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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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File: file.png (713 KB, 640x852)
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713 KB PNG
Why isn't anyone using papercraft as skin for 3D printed stuff?
a years-old thread died for this zoomer shit
File: shhh no more.png (395 KB, 500x339)
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395 KB PNG
Oh no, I'm sure it was full of useful boomer replies fetishizing the board's inactivity and kvetching about the rise of newfangled applications, tools and materials like the use of wood pulp paper instead of honorabur rice paper folded a gōrirrion timesu by master rice pounders who spent decades toiling as apprentices boiling rice to perfection before spending another watching the masters pound said rice, bowed of course in a display of utmost servitude
They should all die off when their usefulness ends.
I figured you would use the same 3D model, once converted to STL for 3D print and once unfolded in Pepakura. Then just glue the paper on the 3D model (like decoupage). You could paint but some stuff has complex textures, like chainmail.

Just needed some model for the post but it's this:
yeah but they mostly suck at it.
For complex prints, it'd be hard to get paper to fit, some sort of heat-forming plastic skin would be better. For simpler prints, printing at all would be unnecessary, you could just fold the paper and be done with it.
like >>619838
said fitting it exactly I think would be hard, especially with anything rounded, youd be better off just making the thing out of paper to begin with
File: ram.jpg (650 KB, 2400x1600)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
I fill them full of cement sometimes, kinda same vein.
I kinda dig how it deforms in the process
File: m.jpg (976 KB, 1512x2016)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
I figured out how to stop that, but sometimes it adds a nice touch.
Real answer, because if you're already making the papercraft the 3d printing part is unnecessary.
My thread died and dissapeared some time ago but I was having some serious issues with large paper dolls be it due to insensitive handling errors or buckling under its own weight. I tried several methods to remedy such problems but they come with their own set of problems which i can elaborate on later.
That being saíd, having 3d printed structure (of precise measurements) to suport my models from inside could be costly but potentially an enhancement over internal supports/rough skeleton with stuffing/filling, especially as I want to make them poseable eventually.

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