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File: doom.jpg (5 KB, 140x140)
5 KB
Now: Unreal
Next: Doom: Scythe
Later: Spear of Destiny
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no you didn't, all the donations are public and there's no $150 donation in the last few hours retard

Yes yes, we already know that she's not pretty or have teats...
>that mancubus kill

aw shit blueglass is there
nobody, they're just discouraged to swear. several people already cursed without being kicked out

File: 2015-07-30_00007.jpg (443 KB, 2560x1440)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
Is she right, /v/?
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And still inferior to Noire's.

How sad
I have this really fucked fantasy about her
That I keep Uni under my desk for most of the day and she just sucks my dick whenever it's ready
Uni is better than no-friends-ire
Noire's aren't nearly as nice as Uni's.
File: 1376169548135.png (1.1 MB, 800x1236)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Nep's got a pretty great butt.
>"Download" System Shock 2
>It was one of the best games I've played
>Had fun with it, want to buy it
>Realize the people who made it wouldn't get a penny if I did
So I felt bad on behalf of the people who put their hearts into making it

RIP looking glass taken too soon

File: V has come to ruse.jpg (5 KB, 304x166)
5 KB
It's all a ruse.
>Kojima is not fired, he's trolling the comunity along with Konami.
>Konami is becoming a mobile gaming company
>Kojima gets a new studio, owning foxengine
>The head transplant thing is a hoax and a publicity stunt to promote mgs5: the V logo in Sergio's logo,the mgs references in doctor Sergio's book
>Kojima said in the past his next game will shock the industry:nukes,head transplants,child soldiers,torture etc.
>Everything up to september 1st is just Kojima's way of viewing the gaming comunity's reaction, hell the micro-trans. could be fake as well
>Konami&Kojima cool, laughing their asses together while getting free ads. for mgs5, since Konami retires and Kojima goes solo
>Mfw when Kojima reveals all after the release and that Silent Hills is still in work.
>Mfw "Did you rike it?", and Sterling,Super bunny hop and others go brain dead.The master will do it again.
Where will you be when the best game stomps this sensible industry?
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"do you even lift"
He'd been in a coma for 9 years he is going to be weak as fuck man

When is soon?
>Kojima leaving Konami is a ruse
Not true

>Venom Snake is Gray Fox
Very unlikely

>Hayter is in the game
Probably not true

Then this game is going to be crushed under all this hype.

File: download (2).jpg (11 KB, 290x174)
11 KB
i have a feeling venom snake is not big boss
theres gonna be some asspull that happens towards the end of the game

the growing horns is proof enough and the best way to explain that is cloning or nanomachines

File: 1429138346154.jpg (23 KB, 400x390)
23 KB
>/v/ tells me to play the objectively better Fallout 1-2
>Make female character
>Get to Myron
>He rapes you
I'm visually shaking, triggered the fuck out of me.

Awful game.
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That's what makes Fallout 2 so good.

Any more games where you can get raped?
File: FREEDOM AND GAY RIGHTS.jpg (1.03 MB, 1812x2475)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
Who are you? Vivio?
stop posting worthless shit and start posting Yui you fucking degenerates.
i want to put my dick in that pikachu

keions a shit!
File: 5.png (818 KB, 1398x2000)
818 KB
818 KB PNG

File: 1111.png (296 KB, 470x300)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
Should I get this on PC or PS4?

I have no friends
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If you have no friends to play this with I don't know if you will get a lot of fun out of it. The most fun I have in the game is 2v2 or 3v3 with my friends. Playing alone can get boring pretty quick.
File: 1412077917478.png (378 KB, 521x348)
378 KB
378 KB PNG

I have no friends.

I fucking love this game to death, all I do is play randoms online.

OP here, I think it depends on the person.

for example
If you own a PS4 at this point there's really no excuse for not having PS+, but even if he doesn't then he could do a trial membership or get one month for cheaper than the cost of actually buying Rocket League on Steam without a sale
My friends are too poor to buy the game
I always play alone 3v3s

However it's been reduced to a casual time killing game, so to say. I usually play a round when I'm waiting for pizza or for laundry to finish.

File: 1400603120555.jpg (99 KB, 625x501)
99 KB
Post your vidya confessions and dark sins
the only games I ever 100% are lego ones
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I'm sure that is exactly what a heroin addict thinks.
no you didn't
KIll yourself
That's not nerdy, that's stupid.
I like Brutal Doom. Sure it may "ruin all that Doom stands for," but that shit's fun.

File: 4324254645.png (114 KB, 225x268)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Will Fallout 4 be the "Skyrim" of the Fallout Franchise?
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can someone explain the bail-out system of the U.S. to me? So basically i see it like this: if he was rich, he could rape children as often as he wants and just pay the fine? Is that it?
>tfw you unironically enjoy modded Skyrim
You have a set court date, but if you cannot meet bail you have to stay in jail until that courtdate. A lot of times it will go towards time served on whatever prison sentence you get.
You can pay to not sit in jail until your court date
Sauce me

File: beta vs alpha.png (1.36 MB, 1281x764)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
>there are LITERALLY dozens of manginas on /v/ who waddled through garbage like Life is Strange but never touched Vanquish

At what point did it go so wrong in your life?
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Never played Life is Strange, but Vanquish was underwhelming.
I got near the end and just stopped playing and forgot about it

I have though. Vanquish is fucking amazing and I wish it was on PC

Never touched Life is SJW though. That shit looks fucking awful.
File: 1437686216462.png (142 KB, 350x290)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>like LiS
>come here
Platinum is pretty overrated but Vanquish is fucking great
File: sadgirl1.png (2.51 MB, 1620x1080)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
Why is every girl in thhhis game so flat?

Korean beta in progress.
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>arrest the boss
>die to 1 hit
Don't worry, I'll give the medal of honor to your wife (and then fug her, lol).
There's a good reason.

If you want to go DPS there are better options for that instead of Squire, but if you want to be a tank it's either Squire or Centurion to support your party at 100% efficiency

Don't let squirefags and centurionfags brainwash you, in theory and with the information we have, they are both perfectly viable, we'll see in the actual game.
>everyone uses pleb gamer headphones
>50/50 split
thanks guys

>no one in the fucking modern world wears headphones without a mic

look at the headsetfag and laugh everybody

File: sanic.png (270 KB, 1275x1019)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Umm guys? What the hell is sanic doing in Donkey Kong Country 2?
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Scythe is the greatest megawad of all time.
Just enable the "interpolation" filter. Leave that HQ shit off.
it's not available for any emulators at the moment. Just a tech demo of sorts for some tech-geek group's upscaling filter.
>All those filters that make DKC2 look like shit

Is this what being triggered feels like?
File: asdasd.jpg (386 KB, 1920x1080)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
it made everything look blurry.

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File: SELECT YOUR CHARACTER.jpg (655 KB, 2941x1570)
655 KB
655 KB JPG
>not CSGOes F2P
File: I can't stop pissing.png (336 KB, 468x663)
336 KB
336 KB PNG

File: SK2-postcards.jpg (2 MB, 2560x1877)
2 MB
>27th of August
>every order on the MarvelousEU shop gets some sweet cards


those cardss are nice

too bad the game is shit

File: wuht.png (687 KB, 835x455)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
Is this real? Are we seriously a month away from crawling on the hospital floor for the first time? Am I dreaming?
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File: autofire.jpg (19 KB, 290x218)
19 KB
>tfw I'm at a friends Wedding abroad on 2nd September
Motherfucker doesn't realise what he's interrupting
Did she say "I am Chico"?
MGS fans are more likely to kill themselves than anyone else because most of them are complete failures in life
She said Farewell Sausage
Let's speculate what the opening sequence is gonna like
one sentence each post

File: CLJQb-TUAAA8wpE.jpg (67 KB, 600x834)
67 KB
GGXR loketest thread: What the fuck happened to Elphelt edition
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Pot's old design is ugly and bland as fuck

People tend to forget that most top players are waifufags
no trap no buy
File: 1433423092569.jpg (24 KB, 390x380)
24 KB
Is there any Arcsys fighter that isn't completely dead in yurop? I feel like getting into one.

Pot's old design is way better than his Skullgirls tier outfit he has now.

All the other new designs are way better though.
Probably Xrd, Revelator ain't coming until next year at least.

Even better, get one of your friends to buy Xrd alongside you, so you'll be able to have a rival of sorts.

File: March_of_the_Pikmin.jpg (66 KB, 1280x1111)
66 KB
Best series made by Nintendo? Not a single bad game yet. Sure, 3 wasn't everybody's cup of tea, with the whole no c stick and how it overcomplicated things with the use of the gamepad,, but I think we can still agree that it was a fine game. Pikmin thread?
55 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
There were lots of improvements

You could cycle through throwing colors and whether they were leaves/flower/bud, the pathfinding AI for the pikmin were the best in the series (not in 3, seriously what the hell were they thinking), etc.
File: 1426396703441.jpg (115 KB, 580x456)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
It was a sad day, anon.
when is that movie coming out?
Pikmin full animated series when?

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