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File: 0287B8D.jpg (61 KB, 700x525)
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Liz Vicious
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There's an AI upscale megapack out there on the private tracker

File: gloryholeswallow.png (8 KB, 489x50)
8 KB
gloryholeswallow.com 2011-2019 1.5 TB



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I thought I'd ask here because it's very relevant to this thread's topic, but yeah, I'll ask there as well. Hadn't thought of it, thanks.

File: gaki.jpg (259 KB, 900x1043)
259 KB
259 KB JPG

>HITOSHI MATSUMOTO presents Documental/FREEZE (subbed and RAW):

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I have the same thing with WDT, having watched everything there is raw and subbed, I get this exact confusion all the time.

File: FxwzEreBpX.png (586 KB, 1149x351)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
A few days ago, an Internet Archive collection titled "90s Sample CDs" was DMCA'd. This collection contains many classic sample CDs from the 90s - 00s (Zero-G, Best Service, AKAI, Spectrasonics etc.) and the original archive.org page had over 14,000 views. With the help of a few other people, I have collected around 500 CDs from the original archive, and converted most of them from their original formats. Some of the disc images require proprietary tools to use properly, and will show up as broken or empty if you try to open them in an archiver or mount them as a disc. I have taken the liberty of converting what I can to uncompressed .wav files. Additional information from the original uploader can be found at https://pastebin.com/VaxsxX2a


You can also download the torrent file from https://nnty.fun/downloads/torrent/90ssamplecds.torrent
The file list is at https://pastebin.com/0dE05GKE

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There's also Vital by the same guy who made Helm, better interface and preset manager. Open source as well.

File: fj.png (159 KB, 1088x122)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
Shall we bring back the classic thread?
Let's bring back the classic thread!
>fellatio japan, tokyo facefuck, spemania and assorted japanese oral sex themed porn!

Scenes 163-198
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that was it thanks
scene that dropped today looks good

Torrents of full images from /gif/ - Adult GIF, released monthly. >>>/gif/ is a NSFW 4chan board. Info:
- Contents: porn, random videos, LiveLeak-esque videos, and other videos which were too interesting for weak video sharing sites like YouTube.
- Stats so far: about a quarter of a million files, totals to less than one terabyte.
- Why? Among other reasons, no one else is archiving /gif/, so I decided to.

Previous: >>1182460
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- checked log of all hours of 2023-11
- cron.sh: upped page range by 2
- running fix script

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File: 1488299142292.png (131 KB, 347x444)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Hello I created a full dump of the hanime.tv website. All videos have the highest available quality. Enjoy.

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the american ISP Verizon blocks nyaa, try using tor

File: Apple_bug_bounty.png (350 KB, 787x600)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
This is how many jailbreaks, roots and exploits were crowdsourced back in the early days of mobile phones. It worked, big tech still pays millions every year in bug bounties. Let's continue this fine tradition!

>Post your impossible-to-find request
>Offer crypto/SudoHackers/etc. $$$ bounty
>Others can help bid up the bounty if interested
>Request fulfilled by mysterious data hoarder/private tracker/Rogue Netflix/Spotify employee

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do this, and add all these trackers:

Hard Boiled

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As far as Sammo's astonishing run of mid-to-late-80s ensemble stuff goes, DF probably has the lowest quantity of action with all the legal drama and romance - and Benny Urquidez and Yuen Wah's showings in the final battle are inferior to Wheels on Meals and Eastern Condors - but what you do get is fantastic. There's the bar brawl, the prop fu stuff on the boat, the protagonist scuffles, and three separate goon melees at the end which feature the best of Yuen Biao's ridiculous acrobatics

File: Sightings_Title_Card.png (189 KB, 350x266)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Hi All,

This took me a long time to find, enjoy anons!

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Old thread, go here instead:


File: bogdanoffs.jpg (536 KB, 1494x840)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>1222843

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Post Reverse Engineering torrents

IDA Pro 7.6
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With Lavteam gone, I'm lost. Looking for Rhino 8. Anyone got a link?

yandex source was leaked? magnet in post

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File: 1629520904299.gif (753 KB, 250x271)
753 KB
753 KB GIF
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>the candid forum
bump on this question

File: 1628022859658.png (505 KB, 640x820)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
Academic torrents, papers, general academic piracy news, possibly IPFS discussion goes here

Instructions for seeding LibGen: https://freeread.org/torrents/

IB Documents
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Please point me in the direction of biochemistry introductory videos, audiobooks, pdfs. Thank you.

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