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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

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File: wtf.jpg (3.72 MB, 3256x2168)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
>Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent. The game was invented more than 2,500 years ago and is believed to be the oldest board game continuously played to the present day.

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File: 1619914825728.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1158)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
3D Printing guns

3D Printing Guns V2

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This has its own thread but this one needs a bump.


Majorly on topic here: it's a URL instead of a magnet, but the URL has 876 torrents, each of which is only part of it. And each one is up to 100GB. So maybe 65TB total.

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File: zBllLq1wXrw.jpg (46 KB, 413x388)
46 KB
eSheep from Win95, a desktop pet.
Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:723F0B77C6B1D14F21747269A874A1A111162D82&dn=eSheep.zip&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce
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Fearless, a group of plane crash survivors deal with the emotional and psychological trauma of the event in strange ways.
LA Confidential, Three detectives in the corrupt and brutal L.A. police force of the 1950s use differing methods to uncover a conspiracy behind the shotgun slayings of the patrons at an all-night diner.
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Great taste. Highly recommend Pi.


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magnet:?xt=urn:btih:99058f604cefd6cd2adc78c01be6325565893961&dn=Chi-n-pi-ra.1984.1080p.HDTV.AVC.AAC 2.0.mkv&tr=udp://tracker.opentrackr.org:1337/announce&tr=udp://9.rarbg.com:2810/announce&tr=udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:6969/announce&tr=http://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce&tr=https://opentracker.i2p.rocks:443/announce&tr=udp://tracker.torrent.eu.org:451/announce&tr=udp://open.stealth.si:80/announce&tr=udp://tracker.tiny-vps.com:6969/announce&tr=udp://tracker.pomf.se:80/announce&tr=udp://tracker.dler.org:6969/announce&tr=udp://open.demonii.com:1337/announce&tr=udp://movies.zsw.ca:6969/announce&tr=udp://explodie.org:6969/announce&tr=udp://exodus.desync.com:6969/announce&tr=udp://chouchou.top:8080/announce&tr=https://tracker.nanoha.org:443/announce&tr=https://tracker.lilithraws.org:443/announce&tr=http://tracker3.ctix.cn:8080/announce&tr=http://tracker.mywaifu.best:6969/announce&tr=http://tracker.edkj.club:6969/announce&tr=http://tracker.bt4g.com:2095/announce

Legendary yakuza movie please help me seed frens also share other rare 80s Jap movies
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File: 1605968854682.jpg (2.11 MB, 1888x3376)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG

All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001)

>Other recommended movies: http://pastebin.com/Ai5AuGLB

>Threads 1-3 Archive:

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requesting Digital Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro: The Real-World Guide to Set Up and Workflow
korean horror comedy shortfilm

File: 1628022859658.png (505 KB, 640x820)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
Academic torrents, papers, general academic piracy news, possibly IPFS discussion goes here

Instructions for seeding LibGen: https://freeread.org/torrents/

IB Documents
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it's completely spam to this thread but anon doesn't want to seed all alone, nor only part of the content
also, logic doesn't go into it

File: 1607273386836.png (2.35 MB, 1476x1032)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG
>301 GB
>Total folders: 1 399
>Total files: 12 087
>Total length: 372 796 853 351


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File: milena-velba.jpg (169 KB, 713x1024)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
"Where have all the torrents gone?" Edition

Post all torrents of women with absolutely enormous breasts. To start off, here's the collection of Milena Velba videos and photosets:

>Videos: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:09d3e66542f56fc35dd2aadd84d9f7bca59594a8
>Photosets: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6BD0B03820BB31A691A3C7D9BBE815B6A93159CF

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The first and second halves of this go together like oil and water.

The Godfather (1972) 1080p

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File: 1595997241503.jpg (4 KB, 312x208)
4 KB
ASMR streams/youtubers/whatever, no blomaga images edition(maybe?). Also might want to avoid using the big M&C name otherwise the simps have an easy time with ctrl+f and report.
*Check the archives if you don't understand how things work around here

Previous thread >>1173447

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It's not the same though, the idea of watching live for free while she thought only paying fans were there added to the experience.
And even if they fix it she'll probably never trust the site the same way again so she won't go as far.

File: gqwhgggfgfsdgsfdgfds.jpg (11 KB, 275x183)
11 KB
Since the new school year has started share resources with your fellow students
>Coding Courses/resources
>Photoshop Courses
>Video Editing resources or courses

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Anybody got this Excel for Business Intelligence course?

Or similar course?

Looking for stuff to seed. Preferably nothing over 80 GB.
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want to dl this for my wife

File: mobi collection.jpg (761 KB, 1920x1080)
761 KB
761 KB JPG
This eclectic collection contains more than ten thousand e-books from 1.436 different authors, from different time periods and any genre you can imagine. It only contains .mobi format files that can be read on an amazon Kindle without need for conversion, but they can be read in many other e-book readers too.


Pic related is an excerpt of the contents.

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nice, thank you whoever is still seeding this


as promised here's the update for the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a little sign of appreciation dedicated to whom invested their time and money believing on this project: thank you!

This is probably the biggest overhaul this library will ever get and in future I'm planning to release one main package and update it with smaller files. If you downloaded it before i strongly suggest to erase everything and just go with this one.

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Up you go

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