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File: phi.jpg (58 KB, 409x475)
58 KB
Zero Time Dilemma Thread

Please spoiler your shit
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some files to read and buyer's remorse
File: wejustdon'tknow.gif (1002 KB, 250x251)
1002 KB
1002 KB GIF
I think I just finished the game, but it doesn't feel complete. Is Payoff 2 really the 'true ending'? Does it really just stop at a fucking cliffhanger where what Carlos does is up to the imagination with only files showing you what happened afterwards?

So what happened to Blick, Kyle, and everything else VLR implied was gonna show up explicitly?
You gotta reach a point where it's one fantastical macguffin element too many, and just start breaking down any form of writing consistency.

I don't even know what point that was anymore, but I feel like it was definitely crossed at some point.

That's pretty much how most elements in this goes. Half this crap feels like deus ex machina that solely exist to shoddily explain away plotholes.

im not defending him, I just don't understand why you have such a hard time realizing that we literally don't know what happened to D team because there are no files left, and that was most likely done on purpose
They're gonna be in the next game

Uchi Money Escape.

File: ClaraLille.jpg (256 KB, 976x1080)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Vidya characters catered to your tastes

Pic related: it's that unique look, and no-bullshit attitude that gets me
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Can we not have this dumb thread
unique just like my 5
them dsl
File: Raya-O-qt.jpg (146 KB, 752x1063)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I want to marry Raya-O!

File: steamsale.jpg (32 KB, 444x538)
32 KB
New sale thread

Post your carts, recommend games, post hidden gems and share hauls
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if that was the case then I wouldn't be able to spend hours reading manga or watching movies.
just bought stardew valley and terraria

first indie games ive bought. how'd i do?
you tell us
File: 1434492520452.jpg (136 KB, 919x720)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
How is Dominions 4? It sounds like a really good game that I could invest hours in, but I don't know anyone who's played it.
Decent, pretty reasonable difficulty for SHMUP and likable gimmick. Last level is pretty silly

Infinite lives if you're a shitter like me

File: we waited for THIS.jpg (29 KB, 678x429)
29 KB
>Worse performance than a mildly OC'd 970
>Worse performance than a R9 390
>Draws a higher average wattage than what the maximum 75W limit allows through the PCI-E rail, AT STOCK CLOCK
>Long term use will result in a fried motherboard
>Uses more than 150W at stock clocks, despite it being claimed to be a 150W card
>OC'd draws 200W easily, and pushes PCI-E way beyond it's specified limits
>AMD reps trying to silence reviews where power consumption results have found the card to not comply with PCI and ATX specifications
>AMD first claimed it was 150W TDP, now claiming it's 110W TDP

I was really hoping to upgrade from my R9 370, but this is just too much. I'm seriously underwhelmed and disappointed in AMD and this card. I don't have a fantastic motherboard, so I don't want to risk destroying it, and I'm sure AMD won't replace it due to their dodgy workmanship.

Multiple reviews revealing power consumption, with power measurements taken at the rails

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>rx480 is a legendary card

In which extent?
It's worthless for 1440p gaming and while it's good for 1080p, it's way better to stick with Nvidia and save money for the 1060
Isn't there a huge difference between the 950 and 960?
When you post in a thread without context, it's always assumed the gaps ARE the topic.
You're right if the 1060 is as good as people are hoping and is only $250-270
Actually nvidia is about making power efficient cards much like Intel cpu. By doing so you'll end up with better performance, less heat.

File: 1433806432880.gif (767 KB, 298x298)
767 KB
767 KB GIF
>The game runs very well on the GTX980ti/1080 !
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why did you post a garden ornament on my Tibetan cave painting computer entertainment forum?
well then why dont you own a GTX 1080 or a GTX 980ti?

are you poor anon?

oh and keemstar is a complete asshole who is only bested in assholery by onision
>multiplayers FPS
>people start shooting, everything is fine
>you start shooting
>framerate suddenly drops
so get something that isnt a complete pile of shit then
I'll admit I am poor and can't always afford the newest stuff.
Whats your point?

File: 2001_spacefetus.jpg (28 KB, 550x412)
28 KB
What is the 2001: A Space Odyssey of video games?
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Doesn't exist.
I never understood the starchild.
Humanity's evolution throguh the death of its current form, that is it
kotor II
>beginning takes forever and is boring as fuck
>everything after is pretty fucking good
>not perfect, but definitely something worth experiencing

He's in a higher form of existence.

In the bokos, he is able to see the beginning of time and move through the universe at the speed of light. he has control to slow down or stop time as well.

All right, which of one of you fucks asked for this?
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You mean all of them? The kids in Infinite are just down-sized humans.
I wish they'd bring the gameplay of the other two games up to Infinite's standards. Maybe then I'd actually stomach Bioshock 2.

>Not a single mention of Xbox One, even though it also gets the same collections
>Not a single mention of PC, which most often than not gets collections as well

I smell fanboys.
False feminism is one of the reasons, I believe. Elizabeth is a shallow character and waifu bait so I really don't get why the sjw would praise her.
>babysitting simulator
But that's factually wrong. Elizabeth can't be hurt by anything in the game. If anything she babysits you by throwing money and ammo to you constantly.

File: sg_IMG_9165.jpg (358 KB, 1000x661)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
You fell for the 4theplayers meme
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sad that the 3DS can't run a 12 yr old game
fable is a better rpg than the entire ps2 library has.
I feel sorry for you

You wasted money on a nigger station 4 (four)

you're dead to me

I love how you can't turn the power bar off only make it less dim. Otherwise it fucking munches the absolute FUCK out of your battery

Link is for _____
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File: Link_and_Boss_Key.png (823 KB, 900x900)
823 KB
823 KB PNG
Link was my first homosexual fap.

Zoomed the camera on his face in Twilight Princess and imagined his gentle mouth giving me fellatio.
God I wish I could fuck link.

File: image.png (292 KB, 600x338)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
yoo, what do ya guys think of it?
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KANGZ wait is that not the right meme?
spooked is an adjective
"dat nigga look spooked"

horror is noun

i mean you ever seen anyone say "dat nigga got horrored"?

well anyway im not gonna continue on with the semantics speech

horror is just an intense feeling of fear, shock or disgust
if you feel like that while playing any game, you are horrified and if the game was made intentionally for you to feel that way then it's a horror game
You should learn semantics first

stay in school son

File: header[1].jpg (42 KB, 460x215)
42 KB
Now that the dust has settled, what went so horribly, horribly wrong?

File: cringe.jpg (88 KB, 1000x1000)
88 KB
>Join guild
>guild chat: XD XD ^_^ ^_^ >.>
>guild chat: *roleplaying now*
>anon has left the guild.
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>joining guilds
>engaging in prolonged social interaction in video games
I bet you have 'friends' on steam too
I'I like talking to people anon while I game..
some friendly banter with no obligations is alright I guess
lol what the fuck anon
>he goes to local tournaments and wins prize money.
>Yet I beat him 7 out of 8 times
What the fuck OP, go to some of those tournaments and win some cash.

ITT: terrible sequels
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File: 1461614872625.png (170 KB, 780x850)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
File: 1442092151007.gif (330 KB, 250x227)
330 KB
330 KB GIF
Joyful wasnt terrible its just had a different approach to party members a bad one

Nowhere near as bad as 5. 5 is proof as to why you don't hire esports over a console shooter to playtest your game.
Came here to post this.
Recently I did a play through of every Halo game. I thought I misjudged 4, but when I came back to it, I somehow managed to hate it more than I did before.
yeah, but super is the reason we got all of these retarded, bland paper mario games. its characters and story were deviantart-tier fanfiction garbage, and it made nintendo feel like they were going overboard with everything.

File: 1455142053127.jpg (62 KB, 421x421)
62 KB


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wait people use dvi?
there are people who use vga and they need to use dvi converter to do that i guess
I've never seen anyone with dvi cable
wait people don't?

File: 57201019_p0.jpg (151 KB, 877x1071)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
If someone is toxic and horrible to play with in competitive please take 2 seconds to report it.
Blizzard has stated that they are going to be very strict on the toxicity in ranked and that if people don't correct their problems they could be banned from playing ranked. For the sake of everyone out there, if you get one of these extremely toxic people in your game please take two seconds to report them between matches. It's under recent players, right click on their name and click report.
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Gimmie that fatty
Rollin rollin rollin
fuck off shill
>talk shit get hit

you have to be 18 or older to be here
It is a common law in the world. For every action is a reaction. You do shitty things, shitty things will happen to you.

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