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File: 108th Indy 500.png (95 KB, 600x600)
95 KB
>Saturday, May 25
since 2:00 AM: Super Taikyu, Rd 2/7, 'Fuji Super Tec 24H', Fuji Speedway, Oyama, Japan
9:00 AM: MotoGP, Rd 6-S/21, 'Gran Premi de Catalunya (Sprint Race)', Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmeló, Spain
1:00 PM: NASCAR Xfinity, Rd 12/33, 'BetMGM 300', Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, North Carolina, USA
1:10 PM: Trans Am TA2, Rd 5/13, 'Memorial Day Classic', Lime Rock Park, Lakeville, Connecticut, USA

>Sunday, May 26
3:00 AM: Formula E, Rd 12/16, 'Shanghai E-Prix #2', Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai, China
8:00 AM: MotoGP, Rd 6/21, 'Gran Premi de Catalunya', Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmeló, Spain
9:00 AM: Formula 1, Rd 8/24, 'Monaco Grand Prix', Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco
12:00 PM: IndyCar, Rd 5/17, '108th Running of the Indianapolis 500', Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Speedway, Indiana, USA
6:00 PM: NASCAR Cup, Rd 14/36, 'Coca-Cola 600', Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, North Carolina, USA

>Monday, May 27
1:15 PM: Trans Am TA/XGT/SGT/GT, Rd 4/12, 'Memorial Day Classic', Lime Rock Park, Lakeville, Connecticut, USA

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Got some snacks tomorrow... shelled out for a six pack o Cherry Coke Zero bottles. Also got some cheap Kroger brand chips. Two frozen burritos and a can of Java Monster for the pre-race (I'm west coast). Have a frozen pizza for the Coke 600 later. Also a snickers bar
That’s good variety, going to have to add in some candy myself.
File: 1622397423354.png (91 KB, 311x281)
91 KB
My mom sent me some mail order cupcakes and brownies for my birthday, but I ate them all already...
Such is life, snacks don’t last around me because I keep going back.
Feel like if he actually won then nascar and the broadcasters would have no problem waiting a bit

File: ok.gif (2.19 MB, 640x460)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB GIF
>I'm not black I'm OJ
Was he a cold-blooded psycho killer? He's so charming.
aren't handegg players all effectively psychopaths because they end up fucked in the head?
I don't know, I think Will Smith told me but with an ugandan knuckles' accent.
gonna miss him
CTE impairs emotional regulation but doesn’t make you a psycho. OJ was a straight psychopath from birth, and that’s why he was able to succeed in a white man’s world.

File: puteKWAB.png (757 KB, 1275x686)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
Women's football discussion/coomposting

Previous thread:
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File: 20240525_190002.jpg (451 KB, 1080x1350)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
why are women so much better than men?
File: riggi.jpg (114 KB, 494x752)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
General Lyon and Barcelona fatigue?
Yeah its great to watch the two best teams play, that's what you'd want all the time, but it loses some luster when its the same two teams winning every time.

Men's has been barely more diverse, but incoming lol Real Madrid wins again. Though would be hilarious to see the butthurt if mid-table Dortmund won.
File: GOcjO3nWUAANP6e.jpg (282 KB, 1648x1099)
282 KB
282 KB JPG

File: Estadio-Antonio-Aranda.jpg (167 KB, 1600x719)
167 KB
167 KB JPG



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File: 9qpAbdL.jpg (94 KB, 960x1200)
94 KB
Cavani was ahead of the ball
but I think the new offisde rule wont change that anyway
this literal semen demon was the only cute one in the last BB.
empanada are just pastie's you didn't create them you stole them off anglo's like most of your culture
ala watching soccer matches
>El línea es un ñoqui. Cobra un sueldo para estar cagándose de frío con una banderita

File: Boston_Celtics.svg.png (171 KB, 640x711)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
>makes you seethe uncontrollably
I'm not seething at them. I just haven't seen another ring from them since 2008.

File: GOU0WgOW8AA9Iqz.jpg (174 KB, 839x1443)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>Ruins Portugal's euro chances to statpad
Bruno, Bernardo and Leão deserve better
The rat doesn't deserve any better lol
Leao - Bruno - Bernardo
Vitinha - Palhinha
Mendes - Ruben - Antonio - Cancelo
D. Costa

This wins the Euro

File: IMG_7015.png (1 MB, 1058x1142)
1 MB
Is there a *zesty nigga* problem in the NBA?
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All those dubdubs do is expose you as a zesty black boy lol
Kek what a faggot. B ball is gay y
You're defending a closet homosexual. Y I u should be ousted by both clowns and straight people.
File: IMG_7067.jpg (571 KB, 1333x2000)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
Dwayne Wade is TOO ZESTY. Look @ that top and manicure, bros.
Michael Jackson would be considered normal these days

File: womens_us_open.jpg (391 KB, 2000x1340)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
GolfBros, remember when she was going to be the "Female Tiger Woods"? She was going to be the greatest female golfer of all time/

What fucking happened...
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Nelly Korda shidded and fardid on her
She just needs more time.
>married to jerry west's son
Jin young ko
Lilia vu
Nelly korda
Bailey tardy
Lydia ko
Rose Zhang
Charlie Hall
Nasa hataoka
bro, let me tell you, they are all the same.

File: GOcOHzaXgAEFuSZ.jpg (367 KB, 1282x1603)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
It was a different time
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man u is apparently fucking shit, lot of players speaking out at the facilities. The name hard carries the brand
Kek I saw it too, the cameraman cut it to Pep as soon as Rodri shot it. Modern stats-obsessed football is fucking crap.
File: Sancho cheek.webm (2.34 MB, 1080x1920)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB WEBM
it's because he bothered to do the bare minimum to fit in
learned the basics of german, made friends in the team, showed some effort when the team was in a bad spot
it's easy
Reinier had the same chances as him and instead chose to cry into his (club financed) portugese translator. same story as Immobile, tho he real qualms about the food
>getting physically bantered like that on live television
How do you respond without sounding mad?
File: dexterdunno.png (427 KB, 571x540)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
Say what you will about Dortmund being weakmind and chokeartists, they seem to have high moral and camaraderie amongst themselves like they actually enjoy being there and playing with each other, which is surprising considering they do it while living in Germany's equivalent of Pittsburgh.


File: FeelsManuMan.jpg (11 KB, 212x238)
11 KB
You all doubted >us
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have faith brother... we have some soft protection from the football gods it seems
File: dsl.png (1.28 MB, 838x874)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
The duality of Aquafresh
File: Scholes-smirk.jpg (44 KB, 400x400)
44 KB
mfw when i think about the ABU cunts at ESPN having to do a good ManUtd story
hell yeah, you got them doubters. please keep ten hag, please
really wish I would have fr bought some of his merch before it folded... don't know what you've got until it's gone ;_;

File: IMG_4228.jpg (33 KB, 623x433)
33 KB
I have so much riding on a Pacers and Oilers parlay tonight. I need rent and it’s the only way.
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That's a very gay thing to say
Pacers just lost too lol
> I need rent
post butthole and crypto address
Time to pay la renta, anon.
first of all you got what you deserved, but secondly take this as a sign to stop being a gambling degenerate

File: 1541543234773.png (68 KB, 553x506)
68 KB
United won the most historic trophy in world football, meanwhile city bottled the CL, beat arsenal (kek) by a measly two points, and lost to their crosstown rivals in said historic competition, all while having a treble or bust super team

File: 1.9.jpg (3 KB, 124x121)
3 KB
I'm a physio for a women's volleyball team
ask you anything?
Do you get to massage their butts and thighs
Semi-unrelated to this nigger's post, does anyone here play volleyball? I would like to try it.
How come you aren't good enough to work for the men's team?

Yeah I played in high school. Very fun and lots of action. Just make sure your teammates are competent otherwise someone will roll an ankle trying to take the ball from their teammate. Very important to call I GO
I forgot to add I grew up in the Mecca of Volleyball, Southern California so it's very easy to get pick up games out here. Even easier at the beach

Another trophy please
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El fraudo calvo
File: kek botafogense.jpg (43 KB, 479x342)
43 KB
oh my day
File: 1649865956079.png (142 KB, 313x382)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
File: 1715520949573521.jpg (55 KB, 1080x967)
55 KB

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