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File: javier-vela-1-1-scaled.jpg (686 KB, 2560x2560)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
Everyone is special just like you!

You're a special snowflake!
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File: i didn't draw this.jpg (28 KB, 496x317)
28 KB
I sometimes forget crossdressing used to be metal
Nope it's a woman I think she has her tits taped down
File: 1718681803299028.jpg (70 KB, 992x636)
70 KB
Why can't you people reply properly? I have seen this a lot here on bant

File: 171865845041773925.jpg (277 KB, 1170x1400)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Why are Brits a bunch of fags and pussies?
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Try 98 degrees you wankers
File: comfy.png (29 KB, 887x425)
29 KB
>tfw brits would have a heat stroke indoors with the ac on where i live
26 celcius " heatwave " ?

It has to be a joke, right ?

File: hairline.jpg (183 KB, 1035x1011)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Why do black men have so much better hairlines?
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File: NigNoises.jpg (54 KB, 638x477)
54 KB
File: 17083143445275883.png (72 KB, 340x512)
72 KB
thats actually nuts nigga

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just incase you're not a retard ''trolling'', no one says americans don't have their own types of cheeses or 'good' cheeses.
""American"" cheese is internationally one of the preferred for topping hot dishes, such as burgers or pasta dishes, because it melts w/o splitting due to the addition of sodium/potassium citrate.
the only ingredients in your pic that aren't commonly used in cheeses internationally are maltodextrin & vitamin A fixed in palm oil.
that's what futasuck drinks every night
i hate living in a goyslop cunt

What's the ideal age for a female to be pregnant
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After her first period according to user !!+BhVj0FRlGa
imagine me quoting you with nerd emojis

File: 1717998796837860.jpg (37 KB, 657x527)
37 KB
Car shakes at 45mph, but doesn't shake below 40mph. Also, when I'm going 60mph it doesn't shake either.

Why does it only shake at 45mph?
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look at the tires are get someone to listen to them as you drive, if they don't look or sound wrong then it's bearings or alignment.
Just google your make and model and this condition. I dont some toyota 4runner have this issue and just need to be tuned in all the time.
Could be an issue with anything from you steering column all the way to your wheels.
Probably need to get your alignment checked out, they may find the issue even if its not the alignment itself
Tires " balancing " maybe ? ( You know when they put metal pads on your wheel )

That's how it's called in French, don't know how to translate it in English

I'm astonished that for once, on this board, some people actually do make sense in their answers

My identity is protected with the United States Government if you hinged yourselves and your foreign governments in defrauding thy identity and credit to my omnisciences you are already dead and legal to kill as you lost everything to me

As the Original Hell is phased in of the Apocalypse in ions, currents and continuum

So whoever you tried to push as thyself from Dr. DisRespect, Mr. Beast, Kyle Rittenhouse, Andrew Tate and the rest of them to make it easier for yourselves to individually defraud thy identity has only costed you your futures as you lost everything to thyself from all your assets to your freedoms to your right to live and are subject to do life in prison for your international conspiracy directed at thyself personal owner of the United States Government and also God with irrefutable scientific evidences

As the upmost horrifying cosmic nightmare is only going to get worse as most of you are ensnared and trapped in an invisible box you can't see made of my omnisciences and omniscientific properties

Even worse I can ensnare you as petrified and immobilized in paralysis unable to move or speak in pottery to yourselves forever trapped as immobile in Satan's new Hell
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dont post word salads
now you are going to get gangstalked
I called them in
>this fucking guy is back
Pls stop and get help before tou commit a war crime.
File: 3ff.jpg (5 KB, 190x265)
5 KB
nigga got kicked off r9k GGEEEEEEG

good night /bant/
File: file.jpg (70 KB, 992x636)
70 KB
Stop larping. You're not going to sleep. You'll get ready for bed and then stare at a screen for the next three hours.

File: 1550933920512.png (1.87 MB, 1200x1686)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
momiji on page wan!
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File: 1718607609313343.jpg (107 KB, 634x729)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
File: 1675361845536998.jpg (27 KB, 399x400)
27 KB
shut the fuck up Frankenstein's monster subhiman
File: 1549401994639.jpg (109 KB, 952x536)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
sweet dreams /bant/ brothers

thinking about... bnuy.....
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File: 1659658607538099.gif (1.42 MB, 640x360)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
<- pokes
thinkiing aboouut

File: 20240616_211612.jpg (2.25 MB, 3226x2440)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
Is /pol/ a bourbon or scotch man?
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the numbers tho
And Scotch. A nice 12 year MacAllan. aye.
Anyone who cannot tolerate alcohol is not white, it is a trademark of the white man to be able to enjoy alcohol even to excess on occasion, is a part of white culture.
I like cider :)

File: 1670671372585.webm (2.89 MB, 545x875)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
Should drinking alcohol receive the same social stigma that smoking gets
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File: IMG_0816.jpg (502 KB, 1200x675)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
>social stigma
Must suck to be a westoid city slicker. I smoke indoors and get drunk at my job and the local doctor writes down fall on the stairs when I heem my wife.
File: 1717063021523514m.jpg (53 KB, 1024x768)
53 KB
Bro it's literally so easy with Vyvanse, ephedrine, caffeine, steroids, weed, booze and whey. I just sit here and code on vyvanse while resting from roidsets and then hit the dab pen and play piano, banjo or guitar or draw manga.
I bulk heavy then cut fat with ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin
Do normies not drink with their parents? I drink with my parents. Honestly, they're harder party animals than me.

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dont swear please
Welcome to yokoso Japari Park

File: Burden_of_Choice.png (958 KB, 1191x1563)
958 KB
958 KB PNG
When was the last time you've seen an ice cream truck passing through your neighborhood? I noticed they stopped coming to mine after the Kung-Flu hit.
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Apparently so, weird
File: IMG_1488.jpg (854 KB, 1500x2000)
854 KB
854 KB JPG
here is a picture of my cock
Will this be getting deleted too? Hope so

will you buy his ice cream
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times are tough for many people can't be buying expensive ice cream all the time
I love to would support Uplift run businesses,
around here there are very few white run businesses & I don't want to give my money to the chinks & malays or the fucking ethiop barbecue that opened a couple months ago

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