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File: 1585870032556.jpg (97 KB, 1080x1080)
97 KB
Than black girl butts?

There are a lot of fit black girls with big butts, but I just don't get as attracted to them as I do a big white butt.

The shape and quality is different somehow.
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I fap to her 3 times already imagining that she's my sister and we both drunk and decided to fuck
everything looks better on white girls. I am not attracted to anything but white women, and little twink trap faggots who can live under my desk as suck pigs

Idk why but I’m thinking of the Eva hoes as new vegas factions.
>Misato is mr house
>Asuka is the legion
>Rei is yes man
>shinji is the NCR bc hes a faggot pushover
I dont understand the pic.
Her bagina is reflective

File: 1634053378297.png (312 KB, 1173x656)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
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we live in a society
Verification not required.
That's fine, what's not fine is the fact they even exist in the first place.
Can you stop harassing me and my family already. Stop calling my home phone and asking to speak to my mother only to tell her "CDs NUTS NIGGA". This is the 3rd time this month. If you do it one more time i'm going to report you. stop.

File: tomoki.jpg (222 KB, 512x600)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>tfw no bf
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File: 036.jpg (77 KB, 984x719)
77 KB
My dearest Tomoko. Please allow me to satisfy you in ways no other man would be able to.
File: 1634545427395.png (262 KB, 512x600)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
>tfw no bf

I wrote it about a year and two months ago, I had no where to publish and certain parts are too weird to share irl. I've digressed very much since than... I just want some people to read it so it can exist beyond myself and not devolve with me. It was influenced by many things, both written and not, but its my own aesthetic and philosophical worldview... and of course I think some whether male or female will find many descriptions and events in it very hot.

>inb4 you already posted this
Yes I know, it’s been a very long time though and I still have yet to do anything with it

Also if you are also an erotic writer you can post your works or excerpts here, I’ll read them if you do

pastebin censors me so I have to use zerobin and 4chan censors zero bin so I have to break the link by lines


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>Read my erotica /bant/
Well technically yes but there are sexy girls too

do you eat cereal with or without milk?
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Fun fact: you get more estrogen from plastic residue leaking into your drinks than you typically would drinking the forbidden drink!
>Poor the milk first.
>No bowl.
>Then the cereal.
Straight off the ground.
No kink shame pls

File: 1634091937221.gif (36 KB, 96x96)
36 KB
Bad mourning....
*Phrygian mode plays*
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Who is this cat? How does Lexi feel about them(?)
For me, it's Locrian mode.
sex with bulgogi

He’s the real hero
Obviously the bootcamp did Jack shit to help
This is Prime USA Male... this is how they have evolved.
File: 27272499458.jpg (28 KB, 466x306)
28 KB
How does he have such noodle arms

Decimate all imperialists
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time to work in cold
Habe a nice time!

File: 1633046025810.jpg (68 KB, 890x839)
68 KB
guys it's 6am
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File: 1630586030779.jpg (144 KB, 624x813)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
i am going to die
if you died i wouldn't mind
You poor little femboy

File: chibi_fishe.jpg (63 KB, 1000x1000)
63 KB
sakuya giving cirno the autosage
a kot thread died for this

File: 1633774640235.png (792 KB, 660x704)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
today im a little girl, please be nice to me
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Little girls do not have the penis.
I know. I have seen them.
trannybong i hope you slept poorly and i hope you have a bad day today

File: latest.jpg (354 KB, 960x720)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
This cartoon was the shit when I was a kid. It taught me everything I needed to know about capitalism such as risk, supply, demand, theft, inflation, interest, competition, rule of law, rarity, innovation and who knows what else. You could have a really good society if you could teach all kids these things instead of the jewnigger shit they learn from modern cartoons.
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>sages because he doesn't want to slide his piece of shit anime thread
Yeah, instead of teaching children about how to survive in the real world, we teach them that injecting hormones in yourself to change your gender is okay.
Capitalism at it's finest
Lower the AOC to 4-yo NOAW!

Did worm hands type this review?
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>Email spooky support and ask them for a NON facebook forum
You'll find over time that forum isn't much use. The most user interactions are apparently between FB users. When the newsletter comes out they have blog links and FB links that only FB users can access. They can't link to their forum because it's private. So you get a email with a topic you want to read about and you can't because it's on FB.
LOL this idiot fell for the worm meme, how fucking dumb.

File: 1547881488372.gif (1.08 MB, 200x200)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF
I really don't want to be gay
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Try getting fucked in the ass and believe me,you would love it
File: 1615282816769.png (111 KB, 312x320)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
its me
File: 09m1.jpg (7 KB, 158x152)
7 KB
>getting fucked in the ass
Is this solely a Mexican thig?

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