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sovl vs soulless /n/ thread
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Left has most soul but terrible livery. Middle isn't much better than right but middle has best livery.
ffs at least some armrests why don't you
dont you mean "leaUe"?
Roman square capitals has more SOVL

File: s-l1200.jpg (83 KB, 800x800)
83 KB
How do these large cargo backpacks compare with a bicycle trailer? I need to haul 100kg of cargo on a bicycle
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worst of all, a troon outlifted us all!
File: delusion.jpg (151 KB, 960x983)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
,,,,thanks forthat laff,,,,was bummed from 'climatexpert.
>have some sort of incident that makes you crash (you will)
>backpack snaps your body in half
Why are you responding to little boys who are trying to out-toughguy each other? Carrying such weight on your back is absurd for a ton of different reasons, it doesn't require a response.

bicycles should be fun colors, not boring solid colors
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I'm a guy, I only see 16 colors, don't ask me to list more.
frames dont flex nearly as much as seatposts u fucking retard
frames are triangle trusses
seatposts are just one unsupported lever arm


tire casing tread count has more to so with comfort than width or pressure
I believe it's called celeste ;)
Give me some actual lab tests not another internet theoretician.
It’s thread count retard, and also you are wrong.

File: 23342478156.jpg (5 KB, 333x151)
5 KB
Will the 'flying car' be able to actually get any range to go somewhere? cargo should be nonexistant for it to go somewhere
did someone throw a folding table off a mountain?
We have flying cars, but range is an issue. Also landings can be precarious

not a thing in your lifetime. shut the fuck up.

File: robertMosesJaneJacobs.png (202 KB, 767x388)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
I'm writing a book on urbanist myths, but I don't know where to start and what specific topics to focus on. So far I've got induced demand, the "suburb subsidies", GM streetcars, zoning stuff, and what cities aren't...but what else? Would people even be receptive to the subject?
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There is no such thing as induced demand.
Europe and Japan. These places do not exist; the big map publishers and media travel channels have made fools of us all and people need to be made aware. These fictional entities also feature heavily in so called "urbanist" drivel and should be exposed as the illusion they are in your book.
405 is an extreme bottleneck, and widening it helps move more people across it. Yes it induced demand, because that corridor is wildly in demand. And yes, the state should invest in a mass transit link, obviously.
Another example is the Novato narrows where US 101 drops down to a 4 lane bottleneck between Marin and Sonoma counties. Urbanist retards opposed widening it to a fully grade separated 6 lane freeway because of 'muh induced demand', without consideration that the induced demand represents real people who can travel across the north bay without getting raped by traffic at all hours.
Boomers overuse the word bottleneck to describe natural traffic, but they're still real.
But the traffic came back. Its still a bottleneck. I get your point, but you can only realistically build so many lanes.
>but you can only realistically build so many lanes.
With that attitude you certainly can't

File: IMG_20240222_165314.jpg (156 KB, 1078x616)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Have you ever defended yourself against a car while cycling?

I've considered executing U-lock justice a few times and knocking off a mirror or something, but it seems like a good way to go to jail or get killed.

Recommendations? Stories?
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Smashing a mirror when a cageoid trys to run you over is self-defense by sane definition. Unfortunately, most judges aren't sane.
i meant to say whiny faggots, sorry
they hate you because you've inconvenicned them. they have to slow down and pass cautiously to get around you, and that causes them to get upset, and often times will just stomp on the gas and pass you closely. very few motorists have experienced vandalism from cyclists, very few motorists have ever even thought of such a thing.

>nooo the tubeless tire blew off the hookless carbon rim AGAIN
>theres now lube everywhere how could it slip off the rim
>we even used foam inserts, they cost few watts, few extra grams, few dollars and always work, just not this time
>noo we cant go back to hooked carbon rims, the rim manufacturers will make less profit since the hooked profile is safer but more difficult to demold
>foam insert manufacturers will sue us when we ditch them for hooked rims
>going back to tires with tubes which just werk, what are you talking about? We have contracts with lube manufacturers to fulfill
>plz halp UCI

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>Nice google images pic
Thanks, you should have looked that up before. It's things that simple.

>are you speaking from experience?
Lol no, I don't ride this crap.
I am however dealing with molds professionally. In hookles rim manufacturing you can just pull the contour block of the mold. With a hooked design you have to deal with the back cut somehow, complicating mold layout and maybe increasing cycle time. Hookless is the next pro bike marketing meme to shill cheap molds at the cost of safety.
Ah, a google images armchair expert. I like 4chan because no matter how dumb and incompetent I may be, there's always someone else willing to take one for the team and make me the smartest guy in the room as an act of kindness
>A *blowout* says the tire pressure was too much for the bead.
could this be caused by heating? e.g. pump your tyre at room temperature, then go riding when it's turbohot and the road has 50+ degree, this heats up the tyre and air, pressure rises. and then boom, off you go
>28mm tyre on 25mm rim width

Its always the retard setups
After thinking about this some more today, I think the inserts may have actually contributed to the issue, here is my rationale as a 4chan expert with a PhD in shitposting:

The insert takes up a certain amount of space inside the tire. It shrinks under pressure, so the actual size in a working system is less space than it may appear in the photos. But it still takes up space, and foam is much less compressible, which means the entire system is less compressible, even at the same PSI. So the tire's ability to deform in the expected way is reduced. This might not be such a big deal if you're well within the safety margin of the tire size/wheel combo, but if you're at or beyond that limit, it seems to me it's going to make the system significantly more prone to failure. I wonder what Vittoria will have to say about this.

Not sure about the heating, on the one hand there's less space inside, on the other, the foam itself gets softer too, then again, the air inside the foam has to expand, thus canceling out the softness so maybe it's a wash?

File: qt3point14.jpg (172 KB, 750x1022)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Slow is forgiven if you're cute edition


Old thread >>1979652
97 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
I saw this the other night, but forgot to respond. Like a decade ago one of my friends removed a pair of those metal dustcaps with a screwdriver. One was "just bent" the other had a tear in it, like your pic.

The one that was bent, I was able to use a vise, and appropriately-sized sockets to sort of reform it. Several operations, a larger socket in the cup-like part of the dust cap, using the lip to form that. And a smaller socket, the OD passing through the ID of the dust cap. It wasn't flawless, but it worked.

The other side, that was torn, I made a jank replacement using the clear plastic lid from a quart-sized yogurt container. When not installed it was flat, but installed it would sort of tent up, like a section of a cone. Had to use a pick to make sure the ID deflected outwards, once installed. It must have worked okay, he never complained about it.
No it’s not you idiot everybody knows what a star nut is and how it’s different from a compression plug and when you would prefer either option are you fucking serious right now
Thanks I will look at getting these for my rear tire.
I'm in Amazon vine so occasionally some good bike stuff comes up, which is why I got the Ikon tire and didn't pick something more for mud. For the 26 inch tires I have now my rear is the only tire holding mud and spinning out. The trails aren't always muddy but in Pittsburgh it rains similar to Seattle.

File: pybt.jpg (364 KB, 1024x1024)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
Post Your Bike Thread
Dragon Year Edition

Previous Edition
181 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
Look imbecile:
A wear item wears with use. Assuming said part is used regularly and not extraordinarily, like sporadically, it will experience a certain amount of use and thus wear within a given time frame. This then leads to the conclusion that a timeframe exists within which the part expires. This is true and does not infere that the part had a shelf life or expired on a calendaric basis.
File: zoom.jpg (147 KB, 712x712)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
bike yikes, just take the el senpai
it was a random amazon find from almost a decade ago, it wasn't built very well but worked enough, there's a hole for the tail lol
normally i don't like matchy crap to that extent but yours looks really good
are those fucking spoke cards though lol, lets see them
wow actually a stumpy
that's a 1 1/8" quill right? I'd look for a threadless rigid fork for it, a used surly one or something like that, not $$$ new, but just keep an eye out.

File: southwest.jpg (58 KB, 807x960)
58 KB
Many politics of southwest airlines edition

previous: >>1972682
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>going to school for Aviation maintenance
>Associate’s degree in 20 months
>always wanted to be a pilot
>realize a local passenger carrier hires pilots straight out of their other departments
>they start at a pitiful amount to work as an A&P, but I’d still be living with my family so no rent/mortgage
I understand that being an A&P these days is a fucking nightmare, but if it ends with me flying Embraer E-jets between Chicago and Columbus for 4-8 years while I get the flight hours and experience for a legacy carrier, I don’t see why I shouldn’t give it a shot aside from the fact that General Electric is offering me 36 an hour to build LEAPs and Passports.
I finally have a goal for the first time in my life.
if I go to a contracted regional carrier right now. What are the odds i'll be stuck as a regional lifer with all the shifting happening within the industry right now (Spirit, Jetblue, Frontier)?

Should I just go Endeavor or one of the 3 AA companies for a guarenteed path to not be a lifer?
Well, it finally happened to me. I forgot to switch to ground and asked for taxi instructions on the tower frequency. Hopefully the other pilots on frequency could laugh about it.
File: IMG_1118.jpg (737 KB, 2100x1575)
737 KB
737 KB JPG
You weren’t the first any you certainly won’t be the last. It’s also not the only time you’ll sound dumb on the radio. Sounding and looking dumb is just part of the fun
>VNAV button missing

File: img_88-2_12.jpg (64 KB, 700x538)
64 KB
I love the concept of sleeper trains, but I struggle to properly sleep on the seated version (and the Caledonian Sleeper's beds are like 5x more expensive).

The cal sleeper splits and joins at a couple of points (which I find really cool), but it's very loud and jolty.
35 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
But are you sure the Hungarian carriages aren't uncoupled before reaching Vienna?
yes, they are uncoupled in Salzburg. the Hungarian carriages arrive over 1 hour earlier in Vienna at 6:40. you can officially book tickets just to Vienna for the Budapest carriages. the other way back the train leaves Vienna 2 hours later at 23:28.
Oh ok now I get it, that's why there's the Nightjet and the EuroNight on that route.
What's with those eternally long layovers tho
besides the shunting operations with other trains coming in from Venice and Stuttgart happening there and the extra time to eliminate any delay, it's that people can get 1 hour more sleep on the nightjet. but from experience the light from Salzburg train station would wake me up every time.
File: DSC00251.jpg (1.36 MB, 4000x2667)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
I did the Nordkalottatrotta hike from Kilpis to Troms. I highly recommend the Norwegian DNT huts, they are self service and probably the comfiest mountain huts ever. That general area in summer is a mixed blessing, in the valleys mosquito are a plague and you need to go to mountains and in the wind, I was lucky enough to be late August so there was night frosts in the higher areas which solved the problem. Breathtaking nature all around.

How would you do it?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>why don't other countries struggle to find pilots despite far smaller GA communities
They do, though. Foreign countries that have regulated their GA fleets out of existence tend to recruit airline pilots from their military and from America. Before COVID, CFIs were complaining about having to teach an endless stream of Chinese students who didn't speak English.
Ultralights already have (in Europe). Fuck certification, fuck not being able to do your own labour, fuck medicals, fuck expensive Avgas, fuck having to fly 50+ year old planes because that's all anyone can afford.
>why don't other countries struggle to find pilots despite far smaller GA communities?
because they land A320's with the landing gear retracted, and they feather the props of ATR's on approach
The cost of aircraft has far more to do with liability and insurance costs than it does with regulatory burden. If you want government action that reduces aircraft costs, it should be eliminating the strict liability rules that force aircraft makers to pay out massive settlements over accidents that aren't their fault.

This "abolish the FAA" shit is fucking retarded, nothing but a bunch of the usual "hurr durr government bad" bullshit being spouted by people who clearly have no actual involvement with aviation. You'll never hear that shit from an actual pilot because we know that 90% of what the FAA does is shit that affects ALL pilots operating in the US, like maintaining navigation aids and airport infrastructure, updating charts, writing and distributing training material, and managing airspace and the air traffic control system. They're also the only thing even attempting to ensure that aircraft that we don't own and have to fly are safe. Aviation would vary between insane chaos and simply impossible without them.

Libertarians and anarchists are usually the ones who talk like that and they are just retards. They're too stupid to understand why taxes are good or why, say, the FDA or FAA is necessary but if roads stopped getting paved, planes began falling from the sky every day or they started getting botulism from food they'd be screaming about how it. Only they'd be too stupid to understand why and end up blaming some abstraction like liberals, fascists, Jews, troons and so on.

File: IMG_20240226_160418717_1.jpg (332 KB, 1930x1930)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
The brace on this aluminum 24" kids MTB has broken out from between the chain stays. Do you think this should be repaired? The bike will never be ridden hard (girl).
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Literally browse marketplace or Craigslist for a compatible $20 bike and throw all those parts on.. what's the big deal
This isn't a brace, but a plate to which a stand mounts. If the frame is straight and there are no cracks on the tubes, there is nothing to worry about. This part doesn't hold any load during regular riding.
Buy the child a MIPS helmet and gloves instead.
The previous owner cut it off with a rotary tool. Free weight reduction ^^
That's bullshit
one important and good reason to NEVER use clamp on kickstands

Said it before and gonna say it again: Picrel.
Only plebs throw their bike on the ground.

File: Life_Is_Journey.jpg (568 KB, 2000x1422)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
previous >>1935272

post pictures plans dreams setups questions trips
119 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks. I guess I'll be touring. Idk how many days it'll take and I have no idea if I can do it and not give up.

Philippines. Going from Southern Island of Mindanao to the islands of Visayas and then ending in the island of Luzon. I'm planning a route to visit friends and family. Tbh I'm scared as hell since the farthest I've gone is 50km. I've been trying to "train" climbing but I haven't tried doing it without carrying any gear except my wallet and a water bottle.
That sounds awesome.

I'd go for a light set up cos you'll be going in and out of ferrys, up hills so I'd imagine. I dont know what the wild camping situation is like, but if there is cheap accomodation, I'd almost ditch the tent.

Use wet lube, that salty air won't do your chain any favours.

>tfw eating roast pork daily and cycling
bike packing is more analogous to backpacking. the gear is more modern and made to handle offroad.
you could bikepack with traditional touring bags but they're not purpose built for it. you could buy bikepacking gear and never leave the road if you prefer those style of bags.
both versions you usually camp out but if you're not broke you can skip carrying the camping gear and "credit card tour", stay in hotels every night. that would definitely be a tour, even if you used bikepacking bags for your clothes
File: maxresdefault.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
How is tubeless for touring? The main points that worry me:
If I have a big enough puncture that I need to use a repair kit, can the tire be re-inflated with a hand pump or do I need a compressor?
If repair fails, how messy is getting a tube inside a tire with sealant?
How hard is it to take off a sealed tire, mine already barely come off.
Depends on the length. I'd avoid tubeless for any long tour, the hassle is simply not worth it. Also, you're not gonna carry a box of sealant with you ...

I am considering getting one of these things, but the price is keeping me back, and some of the constraints, e.g.: wheels, proprietary parts, expensive accessories, etc...

The thing that keeps me orbiting towards a Brompton instead of the countless chinkshit knockoffs is the reputation. It seems everyone has mods, solutions, know-how to how to get the best out of the Brompton.

So what's your take /n/?
79 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Everytime I ride mine in rain, the pedal strokes start to feel weird, like something is stuck in the chain, but when I check there is nothing. Also rain seems to fuck up the alignment of the brake pads or the wheel or something, I never really understand what the fuck is happening with the bike while it's raining, but I can't be arsed to stop while it's raining and screw around with the bike. It basically turns into a complete piece of shit when it is raining.
It's still new and I love it when the weather is good, but kind of frustrating that it is basically just a good weather bike only.
OP here.

Having hesitation to pulling the trigger. I am eyeing the M6R in black lacquer, setting be back 22750 SEK, about 2220$ in dollarbux. I'd also need some extra bits, so the price would go higher.

I had a chat with a friend over the weekend about his brompton and day to day usage. Overall great, but prices have skyrocketed after the pandemic. You also need to have it with you at all times, locking it outside is not recommended cos it's eye-catching.
He used to keep his in the office, but recently some bitch from building management told him off and he has to keep it in bike storage. What's the point in having one when some retarded building admin forbids you from bringing in your foldable bike?

I have no idea about the policies my company has. We have open offices segregated into quiet / non quiet / total silence zones. I work from home a lot, idk if it even would make sense, or if I should ask someone if it's allowed. I could use the cover and just hide it in plane sight but what a drag that would be.
Fuckkk, it basically rains all the time here... :(
That's some goofy shit with his bike, not something that is a common issue with Bromptons.

Bromptons are lame as fuck though, so by all means let it dissuade you
buy the cover bag and no one would notice. Its not that expensive btw

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