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File: IMG_20220616_065129.jpg (314 KB, 1080x1079)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
I'm on my 4th semester and I always wondered why so many fags and trannies study this career, any answers?
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op here, how the fuck is this thread still up, anyways I dropped out it was fucking lame and the teacher sucked, now I draw furries full time
another victory for the queer design agenda
They've spent most of their time drawing furry porn since they were 12
furries arent really a queer thing

>furries arent really a queer thing
feminine penis meme of 2024

File: 1sig2.png (222 KB, 621x170)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
First sig in at like 15 years kek. Havent touched gfx since but remember how fun these were to make on planet renders/PSL
I truly miss sig culture
The blending of your sprites is kind of weak, and the juxtaposition of colour doesn't really work, the tones of the right side are too dominant overall. Try and get a little more creative with your brushes, deviantart is still online and you can do a lot more than what you chose.
4.5/10 keep trying

File: home.png (172 KB, 1106x784)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
how would YOU redesign the 4chan homepage?
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i-is this the famous hacker site?
File: Untitled.jpg (13 KB, 318x159)
13 KB
>It being outdated is le bad even tough it works perfectly because it's not sovless corporate flat design.
File: chan.jpg (60 KB, 1536x469)
60 KB
what's the budget?
I will go 10% lower than what ever this guy ask for

File: joyburger 1.png (366 KB, 500x500)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
i crave smiles.
this feels like social commentary

Hello, I'm editing something together and I need to basically create a missing frame between this image & the one in my replies. Without it, there's too drastic of a jump. Can anyone morph these two together to create a 'missing frame'?
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i cant imagine its that bad really

looks like its a zoom without much really changing. take the first image and crop it so its fits before the second image
It's the facial posing... it's too drastic of a jump.
File: test2 (2).png (2.37 MB, 1920x1080)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
was messing around with code
File: test1.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1080)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG
File: inbetween.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG

here u go

Memelords, the time has come to ask ourselves..

Is it time to retire Pepe?

File: example.jpg (106 KB, 462x337)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
whats a good software to make very loaded logos/text like this?
File: TE5yC.jpg (39 KB, 320x426)
39 KB

how bad is my design?
pic related
its beautiful dont worry abt the haters

File: image-20.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1341)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Make a tactical redesign of the Kekistan flag for the upcoming meme war.

Bottom flag is for referance. Maybe you could use flecktarn camo patern as the base instead of multicam.
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Can you stop mutilating the US flag? It's disrespectful at a minimum
replace white and black colors with olive and dark brown
File: 1622138630617.jpg (29 KB, 570x556)
29 KB
Such a shitty flag.
It' not original or unique and I expected more from 4chan.
I have no words to describe how cringe this is
Reddit is more your speed OP

File: image.png (87 KB, 608x271)
87 KB
I want to start designing some models for 3d printing, which is better for a beginner from your point of view?
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anyone here use dimention - photoshop - after effects as the workflow alternative to blender? I do all-around media design and want to add 3d product renders and 3d animation to my skillset. Blender does a lot of stuff so idk if its overkill to use it if i dont intend to do heavy 3d. I like the interconnectiveness of adobe products but i also dont want to potentially cuck myself with some limitations i dont understand yet.
>for 3d printing
It depends on the fuck you want to print, Blender is better if you want to do figurines and shit like that, Fusion if you want to do tecnical stuff, Plasticity could be a better alternative to Fusion and Nomad to Blender too, both are paid but cheap.
Blender can do everything, maybe Fusion lets you more easily create certain kinds of shapes but you'd be better served learning how to make and assemble your own library of procedural model objects in Blender rather than learning the asset / tool library of a product you have no control over.

Yes, that means you'll need to learn a lot more to eventually get the same results, but you'll be learning fundamentals of modeling (I recommend if you want to build up a library of extensible assets that you learn about non-destructive / procedural modeling using Modifiers and Geometry Nodes).
Well Blender is free. If you want to crack Fusion why dont you just crack Solidworks?

Hey /gd/

I have a question, if I produce images using illegal versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, do these images have any metadata that can be tracked to see if they were illegally produced?

and how do I remove such metadata, I tried googling this shit but it doesn't come up with any real answers on this topic

I'm just getting to the point of completing my 4th as well as 5th gd project for my portfolio and want to upload them all to Behance but also still not cause any problems for potential employers.


Also post your questions/queries
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It Is, In fact If AI takes over then I feel like I'd do the same and go for the video editing job. But then again Clipchamp Is making and training an AI for editing videos so I'm not so sure how long that job would last. Let's hope for the best right now though.
Has there ever been a /gd/ collaborative project?
I think something like a /gd/zine where people can sign up for a page each would be cool
no topic or anything, just whatever the fuck
Yeesh, this board is slow. Nearly 5 months later, and this thread has barely moved. Well in any case, I figured I should share my new discovery. I figured out a way to trick photoshop into creating the curve I drew here: >>449730
It's a trick I worked out years ago, but never felt it was viable for painting, because it required re-setting a top layer, every time you painted on the bottom layer. So it was just cumbersome. However with this set up, it works universally.

In order to recreate it, just copy what's shown in the image. Not that I "inverted" the band of both curve layers. Making black to white and white to black. If you neglect that, then it won't blend right. If you're like "what the hell is he yappin about?" Just run the color picker across the red line. And you will see how all the colors trace a curve.

That curve is maintaining even saturation, while going from black to white. When you paint on the color burn layer, it will take colors to black, but in a pleasing way that maintains saturation so it doesn't feel washed out like normal black blending. It will also shift the hue down to whichever RBG channel it's closest to. So yellows will gradually hue shift down to orange. And oranges will gradually hue shift down to red. But if you're on the green side of yellow, then it will instead hue shift down to green. If you're on the blue side of cyan, it will hue shift down toward blue. This hue shift appears very even as well.

Painting in the color dodge layer does all the same things, except becoming lighter, and hue shifting "up" rather than down. Orange will lighten to yellows, and blues will lighten to cyans. Again, in an even way.

The downside to all this, is that the colors get crunchy near pure white or pure black. That's simply because there aren't enough colors to divide into such small increments. A natural limitation of math and 8bit color. Also, you can't effect pure white with burn, nor pure black with dodge.
Here are some examples. The left and right balls use the same exact masks. Only difference is, the balls on the right are using basic black and white for shading. Which of course looks like ass. And the left balls are using my set up. Notice how it clings onto saturation and shifts hues.
Beginner here, how do I generate this effect in Photoshop?

I'm doing a collage wall on one of the living room walls but it looks ass so far. I tried to do street art style mixed with pics and logos of things I love but it doesn't look coherent enough and more like junk than an interesting aesthetic.

Pic related is a nice one I found online but I have no interest in horror movies so I'd feel weird about copying them.

Pls post good collage walls for inspiration.
also post cool street art/graphics design shit for me to print out and put on there

File: BlackBlue.jpg (380 KB, 1080x1000)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Help me make those ignorant plebs in /vp/ recognize that I'm right those ignorant mongrels don't understand that black IS a shade of blue.
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>Black is not a shade of blue. You are not very smart, are you?
Try harder
I will accept this IF you concede that White is a shade of Red.
Based, I always knew it was true.
K is black, bitch.
You got disproved really hard by >>453509, and I just want to let you know that Google is archiving the way you got burned incredibly hard and in fact feeding it to AIs.
The proof your idiocy, the way in which you were absolutely annihilated, all of this will be archived, documented, studied, and preserved for hundreds of years.

Can you imagine that? Your blunder will be used to teach a new kind of lifeform how not to make terrible, awful, "I should just kill myself right now" levels of public blunders.

File: military vcr font.png (29 KB, 129x88)
29 KB
Hello gents, I was wondering if anyone had a new mediafire link (any file sharing platform for that matter) that contains a boatload o' fonts. Old one seems to have been zapped by mediafire. Thanks.

pic unrelated

Am reading german design/typography material from 1928, wanted to share an excerpt:
on the topic of ornaments - "The more primitive a people, the more extravagantly they use ornament and decoration. The Indian overloads everything, every boat, every rudder, every arrow, with ornament. To insist on decoration is to put yourself on the same level as an Indian. The Indian in us all must be overcome. The Indian says: This woman is beautiful because she wears golden rings in her nose and her ears. Men of a higher culture say: This woman is beautiful because she does not wear rings in her nose or her ears. To seek beauty in form itself rather than make it dependent on ornament should be the aim of all mankind."

do you agree anon?
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ok fuck it
tomorrow Ill post some Adolf Loos quotes and maybe some Jan quotes
that's a very protestant view of things
the part about simplicity or the part about denigrating other cultures?
File: yeah you.jpg (102 KB, 912x952)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>you cannot tell me that it is worse, but only that the other one strikes some special chord with you.

Go fuck yourself.

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