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/bant/s slumber party
me on the left sipping tea

File: download.jpg (80 KB, 600x460)
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If the price of sin is eternal damnation how does being dead for just three days atone for your sins?
If Jesus really did atone for your sins shouldn't he be burning in hell for all eternity?
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thats a pretty bad case of explosive diarrhea
Those fall more into the fields of engineering actually, which is superior to modern propaganda science. Enoch as a book is the key to history and all ancient mythologies. It ties them together so neatly that you'd have to blind to not, at the minimum, give it credence. Your claiming come thing untrue cannot nullify the truth. I'm sorry and hope you open your mind.
You’re talking an agnostic...

File: memewar-iii.jpg (69 KB, 783x401)
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I have a long distance gf and we do discord calls and we masturbate together sometimes but just to our voices. She recently said she wanted to see me jerk off but idk do girls actually just like the sight of a penis? I dont dislike the sight of a pussy but I would much rather get turned on by looking at almost any other body part like ass, legs, thighs, face, etc. It just feels like when I decide to do it it's just going to be weird and awkward idk if I'm just retarded or what.
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I have a gf. They like to look at pp. Just tell her to show the parts you wanna see while you do it.
They like both from what I know. I checked women's forums and read articles and stuff too cause I was trying to understand female sexuality a few months ago. just go with the flow.


File: we are all prisoners.jpg (172 KB, 640x1107)
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>48 hour work weeks
>no healthcare
>must go into a life time of debt to receive an education
>must go into a lifetime of debt to have a home
this country is a shithole get me outta here
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>diversity doesn't destroy social cohesion and create disunity within workers
>posts an example of a nation destroyed by ethnic diversity
my argument is that shit sucks here and we can do a lot better. russia also sucks dick. eurofags got it right.
It's decent, I'm my own boss most days, other days a superior changes my plans without my knowledge and throws off the whole supply chain.

Pros would be the money and the fact that I wanted to get into the job since I was 5, cons would be no family time, always working even when asleep, you get to go home about 4-8 times a year.
no and no to both points
diversity will only bother you for as long as you choose to be racist. studies have been done on your claim that it ruins "social cohesion" (just google contact/conflict theory)
yugoslavia dissolved after Slobodan Milosević tried asserting serbian dominance over the other sovereign republics (he did this by overthrowing governments against what the constitution said). i.e. it fell apart because of ethno-nationalism from a small minority of people, not because it was "too diverse"

just learned that my mom is planning a surprise birthday party for me when my birthday is in November
forgot to mention the party is this Saturday, oops
Enjoy party
Happy (early) Birthday.

File: psycholeaf.png (61 KB, 720x264)
61 KB
...and it was so
Fagmark and his crew went back to discord
The psychotic leaf is probably still here
and an era has come to an end,
but do not fret.
every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end
Who knows what next level spam faggotry awaits
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File: file.png (34 KB, 890x157)
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File: ID with Kot is KÖT.png (996 KB, 1080x845)
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996 KB PNG
Eh, probably. That's buisness as usual around here.

File: 1538080479122.jpg (556 KB, 2000x1000)
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fine, baked
fucking WHAT

File: silvretta.jpg (713 KB, 900x1785)
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Ask a fully submissive fagboy who wears girl short shorts to get publicly bullied anything
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When is Austria-Hungary reunification?
smooth legs greg strikes again!
I don't see it happening anytime

File: 1556719184390.jpg (77 KB, 836x956)
77 KB
is it true all bant users are cute anime girls?

if you're not then go away
no i am anon

Two round years everybody!
Sorry for not preparing anything special - now all we have is each other.
>Traditionally a screencap

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File: 1557930441669.jpg (184 KB, 960x960)
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You'd think that but you'd be wrong
File: 1510256024201.jpg (61 KB, 1024x767)
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Anxiety stinks

File: ECtR8rqWwAUSY0K.png (77 KB, 272x185)
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@ 0:30, watch John Ianerelli spit blood, then it disappears a second later. Martha clearly reacts to what shes seeing. What is this? Deepfake?

>you will never bring your cute tranny gf home to meet your parents
do phoneposters really

>imagine living in such a third world shithole that you’re shackled to a 1997 era pc in order to post
File: 1389480449609.jpg (207 KB, 468x748)
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207 KB JPG

File: 1539587049648.jpg (5 KB, 248x203)
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File: 1559920026762.png (443 KB, 960x948)
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443 KB PNG
Is this oc pasta? Mind if i save it?
File: 1565902342288.jpg (53 KB, 640x640)
53 KB
it's pasta but it's not OC newfrend

File: toothbrush.jpg (58 KB, 1080x953)
58 KB
can i brush your teeth?
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No caliber 6,5mm
File: 1566572109900.jpg (83 KB, 1313x639)
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take back your words fren

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