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File: ug.png (350 KB, 1632x1081)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
WTF is going on here? What's the story?
I cycled round there once a very long time ago (maybe 2011) just to see what was there and the main thing I noticed was that Hornchurch is a major town. Had no idea because it's just a single stop on the tube map and you never really hear about it compared to Romford. There's fuck all in Upminster despite the the large interchange station.

Emerson Park is near Hornchurch so that's probably the reason for that station. I suppose it continues to Upminster despite there being nothing there so that it can link the LTS with the GEML
Taken over along with the takeover of the Chingford and Cheshunt/Enfield lines. They took it over because it was an underutilised line and Greater Anglia had no major interest in keeping the contract for it. TfL saw the chance of connecting Crossrail and the District line in the far west of London with its own services and did so ever since. It even has had Sunday service since 2015 again except for the COVID lockdown times.
File: Romford–Upminster_line.png (1.27 MB, 1788x1266)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG

File: 20240204.jpg (57 KB, 850x478)
57 KB
Here is mine:

Just do it:
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Wind noise
jesus christ you all have the music tastes of the autistic teens i used to work with.
File: arkknight.gif (251 KB, 200x112)
251 KB
251 KB GIF
Murder on the Dance-Floor

I listen on a single earbud, as any white person would.

>people weren't happy 22 bikes mounted with speakers blasting nigger rap just cruised through the neighborhood
Who would've thought.
>single earbud

Senator Collins: Yeah, the one the door fell off?
Interviewer: Yeah
Senator Collins: Yeah, that’s not very typical, I’d like to make that point.
Interviewer: Well, how is it un-typical?
Senator Collins: Well there are a lot of these planes going around the world all the time, and very seldom does anything like this happen. I just don’t want people thinking that planes aren’t safe.
Interviewer: Was this plane safe?
Senator Collins: Well, I was thinking more about the other ones.
Interviewer: The ones that are safe?
Senator Collins: Yeah, the ones the door doesn’t fall off.
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Most people think like that, /pol/ or otherwise.
If it ain't Boeing I ain't going
/pol/ users unironically think their rantings are subtle
Is this "/pol/" in the room with you right now?
remember that pol is way more "diverse" than any leftist circlejerk

I'm looking to buy something on a budget to haul 15kg but the specs say maximum 10kg (5kg each) Are all budget panniers this garbage if you choose not to pay 200+ euros?
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File: 1.png (352 KB, 494x659)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
File: banierskaksoispisteD.jpg (211 KB, 339x652)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
I'm quite pleased and thus surprised even with how my current setup came out.
After alot of trying different things I arrived at using two cheap chinese panniers, with attached QR buckles that originally served to hold the top bag that came with the lot.
As the top bag sucked and soon broke I chose to sew webbing for it. Now I can strap down any bag or item on top.
Weight limits are derived from experimentation in the development proccess, there is no standard or mandatory proceedure and manufacturers probably cover their ass by stating laughable maximum loads. Then again I had many big name panniers pop rivets and the likes.
I'm gonna be sewing my own bags out of heavy duty nylon so be on the look out
Rigging up old inner tubes to hang them is also kinda neat

File: spaces.jpg (28 KB, 500x300)
28 KB
Totally random late night thoughts

At the current known speed of travel throughout space (maybe not max) but at the speed the JSWT (telescope) reached the L2 zone in space. It would take 7291 generations of astronaut to reach some planet they believe has a civilization on it meaning it would take 324.7 Million Kg's of food for the entire journey assuming only 1 breeding pair or humans at any one time (inbred as fuck)

583333.3 years assuming 80 year lifespan which isn't including the 20 year overlap having 4 people on board whilst children are brought up to speed and left at age 20 by their dying parents. They would they be dead because the amount of inbreeding required at those levels would make them so fucking retarded they would forget how to breathe.
In closing. Close to 700,000 years worth of life, 389.7 Million Kg of food (including the 20 year overlap) is what would be required to make it to that planet

We aren't making it to any other civlized planets before our finite resources are depleted. Humanity is fucked unless we come leaps and bounds in space travel and shielding technology.
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Fuck it, just send out a broth full of microbes, both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Colonize other planets by seeding them with goo; 700,000 years we're not likely to be the same species we are today anyway.
Even if you travelled at the literal speed of light, any human would be dead before they reached a planet with everything required for human life. There are a few candidates which are 4-40 light years away, but they don't look that convincing and how would we get a signal to know if the journey was successful? It's all literally impossible. You might as well just shoot yourself into the Sun and pretend you made it to another planet.
>at the speed the JWST reached the L2 zone
There's the catch. JWST didn't need to go fast because it didn't have humans on it, the mission was all about getting it there as cheaply and safely as possible.
Obviously we can't do it with today's technology, just like we couldn't land on the moon with 1880s tech.
the poop would not exactly be thrown out the back as reaction mass... matter would be treated with care on a vessel like this, and reactor energy would be used to re-energize the biomass. the only true matter sinks on a mission like this would be reaction mass, spent nuclear fuel, ablative shielding, and perhaps emergency coolant.

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Dragging home broken crap I found that was left out with the trash so I can plan on fixing it some day

Tripping over broken shit I have everywhere

Posting on the internet about how warren buffet didn't get rich by eating food that was better than mcDonalds
>my hobbies are collecting garbage and mumbling incoherently about warren buffets

NY or LA?
Why don't you get a job so you can afford real headphones like the Koss Porta-Pro
File: 20240222.jpg (190 KB, 896x1344)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Them THUNDER THIGHS don't just happen you know..
Everyone who gets too deep into any hobby is like this. There is a point where hobbyists move past making reasonable purchases and decide to spend 300% more on some random component that gives them ~1% benefit over the comparable, reasonably priced component

File: thruaxles.jpg (48 KB, 600x600)
48 KB
I'd like to buy whoever invented the thru-axle a beer. It's a fantastic invention and I have no idea how it manages to be so good. It makes replacing a wheel so much nicer than fucking qr skewers.
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It's not so much that I had a hard time with QR, but that TA is so much fucking nicer in comparison.
Well, expect for when you need to source a replacement axle, apparently.
File: Aputure-a10-Magic-Arm.jpg (86 KB, 1000x698)
86 KB
Nah I actually might be entirely wrong about it. I have one of these and the arm looks similar.
I presume most modern thru axles are nice, but one some of my older mtb's they can be annoying.
No lever on the side, and so you end up pushing/hammering it out from the other side.
I have found every annoying QR experience to either involve "lawyer lips" which are the nubs on the bottom of the fork/rear dropouts to protect companies from loose qr's.
Or external cam qr's. Whoever popularized those sucks.

I can go and grab a 40year old internal cam qr and it clamps hard and easy. A 10 year old external takes way more force to get the same clamp.
>No lever on the side
I think most TAs I see nowadays don't have the the lever, just a socket for an allen key.
>so you end up pushing/hammering it out from the other side.
... Are we even talking about the same thing here?
>I'd like to buy whoever invented the thru-axle a beer.
Probably Josef Mengele

File: IMG_6561.jpg (202 KB, 1284x1387)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Alright which of you was this?
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Former Jew Yorker here.
New York is and has always been a madhouse in some form or fashion. It is a huge and dense city so you will more or less always have a half-decent chance of running into weird shit, schizos, etc. at some point or another. This train roof sex thing is pretty high on the list of weird shit and not something most New Yorkers would be accustomed to but a lot of people would also not think of this as so outrageous it's impossible. "Only in New York".

When I was about to leave the city the city was grappling with a major homelessness problem (still is) but my home neighborhood was gentrifying and more wealthy white people and new development was rolling in slowly but surely. New York is a city of many aspects. I miss its museums but I'm damn glad I don't live there.
all the white people left, like every other american city
God if only
Almost like megacities have so many people that you can find examples of everything from crackhead behaviour to rich boomer antics
In 2005, I fucked Mike V on the train tracks behind a Ross Dress for Less. Man, his ass could grip. Real tight, not a hair on it, and a sphincter you could only dream of. I had fun at first. But he was so weirdly macho about it. He kept saying things like "thats right bitch, am I gonna make you nut?" and "fucking fag I bet you can't wait to bust in my fat hairy man ass hahaha faggot". I just ignored him and kept railing. He continued unironically calling me his bitch and a fag as he had several hands free prostate orgasms spilling seminal fluids onto the train tracks, getting more angry and dominant after each one. "Yea i bet you like dudes. You look like a pussy" he'd say "I cant even feel your limpdick bitch." I just kept clapping, wondering wtf is up with him. After about 20 minutes of railing Mike's boypussy, drenched in sweat and his cream, I finally got a nut off despite his constant berating and degrading comments. He immediately hopped off, laid flat on his back and bent his legs over his head so the cum dripped out of his asshole directly into his mouth. "The fuck you looking at? You like this gay boy?" He kept saying. After he got every last drop. He cackled like a rooster and punched me in the face as hard as he could. He nearly broke his hand, but I was fine. "Fucking fag" he said as he limped off into the sunset, shaking his wrist. That was the first and last time I fucked Mike V on the train tracks behind the Ross Dress for Less

>buy child seat
>strap in a baby doll with a helmet
>hang a baby on board sign on the back

Do you think motorists will try to kill me in fits of road rage less often if I were to add this to my commuter?
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yes, you've evaded your ban, congrats
hitch trailer is superior
This dude in my town pulls his extremely old dog around in a bike trailer.
I don't who would run him over in good conscious (maybe a black person)
I never wanted to to be a top tube more than now
Which all motorists happen to be.

File: seatpost brake lever.jpg (63 KB, 600x400)
63 KB
narrower and higher pressure tire IS faster
89 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I refuse to refer to these fixed gear spectacles as "criteriums".
i run 140 psi 23mm @ 70kg
And you are right.

File: OC.png (915 KB, 1432x895)
915 KB
915 KB PNG
>it totally makes heckin sense that a bicycle costs $15,000
>heckin Ducati and BMW motorcycles use heckin old technology (unlike my bicycle)
>its also totally fine that "entry level" road bikes are $7k now, what are you, poor?

is it true that road cycling is exclusively for 40+yo dentists and engineers with disposable income?

also i just dont see where this huge cost hike is coming from.
>3d printed shit costs literal pennies to make
>everything but titanium is cheap to machine (but you can just 3d print that now too even if its brittle and garbage quality)
>probably 90% of carbon and CFRP bikes arent using hand layups anymore, and are probably just shit out by some machine
>"wireless" gears are literally $10 of rebranded and repackaged aliexpress actuators and electronics

how is it that everything is the most expensive its ever been?
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Modern China and Singapore both inherited a confucian political tradition of top down autocracy led by philosophically sophisticated, well-educated elites. It's a plug and play system, the social organization can support practically any ideology at the top as long as the government delivers results for the masses. Marxism fit the bill but it really could have been anything.

The western model is totally different and basically flows from Machiavelli's analysis of the collapsed roman republic. His thesis in "discourses" (which was read by and inspired practically every major western political philosopher) is basically that it doesn't matter how self-actualized, wise, and kind your leaders are, the system will inevitably corrupt itself and your state will implode violently. The best you can do is to structure your government as an arena for bloodless political struggle - i.e. a divided society full of self-interested institutional actors that are actively trying to seize power from one another. NM believed that this was a recipe for stability and peace.

So far, he seems pretty on the nose. You look at the death toll of like major chinese regime changes throughout history and they're fucking insane. Millions of deaths, entire generations traumatized. Meanwhile in the west our governments have much less latitude in terms of the kind of political risk they can assume, but the tradeoff is that our major regime changes (when they happen) tend to be pretty chill and bloodless.
Terk is soulless globohomo garbage and I don't give a fuck if you think my take comes from a "spoiled" position
Wait, how did I end up here??
Good post
This thread is like if someone was looking to buy a motorcycle and started by browsing the harley dealership website. Yes, it is a motorcycle but a needlessly expensive one. The real issue is you being a faggot and wasting peoples time with this shit thread. Worst problem ever

Ex-an/o/n here.
I might have said cyclists are gay in the past, but I kneel now.
I hate EVs, and will as such purchase a bicycle to get around.

I live out of the city though, and would appreciate advice on how to be safe cycling on rural roads.
Still won't ride public transport though.
70 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>petition to be segregated into your little bantustan where you have cageoid permission to ride between two predefined points and only between those two predefined points
do batavophiles really?
>safe cycling on rural roads.
impossabru, some times of the day there are too many cars, so its a game of chance.
anyway get a really bright tail light and a ton of reflectors, and a mirror if you can find one that does not suck.
also being on the open road shakes the bike around a lot, make sure nothing on your bike can rattle loose or get fatigue fractures.
>side note
rural roads often have deep and inhospitable drainage ditches, prepare to get wrecked
its all e bikes now pham, e shifters too lol
>tight bends and turns
visibility is messed up
the crest of hills, any corner with trees, sun strike on wet roads, adjoining roads
rent free
File: 20240000.gif (10 KB, 115x92)
10 KB
Cars are only fun on a race track..

File: s-l1200.jpg (83 KB, 800x800)
83 KB
How do these large cargo backpacks compare with a bicycle trailer? I need to haul 100kg of cargo on a bicycle
76 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
worst of all, a troon outlifted us all!
File: delusion.jpg (151 KB, 960x983)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
,,,,thanks forthat laff,,,,was bummed from 'climatexpert.
>have some sort of incident that makes you crash (you will)
>backpack snaps your body in half
Why are you responding to little boys who are trying to out-toughguy each other? Carrying such weight on your back is absurd for a ton of different reasons, it doesn't require a response.

No bike seat thread?
im looking for a comfy bike seat for my Trek Soho S.
I would like something that doesn't feel like I've been sitting on a rail after a few hours of riding. At the same time, I dont want any fluffy, or gel seat. those are way too heavy, and ugly.
I could use new bike shorts, what good padding is there?
pic unrelated
60 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looking at the brooks b17. Is it worth it? My perinium hurts after like an hour of riding.
they are nice and nice things are nice but whether it actually can work for you and will solve your problem is quite random its not a miracle solution just a chance maybe worth taking if you kind of like the idea of them anyway
Are you telling me this is all a placebo effect? But many fags here swear for brooks... Now that I think about it these are the same people insisting on the particular ontological properties of steel. Fascinating
no, brooks are awesome.
They're just not necessarily a good solution for your fit problem.
Until you sit on a saddle and ride for an extended time you will not know what works and doesn't.
I find saddles with the cutout or just a depression can help with the issue.

OTOH I have ridden classical seats without cutouts and was fine

If you want to try a different shape this>>1974300
wtb volt would be a good choice. Similar to my wtb rocket 5's from the late 2000's just with a little less padding.

File: 46y7.jpg (395 KB, 1300x843)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
"commuter" cyclists: fuck lycrafags! this isn't a sport!

also commuter cyclists when they have to ride up any hill over 5%:
58 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I had full SKS longboards for a couple of years and took that in my work elevator every day, how is this a problem exactly? Because you need to use your knee a little? I'm not even a proponent of full fenders, I'm the one getting shat on all the time for telling people to just get an ass saver but this sounds like a literal >skill issue
Hydro dick breaks are literally maintenance free, I have a pair of the most basic Shimano model from 10 years ago and I have done nothing to them other than replacing pads, still stop on a dime.
Having steep hills in my commute I would buy an ebike in order to comfortable ride them.
Efficient commuting is about going reliably from A to B efficiently and with minimum use of money and time on the long run.
it's a thread about bicycles not e-mopeds
Id rather just set the bike straight up as I always did and just roll it into the elevator. Keep the mudguards for the kids

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