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File: m2-res_848p.webm (412 KB, 480x848)
412 KB
anything goes as long as it has to do with smelly ass
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love women
>he talks about nature when the anus is inches away from the vagina
Yeah if nature wants us to be repulsed by the asshole it wouldn't put it so close to the babyhole.
Real, kink crossover experience:

I Had a weird, borderline sexual relationship with my mom after she kinda suggested me to massage her ass once when I was 16. I dont think she had any ill intentions but things kinda snowballed and it looked like she enjoyed it as much as i did. I jumped on every opportunity and offered her massages a lot which she just kinda went with. One day she came from work as usual and i routinely waited for her just to watch her strip down and change clothes. She changed into a short dress and for some reason didnt take a shower despite taking a walk home on a blazing summer heat. I made an offer, she looked like she wasnt in the mood but still accepted it. The friction on her skin was insane from all the dried out sweat which made things extra awkward. I forgot to mention the dress usually goes up of course, its an ass massage after all. Now when i spread her open this time smell went all the way up and hit my nostrils. Was one of the least favourite sessions for me but i figured you would thoroughly enjoy it here.

Sorry if it sounds like larp, i cant do anything about it. I can answer some questions if theres interest.

File: AC.webm (2.46 MB, 1920x1080)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB WEBM
Girls actually licking themselves.
No fake bullshitpls
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Thought this shit was impossible
I have been proved wrong
>honestly, it feels better the deeper you go even though that sounds pretty gay.
Absolutely this, I'm 7.5 inches and because I was a disgustingly horny teen I obviously tried sucking my own dick. Learned I could easily suck just the tip but nothing more (which I found boring) so I stretched and exercised consistently every day until I was flexible enough to deepthroat myself. Totally different experience, being able to shoot a load down your own throat while your nose is pressed into your balls is incredible. Wish I could still do it but I'm old and out of shape now, oh well.
she's clearly russian, russians are the albino hybrids of niggers and chinks. you can tell if someone is white by the colour of their orifices.
Damn she's flexible
high mileage

File: 1708048733821708.webm (2.23 MB, 320x240)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB WEBM
I want to see what you've saved up over the years. I want to see your long time saves. 2014-2017 amateur webms. Cowgirl/Riding will result in extra points! Let's dust off those dormant webms. The first 3 will be to set the theme.
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File: 1272713084293.gif (3.58 MB, 400x375)
3.58 MB
3.58 MB GIF
oldest one I have. 05/2010
This is a historical fap for me

Anyone got the one
Blonde girl getting anal fucked absolutely screaming
Camera is from front on view
Can here the male camera man asking her questions

Please and thankyou
File: 1371360849416.gif (987 KB, 229x176)
987 KB
987 KB GIF
>I swear I know this chick
anyone have that one brunette woman getting missionary'd on a bed.

Anon said it was OC a few years ago and that it was his wife, she was smoking hot. Haven't seen it since
File: you have ligma (1).webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
oldest one I still have, i deleted all of my porn in 2017 and only got a few webms left

File: 1670991962065406.webm (3.89 MB, 960x540)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB WEBM
Let's squeeze one out for all the stars who are in that fancy gangbang in the sky....or sucking dick in hell. Either way.
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probably felt like one too
Julie sky high is worth mentioning if anyone has a webm of her
Human papillomavirus can cause cervical cancer and throat cancer.
>Amara Romani died last December
RIP, goddamn. Don't do drugs, kids.
Her best scene ever, I'm weak for thigh highs too. Also there's a scene with Kagney doing anal only wearing socks and It was my favorite too bad that now I can't watch this scene anymore

Post ftm trans that make you hard
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God I wanna fucking breed you so bad
Luca - pawprintprince
Goblin hand ruins it
>Post testosterone, physical arousal happens much more rapidly and noticeably. I can feel things swell and engorge, and there is a sensation of pulsing tightness, and there is obviously a difference in visual size and how firm it feels to touch. The clit essentially grows hard, and it's not really content to be ignored anymore. I have to deal with it or so help me god there will not be any thinking or focusing done for the rest of the day, and if I can't, I become, to put it mildly, grumpy. Tending to it now is just a basic aspect of maintaining sanity, as it now very much functions as a true drive, and urges towards sex in general feel much more pressing.
Cis men here, with likely a bit more testosterone than the average
IMO this might be one of the most man-specific body experiences you will have for the rest of your life. You're describing almost exactly what I've been having since I was 20 years of age. Most of the time, if I don't ejaculate about once a day and get sexually aroused by anything, I'll start to have an heavy, sore sensation, as if I'm blue-balled, that will not go away unless I go to town and shoot all the cum.
Even if that doesn't happen, my coombrain hopelessly fires off "need to breed" if I get horny from thinking about or seeing voluptuous woman, and I become very grumpy if I don't go masturbate and ejaculate shortly after.
Overall I'd assume these are normal things for males to have, but seems to be very dependent on your testosterone levels.
>Get pregnant.

File: Mulan Glory Hole.webm (2.83 MB, 586x900)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB WEBM
Classic R34 thread with animation and cosplay.
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It's cringe, but it's so earnest and passionate that it horseshoes back around to being based.
Well I did, and I think it's primarily enjoyed by teenagers who think:
>edgy = cool = profound
If that's your main takeaway you missed the themes by a mile and might be too stupid for media, better go back to teletubies and dora the explorer.
oh it takes me back... to be a young lime wire again..

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Did her vagina smell like curry
File: 47906382.webm (1.12 MB, 576x1024)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB WEBM
File: 7955749.webm (1.14 MB, 576x1024)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB WEBM
damn who
i would def smell their butts

File: lkdi2.webm (1.55 MB, 1080x1506)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB WEBM
got some new Low-KeyDeadInside
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Fat. Just say fat. It's easier. More honest too. It's OK anon, realy. Hell, as long as you promise not to tell my friends and family, we can tag team a couple of these slampigs.

File: 1667652428587903.webm (3.5 MB, 402x720)
3.5 MB
post cute boys letting out all their sexual frustration into onaholes and fleshlights
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holy fuck thats hot
youre trying to post jpgs on gif lol
i'm rock hard thinking about you fucking that thing, please post you cumming in it when you can <3
>youre trying to post jpgs on gif
how did I not ever notice in 10+ years of using this site that you couldn't do that
biggest fag itt
>not a boy clearly trans
no dolls ?

File: 1708176429160414.webm (656 KB, 720x1280)
656 KB
Last thread didn't do so well, trying this again.
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File: 1683402770953.webm (498 KB, 240x240)
498 KB
File: 1696744116549.webm (2.1 MB, 240x426)
2.1 MB

File: ts buckbreaking.webm (3.88 MB, 1280x672)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB WEBM
Before the end black history month, let's have a thread where black bucks get buttbroken by non-black breakers! Bonus points for Women or Shemales doing the breaking of the bucks!
58 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.

The racial spin is definitely a weird way to cope with being gay. Just make a gay porn thread. Gotta be American brainrot.

File: 1703280705868186.webm (3.88 MB, 720x404)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB WEBM
I need to rub one out before work. Can we have a Hitomi bread?
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File: waterpark2.webm (3.53 MB, 960x540)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB WEBM
Nothing gets past you
Feeling safe i guess.

File: 3188252299225214990.webm (3.31 MB, 406x720)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB WEBM
Post snowbunnies who are too good for you and other white bois. They are made only for biggest darkest black cocks.
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Youre jewish
Whats with all the ugly ass short shorts granny panties? Why are nodeen females so hopelessly unsexy
Nigger culture, negrification of the west, social media, body posivity (only for women though), bovine hormones in the water supply
this shit really exists

>Have slut training fetish
>Start living together with first gf/wife
>degeneracy gets out of control, send dares and start pushing my vanilla girl
>public play, posting online, bdsm and trying new things
>make a plan for her with rewards to work out, eat more, and dress sexier
>She starts looking sexier and dressing like a slut, added 30 lbs from working out and eating
higher sex drive and always teasing and wanting rough
>Notice that black guys now stares at her body
>She tells me black guys hit on her everyday
>She gets catcalled even with me and it's always black guys
>I asked her why and even HER said it's because of her ass

tldr: my girl used to be shy, skinny alt girl and after years living together she worked out and got a lot of weight especially her ass and now only black guys hit on her.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: I Like It PMV pt 1.webm (3.59 MB, 1280x720)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB WEBM
Only the most elite of PMVs
No hentai/cartoon/3D shit
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File: FS01E01d.webm (3.35 MB, 1920x1080)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB WEBM
File: FS01E01e.webm (2.53 MB, 1920x1080)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB WEBM
File: FS01E01f.webm (2.7 MB, 1920x1080)
2.7 MB
Kiara Cole

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>racist snowflakes
holy shit you guys really make it easy to stand out
you are literal living bait, a single troon hate thread has all your discord writing shitty paragraphs and you even go to the extent of trying to indoctrinate anons on the board. By posting whatever shit you are increasing the ad view rate of the site, that is why jannies don't care about your horrible "raid".
see here? literally avoiding the topic and trying to poorly gaslight, being 40 BMI and low testosterone surely fucks your IQ.
this is an animation tard
lisa hamilton from dead or alive
and haydee from haydee
yes, beastiality and instant loss are not mutually exclusive
many thanks

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