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File: ezgif-1-e835e87ca3.jpg (67 KB, 600x400)
67 KB
"90s band" = band who broke through in the 90s

Red Hot Chili Peppers 20.3m (41k weekly)
Nirvana 18.8m (58k)
Green Day 14.5m (36k)
Foo Fighters 11.5m (23k)
Oasis 9.6m (29k)
Radiohead 9.4m (46k)
Rammstein 9.2m (35k)
Pearl Jam 8.5m (23k)
Blink-182 8.0m (23k)
Korn 7.1m (38k)

Rage Against The Machine 5.8m (16k)
Limp Bizkit 5.7m (29k)

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>It's weird to see Rammstein that high.
they actually sold more albums in Europe than most of these bands, in Germany I'd say they had more success than any of these bands had in the US
why this board acts like spotify inst full of bots?
oh sorry, I wasn't paying attention.
He's probably a Creed fan:

File: bots.jpg (43 KB, 504x499)
43 KB

>plays on malls, restaurants, bars 24/7
>every movie old or new have an "epic" fight or dance scene boomer music plays

>on the other note, trashy autotune rap music plays on the radio

What happened to late 90s 2000s techno, house, breakbeat, eurodance music?
Its the only ones i currently enjoy
Whoa damn another zoomer into 90s and early 00s music? That's really unique
Still more original than zoomer bashing threads
if only you could carry around with you some kind of personal head speakers, they should invent that.

File: 1704512159952280.png (71 KB, 1024x1024)
71 KB
You can have an opinion but that's about it
You're mildly knowledgeable about your niches so extended commentary from you will be tolerated by the natives but if you get too bold they'll call you out
You're about the standard active RYM music listener and people will take what you have to say seriously
You're music listening habits are impressive and you can begin establishing yourself as a "tastemaker" or at least a "knowledgeable figure" in a specific niche you specialize in

The next major milestones are like, 5,000 and then the real breaker where you're a "cool person" is like 10,000+
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RYM is stupid because the concept of rating your own music is ridiculous.
your opinions are basically worthless with a spread like that
The positive part isn't the bad part, it's the boring and basic part. I've seen plenty of unique and cool positive rating scales and that one just isn't it.
What's ur favourite strain?
Entirely worthless.
Not gonna make it.
Good, but needs more ratings.
There's no difference between intolerable, noxious, and garbage. It's all just that. Other than that it looks good.

Iike Wayne and I don’t care who knows

why does he look like he got stung by bees

File: folder.jpg (501 KB, 800x800)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
how come post-noise doesn't exist as an umbrella term for noise-influenced non-noise music, like post-industrial? You have a range from noise rock to ambient noise wall, I don't see why not
Used to know this one pretentious cambodian who was into the artist in your image bahaha
because everyone on this board is filtered by abstraction. anything that uses microtones, non western time signatures or rhythmic patterns, off kilter harmonies etc. these bitches dont realise that music is just sounds put in a sequence and anything that doesnt sound like kpop or burzum makes them shit their pants

What kind of music do cute Rennaissance Fair girls listen to?
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She got them big khazar milkers!!!
Very smart jewish evolutionary strategy.
I don’t know how all the baby killing helps though.
the real Middle Ages

>live in thatched hut
>shit in a hole in the ground
>do backbreaking farm labor all day
>your ugly cave troll peasant wife dies after giving birth to her eighth child (four of whom died before the age of five)
>your brother gets burned at the stake for joining a secret illegal religious order
>you can't leave the estate without the lord's permission
>be required to kneel as the lord rides past you or be cut down with a sword
>your diet consists of a handful of beans and some porridge--meat is eaten only on holidays
>a war breaks out and the enemy army invades your village, burns it down, steals your crops leaving you nothing to survive the winter with, and rapes your daughter in front of you
>die at 45 from plague or famine
Crazy how most of this is incorrect. No wonder you like fairs kek.
File: 289458924524.jpg (131 KB, 1552x1554)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>did you know? Medieval peasants did in fact work LESS than the average office worker of today
>big khazar milkers
they're called hochmans

File: F9uSSTQXQAAIcod.jpg (162 KB, 1179x1158)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>billie eilish is only 22

yeah this girl is the next taylor swift,get ready to listen about her for the next 10-15 years
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White Rabbit, you fucking faggot.
shit song lol
Kill yourself
File: file.png (2.39 MB, 1062x1203)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
wall stays undefeated

zoomers are so cringe

File: DiddyCombs.jpg (44 KB, 620x460)
44 KB
Diddy has been accused of a lot of things over the years: not writing his own raps, being gay, stealing from artists on his label, ordering the murder of Biggie, and being a member of the Illuminati. Now, Diddy has been accused of sexual assault and a bunch of other wild shit in a scandalous new lawsuit.

I'm not an attorney, all legal analysis will be of the armchair lawyer variety.
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Given that had he lived, he would've married Jada Pinkett, I can safely say death was by far the better fate.
File: Aubs.jpg (562 KB, 1200x797)
562 KB
562 KB JPG

>TFW you became an actual criminal just to stop Fake Ghostface from clowning on you for being the softest nigga in the game.

Much as I'll enjoy seeing Wheelchair Jimmy's downfall, which I assume can't be far off now that they're finally coming for Sean John, this truly is shameful. Even more shameful than his discography.

What a sad, degenerate business.
thats a real BX bitch right there
I didn't think we'd ever see Diddy get brought down.

This calls for champagne!

Here's hoping it flushes the whole rats nest. These people have done horrific damage to society.


The Qs were always charlatans and frauds. They have no genuine interest in helping to stop criminals. They're just trying to stir up autists into acting like fools, generally for the sake of making it much more difficult to actually go after real criminals. Jim Watkins was a child pornographer before he started the Q drops.

Never. He didn't kill Biggie. Suge did, and he's already in prison for life.

There's a chance he killed Pac, but more likely, it was Biggie, and Combs at best helped him. It's just nobody wants to look into that because people actually admire and respect Biggie, where Sean John's just an artless, self-important psychopath nobody ever liked anyway, and whom only stayed out of prison by relying on fear and money.

File: download-1.jpg (5 KB, 201x140)
5 KB
for example, these are what I consider underrated or overlooked jim croce tracks, but I can acknowledge that there are contributing factors that might have caused them to be ignored

>the wall
90 secs too long+recording quality
>circle of steel
cover song+recording quality

What are some underrated songs that you can acknowledge are underrated for a reason
For me, it's Taylor Swift's Reputation, the most avant-garde pop album of the 2010s.

Shame it's all in service to Taylor's ego
Death Grips' entire discography is basically EBM for people who dislike industrial music.
One flaw that I recognized in Jim Croce's lyrics: What was the line "Meaner than a concentration camp dog" on "Big, Bad LeRoy Brown" supposed to signify?
Do you know what you just said?

File: ss.jpg (50 KB, 640x420)
50 KB
Thomas of Daft Punk is Jewish. How do we feel about this, bros?
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Blacks were the first to "sample".
the very faggot in your picture was a democrat. How new were you again?
I know, I'm saying that blacks were the first to blatantly rip off other music. He probably thinks blacks are responsible for every popular music genre.
>most skilled and most creative member of band is jewish
What a shocker
You already posted: >>120706618

File: 1667238792166374.png (92 KB, 896x1000)
92 KB
>download a bunch of avant albums
>force myself to listen to them for months
>Most of them fail to click
>Delete them from my hard drive and rate them 1.5-2 stars on rym
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you have to compare them against each other, it's the only way to understand
File: 9ec.jpg (20 KB, 622x448)
20 KB
for me it's russian music. i hope ukraine and israel both get destroyed
real chudders are listening to whatevers popular with the 14 yo girls to groom them
fuck out of here Ivan, no one wants to listen to your shit. Slava Ukraine motherfucker

File: 4389201384.jpg (20 KB, 331x300)
20 KB
>removes Limousine, which is the 2nd worst song ever recorded by any band
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
what's the 1st
if OP doesn't answer Earth by Lil' Dicky he is a liar
This desu
He’s doing is similar to Spector’s wall of sound, except with more dynamics/textures
>removes the vocals entirely
>it becomes a perfect instrumental album

File: 1708357033653975.jpg (49 KB, 828x809)
49 KB
What is the single worst genre of music?
31 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
that abomination known as witch house
RnB and modern pop country are worse than rap.
Not even close.

In Baltimore!

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