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>qott: would you eat out a qt on her period

Reminder: This gen is for cis homosexual females (lesbians). All trans-related or bisexual posts are considered off-topic and should be directed to other generals or threads.

Discord: https://pastebin.com/P644WESi (embed)

Previous: >>35398975

Last time on /clg/:
>holding women to steal their body heat
>lesbians would rather fuck buildings than chinese women
>anon is too busy fucking her wife to post, proving that it's better to remain a lescel in order to have more freetime to shitpost with the girls
>horny anon can't stop cooming and it's ruining her life; anal is suggested as a cure
>is waxing patriarchal?
>no but yes

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what a way to get aids/hepatitis
File: 1713274449657053.jpg (197 KB, 1080x1350)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
>take off your clothes, or else
What do?
gf did a thing yesterday that drove me insane (sexually), where does she always find these new techniques that send me to another dimension I stg
She's a 10/10 but she's a t*rk

File: flag-slovakia-XL.jpg (233 KB, 1500x1000)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
>Slovak greeting "ahoy"
>is landlocked
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I am OP ans I posted this I am sorry guys.
File: 1691938193331.png (173 KB, 640x701)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
They still have a bigger naval battle win rate than your country. xd
that can be done on both boards
I'm a Slovakian tranny about to start hrt, anyone wanna be friends?
slovaks are the biggest faggots in europe. They are like czechs but worse in every regard. Literally why would anyone live there volunteraly

File: 1713216368109.jpg (205 KB, 701x869)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Black women and trans women share the pain of almost always dating men who are well below their league
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He's average and the beard and hair are doing a lot of the heavy lifting
wait black men also are considered undesirable so shouldn't it even out?
he 10000% is she's like a model he's like a 6/10 dude
File: low effort.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
You're not wrong, but that 95% is really broken down further between ugly and just plain hideous. Picrel is a quick comparison of 'natural' black women (i.e. no surgical work done).
Of course this isn't to say White women can't be ugly as well; but if you live in a primarily White country, you'll have noticed the percentage of ugly/orcish White woman is noticeably lower than that those of black descent. But as op said: something something Eurocentric Patriarchal beauty standards
Even black men largely find black women to be undesirable. They are undesirable even among undesirables

everyday i wake up repulsed by myself. this happened pre transition too. transitioning didnt change how much i actually loathe my fucking disgusting ugly body. im covered in acne scars all over my back and chest and shoulders and face from cystic acne when i was a teenager. i was as repulsive then as i am now. i will never be loved. i will never be a woman. there is no hope for me. there is only ugliness and death. i dont like anything about myself
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is this you? you already look like a woman.
just get chemical and laser peels. for deep icepick scars, they can take a round skin sample from elsewhere and transplant it. this is literally not a big deal.
how is your rib cage?
you're not fat because of genetics.
well you are, but not your genetics. it's the genetics of your gut biome. fatness appears to be an infection. a woman with a bowel disorder took a regimen of antibiotics and got a fecal transplant from a "healthy" woman. she then ballooned out 50 lbs and nothing would help. I propose a fecal transplant could also thus help a fat person lose weight (with even greater care for antibiotics), but nobody has yet tried this for cosmtic purposes.
personally, I think we should keep cultures of different kinds of shit to allow people to reach their target weights. this tech is too new and crazy. south park even made a spoof on it where everyone was trying to break tom brady's pipes in his house to steal his shit.
File: 1694624275593.jpg (151 KB, 1440x814)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
stop eating so excessively and you will stop being repulsive, piggy
I think this reset my brain

There's nothing straighter than fucking a Trans girl or a twink/femboy into submission
Making a guy moan is pretty gay anon
twinks look like this
samesex interactions are straight for the person who occupies the stereotypical role for their sex
Femenine enough

File: 20240415_083234.jpg (1.37 MB, 4160x3120)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
ar a men's shelter cause the women's shelter was terfy and I've been wearing men's clothes, the staff said
"he thinks he's a girl".
than the girl here said "stop thinking you are lady".
>told her I'm a trans women
fucking Hate cissiods. I look like a boy
have to stay here til I get a sublet or a spot at a women's shelter :/
all these guys rivals now
>I'm wearing men's clothes clothing and what more do these cissies want
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I've been on 4chan sinc3 2006 stfu
I would 100 times over prefer a "hon" than you. At least hons TRY to be feminine.
>go to new hoes if ur under 24
Why this ageism?
She was kicked out for a reason.
i present female I spent 5k on women's clothing.i usually have it good.
I was going to go to Asia before I became homeless
canada is finished now so now I am a month away from a green card
I present male here cause they forced me to

File: zs4ymq4osluc1.jpg (109 KB, 1102x971)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Dear pinkpillers, if my thoughts are impossible for cis people to have, how come when this hit the front page of reddit there were thousands of men posting replies saying "of course" they'd want to turn into a girl.

It seems pretty self evident to me that all guys would rather be a girl, that this is a completely rational and normal thing to want, and that the only reason we don't talk about it all the time is that it's so obviously true that it would be like saying "I wish I had a billion dollars" or something like that, it's meaningless, every guy thinks this way, we just accept that we would be a gross gorillahon and it would destroy our life so we might as well just make peace with this disgusting body and burdensome existence because we can sort of try to become a "handsome man" (as defined by society).

I'm not saying transgenderism isn't real but it's not what you make it out to be.
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very obviously blue
I bet most of those men who wanted to shape shift into women would like for the change to be temporary. Someone thinking it would be fun to have a woman's body every now and then is very different from someone who would use the power exactly once to change into what they would look like if they had been born a girl and then never use it again
The vast majority of men feel nothing but visceral horror at the thought of their penis being removed anon.
I'm a cis man and I can assure you I do not want to be a woman
Yeah. My BF is cis male and mentioned that if he had the ability he'd hot-swap parts just for fun/sex, but he'd never keep them.

File: 1713262338742015.jpg (29 KB, 451x679)
29 KB
Why do cisoid males have this reaction to ftms just existing and then refuse to admit they're seething or having a disproportionate reaction
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Honestly yeah, I'm bi, I like cis women, cis men, and trans women. I legit forget FTMs exist except when I browse /lgbt/
How are you possibly this mad? Is it bitter jealousy or social-media-generated anger?
I've never seen this. I've actually pretty much never encountered anyone who talks about ftms other than one ftm I know. Even the word tranny means mtf and nothing else for most cis people.
I've hardly ever seen a cis man have any sort of reaction to an FtM just existing
if they react at all, they usually treat him like their little bro and immediately become friends
I used to be a part of a dudebro gaming discord that a couple FtMs joined and no one gave a single fuck it was chill
Stolen valor

this is so delusional I can believe an ftm wrote it

File: IMG_4419.jpg (338 KB, 1200x1170)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
Because we suffer endlessly but it gets better
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These last few timelines are complete fucking ropefuel. Holy shit my transition was garbage
Survivorship bias. Do you think I'm gonna save and repost all the bad ones I see? Don't worry, I probably won't pass either, and my hopefuel folder on my computer will turn into my "reasons to kill myself" folder.
hahah i am a cis man, the female pic is the ai
youve got got
I know this thread is dying and I don't care about your timelines but I'm glad you're a more positive person now Julie, whatever you did, I'm happy for you
Just don't start attentionwhoring again k
Bad transitions need representation too

File: Level 5000 chaser.png (2.26 MB, 930x1396)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
When chasers marry, they go on to have the most beautiful sons.

I have been wearing a chastity cage for about a year now. While I have got used to it, it sort of changed how i see sexual pleasure. I was doing fine at first but then i craved sexual pleasure. Eventually I started to think that what if I would shove a dildo in my butthole. i was hesitant at first because I thought it might make me gay but eventually i caved in. It felt so good though...
I started doing that occasionally but then I started having fantasies of being fucked by a man. And then those kind of fantasies eventually have made me want men instead of women in general. I dont really think about attracting women anymore. Like not only wanting a man to fuck me but also pleasing a man and making him feel good. Like when i think about my appearance when I go out I almost instinctually think "what do guys like?" etc. Or when I excercise I do excercises like squatting so that my butt would be round and cute.
have I turned gay?
Also I have been able to rinse the cage quite well when wearing it so I can wear it a long time without removing it.
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aren't cages extremely uncomfortable if you start getting hard
eh they're just in horned up fantasy right now
if they took off the cage they'd stop being gay
>Chasity cage; the prison gay device
Kek, that's a bit of a simplification, eh?
>1 year in chastity
giwtwm, I've done locktober but a full year is madness

Not really if you get one that fits well
Lockboter sounds hot. Even better if you aim to play with your ass every day, extra poits if you even just aim for ilking your prostate when you could have a full blown orgasm, it's like an erotic training camp. If I had a proper high quality cage, I'd be willing to give it a shot even. Then do NNN afterwards.

How was it for you?

Which one of you was this?
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This is every fag on grindr
More bottoms than tops mean that tops won’t commit if there are whores who want give free bussy at the drop of a hat. Sexual marketplace economics
Sounds like a "you" problem.
Sounds like a whore problem. Whore.
Only for big dicks, so don't worry you can have the other guys lol

so i met a genuine freak off of this board and i have never ever felt ashamed about being trans. being nonpassing? sure/ not biologically female? sure. but just trans. im just cis. i dont care any more. all of you are disgusting lecherous male losers i hate it. you writhe around in it like animals. you're just as bad as redditors if not worse.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
we are not all like that
It's your fault for purposefully consorting with negative people. Looking to meet people from 4chan isn't going to do you any favors in that regard. There are few genuinely happy people here, and when they are they tend to be the in-their-own-world types who are able to blissfully ignore reality.
I'm just gonna say this bluntly.
Anyone on this site who wants to communicate with people they post with on here IRL is gonna be an omega-level shit heap and likely a massive degenerate no matter what board they're from.

The main reason that, with some very rare exceptions, people who find friends through a fucking anonymous message board are massive fucking losers who are so repulsive they are unable to find anyone to talk to through any other avenue.

TLDR: Never meet anyone through fucking 4chan, it's a terrible idea, there is a 40 percent chance they're a psychopath and a 100 percent chance they're a generally disgusting person.
i am a cis woman with female hormone washes and male genitals. i was raised male but i transitioned to be a woman. this isnt a troll im sick of being trans. i am infinitely confident in my own gender identity when i see people like the ones on this board and their stupid incel lexicon
we're reaching copium levels that shouldn't even be possible

File: 1712507841945878.png (592 KB, 785x1024)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
is osrs a tranner game? do other tranners play it?
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I wanna become an awesome lunar spellbook pvper one day..
maybe i should just post in the thread instead then
i wanna chat ingame to not alttab out i guess
If only it was good in pvp and sbs wasnt just for utility..
It's an mmo, you meet a lot of people if you just play the game and participate in the community at all. Not rly an "agp" game, a lot of ppl just try it out cuz they played as kids, it's not like a super male dominated game or whatever. But also kinda obviously trans ppl would gravitate towards places that aren't transphobic and meet each other.

File: IMG_4152.jpg (157 KB, 1038x778)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
What gay books are worth reading?
File: homocore.jpg (1.58 MB, 2900x3700)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Does anyone have a list of gay /co/ stuff , preferably comics?

through the valley of the nest of spiders

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