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File: 1712923757624.jpg (14 KB, 215x236)
14 KB
>protagonist dies at the end
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File: mercer smirk.jpg (232 KB, 719x571)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
based protochad
>fish pussy wife dies at the end
>game flops
>the protagonist's quest is rendered pointless in the final 20 minutes of the game leaving him to bitterly fuck off from everything
For Omori it's just the bad end

File: D1_Pleinair_Concept.png (196 KB, 600x600)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
Is there a video game girl you truly love with all your heart and soul?
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10/10 picture lmao
File: what a twist.png (732 KB, 1111x825)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
>Star reading Tsukihime
>Pic related becomes my favorite girl
>Find out she doesn't get a dedicated route
I like Tsukihime, but Yumizuka getting shafted like that is one of the few thing I fucking hate about this VN.
well at least she's getting a route in the remake, right anon? better than can be said for some
I rolled on wanderers first banner in hope to get him and your girl, not only did I lose to Mona, I didn’t get any Faruzan copies either lmao. Based taste none the less
File: napfu.jpg (140 KB, 1920x1080)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
I collect figures in general, and I've had several come in from preorders in the several weeks. A handful more are still on the way. My wife's figure will definitely be my crown jewel though, fuck I'm excited.
That's pretty based. I feel like anyone who was serious about it back then had a pretty good chance of at least coming across him since he was basically the face of bodybuilding for so long.
I feel like she would sleep well in the rain.
Based Yumuzikabro. I also hate that she got tossed aside, she's one of my favorite characters. Knowing that there was apparently a route planned makes it even worse, and now she's apparently going to be DLC for the fucking remake. I hate Nasu sometimes.

File: holy fucking based.png (527 KB, 1037x868)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
I kneel!!!
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counterpoint for all the anti-discorders: discord has unironically gotten me laid irl multiple times
Thanks to the settlement, Nintendo has a claim on anything using Yuzu's code, no matter what LGBT-GNU-Creative Commons license it had.
So just use irc.
Hell even skype was never as shit as discord.
Total trannycord death

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>ywn be Ditto
Why live? (For some reason prompting "figure" avoids the dog a lot)
try clearing your bing history
dalle is attempting suicide after the thousands of pregnant sonic happy accident prompts i totally haven't been doing

File: 1712627350646126.png (255 B, 512x512)
255 B
255 B PNG
*Your opinions, views, and passions fills you with a sense of JUSTICE*
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Fun fact: Muffet has some... Interesting dialogue in genocide if you don't kill her that says why the evacuation never really happened.
Isn't that a good thing? All it means was the thread was a success, and not dead on arrival.
Couldnt geno alphys lock her lab's door like in pacifist when you deliver Undyne's letter? Couldnt alphys put an electric barrier in waterfall to completely prevent frisk from going to hotland?
That's why I think Flowey is involved, she definitely could if she was unopposed in it, but Flowey isnt a stranger to getting his hands dirty
Chujin almost absorbed Integrity the first time he made the attempt because they were still suffering from the PTSD of being killed by Axis, he ended up failing because they turned that fear into determination and stopped it from happening, and from that point on they were determined to not let Chujin have his way.

File: 1704409694180177.jpg (246 KB, 1656x1016)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
What's your ideal duo, anon?
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based AI king
Some might even say it's the gold standard for dungeon crawlers.
reminder that this had dino egg laying in considerable detail
HMAF is the best pair.

File: catlookinginside.jpg (460 KB, 1920x1080)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
>Game is called Mirror's Edge
>Faith is never visible in windows or polished surfaces
>Mirror's Edge
Try looking at yourself using only the edge of a mirror. Fucking retard.
>game is called Dying Light 2
>the light is not dying
File: 1712932288133958.jpg (5 KB, 152x155)
5 KB
>Game is called Bioshock
>Not biological and doesn't shock you
How does the mirror know tho?

File: Sonicroboblast2wii2.png (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
Play SRB2.
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sol sestancia 2 is out for alpha testing, so you're all aware. you can test it and give feedback to the creator on any glitches/messups you find
I am
tell me if I can play as Wave, and if not her, Jet, and I'll CONSIDER playing it
Not in the base game, but the modding community is REALLY big so I'm sure you can find a Babylon Rogues WAD somewhere.

File: Hnery.jpg (70 KB, 1059x836)
70 KB
>Wake up
>KCD:2 is announced
Get in here fellow Henrys
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2 will be a sequel so i hope we get to command a small army or able to do mount and blade like shit
By the end of 1 herny grew to much both status wise and combat wise so it would be pretty lame if we again start from 0
The game is quite long so doing a normal run and replaying a hardcore run will very likely burn your arse out without a significant break in between.
Personally I think hardcore is the best way to play, but I also played normal first, then hardcore like 2 years later.
Even then hardcore isn't too different from normal, even with all the negative perks. Just keep a few saviour schnapps on hand at all times and you'll be fine.
File: 1704883779157550.jpg (125 KB, 640x574)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>trailer starts
>"oh, im so hungry"
File: 1705610944070770.jpg (46 KB, 700x700)
46 KB
We made it Henrybros

File: Vivian.png (327 KB, 1200x1597)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
What will Vivians pronouns be in the remake?
I think they will be OP/isafag
The older sister was referred to her as a boy.In the most mean way, spirited possible and pretty much.Everyone else will just refer to her as a girl for being a legitimate example of a transvestite not like to girl in one piece.

File: images.jpg (81 KB, 554x554)
81 KB
Explain the appeal
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You need to be white or asian to enjoy Factorio. If you're not then you will not enjoy it, sorry.

Some people get satisfaction from just putting pieces down and seeing bigger numbers pop up regardless of who made the design. But you're generally wrong because a substantial amount of players refuse to use other people's designs.
Those niggerjews never go on sale!!!
They raise price of the game!!!! Wtf???
They raised the prices for Russians to 10000 dollarinons meaning they are racist!!!
Come guys, just give me (you)s

was this good enough?
that sneak peek at the other planet's music sounds too "fantastical"
at first I thought it would be for an ice planet but it's too whimsical for that

File: GKto3ZMaYAAfG8h.jpg (1.01 MB, 2894x3999)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
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Hopefully never. We're already a "stuff as many handtraps in your deck as possible" meta that's only getting worse. Honestly we need to start hitting handtraps on the banlist. Yes, Ash Blossom should get hit.
>another 3 of to deal with maxx c minigame
All my extra slots used for maxx c...
>not being linked away to make Atypus
Why do unplayers do this?

Raff swinging for 1300 after negating a battle handtrap is even funnier
The joke is funnier with sera
File: 32.png (589 KB, 638x360)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Can anyone tell me why konami doesn't want people to know about the artists that work on these cards? I find it a little weird.

File: 1712824430382298.gif (1.69 MB, 475x291)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF
What happened to the point and click genre?
Did telltale really fuck it up that?
26 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Any games similar to it?

Yeah, everything else Wadjet Eye publishes. I'm not super crazy about their catalogue. Just too "serious".
Sierra and LucasArts stopped making them.
>Did telltale really fuck it up that?
Telltale never made point and click adventure games. No, their Sam & Max games don't count. I liked them but they're not that genre.
Looks very cool, thanks!
They do lack the comical relief in their lineup now that I think about it. Daedalic had more covered but lol lmao had to put all their money into gollum. Can't believe they would selfdestruct like that after Pilalrs of the Earth was so amazing.
File: 1712601789328198.png (37 KB, 173x270)
37 KB

File: 1712940846807048.png (248 KB, 1080x1730)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
I'm sick of these jewish psyops.
That social media screencap niggers should receive permanent range bans
>tipping your developer
>Mike Ybarra
Don't even need to read it to know it's a shit take.
You're on a social media site right now.

File: Zofebh60Ue7Zt5sC10UAtU3D.jpg (156 KB, 1024x1024)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Is it worth €25? Is it woke?
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Jewish polysexual polygender transhumanist athiest groomer propaganda doesn't matter at all, goyim!
Because it's set on a different planet with a different solar system with ayy lmaos and shit.
File: 1626980282053.jpg (24 KB, 286x288)
24 KB
I'm an unironic nazi /pol/fag, and this is literal mental illness
Ayys dont even exist, they are demons. You're so steeped in the cult of athiesm that you cant see the blatant signs.
On the plus side, there isn't a single black person either.

File: image.jpg (806 KB, 3234x1374)
806 KB
806 KB JPG
92 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
>everyone is hot and fuckable as a man except the nigger

What did they mean by this
File: 236234.jpg (492 KB, 600x900)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
>Humans are not as dimorphic as <buzzword> <buzzword>
Little troon shat himself. Humans are dimorphic because every time you go outside everybody instantly knows you're a mentally ill man due to your size. The size of your arms, your hands, your torso, your neck, your everything screams male to everybody around you.
File: 1712941204102.png (126 KB, 909x627)
126 KB
126 KB PNG

JRPG fans be like: “which child should I romance?”
193 replies and 62 images omitted. Click here to view.
roasties and homos be like: "which desirable young woman should I be jealous of today?"
if there's no grass on the field, plant some seed and it'll grow later.
File: 1657422717989.png (696 KB, 690x583)
696 KB
696 KB PNG
as an eop are the hoops difficult to jump through to play the "not western approved" version of Fates and Awakening?
File: BASED.gif (2.67 MB, 300x169)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB GIF
Based hag seiyuu lover
for me it’s Kikuko Inoue
What if the field is salted?

File: )).jpg (162 KB, 2048x1152)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>"I have an AMAZING idea for an indie game!"
>"Okay, let's hear it. I hope it's not another Earthbound inspired rpg or a generic metroidvania."
333 replies and 70 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1561772317419.png (968 KB, 1469x869)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
I can code but art is so fucking hard for me. I'm trying to make games but even making good looking textures for my simplistic models is killing me. I wish I had spent more time learning art growing up
File: 1591407644633.png (185 KB, 792x332)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>"I have an AMAZING idea for an indie game!"
>Proceeds with a very basic setting description, maybe singular generic gameplay gimmick like open world and nothing else
>Can't code
>Can't do art
>Can't do music
Every single time.
File: 1704245710196577.jpg (31 KB, 300x480)
31 KB
Ever since I was 12 I wanted to make a hyper-realistic text-based slave trainer game, but now that AI-text has come out I think it is too late.
File: nanachi-pat.gif (484 KB, 498x280)
484 KB
484 KB GIF
Yeah of course you do anon...
if you weren't such a simpleminded midwit faggot you'd realize it's because there's no other videogame genre that is misused by 99% of the people who say it. i'm not exaggerating when i say 99% of the games branded roguelikes, both by the developers and the players, are NOT roguelikes.
there's a word for shitty indie games whose only defining features are procedural generation and permadeath: it's called roguelite. you know, games made by people who have never actually played a roguelike before in their entire lives, and just want to lazily make easily-marketable goyslop for steam consoomers to buy for 2 dollars during a sale then play for 20 minutes tops (if at all).

here, i'll make it simple for you so your retarded little melted fagbrain can comprehend it:
roguelite: binding of isaac, enter the gungeon, hades, nuclear throne, dead cells, slay the spire, rogue legacy, FTL, spelunky, noita
roguelike: rogue, nethack, ADOM, tales of maj'eyal, dungeon crawl stone soup, angband, dungeons of dredmor, caves of qud, pokemon mystery dungeon

roguelikes are turn-based, tile-based games where you explore a procedurally-generated environment, it is non-modal (meaning there are no designated 'battles,' you can perform any action at any time), each 'run' ends with death or victory, either one permanently ending the game and forcing you to start a new run, with nothing carrying over except your newfound knowledge of how the game and its mechanics function.

some people (read: retards) like to say that the only difference between roguelites and roguelikes are whether they have progress between runs. these people are certifiably gay and also retarded faggots and they should not be listened to or reasoned with. the notion that something so miniscule could be the difference in genre while everything else could be different is such a mind-numbingly stupid concept that anyone who even dares to think of it should be permanently branded as a complete braindead nigger.

File: IMG_2644.jpg (283 KB, 1502x2048)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Signalis is a good game.
89 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_4114.jpg (63 KB, 1000x1000)
63 KB
>MYNAHs get facials in the mines
Don't slander my big hazmat wife.
File: 1587679530752.webm (1.65 MB, 1280x720)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB WEBM
they're not on Vineta, which is a ruined war-torn shithole in need of reconstruction, they just fought for it. The Nation's capital is on Heimat (one of the farther planets in the system, I don't remember which one) and the Empire's capital is on Buyan (not-Venus).
did you know that over half of lesbian relationships have a history of domestic violence i just thought that was neat to bring up when talking about this little robot game
File: 1670530670946211.png (321 KB, 1051x601)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Wasn't really in regards to Adler, more the >everyone is lesbian part, but sure let's take that too. His reality was having (((private meetings))) with the tallest hottest woman around and then also get yelled at by some feisty little woman occassionally. He basically lived a romcom anime.
Everyone being lesbian holds just as much water as everyone being straight outside the two (2) lesbian pairings we see. (You) don't know, neither do I, and nothing about it is written anywhere.
I imagine only trannies and transbians force the lesbian shit.

Colonel Moore was right all along.

The world really would be a better place without House and the Brotherhood of Stolen Toaster Fuckers.

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