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File: qqbenrj-lj-kdrk.jpg (353 KB, 1819x1819)
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File: 1705062641571235.png (1.37 MB, 960x1280)
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The russian femboy, who posts a lot on /int/, got drafted to the russian army.
He was a refugee in Armenia but the russian military managed to catch him
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Because most of the times they get bombed anyway
wtf that's cruel
how do you think surrendering to a drone would look like? "ok you got me I'm gonna go home now, pinky promise"? it's like trying to surrender to a cruise missile
Why the long face?
there was a russian that pretended he surrendered in winter and then ran away from the drone that was guiding him back to the ukrainians
ever since then they kill everyone lel

File: 1702246875534656.jpg (51 KB, 709x595)
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is it just me or we got some multi year trend of increasing heat? how do you deal with the heat my northern hemisphere bros?
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bull fucking shit

t. only has a fans while gf has an ac
Oy vey
israel is 3300 years old there's probably many previous records
another shoah

File: IMG_3917.jpg (28 KB, 680x451)
28 KB
What do South Koreans lack that the Japanese are able to do in stuff like art, culture and tech innovation?
>similar gdp
>same work culture
>same style of capitalism
>similar exports
Why do South Koreans seem to lack so much soul compared to Japanoids? What is the Japanese secret for society, tech and art?
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I feel like people are trying to find demographic explanations for what is in essence an economic problem.

Japan had a lot of assistance for its post war recovery and had in essence rejoined the first world by the 60s.

Korea was a colonial backwater pre-war, spent the 50s getting bombed into the stone age, was under dictatorship (yes, in the south too) all the way through the 80s.

South Korea is doing fine. They're catching up the way all developing countries do, doing what their regional competitors do for cheaper. They should be praised for making it as far as they have.
Amigo you are literally a brown spawn in a place capable of nothing except planting drugs, both SK and Japan on the other hand are pushing the boundary of the mankind's technologies. You do not possess the intellectual certificate to make any meaningful political or social judgements on either country, just let it go. Sorry for being harsh

This, but keep in mind it was a strategic move for the US to cripple Japan's semiconductor and other industries and move them to south Korea, which greatly contributed to its growth
why are overseas chinese such soulless smug assholes
We literally have a higher GDP than South Korea and whichever shithole your flag is from. Samsung which the holy grail of South Korea is mediocre and will fall apart in the near future. Meanwhile our economy keeps growing. I am more qualified to talk about economics than your retarded gook white-bootlicking mongoloid ass. So yes, please kill yourself.
chink has no right to be speaking here when he should be getting raped by his own government for browsing the chans
You literally live in the bottom of shithole little spic, you probably won't live past 30 before cartel peel off your chest and carve out your heart while it's beating, you lots are genetically primitive and animalistic, you have never been relevant in human history and never will, your tiny brain can barely function like a human, go back to smuggling drugs or mow the lawn for your god uncle sam you useless spic

File: 44343.png (340 KB, 1231x1134)
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340 KB PNG
do you consider these 1st world countries?
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Romania is not first world
Bro you dropped your mirror
Our minimum salaries are set by unions, for cleaners its like 1800€ but because every union set them it might be also 3k€, so its more flexible model.
Only Czechia
Nobody mentioned romania, shut up shut upshut up reeeeee

File: file.png (1.15 MB, 900x687)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
This whole "passport" bros thing is just a psyop to guilt white men for dating exotic women.
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because most here see Russians as cool bear wrestling sexpats.Putin is also cool
same with what we see germans as powerful WWII empire. there are literally organizations here who idolize Hitler
>dying for a w*man
What kind of cuckoldry is this
I'm ok with that. it brings money to my hotel + properties
Misery loves company. Women also try to get other women to ruin their relationships out of spite.
Western women are basically the equivalent of the eternally spoilt child, it doesn't matter what you do they'll always be unhappy because they think the world should revolve around them. Unironically it's not even hyperbole anymore there's a large majority of western women that are just absolutely abhorrent cunts because we've spoilt them so badly. I wouldn't date outside of my race but I understand why people do, especially when they visit countries that don't hate men or masculinity.

File: 1713422981103926.jpg (28 KB, 576x438)
28 KB
is it true that when westerners talk about politics they talk about important issues like taxes, economic policies, welfare etc?
in poland people vote based on religion and prejudice and the news only talk about abortion, church and lgbt
>in poland people vote based on religion and prejudice and the news only talk about abortion, church and lgbt
we do this in america too but in polite society you are expected to be a buttfucking babykilling atheist

>in Japan people talk about important issues like taxes, economic policies, welfare etc
>all agree that the ruling party's policy is the worst
>everyone votes the ruling party again
such cases in aging society

File: langjordan.png (246 KB, 2518x1024)
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246 KB PNG
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>I'm pretty sure you can just say "Anon studerer"
as i expected, ty
>How do I befriend these guys tho?
Why would you want to befriend people who are literally the lowest class of scum in both countries
dobry gust

uwielbiam kaliber 44
this is actually true for every language but the three big asian ones
page 10

File: 1689024696590.webm (1.75 MB, 1080x1920)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB WEBM
Is rock climbing popular in your country?
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t. fatass that can't do a single muscle up
it's not a sport.
Whatever happened with this guy anyway? It looked like he forgot he didn’t have a safety line and so didn’t try and break his fall
File: climber.webm (2.81 MB, 1920x1080)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
but it is.
File: climber2.webm (2.87 MB, 640x360)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB WEBM

...Israeli-Palestinian conflict on US college campuses since it started in time immemorial.

I made myself very emotional writing this and reading my handiwork.

UT Dallas did not have the good sense to send an emergency email warning faculty to stay away from the protest area yesterday when the protests happened. Today, there was no less urgent email calling for civility and reason. I wasn't even aware of it spreading from fucking Columbia University like a suicide rash.

They chanted, "we will pay for Israel's slaughter."

UT Dallas students are no more innocent than Israelis and Palestinians themselves.

Idiot zoomers understand the language of pop culture. Have they never watched that Rick & Morty episode with Mr. Needful? Or has my furious godlike intellect suppressed their capacity to understand irony like God hardening Pharaoh's heart against Moses' overtures to peace?
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Thanks for confirming its truth

I dont speak rat sorry
היה לי מזל חרא עם תת-פיקסלים מתים בפי-סי. קראתי רק סיפורי הורור על זה שהם לא לוקחים אחריות אם אין מעל איזה 5 פיקסלים מתים, וזה סיבה מספיקה לעולם לא לרכוש פי-סי
we know it doesn't happened like that in the beginning
Then allow me to translate: How did you arrive at this conclusion, mentally ill retard? Meds immediately.
>T. A literal Swedistani
Kek argument automaticaly dismissed
>sad it's fake
>thanks for confirming it's truth
Lmo the absolute state of that mf

File: 1711080443881.webm (3.49 MB, 480x852)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB WEBM
Indian redeems Spain
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Thank you redeem for honoured blessing saars, .
Indian: poo on street
Dutchman: poo on face

Can't wait until every just gets so sick of Indians they start killing them
White boy cope

File: e5e097c8.jpg (216 KB, 1200x1615)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
This Thread is for discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily life, etc.of Japan
Let's talk at least in Japanese and English. Take it easy

Previous Thread:>>196406977
Learn Japanese Thread:>>>/int/djt

Please declare before making a new thread. and put the next link.
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does anyone want to post a vocaroo of you speaking english?
your accents are so cute!

File: bottled.png (173 KB, 512x512)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
>install bottled
>set filter to female only
>wait 24 hours
>two dozen messages from SEAmonkeys
>some have shit like "I want a husband :(" in their bio

So getting a mail order bride is THIS easy?
23 out of these 2 dozens are pajeet scammers btw, good luck picking the legit one
Literally not true, if you ask them to videochat they jump on the opportunity lmao. It seems like after 25 or so if they are not married they become desperate.

File: 1557653988086.png (970 KB, 1658x898)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
hilo latino
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pa ti mi polla
File: 1712259853504355.png (943 KB, 746x1100)
943 KB
943 KB PNG
basado o crinsh?
File: 1697515759228252.webm (530 KB, 480x852)
530 KB
puros web0nes aca qliaos simps de Afrodita.
cual gana
no me lo tengo que imaginar

I miss the incel era of 4chan, where everybody was more focused on dating scenario, blackpill & stuff like that. Even /pol/ was mostly threads about incels and even various incels claiming incel solidarity with all incels rather than White Nationalism, etc. For some reason, its gone and 4chan is back to focusing on nationalism and religion. I think It had something to do with indians flooding, indians are very obsessed with religion and they make a lot of "retvrn to paganism" threads with fake flags on /Pol/, which makes even White posters to discuss religion for real. Nowadays /pol/ catalog is 90% religion.
I miss the incel era so much man, it was way better and funnier to browse this site
File: 1713467164317882.gif (112 KB, 570x537)
112 KB
112 KB GIF
>I miss the incel era so much man
go to a prostitute or you're a faggot
You're 100% right the pagan shilling is a jeet psyop but pol is full of gullible tards

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