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File: images (1).jpg (10 KB, 222x227)
10 KB
I've been lurking 4chan since at least 2 years. I've bought a 4chan pass as soon as I could. I never had a problem with ads, but several months ago ALL ads became porn ads. They're incredible annoying, I don't want to watch porn ads every single fucking time I enter a board. I'll keep using an adblocker until 4chan either REMOVES those ads, or KEEPS THEM ONLY IN THE PORN BOARDS.
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la verdad jode un monton,me pasa lo mismo
but like in a thread before another anon mentoioned how no company that has common sense would ever advertise on 4chan, so we gotta stick with what we have for now
>2 years
haha new fag

File: xifMAddLMS.jpg (192 KB, 720x1048)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Ũ̶̜̌x̵͍̭̌ǫ̷̮̙̋̿̔ŕ̸̘ ̷̱̰̮̇̄͆m̸̺̈͝e̶̝͂͊ͅả̶̬̒ ̸͍̏̿̊Ụ̷̭́͌͆ḿ̴̟͒̕b̸̨̟̣͐͝r̵̬̥̓a̶̠̽̇͜ ̷̦̄̇G̶̡̼̳̊̆ȇ̵̟͠n̸̓̒͜í̵͖͆̐ȃ̷̮̼̒ ̴̮̺̾͛Ḙ̵̻̔x̷̧̨͑͑͛t̸͓͕̩͑ȑ̵̗͎͇͠e̴̢͚̱͒m̵͍̐͘î̵̹̾͐ ̷̭̓͝S̴̡̩̪̔t̴̡̮̱̎ë̴̫̳́ͅḻ̵̖͈̍͋̾l̴͇̈́ȧ̴̪̖̈́̓r̸̫̹̜̈́̔̄i̴̠̪̋͒͝s̷̫̀ͅ ̴̨̢́̋ ̸̶̴̴̴̶̸̵̢̛̻̖͓̘̟̙̱̙̮̠̘̎͌͐̆̈̉̄́̈́̏̑̄͜͝ ̵̪̼͊ͅe̵̖̦͘s̸̩̻̐̍t̶̢̃̓.̷̙̾̇
fite me irl fagit

/bant/, I am a b i g chonker aspiring to become a trap, however i look and sound like the manly man and, again, I'm f a t. Any advice?
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File: hyotonnohaku.jpg (51 KB, 890x754)
51 KB
You are like that dog who wants to be human and instead he gets eaten by chinks for sitting at the table with them.

File: 1553234438599.png (262 KB, 871x322)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
<< this was in Justin Carter's last music video. He shot himself in production of his latest video. Why did you choose to ignore the signs?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKO8MyYUuLA [Embed]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq0ATKVxX-w [Embed]

File: 69056032889046036.gif (139 KB, 180x219)
139 KB
139 KB GIF
is this a board where people hold actual conversations?
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how do we fix anime, r/banter?
this isnt discord

quit shilling your chink garbage candidate you annoying retard(s)
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File: 1548331197915.jpg (76 KB, 645x900)
76 KB
File: 1548996987033.jpg (65 KB, 1024x710)
65 KB
Stoopid idea, son. Listen to yaself!hahaha!

Go eat ur vegetables, dimwit.

File: 1549080587740.jpg (280 KB, 1202x1600)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Donald Drumpf!!!! Why was he elected???
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based trips get
all im saying is i go on the website, it says vortex download, it should do it instantly with no hassle.
File: b93.jpg (93 KB, 558x592)
93 KB
Stop Donald BLUMPF!!!!! Impeach TODAY!!!!

File: 1553021462775.jpg (1.27 MB, 1988x3056)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Are the Chinese destined to overtake America?
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No, East Asia will disappear after the third world war, unfortunately the anime will also disappear.
arent we still in the middle of it
File: asd.jpg (730 KB, 1033x1600)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
It's a pastiche of this famous silver age cover

I don't wanna read this text book cos i'm bored and it's like 200 pages and it'll help me what do i need motivation to read this dang thing
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You will fail and starve if you don’t.
File: 1540355192766.png (216 KB, 600x800)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
haha your ID has dubs lole

/bant/le angel
i bet i could take her

File: 5oEa2jD.jpg (99 KB, 1065x1609)
99 KB
What's her story anons? I've been out of the country and don't understand some of these new memes
Apparently, whenever people post her image, they say that she is dead, a body within the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner building. I have found no picture of her on their website, nor have I seen one of anybody else. This could be a hoax, and the woman in that photograph may not even be dead, although it's definitely possible that she is. How old does that picture look, to you? It looks older than this decade, or the last, yet maybe it could have been shot with an older, lower quality camera even recently.

post the fascist symbol of your country! cause no one got it better then the brazilian integralists!
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you got it before me xd
File: UNS.png (3 KB, 290x174)
3 KB
it's a stylised axe, as the symbol of original italian fascim, it represents authority

I wish I looked like this in real life.
Instead, I'm stuck being a man.
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Holy fuck he looks like Giga chad
attractive women are permitted to be chubby to some extent.
My wife Nozomi is very cute

File: kuro5.jpg (78 KB, 483x589)
78 KB
slow board
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File: 1472495054219.gif (98 KB, 460x405)
98 KB
RIP Australia and NZ
File: Hi there.jpg (151 KB, 1280x720)
151 KB
151 KB JPG

File: Finnish Bear.jpg (222 KB, 1038x1459)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
I'm 23 and talked my 80-year-old grandma into making about a 100 flashcards for me, so I can study for a test I have at 7AM tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm lurking here. Bitch loves me more than I love myself lol
poor woman
you better treat that nice old lady well op
Disgusting. It would be less disgusting if you post here how your kot getting out of use against the wall. Get to study, fuck!

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