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File: IMG_9408.jpg (62 KB, 640x480)
62 KB
Wouldn’t mind travelling around the state on my ebike. Happy to buy a new one if there is one that’s much better.

1. What’s the best electric bike capable of at least 80kmh, ideally with pedals?
2. Why are these fuckers so hard to ride purely with the pedals and 0 motor assist? Can I make it easier without removing the motor?
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Sorry chud but anecdotal evidence doesn't count. Until the science is settle please refrain from posting wild assumptions.
I think in a few more years as battery tech continues to improve, and more and more consumers turn to e-bikes, these are going to be a huge mode of transportation. Not quite there yet, but on the verge.
I know it doesn't fit your criteria, but Voltbike is probably one of the best e-bike manufacturers in North America in terms of quality-to-price. They are super well built and need very little maintenance. I've taken mine pretty well the entire length of Vancouver Island and racked up thousands of klicks, and it's only needed oil. However, because they're made in Coquitlam, they aren't capable of exceeding the Canadian speed limit of 34 km.
It's the Hub motor working as an inefficient ball bearing.

This is something you can test. When you add a second hub motor at the front wheel (even while it's unplugged and unpowered) it will reduce your range significantly.
Seriously, dude.

You only need pedals to make the Police Officers think you're one of those faggots needing pedal assist.
Thus it has to have lots of power (let's say 1000W) because mountains and steep roads, and a stealth speed limiter button (because going 20mph is usually enough for self-snitching).
That case could be home to 100× 21700 5Ah cells, totaling more than 1800 watt/hours in ~15lbs, that would be 50-60 miles at best, you will run out of juice in three hours.
So you need 300-400 cells (say 7200 watt/hours), and some way to charge them in some 6 hours ("less than a night"), so the charger included with the bike should be no less than 1200 watts.
Theoretically feasible, practically... it's clearly not anymore an e-bike, even less a stealth one. You'd end up with something like the BMW CE04. You'd add a full fledged inverter, possibly a microwave oven (so that you don't need to light a fire to make a coffee or dinner) and a large foldable solar panel (sorry, won't give you a thousand watts every hour).

File: img_88-2_12.jpg (64 KB, 700x538)
64 KB
I love the concept of sleeper trains, but I struggle to properly sleep on the seated version (and the Caledonian Sleeper's beds are like 5x more expensive).

The cal sleeper splits and joins at a couple of points (which I find really cool), but it's very loud and jolty.
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I'd say you only really "need" a private cabin style sleeper for trips longer than 2 days.

Semi-open sleepers that convert are totally fine for a day trip or a simple overnight train.
>. Such as Washington DC to Chicago, a ~16 hour overnight trip
And then you buy a $200 plane ticket and get there in 3h
Yup, only reason to do it is if you hate flying or REALLY enjoy trains.
File: Bild-033.jpg (451 KB, 1024x682)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
The weirdo Talgo night train of the DB Intercity Night actually had something like that. You had mini-cabins with two seats across from each other. You could pull those seats together to make one bed and pull down a bunk from above the window to make a second one.
had an earlier occasion to travel to Vienna and took the sleeper train back in ze pods. 40€ to spend the night, get tra/n/sport and even a small breakfast. taking the day train would cost 35€ in 2nd class when booked in advance in comparison.
I didn't sleep much, it's still couchette comfort level after all. don't expect any soundproofing, my pod neighbors left the train 2 hours earlier, so them getting breakfast and preparing to leave the train woke me up besides the somewhat shaky ride. having the pod allows you to use the side walls to lean against them if you are a side sleeper, laying on your back might be a problem if you are tall. the provided pillow is an absolute joke, bring your own.
choose the lower bunk, there's extra space below the mattress where you can store stuff, just don't forget it before leaving the train.
for the 9 hour ride it was OK, but I wouldn't want to spend much time in ze pod awake any longer than necessary. only real advantage is the privacy, you can lie naked in ze pod if that's your thing. you still get the noise as you would in a shared couchette cabin. I think I would shell out for a bed in the sleeper car the next time.

File: ebikes.jpg (293 KB, 1260x806)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
Ebikes should require registration and an active insurance policy. $15 million in liability insurance per bike, minimum, to cover the average damage they do every time they explode. That doesn't even cover the loss of life but it's a start. Possession of an unregistered ebike or unregistered parts such as batteries should be a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison and being banned from touching another ebike ever again. Second offense is life in prison, you can't prove me wrong.

>but muh cost of deliveries
Muh cost of rebuilding the entire block after it was leveled and rebuilding the lives destroyed, cash me outside howbou dah?
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File: van-large.jpg (27 KB, 400x276)
27 KB
what does /n/ think of giving ebike criminals the van? it's a cost effective and humane way to deal with the ebike problem.
File: seattle.png (532 KB, 1518x1378)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
What the fuck, I came into this thread thinking it was a shitpost, but how the fuck are these things still legal?
I've come round on ebikes and battery electric vehicles in general OP, I agree now. Not only are the batteries dangerous and less energy efficient than gasoline/other ICEs, they let people think that they can have personal transportation and still help reverse/lessen climate change, when the only real change will come with a heavy reduction in personal vehicles and greater focus on public transit which can be powered by energy transmission from static generated electricity (ie. third rail or overhead wires fed from nuclear and renewables).
The government should start clamping down on electric AND traditional ICE vehicles. Stop subsidizing fuel suppliers and auto manufacturers (ICE or internal), heavy penalties for companies found to be using lithium sourced from human rights violating countries (and in cases on countries relying on forced or underage labour, military intervention if necessary).
because everyone in a position to do something realizes that the whole delivery app gravy train is a major force in gentrifying the cities, if you ban the ebikes you destroy the profitability of these apps, which eliminates the well paid tech jobs, which suppresses demand for the cool gut renovated loft apartments in old warehouses, which is terrible for property values, and the whole house of cards falls down

basically it's better to deal with some fires (which pretty much have their impact limited to brown people anyway). it costs less, it keeps the firefighters busy doing something related to their jobs instead of getting into brawls at irish pubs and using their union connections to avoid drunk driving arrests, and it might even clear up some precious land to build the next colony 1209

File: 1672439300214656.webm (2.12 MB, 1080x608)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB WEBM
Post some cool /n/ webms you have
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That sounds neat
Lol retard
I dunno how it works, but doesn't this seem like a tiny amount of chemical to fight a fuck huge forest fire? Like using a spraybottle vs a campfire.
I imagine if you were to take that spray bottle and use it on a piece of cloth before tossing it on the campfire it could have the potential to change the way the cloth is affected by that fire? are they really dumping it on the actual flames, or on the stuff that's about to get eaten by the flames?

File: file.png (2.11 MB, 960x960)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
Why don't cyclists usually wear gloves and other protective gear like knee pads or elbow pads like motorcycle riders? Is it a looks thing? Would people honestly suffer road rash and skin grafts for a bit of weight reduction?
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Cause they gay
i wear gloves mainly to keep my hands warm and dry but when i go offroad they protect my hands
i wear my helmet more than 50% of the time to shut my gf up
i used to wear a fullface and goggles lol
cycling just isnt that dangerous unless youre doing some crazy shit way above my level
and the most likely danger is a car which basically nothing will save you from
this is a big factor yeah
ive been on rides where ive had to take my helmet off because the top of my head is on fire
my helmet doesnt have very good ventilation though because i normally ride in the cold and wet
same i get blisters
and my fingiies freeze off
Its like you are moving the hold damn thing with your own strenght... so you dont want more weight, more heat and sweat, less freedom of movement, more hot spots.

The Boeing scandal(s) just convinces me that America needs high-speed rail.

Boeing prioritized financebros over engineers and got what was coming. Airplane manufacturers can't be trusted, airlines OBVIOUSLY can't be trusted. Americans need more options.
this is a problem of profit and regulation, specific neither to a particular company nor form of transport. people die on trains as well. put train infrastructure in the hands of capitalists reaping massive profits and allow them to self-regulate and trains will crash and people will die.
Agree. The answer is nationalisation. Though I will also agree with OP that America needs high speed rail.
It should just be that any transportation option that becomes important enough to a country's functioning should be nationalised.
The whole thing is a ploy by Big Rail to get HSR funding
I don't think Amtracking Boeing would be a good idea unless there was complete dismissal given to all the staff and the assets split in a style a-la the Bell Telephone System breakup (and look where that led to today with AT&T and the the like).

I think the best solution would be to cut Boeing any favoritism by bringing in legislation which holds the FAA to a higher level responsibility in airline safety within individual airlines and airplane manufacturers to adhere to a standard that at least Airbus and others agree is rigorous enough (Boeing could pout about it). Ideally records and inspections would be publicly available, and interaction would be akin to the FDA and foot plants (not ideal! but better!)

After that, use the power of tax incentives, prizes, etc. to companies that meet the requirements in producing airworthy aircraft that pursue some non-spurious end. Don't expect most to go anywhere - the point is to basic light a fire under Boeing's ass until either they "innovate" to what everyone actually expected of them, or lose out as new, legitimate market competitors rise out of the flames.
i wouldn't necessarily argue for nationalization. the repubs have been systematically destroying the ability of the federal government to do much of anything for so long now in an effort to prove their argument that government fucks everything up that there probably isn't sufficient capacity to manage such a thing. and that's aside from its complete political impossibility at the moment. better oversight and regulation of the industry would probably go a long way if done properly. even though increasing regulation is generally a nearly impossible sell in congress these days, to the extent that congress can do anything at all, now is a golden opportunity, while boeing is skulking around with their tail between their legs. but unless the fuckups continue, the public will forget about all of this pretty quickly.

File: IMG_4441.jpg (8 KB, 273x185)
8 KB
I’m pretty close to switching to an older bike, if there an objectively best era for vintage steel bikes?
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those are popular in that size. they come in 650a, which is even rarer, too.
i still dont know wtf a hybrid actually is
are they literally just mtbs on road tyres?
based regardless
i almost bought a very pretty old pug for my gf but it was too far away so i got her an alu dawes instead
what couldve been...
File: OPNIMG_20230918_143143.jpg (203 KB, 1920x1080)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
my solid steel hardcore 2000s crosscountry bild
its come a long way since this pic but still not done yet
im so exited though its gonna ride like a dream
A solid frame should weigh 300 lb.

File: IMG_3223.jpg (699 KB, 1114x1971)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
>Cool job at thats only 23 miles away and pays less vs a 10 mile job that pays more but is miserable.

What would you guys day
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>Transit isn't even close to as comfortable as spending that time sitting at home
Nothing is going to be as comfortable as sitting on the couch in your skivvies. If you wanna be comfortable so bad find a remote-work job. But the comfort comes from not having to be fully concentrated in the responsibility of driving. Seat quality, goofing off on your phone, and being able to stretch is just a bonus.
>Seat quality
car seats are infinitely more comfortable than the crusty plastic shit you get on the subway, and simply being in a private space makes sitting in a car far nicer than sitting on a bus. you get to be alone instead of surrounded by the unwashed masses
My commute is about 20 minutes each way if things are running smoothly. It still feels pretty long.
Depends on the "more" and your main way of transportation. I was at a job that was 5 min bike ride from my house, i used to spend my lunch break at home or city centre, an 8min bike ride, but i accepted a job thats 30km away, and paid up to almost 3x more, my commute now is a 15min bike ride to the bus stop where the company provides us a van without discounting in my paycheck, they also provide our lunch, thats not discounted too.
So, if it pays, and you dont have to pay to go to work (aka car, motorbike or public transport), its all good for me.
that's cool.

File: betterthanU.jpg (76 KB, 674x608)
76 KB
I wonder how many people here actually practice what they preach? Not many I'm sure, I can smell the the hypocrisy. Rules for thee and not for me is the rule of the internet.

So let's post our walkscores and let's see how bad things really are. If any of the there numbers are under 90 you don't belong here.
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It was an April fools thing.
that video was more anti bike lane than pro. the whole reason it exists is because he got fined for riding not in the bike lane
File: score.png (23 KB, 365x389)
23 KB
i moved here for a job. i'd never been here before and had to pick somewhere to live based on cost and proximity to work. i fucking hate it and i want to go home.

samefig desu

this is a train
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Has somebody have any fotos/images of a locomotive with the wheel arrangement 0-2-2-0, a Russian steam locomotive with no images available to me.
File: IMG_20240401_121043.jpg (3.47 MB, 2448x2096)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB JPG
mini train for bananas
nothing like the good hum of an EMD.
How about the cog railway 0-2-2-0 instead

File: st george to NJ.png (443 KB, 1119x854)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
Should the Port Authority consider the development of a railway/subway line from New Jersey to Staten Island?
Everyone knows that Staten Island is the bumhole of NYC transit, having one heavy rail line that runs worse headways during off-peak than any 24h Subway line during the night. That even includes the Rockaway Park shuttle whose five stops are among the nine least used on the entire network according to 2014-2019 figures.
Now every half assed transit enthusiast knows that Staten Island once had a line going from St. George along the north coast of the borough. The continuation of that line is now a cargo rail line into New Jersey. This provides two opportunities
>A rail line along the existing right of way to Elizabeth and Newark, providing direct rail service to Newark Airport and potentially midtown Manhattan
>A subway (PATH) or light rail (in collaboration with NJ Transit) line that crosses the state border over the Kill van Kull and then uses the existing right of way at Port Richmond
All three options will need at least a 3 mile long tunnel to reconnect St. George with the elevated section at Port Richmond. The rail line option would need a connector to the Northeast Corridor line at Elizabeth Port, while both the subway and light rail options would need a bridge or tunnel to cross the river. And of course the Subway would need a major extension project across Hudson County.
How realistic would such a project be, and do you think it would be reasonable or maybe even needed? Also I am not an American so I don't have expert knowledge on all the different parties required to make such a project happen so feedback would be welcome in that regard.
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are they actually going to be on the trains or just hanging around the stations?
File: IMG_5508.jpg (52 KB, 451x978)
52 KB
These lakes don’t exist
are the guardian angels still around, get them to do it, these fags are just for show
Yeah they beat up random brown people walking down the street for fox news camera crews and call them MS-13 gang banger shoplifters without evidence and then get sued for it, if you want a race war that's how you'll get one
we're already in a race war

File: unnamed-578772365.jpg (283 KB, 1440x1800)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
why are guys like this so racist against anything that isn't old and farty?

why don't they just ignore the people flying by them at 40mph having a ton of fun being super fit and not fat and angry like themselves?
Why they such haters?
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I went down a little cops on bicycles rabbit hole today, I found on wikipedia that our beloved grant also had something to say about the ideal saddles to protect cops prostates. He really is the polymath of cycling
>cops with tattoos and beards
is there no standard anymore
>orbital jewish laser cannons that cause tornados, or that lizard people are trafficking children to sell their blood to democrats
the weather dominator is a UHF antenna array, and the lizardman is an allegory for people who commit inhuman atrocities.
t. doesn't ride
File: last days.jpg (250 KB, 991x826)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
You son of a bitch.

Every day I watch this thread slide through the catalog. Page 7, page 9, page 10. 10. 10.
Then back to page 1 with a three-word bump.

Grant is tired.
Let an old man rest.

File: Life_Is_Journey.jpg (568 KB, 2000x1422)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
previous >>1935272

post pictures plans dreams setups questions trips
348 replies and 89 images omitted. Click here to view.
for me, it's aleppo soap 24% and merino wool.>>1990490
for me, it's aleppo soap 24% and merino wool.
In Europe most cemeteries will have a tap but I have also used streams, lakes and wells. I just wash things with water only and hang them around the bike to dry. When it's hot I will wash my jersey and immediately put it on. If I'm staying at a lodging I will use the soap provided, I don't carry my own.
there are biodegradable laundry soaps too.
But what I do is put the dirty laundry in a plastic bag and when I take an hostel or when I pass by a city, I use the washing machine available or the laundromat.
Then again, I wore the same clothes for 10 days with no issue
Touring from NYC to SF soon, via the GAP, Katy Trail, linking to the ACA's TransAmerica Trail to the Western Express route.

I have front and rear racks, and big Ortlieb panniers. Can I get away with just a half frame bag, a handlebar bag, and single back on the rear rack? Also open to getting smaller panniers for the front, but curious about more "bikepacking" adjacent setups.
Frame bags are great for denying you water bottle mounts, rubbing against your legs and making your bike into a sail while not increasing carrying capacity all that much. Most bikepacking solutions are a meme, except those handlebar drybag harnesses, those are good.

File: catenary_wire.png (320 KB, 774x430)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
Why are there so many different voltages, AC/DC and frequencies used in rail?
What are the benefits and drawbacks to high vs low voltage and AC/DC?

What is the system available currently that would work with the majority of routes that can be economically electrified.
50 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
way to out yourself as a tryhard newnigger, Boeing hate is several years old. Go back to /tv/ kid
One upside for DC systems is that regenerative braking is possible for better efficiency, so energy can be put back into the system for other vehicles. (My city's tram network has some steep inclines so this is probably a necessity for cost) in AC systems the frequency must exactly match and be in phase with the grid, or else it will blow up. So regenerative braking isn't common, if ever it even happens, in AC.
File: 1681308838471214.png (20 KB, 231x143)
20 KB
>So regenerative braking isn't common, if ever it even happens, in AC.
I don't think that's the case. I can't speak to the technical details - my layman's guess is that the process for getting electrical energy from an overhead cable -> electrical systems -> wheels turn, is completely reversible - but it's absolutely possible for AC trains to re-use braking energy to feed energy back into the grid, rather than simply dissipating it as heat. Here's an example, from page 5 in the booklet:
Regen on AC overhead has been reasonably common since the 90s, the thing that needed to change was replacing passive diode rectifiers with active four quadrant ones.

DC overhead has the same kind of issue, most are still supplied by diode rectifiers so you can't do regen from the overhead back to the grid, you only have regen from one train powering another train. Works decently for dense suburban services where you've got good odds that there is at least one train wanting to accelerate while the other brakes, but for longer distance/less dense services, that becomes a problem. (Traditional rotary converter or motor generator DC electrification could return power to grid too, but at that time regen controls on the train side weren't that common)
>you only have regen from one train powering another train
I think of it as being mostly the same. The grid is a whole system. And if it's not another train using that excess energy, at least the load would be less, and you'll be paying less for energy, while all that excess would be heating the rail and catenary.
That's not saying they will not power houses and stuff, but still, most of the energy will come from regular grid generators.
Regenerative braking is not used as much as a way of capturing energy but as a way to save money in energy supply and mechanical wear of the brakes.

File: 53227931571_e1b6fa8375_k.jpg (729 KB, 2048x1536)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
Happy 20th Birthday 4chan. I traveled to Fremont, CA to meet up with some dear friends and family and found out that the the Niles Canyon Railway was doing a steam excursion to commemorate the Bronco Billy Film Festival where they were showcasing silent-era films that were shot in Bay Area at the turn of the century so I booked a last-minute ride aboard it.

Will dump my album and go over some history of the railroad and its equipment below.
53 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nice to see they got the turntable in unscathed. Now to just install it.
i'm an avid watcher of people who enjoy vintage railway stuff, you guys are like unique in a cute way.

I've always wanted to go to the Secret Sidewalk

Some of the concrete sections are starting to fall apart because the aqueduct hasn't been maintained in decades.
File: 52536546722_48916f069a_3k.jpg (2.21 MB, 3072x2304)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG

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