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File: 00164.jpg (778 KB, 1316x932)
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yes but it's gone now
Polly, new PPB.
No more booze for your small liver then.
thanks awfully for notice

File: -.png (317 KB, 1200x675)
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317 KB PNG
fuck whitey

File: IMG_20210725_161937.png (189 KB, 760x453)
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I'm Syrian and proud
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Yes fuck the French and anglos
How is Syria doing in the Olympics?
Have you won any medals?
What is your best sport?
Where are the Assyrians

File: 911 manga.jpg (39 KB, 720x551)
39 KB
How do i get a cute young (16 yo) gf?
File: md01ba.jpg (27 KB, 336x356)
27 KB
>16-yo g/f
16 isnt reallt any different from18
File: PTIOAVHw.jpg (47 KB, 843x457)
47 KB
that 2 year difference could mean less experiences with other men

File: EVt0ilgWAAAfBnj.png (227 KB, 1200x787)
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227 KB PNG
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jajajajja it do be like that tho
me on the left Bella on the right
go back to albania self-hating brown subhuman luca hoxha

File: 1622364157884.jpg (33 KB, 400x500)
33 KB
Anti-race mixing
>Yes, goy don't spread your white genes
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File: IMG_20210725_155546_606.png (390 KB, 3792x2582)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
To bad snow niggers.
Our population is increasing more than ever.
Hail Novutera
Anyone have the kikes are the only people who has most of their Gene's transferred through the mother?
I guess jews are the only ones with mitochondrial dna. Must be something specific to those with tay sachs huh
File: white.jpg (53 KB, 934x638)
53 KB

File: Capture.png (139 KB, 202x278)
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Tell me what you do /pol.
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File: asiandomina.jpg (82 KB, 736x1096)
82 KB
Give her ropes, cane, whip and latex catsuit.
File: 1619015567050.png (1.44 MB, 1280x672)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Is it just a historical rivalry, like us with the British?
koreans are far closer to chinese in psychology
just look at the way they eat

File: 2.png (379 KB, 1550x1116)
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379 KB PNG
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File: picmix.com_10003180.gif (397 KB, 500x333)
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397 KB GIF
holy cow! you lucky guy!

why did they fucking do it whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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File: s-l400 (3).jpg (47 KB, 400x393)
47 KB
Based, I was just in Alexandria doing a scouting trip, I do missionary trips to help persecuted Christians. A couple of guys I was in the military with (we're all infantry, also devout Catholics who are SSXP, Vatican 2 was just a p*otestantization of my beloved Church) we do this together and have done stuff in the region pre ISIS and when ISIS showed up we served with the Dwekh Nawsha in Nineveh, they're an Assyrian Christian militia that protect the Iraqi Christians, regardless of whether they're Assyrian or not. They're incredibly based. We're going to be potentially escorting Christians who are having to hide the fact they're Christians from the people around them to fly under the radar but also don't have the means to get out by themselves so we're going to bring them back a couple at a time, giving them documents that say they're with us so after we do our legit missionary work, we even help non Christians and that really helps because it doesn't seem like we've got an agenda. So when we leave they come back with us but we won't be leaving the same way we came in and I'll leave it at that. If you know how volunteers got into Syria, very similar, but unlike them we're not going to hang out with a bunch of communists. We didn't serve in Syria but we did go with a group crossing the border once just to say we did it. If you got caught, you obviously get arrested and then you go sit in jail with petty criminals to ISIS fighters, heard a few first hand accounts from guys who got busted crossing the border to go fight with the YPG but after sitting in an Iraqi prison for a few weeks, they either went home or fought with a Peshmerga unit, not sure why more didn't go to the Dwekh, though?
>pic related
I'm not at home and so I can't snap a picture of my patches, but just did a quick Jewgle search and I came across this, I actually knew this guy when I was there, call it a LARP all you want, too. There weren't many of us westerners there
>"material existence should be a paradise and its our fault it isn't"
>creates hell on earth over and over and over again
File: IMG_6050.jpg (1.51 MB, 2448x3264)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
The pain of Death is simultaneously the agony of Birth.

It was a spiritual death & resurrection unto a new state (of consciousness).

File: 1606177844523.jpg (91 KB, 699x1020)
91 KB
lgbtq people are based
bigots are cringe
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she's like that though
why trannies tho?

File: 1542257718831.png (200 KB, 326x318)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
As of today i'm part of a ritual to bring Lucifer to the temple of Judea...
But at least i got restaurant coupon worth *gasp* $5 dollars...
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find a job
A hand job
Yea pact with a devil has its perks.
I have one job interview planned. It's something i guess.

My Italian slave is so cute
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See >>13175865
gusch slave
i just want to be your friend

File: 1626790750564.gif (442 KB, 164x255)
442 KB
442 KB GIF
I hate niggers
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i usually say the n-word in public without feeling guilty
she's so trippy
She makes me want to fuck her until her guts turn to mush.

File: 1627155457713.jpg (311 KB, 667x672)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
File: r5419.png (36 KB, 200x200)
36 KB
Robert Frost

File: 1608629500887.jpg (178 KB, 860x880)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
>Please read the Rules and FAQ before posting.
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File: guro.jpg (255 KB, 1600x1131)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
lol u tk him 2da bar|?
only a nerd would do that
File: furyporn.jpg (90 KB, 800x755)
90 KB
ookkie. Sssorry I need to reread the rules, I'm kinda dumb, not pretending really
Pleas eno ban, I will learn rules and come back! Will be a good boy

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