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File: WWELogo_84-94.png (65 KB, 225x133)
65 KB
What is this æsthetic called
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im guessing that was popular not only because it could be made but it looked like parts of eastern california? Lots of desert with a blue sky? films would capture this too, right?
Yes, the southwestern US in general and also the area of Mexico below it...you can do the same effect with just a dark/ black silhouette for the land part and little or no blue for the sky, but that blue and sand look (sunset orange too sometimes) was often related to SW outdoor sports and activities, off roading, going to Baja, surfing, etc., mixed with that late century high tech "metal" vibe.
File: 80sAirbrushedLogos.jpg (245 KB, 900x1207)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Nice article discussing 80's airbrush trends, with OPs image shown alogside other less desert-y versions of the chrome/metallic trick...the Tron one is interesting because it literally flips the colors and isn't specifically trying to emulate a reflection of the surroundings but still "reads" as similar to the ones that do


Also note the comments about airbrushed T shirts...those were a big beach/ boardwalk thing so the "desert" sand/sky color scheme worked there too
File: taylor2.jpg (60 KB, 400x229)
60 KB

Probably the biggest catalyst for airbrush artists of that era developing that hyper-realistic chrome look that would later be applied to everything was 1970s drag racing when they began painting details to mimic the stock trim, grilles, headlights and other chrome parts on funny cars.

Good explanation of the technique here, from one of the pioneers

I think this would describe it best.

some wizard remove the flag that looks natural or if there is an original image eternally grateful
some wizard remove the faggot that doesn't understand this not being a request board
I'll do it for One Hundred (US) Dollars!

File: alpaca.jpg (254 KB, 1032x813)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Combining @StabilityAI #StableDiffusion generative powers + Human guidance and graphic skills* with tools like @Photoshop in a coherent workflow.
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Seems to me that graphic design is less "art" more "commercially applied art".
So it's not like it's a meaningful change to lose such a job
They dont understand that the degree to which they are useful is the degree to which they are given access to life and tools to live said life. Once they have no intrinsic use they will be vacuumed up to clear up valuable space.
id kinda disagree, quibbling on what "commercial" means
however, Applied Art? yeah that de facto is the case.
if a really good ceramic artist makes a beautiful cup and you use it as a cup, is it suddenly appiled art and not just art?

same could be said of graphic art.

text on a page...
text beautiflully on a page...
Art of Limited Scope - but beauty is still beauty
>if a really good ceramic artist makes a beautiful cup and you use it as a cup, is it suddenly appiled art and not just art?

Most people who really care a lot about defining "art" and have a vested interest in promoting the narrowest interpretation of the term because they are alleged "experts" would just say that there's no such thing as a "really good ceramic artist" or any ceramic artists at all because ceramics is a *craft*.

Then if you point out the fact that the ceramics in question have aesthetic qualities that are about beauty rather than practical considerations of construction or use, they will say that no matter how beautiful or inspiring or provocative it is, it's still just *decoration*.

If you really try to nail any definitive distinctions down you'll get all manner of self contradictory babble about ethereal qualities that only the high priest gatekeepers can detect, and smug disdain for suggesting that those "experts" need to explain themselves to lowly peons.
>Seems to me that graphic design is less "art" more "commercially applied art".
Yes like 99% of art in the history of the world idiot?

File: 54miqk.jpg (85 KB, 500x701)
85 KB
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Alan Denney's work for numerous major studios including Hallmark helped revolutionize the greeting card industry in the latter half of the 20th century and his seemingly sloppy hand lettering style was/is a huge influence on typefaces used to convey humor...it's like the Helvetica of "wacky"
Counter point:
Had this in neon green on fire engine red background as the system font on a beige eMachines in the early 2000s.
Those are typefaces not fonts.
Tomato tomato

It took them two years to come up with this shit?
File: kings.png (9 KB, 150x112)
9 KB
this shit looks better than that trash
File: index.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
i like it, though i wish they'd have gone back to the gold and purple scheme.

Still, better than this travesty
this is terrible
good job, Fast Kings
Crown is too detailed.
isn't that the same logo they had in 80s/90s?

File: 1312.png (28 KB, 295x138)
28 KB
Last april, i went to magadan in the far east. people were still driving old cars, and the cans around them had a gradient design with cyrillic letters. I wanted to live here. but soon i had to return to my home in south korea. in there, tradition has been killed. my feeling at the time is that i want to send some mail with the charger to airport, university.
Flat design ruined my life, and annoying me until death. flat design based on pragmatism and materialism.everyone loves the old skeuomorphism, but it's crazy that flat design still exists today.
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>everyone loves the old skeuomorphism
I don't. But I remember when it was a new thing and flat design was what I was used to.
Flat design was prevalent in the mid 20th century during one of the biggest economic and cultural booms of all time.
sans serif = non serif
>sans serif logotypes to non serif
bro actually said this on a design board and expects to be taken seriously... You want to know the worst part? These people did take him seriously
i prefer sans non serif grotesk myself

File: 20220727_172917.png (573 KB, 551x597)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
Can't find the link to the old thread edition
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File: Black_flag.png (47 KB, 2000x1000)
47 KB
File: GRB_SEIK.png (279 KB, 1000x1100)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
>martian australia
erm what the sigma

File: yahoo-1996.png (32 KB, 800x860)
32 KB
Designs from the 90s that have to do with the websites, email clients, newsgroups/early forums, or whatever internet-related things that existed back then.
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File: ayashii.jpg (168 KB, 691x658)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
File: ymail.gif (25 KB, 768x653)
25 KB
File: 51lrtl1a4w741.jpg (58 KB, 600x338)
58 KB

who the hell designed the 4chan banners, they are so simple yet so fun

share some of your favorites
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There's a bit under 500 banners. A few were even deleted! I'm currently in the midst of rewriting a tool. If it's done and this thread is still around, I'll share it with you guys so you can see EVERY. BANNER.
do it
>There's a bit under 500 banners. A few were even deleted! I'm currently in the midst of rewriting a tool. If it's done and this thread is still around, I'll share it with you guys so you can see EVERY. BANNER.
Can't you just use wget?
They should replace all of the banners with BBC.
>>452295 i agree i like them very much they are good for my autism.

File: depvana.topic.jpg (47 KB, 640x360)
47 KB
I have made a new website and I am in the process of finding good colors for the default theme. The site is:


Do you have any suggestions for a background color and a color for content boxes that goes well together?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you. Can I ask you you opinion on the general design. Is it alright or should I change something?
File: lurk more I guess.jpg (36 KB, 771x398)
36 KB
suggested color palette
Thank you, I appreciate it.

How do you make really good architecture posters for your projects?
What are good ressources to look up for this? And how to learn it?
What are the basic and golden rules for architectural poster design and graphic design in general?

Also how to do post production on your renderings? And how to make good renderings?

Picrel is what google showed me when typing in architectural posters, kek.
there arent really arch 'posters' - thats not really a thing. of course everything being more or less digital, there are drawings, print outs, presentations, or boards.

a list of basic modelling sofware would be hard to find. same as rendering. go lurk the archinect forum.

also go dig up some classic mgazines, like el croquis. look up architects.

and just so you know the full oeuvre complete of Le Corbusier is available at Internet Archive

What Print on Demand service or fulfillment has made you merch look best on merch?
If you made that illustration good job it's really nice.
And if you made that illustration, congratulations on still being hands-on in the reproduction process 49 years after your death at age 95.
when i said on demand i meant it!

How to generate random color palettes? Visually cohesive and interesting ones, that is.

I am not talking about tools to do it. I want to code my own tool, and I'm looking for thoughts. How would you guys approach this?

2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
you should look into how pywal works and if you use that you just need randomization https://github.com/dylanaraps/pywal
it uses ImageMagick but i dont know anything beyond that

It uses basic color theory. I'm sure you can improve it.
Thanks. After some fumbling around I found something that'll do for the start. I'll refine the process after the rest of the thing works.

Appreciate it, I will take a look. At a glance, it comes up with some nice palettes.

For starters I went with a fancy way of color cycling. It doesn't cover as much of a range as the reference project I want to replace, but the results are visually pleasing and fairly diverse. It's good enough for the first iteration.

the screenshot is from this site
Yes it is. It's the tool I am replacing, because the pricing has got to be the worst among SaaS I've seen. Saving 10 palettes and 5 colors before having to shell out is a joke at best.

Im beginner designer and recently I got offer from "99designs". It seems off to me because there is no good reson for them to choose me for that project and there is no clear payment method from them. What do u think?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>design 20 logos for our company
did you even read the messages you posted?

>Nobody buys generic logos.

Gee, that must be why if you do a search for "generic logos" you get pages of links to articles warning against using them and teaching people how to spot and avoid them with titles like:

>Generic logos: how to spot and avoid them

>How To Spot & Avoid Generic Logos

>Generic Logos: How to Spot & Avoid Overused Design Concepts

>What is a generic logo? Avoiding overused logo designs

That discuss facts such as:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Even if they agreed to pay 100% upfront I wouldn't work for them. The cunty tone tells me that they'll be very difficult to work with.

Stay away.
this really is true

pretty good scam for scammers to get material to build other scams with unsearchable content, made to order and delivered quick
reject. contract and upfront payment first.

File: 1704420601708778.jpg (334 KB, 1440x1800)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Super disheartening to see this. Any designer could have done an illustration, any number of local artists could have created a piece for this event. It's a seminal event that marks the reopening of Detroit’s Michigan central. Truly monumental moment for Detroit, highlighted by the crazy opening concert directed by Eminem and it wasn't worth getting a person to do the poster? Very sad.

This is one of those moments in the history of ai that I will look back on with genuine disgust.

A soulful event with a soulless AI facade.
22 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
You almost wouldn't mind if they did a modicum of cleanup. At least the typography is good.
besides causing industrialization and the nazi collaborating, ford was an overall good guy
McDonald's interrupted their implementation of AI to take orders at their drive-through, since it wasn't working adequately.

Apparently, that task is more difficult than being a GD.
Bursting out laughing!
>posting a talking head like it's a gotcha
I have a sneaking suspicion that you have no idea what she actually does

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