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File: proc.jpg (1.37 MB, 2448x3264)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
How many spare wheels do you keep?
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Okay strong and independent man who don't need no hardware store
Sorry I felt attacked when you brought up mental illness and hoarding
I feel sorry for people who don't know how to repair their own stuff. I spend more time fixing shit than riding and I can fix basically anything with my stash of tools and parts. How do you people get through a ride? I have to stop and fix something every couple of miles, if I didn't have a milk crate full of random scrap parts and tools getting dragged behind me with bungee cords I'd never get anywhere
File: wheels.jpg (477 KB, 1371x2048)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
Here are some of mine.

I love good wheels, I build my own and like to have spare sets for each of my bikes and tend to go for 2-3 sets per bike, all set up ready to go with tyres fitted.
>1 x lightweight for dry road use fitted with slicks
>1 x all weather ceramic rim with wet tyres
>1 x Heavy duty rims and spokes with all weather off road tyres

This means pretty much all of my bikes are ewasily converted for whatever type of ride I have in mind. I have various bikes and need wheels in various sizes, 26'', 700c, 650b and 20'', I have wheels set up for all of these plus others that are just there to be used whenever a set wears out. I also have a ton of rims and spokes ready to build more.

Good wheels are the most important part of any bike. Everything else is there to serve the wheels.


just because you hate wrenching on old bikes doesn't mean you have to make up a bizarre scenario where people's bikes are falling apart and are cobbled together with junk. most people i know who do this keep an eye out for high quality parts and the completed bike is generally better spec'd and assembled than the bike would've been when it was purchased new.

File: single-speed-bike.png (2.18 MB, 960x1280)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
Let me guess, you "need" more.
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File: more.jpg (217 KB, 959x1011)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Albert Einstein
he must have been such a D bag
Why would that thing need brakes and how would that even work without sending you flying
Believe it or not: Serious unicycles actually do have brakes and they do work, very important for going downhill on a large wheel (aka big gear) unicycle.

File: cornwall.jpg (149 KB, 1292x854)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
This thread is for talking about railways, and things related to railways, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Big intercity trains, modest rural trains, long freight trains, the stations they work in - we love them all.

The usual interesting links:
~The Man in Seat 61 (seat61.com/) - the best rail travel resource out there for the UK, the EU, and beyond, bar none.
~Trainline (thetrainline.com/) - probably the best option for overseas visitors wishing to purchase tickets.
~National Rail Enquiries (nationalrail.co.uk/) - will show you the possible options for travelling by train, and link you to the train operator's website to buy a ticket. It doesn't matter which train operator you buy a ticket from, they'll all sell you a ticket from anywhere to anywhere for the same price.
~Realtimetrains (realtimetrains.co.uk/) - track your train in real-time: ideal for keeping on top of your ETA and platform numbers.
~TIGER (tiger.worldline.global/home/) - live station departure boards.
~Traksy (traksy.uk/live/) - live signalling information.
~Openrailwaymap (openrailwaymap.org/) - for finding existing and disused railway infrastructure.

What's happening?
~Phase One of High Speed 2 (Birmingham-London): hs2.org.uk/
~Belfast Great Victoria Street re-construction as Belfast Grand Central: weaverscross.co.uk/belfast-transport-hub/
~The Transpennine Route Upgrade (electrifying the Liverpool-York mainline): thetrupgrade.co.uk/

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paddington is not a 'pointless location' simply because it's inconvenient in this single, specific example, anon.
File: 1681564220167068.png (398 KB, 865x199)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
>the Club Car has ran out of Irn Bru
>stern people in shirts talking into phones, helicopters against the sunset, scattered shots of blues and twos winding their way through traffic
The only locations I can think of where HX would be more useful is north-west London due to the Bakerloo connection and inner-west London due to the H&C.
File: wrlth.png (470 KB, 566x800)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
i suspect HX will probably change into an alternating Old Oak Common / Paddington service once Phase 1 opens (sad, empty, hollow lol), but that'll be about it as far as transport from Heathrow goes, for a long, long, long time. simply because you can't have both net zero 2050 _and_ expansion at Heathrow.

the western rail link has been kicked about for decades, but in a world where the absolute worst-case alternative is having to double-back at OOC via HX or Crossrail, i don't think it'll ever happen.
I would like to apologise to Merseyrail. When I saw their new class 777 at the bottom of the reliability tables I hated on them for purchasing "shitty foreign trains". I've since read more about the 777 and they are actually pioneering the first exclusively battery-electric line in the UK. They openly admitted that reliability was bad and they've refunded passengers but that "innovation has to start somewhere". I feel bad for criticizing them now.

File: IMG_4441.jpg (8 KB, 273x185)
8 KB
I’m pretty close to switching to an older bike, if there an objectively best era for vintage steel bikes?
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My parents who rode in that era hated them. Crazy thing is even though I have 40+chainrings stashed they must have chucked the biopace ones.
I suspect it's fine once you get used to it, but just like modern oval rings you need to ease into it over time.
File: malfait2010.jpg (413 KB, 921x1311)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Chances are they had the more eccentric biopaces. Mine is fairly round like the pink bike's.
File: sutherlands-p63-p65.jpg (1.28 MB, 5100x3279)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
I was trying to install a Shimano 600 bb into a frame, and it didn't fit right. Insufficient threads on the adj cup side, couldn't put the lockring on.
When I first got this frame & fork I measured the bb shell real quick with a pocket rule. It was less than 73, so it must be 68. Surely there is nothing wrong with this assumption.

Shout out to Sutherland's. It's full of useful info for people who are into (or dealing with?) old parts. There's some info on Sheldon's page, but it wasn't enough for me to figure out a fix.
Turns out 70mm shells wwith English/BSA threading exist, and they take a 5xx spindle, which I previously thought was reserved for "Italian Stuff".

Why am I seeing this on an old Japanese bike? Probably because Sugino were straight ripping other parts, and didn't realize they were copying the nonsense too?
Yeah i've had a couple 70mm bsa frames.

Really you're best installing a decent 73mm cartridge unit, with metal spacers. That also allows you to adjust for asymmetry. The spacers are the same size as cassette spacers.
i want to do a wheelie on this

File: 1708344312634.jpg (281 KB, 1200x900)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
3 speed
All you need
38 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
You might easily argue they still are. It depends on what you value in a drive system.
Also derailleurs used to be surprisingly expensive in comparison until relatively recently. Either the cogsets just costed that much or some price gouging was happening.

I remember in the late 90s, my dad was getting a bike for me. The small town bike shop had two 'choise offerings' on display: one had 7 speed Nexus on it and the other the then standard 7x3 derailleurs, it costed like 50% more. So I got the Nexus and was made fun of :(
I wish I would've had a real bike when I was a kid. I rode BMXs until I was like 16.

What country are you from?

We used to have two bicycle manufacturers with monopoly, Helkama and Tunturi. That may explain the derailleur pricing situation.
I don't know how much a commuter/hybrid with only rear derailleur would have costed in comparison or if that was even an option to buy at the time. (Very common setup in the 80s.)

File: artm-map.png (646 KB, 1180x664)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
So the ARTM has made its proposal for what to do in East Montreal after infuriating the Premier with their dumb 36 billion dollar light underground metro idea after a bunch of stupid NIMBYs killed the 13 billion dollar REM de L'Est project because the sight of elevated rail ruins their view industrial decay and the noise of an electric light rail distracts from the heavy vehicles that go by every 30 seconds. The plan is a 21 kilometre proposal with 22 stations in pic related with 4 connections to the Green Line, a connection to the Blue Line and two connections to the Maschouch line with two extensions adding four and two stations to the line. The entire thing will be at grade mostly in the middle of the median and cost a wopping 10.3 billion dollars for the main proposal and 13 billion for the entire thing if extended. It'll have a speed of 27-31kmh which is still faster then driving during rushhour there I suppose.

The REM de l'Est was going to be 13 billion and would have been faster, higher capacity and actually given the Green Line relief downtown, why isn't the Premier just ordering it built as is that's within his power, and he's going to lose the next election anyway? This stupid line will cost more per mile then the REM de l'Est.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
To be honest announcing the REM de l'Est before the first phase of the REM opened was a mistake because now we can really see how dumb the NIMBYs are for opposing it. I do wonder once the second and especially third phase open how its ridership will go since the goal is 190,000 per day and it's at about 30,000 with just phase one meaning we haven't even seen the old Deux Montangue users start to use it or the new West Island ridership either. People in this province love to complain but when someone actually gets something done they complain it wasn't done well enough even if it's beyond reasonable expectations.

Jean Drapeau wouldn't stand for this, the Blue and Green lines would both have reached the airport out west and connected to the the Maschoushe line out east by now and for less then the Blue Line extension cost to boot if he had his way (and probably two or three more lines built by then).

Given St Hubert airport is being expanded to become a national level airport (which will likely also mean flights with New England) I wonder if the REM de la Rive Sud will extend all the way to Gare St Hubert and the airport instead of ending at teh college, though if I had my way that would be done for the Yellow line instead since there's no way using cut and cover would cost more then 200 million per km using that even with some tunnelling under the old city to get it under the boulevard.
Trams are a good consolidation of bus routes on a route that'll be consistently active for 40+ years, not a replacement for a metro.
Most NIMBYS are old farts who are too attached to the ways things currently are that they don't wanna change it.
>projects just fail because a buncha 70 year old retired boomers whine
>everyone who works and lives in the area suffers
trams added into roads are a fucking disaster though

File: IMG_6248.png (475 KB, 1470x1080)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
I fucking hate aviation influencers. Every time I open up social media I see some dumb roastie pretend to be a flight instructor, filming themselves doing blatantly unsafe thins in the air, or talking about how “easy it is to get into aviation.” Sure, it’s easy if your millionaire daddy owns a fucking Cirrus, but not for the rest of us you fucking CUNT. I sweat my ass off in a barely airworthy Cessna every day for barely above minimum wage, I didn’t have this shit handed to me. These faggots wouldn’t last a day doing what I do and make money by grifting zoomers into their “pilot guides,” which are just a bunch of useless training tips copy and pasted from Google. Oh yeah plus I’m a straight white guy so I’m automatically at a disadvantage in airline hiring, they’d much rather hire some dumb black bitch who busted 5 checkrides because muh DEI!1!1! It’ll all be worth it when I’m making 500k a year to fly a 777 to and from Japan and have enough money for good hookers. I’m gonna make it.
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
wow you sound like a real independent self-reliant he-man!
Won’t contribute to the gun violence statistics though. I’m sure you’re happy about that.
>You retards have been telling everyone for years now that the vaccines were soooooooo deadly yet virtually everyone who got one is still doing just fine.
Please ignore the (((completely random))) massive increase in heart conditions since 2021...
File: 1702247063068181.jpg (195 KB, 828x1442)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>Capt. Elmer Udd
I would hate my parents so fucking much

File: 903414697.jpg (351 KB, 2000x1125)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Would you support a GG1 Trust /n/?
They would have to install ditch lights, that would look fugly...
There's a cutoff date where historic equipment not used in regular service is exempted from that, as far as I can tell anything built before the end of 1948 falls doesn't need them. That was just a quick search, there could be other stipulations or regulations I missed... but steam locomotives don't require them so I would think a GG1 could be excepted too.
does having a mars light exempt you from ditch lights?

File: 20231116_212851.jpg (1.23 MB, 1601x2160)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Space transportation general. Since spaceflight is increasing exponentially, since we are up to at least a launch per week and since we are days away from an industry revolutionizing fully reusable
super heavy lift launch vehicle.

Upcoming launches:


SpaceX livestreams on Twitter/X:

Upcoming NASA operations:


SpaceX Mars goal

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 20240225_171709.jpg (185 KB, 681x681)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
The final resting place for Ingenuity in the undying lands.
"Upgraded stage two engine testing is off to a strong start." -Stoke space
"Upgraded stage two engine testing is off to a strong start." -Stoke space
The FAA has closed the mishap investigation into Flight 2 and SpaceX released an update on their website detailing the causes of failure
>Following stage separation, Super Heavy initiated its boostback burn, which sends commands to 13 of the vehicle’s 33 Raptor engines to propel the rocket toward its intended landing location. During this burn, several engines began shutting down before one engine failed energetically, quickly cascading to a rapid unscheduled disassembly (RUD) of the booster. >The vehicle breakup occurred more than three and a half minutes into the flight at an altitude of ~90 km over the Gulf of Mexico.

>The most likely root cause for the booster RUD was determined to be filter blockage where liquid oxygen is supplied to the engines, leading to a loss of inlet pressure in engine oxidizer turbopumps that eventually resulted in one engine failing in a way that resulted in loss of the vehicle. SpaceX has since implemented hardware changes inside future booster oxidizer tanks to improve propellant filtration capabilities and refined operations to increase reliability.
File: 1000010449.png (793 KB, 904x1001)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
>At vehicle separation, Starship’s upper stage successfully lit all six Raptor engines and flew a normal ascent until approximately seven minutes into the flight, when a planned vent of excess liquid oxygen propellant began. Additional propellant had been loaded on the spacecraft before launch in order to gather data representative of future payload deploy missions and needed to be disposed of prior to reentry to meet required propellant mass targets at splashdown.

>A leak in the aft section of the spacecraft that developed when the liquid oxygen vent was initiated resulted in a combustion event and subsequent fires that led to a loss of communication between the spacecraft’s flight computers. This resulted in a commanded shut down of all six engines prior to completion of the ascent burn, followed by the Autonomous Flight Safety System detecting a mission rule violation and activating the flight termination system, leading to vehicle breakup. The flight test’s conclusion came when the spacecraft was as at an altitude of ~150 km and a velocity of ~24,000 km/h, becoming the first Starship to reach outer space.

How do we restore transit in rural America? My little town lost passenger rail service after WW2 and inter-city bus service in the 1980s. Is there anyone important (politicians, key people in companies like Greyhound, etc.) that care about this issue?

Pic unrelated.
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I clicked this picture thinking it was East Anglia.
>I'm not going to waste your time with "muh economic feasibility" - a trillion dollar defense budget isn't economically feasible either and yet we pass it with a bipartisan majority every year - but nobody really cares enough about it to make it happen.
The economic feasibility sets the bar, though. Yeah sure you hold up defense spending as a straw man but that's just a stupid distraction. Military spending is notoriously hard to analyze because the risks and rewards(or penalties) are so extreme.

More economically feasible usually means more politically feasible. There are exceptions of course our systems are full of cruft, corruption, partisanship and just plain stupidity but that doesn't mean the general principle doesn't hold.
>My little town lost passenger rail service after WW2 and inter-city bus service in the 1980s.

That's because once the personal automobile became ubiquitous, the need for trains to random towns and villages ceased. Why would any train operator or government think it would make sense to have trains servicing a town of 500 or 5000 people? The only people that would utilize that would be poorfags and cucks who are too anxious to drive a car.

Me >>1982225 again here, I spent an hour on the clock playing around with this idea and I think a 3x/week route like Amarillo-Liberal-Garden City-Goodland with some small town stops in between would pencil out if you could get people to pay around $30-$40 a ticket.
Clockface scheduling --- Taktfahrplan
You can use it to provide good service at low frequencies, so that the infrequent buses converge at hubs at the same time.
The book Transport for Suburbia talks about this.
The key is predictable frequency and connectivity. If the bus is hourly it doesn't come at 8:01, 8:58 and 10:03. this seems simple but many cities struggle with it. And a small infrequent bus feeds into a hub or a larger more frequent line.
At the hub it is key that all routs come in at the same time an leave at the same time.

rm transit had a (bad) video about this

What is the most pleasurable airport to be a passenger in?

Pic unrelated.
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
palm beach international
Vienna International Airport, Terminal 3. Fast security, clear gate numeration and a can of Ottakringer beer at Heyneman for 2.99 € (yeah it's piss but they serve that same piss at gate F09 for 6.50 €).
File: L_height.jpg (68 KB, 500x375)
68 KB
Terminal 3 sucks compared to terminal 1. Better stores/restaurants and no ridiculous long walks along a single line. It's a pity that Austrian uses T3 now.
Especially flying overseas, you basically waltz into the international terminal right off the freeway and walk past checkin and security to your gate in 15 minutes tops. I don't even have tsa pre or anything like that. Flying back from CDG is intense.
AMS is okay, if you're flying domestic or discount.

LCY is fun but shit on departure.

A woman who is in a sexual relationship with an aeroplane has revealed that she travelled abroad 30 times in the last year just to spend quality time with her lover.

Sarah Rodo, from Dortmund, Germany, found love on her first flight with a Boeing 737 - after an unfulfilling attempt to date humans.

Since then, the 23-year-old has also 'met' 60 figurines and three larger models who she considers part of a 'collective being' that she is dating, and so she often refers to her lovers as one.

Keeping up a relationship with an object requires real commitment.

The avid jet-setter is so loved up that she has booked 30 mini-breaks in the last 12 months just to be close to her original beau, the Boeing 737.

Despite their many trips together, Sarah, who identifies as objectum sexual [having a sexual or romantic attraction to an inanimate object], is heartbroken that she's never been fully alone with her partner.

Sarah said: 'I'm proud to be objectum sexual – it's a wonderful sexuality, the only sad thing is that I can't be alone with a real plane.

'I flew a lot in the last year to be with the Boeing as often as I possibly could, I took about 30 flights and always combined it with a city trip or vacation.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 983.jpg (97 KB, 1600x900)
97 KB
File: applebits.jpg (3.65 MB, 1866x1535)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB JPG
How is it not alive anon?
I like it anon.
What the fuck?!

Making bike lanes that end and then questioning why people aren't using them is the equivalent of this.
27 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.

I never understood these "multi use trails/pathways" that cities build. Like, in a lot of places it's illegal and considered unsafe to be on the sidewalk because they think you might hit a pedestrian. But then they make these trails meant to be shared with everyone - pedestrians, cyclists, scooter users, rollerbladers etc - which is the exact same fucking thing as a sidewalk.

Like hell they would. These fuckers are so annoying and any sort of design imperfection will cause them to seethe and rant online for hours. Even if they designed and built their own bike lanes they would still bitch.
To keep cyclists off the roads of course. Usually hypocrite environmentalist politicians that have never ridden a bike in their life come up with it.
the ones where I am are much wider than a standard sidewalk , but I take your point.
I've never been hassled by a cop or a pedestrian on a sidewalk, it's not something the average person is aware of and if anything they think bikes belong there. back in the 00s, one of the messengers here had a cop berate him for NOT being on the sidewalk.
I use them when it makes sense to, but I always yield to peds and match their speed when they're around, which is not often because nobody walks in the US anyway lol
>which is the exact same fucking thing as a sidewalk.
Except it's like 12 to 14 feet wide.

Company Man Edition

New version of the sticky for Br*tish anons:
291 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: FpbBtdHWAAEgCJs.jpg (110 KB, 680x680)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Does Mouth breathing stuff literal or figure of speech?
File: Untitled.jpg (1.65 MB, 4028x2265)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
containers are pretty epic
The company I work for has been involved in many containership transactions

It's a very weird market

It's dominated by a few huge carriers, all of which have more money than they know what to do with. Some of them like COSCO are some of the largest shipowners in the world, yet they have more cash in the bank than the value of their entire in the water fleet.
But if they spend too much ordering newbuildings, the market will crash (we are here right now). If they spend too much buying used ships, the market will skyrocket. If they spend too much chartering-in too many ships, the market will also skyrocket.

They cannot return the money to shareholders because these are usually state-owned (or similar) companies and the state considers them strategic assets, not cash cows.
Normally a company with such a huge balance sheet would be a prime target for acquisitions, but they cannot be sold because their countries consider them strategic assets.

So how do they trim their balance sheets? Well they order so many newbuildings that the market crashes for a few years which makes everyone lose money so their balance sheets can calm down a little bit. In the process, maybe some smaller regional rival goes under and gets taken over.

It's also an oligopoly and the market leader is the Italian mafia. So there's that interesting bit.
Why can’t the money go to the state for government spending somehow? Also are you saying the shipping industry will crash soon due to high balance sheets of shipping companies?
It had already crashed because the orderbook is like 30% of the fleet and vessels are delivering from shipyards at unprecedented rates.
These ships had been ordered during the boom years of 2021-2022 and deliveries will continue all of this year and the next.

Now the red sea situation is keeping the market artificially alive again. But if that gets resolved it will crash and burn.
Actually some people say there's so many new ships coming that even the red sea diversions around Africa are not enough to absorb all these ships.

Anyway shipping is always cyclical like this and this is only for the container market, the tanker market is still very high and the dry market is the new darling (but dry markets always disappoint in the end)

I'm a transit operator. Ask me anything.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Does the bus driver actively target cyclists, just not care or is there another reason like poor visibility or tiredness fron long working hours or something ?
>16 days ago
>zero questions answered
Of course the bus driver's late
You know, playing Cities Skylines 2 doesn't miraculously qualify you as transit operator. Post some photos, we will admire them and then go play again.
Faggot OP posts this thread and doesn't reply to any of the questions. Kek.

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