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File: proxy-image (3).jpg (77 KB, 1000x1000)
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Last thread: >>441761
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It just hit me that kanye is a furry and his fursona is a bear.
File: kmfdm-symbols.jpg (127 KB, 599x537)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Other than KMFDM/Brute!, are there any other bands that consistently use one artist for their artwork?
File: xtort-b-iext141078366.jpg (93 KB, 600x596)
93 KB
File: godlike.jpg (103 KB, 750x1000)
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103 KB JPG
Has been my favourite album cover since I was a little kid

Go fucking nuts with it. :)
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File: imperium_of_ameriko.jpg (51 KB, 736x422)
51 KB
bery nice game learned a lot about that time period, didn't know benjamin franklin was a contemporary of washington
Inverted pentagram means sinking spirit into matter. Base consciousness.
>go nuts with it
you listened lol, but i love it

File: 1696350734643621.jpg (135 KB, 1024x1024)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
form an artistic viewpoint
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>gee, bill, 2 wieners?
Scary how AI can do realistic photos and videos now
File: 67rgxp730s491.png (2.18 MB, 1664x1664)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
Dude says AI is a crutch and only spawns mediocrity. Other dude counters and says AI can come up with novel images because it's inherently not human. Seems pretty straightforward to me.
>But humans are still the only source for human creativity.
And we're starting to realize the human component just isn't necessary.

File: Demon (13)L.jpg (444 KB, 1820x1024)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
I made an animated illustration about the Devil. What do you think?
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>Ai trash
and it's beautiful, here's why you should watch it
i staarted on this path now i FUCKING HATE it how do i start over

animation & design fucking such
>AI trash wah wah wah
Who cares if it makes money?

A lot of phonk music thumbnails use this style
Lol, you guys are done for...

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In some cases yes (yours) in some cases no
This is what I think.

Is ai art good? No
Will it replace a lot of art jobs? Yes
not because of AI but because GDers are bunch a low balling, spineless, let me work for free please, dunce cap wearing cowards.

you let managers devalue your craft too, fucking disgusting
>AI will never be able to match the spark of the human soul.
>AI will never be able to match the spark of the human soul.
You guys are making logos for base commerce. Spark of the human soul, Jesus Christ...

a fine art album for print?

A painter asked me to design a book containing approx 120 paintings.
Their sizes and ratios are quite haphazard, and some of them are good enough to take up a 2-page spread alone, while others are kind of rough and should be small in the book.

Please share your experience and tips on this kind of project.
This really, really, really depends on the theme.

Work backwards for any big project; what is the desired END result?

Is it to make people feel good, arouse them, give them ideas, fascinate, depress them... or is it just a case of "This is my art hurrr!" which should probably be framed as a personal journey, character exploration, or a social bridge to make the artist new friends and connections?

Lay out accordingly. Easier said than done though.

Make it more of a story type book if it's a collection that'll allow it. If not, weave the art pieces together using colours, sizes, shapes, places, objects to induce the desired effects in the end viewer.

Classic childrens pictoral books can be good at doing this kind of thing if you need some ideas.
Thank you for the wonderful reply.
i think its meager advice

this is not a 'what the reader feels' job

its a 'present the artist properly' job

id get some art books you like, have a talk with the artist. or look at a lot of art books, look at the artists work and have a vision of how to present it and make some sample pages for them to fall in love with.

do you know a lot about art or design?
I'll come back in a little bit with some more details about how I've been putting this book together, maybe some pages in progress, and some specific questions about the process.
Actually I've so far done pretty much every thing you've suggested (orienting towards the reader's experience, creating a thematic journey, studying various similar/related albums), which is encouraging.
I have some background in art myself, but this is my first time doing a project like this.

It's great to be able to discuss this with you!

I need to generate a very long building as pixel art. The picture should not be 1024x1024 square, it should be 1024x4096 or 1024x8192 long. What can I use to do this?
Copy paste?
Midjourney , DALLE , Leonardo AI
you set a larger canvas size...
is life that difficult to you?

File: visualbleed.jpg (484 KB, 1080x1350)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
Hi, Ive been into graphic design for a while, and I really feel like I wanna start doing my own thing instead of just admiring others pieces, where do I start? What book is best to read for the fundamentals? How should I actually build my own style? Anything helps, maybe its not the best place to ask idk, but I feel like some of you guys got a good grip of whats good and not. :)
(piece by Visual bleed)
besides learning fundamentals, reading books and so on (which is incredibly important), the best way to start doing your own thing is...by starting to actually do something. it doesn't matter what, and your first pieces are most likely going to look like shit, but just like any other skill on this planet, the more you do it, the better you'll get at it

good luck!
Are there any resources on the fundamentals which you can recommend?

File: ourfallenroma0000.png (57 KB, 459x192)
57 KB
I don't know if this goes here but idk, roast me gentle, i am new in this
If you hadn't told me what it was supposed to say, I would have no clue what it was saying. Take this idea completely back to the drawing board. I think utilizing Roman columns is cool but not how it was used here. Good luck.
The lettering is kind of cool, quirky and odd but still mostly legible...but the placement of "Roma" works totally against it making sense and is just too much.

The capital O works too even though it's a different typeface but the U isn't really helping things .... I would suggest laying it all out straight in a single line and then tweaking individual elements you think *really* need to be weirder
thnk for the tips ;)
This sucks but you clearly have the vision and tools to make something beautiful. Keep at it

File: image.jpg (69 KB, 318x213)
69 KB
WTF, I love AI now
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good lord every living system needs both, structure/replication and adaptability/creativity. it is so obviously prevalent in *anything*, that we could call it a law of nature at this point.
so just stop glorifying either of them, when clearly the correct amount of them both is beneficial and even a requirement....
judging things by some principle is stupid and even obstructive. either you know for a certain instance what decision leads to what outcome or you don't. there is no free lunch.

do you hope your simple, reactionary 'things are black and white' shit helps with improving anything?! ANYTHING?
are you just trying to congratulate yourself and the nifty little agenda you believe in?
because I doubt anybody will change their mind after reading it...

honestly just stfu.
no matter whether you are 'le right wing or le left wing'. nobody cares about your thoughtless burps. why not keep them for yourself?
>yeah, deluded, I know. but hey, one is allowed to have dreams, no?
if incels are allowed to post boring racist shit on this board, then I'm definitely allowed to post my own opinion.

>there is no free lunch.
there is though, that's the whole point. we have enough resources on the planet to feed, clothe and shelter all of humanity.

but go on and try to defend billionaires, although they would gladly sell you, your mom and your entire family for a measly .0001% increase of their wealth
you are allowed to do anything! but how is my opinion questioning that?
I just think your reaction doesn't change anything for the better.
it just deepens the issue we are having....

no free lunch is referring to a mathematical fact (no free lunch theorem).
basically it says there are no shortcuts. no 'easy principles' to apply for intelligent decision making.
instead good solutions need a lot of thought, a lot of energy, a lot of work.
call it computational irreducibility. call it a sisyphean principle.
either way. acting as if a simple pattern is enough to understand anything is plain wrong.
it's there to manage your subscription.
talking in circles and making no point

File: 124-9816_0.jpg (127 KB, 460x700)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
ITT: We post mid-to-late 2000s graphic design styles, visual trends, and aesthetics.

Anything between 2005 and 2012 (or anything that is reminiscent of that era) is welcome here. THIS IS NOT A Y2K THREAD. DO NOT POST Y2K HERE.

Previous: >>445568
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File: GIZwtkMXsAE35Ra.png (1.04 MB, 759x863)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
File: Metro_44_webp.png (775 KB, 480x800)
775 KB
775 KB PNG

File: 348741.png (17 KB, 1000x416)
17 KB
before/after thread i guess
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I think they will both work equally as well.
Stop inflating your job.
File: 1683394872677096.png (379 KB, 780x748)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
why did the fat go down in % and what happened to vitamins A and C?
this is basically another product
what happened is that i ate em

File: MUERTE IMAGEN.jpg (7.45 MB, 2400x3300)
7.45 MB
7.45 MB JPG
What do you think of this style and design?
I think it's lovely but the person who made it could really use a hug
maybe a bit of a foot rub and tummy kiss too
that sounds lovely! I wanna have that too!
you get a toe kiss too

File: file.png (332 KB, 2135x897)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
sup /gd/, found this super cool site
unfortunately paywalled, but you can disable javascript for the site and bypass that

are there similar sites like this?
pic related is a good text too
Here's a catalog of Japanese crests
Holy shit thank you

I have to design some "posters". One of those will have "facility rules" on it. Which font would you guys use for making it look like commie propaganda?
Basically, tips and tricks to make some decent communist regime like propaganda posters.
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File: tiny.png (326 KB, 875x1206)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
These are archives documenting socialist spanish/portuguese/lusoafrican posters, pretty kino.
picrel is one of them I vectorised to print and frame in my room
It doesn't really matter what ideology a nation like Somalia has, their genes are a forever curse on their prosperity.
there are no russian active measures on the chans take your meds

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