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I'm a 21 year old virgin, but I'll always have /v/, and all of my friends that pal around on it

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File: deqmkpfd.jpg (66 KB, 1280x720)
66 KB

Fuck, I hope its fake
It's real.

Though bear in mind it's been down for the past few days.

Made me think of this

File: fuck (you).jpg (33 KB, 617x462)
33 KB
>spot the virgin

File: 1503085824447.png (493 KB, 595x797)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
You're going to buy Kaede's game, right?
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Is there a fan translation of v3 or do I have to wait for it to get cracked?
gotta wait hombre.
File: 1502417686676m.jpg (126 KB, 769x1024)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Give me Junko and Mukuro pics, pls.
File: C0cv2tBUQAA3pA7.jpg orig.jpg (507 KB, 2157x1588)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
Thanks. Now one with Naegi, Junko and Mukuro.

File: 1486937716187.png (120 KB, 297x251)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW that believe that Shadow the Hedgehog controlled better than Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
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Project X 7.4
Did the other guy get banned?
Cry harder Lee, the autism will only get worse as you age.
Kill yourself ban-evading Argentinian (Barneyfag)

File: Thief_box_art.jpg (26 KB, 307x323)
26 KB
ITT: Games absolutely NO ONE defends.
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We got some pron out of it.
Andromeda was so bad not even /v/ contrarianism has defended it yet, that's impressive.
File: 14105200888660.png (610 KB, 600x800)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
> I was playing on my 360 years before I actually got into Thief

Disdain for plebs.jpg
the ambience was pretty good

File: quiet.gif (2.94 MB, 400x209)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB GIF
So the crew hated her because they were all gay?
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No it's because modern men no longer desire big breasts
Is she drowning?
Everybody's gay for big boss.
She almost took out the boss, who is their hero and far better than any of them in combat, of course they are uneasy about the literal human weapon they have "locked" in a completely inadequate cage.
Yep. It's an allegory of modern sexless Japan, where no one has kids and everyone is an incel

File: NFSU2_Rachel.jpg (242 KB, 800x600)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
who was your first vidya crush?
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File: Aerith_Gainsborough.jpg (28 KB, 353x459)
28 KB

My very first?

I had this edutainment game called Money Town. There was this one cat-girl character by the name of Penny or some variation thereof.

My first REAL video game crush is still my favorite. Pic related.
Check out Resident Evil Vendetta
File: hot.png (30 KB, 400x254)
30 KB
You gay
It's incredible that I didn't become a furry. I will say that I'm rather indifferent to furrydom and find it super vanilla these days, compared to all the other shit kids are into.

File: Failure.jpg (5 KB, 306x165)
5 KB
>RIP cash grab scam piece of shit game.
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Yea nah you're a dumb cunt.

DayZ devs are lazy fucks that take ~12months to release an update a one-man competent dev team can pump out over a coffee fueled weekend. They missed the boat and it's their own fault.
>animation and dragging bodies
Was already in ArmA 2 like 10 years ago.

>tfw Dean "The Kiwi Jew" Hall is working on a shitty SS13 cashgrab ripoff.
squad devs are fucking incompetent. community accepts every half assed excuse they give on why they take so fucking long.
Pretty sure it was canceled

File: 1496864671426.jpg (16 KB, 288x311)
16 KB
Ah sweet I'm an Undertale now

File: news1221piratebay.jpg (26 KB, 770x433)
26 KB
If companies were decent and release demos for their games we wouldn't need our free trial
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Some of the niche games I want cost $60. You're damn right i'm pirating that shit first. At least another small company puts out demos of their game to try. They're decent enough too. Shame they're fucking jews to the extreme.
Problem is we don't have demos anymore because they used to be too good. Remember the Doom days when the demo of every game was basically 1/3rd or 1/2 the whole game?

I think it was Descent that basically killed long game demos/shareware for the industry because 90% of the people the played it only played the shareware because it was literally the good half of the game.
Where do you fags get your wii isos?Most of pirate bay' ones have 0 seeders
I buy a lot of games (500+ in my library)
I usually pirate a game before I buy it to see if it's worth it or not.
YMMV, but not everyone does the wrong thing.

Instead of a demo, just give us a reasonable timed play on the full game. When time is up, you either buy or uninstall.
>new game i'm not sure on, know i'll probably only play it for 2 days then never touch it again
>pirate it
>it's meh and no replayabilty, a cashgrab or it's early access trash that's unfinished
>decide it's not worth putting $90 down for
>play it for 2 nights and uninstall it
I have a $1 for 1 hour of play time rule. I'll buy a $20 game if I know I'll get at least 20 hours of use out of it, any less and I pirate or avoid it.

File: Logo_-_Splatoon_2.png (393 KB, 1075x457)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
Splatoon Thread

What needs to change about the game ?

>mode rotation
Shouldn't exist. I shouldn't have to wait two to four hours to play a mode. All three ranked modes should be available 24/7. This isn't the Wii u the install base can handle not forcing everyone into the same mode

>Octobrush ,tri slosher and inkjet needs to be nerfed
>suicide shouldn't help your team in rain maker. If you jump off the map with the rainmaker it should stay where you last were on the map
>turf war should be on a three map rotation
>Salmon run should be open 24/7 and profreshional should either be given better weapons or made easier
>The plaza needs moderators to delete all the leftist propaganda. Its a video game. Take that shit back to twitter
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Dead game. Just like arms
I have had four unstable connections in the past hour while playing rank. I don't care about my rank that much but it's really annoying when I drop a rank because of this.

Never had this problem until today.
What is worse is when it's 3vs 4 and you get a crack for it. /v/ claims it doesn't happen. But it's happened to me
It was literally the highest selling game of July.
It depends on how long the match has been 3v4 iirc.
If someone disconnects in the last 5 seconds of the match you're still going to get a crack since the time you were on the 3v4 was very short.

File: 1479168165860.webm (2.38 MB, 960x540)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB WEBM
Headpatting should be a mechanic in more games. Do you agree?
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File: Untitled.png (135 KB, 273x800)
135 KB
135 KB PNG

No it's not. Best girl rankings are as follows
She's a booby lover so Katsuragi is her favorite. She could honestly cosplay Murasaki better though.
Anon... what do you think the significance of petting the family dog is? And why this is a bonding experience?

Oh right, because being patted feels fucking nice, try it some time you demented mongoloid.
>dating a girl that could pass as Murasaki
Livin the dream
File: 1488585431488.png (180 KB, 358x459)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
I can get behind this. Imu and Yozakura are my favourite but rin is third then snek and homu.

File: 3452.jpg (5 KB, 243x207)
5 KB
Why buy, download, and spend hours playing a game, when you can just watch a let's play on youtube for free?

File: hanzo-screenshot-001.jpg (616 KB, 1920x1100)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
What exactly pisses you off about this game, /v/?

Is it the fact that you just can't get good?
It's slow and dull and every match feels the same and the maps are terribly designed.
This and it's horribly shallow with a pathetically low skill ceiling.
It's a decent babby's first FPS but if you have experience with other shooters then it gets old really fast.
it's a strategy game disguised as an FPS

File: download (1).jpg (33 KB, 500x333)
33 KB
So, you play any video games, good sir?
No sir that shit is for nerds.
I'm the captain of the football team.
>that one guy who is too autistic and cant make small talk with his barber
Yeah, I can pay off all the debts in animal crossing GCN the thirty third fastest out of anybody in the world, I get a lot of pussy.
Nope just rancid shit because I have low standards.
Nah, man. I just like moe anime girls.

this is the best mech game ever made
prove me wrong

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It would've been shit, he wanted to persue a mystic angle and involve more Egyptian shit rather than as a naming convention.
File: IMG_20170723_121705.jpg (2.66 MB, 4000x3000)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
>more Egyptian

you should check out the artbooks Kojima had Shinkawa draw up for him they are fantastic.
Shit son, is that a TSF I see?
That was fucking sarcasm, you twit, of course Shinkawa drew the mechs.

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