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File: 1700937355960718.gif (148 KB, 498x413)
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148 KB GIF
Just uploaded my first torrent to rutracker
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File: 1671135655326424.png (511 KB, 1280x720)
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Good job
People like you are why all the good torrents die

I was looking for a proper xbins.org backup, but the latest i've found was from 2020-01-24.
I've used it as a base and synchronized all the new changes from Xbins up to 2024-04-14.

Thanks anon


Here we go, and here we have, old scientific magazines, quite a bit of.


Torrents of full images from /gif/ - Adult GIF, released monthly. >>>/gif/ is a NSFW 4chan board. Info:
- Contents: porn, random videos, LiveLeak-esque videos, and other videos which were too interesting for weak video sharing sites like YouTube.
- Stats so far: about a quarter of a million files, totals to less than one terabyte.
- Why? Among other reasons, no one else is archiving /gif/, so I decided to.

Previous: >>1182460
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This torrent is dedicated to two groups:

- Chucklefish and especially Tiyuri for producing this piece of shit. Glad that it came to light that you weren't paying your employees and your career went down the drain, so you're not able to scam any more people out of their money. You always wanted to make the game open-source, so let me help you get a headstart on that.

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what the turtle doin?


copy/share/upload somewhere else idaf. Someone will want to watch this
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not a torrent, but I appreciate it because I kinda wanted to see that
will you be keeping up with the other uncensored ones?

File: scene54001.png (3.31 MB, 1920x1088)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
--Warwick University Rowers

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Retard here, am I supposed to add tracker information to this magnet link? Cause it's not downloading

File: CBBRadio6.png (572 KB, 612x612)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
The finest sounds around from the underground!

The (currently) complete CBBR collection, contains EP 1-17 (MP3), all corresponding poster art and additional art. Total DL size 3.02GB

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Wen next episodE???

File: toho.png (482 KB, 1071x1170)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
TLMC (Touhou Lossless Music Collection) - 3,2TB

Calling out all datahoarders.

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File: 2023-10-18_at_07-08.jpg (79 KB, 718x984)
79 KB
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File: ostorich.png (53 KB, 300x420)
53 KB
A continuation and generalization of the Yuki.la archive dump threads.
Post torrent scrapes and dumps from other (and late) archives and discuss any certain occurring idiocy from other archivers so others can consider on taking better charge and preparation to archiving 4chan threads.

Last thread dump: https://archived.moe/t/thread/1033260/
the Uber-compress dump: https://archived.moe/t/thread/1108330/
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what's the best way to search through the archive?
Just spinning up a local foolfuuka instance?

File: images (1).jpg (56 KB, 554x554)
56 KB
Movie Thread!


I'll start with mine...
"The Brothers Grimmsby" 2016 Blu-ray

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Spellbound (1945) by Alfred Hitchcock


You looking forward to them?
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it's from this thread right now, feel free to pasta it
i'm not making any of it up, see for yourseld. theres some clips on /wsg/ that show what i'm talking about

File: soph_banner.png (363 KB, 1240x233)
363 KB
363 KB PNG

Soph stopped making content in 2023 and has since removed most of the posts from Subscribestar and gone dormant. So here is an archive of the Subscribestar Videos.

General topics;

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>high IQ

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