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File: 52928243507_bbc9ec6e3a_h.jpg (425 KB, 1200x1600)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
Dumping photos for whoever's interested.
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You can get a decent entry level mirrorless camera for like 500-600. Probably cheaper if you get one "discontinued" like a Sony a6000. A mirrorless gives you the DSLR experience but for a bit less money and without having to carry around something as big as a brick.
File: shitphone.jpg (561 KB, 1788x1338)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
you can get a phone that was absolute cutting edge 2 years ago for $500 and it's more likely to be with you 100% of the time and in most cases do a good enough job (in some cases worse in some cases actually better)

pic here was taken at night with my midrange phone from 2 years ago, I have no idea what I'm doing I just pointed and pressed the button. there's far better stuff out there but surely you're not going to say this fairly mediocre phone hardware isn't 'good enough' for almost any reasonable use case
I'll be visiting family there in May; think i'll go and visit it then!

What day?

>tfw will probably be there on Memorial Day weekend for my birthday
I prefer heritage railways myself

File: pkgcar.jpg (403 KB, 602x800)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
Hi /n/, thoughts on package drivers? UPS package car driver here
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cool bird. is that a crow?
That's england? They pull that shit even there?
FedEx does the same shit, FedEx Ground uses only contracted couriers but Express still has in-house couriers but now they're merging the Ground and Express logistics chains and sacking half the Express couriers for more contracted couriers. Raj in all his pajeet retardation is selling out FedEx's reputation even more for a quick buck, I hate that fucking poo
Did you start as driver? If so, how'd you get that lucky?
that unwavering confidence of the screen-based workforce, even in the face of ai. also much of blue collar shit is of questionable greater purpose. I long to just grow food and humans, at the expense of what feels like all social standing. the market demands distractions and brutal ethical compromises

File: IMG_1221.jpg (149 KB, 1440x907)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
If for nothing else, you gotta admit that a two-hour commute to work during rush hour twice a day and five times a week can get pretty tiresome.
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You've hit on something very important. How much money goes into purchasing, maintaining, insuring, and fueling a car? In the US, the typical cost is around $10k a year. That's a fuckload of money that could be put towards retirement savings, hobbies, vacations, etc. Government is still going to get it's cut through sales taxes, and with far less people being forced to drive (because public transit is non-existent in the face of city and state road repair budgets) the city saves money because the roads don't need to be resurfaced nearly as often. Win-win for everyone when you don't need a car for your daily life but can still buy and use one if you want.
>So you can't refute that a large portion of our property taxes and income taxes go to road construction and maintenance, regardless of how much we actually use them. I accept your concession.
Let me break it down for you: this post from 2014.


and specifically this paragraph.
>Cities are unprepared to fix things -- the tax base just isn't there -- and so, to keep it all going, they try to get more easy growth while they take on lots of debt. In 2013, Ferguson paidnearly $800,000 just in intereston its debt. By comparison,the city budgeted$25,000 for sidewalk repairs, $60,000 for replacing police handguns and $125,000 for updating their police cars. And,like I pointed out last week, Ferguson does what all other cities do and counts their infrastructure and other long-term obligations as assets, not only ignoring the future costs but actually pretending that the more infrastructure they build with borrowed money, the wealthier they become.

The debt isn't from roads and infrastructure at all. The link goes to Ferguson's 2013 budget, where the $800k originated from a tax increment revenue bond related to a shopping center redevelopment, which clashes with the thesis of "single-family housing development causes more infrastructure and more infrastructure is more debt". So what's the deal? Is he deliberately framing this TIF debt as infrastructure debt, or too dumb to understand the difference?
“Rich man’s toy”.

91% of Americans own at least one car according to a quick google search. Rich man’s toy? Not anymore. Hasn’t been for many decades.

You clearly don’t know what murder is. You have to have intent to kill or commit harm. Nobody gets in a car with intent to kill or hurt anyone. Negligent? Maybe. That’s not murder, get your facts straight.

You won’t look very credible if you can’t even get the basics right. Major facepalm moment. Pedestrians have sidewalks and footpaths. No reason for them to be in the road.

Ordinarily I’d say jaywalking being a crime is bad but with people being glued to their phones 24/7 it’s not such a bad idea to make them use crossing points. Otherwise you will have people dying.

At NO POINT IN HISTORY was it normal to not pay attention to your surroundings. You could get hit by a bicycle or a bus.

It’s only the modern age with its self entitled creatures who shove their personal responsibilities on everyone else who think it’s unfair they should have to stop and check it’s safe before crossing a road. Utterly ridiculous
Around $4.5k a year for me to run a car although I don’t do a lot of miles/km. that’s a conservative estimate and on very expensive insurance for a high powered car.

For reference, without a discount card it can cost as much if not more for me to use public transport for a long trip than to simply drive - but I do own a diesel which can easily do 1000 km/600 miles on a tank, probably more if I was trying to save fuel but I only avoid braking and coast a lot if I see traffic or hazards ahead. Other than that I don’t care how much fuel I use. It’s my hobby.

Government sure gets its unfair share and the roads are in a disgraceful state. But they have tons of money to throw at useless vanity projects that nobody asked for
But you know that car is the apple of my eye. It’s kept immaculate. Hobbies? It is a hobby. I could trade it in and get something that doesn’t demand sky high insurance rates. The only other thing I care to spend money on is travelling, but I’m not really in the best position to do that at the moment for many reasons. By the time I am finances should easily permit it. But you know I pay tax to drive it. I pay for insurance which is also further taxes going to the government. I pay taxes in fuelling it. I pay taxes when I buy parts for it. I help keep mechanics employed. Who also pay taxes. Yeah cars cost money but they’re very useful and can be amazing fun if they happen to be the sort of thing you like - and while you may frown at someone flooring it down an empty highway, remember they pay money to put fuel in which means they’re further putting money into the economy by driving faster.

File: Capture.png (550 KB, 676x626)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
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File: 4999.png (211 KB, 451x702)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
>[N26226] made its first flight in April 1998 and was delivered to Continental Airlines in December of that year, according to the FAA. United Airlines has operated it since Nov. 30, 2011.
Like with the 777 from LAX, this one seems more on United maintenance than the Boeing factory. Boeing still sux tho
aeroflot has cooler planes
The US didn't even bother to save Pan Am, you'll never see an American national carrier.
Idk about Russia, but Emirates, Singapore, Air France, TAP and Finnair are doing pretty well for themselves.

File: unnamed.jpg (88 KB, 512x366)
88 KB
post cool step through bikes

bonus points for ratty commuters
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'womens' bikes are normally not different
they come in smaller sizes
and cool purple/blue colours
that's it.

Sometimes 'womens' bikes have 1-2cm less reach. That is desirable for a lot of men too, and running a 1-2cm longer stem than you would otherwise does nothing except make your bike look cooler.

The point is you can run a rear rack with a basket or wide panniers and not have to swing your leg over it. Rear rack is the easiest way to have a practical bike that can carry stuff. Getting on and off otherwise is pretty tricky for many people.
dey cute
File: dykecycle.jpg (2.61 MB, 4000x3000)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
>this is a lesbian thread
File: file.jpg (68 KB, 736x413)
68 KB
i bought one of these off fb marketplace, its a piece of shit walmart bike, heavy as fuck and massive knobby tires that don't really make sense for road use, but it gets the job done and was very cheap
i would love a high quality upright step through, with skinny tires, coaster brake and either singlespeed or internal geared hub

this looks really good, how much money did you spend and what parts did you change?
>this looks really good, how much money did you spend and what parts did you change?

looks like new pedals and tires, and the back wheel was swapped for a 26" single speed with a coaster brake.

missed out on the top bike, but that lady with the peugeot accepted an offer of $10, so i guess i'm gonna grab that tomorrow

File: 1629134354101.jpg (37 KB, 340x296)
37 KB
Should I buy a bike or an e-bike, and why?
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Get a used mtb with 3x8 gearing.
Ridgid, so you can stand and not lose power
3x8, since the 22-32 is stump tier pulling gearing thus allowing you to climb almost any hill in almost any shape.
This works too
Kek, the 'unracer' poorfag has entered the thread.
kek, the unracer poorfag lives inside you
Yes, if you are not poor, want to commute with quality of life upgrade or save time.
Bought this yesterday for $2500 Canadian pesos after tax on sale.
I'm fit, have a road bike and a commuter already so the ebike will replace my commuter and ultimately replace a second car.
The motor will help with weight of racks to make it a defacto cargo bike and no need to change at work. I can still pedal and it hit 50km/h yesterday throttle only on the test.

Got the 21ah battery so hopefully can get 40km range only at max speed.
>Mega Range 14-34T Cassette

Haha kek'd hard

File: 9897.jpg (101 KB, 1080x1054)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
how do you cope /n/?

automotive transportation, railways, forestry, and the timber industry


Who is this for?
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I have never seen anything like OP's pic, let alone people taking them onto metros. They almost always have a design like pic related.
>for sale: 2023 Honda Grom - $4,000
this guy knows what he has
What is it full of? Like why is it so big
File: 1711876190147.jpg (88 KB, 576x1080)
88 KB
It's mostly empty space >>1985385 but the handle bars fold in and the seat gets stored inside as well.

Let's discuss transportation in Western countries in an economic crisis scenario (we're talking Venezuela-tier.)
If Canadians, or Northern U.S.A. dwellers became poor as fucking dirt because of the collapsing economy, will we see more motorcycles on the roads?
Or is it just too snowy / cold for them to be used as a main mode of transportation?

Will we see dilapidated shitboxes on the streets instead?
What if they become too expensive to fuel / keep running?
What do you guys think?

Also, how would insurance work?
The U.S. and Canada are unique (Australia is similar, but it's warm) in that they have very wide, very empty areas with a low population density.
What will happen when people can no longer afford to drive?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Venezuela, anon.
So, assume the average person is unemployed / earning $5 an hour.
They cannot afford a car, and the cheapest used cars are $15,000+.

They live in an area that gets snow for 4 months of the year, and their commute is a MINIMUM of 30km / 20 miles.
Do you think people will ride these?

I feel like little 50cc shit mopeds will make a comeback / motorized bicycles.
Or is 2 wheel transport unrealistic?
Will people ride shuttle buses?
a lot of people will probably migrate south to avoid the winter. gas and electricity will probably be a luxury, and thus bicycling, skating, push-scootering, and even walking will be the primary mode of transportation

this is after the majority of the population dies first
I feel like gas will be available at $50 a gallon or so.
I think things like 49cc vehicles will do well, and then as you said, bikes and walking.

Do you think anyone will bother with e-bikes?
Maybe the lead acid ones?

>I feel like little 50cc shit mopeds will make a comeback / motorized bicycles.
Electric scooters and bikes are much more cheaper to buy and operate.
>If Canadians, or Northern U.S.A. dwellers became poor as fucking dirt because of the collapsing economy, will we see more motorcycles on the roads?
As someone who lives in a midwest rural area with a lot of dying towns, losing the gas station is often the last horse of a one-horse town.
In terms of transport, there is such a lack of economical alternatives to cars that people who either can't drive or have strong roots in the area will "move-up" into a town that has more going for it that's in the locality, even if it isn't on an upward trend. I'd say I'm in such a town ATM.

Some people ride bikes in winter, but I imagine if gas became a no-go over a short period of time where most people don't have means to replace their main vehicle, many people would leave within a few years to an area that either still has the means or where they aren't stuck in a small town unless they can hitch a ride.

File: IMG_20240315_101202_3.jpg (661 KB, 1440x2560)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
Ah yes! We design a traffic light with LEDs yet we will not turn it on one single damn time. We better abandon it.

Why are European cities like that? Also traffic light thread
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i see traffic lights as a complete failure in engineering
they arent a solution to traffic they just make driving or walking or cycling through an area slow for everyone all the time
most of the time they are where there should just be a damn roundabout or some simple turning lanes
What a dense retard failing to notice all the temporary infrastructure. kys
Looks post apocalyptic
The absolute state of europoors
when I see a traffic light, I do a 360° turn and drive away

File: IMG_7096.jpg (986 KB, 1170x1234)
986 KB
986 KB JPG
Welfare queens edition.

Discussing coming improvements in your city, or planning ideas to make cities more transit- and pedestrian-friendly.
330 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
Much of that parking is city blocks that the property owners want to hang onto. Until a high rise developer comes along and buys it from them. Parking lot operators lease it cheap for short terms until the market is ready.

Even keeping a smaller "historic" building on site can be a PITA. Tenants want longer term leases and won't move when it's convenient. So the minute a city begins to allow higher rise, more dense development, the old stuff has got to go.
File: nigger.jpg (354 KB, 1094x1400)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
what does /n/ think of this italian crosswalk

like is it just me or is this shit funny and dangerous
The blind spot on the top photo is horrific. As least there is a mirror for cars.

Why don't they install a beep boop thing
I just love cars so much
i would just like to not need to drive to get to anywhere thats all
>footpaths and bike paths nonexistent made of mud crumbling away indirect routes crossing roads all the time
>train tracks are all decommissioned trains are expensive and theres not enough of them
routes are indirect and the stations are hard to get to on foot or bike horrific service
>fuck busses
>shops are all too far away from where anyone lives
fuck this shithole (england)

File: p0fksdx0nwpc1.jpg (208 KB, 1280x850)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Robin Williams holding his bike edition


Old thread
363 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.
Those are spinergy death wheels.


Very """"cool """" during the fixie era of 2007-2010
The version of the Rev X’s that were “doomed” to fail after enough usage weren’t actually on the market for very long. They pretty quickly changed the design so that the blades wouldn’t get the harmonic resonance vibrations at speed that would end up causing spoke failure. You can easily tell which ones they are by the feeling of the spoke blade edges, but there are more “corrected” rev-x’s out there, the “death” rev-x’s just got more famous
File: temp-boltkit.jpg (178 KB, 898x851)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
I have an aluminium fork and I am hoping to fit front mudguards using the daruma bolt provided by the manufacturer. My bike didn't come with a fork crown bolt, so I'm looking to buy online.

Shopping for bolts I see a lot of options, steel/aluminium, titanium. And various fixings, with or without washers. Any tips on these would be appreciated.
File: temp-boltkit.jpg (38 KB, 949x333)
38 KB

File: 5fa9b2a238b63.image.jpg (110 KB, 820x523)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Here we are in 2024 and still yet.no one has been held accountable for the greatest marine tragedy the world has every seen.

Why are we letting them get away with it? They knew what they were doing sending them out in those conditions. You know what it does to a community to loose 1/3 of their male work force over night?

They have yet to recover.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>You know what it does to a community to loose 1/3 of their male work force over night?
Should have hired poos to crew the ship. Serves them right.
There'd be more EF style laker wrecks, that's for sure.
I'm with the poos on this one. Captain mcsorely made a stupid decision to sail the lakes that night. I ve seen how brazen whiteoid mayo smelling captains think they can take on the lakes in the name of saving company time jeopradizing crew lives. Poos would be too scared to sail. Now stfu about something you know nothing about fagt
The poos I've sailed with would violate rest hours and just not record it. Without even being asked to do it. The only thing they care about is getting promoted as fast as possible so they can get a job ashore.

File: 081.jpg (258 KB, 1130x922)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
I will now take the bus
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Movie/TV show ad wraps are pretty common on buses in LA.
>Gangnam station
that's clearly in Korea
It's LA's Koreatown.
Hideous. And you can't see shit through the wrap when oncoming traffic comes from the back.

You can't even steal the ad to have your own memorabilia. Some ads are simple boards, 12ft wide and 3 or 4ft tall. Some are like pic related.

Alright, who took a piss on my sectionals?
>charts valid for less than 2 months
Fuck you FAA I'll rely on my EFB and carry "expired" charts, try and stop me niggers
We all took turns

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