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Please post images that print well for use as origami paper! I routinely "chop up" a page to easily get 12 to 20+ squares out of a single print.
Multi-pattern images are really cool... allowing for several squares each with individual patterns.
Any good pattern that'll work for several squares with the same/similar patterns.
Black & White can be really cool when printed onto color papers.
File: coffee-texture.jpg (328 KB, 720x480)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
Coffee Beans! One of my favorites!
Here's a multi-pattern... you can get 20 unique (smaller) squares outta this one!
Black & White Hearts!

This one works great on color paper, especially red or pink!
Here's an awesome one!
File: AbstractMosaicX9(1).jpg (1.07 MB, 1295x842)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Another cool multi-pattern
Black & White Stars!
File: Go! Red Stars.jpg (1.48 MB, 2093x2057)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
and Red Stars!
What's the best way to get custom origami paper? Are there any good services that can do custom prints, or is it easy enough to just print on white origami paper at home?
I will either buy "professional" origami paper that is patterned or foil paper, usually "standard size".

Or I'll print out a cool pattern and use scissors to chop it up into several (usually at least 12, or [a lot?[ more), to use as origami paper.

This thread is to help find more patterns to PRINT AT HOME and chop up into "custom" origami papers.

My best trick to get an accurate "straight cut" is to make a solid fold (usually in half) and then just simply CUT OFF [ONLY] THE CREASE! It's much easier to cut a straight line when there is a line to cut on... with a crease, the ONLY part you DO NOT want to have "left over" is THE CREASE ITSELF!

Good Luck! And please, POST SOME PATTERNS that work as origami paper!

Here's a cool multi-pattern...
File: 1594241743469.png (1.28 MB, 2048x2732)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Here's a good BLACK & WHITE Multi-Pattern
Here's a good multi-pattern
It's actually sized for Legal Size paper, which is a few inches (considerably) longer than Letter Paper. It still prints good for Letter Size, BUT you lose some of those squares (gotta "crop" it).
File: blue_hexgrid_pattern-o.jpg (4.2 MB, 2433x2800)
4.2 MB
4.2 MB JPG
File: 001-o.jpg (1.15 MB, 1160x772)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
One of my favs
File: 8.snake-textures.jpg (64 KB, 500x330)
64 KB
Here's an awesome snake skin pattern

Looks killer on an Origami Dragon!
File: 25-paper-circus-act.jpg (3.75 MB, 3600x3600)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB JPG

People, please... post some patterns!!!
I can't be the only one printing my own custom origami paper, right?!
Yes, you are...
I do that sometimes, but my printer kinda sucks. I tried to print out one of the patterns you posted and it came out faded and in low res for some reason, still I made an origami gift bag out of it..
This one works well to "stretch" in Landscape orientation, to full size of letter paper...
Another multi-pattern for y'all
File: goods_261_1.jpg (970 KB, 1400x1136)
970 KB
970 KB JPG
You get 20 patterns/squares out of this multi-pattern. Happy cutting!
File: goods_264_1.jpg (736 KB, 1400x1043)
736 KB
736 KB JPG
The next related multi-pattern
Makes 20 patterns/squares!
Happy cutting!
File: Go! Rattlesnake.jpg (3.18 MB, 2149x2053)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
Here's a Rattlesnake pattern
File: 01_Kreisel_braun.jpg (639 KB, 1181x1181)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
File: 01_Kreisel_gruen.jpg (638 KB, 1181x1181)
638 KB
638 KB JPG
File: 01_Kreisel_rosa.jpg (603 KB, 1181x1181)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
File: 01_Kreisel_rot.jpg (664 KB, 1181x1181)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
File: budpap15.jpg (492 KB, 2340x2292)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
File: budpap08.jpg (568 KB, 2340x2292)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
Here's a really cool multi-pattern

It'll get you 10 squares of number/font patterns
File: okp10003.jpg (1.98 MB, 1782x1776)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
File: OWo0023.jpg (3.09 MB, 2293x2233)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
File: OWo0004.jpg (3.66 MB, 2285x2229)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB JPG
Bro go on pinterest and search origami patterns or to get traditional Japanese designs search Wafu Moyou in Japanese which would be 和風模様
Italian Tile Patterns are very pretty you can search them up
This one is an obscure size, so you'll have to crop it regardless of your paper size... but this one does make for some cool paper!

Please people, post some patterns! This ain't about finding Other Resources for these patterns... it's about posting the one's you've already got on your own computer! Often WG stuff has cool patterns that'll work for custom origami papers! Post whatcha got!
File: 1676156100865330.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x1440)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
This one makes an awesome wallpaper background, too

Came out quite nice for the water & ocean pattern when chopped into a bunch of smaller squares
File: 310750.jpg (848 KB, 1920x1200)
848 KB
848 KB JPG
File: OWo0001.jpg (3.04 MB, 2301x2249)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
Here's a cool green pattern for y'all
File: 610KIeLFGPL.jpg (125 KB, 500x500)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Crane pattern!

Fold some paper cranes from it!
File: 1460977549954.jpg (3.52 MB, 3616x2712)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
Jelly Beans!
File: OWo0011.jpg (3.06 MB, 2265x2253)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
Here's an awesome multi-pattern

Happy cutting!
File: okp10004.jpg (2.08 MB, 1782x1776)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
File: 1684898955223989.png (132 KB, 1920x1080)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
File: 1680303530947527.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x1080)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
Water drops!
File: 1676085104270668.png (368 KB, 1920x1080)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
You get 16 unique squares outta this multi-pattern print!
File: trava_pattern-.jpg (137 KB, 580x580)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
And a Happy 420 2U
File: 02_Punktblume_blau.jpg (520 KB, 1181x1181)
520 KB
520 KB JPG

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