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File: helmet.png (722 KB, 1004x618)
722 KB
722 KB PNG
Recently I got inspired by this guy who models their cosplays with cardboard and I got surprised by how good the round shapes ended up look like.
I only want to make a mask with round shapes but every tutorial I found uses straight strokes for the template and I want to know if I can find more information of how to do it the other way
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Would you be able to upload it to a host like catbox or Mega please? I'm interested too.
same here
Sorry i completely forgot about this thread, here you go

thank you!
The technical name for a shape that can be made from a flat plane via cutting, folding and bending but without stretching or compressing is a developable surface-


Cylinders, cubes, pyramids and cones are basic examples, and with computers extremely complex shapes can be segmented and unfolded to create patterns for 3-D objects.

Curved creasing/folding (see pic) is another option that can develop amazing shapes with minimal cutting and assembly work

File: grayboard.jpg (32 KB, 704x1024)
32 KB
What are cereal boxes made of? I know they're comprised of grayboard/chipboard but what do they print on? Is that white part part of the chipboard? Why does nobody sell this?
This is the same as VHS box sleeves, NES, SNES, N64 boxes. Yet nobody seems to actually know how they're made.
>What are cereal boxes made of?
Cardboard and ink
>nobody seems to actually know how they're made
Literally an episode of How It's Made about this subject.
Anyone try this?
Just attempting to make the thread a little relevant to the board.
Paper and board with that characteristic slick white finish used in packaging and high end magazines and catalogs where rich colors and crisp details in graphics and photos are important are clay coated


More info on clay coated board


Post paper scale models. I'm currently working on one of picrel, currently cutting out structural supports
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looks quite nice, anon. what's with the image in the top left. how big are these models?
its pic of akitsushima from kantai collection..
about 30 cm.. that tile is 20x20
Anyone got a CV33 template? Any variant works.

Just added a bunch of stuff to their site
like the light tank?

File: T6r2lkh.jpg (644 KB, 2560x1920)
644 KB
644 KB JPG
even now there is hope for /m/an
but this is /po/ so lets ee 'em
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File: FM4_Zenith.pdf (1.65 MB, PDF)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PDF
File: FM4_Weapon.pdf (745 KB, PDF)
745 KB
745 KB PDF
I've posted this before but here is 5GB of mecha papercrafts

Part 1:

Part 2:

Nice anon
Does anyone have any Ideon or Xabungle patterns?

File: reipaint.jpg (26 KB, 402x365)
26 KB
> I'm new to papercraft and I'm starting to use it as a relaxing hobby and as a cheap way to decorate my room
does anyone have any tips for starting out? I'm new to this and I feel I'm not very proficient and would like to get better
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I use 120 paper, and I also added a glossy spray lacquer, you should try that.
>open /pol/
>time to be racist
>see Rei in catalog
>happy day
>it's /po/

all in all it was a good day

good luck OP!
What's going n today?
A lot of free stuff here
I'm also new and would like to know how hard it is to make my own papercraft models and how hard it is to change their scale.
I want to make cute little anime girls to pose next to my dinosaurs.

File: luckystar.jpg (224 KB, 864x1386)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Can we have a thread for sexy papercrafts?

Posting a few pics to spark interest, but I sadly never found the files for them.
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why is there so man /pol/ bros here today lol
People are trying to preserve their event posts here for months/years lol
I doubt the sticker will stay after today but maybe possibly some of the CSS will
File: 11Apr2012-watermark.jpg (1.21 MB, 1974x2048)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
File: 13Apr2024-watermark.jpg (859 KB, 1536x2048)
859 KB
859 KB JPG

Im one year late dammit, but yeah can anyone share these?


File: 20210904_153214.jpg (1.28 MB, 3024x2756)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Hove you ever fapped to an origami?
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wait wtf
you can upload PDF files? I never knew that
i downloaded some stuff off of it...i miss it badly
AFAIK only /tg/ and /po/ have this power.
/lit/ might but I genuinely don't know, I've never tried. /tg/ is told to not upload copyrighted materials that will get the board in trouble, and instead uses a PDF sharing thread, but we have a lot of free to distribute/CC licensed/etc materials that people upload, from game manuals to CYOAs. /po/ has it for obvious reasons, print formatting etc.
/sci/ too. Albeit useless on that board at this point.
File: wuht.png (5 KB, 725x596)
5 KB

i really wanted to get the model in the pic.
But the Changs are making it impossible to get it.
first the Baidu bullshit. then the paper tv board bullshit. then the no shipping to europe bullshit.

why are they like this?

alos looking for youlinke stuff. the guy is pretty good
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Did you see this: >>619736
She's right
welp, looks like both ko-fi accounts got shut down recently. it was fun while it lasted.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
owned lmao
probably what he gets for selling so many big names products without permission

File: 2023-12-05_12-19-50.jpg (3.42 MB, 2448x3264)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB JPG
Made with ow's 60 degree unit
pretty cool man
File: 1702160363878_1.jpg (520 KB, 1536x2048)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
>pretty cool man

File: IMG20240309233114.jpg (3.37 MB, 4080x3072)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB JPG
How do you make your figures have more consistency? I have thought about resin but I don't know if it is a good option for paper. What method do you use?

Do u have instructions for the wyvern/dragon or is it custom?

It is from this video

File: origami.png (1.33 MB, 598x894)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
alguien me puede colaborar cargando este libro por favor
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I already told you once that any language is welcome in here. Learn to use Google translate.
Thats not really true. If you speak latinamerican spanish, people from Spain and other countries can understand you, unless you make the effort to use every local word you can think of, or the other persone doesnt "want" to understand you,
no comprende
"Piñata art" Using newspapers and cardboard as a base, colored paper on the outside.

File: PXL_20230629_171842808.MP.jpg (2.78 MB, 4080x3072)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
Just here to flex I got my shipment from Taobao
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Hahaha faggot
File: seltenesPapiermodell.jpg (514 KB, 1161x1496)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
That's pretty nice. I only got pic related after all these years.

Can order things for you
I would only buy tutorials from Taobao
If you stumble across an origami tutorial on Taobao post the page here


Finally, origami instructions I can understand

File: 20230404_182901.jpg (2.39 MB, 4080x3060)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
Behold, anons.
Some esoteric Russian origami and papercrafts.
Dated 2005, but I believe this is the fourth edition. Original is from 90s.
This particular one is for children, but I know I have a more "advanced" one laying around somewhere.

We tend to use paper in a very functional manner in Russia, so it's interesting to see some of the more "practical" designs (from napkin-folding patterns to making a paper cup for sunflower seeds / measuring grains), to making drinking vessels.

Here is one of the designs for a Christmas ornament - "fae".

Lots of "playable" papercrafts too - sailboats you can blow on to hover over your table, floating boats to send in streams, and many flying toys.

Paper-folding in Russia has a rich history stemming from the use of birch bark folded into various containers and cooking implements.
Because of the physics of boiling water absorbing heat, these were used for cooking soups and sterilizing stream water without any damage to the birch bark.
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Glad it's not russian cursive, ain't nobody able to read that shit.
Anon you forgot to post it.
fuck you, faggot
slava keef

File: Sammon_puolustus.jpg (288 KB, 1024x1007)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Ive done some basic stuff and i want to learn more advanced stuff in origami as a project. What books are good for that?
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this so much.
I didn't have good experience with this book. The theory is nice, teaching techniques and essential ideas in progressively more complex models.
But a lot of the models, in my experience, even simpler ones can be too disappointing/challenging. I mean this book is supposedly written for beginners.
I just checked gilad page, reviewing from memory:
1. squirrel - the example photo and the one in diagram is different, so your result won't look the same as Jun Maekawa's
2. box - "locks" and bullshit don't work. I honestly have no idea how to make this properly without glue
3. spiral shell - good luck making everything aligned
4. giraffe - I really dislike this one, dunno, the fact you fold the back and hide it behind really annoys me
5. helmet - good luck making this stand, even gilad couldn't do it, fuck this model seriously
I think I dropped the book a few models after this. I kept hitting problems that I blame on subpar models.
I decided just to fold stuffs I find interesting from /po/. Not following Maekawa's curriculum. I'm much happier now. I just don't think the book is good recommendation for beginners.
John Montroll's Teach Yourself Origami's first half has all of the essential models they used to teach in schools.
Try to follow this plan to become a successful folder . 1 .Sonobe .2 . Kusudama .3 tessellation .These are good because very repetitive folds practice makes foolproof and you can use glue for assembly
Then 4 .Beetle . 5 .Fish . 6 .Spider .7 scorpion
8 . Butterfly two colours .
9 .Bee two colours
Then try some simple characters .
After that you should be familiar enough with diagrams and precrease to attempt more complex models such as birds dragons .
Start with Alex Jones the Great Reset. You will be doing a lot of folding for the NWO.
wrong board, scipo

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