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You can say that for a guy named Steinbrenner, but Jerry Reinsdorf is indeed the second jewiest jew in the industry behind John Fisher
Normally the fans are the ones to throw logic out the window and demand their favorite team be given whatever they want in public funding. But when Jerry asked for 2 billion for a new stadium, Sox fans were the ones demanding he not be given a penny.
This could legitimately be the worst team in baseball history. They're on pace to shatter the record for being shutout, which was set in the early 1900's.
>The farm is TERRIBLE
Jerry famously thinks prospects are bullshit and forces them to spend their international money on guys in their 20's. And their first round picks get called up after 30 games cause the minors are a waste of his money.

File: pepe craiyon.png (628 KB, 848x851)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
My favourite sport to play is badminton.

File: Salisbury-Baseball.jpg (70 KB, 624x411)
70 KB
I think baseball has the most interesting history of any modern sport.

What other sports do you think have an interesting history?
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by far one of the fakest faggots in sports history
ty cobb stories are on the level of wilt chamberlain stories. all a fucking myth
His mom killed his dad iirc
Negro league is rad history, a lot of great talent.
File: rs=w_2400,h_2400.jpg (499 KB, 1170x1763)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
An horse
for me, it's fappiano

File: file.png (659 KB, 789x1024)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
>bruins are going to lose to florida
>celtics are going to get swept by either the bucks or the nuggies
>red sox wont make the playoffs
>patriots might go 0-16
will >we ever be back on top?
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File: the bongs are coming.jpg (58 KB, 1000x664)
58 KB
The old North Church. "1 if by land, 2 if by sea" ring a bell?
Celtics and Bruins will win the championship.

Red Sox and Pats are in rebuild mode.

We are coming back bro. #BostonStrong
Sure but I meant which team it represents if all the others are there. I guess it'd be the Revolution but that's not their colors.
Vgh going to college in Boston in the 2010s was amazing
Miss it
Bring up bad memories, royalist scum?

File: pn2y0yhn0dya1.jpg (99 KB, 1107x750)
99 KB
/hoc/ - oiley boys edition
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>aww they score
subtle there espn
I’m not sorry, “Your Love” is incredibly overplayed.
You know what isn’t? This. One of the beat songs of the ‘70s. That guitar solo and bouncing off the bass is clean.
Begin the sweep!
Won our division and won our first two..... last I Checked Idaho was tied 5 all in game 1 fighting for the right to be served up to KC.
>He doesn't know I'm a point per game player in div 13 mens rec

File: IMG_6128.jpg (494 KB, 1619x1080)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
>only lost one game in Serie A, a much tougher league than Bundesliga

He’s clear of that fraud Xabi
>loses to patetico
>which lost to cuckmund

imagine what rape sphincter would have received from cuckmund
>lost infinitely as many games as xabi alonso
The atletico games really exposed them
Why does everyone on this board constantly use this word for describe literally everyone? It just gets boring after a while.
Not his fault Lautaro is this decades version of Higuain

Denver up 1-0
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The fuck is going on with Murray? He keeps trying for bad shots
I always felt a kid should be at games and his job is to hit players who do lame stuff in any sport in the shin with a pipe wrench. It's not to much damage, everyone gets a laugh, it stops fag shit, and it would bring new fans to the sport.
I love average women so much

File: schmeichlel.png (1.38 MB, 1252x1235)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
>Has it ever been home?
>Have you ever actually won it?
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>chats shit
>gets banged
He should have known better than anyone else.
>diving vs little denmark
Denmark deserve no sympathy. They're such a scummy nation that they literally forced the rules of football to be changed.
I feel it in my scottish cuckold blood
File: 3074.jpg (28 KB, 960x576)
28 KB
They fucked up when they phased Big Ben out, he's like TAA without the awful defending and can do through passes with great link up play aside from being a one trick cross spamming pony, can also fill in at CB

File: IMG_6122.jpg (178 KB, 941x940)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
>taunting a championship side that just played you off the park

They really are the most unlikable club with the most unlikable players
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>unitard pretends to be a mugbro to make us look retarded
nice try bro
>muh whataboutism!!!
go back
File: Profile_-_Abu.png (1.23 MB, 953x953)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
>united's brightest young talent in years revealed to be violent rapist
>united's fans force club to drop him and refuse to let them bring him back
>arsenal starter revealed to be violent rapist
>arsenal fans cheer him on every game and sperg if anyone mentions it
>united bad arsenal good
KWABitch: the player

He'd be on the verge of crying had that Coventry goal stood or sims didn't hit the bar

is Haaland still living in RudeNigger's pocket?
haven't heard of him in so long
based, I love this guy
All City's fixtures until the end of the seasons are against shitters, your Burnleys, your Lutons. He's going to be feasting.
so it happened AGAIN
we can blame the i don't have energy to go on sorry /sp/
He doesn't offer much except a speedy big lump to aim for, he's lucky to be surrounded by a super team but their tactics don't really suit him, managers of decent teams are too aware of the de brown haaland combo so understandable pep likes to play patient, I wish Norway had notable players aside from him and odegaard cause that combo surrounded by the right players like a solid DM would be pretty exciting to watch

File: Embiid_playoffs.jpg (222 KB, 1284x1588)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
This is your MVP?
It was only close because Brunson is shit
Embitch was never good

File: nba-referee.jpg (180 KB, 1200x800)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
We won.
They were calling it for the Sixers the whole game what the fuck did you watch? Only reason it was close is because Brunson is absolute AIDS

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And the 15th
Perfect anglobohomo product, he has a better spotlight than the others lions and performs better in his statpad club
We firsties, don't rate thirdies that much
That's racist
I'd like to see him play like this consistently for a few more seasons, /sp/ is too quick to say these young niggas are as good as de bruyne or prime Luis suarez

File: file.png (139 KB, 322x417)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
why is the guy who mows my lawn on a poster
Im more of a home depot man
>they don't save big money
i am afraid you cannot make it
How much money does he need? Does his family owe money to the cartels?

File: cst.brightspotcdn.jpg (275 KB, 1461x834)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
>the Bears DESPERATELY need a new stadium
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MLSE would fight tooth and nail to keep the NFL out of Toronto, since they themselves can't own a team

unfortunately our only options are to bandwagon the Lions or Bills
>since they themselves can't own a team
why not?
It's too cold for gayleb
Not just in America. Europe is also full of neoclassical architecture. The Roman and Greek styles were popular for public buildings from the Georgian period until some point in the past 50 years. Then we decided to make every government building a concrete cube for some reason.
looks nice but I'm sure it was a god awful experience on game days. i went to one the recent rose bowls and it's a pretty stadium on TV. in person, its absolutely the worst, asinine, god awful, retarded layout and gameday experience in the history of architecture

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