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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!


File: 1652618313513.png (670 KB, 900x1157)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
ukrainian colors
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Post your ass
ugh the blue is slightly too purple
no i don't think i will
it should be light blue the tricolour with light blue is kino and that tricolour we have now is cringe
also the aspect ratio should be 2:1

>Never had sex
>Never kissed
>No friends
>Never drank alcohol
>Never went to a party
>Never went to a bar
>No driver license
>Never had a job
how do we cope
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gook bro that sounds so tough..
but no friends too
why don't you start drinking first?
you can start it as of today
File: 1663752654193855.jpg (115 KB, 680x907)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Tranny janny can suck my ass
I want a Korean wife.

File: 1661194174786290.gif (518 KB, 186x254)
518 KB
518 KB GIF
Don't let the knob hit yo booty when the door close bitch

File: 20221005_203927.jpg (435 KB, 1126x1636)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
I can kill any woman with one strike
but you should not
based kill all women

File: medusa angry.jpg (231 KB, 1920x1080)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
I feel bad for being rude at people here but then i remember you all deserve it. I grow more nihilistic and apathetic by the day
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maybe i would take your advice but i dont believe americans can give good advice
File: suicide ratejak.png (532 KB, 754x704)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
>maybe i would take your advice but i dont believe americans can give good advice
Ok but do you have the rare vytautas sapranauskas version?

File: IMG20221005162743.jpg (673 KB, 3040x1889)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
some weird swimming birbs
must be planning some shit
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no i was thinking of turtles sorry
I hate birds
theyre in tactical formation. RUN

File: 1643682959017.png (54 KB, 1203x847)
54 KB
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miss my mom
SCAM I didn’t die yet

File: IMG_20220922_152215_628.jpg (139 KB, 1014x1014)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I just quit my job. I was the only person who worked in our new branch. They kept randomly firing people so I just quit. No two weeks I just typed up a letter and went home. I'm currently taking a shit and drinking a beer. I have no other work lined up but I have 15k in the bank. Life is good. Fuck the rich. What are the political implications of this?
If you were the only one doing work then why were you surprised to see anyone else getting fired?
Might as well have just kept going and milking it.
And now he has a shit reference
American logic
>why would you work when you can just draw a wage

File: rap.jpg (209 KB, 1029x667)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
What can be done about the white menace on rap culture?

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maggy is gone forever sorry
File: La_Cirno.jpg (172 KB, 1000x1000)
172 KB
172 KB JPG

File: I used to be a Chud.jpg (127 KB, 341x367)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Society has made great progress in being feminized. But it's simply not enough, not when there are Chuds out there that refuse to take their estrogen pills, patches, and shots. Chuds need to be enlightened and experience the female role for themselves to know how good it feels to be a girl. You will get the attention from men which has been missing your whole life.
>You will get the attention from men
How if they are all castrated and feminized?
Herbs for slide thread
File: 1651595538595.gif (1.91 MB, 300x228)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF

Get up bnat time to get that bread
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Good work
it's too late for that
File: 20221005_202924.jpg (1.95 MB, 2359x1770)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
yes I am greg

Hello bnatsu, I'll cut whatever you want into my leg.
It can't be too big, I need space.
It can't be too intricate, I'm no artist.
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do you also make tattoos yourself?
nope i don't have any, and if i made them myself it'd not be pretty
Stop being a faggot, you're not cool and nobody cares what you write in your leg. If you are going to do this do it for yourself and not for others.

File: 1608593299131.jpg (9 KB, 183x275)
9 KB
are you winning son?
no dad you know that
That cave video was pretty good

File: 1664987954675171.jpg (252 KB, 1024x949)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
reply to this post to die instantly
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fake news didn't die 0/10
Not yet, but I will die instantly one day.

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