fun in the late 90's when no-one else gave a fuck, stuff was dirt cheap and you could actually find things in the wild. Scrolling eBay and social media for overpriced crap blows. I weep for the zoomers.

You will do precisely nothing in this thread except post various artistic depictions of Zeromus.

Lesser men are incapable of this task.
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File: 180.jpg (9 KB, 180x158)
9 KB
Me asking out the cute exchange student (she said she has a boyfriend)
Which one are you?
I still have no idea what it is I'm supposed to be looking at.

File: lau.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
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Kage is the best fighter ninja tho
For me, the great gameplay more than makes up for everything else being bland and generic.
I love it but the anime doesn't count, the games themselves contain no story
Story only became necessary in games that wanted to try to set themselves apart from the leaders.
A good fighting game just needs good character archetypes (even if they're very specific) and good gameplay.
That is some horrific post-processing.

File: busted.png (91 KB, 480x320)
91 KB
Previous Thread: >>10850851

Gameplay and development discussion:
What homebrew / hacks are you playing /vr/? Are you working on anything? Would you like to learn? Projects and questions welcome.

Active Communities:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 12314.png (29 KB, 793x652)
29 KB
I'm learning how to make genesis games. C is hard

File: 96328-050-EF39A054.gif (378 KB, 1600x1052)
378 KB
378 KB GIF
Did any cool /vr/ stuff come out of the USSR, aside from Tetris? I dunno cool MSX or famiclones with weird eastern euro features or some such? Weird commie arcade machines? (did they have arcade machines in Sovietland in the 80's?)
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I'm assuming they won't ship internationally?
But the Jews aren’t the only ones?
Don’t be like this, buddy.
Which part of Eastern Europe are you from?

This right here is my favourite game of all time. It has flaws, like any other game, but I don't understand one thing about old games, especially in this period and maybe middle 2000s.

Why are there so many spider enemies? Not only in this game but Diablo, Thief, Blood just to name a few more popular games. I don't have a problem with them, they're the right amount of scary and dangerous but why spiders and not snakes or bats or rats or something else.
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
That butt bounce is kinda hot...
Looking up this game a liitle it seems quite cool. I read it has an interesting combat system but didn't see it described. Sell me on the game?
diablo but with a story and better gameplay.
>Sell me on the game
Just try it and see for yourself. It's immersive, the story is good and it's packed with action. You also have a pretty nice stealth mission.
It's a game for the sort of people that like Quake and isometric RPGs in equal measure.

File: IMG_7671.jpg (183 KB, 1024x1024)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
What do you think of ff mystic quest?
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shouldn't it be called "mystical quest"?
File: 1684451723307412.jpg (78 KB, 1200x800)
78 KB
And it's called Final Fantasy despite the fact that there's been 16 of them and dozens of spinoffs?
its for kids.. like 5 and 6 who barely can read.. seriously.
File: FFMystic3.png (5 KB, 168x166)
5 KB
>I never liked the monsters, they're kinda crude-looking
I thought it was pretty amusing how the monsters changed appearance mid-battle as you weakened them.

File: mpv-shot0017.jpg (101 KB, 853x480)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>Season 28: Episode 1 (#377) Dragon Quest II: Akuryou no Kamigami {Famicom / NES} premieres on Thursday, April 25th.

>In a highly unusual move, this upcoming challenge was officially announced well in advance of the normal time of reveal.

Bros... it's over.
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Watching the SMW2 episodes again.
Total eiga.
piracy aka nyaa or twitch streams (notGCCX)
Its about preservation.
>Broadcast reruns of an old tv show on twitch
>Get ad and sub money

I'm 100% doing this.
>commit crimes
>brag about it

Between this and Toy Story 2, the 32-bit era for Disney had to be the best
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I remember the camera in this game rotating constantly for some reason, even when the player was stationary.
Projection: The Post
is the PS2 version same gameplay and levels ththatn the psx one?
I just finally watched this movie, it wasn't as bad as I expected from Disney.
it's really good.

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