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File: blocked.png (10 KB, 529x136)
10 KB
Complete guide on blocking peers and trackers from your torrents!

If you use qbittorrent all you need to do is make a text file, save it as .dat and place one ip per line. You can also put ranges for ex.

You can get lists of IPs from sites like https://www.iblocklist.com/lists?category=organizations to block entire ISPs or countries as well as US government IPs.

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1337 and rutracker are public trackers, so no

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File: 1662085758418.jpg (974 KB, 810x7239)
974 KB
974 KB JPG
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Get Mullvad you fat retard

File: NAS.png (4 KB, 520x62)
4 KB
Anyone else building the highest quality collection of all the content they have ever liked or been interested in or are you normal
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Use the ZFS filesystem, it can do it automatically for you (TrueNAS is great)

File: documentary-genre.jpg (7 KB, 200x200)
7 KB
Old thread >>1088289 hit the bump limit.
Archive: https://archive.is/IuS5t

I will start
>Feed (1992)

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anyone have some good documentaries about forest wildlife, or penguins?

File: file.png (672 KB, 739x415)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
Get your wizard hats ready it’s a collection of d&d books

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File: sadder1.jpg (102 KB, 660x495)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Alright losers, enough of the porn and anime. It's time to get some real culture inside of your body. Post full matches of football, the more recent the better.

I'll start:
Real Madrid - RB Leipzig 14.09.2022 (UEFA Champions League 2022-2023
Group Stage)

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rofl imagine, saving grown chasing a ball for 90min something

i'd be better off dead than being that retarded, thanks

File: cover.jpg (441 KB, 3000x3000)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
Let me start with an OC torrent:

Bible In A Year Podcast (9.88 GB). 365 regular episodes, 18 BONUS episodes, and an episode reflecting on the 2021 season.

In 2021 Bible In A Year was the #1 Religion podcast on iTunes in the U.S. and 46 other countries. It also topped main stream media podcasts like NPR and New York Times.

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suche oczy to objaw niedoboru witaminy a

File: magnetic-link-2.png (3 KB, 350x350)
3 KB
subject says it all. looking for shit to seed.
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Please and thank you

Primarily this:


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File: poster-725920.jpg (69 KB, 650x650)
69 KB
old bread >>1029385

Bakemonogatari [Japanese edition]
Vol. 1-2
Vol 3-4

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Thanks heaps anon! Wouldn't happen to have John Gwynne stuff?

File: arsen_lupin.jpg (21 KB, 325x235)
21 KB

Night Hood is an animated series inspired by Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin novels, produced by Cinar and France Animation S.A. for television audiences in both English and French-speaking nations. It was set in the 1930s. The series aired in Canada in 1996 on YTV and in 1998 on Teletoon under the English-language title Night Hood, and in francophone markets as Les Exploits d'Arsène Lupin.
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This thread is to catalog any torrents of movies, comics, or games featuring men being screwed to death. Whether it was by life/energy drain, loss of fluids, soul theft, or sheer exhaustion, all are welcome.

Old thread here: >>1044513

The old pastebin archive is dead, so Deku made a downloadable version:
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send one more, link is invalid again.

Guys, When I saw this meme posted to Ifunny I know that I had to show it to you guys. /t/ related ylyl thread.
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File: u4aV7qr_d.jpg (62 KB, 640x1284)
62 KB

File: 960x0.jpg (50 KB, 958x539)
50 KB
Sci-Hub is in danger of being wiped out.

Download 1 random torrent (100GB) from the scimag collection and download it. Seed forever.

Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/nc27fv/rescue_mission_for_scihub_and_open_science_we_are/
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The founder of a scihub is a communist transhumanist.

File: gqwhgggfgfsdgsfdgfds.jpg (11 KB, 275x183)
11 KB
Since the new school year has started share resources with your fellow students
>Coding Courses/resources
>Photoshop Courses
>Video Editing resources or courses

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