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File: zelda.jpg (370 KB, 1783x676)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Is it an adventure game or an RPG?
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That guy is just going aggro on any reply
When I play Zelda I roleplay as Link so I am roleplaying the game.
>There are exactly zero RPG elements in those games.

Zelda II has experience points and stat growth.
When I play Pong I roleplay as the paddle so Pong is an RPG.
No, it would be a RPtG like I said. Are you stupid or something?

File: IMG_3430.jpg (25 KB, 256x389)
25 KB
I booted up wizardry 1 and it was like incredibly straightforward. I of course have modern conveniences and I was playing a remake but still. This and Ultima aren't that hard to get, I personally think when people internalize something as an Influential Classic they assume it's beyond them and then don't earnestly try it. If you played like, the original dragon quests I don't see why this would be a struggle
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Because he played a Nintendo port of a game for five minutes which means he thinks he's an expert on the whole series he represents and he genuinely believes we are here waiting on baited breath to hear his erudite musings.
For me
Thank you for tripfagging. I now know that this particular faggot is a "Dave"
>Why do you never talk about games, you only talk about secondary shit like groups of people who scare you because they have a different opinion, or whatever?
You're very smug for someone with not a trace of wit or wisdom in your post. If I wanted observations with this level of thoughtfulness I'd talk to a stoner Walmart employee
Sure, but thats not the most authentic experience, but a revision with qol features to help babies like you. I hope you are at least drawning your map (idk if the ports automap)

> Am I against playing ports?
No, but I don't pretend to be any hot shot or come down talking shit about game difficulty despite having little clue on how it was back in the days. I wouldnt be surprised if you didn't read the manual either.
Wizardry IV is kind of an answer for fans that felt Wizardry wasnt difficult enough. OP is a faggot, don't know shit and come talking about I.

File: IMG_3310.jpg (75 KB, 640x400)
75 KB
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LOL is not fun. CT is lots of fun.
the bullshit bossfight with the giant bug in the mines that is suppose to be killed with a crappy sword was where it went downhill. more like it never went uphill. worst part was the ghost tower where ghosts can attack you from behind walls, and the best way to kill them was to run away until you can see them and use a certain gem that damages undead, but the game never tells you to use that gem for ghost killing!
Can't believe people are actually shitting on LoL ITT.
>drops the annoying clicking and shallow combat of western dungeon crawlers and replaces them with the simplicity and elegance of a traditional JRPG
Blame Ultima Underworld.
yeah people started making rpgs that were fun and not boring hallway blobbers that all look the same

The beginning of AAAslop made by hundreds of people with an inflated marketing budget. I can't consider it retro.
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The game that kicked off the eternal September of jarpigs from which the genre never recovered
Yeah, it is. Why does it even surprise you that people would have these opinions? FFVII is a whole heap of *stuff* glued together in an almost patchwork way. It works very well for what it is, but what that is is something for which presentation is the main point, and where needing hundreds of minor workers to generate hundreds of models and renders etc. is the main barrier to making VII work, while the specific mechanics and such are mostly incidental and the point is to deliver a 'story experience'.
I honestly hated this game when it first came out. Tried it a few years back to see if I'd missed anything and no, it was still shit. I just don't see what all the hubbub was about.
The beginning of a shit thread made by a faggot named OP who sucks many cocks. I can't consider it good.
File: Maian.jpg (8 KB, 234x151)
8 KB
Based Maian.

File: Dawn_of_War_box_art.jpg (24 KB, 265x376)
24 KB
Is this considered Retro because i loved it
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The game released before ps3/360 so it's close enough.
Nobody plays Epic 40k, and Warhammer 40k is an absolutely terrible game. Dawn of War is better than Warhammer 40k.
The cutoff is 2007 for PC games, DoW is 2004.
yeah dark crusade was great
DoW + Hamachi = good fucking times.

File: skynet.jpg (66 KB, 854x480)
66 KB
These were pretty fun games. Good test runs for the Xngine before Daggerfall
File: skynet_136.png (50 KB, 640x480)
50 KB
Great games, yeah the gunfights aren't as tight as other great FPS of the time, and the hit dectection for walls/objects and jumping can be ass; but the game largely makes up for it in every other department, story, level design, exploration, atmosphere, the incredible technology...

It's crazy how much better the level design is in Skynet too. Too bad it's so short, and makes you go through some levels twice too.
File: skynet_233.png (36 KB, 640x480)
36 KB
One thing that sucks about the game though is that it's easy to get softlocked. If during some missions you don't do the objectives PRECISELY in the order the game wants you to, even if that includes blowing up 4 antennas and you're supposed to just know which order to blow them up in; you will get softlocked. Also the first car stage, I swear to god sometimes the place where you're supposed to park to end the level just doesn't work.
And this guy? Fuck this game. I always had to use a cheat to go past him, every time the level end trigger just doesn't work. I don't think I got it to work once and it seems to be a common issue.

File: 1706188779582550.jpg (90 KB, 1024x581)
90 KB
>lock-on technology
>no lock
What did Sega mean by this?
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File: wciiitft.jpg (341 KB, 999x1268)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
>Faggot, do you want even more games to have DLCs?

Friendly reminder that before the internet and microtransactions, "DLC" used to be called "Expansion Packs", which most of the time had actual effort put into them and were welcome.
Warcraft 3 wasn't from before the internet though.
Well before Steam and digital distribution was common.
Blame Horse Armor. Ruined the reputation of the concept of DLC from the very start. If the first DLC had been Shivering Isles, DLC and Expansion Pack would be synonymous.
>blame a non retro American game for tendies thinking sega stole z targeting from them
You need to spend some time away from here.

File: Donkey_Kong_64.png (473 KB, 500x344)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
Why all the hate?
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>games not respecting their time or whatever
yeah, its called grinding aka artificial difficulty made to LITERALLY ONLY waste your fucking time. do you ever wonder why theyre called "video GAMES"? because theyre fucking games, made to be played for fun. if a video game is locking content behind grinding, its not a game, its a scam.
games are not necessarily made to be fun
>uuuhhh you need to not treat it as a core experience in order for it to be good
then it isn't good
I have literally only seen it (And Banjo-Kazooie) get hate from people upset that PS1 platformers don't get more attention.
This, as >>10860092 notes you only need a fraction of all the collectibles, the banana medals only need 75% of one Kong's bananas collected as well, and you only need 15 of those out of a possible 40. The game is filled to the brim with shit to get so that you DON'T have to stress over going out of your way to grab every single little thing. Because you just didn't do that back then. SM64 has 120 stars, the game was made with the player only ever getting 70 in mind.

But today, not only do you have absolute retards feeling like they have a gun to their head forcing them to get EVERY single little collectible and that if you didn't get 100% you didn't beat the game, you have those same idiots feeling like every second spent playing a game is misery for some reason. So simply enjoying oneself exploring various worlds as different Kongs on their own run-throughs is no longer an option, now people are spazzing out and trying to run back to the tag barrel when they see a single off-colored banana and then run back again when they see the next. That's who the tag everywhere mod is really made for.
Rareware didn't make good games, that's why

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (93 KB, 1280x720)
93 KB
With how autistic and obsessed the Berserk fanbase can be at times, I'm surprised this game, or the one for the Dreamcast for that matter, doesn't have more of a romhacking scene.

How come fans aren't making new levels with already existing assets for newer chapters of the manga? Or would the creation of a level-editor require the game to be decompiled? It'd look better than the 2016 anime at least.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Are the Dreamcast and PS2 games worth playing? Should I wait until later to play them? I'm still in what people call the 'golden age' story arc in the manga. Griffith is about to get Griffith'd on by these big giants.
No idea what you're talking about speed-reader-kun.
Finish Vol. 13 then play the DC game and the PS2 game.
Are the games worth playing at all?
When GameCube port?
They look incredibly fun - the ps2 one moreso, just because of the refined combat mechanics - but the soundtracks for both games were composed by the guy who wrote the music for the '97 anime, so I'd say they're worth a play for even the music alone really.

What are some examples of difficulty spikes in retro video games ?
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File: jk.png (59 KB, 640x480)
59 KB
>fails to see the point of romance in fairy tales
File: 1463369415409.png (82 KB, 609x390)
82 KB
picrel is similar, the only boss at the end of the shareware version and he fucks
i beat that game in an afternoon, don't understand the complaints about difficulty. i found zelda 1 harder desu
press left-clock and hold. slurp potion when low health. such difficultness

Is there a proper guideline on making a retro videogame using godot?

Beyond looking up the hardware limitations of the console and using something like art and music tools specialized in authentic limitations?

I know this would be a controversial topic, but I want to hear opinions of anons regarding making a retro game.

The goal is to make it for modern consoles and computers, since most people wont have easily some way to play it on real hardware.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Use Game Maker, or multimedia fusion or something, it'll be good enough.
This guy gets it.
Use a fancy filter
1) make it janky, like real janky, the more jank the better
2) see rule 1

File: s-l400 (2).jpg (20 KB, 266x266)
20 KB
The Activision logo might fool you but this is an actual hidden gem on the Game Boy and between boxing video games.
Activision is just the american publisher, the game is japanese.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Activision was the Capcom/Konami of video games once upon a time ago
Pretty sure homosexuality has been around for a lot longer than any single person on this planet.
But in any case. Dropped. I refuse to play anything with pride shit shoehorned in
Based retard
Yes, the first LGBT+ friendly system was the speccy
A husk of their former self, only surviving thanks to the success of people who left the company long ago?

That still applies to Activision.

File: 1688540849918.jpg (377 KB, 1155x769)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
We've managed to sink a totally not /vroom/ thread over there >>10819897
Continue, anyone?
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File: 1704126779463.jpg (47 KB, 240x320)
47 KB
the eternal debate
File: 1688202915861.png (47 KB, 300x230)
47 KB
I wish there were ports of 3do NFS and Road Rash on GBA. It looks capable of running those
Use the prototype car, it doesn't auto drift
Judging by the fact I’ve never seen it brought up here and the thread I made about it died after like 5 posts, racing hero for arcades
File: 1713078180580.png (1.36 MB, 1200x960)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
It took me a while to realize that this game in arcade mode is essentially a Daytona USA clone
>the way car handling and drifting work
>detailed tracks with Sega racing style setpieces
>tachometer on top and radar on the right
>opponent cars moving left and right erratically
>four camera modes

File: images.png (55 KB, 148x202)
55 KB
quake is one of the best fps in history,every 3d engine has its roots in the quake engine,and yet i dont know anyone who ever played quake,what heppened?,all my friend only plays fortnite,cod,and im here,playing quake :(
42 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>that would be duke3d
nah, that would be Blood
Quake is a game for video gamers, those other games are products for an audience of normies that didn't play video games when Quake was released. "Most" people didn't play Quake when it was released either, because most people didn't play video games at all. Once you realize this concept, you really shouldn't give a shit about what "most" people think, only people who are actually into video games.
That's because it had all of the modern control schemes technically implemented but you had to learn arcane console commands to implement them and fine-tune your mouse sensitivity.
>he pirated the game and never heard the actual soundtrack
Trent Reznor did the soundtrack and it's just the same kind of shit you'd expect from him.
>Trent Reznor did the soundtrack and it's just the same kind of shit you'd expect from him.

Not at the time, no, he wasn't yet known for ambient soundtracks. I expected something like Broken when I finally heard it (I also copied the game from a friend).
The ost is just ambient noice as I said. Only the main theme gets me going.
I much prefer q2 ost, it fits to the fast paced fps gameplay much better

File: Axel-ff2.png (80 KB, 250x333)
80 KB
He's a fat bald boxer and his stage looks more like some Tough Man arena than a legit boxing arena.
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>pretend he doesn't feel pain when hit
noooo boxers are supposed to cry when they get hit then hug each other until the owwies go away before starting again
maybe butterbean based himself on axel hawk
They got the CTE stare and cauliflower ear downpat

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