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File: starring adam sandler.jpg (243 KB, 1280x720)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
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>Pixels:the Movie

>it's voxels
It looks better than Ram-It Rodney.

Not that this says much, but I'm still kind of interested. Maybe a download.
File: Pixels.jpg (163 KB, 1201x817)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
don't forget that it's literally a futurama short

>oh no aliens are attacking earth with videogame characters
>the only one that can save us is someone who was a videogame nerd from the 80's
>also his videogame nerd friends
>and a hot chick
Every Adam Sandlers movie as of late has absolutely sucked. It's going to be completely horrible.

File: no man.png (573 KB, 649x498)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
>Plus, there are a few new tidbits that we’ve never seen gameplay footage of before, including:
>The five levels that make up the wanted system, and how to get rid of your wanted levels.
>How the game tracks your discoveries, as well as rewards you for discoveries.
>Planets have moons.
>Ships and weapons are also procedurally generated.
>You have a jetpack.
>How you can landscape your environment.
>What the consequences of dying are.
>Crystals, and why they’re a good resource early on.
>What it looks like to kill enemies/creatures.
>How you customize your weapons.
>What happens when your ship is destroyed.

I want you people to stop shitting on No Man's Sky with your "hurr durr wut do u do?" bullshit. There you go, 18 minutes of exhilarating gameplay.

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File: Cosby Disagrees.gif (2.7 MB, 350x300)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB GIF
File: dempixels.png (2.07 MB, 1492x830)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
Though it was funny how at 10:58 they view a planet with ugly ass LoD issues and very quickly fade out onto the shot of people before cutting to something else.

It's looking great, though.
But anon, you can name the fish Penis.
Shiy like this is the fault of Minecraft. Not that i totally hate the idea but at the same time it's so boring after you see all the content in a game that demands you think of your own reasons to play it or your own motives to do stuff. Lacks way to much focus to be fun beyond couple hour bursts.

I'm just chilling for ever quest next. I know everyone's forgotten that since it was announced but God damn it I think it can go somewhere and actually give me incentive to play it beyond "use your imagination"

I'll still try all of these games though because I'm a fucking dumbass.
Guys, what's with this procedurally generated meme?

Fighting the same animal with the same animations and attacks but of slightly different size and color isn't really exciting...

File: 48420_SatoruIwata.jpg (814 KB, 1000x1500)
814 KB
814 KB JPG
He's kinda handsome, don't you think?

File: julia.jpg (99 KB, 426x536)
99 KB
Julia is bringing more good DQ news.
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Depends on whether she's working as an escort. I know that you can fuck Maria Ozawa for example.
Far too light. Go cosplay as Bianca or something.
File: medium[1].png (248 KB, 300x383)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Who Sawamura Reiko here?
>Anri vidya cosplays on 11th
>Julia vidya cosplays on 16th

My dick's gonna be sore up until next week.

cow tits and horse face

File: Zero-Escape-3.jpg (26 KB, 600x300)
26 KB
Zero Escape 3 thread.

No crying weeaboos allowed edition.
Seriously the new artstyle is fine.

Post theories.
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>I arrived in Japan.

He's rusing us. He actually arrived at the Nevada Test Site where he'll enact the plot of ZE3 in real life and Kodaka won't make it.
>hits on Junpei
>he doesn't like milfs

what a fag
File: image.jpg (136 KB, 800x1080)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I want to tittyfuck Lotus!
Kodaka was trapped in Hooters and couldn't make it to any disaster shelter
Uchikoshi confirmed they did.

File: 4-16-Dragons-Dogma-45.jpg (889 KB, 1280x720)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
Why has the west yet to make a AAA RPG like Dragon's Dogma? Something with actual fun combat and crazy story. Witcher 3, Skyrim and Dragon Age are trash in comparison. Divinity is decent although it's turn-based and not really AAA.
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Perfect example of visuals over gameplay. Sure, summoning a tornado looks cool. But what are you really doing? Doing nothing except holding one button.

Ok, you just went full bore retard.

I hope CDPR send you a free tracksuit through the mail.
thats stupid. dragon's dogma had gay romances. hell they even had adult-child romances.
best waifu is she-goat by the way.
>Bitterblack Isle isn't content
you fucking wot
It's mostly muscle memory. I have played FPS for like 15+ years now so I got gut at some point. I have huge problems with those nip games with alien controller layout that require you to use every button at the same time even though I remember the combos and what I'm supposed to do my hands just go crazy and don't respond as I would want them to. When I look down on my hands holding the controller It's like watching DSP doing a POV video

why did you give up on it
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the matrix?

Not enough dead pieces of the dead wanted me dead.
Waiting for new release
UI was atrocious, and the text representation was slightly too much for me.

I don't get how people can't read Dwarf Fortress' graphics.

File: CHyD6-QWoAEv1FM[1].jpg (28 KB, 599x337)
28 KB
What are your plans for Sept 1st/15th?

Thread Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sxmL4odYRs
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You'll probably want to avoid /v/ before the 1st. Copies will get released. Cheeky cunts will try hard to spoil the game for you.

I'm leaving a week or 2 before then.
This. Fuck you Kojima, I have to avoid 4chan in general until the 15th, because you know some cheeky asshole is going to go on all the other boards and spoil it. Something like "HEY /tv/ WHAT'S A MOVIE WHERE [MGS5 spoiler here]?"

My only hope is that the PC version leaks.
File: 1433685309748.png (3.03 MB, 6941x2768)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
If im not finished marathoning the series until then im gonna keep going until the 15th.
Im also obviously going to stay the fuck away from 4chan and most other websites atleast 1 week before release.
Except I get games 2 days early usually.

Perks of being high up in the gaming food chain.

Some autist here will probably track me down and kill me for spoiling it but it'll be worth it
I'm a huge faggot so I'm buying the PS4 and PC version so I don't have to wait 2 weeks. Gotta keep having all the MGS games on my shelf anyway.

File: Metal_gear_solid4_12.jpg (243 KB, 1440x900)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Multiple years on from release, what do you now think about Metal Gear Solid 4?
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I need someone to give me a ps3 code for mgs1.

I fucking want to buy the mgs hd collection and 4 but MGS1 isn't on my country's PSN store for some reason and I'm not buying an incomplete series
Man, objectively it wasn't so good but I fucking loved that shit. No one should hate it tbh
MGO was fun while it lasted

snake broke up with meryl after the end of 1 because he realised he could never live a normal life

i'm perfectly fine with that, but turning Johnny (who was just a comic relief character in all the games) into a fully fledged character made for some very cringey and terrible cutscenes

honestly anything with Meryl and Johnny in it was awful in 4

File: 9.webm (3 MB, 1280x720)
3 MB
>that one boss

Which is it for you, /v/?
Mt.Gagazet Seymour.
PewDiePie's been a professional faggot for years now

You'd think he'd be able to act out reactions a bit better

what does this even mean in this context? I always do that kind of stuff when playing
>run up stairs
>let capra faggot follow you
>drop down
>he literally bugs out and you can get free hits in like this till you win


seriously, Meme Souls is fucking shit.

What are some good games where I can fight robots with robots


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>the iron lady
Oh man it fits so well.

I'm now making a mecha-anime that is basically king Arthur in the future with mechs.
File: 1433745206646.jpg (249 KB, 1085x861)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Thatchermech was planned, and the Royal Armoury started production, but then a Tory government made us give it over to a private company that managed to bill us £38m in consultancy fees before hugely overrunning the schedule and demanding extra dosh.

Unfortunately, they were given a sweetheart contract because the bastards that signed the contract had a stake in the company and we now can't get out of it.

It's ok, though, I hear that the US had similar problems with Reagenbot.

Actually, I just couldn't come up with any weapons based on stealing milk and forcing people to sell their profitable shit

You'd better have some awesome puns in there.
>picture related

>America, New York
>giant mech that transforms into a gyroscopic sphere for designed for taking hits and ramming things at high velocity. Piloted by a bald black guy named Big Mac who hits on the wives, girlfriends, and mothers of the other pilots listed.

>High Ratio
>Painted all white. All about maximum speed and POWAH. Often outfitted with single use gimmicks that are only seen in one battle, never used again. Recently completely destroyed in battle.

>The Priest
>Based heavily on motorcycle culture in appearance - large grills, studs etc. Quite old, fast for it's time but average now. Equipped with thermal lances, laser weaponry, and reactive armour.

>The Maiden
>Highly adaptable but sometimes overly complex mech. Primarily sonic and shock based weapons but with many modules. Long endurance times but often lacks the ability to go in for the kill, ends up taking too long and losing out. Way too many pilots due to older, more complicated systems.

>The Motor Head

>The Turing Test

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>You'd better have some awesome puns in there.
I'm not actually making anything.
I'm just an ideas guy, I also once had an idea for a comic taking place in the near future where a young DJ realizes that demons have taken over the underground club circuit and he has to exorcise them by defeating them in a scratch battle with his ancient mystical turntables that were handed down to him from his grandfather

File: WOWWWWW.webm (1.89 MB, 844x468)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB WEBM
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webms with sound outside of /wsg/ and /gif/ when
>le epic ram
Fuck the pricks that do this. Get cancer and die
Go fuck yourself
Wow he got thinner. In a bad way.

He probably hates the shit he does now. I remember watching him play one of the silent hill games, one of his earlier Videos and he makes an under breath comment at the start about how he knows all his viewers are kids.
Doing that shit for so many years must be draining. I've know a few people who do acts for their youtube/twitch channels and they all tell me they fucking hate it.

File: 0VO_1SYS[1].png (203 KB, 1630x1630)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
Anyone else hope this is a complete failure?

Seriously, it's a smash con that celebrates it as a PARTY GAME and not a fighting game, putting shit games like Tr4sh and Brawl up on the pedestal, and no PM is allowed. In addition to that:

76 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>why does IP law exist?

Lmao dude r u 12
So you'd be alright with people using characters and concepts that you put together over a long period of time to do whatever they wanted with it and trying to push it as better than what you did with it?

>Until the last 4-5 years the competitive community in general was just old shooters and street fighter with Halo being the only really big hitter
>LoL hits
>Online becomes more and more stable so that more people can attempt to break into the rising esports scene
>Nintendo decides to fully get involved
And even then, PM is being used to earn money, so they're very clearly hurting nintendo, even indirectly.
File: 1409275363445.png (26 KB, 244x226)
26 KB
IP law exists for "good" (and I'm really stretching "good" here) reason, but at the same time, you people should not give a shit about it.

IP law's only benefit the industry and individual company's, they don't benefit you at all and really, you shouldn't care about it unless you were creating videogames and plan on selling them.

If we're discussing whether or not a videogame is good or bad, or if it should be included or excluded from some gaming event, "Intellectual Property" is something that should be the last thing on your mind, because it doesn't affect you, as a consumer, at all.
>IP law only benefits faceless corporations
Dude, just stop posting jeez. Are you from Cuba or something?
>So you'd be alright with people using characters and concepts that you put together over a long period of time to do whatever they wanted with it and trying to push it as better than what you did with it?

Yeah, because I actually care about videogames, and not the money I make from them. If someone creates a game that's better than mine from my own game, then I'd love to play it.

If I was someone like Reggie, who's clearly never played Smash in his life due to what we saw at E3 2015, then I would be mad, because I don't play videogames.

File: 1391162934989.gif (937 KB, 474x272)
937 KB
937 KB GIF
SFM videos?

Better Than 'End of the line':
And by the same creator:
File: 1410758448855.gif (2.74 MB, 355x200)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB GIF
Best Overall in Saxxy 2014:

File: photo.png (342 KB, 900x900)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
I started the quest Take it back! And they just ascended liberty prime to the courtyard. But when I get to the courtyard liberty prime is nowhere to be found, and to add on to that sentinel Lyons isnt following me at all. Is there a way to fix this bug? I already tried to reload the game and restart it. Also keep in mind this is the goty disc for ps3. Please help.
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Did you uninstall the DLCs and try again?
This is a disc with the DLC already on it. I'm not sure if I can reinstall it if I disable or delete the dlc.
Fucking learn how to reply to people.
When I got this game on console, the DLC was on a separate disc and and had to be installed as if I downloaded it all the same. Furthermore, there is an option in the main menu to remove it.
This game was a gift from an ex. Plus I have a shit pc. I sense sadness when I turn on my pc.
You gotta restart it after switching to WUMBO you dip.

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