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File: home6.png (155 KB, 1920x1017)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
What are some good collaborative sketching/drawing services or applications?
Personally I'm looking for something that'll work as a graphical version of google docs, similar to flockdraw or ziteboard with decent tools for sketching, support for text and large canvases, as well as the ability to embed pictures and possibly gifs, ideally free/open-source or self-hosted.
But feel free to share other related tools, anything you think is good.
the free ones i’ve used are Magma, Malmal/HelloPaint, and Drawpile. i believe they all allow public and private boards with varying graphic tools but Magma seems the most encompassing. if it’s for like corporate purposes there’s stuff like microsoft whiteboard as well
opencanvas if its still around

File: 2advanced-2002.png (213 KB, 830x700)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Early 2000s webdesign
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We need a search bar to browse information now. So, if we want to see the coffee page. You can type in bean and you'll find coffee and tea. You can refine it. These simple parsing systems are hyper archaic binary.
File: history2.png (72 KB, 966x1124)
72 KB
Just do it Anon, there is definitely a niche group of people who are still interested in this sort of stuff and the space could use more normal interesting people and less politically obsessed deranged motherfuckers.
My advice if you want to get started is to create something you're personally passionate about, don't aim for high traffic, and try to avoid making a personal website unless you like just writing into the void (the "my blog" kinda sites) as they very quickly burn people out and inevitably end up abandoned when people realise that they could have just posted it on Twitter with less effort and gotten more engagement.
If you have a hobby, collection, niche set of skills, or special autistic interest, make a site where you can talk all about it in all of the depth you want to, and you'll quickly find yourself engaged in creating something people actually give a shit about.
I had no idea people still gave a shit about my website, I usually hang out on /g/, but stumbled across this thread when Googling to see why I got a spike in traffic yesterday. I have a shit load of dead links to get through and I've honestly just lost a lot of motivation to keep going with the project, so I've kinda had to put it on the back burner for now. I'll get back to it sooner or later.
nobody cares, the internet is dead
AI will accelerate us into sludge oblivion
Everytime I see a doom post I think of a deranged man shitting his pants in public, or some tranny saying nothing matters to justify their gentital mutilation and spitting in the face of God.
>but I spent a lot more time on Tutorialforums.com
only retards went there. it was full of carebears

File: IMG_9596.jpg (1.14 MB, 2226x1253)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Hey anons, i have a selfish request. This is an exterior design of a house I plan to build.
Without changing the proportions too much is there any way you could make it look more cool and aesthetic?
Im not sure what but i feel like something is missing from it looking very cool, rich and futuristic.

I hope this is the place to ask.
Thanks in advance my Nwords

Note: the big windows are North-west facing
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op has an architect!!
nice gas station pumps
>Just enough to get the bag and get girls
>im barely scraping by so no cash money
Sooo, i'm guessing you are no hit with the ladies either, huh?
You're not white…
But false actually i have a gf and many girls want to marry me because im stable, have a future and plans and a nice family

False, im pretty much as white as they come, im in EU btw

File: Fax Button.jpg (8 KB, 234x216)
8 KB
Is there an easy way to replicate the image degredation from repeatedly copying/faxing a document? Ideally this would be for PDF files, but any format would be better than nothing.
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File: s-l500.jpg (28 KB, 500x375)
28 KB
>downsizing would actually help you achieve degradation

>i guess i'm not really understanding what the issue is

No shit, it works in in exactly the opposite way; reducing the size of an image is how line art and other images are cleaned up and an integral part of the process of creating art for print media back in the day.

Easiest way to imitate copy/fax machine degradation digitally is to mess with light values, contrast, exposure, etc , since most photocopying artifacts and distortions are the result of the actual photographic part of the process and strong light was what allowed them to reject all but text and other deliberate markings....every generation was slightly overexposed and the contrast boosted so details like fine lines, dots and sharp corners would gradually melt away.
At the same time, if you adjusted the machine darker to pickup those details any small dark areas, erased pencil lines and even the shadows of paper texture would get reproduced, and subsequent attempts to lighten them back out by re- copying with higher contrast wouldn't get all of them, leaving characteristic splotchiness.
each time the ink prints it’s not a digital process nor is the scanning it’s analog to digital in the scan and digital to analog in the printing
so you would find the physics of the scanning process then simulate it and same for the printing, simulate the analog printing
with those 2 filters it’s an iterative process for each and the number of iterations increases the effect of scanning then printing, taking the output and repeating the process

That’s how you would make an accurate fx or plugin or whatever but you can just jank it using photoshit
Try the app "LOWER" w the yellow icon :P
Just to be clear, xerography is not an inherently digital process and doesn't use ink...it uses an electrically charged drum or belt to selectively attract a dry powder toner to desired print areas, that is then thermally fused to the paper printing substrate.

It's more analogous to how powder coating works than printing and the less than precise nature of how it translates the source image to a static charge as well as the resolution available with the mechanical properties of the toner are part of what gives it its characteristic look and generational loss of detail and artifacting.

The fact that xerography *isn't* digital is part of why it can be difficult to replicate convincingly using digital technology and digitally created files that tend to pixelate and show other obviously digital artifacts when deliberately degraded in a digital process.

What are you working on, /gd/?
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Won't people smell shit in the bathroom from your kitchen.
I didn't want to create a thread for this, but can anyone tell me which text alignment is better for readability purposes or why am I too fucking dumb to know which one works best? (they both look weird to me to be honest, being a designer is tough)
File: Prancheta 5@2x.png (72 KB, 1018x1118)
72 KB
OF COURSE I'd forget the godamn file
>being a designer is tough
you are so motherfucking stupid, wasting your and our time with half a centimeter of indentation!

the text isn't even vertically aligned with the rose bars and still you are worrying about fucking 5 millimeters?!
definitely the top one. now grow up and work for 10 minutes without asking for feedback, child.
the sheer honesty hurt a little but I'll take it like a champ, thank you for the feedback, anon

File: rainbow.png (197 KB, 196x320)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Is it even possible to incorporate rainbows into your designs in 2024 without it being a political reference?
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Go back to ribbit faggots

File: ironic.png (169 KB, 475x475)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Get lost tranny
here we can witness the ginormous brain power of the average channer: his vocabulary is composed of only "faggot","kys","tranny","nigger" and "reddit" and yet he has the cognitive capabilities to come shit up boards every fucking day without fail.

File: Ninefold 福.png (22 KB, 600x600)
22 KB
Is there a set of rules to generate Nine-Fold Script characters from Small Seal Script characters?
Or is it completely up to the artist?
File: Ninefold 祿.png (21 KB, 600x600)
21 KB
File: Ninefold 壽.png (19 KB, 600x600)
19 KB
Bump even though I don't know what this means, do I need to research this?
File: Ninefold 喜.png (19 KB, 600x600)
19 KB
Morę or less the latter. They are a bit similar to Royal Monograms and to signatures. A styilised set of words. And that nine fold script has been chosen because it's easier to carve out a rectangular symbol.

Redesign It. From Scratch
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very clever, idk how to say this but looks delicious, i just wanna eat this logo design
Captcha: XPPP
File: forchan designs.png (86 KB, 1080x1622)
86 KB
i memed it a bit
This thread is about to be 1 year old in 2 days

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Does anyone have a crack for the adobe softwares? Out of college now and I really don't have the spare money to pay for the softwares I need. I need Illustrator, Photoshop, Aftereffects, Indesign, and a couple others.
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Yeah man just pay $60 to cancel your plan
Stop being poor.
Go to the r/piracy reddit, visit the megathread, go from there.
You'll find anything you want.
stfu you fucking rich boy
look up gen p on reddit and follow all of their directions very closely.

File: new-sunbird-logo.jpg (386 KB, 1600x1834)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
Can you fix it? Show me what you got /gd/
File: SunbirdIcon.png (67 KB, 256x256)
67 KB
for reference
i'll post my spinoff later
File: Thunderbird_2023_icon.png (326 KB, 1500x1500)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
Maybe this is one helpful aswell.
Standardise it and use the same bird holding a calendar icon.
File: IMG_1893.jpg (28 KB, 498x498)
28 KB
What’s with this minimal color palette bullshit?
>noooo this icon needs to be a rembrandt level illustration even though it'll get absolutely decimated into a pile of ugly noise at the size i actually see icons at!!!!

File: gfg.jpg (216 KB, 1024x1024)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
I no longer know how to make money as a graphic designer Its all so hopeless
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File: fb2.jpg (150 KB, 945x2048)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
File: fb3.jpg (164 KB, 945x2048)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
File: ds.jpg (139 KB, 1080x1080)
139 KB
139 KB JPG

Its so temping to give up & trying to be the BEST & give into feeding retards retarded shit

>how do i get my mind to believe that getting attention & influencing others is > than becoming a good artist & mastering a skill
File: 2342.jpg (150 KB, 1024x1024)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
500k likes on facebook
I haven't seen an ad for a graphic design job in literally a year where I live. the last job ad I saw I got that job and I've been looking for a new one ever since, nothing.

File: 1 TkPCxtXogVlYsEA1IxH2tA.png (185 KB, 1400x1400)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
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The watercolor theme from Whistler is where Microsoft's UI aesthetic peaked.
File: win31logo-4000144748.png (4 KB, 355x425)
4 KB
Like >>451571 said, 2 and 3 need to be swapped.
Early Windows had brighter colors because the color palette was more limited on some PCs. The more pastel colors came with 98 and Me, when SVGA 24-bit color was the norm.
7 > XP > Vista > 95 > 10 > 11
win 7 classic had nice click sounds, didn't ship with dwm enabled and felt very snappy
it was also simplistic and not overloaded with poorly functioning features, so it was better for workflow than 10/11
obviously nothing beats macosx 10.6-10.7
that was just and orgasmic beauty of ui/ux
This was true minimalism, succeeds at being visually appealing and not too distracting.

Flatshitters today would never achieve doing something like this, as much as they try.

File: gradient.png (2 KB, 316x325)
2 KB
Do I have the right to use 4chan's gradient background (along with a similar color theme) for a website ?
no, 4chan actually has gradients copyrighted
And what if I slightly change the colors of the gradient ?
no, 4chan actually has gradients with slightly changed colors copyrighted
That's what we call a human color. Only the Jews are permitted to have this tone mark their bodies. We're in hell.

Previous: >>424227
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not sure how well it'd work but couldn't you use layered shattered glass/crumpled paper textures of differing opacity? it looks like it's just a bunch of random geometric shapes layered to look more complicated than they really are.
this is my absolute favorite cover from them, wishing they could pull something like this again
Thats bullshit! look at this artpiece i found, believe it or not this is from 2019, at first glance this looks like something out of the early 2000s, so its absolutely possible to replicate it but you have a good point even if its not 100% accurate to the aesthetics of the 2000s it would be 100 times better as long as corporate memphis fucking dies
this is fire

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