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File: 1709529738307548.jpg (31 KB, 480x434)
31 KB
What the fuck is wrong with these mongoloid slackers? They completely underschedule longhaul trains everywhere outside the NEC so almost no one can use them for shorter trips and then wonder why ridership is in the shitter. Each route should be minimum 3x a day per direction.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
NEC here, I don't know that feel
I see both sides of it in Seattle. The Sounder regional trains are great up to Vancouver and down to Eugene. Then there's the Empire Bungler.
>want to go to Spokane
>check train schedules
>one (1) train each way per day
>depart 4:55pm
>arrive 12:37am
>after all the hotel checkin desks are closed
>fuck you unless you've got family nearby
It's not like there's no demand, they run BUSES from Seattle to Spokane and back, but they can't manage more trains per day because ______?
>but they can't manage more trains per day because ______?
they don't have the money
the answer to pretty much every question about amtrak is "they are chronically underfunded"
Yesterday I called amtrak customer service to change my ticket because the website kept crashing. The hold music was RnB and a sassy black lady picked up. Truly an american institution.
The Civil Rights Act / EEOC creates an effect I call the Shaneequa Event Horizon, where because sassy black women are impossible to "out diversity" (because they vote 96% for Democrats) any federal agency will eventually fill up with them until the agency fails at its core responsibilities and they get outsourced. If this happened to Amtrak and passenger rail got deregulated we'd see a 10x in available trains.

File: ebikes.jpg (293 KB, 1260x806)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
Ebikes should require registration and an active insurance policy. $15 million in liability insurance per bike, minimum, to cover the average damage they do every time they explode. That doesn't even cover the loss of life but it's a start. Possession of an unregistered ebike or unregistered parts such as batteries should be a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison and being banned from touching another ebike ever again. Second offense is life in prison, you can't prove me wrong.

>but muh cost of deliveries
Muh cost of rebuilding the entire block after it was leveled and rebuilding the lives destroyed, cash me outside howbou dah?
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I've come round on ebikes and battery electric vehicles in general OP, I agree now. Not only are the batteries dangerous and less energy efficient than gasoline/other ICEs, they let people think that they can have personal transportation and still help reverse/lessen climate change, when the only real change will come with a heavy reduction in personal vehicles and greater focus on public transit which can be powered by energy transmission from static generated electricity (ie. third rail or overhead wires fed from nuclear and renewables).
The government should start clamping down on electric AND traditional ICE vehicles. Stop subsidizing fuel suppliers and auto manufacturers (ICE or internal), heavy penalties for companies found to be using lithium sourced from human rights violating countries (and in cases on countries relying on forced or underage labour, military intervention if necessary).
because everyone in a position to do something realizes that the whole delivery app gravy train is a major force in gentrifying the cities, if you ban the ebikes you destroy the profitability of these apps, which eliminates the well paid tech jobs, which suppresses demand for the cool gut renovated loft apartments in old warehouses, which is terrible for property values, and the whole house of cards falls down

basically it's better to deal with some fires (which pretty much have their impact limited to brown people anyway). it costs less, it keeps the firefighters busy doing something related to their jobs instead of getting into brawls at irish pubs and using their union connections to avoid drunk driving arrests, and it might even clear up some precious land to build the next colony 1209
File: sutton.png (1.29 MB, 1854x1368)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
England too
Run away!
Stop burning hundreds of people to death every year would be a start

File: 20220615-DJI_0882-Edit.jpg (133 KB, 849x636)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Why is every bridge built in the last 20 years a cable-stayed bridge? They're kind of soulless and boring.
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File: zoomers.png (450 KB, 786x834)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
I heard a zoomer unironically call it that the other day and I was at a loss for words
I think I get it. The road bridge (connection) crosses the water viaduct (separation)
File: Galloping-Gertie.jpg (14 KB, 400x267)
14 KB
>They're kind of soulless and boring.
You want soul and excitement?
sovl coming through
They're cheap, they're cheap, and they're cheap. Also, they have a bit of visible drama to them that arch bridges don't have without looking as busy as a truss bridge.

>they're kissing
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File: giphy.gif (1.97 MB, 480x200)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB GIF
Kinda nuts that literally ONE company in the entire world has a monopoly on all train coupler systems.
explain. there are plenty of different couplers, and AAR at least has multiple manufacturers
Everyone uses Dellner

File: cycling.jpg (171 KB, 1080x1350)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Last thread hit bump limit

Spring is coming, get the winter stuff when it's on sale. Except people from Argentina, for you, get the summer stuff when it's on sale

Anyone use winter-specific road or MTB shoes? I've been depending on overshoes for too long

Discuss bike apparel. Engage in catty tribalism between "lycra lout aero fred" and "practical normal not-a-cyclist' (actually still marketed to cyclists but with reverse psychology) apparel. Boast of your metric century (not a real century) wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. Conveniently, there is no strava of it but it totally happened I swear!

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oh i didnt see that part. still absurd.
heh, i live in fl too and have been using some el cheapo sunglasses of unknown origin for years.
but ok i was wrong, with the tint it brings non polarized to $32 over $45 for polarized because tinting is included. it's just the lenses themselves that are $16 vs $36. but no uv protection? dunno. i would assume my current ones don't have that either so i guess i probably won't notice a difference.
Depends on your environment and riding conditions, I don't have a pair of polarized prescription glasses but I used to have a set of polarized Oakleys that blocked a lot of glare reflecting off car windows and glossy paint on clear high brightness days. It's useful if you're sensitive to glare.
File: asdfwe.png (2 KB, 206x58)
2 KB
>but no uv protection?
OH, i'm retarded and can't read.
Anybody got experience making/using vinyls on their helmet?
Mine is carbon fiber so Idk how it will interact with adhesives?
Any tips for placing them?
I got some designs I wanna work out while I wait for the state to answer whether its legal or not (Europe so laws are weird sometimes)

File: screw.png (3.55 MB, 2005x1128)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB PNG
Eurosistas, they'll make fun of us...
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>I live in the EU. I`ve seen regular industrial trains sporting that and like 40 loaded wagons put together. So I`d say it is really solid.
it's actually stronger then the old screw coupler
Why are there so many posts from seething Americans lately?
latter is superior though because it automates brake pipe connection
Which Americans are seething? Are these Americans in the room with you right now???
>he thinks OP wasn't posted by an american
I wasn't able to find anything definitive. But it is unlikely that train lengths in the EU are going to go above 750m ( about half a mile ). At the same time there is an effort to raise the permissible axle load system-wide to 25t. This puts the upper limit of train weight at about 5000t. Thus with a safety factor of, say, three you have an upper limit of 15000t.

Janney is not 'superior'. It is merely semi-automatic. The new euro coupler will automatically couple digital signals for electric brakes and, I think, also air lines. It makes it superior to both Janney and SA3.

Granted - it is at least 50 years too late.

File: Capture.png (1.44 MB, 882x827)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Some kind of mix up resulted in FedEx shipping me these instruments. I thinks it’s a gyro and related instruments. FedEx refused to take it back.

No tags or documentation in the crate they came in to let me contact the shipper or company they came from.
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It's a very basic russian/soviet gyroscopic artificial horizon for aircraft. The words on it are "caution gyroscope'. I believe the 06811314 are the mm/yy of mfg and s/n
>glows in the dark
>but why?
the brand is called Bad Dragon.
I forgot about the lume. But what is the point in xraying one? Unless you are trying to re-activate the lume?
They're russian.

File: Duopole-Airbus-Boeing.jpg (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
With all the manufacturing issues surrounding Boeing why don't airlines invest more in other manufactures like Airbus?
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They are, there's like a 1,000 plane backorder for A320NEO variants

How so compared to Boeing?


why are they backorders though? Airbus has been around for awhile and doesn't have the issues like Boeing does?
both sides of the duopoly are shit. Boeing is The poster child for putting the cart before the horse and orienting their entire business around stock buybacks and suffering predictably for it.

but airbus is also retarded, just perhaps in a less criminal and/or malevolent way. even Boeing, in the throes of some sort of actual collapse, is better at efficiently marshalling its resources and reading the market. EU industrial policy also wards off private investment interest and public coffers in Europe can only do so much when Germany is mired in stagflation hell.

still overall I think Europe will be just fine and interventionist policies will pay off, but you will always have airbus gimped by its significant administrative and bureaucratic bloat.

aviation needs competition from somewhere that isn’t china.
My uncle can see the future
what don't you understand?

>factory can make one plane a day
>one hundred planes are ordered
>will take at least 100 days
>fifty more planes are ordered
>will take at least 150 days
>two hundred more
>350 days
hmm sorry Delta now you have to wait a year for your plane

I need around 100 quill stems for a diy project. Any ideas where to get them for free? Do bike shops give away old stems?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Have you tried salvaging (stealing) them of off abandoned (not abandoned) bikes?
OP wants to get hit with 100 swivel peni?
based and niggerpilled
Buy a batch off abandoned bikes on govdeals
This isn't a very good thread unless you're gonna actually explain what you're doing.

What is the most pleasurable airport to be a passenger in?

Pic unrelated.
66 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just about any international airport in a place that has heavy tourism forces you to walk through the mini mall thing on the way to the gates. It only seems extreme at LGA because the curved path through the mall rubs it in your face that you're taking an indirect route, whereas at other airports you can tell yourself "oh those shops just happen to be here, in this long straight section where coincidentally there are no gates just shops for 1/4 mile that everyone has to pass through"
You're right about the curved path being grating, but it's also that the whole thing is just another one of those "I <3 N Y" shops that there are a million of in Manhattan. Most of those airport mini-malls aren't exclusively [this place] T-shirts and snow globes
i recently tallied and I have been to over 200 airports on each continent (yes, including antarctica, though those stretch the definition of "airport")...here are the ones that really stand out..

Iconic in every way. I understand why she had to go, but that doesn't mean I'm not still pissed she's gone.
It is always kind of momentous arriving here, especially from overseas. No other port of entry has the same weight.
Scale beyond belief. It feels like the crossroads of the world. It's not convenient, but nowhere comes close to matching the spectacle.
Extremely beautiful setting and always a memorable descent. Bonus points to all NZ airports for having no security on their Dash-8 or ATR flights.
Cold War vibes that are off the charts. The whole town exists for the airport, and the airport exists to support all Greenland. It will really be sad when Nuuk opens up to big jets later this year, Kanger is really an event.
Arguably the most beautiful place in the world. Seriously. Bonus points for always coming in on a Dash-7 too.
>Chek Lap Kok
Trash airport. Takes forever to taxi. Host airline has completely gone the tubes from one of the world's best to basically lame as fuck. Nothing remotely special about the airport itself, the fact that this soulless vapid dump replaced Kai Tak of all things is tragic. 2/10
maybe its just me, but I don't get the hype. some parts of it are kinda pretty? I guess it looks better in photos. its a pretty average airport desu. nothing special. and im overall a pretty big fan of singapore itself and particularly singapore airlines
pretty good, never feels too busy which is nice
I loved the old one for its quirky vibe, I'm sure the new one is soulless

I am considering getting one of these things, but the price is keeping me back, and some of the constraints, e.g.: wheels, proprietary parts, expensive accessories, etc...

The thing that keeps me orbiting towards a Brompton instead of the countless chinkshit knockoffs is the reputation. It seems everyone has mods, solutions, know-how to how to get the best out of the Brompton.

So what's your take /n/?
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The Bromptons are quite bumpy on bumpy roads, and not super forgiving. But the steel frames make up the stiffness. I will report back when I get mine.
I think >>1989433 is probably correct. I did notice considerable difference in smoothness, reducing inflation from the near maximum to lower half of reccommended range.

In general, do smaller wheel sizes mean more sensitivity to overinflation?
File: abusframelock.jpg (83 KB, 1024x683)
83 KB
>I dunno why the frame integrated lock hasn't been designed.
in the uk we have this thing called cycle2work scheme, it's basically a way to get a bike on interest free finance with a discount that you need to do through your employer who gets a tax break.

anyway, I already have all the bikes I'll ever need, but i don't have a folder, thinking of a brompton, could someone in the know talk me through the differences between c and p models? etc.

are they any good off road? i like the look of the 12 speed.
OP here,

I'm about to receive my Brommie any day now.

I picked the C model as it was nearly a grand cheaper in difference with the P.

The C has 6 gears, but I think the P can have up to 12. The P tends to be lighter, and is more suited for regular picking up and carrying over stairs. I also think that the P might have titanium parts that contributes to a lighter build.

I think the 6 speed has a remarkable range for what it is. And the weight doesn't seem much of an issue.

If you have money to blow, go for the P.

File: monorail.jpg (797 KB, 1800x1200)
797 KB
797 KB JPG
That the track is narrower? That it's elevated (chicago already has elevated trains)?
45 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
There's something about DisneyWorld and similarly universal theme parks that rub me the wrong way, but one exception is the layout and ambience of the 70s-80s high end resorts, and in particular the Contemporary.

Ironically that "contemporary style" has slowly evolved into a sort of neo-futurism at this point as both monorails and that style of concrete high-rise complex has fallen out of use in new construction.
she'll be alright. just pop a purple and blue filter on it, add a few palmtree clipart jpegs and use a generic supermarket Muzak clip as background music
I'm confused which problem would be solved by ersatzing it.
I think the Contemporary is alright in the contemporary as it is, unlike most stuff at didneywhurl

Also your description made me recall this video I haven't seen in years, enjoy (or not):
The question is why is it cool and new
Which line is bangkok is monorail

File: IMG_8377.jpg (110 KB, 1280x667)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
How the hell does aircraft landing gear survive landing impact supporting almost 700,000 pounds? Is it Harry Potter magic?
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They are made of the strongest metal, diamonds
Big strong metal. Smrt good hydraulics make gear take gear go brrrrr instead sproing and clap. Magnesium break get haha hot.
This was already answered by the person you're replying to, they simply find ways to make the wheels withstand less force to begin with. They're taking a lot still but not nearly as much as you think.
You should Google it, it blew (hehe) my mind to learn that the tires are at 200 psi. I mean look how big that tire is! At 200psi!
There's tough hard little pucks of rubber are there just to grip the runway.

There's a lot of stress going from whatever the speed of a landing 747 is touching the non moving ground.
at least they're not hookless

File: 20240204.jpg (57 KB, 850x478)
57 KB
Here is mine:

Just do it:
39 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1000005711.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1946)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG

VOLGA Cream Soda
Who asked bitch ass
How da fuck is hurt by johnny cash cycling music breh lol

File: 20240000.gif (7 KB, 169x118)
7 KB
The Dictator

Bang Brave Bang Bravern OP Ba-Bang to Suisan! Bang Bravern Instrumental by Pan Piano

Ru's Piano of Rogue Encampment

What does transportation think of these beauties. I personally like the e-flexer by stena
I live in Greece and work in shipping (not on ships).

While Greek oceangoing shipping is known for operational excellence, deep generational understanding of market dynamics and so on and so forth, the Greek ropax market is the complete opposite: full of fat slimy bastards making bank on government subsidies and corruption, with poorly maintained ships and a history of bad business decisions as most of them have gone bankrupt every time they've tried to enter other areas of shipping.

So I have a dislike for ropaxes because it's an oligopoly leeching off my taxes. Also everything onboard feels second rate. It's just a necessary evil if you want to go to an island with your car, or if it doesn't have an airport. We just tolerate them.
Is that the one between Holyhead and Dublin?
Well i looked it up and it is. It was comfy December 2022 when I rode it. Got hammered with a mate then drove home, kek.
File: 000070ab_medium.jpg (50 KB, 639x426)
50 KB
>While Greek oceangoing shipping is known for operational excellence
As our Norwegian bosun was saying "Let's paint the ship well, I don't want it looking rusty like a Greek ship".
I give it that Greek shipowners are good at making money, but they're famous for being stingy and having their ships barely maintained.

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