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the greatest diss track ever recorded
ohhh i get it you read the wikipedia article on leonard skynard and jumped to a conclusion which prompted you to make a thread on /mu/ which seemed really clever in your head but actually no one cares and you're going straight to page ten after you reply to this post with some kind of snarky, condescending and or passive aggressive comment.
>Afghanistan and Pockyston
>Afghanistan and Pockyston
>Afghanistan and Pockyston

Corey Taylor is dying
Nah this is just what happens to most Iowan men when they get older.
File: 1709092752382.jpg (472 KB, 1620x1620)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
he looks fine?

are they meme-status or not I can never tell
Fishmans were shitposted here constantly a few years ago
File: 1690533958409717.png (1.06 MB, 1098x681)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Regardless of memes or not, they make genuinely good albums. RIP Shinji Sato.
If they sang in English only, I would care.
yeah one guy spammed this thread every day on here many years ago and eventually the trannies caught wind of it and here we are today with this gay meme band with a squealy faggot of a frontman
Smashing Pumpkins guitarist ×3

File: 1709090516272345.gif (1.43 MB, 255x255)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
Most of the music I listen to is indie bands that no one has seem to heard of. Will people think my taste is weird because of this?
Yep. I would say embrace it and just don't be a dick about it but they'll think you're a dick anyways when you don't get excited about whatever mediocre garbage they want you to listen to. I only bother talking music in person with people at concerts so I know we at least have some common ground.

If you're lucky you can find a girl who is open to basic bitch entry level /mu/core hipster garbage but just hasn't been exposed to it yet and she'll think you're a god of taste for introducing her to Neutral Milk Hotel. But then again that was 10 years ago and the kids these days are getting into Duster through tiktok so idfk.

File: GHPIZ0mW0AAXbku.jpg (59 KB, 680x667)
59 KB
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File: song count.jpg (5 KB, 270x48)
5 KB
I drive so I usually just use a website to manually shuffle it at the beginning of a week since spotify's shuffle is shit and will just repeat the same 100 or so if you let it
I'm almost at 4000. I don't even remember half of them.
Take my gold kind stranger!
and yes i know everything on this.
most of it is youtube poops that ive converted to mp3s

File: a0615845406_65.jpg (39 KB, 700x700)
39 KB
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literally insaneposting
s/t EP is their best
richard dawson. bully. my band. other shit sucks
checked, and i agree. way more late 70s early 80s. the bass on people in the streets is Jaco tier, straight of hejira or something. the massive gated snare in dancing in babylon sounds so ridiculously 80s it's nearly phil collins parody.

nothing to declare is basically a simon and garfunkel song - very little 90s on here except for bubblegum dog
File: 1654063816404.gif (3.09 MB, 500x324)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB GIF
I'm the same age as you and I'm not mad at the album but I don't want to feel feelings I want something to distract me from my shitty life like LDA did

File: porn_stache.jpg (57 KB, 350x343)
57 KB
What are some music to massage your Mates?

File: 1703332150808687.jpg (500 KB, 1414x1885)
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500 KB JPG
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File: lmao, but very true.webm (2.91 MB, 960x1080)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
iu nation's little sister
eunchae nation's dotti
File: it girl energy.webm (3.83 MB, 600x800)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB WEBM
hes gay

their best++

File: madisonbeer.jpg (158 KB, 1200x1800)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
are industry plants real or is just /mu/ being schizos?
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Sounds like a personal issue
tldr: how jews distract the goyim from noticing they are now debt slaves.
stop talking about gooning you freaks
Yeah seriously. It's making me want to goon

Any other bands doing this? Only thing I can think of is Steel Panther but they're whole shtick is being a meme.
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File: 1582352472977.jpg (56 KB, 750x647)
56 KB
Sleep Token sounds the way this image looks [derogatory]
The weird vocals combined with the hide my face but show off my chest and abs costume.
sounds stupid i go sleep
>Is retarded
How is this always true?

File: IMG_2386.jpg (32 KB, 320x320)
32 KB
brand new is better
your lack of love for your dear self, is sapping all of us HERE OUT!
Managed to get barrier when I saw them back in November for the anniversary tour, I've never witnessed an audience singing as loud as that audience that night. Something magical was happening in that room.

hot tar
What even was that song lol
You get gold day and then this psycho industrial hick track comes partway thru the album

File: 15610443043821.jpg (63 KB, 545x499)
63 KB
Why have artists stopped releasing their albums on CD? It's like they don't want me to support them.
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vinyl is king (unfortunately), and beyond that most people stream so it's even less incentivized, don't understand why when vinyl turnaround still hasn't recovered to pre-pandemic levels and the price of a single record just keeps going up
cd and vinyl are still being sold
Because people don't buy them.

Vinyl is a bigger source of revenue than CDs today.
Umm sweaty that is how you support Verbatim or TDK or some other company, not a musical artist.
literally retarded

File: peepshow & tinderbox.jpg (853 KB, 1780x886)
853 KB
853 KB JPG
God damn are these two albums are absolutely brilliant. Some of the most well-crafted rock music ever made. They drip with excellence on every level:
>The balanced yet adventurous songwriting. I can't say enough great things about how well structured these songs are. The eclecticism always works in favor of the song, maintaining cohesion.
>Siouxsie gets to show her range as more than the ''witchy singer'', and truly feels like a continuation of the Dame archetype in music. Full of character and emotion at all times, fun to listen to because it was fun to put together, but again in service of the grander purpose of the songs
>The lyrics are stunning. Strong, intimate imagery is scattered all around, with a great eye for detail, and an ambitious outlook. Nobody else would have made something like 92° work.
>The music is connected to the English heritage in a loving and progressive (in the best sense of the term) fashion.
>Budgie's ACE level percussion on display. It cannot be overstated. His drumming is phenomenal enough, but the little embellishments here and there take it to the next level.
>Severin's menacing bass always rumbling in the background without losing its sense of groove
>Crystal clear, Thriller-level production and mixing job. Every element of the songs is so lively and in complete 'harmony' with the rest. Pretty difficult to do in the 80s.
>And so on
This band is so much more than silly outfits and Juju and John McGeoch on guitar. I've been listening to this stuff regularly for many years now, and wanted to take this occasion to not only sincerely gush about something that doesn't seem to get its due dilligence here, but to invite a celebration of plain old good music. I figured it'd be a nice change from the typical bait threads lel.
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Yeah they're one of my favorite bands ever. All of them are insanely talented.
File: 1681198869647662.png (239 KB, 500x500)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
>Dark-punk's most overrated artist, Siouxsie has left behind very few compositions that deserve to be remembered. Most of her "music" was actually attitude, and therein lies her importance.
>Thanks to heavy promotion from major labels since the beginning of her career, she did achieve a bigger commercial success that the rest of dark-punk's emaciated ranks but at the expense of sacrifing whatever little originality her music had.
>If nothing else, the commercial scam helped give the genre some credibility with labels, which in turn materialized in a broader acceptance of gothic music worldwide. That is what Siouxsie will be remembered for.
get bent, piero
I can't fathom how this smug pastanigger thinks Von Lmo is an epochal artist and Sioux and co are some marketing product that only got influential due to haircuts and eyeliner. It's like he has some kind of personal foibles about some bands. When so many other artists quote their debt to this band, bands he rated high, he thinks he knows better than an actual artist whether another artist/band had value.

He's a really weird gnome, who occasionally has very based takes and then some extremely dumb ones.

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