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File: ngmi.png (3.3 MB, 1980x1280)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB PNG
post timelines, guess how many months etc
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can you post more pictures
>i'm asexual
didnt you have sex with a trip not too long ago
There's a severe lack of guessing how long people have been on the juice in this thread.
semen stains the mountain tops
no? have schizos been making up rumours about me lol
anons love to just straight up ignore the thread topic and yap about whatever they want

File: 20240422_104320.jpg (872 KB, 2048x2018)
872 KB
872 KB JPG
Im so alone
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So real sis... So real...
why can't you find a bf?
Depression makes me spend my day in bed rotting so I cant work on myself rn in order to get that
you could spend your day cuddling in bed with a nice bf :)
Tfw no gf who gets nervous holding hands

File: 1713762687095646.png (1.2 MB, 1010x1280)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
lol pranked
did you get this from esforces?
yes i saw it and thought it would be more funny and relatable here
I remember that comic artist getting harassed on indon social media.

File: afterliving the dream.jpg (234 KB, 810x1080)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
The Dream edition

Previous thread: >>35291766

Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito Shuno
Read-only link for sharing:

I don't care about the story as long as she draws porn
Read-only link for sharing:

Feel free to recommend new webcomics not in the cryptpad, but don't be lazy, please include:

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it was, and living here has been lovely too. things r changing here, very gradually, but the working culture combined with how low-paying in comparison my field is here isn't for me. i 100% intend on living here again though. besides work culture and same-sex marriage not being recognized (and earthquakes......) it is amazing as a place to live. just need conditions to line up and it'd be ideal
as a followup, r there any sweden or netherlands anons in here? thinking of moving there next cuz my bf has eu citizenship and i am in the process of applying for it too :s
You know I have nothing against hets, a lot of my friends are het, I just don’t agree with there live style
In small numbers they are fine. It's when they get in big swarms that you have to watch out.
Are those supposed to be dreadlocks?
I'd like to see that guy's hair when it's wet.

File: 1713732612948025m.jpg (53 KB, 1024x533)
53 KB
Dear trans women
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My boyfriend is conservative but he's pro-trans and wants me to be his trad wife.
Yeah I don't need a reminder. Any right wing cock that gets near me is getting a bullet through it. I don't hate myself.
File: a04.jpg (52 KB, 680x920)
52 KB
>only kinda
Racist against whites, right?
File: 20211103_131850.jpg (98 KB, 617x751)
98 KB
Neither of those countries are white.
I do not suffer from self hatred.

File: GLuLFN2WgAA2KKP.jpg (192 KB, 1170x1170)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>get a rigged "report" into youth transition that says what transphobes want
>Use report to ban puberty blockers in England
>Use report to pause (then ban) puberty blockers in Scotland
>Use report to ban puberty blockers in Wales (soon)
>Use report to go after adult care
>Start calling for jail time for all the doctors who followed the available evidence thus far and worked at GIC's
>Call for an inquiry into GIC's to find out how they were "infiltrated" and "taken over" with "institutional capture" by "gender ideology"
>(((they))) must be stopped from using (((big pharma))) to sacrifice our children
wait, was it a conspiracy theory movement the entire time?? I thought they had a few reasonable concerns but none of those are manifesting or being evidence and now they're calling from blood anyway?? Was this just British Qanon?
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yes, clearly because the report briefly mentions a historical report it makes sense to dig up all of the same bullshit you've been smearing at zucker for a decade
yes, because clearly, citing zucker for persistence statistics whilst distilling his atrocities and discreditations down to "papers from this period were criticised because the children were not formally diagnosed using ICD or DSM" is completely sensical
basically synonymous with astroturfing at this point
its probably people >doing it for free
very sad, very bri'ish
I wonder what Joanne has that made her the only person immune to discord tranny brigading and harassment? She literally WON.
stop smearing my hecking conversion therapy advocate "sissy boy syndrome" is real and valid

File: 1704640501369491.jpg (1.12 MB, 1280x800)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG

Mrs New Vegas here, sometimes its rough out there in the wastes alone, but I'll always be here for you, on your radio.
i dont want to set the world on fire
i just want to start
a flame with your farts
marry me
I love you!!! Keep posting!

previously: >>35387433

thread for cis women dating trans women & trans women dating cis women

QOTT: what're your greatest strengths and weaknesses as a partner?

if you don't like c4t/t4c get out!! not every space is made for you!! there are other places you can be!! please respect the purpose of this thread and be nice

Tagmap: https://tagmap.io/tag/c4t
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Can I sniff them and rub my face on them?
Too bad. I think you should stop posting.
impressive. How'd you manage that
I love her so much, I just wish there any time or space for me in her busy life

File: AzulCrescentVoice.jpg (64 KB, 460x690)
64 KB
As always, post a vocaroo of your voices and your letters so dipshits know what you're trying to be/pass as.

I'll start (mtf)

QOTT: How many months HRT are you? If you haven't started, how come?
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Best girl starting off the thread and the day great
Here's me.
Pass for sure
my normal voice, not forcing anything and 0 voice training (mtf) how fucked am i girlies?
You'll be fine after putting some effort into voice training.
With far, far deeper voices have managed to feminize their voices with enough voice training.
That said, the most important thing to remember is that it WILL take time and persistence, you will need to practice and do your voice exercises every day until you develop the muscle memory to just sound like a girl automatically.
Also you will probably sound weird for a while in the middle of this while you're still tweaking your voice. It likely WILL sound fake for a while until you get every element down properly.
theres already a voice thread

File: rich poor.jpg (290 KB, 750x923)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
post what youre wearing today
or just fits you like whatever its your life
a place for everyone from slacks and GYW boots to full rick owens. preferably keep the black hoodie chatter to a minimum but i wont stop you
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>soda tabs
that is so cool i love that sm
embarrassing if youre a coward maybe
i love the straps comin down
also those shoes are brave but i actually like it it works with the bag
ur hair is beautiful btw
wdym by "brave"?
its the choice of color. it sticks out compared to the rest of the outfit. like converse itself works fine with the fit. i think the bag makes it work though, i like

File: GLwzDP1X0AAiA5V.jpg (244 KB, 1178x1178)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
TERF types are currently using the Cass report to argue for all kinds of wacky shit like removing pronouns from e-mai signatures. Here's one using the report to try and ban a pride event because if being trans is a social contagion the only way to prevent it spreading is to prevent trans (or LGB) people being in the public eye.
>"I- am calling for a moratorium on pride,- hope that we can raise the issue UK wide"
>"These events (pride) act as a super spreader event"
>"In light of Cass- a safe guarding investigation must take place to prevent harm to children from the trans movement"
>*tags in Kemi Badenoch
Just how far are they going to go using Cass as a justification?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
the actual content of the cass review doesn't matter at all, what matters is how it is used
See cass will see this and go, oh, who cares, not my problem.
Then she will see some trans people critiquing the report in a mostly valid but with some mild technical inaccuracies about details and she's in every fucking british paper calling trans people anti-scientific.
this was literally the intended purpose of the report, to claim that "the science" agrees with anti-trans campaigners and therefore anyone who opposes them is "anti-science". They had to invert reality because all the available evidence disagrees with them and they know if they didn't cook something up, they would have to fight against the evidence forever, now they don't need to they just say "read Cass" and now it's an argument about how weak the pro-trans evidence is rather than how there is ZERO evidence that agrees with what they want to do.
It's no different than how the government simply declared "Rwanda is safe actually" because they couldn't ignore all the evidence that it isn't, now it is, because they say it is and if you disagree you're against the governments official position
Also you notice how this shit, despite being signed by a bunch of politicians and rowling, has gotten zero media coverage, presumably because "purge the gender ideology from our schools and workplaces" is too much of a mask drop for the "innocent feminists" thing they're still trying to pretend this backlash is.
File: GKyPCIBX0AAbqQy.jpg (317 KB, 1170x1460)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
Give it time anon, the media lags behind the internet by about 3 days (as columnists have to write and get approved). By the end of the week Hadly Freeman and Julie Bindel will have written a few articles with headlines like "Rowling fights back, calls for investigation into how gender care went so wrong". British media has no problem calling for a purge from schools and workplaces.

File: 1364185395485.jpg (3 KB, 200x194)
3 KB
prison gay chaser incel when

File: DFnF-b-XoAAjGlN.jpg (96 KB, 1200x675)
96 KB
Who are more mentally ill: FtM chasers or MtF chasers?
if you're talking about cism chaser only, the ftm one for sure
Could you tell us why?
Her eyes literally fit between his eyes.That's some real dysgenic shit, yo.
Men who chase ftms are just desperate men who like pussy but are too low value to get normal women. Men who chase mtfs are just porn addicted faggots in denial. Neither is truly mentally ill.

File: IMG_0796.jpg (33 KB, 750x521)
33 KB
Having an obscure fetish (braps) is probably one of the most fucking difficult things one can endure. Most people into it are only looking for sex or are transbians. Why are there more gassy trans women and chasers who are into it?
Shit is genuinely torturous.
20 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Were you the one who made a brap thread a few days ago?
You should post your discord when you make threads like this
No that was not me
I wouldn't consider being into braps obscure, yes it's uncommon and a little weird but meh

Does anyone have experience here as black LGBTQIA+ top? Im interested in your experience and what you think of the racial fetishization on this board by white mtfs and how it makes you feel. What are your proposed solutions to combatting racism online?
65 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh yes, I am, I won't say anything here but I'm an open book for later
not her but nigga you don't needa say anything. i saw you post your tag in a diaper thread the other day
Alright you lost me then cya
Thanks anon, you saved me some time
>Thanks anon, you saved me some time
i hate to seem like i'm just spreading misinformation, so here's the receipts >>35458115
I cannot stop laughing imagining moapchan austistically asking for a spade tattoo and being denied lol

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