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File: DR BAT2 01.jpg (237 KB, 670x1435)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Just got my copy of Dance Revolution Vol 2 today. I couldn't find it online so I got a copy and figured I'd upload it for anyone interested.
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File: DR BAT2 03.jpg (861 KB, 2872x1445)
861 KB
861 KB JPG
I've also got the Primal Rage novel on there as well.
File: DR BAT2 04.jpg (1019 KB, 2868x1437)
1019 KB
1019 KB JPG
File: DR BAT2 07.jpg (618 KB, 1798x1415)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
File: DR BAT2 08.jpg (350 KB, 1456x1450)
350 KB
350 KB JPG

If anyone has an account for khinsider, feel free to upload this soundtrack. I don't want credit.
I hate the art from this game so much it's unreal.

What are some games that absolutely require an actual Win9x installation to work? From what I can see, many old Windows games are hard to run on modern Windows, but not outright impossible, simply requiring patches or something like vgVoodoo2. But are there any that currently will not work on anything newer than Windows 98 or ME, thus requiring a VM or emulator like PCem or 86box?
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Oh and even though you can't set the parent path to be relative. If everyone has their parent vhd in C:\dosbox or whatever, then the child images can be wherever and they'll still know to look for the parent vhd in C:\dosbox. Which is another alternative solution to using differencing images instead of 400mb installs of windows on each game and trimming windows 98 so much that it loses functionality. Best of both worlds.
In other news, Descent 3 source code was released
>dude bad things the same as good things so you shouldn't like good things
I don't understand the mental damage behind your post.
>even with a slowdown utility the game was very unstable
I try to target 30 FPS or the game's physics just go bonkers and cause near instant CTDs. I used to use CPU slowdown utils for this but switched to virtualization or relying on ddraw wrappers since modern processors are too fast for that method of controlling FPS.
Even on period correct hardware, Simcopter is just a crash-happy game. There's a reason why the manual has explicit instructions on how to do a "safe load" when opening a city or career file.
>There's a reason why the manual has explicit instructions on how to do a "safe load" when opening a city or career file.
I can't seem to find this section, would you give me a hand?

File: Neptune.jpg (426 KB, 1505x1202)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
>don't release the Sega CD
>release the Neptune in '93 and market it as a cheap 32-bit system that's compatible with all your favorite Genesis games, have it compete with the ultra-expensive 3DO and the irrelevant Jaguar
>delay the Saturn for another year or two to improve its architecture and ensure the Neptune can amass a decent library, release it in late '95/early '96
yeah yeah, yet another "hurrr could THIS have saved Sega??" thread and all, but I'm genuinely curious
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Sega either could have made neptune or adapt Sega Model 1 arcade board into a console.
They didn't give a flying fuck about the West, big difference. They went balls-in on Japan at the expense of everywhere else and it backfired miserably.
I'm glad someone else said it.
It would have been the same as the 32X but more expensive and retarded since you must buy an entire new system.
Not to mention a campaign for launching a new system would had dry out Sega's pockets in a very crucial moment.
Potential users would have end with some shit slightly better Genesis on their hands thinking on how retarded they were not to buy the Playstation instead and use the wasted money in games for it.
As a side note, I simply don't understand how people can seriously blame the Sega's downfall on the 32X alone. I mean, it was just a damn add on.
>As a side note, I simply don't understand how people can seriously blame the Sega's downfall on the 32X alone. I mean, it was just a damn add on.

The Sega Japanese workers can't say it was any of the other products they made because they would get backlash from their peers in the industry and get ostracized. Japan is very group oriented.

Just look at the other nonsense Sega made:

Sega SG-1000 Mark 1
Sega SG-1000 Mark 2
Sega SG-1000 Mark 3
Sega Master System
Sega CD
Sega Mega Karaoke
Sega Mega PC
Sega Mega Jet

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Not only is this game outstanding on its own merits, it's all the more impressive for being the first in what would have been an iterative installment. Now, if it had gotten sequels, it would probably be looked back upon as diminutively as other first installments, so I can't exactly make a meaningful comparison between it and other first installments in fighting games. But I still think it's damn impressive.
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Do you understand this is just Fatal Fury 5
It's the first and only in what would have been an iterative installment if SNK didn't go under.
This is it. I like many of the SNK fighters. Many SNK fighters introduced unique and new ideas. motw offered nothing, special, nothing unique, nothing new. It is hard to explain how homogenized and bland it is.
rock is just so cool bros
It's solid but the roster is way too small.

File: Joust NES.png (12 KB, 512x448)
12 KB
Another entry in the HAL NES "klassic arcade gamez" series but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a source port and is totally inaccurate to the arcade Joust not to mention extremely easier.
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Have you tried touching grass?
It was made by 1 man who later became the president, only to then die of stomach cancer in 2015, give him some credit.
100% fake, they're Nintendo's best external studio.

Hal did publish some sub-standard games but their in house developed stuff is god-tier.
It's real, son.
No, seek help.
Early 1980s games just lacked depth.
More people need to acknowledge the power and influence of arcade Joust, generally speaking. It's a game that truly enriched action games. This is the first platformer that had jump steering or momentum, period. Undoubtedly, this in the game that inspired Mario Bros. and dozens of other similar titles like Flicky, Mappy, Balloon Fight.

File: enter-your-name.png (5 KB, 512x448)
5 KB
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If this screen puzzles you as someone without XXY\XYY chromosome mutation syndrome, please ingest lethal ammounts of Helium before bedtime - and I am saying this as a turbogooner obessed with futanari porn.
literally every fucking time I play any game with name input
i had a friend called nigel that used NIGY kek
Literally the worst version of the spelling for that name.
>Lets just removed the diacritics and pronounce it the same.
No that's just fucking stupid low IQ retardation.
That's a good one.

File deleted.
what's stopping sega from effectively re-releasing the dreamcast with some cheapo hardware and reselling games, heck even on actual cds again (although swapping to some simple cartridges or loading them into a new vmu might be better) alongside indie releases that have been made in the last 2 decades, maybe some new games, improve the controller, etc, and marketing it as a collector's console? I can't imagine hearing the above with a "SEGA'S NEW ENERGY" or whatever wouldn't be appetizing. It would be easy to release retro-style games for it, even porting saturn, genesis, and master system games for it, and just touting it as a console for retrophiles because that's what retrophiles want. Why not, really?? Right?
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fpbp /thread
Because Sega can just sell these games digitally with a lower COGS
>that would be easy
>ignores the real problem that killed the Dreamcast
Because it is retarded.

File: blupi ripoffs.jpg (921 KB, 1128x2032)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
A game for the computer.
Retro sucks. I've been Giga hallucinating with fused binary being fired through tubes depicting sport in 2024. On guap povs'
That's why retro is awesome

File: Honor.png (1.09 MB, 1104x766)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
I've never seen Kap Hwan check on his opponent after kicking the crap out of them, why does it concern Jae Hoon?

The best selling fighting game of 5th gen in Japan and by a widen margin
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contains all your favorite cartoon characters!
>1999 N64 Super Smash Bros. 5.55
>1998 PS1 Tekken3 8,360,000
Wait a minute, you said in Japan?
>Smash Bro: 1.97 million copies in Japan
>Tekken 3:1,400,000
Well you are right there.
File: 1682857966690.jpg (285 KB, 1402x2326)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
It is not action game for us
Your post lost all credibility once you mentioned standards and goyslopvision together

What's the opinion on using these to beat games? I've recently been playing a lot of arcade games, Bubble Bobble and Tower of Druaga in particular, and I'm having some struggles with how to think about beating them, other arcade games, and games in general.

Bubble Bobble infamously won't let you continue even if you put in more coins, if you run out of lives then you have to start from level 1 again. There IS a secret continue code, but... should I use it? It's in the game, and intentional, but to some degree it feels like authorized cheating. As if using this continue trick is robbing me of the experience, that my victory wouldn't be as impressive or meaningful if I continue when I'm not really "supposed" to. However the game's pretty hard and it's now like I'm bashing my head against the wall trying to get past a certain point; I gather up as many extra lives as I can and play near perfect until I hit my wall, and then lose all my lives and start over.

So what I'm getting at is, what do you feel is the "proper" way to approach games like this? Should a player keep grinding away as intended until they finally get past their wall? Is it okay to continue and get through a game so you can eventually 1CC it? And especially with emulated arcade games, what's the take on having "infinite" coins to play through with? In theory you could have brought like 20, 30 bucks to the arcade and paid your way through Metal Slug or something, should people do the same on emulators? Do you restrict yourself to something like "2 dollars" worth of coins and then start over, as if you ran out of quarters to continue with?
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While I certainlh have respect for all ghe 1CCS out there and whatnot; as an adult; I do not habe the fucking time period. As a child; I played plenty of games "the way they were meant to be played' a d beat them. Like the Lion King for SNES; what a pain that was. I feel no shame in uaing save states. I play games for fun or for the story and am just not a die hard gamer like that I suppose.
Like I beat Raiden III using save states and would habe burnt twice as much time on it if I hadn't.

HELL! I put 80+ hours into 100% Legend of Dragoon for PS1 recently and would habe hd to double that probanly without save states or speeding up the game via fast forward.

My thoughts are; do what you want, and have fun. But of course I don't consider myself on the skill level of someone who dis spend the time on aome of those super challenging games. As I said; respect where it's due.
Glad we're on the same page.
That's exactly how you approach an arcade game.
Using continues is just a waste of money.
It leaves you off in a harder part of the game when you could just start from the beginning again and get more play time out of your money and more time to hone your skills.

Also pretty rude to hog the machine with tons of continues in a busy arcade.
>Using continues is just a waste of money.

If you are poor, then just say so.

>It leaves you off in a harder part of the game when you could just start from the beginning again and get more play time out of your money and more time to hone your skills.

Nope. That trick was over quick. Arcade game owners set many of their games to 50 cents to start and 25 cents to continue.
>a 1cc is not equivalent to beating a game
Correct. Many games require more than just 1CC to beat them, and may even tell you that you failed to make it clear that you failed.

File: s-l400.jpg (30 KB, 282x400)
30 KB
Future Boy Conan for the PS2
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I thought the arabic theme song was so fucking annoying.
Arnold as a barbarian detective teaming up with a cute esper girl would be pretty GOAT.
Miyazaki is a lolicon
Was Conan the first based retard in fiction?

File: 1713148913304852.png (258 KB, 598x514)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
What in your opinion is the best looking game on PS2?
102 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wild Water Adrenaline by the developers of Outcast (1999) uses the technology that was going to power Outcast 2 but that game never got off the ground until recently.
PS2 games still looks like shit.
Get it with the times, boomer!
File: 1592184612901.jpg (172 KB, 678x400)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
God, /vr/ has sunk so low we're having Twitter screenshot threads?

6th gen was a mistake.

File: 1713018800646791.png (248 KB, 640x480)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Why was Halo CE critically acclaimed when it came out?

The level Attack on the Control Centre is just the same room repeated over and over and over again
57 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Time is always a resource. With every passing moment we stray further from the 90s. Soon the PS3 with be retro. Tick tock.
So. Admittedly this is personal. But it's called ASSAULT ON THE CONTROL ROOM! YOU FUCK!

Next up: an explanation.

You see I never had a great relationship with my dad. He is clinically narcissistic and between dyslexia, a really fucked up life, and some drug use.(to be fair; he was really responsible with it, mostly used it to compete at his extremely labor intensive career) it was really hard to get along with him. Very controlling; however some of the absolute best memories I ever had with my dad were of playing Halo:CE. We played that shit on Legendary every single time. We must hae completed the campaign like a hundred times and when it comes to ASSAULT ON THE CONTROL ROOM! YOU SHILL FUCK! We played that level ghe absolute most. Idk; maybe it was because it had such a diversity of rooms and landscapes. A shit ton of enemies and most if not all the weapons you can get in the game at some point throughout the level. We basically got to a point where we could speedrun ASSAULT ON THE CONTROL ROOM! YOU FUCK! And when we weren't slaughtering elites and punking Hunters we sometimes would just kill each other in unexpected and random moments. So much laughter and fun that it literally brings tears to my eyes. Those were some of if not THEE BEST memories I will ever have with my dad. I love him; even though loving him may have been thee biggest challenge and hurdle that I ever faced or dealt with in my life. We spent ten years and even more later on fighting over the stupidest shit. Time that was forever lost to us. But our time playing games I will never forget. I don't even care for Halo that much as a series. Sometimes I wouldn't even want to play but it was the only game that my dad could enjoy and actually play due to his dyslexia. He enjoyed first person shooters. He was literally a boomer shooter lol. I will miss him when he's gone. Thank you op, you faggot. I'll try to talk with my dad tomorrow and remind him of that time.
Two Betrayals is amazing, probably my favorite level in Halo CE. There so many kino moments like walking into the valley with the blizzard and dark lighting and seeing waves of flood in the distance attacking some Covenant making a last stand on a hill.
File: 1701378235041190.png (77 KB, 372x300)
77 KB
First person shooters are just 3rd person games where you control a disembodied gun
File: 1688983950232504.png (119 KB, 485x293)
119 KB
119 KB PNG

File: ayla.webm (127 KB, 92x122)
127 KB
Post /vr/ women (and men, i guess) you want to make 16-bit love to.
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>retro 2b
i see a game with a human like bird character with breasts which turns out to be 2 eggs she keeps under her shirt to keep them warm and i wouldnt question it.
directed by hideo kojima

Yeah Rydia is great. The full-body chibi image looks pretty great too, with that bizarre yet awesome over-the-front hairdo that doesn't seem to match the portrait. And her comeback scene as an adult is the best.
File: waifuvsworm.png (77 KB, 357x312)
77 KB
File: Valvalis.png (2 KB, 320x340)
2 KB
For me, it be she

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