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File: 9315121114789963.jpg (959 KB, 876x1064)
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sexual orientation is inborn and unchangeable
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I'd sign up to conversion therapy if it didn't have the religion angle just to see what it is all about.
Meta attraction anon, you’re meta attracted.
is orientation what you do, your actions/behaviors, or what type of body you lust after? example: I am turned off by my friend's male body but I enjoy getting sucked off by him, which at minimum is bisexuality at least in action.
does that make me actually bisexual?
orientation is the algorithmic determination of whether you respond to male or female arousal cues and shapes its your brain being wired to find male or female things desirable and pleasure-reinforcing
its not specific to any sort of sexual act, its from just seeing people in the wild you light up based on certain shapes corresponding to sexually dimorphic cues
if that's the case then I only light up around women yet I enjoy getting sucked silly by my male best friend.

File: graphs.png (13 KB, 754x402)
13 KB
Are there normal trannies?

And by normal I mean like, regular relationship to sexuality, you know.

I feel like too many are just too like fucked, you know.

I have just been noticing this. No matter where I go, when the transes enter the community, the community will end up with having just a tad bit too much of the open and somewhat freaky sexuality. People are unironically seeing the bdsm as normalized? Stepped on? Puppygirl? Massive sub/dom? It is as if they do not understand I do not wish to know about what they and themselves do behind the closed doors. Instead, they are free? But why???? Have respect on yourself!

I don't think its real?
Most trannies are normal. Any online space is gonna be full of terminally online people whose only personal development in the last decade has been new fetishes
I'm a vanilla straight mtf, yeah. I have exactly one (1) boring kink I won't share. As far as trannies sharing too much in their online communities, I'm guessing autism is to blame for some of that. Also, if you read the news, there's a supposed epidemic of sexlessness, so how much of what young people are talking about even takes place in reality? More likely it's just in their heads. They might talk about something extreme like bdsm, but has that translated to the real world? I'm guessing not.
But why is it so much of a bigger idea with the trannies? I just don't understand. It is like they are all the same as the other. Very few species. Just more or less hatred of self, though all the same beneath them.

previously: >>35455470

quarter century edition!!!

thread for cis women dating trans women & trans women dating cis women

QOTT: It's lesbian visibility weak! Regardless of your letter, when have you been most ~visible~ recently?

if you don't like c4t/t4c get out!! not every space is made for you!! there are other places you can be!! please respect the purpose of this thread and be nice

Tagmap: https://tagmap.io/tag/c4t
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>It's not about how pretty you are.
It is and I'm tired of pretending it's not. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most cis chicks like hons, etc, but that's not what I'm truly after.
>or t4t
they wouldn't have to be if cis women treated them better
this gen always so slow
>It is and I'm tired of pretending it's not
Beauty is important but it’s not the only issue. There’s stuff like mental health and availability. I know at least 5 women who I would consider 9s or even 10s looked wise who I’m not seeing right now because they have a bad case of BPD. Or more mundane stuff like not being able to drive and living a 40 min drive away (I don’t drive either due to usual tranny reasons, yes it’s a flaw of mine).
straight people don't belong on lgbt

File: 1713751011129043.jpg (71 KB, 721x960)
71 KB
would anyone date a depressed twink who only likes twinks
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I like cowboys
I hate twinks
File: 1712884356949924.jpg (156 KB, 1007x1009)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Prove it.
So would i date myself? Hell yea I would

File: GenesisP-orridge.jpg (70 KB, 1000x750)
70 KB
>theyfabs only exist because of the intern—ACK!
Feminism is the only cause.
based somisogynistichesgaychad
Do you know if this person identifies as a theyfab? Looks like a butch lesbian to me

yo anal is actually total fucking bliss wth
had a literal leg shaking 20 second orgasm while literally collapsing

i understand you fags now, sorry for all the mistreatment you have begotten because of me. you people are still degenerates but i get why u do it now
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fuck off, is this what i get for showing you lot even a modicum of empathy? jesus fucking christ what more do you want from me?
i admitted that it feels good and that i get where fags are coming from and yet still you try to insult me and bring me down to your level
You get it because you are a fag
That’s some impressive mental gymnastics Anon.
>gayest thing ever
>im not gay
nigga even i haven't done that and i'm gay just go with men you don't need a fake cock
What if a cute guy gave you that leg shaking orgasm and the afterwards you cuddled together while watching a movie? Would that be unpleasant or could it even be a relaxing way to spend Friday night?

File: 2757343243058522.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
Why is it not at all controversial to suggest that women are, on average physically less strong than men are, but quite controversial to suggest women might be less intelligent, on average, than men are?
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It's fine, the only citation people arguing your point ever provide is the one meta-analysis that mischaracterises data. You even pre-emptively walk back your own points in the original post. I do not believe in male supremacy, I just don't believe the social, sexual and practical behavioural differences between men and women are not reflected in the brain structures.
I haven't walked back anything. "More intelligent on average" would imply being strictly cognitively superior on average, not a mosaic of individual areas of ability.
When did I say men or women were more intelligent on average?
Oh you're one of these trolls who's "just asking questions" and won't own their beliefs got it
No, point out where I said it. I even said I don't think men are superior. You are projecting your image of what you think I am onto me. That doesn't reflect reality. Read my posts again.

File: 0521687496165486.jpg (706 KB, 1052x932)
706 KB
706 KB JPG
I've been plapping chaser bottoms
All the live-long day.
I've been plapping chaser bottoms
Just to pass the time away.
Can't you see the grickle growing,
Rising all the way
Can't you hear the chaser shouting,
Alice, cum inside.
you have a sick mind

File: IMG_2584.jpg (208 KB, 750x1000)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
/lesgen/ is an inclusive general for all lesbian and bisexual women, cis or trans, to discuss lesbian relationships and topics.

>QOTT 1: Do you have a green thumb? What are your favorite plants/flowers?
>QOTT 2: What is something little someone remembered about you that was meaningful?
tagmap: https://tagmap.io/tag/%2Flesgen%2F
old thread: >>35512027
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is it just me or does she look slightly bogged
i'm going on a date with a girl who has the same name as me tomorrow
God I wish I had a gf of colour.
reminder: pussy
which colour

File: 1615550145086.jpg (1.08 MB, 2350x3217)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
There was a time when twinkhons like these were loved on this board. Today post beautiful twinkhons and get abuse. Cutiepies like Kristy Tyson send the weirdos into overdrive
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A lot of people don't like to admit that trans girls can pass and go into overdrive putting every little detail under a microscope.
I've seen people post images of cis women on here and people called them Twinkhons, it's just schizo-shit.
wow i actually look a lot like her. except the area between my eyes and the side of my face is very slightly wider and my nose is slightly thinner
but this is actually hopefuel. when i look at myself in the mirror i see a pig or a man but when i see this image of a very similar looking person i just think she looks like a pretty (trans) woman
thanks op
twinkhon = clocky because of a couple features, can pass to unaware cis people but usually look "off"
passing = not clocky
i would do anything to just make it to twinkhon status
so full passing is off the table without surgery or extreme luck or effectively being intersex. i knew it

File: Note Apr 24, 2024.jpg (68 KB, 1874x601)
68 KB
is this accurate????
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remove theymab. being a fat hairy moid who changed your pronouns and did nothing else has nothing to do with the others
theymab is more of a self-ID thing, the mustache/mullet theymab is not more fem than the average twink
sissy is also another self-ID thing, boomer sissies are not more fem than twinks

femboy and trap are the same thing
ive known three hrt theymabs on was just a tranny one was basically just a butch woman and one was too androgynous go be put on this chart
like where would they even be on this chart
>femboy and trap are the same thing
Non-binary is a blanket term. Sooo you can't, they go all over the map

does /lgbt/ collect toys? what do you collect?
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lego, transformers and gunpla
I wish I wasn't cripplingly poor so I could have a hobby too
File: IMG_3362.jpg (2.08 MB, 4032x3024)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
what the sigma

File: capture.jpg (60 KB, 700x1036)
60 KB
hi I'm back!

I made tranners.lol a week ago and now I am creating an unsee-like service.

creating this thread to collect some feedback as I work on it!

general questions:
- anyone have a cool name for it?
- how many pics per album?
- are captchas ok? if not, what else?
- any sites to base the ui off of?

some optional feature ideas:
- let album stay alive until thread dies
- require replies to view albums

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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and the logo is a boymoder in an oversized coffee cup
ya i meant something like >>35359536 but forgot it doesnt work,.,. are you unable to temporarily save those audios yourself while the thread is still active n integrate that little play thing with those files idk ._. throwing whatever out there cause it would be cool sincerest apologies if im retarded
oh I see what you mean, so kind of leaning on the idea behind the image sharing service's proposed feature that x files last as long as the thread, but now allowing you to upload audio files (and without the horrible ratelimiting)? yeah, that is totally doable and I see the use case now!
meant grab them direct from vocaroo but if the images are going thru you too then whatever works i guess :p
oh you mean like, mirror the files? I don't think that would be easy or worth it. I did add a refresh button to counter the rate limiting problem. maybe I can figure out their limits and incorporate that as well.

Try new things Edition
previous: >>35286117

Goal of the thread: Try something new that is good for you. A dish, a form of exercise, a new activity.
Daily goals can be repeated. Remember to keep score, it can only go up!

>What is this thread for?
Getting better is hard, and sucks. A lot. It does not get easier doing it alone.
Share resources and experiences with combating depression, anxiety, personal issues, achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, etc.
>Why is this thread /lgbt/?
Struggles with mental and physical health are an indisputable part of /lgbt/ life, be it from dysphoria, social pressure, heartbreak, or just unfortunate lifestyle choices.
>Notes to consider:
Please be civil. Shame is your greatest enemy in fighting urges of self abuse (be it sh, drugs, or just self deprecation). Relapsing into bad and unhealthy habits is to be expected, the goal is to increase the average amount of time it takes between relapses. Any improvement is a victory no matter how small. Your worth and right to get better are non-negotiable. And most importantly:
>Note on advice

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
191 replies and 91 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hey, you may have broken your streak, but there's always tomorrow. Most progress isn't linear, and it's common to stumble a bit when you're tired and worn. You're not ruining my hopes in you. Being imperfect and human does not make you an unsalvagable failure.
>t. axolotl
>Some shrinks really have NO business of being in their business.. fucking hacks making our life collectively more difficult.
Yeah, it's insane how much damage some of them can do. The same guy asked me what underwear I wore out of the blue, right after laughing at my questions about whether or not I was traumatized. Weird guy. Didn't help me much.
Anyway thanks again anon. The feeling is mutual.
after my posts last night i just kept crying harder and harder. i couldn't stop. i just kept going until i eventually got so exhausted i passed out. there's a huge mound of like 300 used tissues next to me on my bed. I think that's the worst I've been since like July of last year, when I was hospitalized. Waking up this morning I'm not crying anymore but I barely feel any better at all. I feel so, so awful. I have an online speech therapy appointment in 3 hours and i really, REALLY don't want to do it but i feel like I have to. I'm scared I'm going to just break down crying in front of her the moment i turn my camera on, or in the middle of one of those humiliating vocal exercises. I'm such a mess. I can't cancel because it's already paid for and it would harm our relationship and I don't have an explanation. Also, I just know that it would make me feel even worse if I missed out on a self-improvement opportunity like this. So I'm going to try to do it and right now my immediate goal is to just take a shower and prepare for that and just try to keep it together as much as I can until then, but I don't know what I'm going to do after that. I feel like I'm going to explode. I can't even describe how bad i feel right now. There's literally nothing I want right now other than to die and I don't know how long I can fight that feeling off for. I'm sorry for using this as a blog, I don't have anyone else to talk to right now. I hope that's okay...
The truth is that I have some unfulfilled emotional need not being taken care of in my current situation and I'm desperately seeking it out in Firstly my brother, and second in people I consider friends. What that need is has eluded me for some time now. I was just now thinking that it was this need for a caretaker, a substitute for my mother who in retrospect appears to me to have been neglectful in many ways.
I'm not really sure what I want from others, only that I'm not getting what I want from them. Security? Safety? Belonging? Can I find these in others? I always feel like a stranger in groups of people. Like i don't belong like I am soon to be found out and rejected. That's why I cane to this conclusion. It seems that I'm pursuing something that they can't actually provide me so I'm stuck in a cycle of going after it, failing, and isolating myself. What can I do to stop this? I want anything to feel like I belong in this world, but I keep telling myself that I don't.
>fingers crossed, anon! Do keep us posted, I wish you well.
ty again anon, will hopefully be booking the appointment & travel tickets today, knowing my luck it'll all go wrong lol
>And thank you, I'm a physicist essentially but can't get into details without doxxing myself, sadly.
ah npnp
>Yeah, I moved a bit ago and am currently in a temporary thing for visiting researchers, it's a mess, but it will all work out in time.
fingers crossed for you too anon! hope it works out sooner rather than later (:

File: literally you.jpg (604 KB, 3000x4000)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
Why do so many of you guys have these?
76 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
you want gock in your bussy?
wanna lick your blood like a baby platypus licks milk :3
You will feel like a woman alter I molested you, fuck my cock is so hard
God why can't I never find SH trannies? All the trannies that are willing to date have all stopped doing SH for at least some time.
why do you want a sh tranny?
Well doesn't need to be a tranny, but generally an SH girl.

And the answer is, to fix her. My first long term gf was pretty mentally damaged and when we got together she was doing a lot of SH and I had to comfort her when she was feeling bad, take away all sharp objects so she wouldn't cut herself, and just be there and care for her until she got better. Never felt as needed in my life. It was exhausting, but seeing what an impact I had on her life made this most happy time of my life.

She completely fucking nuked the relationship because she was a BPDemon, so I'm glad that bitch is gone, but knowing how it feels to make someone elses life immesurably better never left me

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