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particularly a fan of coming of age type stuff but i'm down for anything
i've seen simon, get real, 3 months, brokeback
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File: file.png (364 KB, 353x471)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
it's really good, trust me!
just realised someone mentioned it before already
the batman
The latest Hellraiser has two faggots in it and a tranny. It did piss off those more conservatively inclined, but the novel its based on (along with its author) is gay as fuck.
Creep (2014)

File: 11-UuZrQusYx7XCM.png (369 KB, 1128x1600)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
why do girls want you to hold them down? imagining feeling trapped like that only makes me feel pissed off, so why is it that girls want it?
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I'm a man and I want a woman to do this to me.
Nope, not into it. Pain dampens my arousal very quickly.
I do need to experiment more though, because I don't know much about the fear that excites me. Some acts are hard-no. Like blocking my nose and mouth, mortal fear, I'll fight instantly. Choking can cause mortal fear in some scenarios ... but other times the hands on my neck excite me to the brink of whimpering
am hole
because being pinned down is awesome it means she really wants me and wont let me go

she cant be forceful because im really fragile but when i feel her soft chest pressing down against me.... i just melt apart all of my dreams come true

my fiancee is the most perfect heavenly girl in the world

ill be so happy when im not sick anymore and we can makeout all day again


based transbian

File: wp8100406.jpg (695 KB, 3292x2400)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
only post here if you've never had sex. maybe talk about why.
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>mods warning me for calling someone a faggot
this board is absolutely cooked
u need to be studied, ur real interesting
do I count as a virgin when none of the people I've slept with have made me cum?
i got banned for posting this image once

So my professor called humiliated me in the middle of fucking class with subtlety or taste whatsoever cos I was wearing hairclips. For the first time my boymoder ass feels confident enough to try wearing clips and feeljng confident in my looks Im instantaneously shot down as if Im on and FBI watchlist.

Damn this bullshit. Is it really over for me?
what'd they do OP?
Gave a whole ass lecture about how Im bringing shame to the school's legacy and shit and how its improper uniform so on so forth. And she has the audacity to say "But we don't discriminate people who want to express themselves..." after she finished yapping
>with hairclips
>in a school with strict uniform rules
you gay retards are a lost cause
are you that korean
sorry anon soem people will be cool with it in highschool some of the girls liked it when i started hairclip boymoding

Honestly at this point I'm fine with anything as long as it doesn't mock trans people or smth
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we dont deserve you
So if I sometimes feel a strong urge to seek out and read/watch media that has trans women lead character or like gender bender plot elements could that be a sign that I might be trans? (for instance I've read or watched a lot of the anime and mange people have talked about here)
>as it doesn't mock trans people
Sorry but to the Japanese trannies are just jokes (as they should be for every nation). Also traps aren't trannies
Idk go to a psychologist
Reading manga doesn't necessarily make you trans

File: over.jpg (958 KB, 1179x1818)
958 KB
958 KB JPG
every girlmoders worst nightmare
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they arent triggered, its always been socially acceptable to bully the inferior, if people did what you said it wouldnt make anyone feel owned, they'd just laugh at you harder and everyone else will laugh with them
>tfw they victim blame you
>they preemptively claim victimhood like your existence is the problem, not them having the audacity to start a confrontation over what amounts to none of their business
Nah, a beautiful 6 3 guy who makes 6 mil a year and is ripped with a smoking trophy wife would still get harassed or even attacked in many places in the US if he wore a dress and make up outside.

Why are cis women so transphobic against our immense beauty, grace, and girldicks, fellow trans lesbian sisters?

Because men who try to be women are freaks

File: body torso.jpg (390 KB, 1576x2100)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Hi everyone. Recently I've been feeling that due to the proportions of my body, especially my wide shoulders, narrow hips and short legs, it is unfeasible for me to continue HRT. I've been on HRT for 6 months, I'm 24 now with 5'10 height, I have an okay face and voice but I feel like with a body like this I can never be attractive, let alone passing. Please be honest, am I condemned to loneliness? I sadly only like guys, who I think have even more strict standards of female attractiveness. I would really want to hear that my body could be okay, but please don't deceive me into momentary happiness. :(
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I also did get therapy. But as you know therapists are very affirming of any transness this is why I also go to 4chan to get more honest responses. So thank u for ur response
Here’s some hopefuel I guess
File: rip.jpg (32 KB, 500x500)
32 KB
I'm only trying to be real with you and saying things as I see and read it, but yeah therapist wont invalidate you that's not what they're paid to do
To be fair here is probably also the wrong place for that as a lot of people just convince everyone to trans even if they aren't fit for it, another board could've been better lmao
Therapy is a scam, good on you for leaving that unhealthy lieing bullshit behind.

File: 2nd class citizen.jpg (125 KB, 900x900)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
what do i do
i'm a year on hrt and it just kinda sucks
i was fucked up by male puberty and started balding at 16 lmao
i still have male fat even though i'm normal weight (huge stomach), 0 tits, maybe my ass has gotten a bit rounder but it still looks terrible because my skin is uneven and filled with acne and other skin conditions and stupid shit
hairy af, norwood 2 or maybe 3 hairline, beard i'll have to laser

hrt did nothing rlly, i gotta weight cycle and i'm losing weight rn but i also gotta gain weight to get tits or something
i'm taking minoxidil and finasteride and roaccutane and so much shit and it's just
so much dude, i'm so busted

i feel like giving up but i also know that i do look sorta better than when i did 2 years ago and i'm never going off hrt but i'll probably never present as a woman. anyone else feel this?
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>i'm taking minoxidil and finasteride and roaccutane and so much shit and it's just
>so much dude, i'm so busted
>anyone else feel this?
yeah, but i have 10 years on you and only started hrt this year, been on the hair meds for the last year as well, been coping by telling myself all i can do is keep taking this drug cocktail and hoping i'll look like something resembling a human someday and can live alongside everyone else, if i'm still fucked by the end of the year i'm probably checking out, need some kind of win, literally anything to keep me going, life as a fucking ghoul ain't worth it
i hope i make it to 29, i'm giving myself 10 years
if i fail, i guess i'm checking out, too
hrt boy mode until you can get money to fix the hair line. Once thats fixed you can use foundation to dealw ith beard shadow until you can get lazer
File: 1713708364337.jpg (171 KB, 652x1024)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
i'm thinking of it, gonna bring it up to my endo next time i see her

Browsing this board is making me have an identity crisis.
I'm a cis male chaser who has been dating a straight mtf for several years.
We normally have non-penetrative sex, but sometimes she tops me and I feel most content in that role.
It's just comfy to be submissive and I hate forcing myself to be the "man" in the bedroom.

Outside of sex I am generally happy with being a man, and have never had any interest in crossdressing or anything.
However, when it comes to sex I find myself repulsed by my own male body.
I resent being covered in body hair head to toe and having an unfuckable male ass especially when I'm most happy in that sub/bottom role.

Browsing this board, I get jealous looking at all the cute t4t relationships and imagining how it'd make me more comfortable to express myself sexually as a woman.
Problem is, I really don't want to transition because it would fuck my life up and I wouldn't gain anything outside of being more comfy during sex.
My gf has however told me offhand that she would stay with me if I ever trooned out.

Can I fix how I feel without trooning? Am I just a retarded AGP repper? Fml
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I agree regarding >>35475550
While I cannot imagine anyone entertaining the thought of transforming every aspect of their life just for the coooom, I've had irl encounters with AGPs. It happens. And somehow they're always somehow better off even if the original motivation was cooming. Perplexing
textbook AGAMP, not AGP
Is there even a meaningful difference between the two?
Depends on how deeply repressed you are
Must have a pretty fucked up starting point
transition if you have any chance of passing

shave your body immediately

maybe explore some

File: 20220319_234840.jpg (65 KB, 640x465)
65 KB
>trans girl I've been flirting with sends some selfies
>She looks just like if my little sister had different colored hair
What the fuck man
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do it or no balls faggot
and not because
ngmi sorry
don't worry about it. dontcha know, all girls look the same.
have sex with your tranny pseudosister
File: freud.jpg (141 KB, 800x1088)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
how does he do it bros

File: maam.jpg (42 KB, 747x420)
42 KB
What is the social impact of hons being in the spotlight and shifting the public's view of trans women? Do hon times make transmed women?
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File: TOTALWOMANVICTORY.gif (1.17 MB, 600x438)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
the chaserchads will do that for me cuz they're big and strong and protect me from evil rapist creatures like u
i'm not saying they're stupid but they're definitely more carefree and less likely to self-reflect too much about this stuff idk just look at theyfabs and pooners who are basically actively demanding society to cater to them and use their pronouns without putting any effort in their transition
trying too hard
imagine having to try lmao
reminder than "fembrained" is prime honcope

File: 1690817431911.jpg (19 KB, 461x505)
19 KB
>you have to make a genuine straight male with no experience other than dick rubbing cum in under one hour without touching his penis
>else your family dies
how do you proceed?
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incredibly high amounts of GHB until they HFO from glutamate overload
that sounds like it would just kill him desu
Is it only blood family or are step parents included too? I like my step mom…

People dont cum on meth. Its why Party n Play is so popular. Sex lasts 4+ hours
>that sounds like it would just kill him desu
a truly mind blowing orgasm
>People dont cum on meth.

I can 100% cum on meth.

File: tif5ywvzm8x61[1].png (160 KB, 658x716)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
>hides behind the respectable veneer of bisexuality
>"tee-hee gay" jokes
>bias occasionally clouds reportage
>makes four hour video complaining someone copied his homework
Why don't we give this guy as much shit as we do some other people?
Is it cos he looks like a boiled egg that just woke up, so there's not much we can do that God hasn't already done?
86 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>when they're in fact just killing their own self to become what the rest find conventional.

so did your discord channel lose some members or what
>oops ive been called out uhhhh youre a hon!
How long until his egg cracks? I can see him crumbling already, his facade torn awaY by the storm that comes
he would look so good w hair still :(

File: GLT6qNJXUAAuIvz.jpg (354 KB, 1164x1502)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
it's over.
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Shes thé cutest female there, she seems so happy.
I bet she doesn't smile because she gets Dylan Mulvaney face. Dylan actually kind of passes when she didn't smiling with her gigantic mouth, many such cases
*living the dream
No, many girls from the south would like to have your proportions, plus you have big and pretty eyes
She's 16. It's over for her. Sweet 16 shouldn't look like lia Thomas.

File: IMG_8460.jpg (164 KB, 982x1284)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Post yourself and rate others
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wait but you aren't asian so I doubt they hold you to the same standard. I just like to imagine because i'm white they don't know how tall I should be in japan so they just give me the benefit of the doubt
Why does god give us this height when he could give it to the incels that desperately desire it
idk raceblindness is real. when i was manmoding with my dad in jordan ppl constantly asked me if i was a boy or a girl, stopped me from going into the mens toilet, and told me to put on a hijab when entering places. but in australia i get consistently 100% gendered male. idk. why does god hate me so much
because god hates us. god made me a man and its my punishment for going against his will that i will be a grotesque deformed hon. we may plan, but indeed god is the best of planners.
Yeah, the height is definitely clocky. Your face looks cute and feminine in that photo. And your aa is obviously clocky
welcome to bump limit world, passgen. i hope this webm animates right

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