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File: 1718511786520891.jpg (99 KB, 1596x1600)
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File: Reddit cat.jpg (165 KB, 707x355)
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kot id get

File: 1698519167750.jpg (162 KB, 800x577)
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Frogoslavich hates twitch lizards
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File: 1701489176691.png (290 KB, 1000x1000)
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290 KB PNG
LOL what a faggot
I know

File: 1714532310753587.png (367 KB, 680x701)
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367 KB PNG
Living as a NEET and putting all of your soul into arts and self study.
I'm pretty sure I'm doomed for that life.
I probably have one if not the most debilitating form of autism out of anyone on bant.
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>Which, yeah, you wouldn’t.
More than just social. Most musicians started early growing up and learned instruments as kids. I started taking music seriously when I was 20.
I have thought about going to music school, but I feel like my ability is not good enough. Also I wouldn't be able to fit in well.
Posting music on here is a bit embarresing though... and to be fair. I haven't made much complete music. Since a lot of them are just on sheet format. Also I have a few longer ones, but also a bunch that are just like around 8 measures, but those are more practice related.
Alright, well, let's put the kebash here on this thread, it's time to go to bed. I believe when you mean to live as a NEET and all that you're imagining sleeping at 2am and getting up at noon but I don't think that's sustainable for any kind of life. The first thing we need to establish is a good sleep schedule. Which is probably not something I would do but it is what I should do. Therefore, we should sleep. Maybe I'll address the finer points of things in the morning. Or not. See ya.
>all that you're imagining sleeping at 2am and getting up at noon
I do that even as a non NEET.
See you around

File: 666.jpg (113 KB, 736x1144)
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113 KB JPG
Hey it's raining outside and the day was a pretty good day and now I'm here posting on the /bant/s remember happy day
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Inwish you a happy day, unless you are a nigger.
File: 1697176372319966.jpg (101 KB, 750x724)
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101 KB JPG
It rained today and I just stayed home
File: 1575223532432.png (121 KB, 480x284)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
doin me a remember
sky daddy's doing a hot

Women don't even look at me as a human being anymore, I feel like my life is over. What can I do to restore my hair? I don't want to take finasteride and destroy my penis
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if I get 3 (you)s saying that "Turks are based and superior to wh*tes" I'll tell you the cure to baldness
File: 1715203168764889.jpg (73 KB, 707x1024)
73 KB
>breeding your replacement
File: smeagol.jpg (177 KB, 1250x1250)
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177 KB JPG

File: 1717550158900630.jpg (100 KB, 640x508)
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100 KB JPG
what do you think about the cum beast
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such a thing is impossible the damage you have done is irreparable
what if i say sorry 5 more times
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

File: pepe6.png (220 KB, 550x502)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
just fookin slept for 4 hours then thought of this quitting porn for real then I was reading stuff on yourbrainonporn thinking I will do it this time for real then the fog takeovers me and somehow when I regained my consciousness my left hand was sticky and slimy and now I'm on the verge of stress-eating and trying to cry to sleep again while fully believing there's absolutely nobody who can be more pathetic than me
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Use this
pretty sure that's actually Gunther
naw you're wrong

File: clo2.png (5 KB, 253x198)
5 KB
>reverses vax damage
>cures stage 4 cancer
>no negative side effects
>dirt cheap and easy to make
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File: images (35).jpg (16 KB, 730x420)
16 KB
Use only in extremely small doses when treating water. If taken orally ClO2 can induce vomiting, liver failure and death. This is just the kind of thread jannies like to see.
Thats not going to ungenetically modify the vaxxecuted.
why lie? god sends liars like you to hell

>Controlled Clinical Evaluations of Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Chlorate in Man
>The three phases of this controlled double-blind clinical evaluation of chlorine dioxide and its potential metabolites in human male volunteer subjects were completed uneventfully.
>There were no obvious undesirable clinical sequellae noted by any of the participating subjects or by the observing medical team.
>By the absence of detrimental physiological responses within the limits of the study, the relative safety of oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide and its metabolites, chlorite and chlorate, was demonstrated.

File: Kounai Shasei 10.jpg (166 KB, 640x480)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
How should one go about fixing Japanese animation, /bant/ - Random Anime Transport Torrents?
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wat it called
popee the performer

File: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg (135 KB, 989x462)
135 KB
135 KB JPG

File: IMG_3613.jpg (1.12 MB, 1074x1597)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Did you know they made a whole movie about kots?
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kino, please watch it
I will find the time
i fucking loved this one as a kid
i'd dream i was the cool cat in the tophat

File: 1717706925114502.jpg (147 KB, 680x606)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
I would fuck a dude but only if he was a femboy and only in secret
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the real woman (since i'm straight)
lol why?

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 249x202)
9 KB
What went wrong?
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>junction system boring with too much UI given its just "bind magic to stat"
>junctions setting your battle menu for attack, magic, draw etc
>drawing in general
>FF7 was too much for this one to live up to
>too much laguna, kiros, ward and ellone for how little they contribute to the story
>memory loss associated with GF use, game doesn't play into this story mechanic at all
>Ultimecia out of nowhere
Ultimecia was a really cool fight. It would've been great if when you lost a character in that section the characters actually do get lost to time and don't make it into the ending.
X was the best FF though, and I recently played through 12:Zodiac which I'd probably put above 8 and 9.
The combat/magic system was dumb because level scaling + junction meant you were incentivized to just draw spells from sleeping enemies over and over and avoid winning battles. And it also made it so you would avoid using spells and instead just attacked physically, which makes battles samey. Also, the fact bosses didnt level scale made most feel like a joke compared to random encounters if you ever prioritized the sidequests.

That plot twist where everyone was revealed to have known eachother as kids and just forgotten about it was fucking dumb and did not benefit any character at all.

Ultimecia was also a pretty boring villain and a stepdown from Kefka and Sephirot. She should have gotten a real backstory instead of giving us the retarded orphanage nonsense.

Still not a bad game, just the worst psx FF, though. Junctions should have been stronger, capped at 19 per character, and self-regenerating at the end of battle if you had at least 10. Level scaling shouldnt have been a thing. Or maybe it should have been a thing only for bosses. The opposite of what they did.

File: IMG_3451.jpg (1.09 MB, 1179x1206)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
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"I accuse liberals of being pro-LGBT, which is evil."

Wheres the confession?

Also, you're too stupid for that piece of art. The hag with the body paint that says "I am God" likely doesn't believe in God. Its simply a commentary on how liberals take the place of God in determining objective morality. Are you too stupid to see that symbolism? You really think the lady is literally claiming to be God?

You have starting up right now until the day you die to repent and turn to Jesus. I suggest you do so for your own sake.
>spikes = cool. The more spikes, the cooler it is.

Are you a 10 year old boy?
Remember if doubting the holy rape boys and burn women.

They're not the authority.They are what can't compete in any other way but banding together and through dungeonry and demonisation degrade others unbowing. When that fails they advertise otherwise.

It's empowering to escape the illusion. All that matters on your side even when you stand alone. Venerability to heaven enough to access it. Something to stay loyal for, like songs are sung for such life, done by living.

It's wrong to have the worst continue through you, so I should shut up about the enemy. They aren't necessary for otherwise. I used to say good comes from itself before words got confused. Maybe the wrong taking traits and terms as theirs is reason for more complex communication. Give more and get away from saying something done, make something new.

Maybe the enemy's story is over they are done, what is different has a chance at being better than the moment. Enough in action not to need a base, history, association whatever. Something assuring no end to the adoration/adventure/exertion etc achievable.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1718662108677.jpg (546 KB, 1080x1998)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
>Nice guy musters up the courage to try and strike a conversation with a woman.
>He's ridiculed and goes viral.

Wow. That could be any of us. They really hate us.

223 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Women will tolerate flattering lies, but only believable flattering lies.
I disagree, You can really gas a woman up with flattery. I have the tarded bitches believing all sorts of fucked up shit before I get done with them.
File: 1718286566453978.jpg (32 KB, 306x552)
32 KB
Yeah uh, sure uh, yeah uh, in target uh
File: 1717518391027138m.jpg (95 KB, 1024x646)
95 KB
No other anon is right, him bringing up am actress that looks nothing like her was a huge mistake, women hate being compared to other women, unless there is a visual reference on the spot.
All she translated from that is that he is a coomer for jennifer connelly and dont even get me started on the "opposite of building rapport" tea shit

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