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Why are bottoms always either extremely high IQ or extremely low IQ with no in between?
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File: 1537509450814.jpg (140 KB, 640x417)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Real. My job, I have to be in control all the times and always thinking and it just gets tiring. Although I've had submissive fantasies my whole life, even as a kid I used to think about being chased and tied up and it was super enjoyable, pre-masturbation or any kind of sexuality. IDK what's wrong with me, I'm just genetically coded to be a bitch I guess.
Smart or no they are all incredibly fucking annoying and self absorbed. A bottom could reflect on themselves if you literally turned them inside out like they ask.
couldn't ^
I’m a bottom and I can’t stand having a boyfriend that isn’t as smart as me
Comorbidity. If there's already one outlier trait, then the chance of having another one or more outliers is higher.

File: Fqvmx4MaYAAp_iM.jpg (208 KB, 1857x2119)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
>Be me
>Autistic tranny
>Realize that the way I verbally stim is by making puppy girl noises
>That I even do it alone
kms why did you guys do this to me?
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File: 1517797543001.jpg (138 KB, 1247x810)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Sorry, i only fist real grillz, get dunked on dummy
butta dawg
dawg widda butta
Speaking as someone in the furry fandom since the 2000's you retards need to stop meowing and barking and grow the fuck up. It has always been cringe infantilism.
Oh, so *this* is verbal stimming.
> How did I not know this...

File: narcissy.png (62 KB, 205x244)
62 KB
Help me understand.
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whats the difference?
File: amity2.jpg (129 KB, 736x849)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
im just a little quirky. reality can be whatever i want ^_^
bipolar isnt so bad. Sodium valproate and lithium arent terrible drugs and you feel very ordinary when taling them. Honestly the worst bits of bipolar are the bits where you arent medicated and treated. So glad I have this and not BPD where you have to keep a super close eye on your life and relationships until you die
They would literally rather cut their balls off than grow up.
bpd is a largely a pooner disorder

File: 1000007579.jpg (342 KB, 1181x1280)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
I hear transitioning makes trans girls gassy, is that true? If so how gassy are you fembots?
its true but you already knew that. i swear i used to never brap and now i do like a few times a day. but, i dont really care anymore.
would you do it around a guy you're dating?
uhh, no.
File: courtneyindifference.jpg (115 KB, 831x831)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
yeah, i have a hard time holding it in now. if i gotta brap it happens.

i spent my whole life getting mocked, bullied, and abused by other girls. two of the three lesbians ive dated cheated on me, and the third spread nasty rumors which ended with me getting institutionalized
i'm not sure i can trust another female again. will trans girls be kinder to me?
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ldr aren't real relationships. Cheating doesn't apply
It always feels amazing to be treated as a distant second best. Like when someone only wants to date you because the real version of what you are completely ruined their life. That's incredibly attractive and makes me feel so excited to date someone when they view me as a safe alternative to what they really want
Cuck detected
did you ever consider lesbians might be bad partners?

File: IMG_0485.jpg (59 KB, 1080x1080)
59 KB
I'm Chinese. Is anyone willing to give me 50sudt? I can videoshoot with you. I'm wandering outside and can't find a job now. It costs 350 yuan.
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I haven't eaten for two days.
dafug is a sudt?
I don't know dafug.
drop the weixin or gtfo
What are you even offering to do?

File: 2cwbkl.jpg (387 KB, 958x716)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
>prefer estrogen
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you realize people can be attractive and still have other issues, right anon? i’m a tranny for starters
>i don’t need validation from anyone, multiple people have already confirmed that i’m hot irl so idc if you don’t believe me
If you really believed you were hot irl you wouldn't be constantly reaffirming to yourself how hot you are.
Because it's obviously not directed at me or anyone else since no-one here cares how hot you are, so who else could it be directed at besides...? Yourself.
i don’t know why this is getting to you so bad. the only reason i mentioned being attractive is because someone replied assuming i was just an ugly woman with short hair, which is clearly untrue as i got constantly complimented while gendered male. it was merely a correction, and i have nothing to gain from my beauty, i’m still very antisocial as is

i am sorry you’re insecure, but you don’t have to prevent other people from having confidence like a vindictive bitter cunt
Anon you literally say how little you need others validation in the same breath as saying that the only reason you 'know' that you're hot is that others have said so, and then in the next post continue to ramble about how you get 'constantly complimented'
If you don't see the irony in that then maybe the boomerhons talking about estrogen making them dumber were right.
you’re deliberately quoting me out of context, and i’m not “rambling” because you specifically asked who i was replying to in the first place. i obviously meant i don’t need the approval of random anons on the internet, i have enough of it in my personal life already :)

what are the pooner versions of agp, rape hons and hsts? I really don't know
aren't hsts just homophobic flamers?
so aren't HSTS pooners just self hating butch lesbians?

File: triumphofaheart15.jpg (101 KB, 640x360)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Why are British people so funny, every time one of their "gender critcials" opens their mouth it's some shit like "A BIT OF LIPPY AND A DRESS DON'T MAKE A BLOKE IN A WIG INTO A LASS NOW INNIT?" how am I supposed to take this breed of transphobia seriously? they speak like whimsical fantasy dwarves, but they are so, so hateful.
Why is Trans Derangement Syndrome so big in the UK? is it because of Rowling? do brits value the opinion of a children's book author that much?.
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>and since then we've improved our culture.
yes now the blacks are merely the de facto slave class wheeeeeee
oh and 1% of them get elevated to power to try to prove that's not the case lol
We still have problems but we admit that and try working on them, racial equality is better than it was 10 years ago and 10 years ago was better than 20 years ago, ect. We are constantly trying to make our country better for Americans. The British prefer to ignore their problems and pretend they don't exist.
holy based an anglo hate thread
>t. chinese-irish-american tranny

its funny how true this is. literally pink floyd is just about how being fagged and abused is normal in england

white genocide schizo probably, like trannies would have children anyways kek

or heckin based minorities like sunak

the uk is now banning ciggies, HRT, and Starmer is wanting to institute a woke police state its literally over
>banning ciggies, HRT,

They should ban misery
>literally no foresight
anon tds is a recent event laws take time to change and they actively are and show clear political direction toward more anti-trans laws

fuck off and kys troll jfc you guys are ENDLESS

nvm ur just a literal dumbass

File: 0414148101815419.jpg (257 KB, 940x529)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
straight trans woman general

a thread for humans assigned male at birth, with a female gender identity, who are only attracted to men
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It seems pretty obvious that if 30 years ago trannies were completely reviled, mostly unknown and ugly and now trannies are well known and pretty that the men they attract would change too.
The chasers who grew up then are very much still around, 4chan just has a trap culture so it happened earlier here
This chaser has a gay scene being fisted
I never said they aren't I said that people still think that chasers are bad because of how chasers largely used to be.

Are MtF who hate chasers mostly transbians? At least on Reddit and other places were you can see someones post history there is a pattern. The ones hating on chasers are exclusively transbians and never HSTS.

Is this accurate?
53 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah I think so, most chasers are fat and gross like in that pic.
Hard to say, I'm straight MtF and at least currently I can't really imagine myself being in a relationship with anyone other than a cis man (I mean, MAYBE an FtM guy would be alright, but personally I would strongly prefer a cis guy).

As such I only hate chasers who only want sex or don't want to be seen with me in public, like, if you're a cis man who's happy to be my real, public boyfriend and potentially husband further down the line I don't give a single fuck if you're a chaser or not.

But if you just want a closet fuckbuddy I hate you and whether you're a chaser or not.
Yes girl we can tell
Yeah basically
You realise when you meet MtFs irl that none of them are like this and that it's just the permanently online weirdos who post that shit
I think the meme about chasers actually wanting to suck dick/get fucked in the ass or being trannies in denial is just transbian psyops
File: pain666.jpg (29 KB, 423x487)
29 KB
I understand, are you trying tho?

I made this thread so that chasers can appreciate tranners here. I want to dispel that chasers are bad people that are only out for one thing. I want to proudly date a trans woman and dub her my princess queen. I will protec her and make her waffles.
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
troon here
I'm gonna say that I think chasers actually aren't that bad, its that channer chasers are bad lol
I would be happy getting a post-op trans girl. Just gotta have been a good SRS
Silly bitch sucks
Sorry :(
File: 1707359054086507.gif (3.29 MB, 498x280)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB GIF

File: GLt3iplW0AAbQ6X.jpg (288 KB, 1280x1600)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
What's it's like shopping for clothes as a fat tranny
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I don't get it
why is she a liopleurodon?
I wear petite XL, so wherever big booty Latinas shop I know I’ll find a good fit.
Beetle Moses made this comic and he has autism for dinosaurs and animals and stuff
i wear size s so idk lose weight
Lol. You don't. I have a few 6XL dresses I ordered online. They don't make bras for my bandsize. The only silver lining is that most panties fit just fine.

I'm losing weight and learning to sew.

File: Bukowski6.jpg (42 KB, 418x319)
42 KB
>Reject/ghost sweet guys that take interest in me
>Still have strong sexual feelings for a different guy who is hateful and nasty because he doesn't want my ugly twinkhon ass and he acts and looks exactly like my father
How do I cure daddy issues forever? I am so disgusted and ashamed that I am this way I never want to think about this guy again. The most insane part is if he actually wanted to fuck me I'd stop being attracted to me because then he'd treat me nice and stop being like my dad
It's a typo you semanticnigger I meant to say him but I'm fucked up and can only think about how he isn't attracted to me so I wrote me
File: IMG_8745.png (74 KB, 946x910)
74 KB
It's a fucking question cunt it's not blogposting how do I cure this shit? If you don't have any insight fuck off
File: IMG_9433.jpg (24 KB, 480x477)
24 KB

File: IMG_7120.jpg (533 KB, 1116x905)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
>remembering how 19 year old me (2 year hrt at that point) was at a residential care facility for a month after trying to rope lol
> i got glared at by the other troons there
> i became friends with an ftm passoid there
> i got asked how i masturbate by a therapist there and if i feel guilty if i masturbate the “guy way”
> she then asked me if i did “other ways”
> i got repeatedly misgendered and treated shittily by staff
> there was a gigahon. like actual gigahon. skirt, beard shadow, badly balding, tall, obese, disgusting
> a gay guy in his mid 40’s said i was a “beautiful girl”
> there was also a femboy in my therapy group
Was there a point to this poorly-written ramble?
i think they just started munching on their pills for the day so it's gonna be a little off
When I was inpatient I befriended a pre everything babytrans. I think she's doing okay rn. Everyone was cool about me except the lunch people who always deadnamed me.

One of the check up people walked in on me changing even tho I yelled "I'm changing" all he saw was thigh tho

My boobs were a weirdly common topic of conversation

I got called racist by an Asian girl because I said "kobe" before throwing out trash

It was a weird time

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