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File: gangstaboo.jpg (18 KB, 304x304)
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Gangsta Boo was 15 when Mystic Stylez was recorded

what have you done when you were 15?
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interesting. at 15? what do u do now.
>what do u do now.
lie on the internet
And still she can only rhyme off words that end in E.
but back then you didn't call ex-girlfriends 'ugly bitches' on the internet so you were still kind of ok and not a huge shithead
Are you my ex by any chance?

>Album 6 when

Im getting impatient Taylor

You released an album every 2 years for 8 years straight and its been nearly 3 since the last release.
>tfw shes getting too old and wont survive the next genre transition
lmao did you like the last Ariana grande album too you beta faggot?
Taylor is the only pop I like

File: 21574-souldout-je4x.jpg (185 KB, 603x300)
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185 KB JPG
Can I get a few recs on more Hip-hop like pic related?

File: image.jpg (147 KB, 640x832)
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147 KB JPG
I dunno why I just like music mainly house/tech but appreciate all forms of music even of o don't like the sound of it .from opera to Jimmy hendrixs to even African tribe stuff.

so first of I'm going to start at home with a keyboard any suggestion for one I could pick up second hand ?

I've also looked into how to play them but how do o look into creating my own music.like is there a good process/ritual when trying to come up with stuff
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File: image.jpg (1.55 MB, 3264x2448)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Literally just put a tape recorder (phone voice memos) down while you play and go nuts, literally anything that comes to mind, even if it's a single note tapped slowly.
>protip: do this with friends who also have instruments, being drunk or high helps if you're like that

Knowing a few songs from a genre you like also helps. For me to know songs by heart (by feel if you will) helps me to recognize patterns on the keys that can be easily dissected later. Knowing these patterns by heart and by principle will help you to recognize good potential progressions and schemes and aids in your ability to process your music hypothetically and kinda internally you feel?
1. know what a scale is
2. know what a chord is
3. get a sense of discordance/harmony
4. learn arpeggios
5. learn what a piano bass line is
6. learn proper fingering

that's for beginners, all the tutorials are online. just get some patience and sit through them
I think as long as it works you're good, especially if you're just wanting to learn music basics.

I wish I could recommend one for you OP but I'm not sure, I'd like to know this as well.
I dont really care about the music.. but that woman is a goddess!!

hey wats up
who? why?
me bich
I'm going to attack you with razor wire
File: a8hn8NiN_400x400.jpg (17 KB, 360x360)
17 KB

File: IMG_0745.jpg (72 KB, 776x811)
72 KB
IDC this is a great album it's been 5 years and I still put this on. Listen to it again, understand the context and you'll love it.
cant believe this thread almost got archived. LULU is goat

File: a1748693961_16.jpg (85 KB, 700x700)
85 KB
Just released our first EP, we're starting to build some serious traction in the Long Island area. We're opening for Badfish and Consider the Source and just want to get our music out there. Check it out below.

>Power Trio
>Psych/Alt Rock



>U are in a forest where everything is a lot of colours. In the distance u hear a crazy man screaming at the top of his lungs. He also happens to be playing a guitar in a quite mediocre way but its alright bcuz his pedal effects are really interesting and weird. some weird guys in masks keep asking you if you want to take some DMT and pressing buttons and playing these weird sounds that you cant really distinguish particularly. Also indie god noah “panda bear” lennox is bashing the drums harder than he bashes his morphine dealer when he finds out he’s being ripped off. In the midst of this forest is the average Here Comes The Indian fan. He is probably on some sort of exotic drug you’ve never heard of, or still in high school. He desperately wants to experience nature more often but finds himself stuck behind his computer screen googling trivia about his favourite philosophers. You rub your eyes softly and find yourself awoken. You fell asleep in front of ur computer screen, oh no! and Here Comes The Indian, your goto “guys im weird lol”-core album, has been rated 5 stars on RYM by a peculiar spirit. You look up into the skies and thank Animal Collective for blessing you with this beautiful gift of neo-psych tribal-ambient mastapiece. Avey “tare you a new one” tare gives you a wink as he teleports into his studio to record more mediocre pop songs as you hop on /mu/ to post about how ur disappointed with their current direction and how much u wish theyd go back to their roots as hippy wastoids.


does this fag think he's funny or something?
good god what a fucking loser. I'd legitimately enjoy to see someone beat the shit out of him

File: 1.jpg (48 KB, 481x481)
48 KB
why did chillwave die as an aspiring electronic branch around 2010-2011? it had so much potential and birthed so any good artists and albums

File: IMG_3553.jpg (176 KB, 600x600)
176 KB
176 KB JPG

File: download (10).jpg (20 KB, 225x225)
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i'm kinda shocked how good the suggestions were
>chanmomo is japanese so I can't tell the waifufag to fuck off back to the kpop general
it's not fair
bump? more like chump!
I love these threads. Music is my life, and I love rating it.
How do I enjoy music again

File: weirdo-6324.jpg (96 KB, 424x424)
96 KB
The way I see it, clinging on to obscure, underground genres of music (i.e., "harsh noise, lowercase, etc.) like sweet life itself is a tell-all sign of having no originality whatsoever. It's on the end of the spectrum of normie-tier radio music. People pretend to like because it tells them that they a.) They are talented, despite the fact that talent requires actually being good at something that isn't generating as much god-awful noise as possible, and b.) They are the only real music fans, because "fake fans and normies" can't understand their shitty electro-farts.

In short, learn a real instrument or GTFO.
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not him but if it's really considered experimental it's experimental in the way kid a is which is not that much. there are some interesting parts where some of the sounds are reversed creating depth and good texture but i fail to how it's experimental. is it the structure of the song? maximalist approach? those things have been done before and done better
It's diatonic for one thing. It's not complicated or difficult. The structure of it is self-consciously eccentric, but not in a way that's actually justified. It's basic shit with a dash of lolrandom goofiness.

Listen to Scope by Nobukazu Takemura.
I fail to understand how this is equivalent to how experimental kid a was. I barely see kid a as being experimental. This piece on the other hand is much different, for one there is barely any structure to the song for it is nothing more than multiple keyboards clashing into eachother, also it may be maximalist in sound but attempting to look at it with other factors, there are alot of minimal aspects of it as well. Its also hard to tie it down into a specific category without bringing multiple names into it. Which alot of multiple experimental pieces have in common. Alot of experimental pieces can actually just be tied down by a name and idea and such, and even though sounds like this were done before, its still a tune i love. Because even music like this is subjective

im a fan of his work as well
i was just saying that kid a is hardly experimental like the track that was posted. they can be called experimental because the artist maybe hadn't done anything like that prior but everything they tried had already been experimented with. i wouldn't call kid a experimental either
Dont get me wrong i know EXACTLY where youre coming from and on a certain standpoint i can somewhat agree. I just have a soft spot for sounds like these is all. I just posted that one because i think it can be a good gateway to that specific style, and could be accessible to those who dont usually tread on that style. But i just really like how it was executed on the track posted.
Plus its okay if shit like that was done before, Vomir wasnt the only one who made harsh wall noise and people are still making and loving that style.
Also dont think im attempting to argue, i just love these types of discussions

it's out
Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0B-oGJgthFIDZa01oXzdsV3ZVTG8
heartless is kind of whack but other than that it's pretty good
oh wow, another Soundcloud rapper who raps in staccato triplets to beats made on a Roland TR-808.

File: 14789226253.jpg (25 KB, 500x500)
25 KB
Silver: Jarboe's life

Copper: Michael's life
Jarboe can't use a fork confirmed

File: Graduation_(album).jpg (27 KB, 300x300)
27 KB
best kanye album. most nostalgia songs that bring back memories. epic stuff. anyone else remember the glory, flashing ligghts, big brother? amazing shit. and.....this brings me back. it's really good stuff. haha
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Kanye's a bitch who suck's Jigga's dick for busfare, then walks home
Instead of flaming you like everyone else is going to, I'll be nice. Yeah I remember. Not my favorite Ye album but honestly it is one of my top 3. A lot of people don't give it enough credit.
Cuz he spent the busfare on that pink polo haaannnhhh
I like it more than 808's and TLOP.
But is probably the least experimental thing Kanye has released
I was 15 when this shit came out and honestly I remember even thinking then that College Dropout and Late Registration were better. Nowadays I listen to it maybe once every couple of years. I don't really long to listen to it or anything, though I will admit that Good Morning's some good shit.

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