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File: 55t28277pl.jpg (219 KB, 800x538)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Hopefully I'm not the only one with this so called "Weird Fetish"

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The people have asked,and so I have spoken.Here is my Futanari Collection.

It contains:

Futanari Manga and Doujins,
Western futanari comics

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File: 1.jpg (415 KB, 1000x607)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Nice documentary about the day Israel attacked America! what is your opinion on this?


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Fuck off back to /pol/ faggot

File: 072_MIRD-119.jpg (165 KB, 800x536)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
This is the only torrent I have of her. I need more ;-; I'm totally obsessed with her!

MIRD119 I Cup or More Limited!
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Don't have mega, but i'm seeding it whenever pc is up.

File: fv ghbjnk.png (773 KB, 830x473)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
Continuation of >>657195

Hey /t/, how about we have a thread for torrents of photo-sets?

Granted we already have a great thread for "Cosplay Torrents", but it's primarily filled with JAV's and other foreign cosplay sets.

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[Wicked Pictures] Sleeping Beauty XXX - Anikka Albrite, Casey Calvert, Claire Robbins, Riley Steele, Shayla LaVeaux & Stormy Daniels [Disney]

Direct: https://kat.cr/wicked-pictures-sleeping-beauty-xxx-anikka-albrite-casey-calvert-claire-robbins-riley-steele-shayla-laveaux-stormy-daniels-disney-t11364705.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F622017AEE3FB17EE2701934B1A7B38133F00B33&dn=wicked+pictures+sleeping+beauty+xxx+anikka+albrite+casey+calvert+claire+robbins+riley+steele+shayla+laveaux+stormy+daniels+disney&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

File: poster.jpg (413 KB, 642x960)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
1080p torrent

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so when can we expect the lazer team torrent?

This theread is dedicated to an awesome manga sharing/ reading site, Crazytje.com. This is the entire rip of their site, all translated of course. A wonderful 190+gigs. Please seed so we can keep the memory of this paradise alive.

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>"shitty 4MB/s upspeed"
>Me: 1.3MBs down max

File: Samantha.png (454 KB, 425x591)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Xstory Player 3 thread?

XStoryPlayer is an advanced 3d game in which you play the erotic stories.

More info http://www.xmoonproductions.com/faq/
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File: thishsit.jpg (90 KB, 382x501)
90 KB
you can use this one without having to worry about the crack if you can change your mac address at will. The game uses a mac based DRM and it's simple enough if you know the required address, for this one it's


I personally have 3 different network adapters so I set one to this mac and keep if off unless i'm about to play

File: ether.jpg (141 KB, 1280x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
All About Lily Chou Chou Eternal Ether Thread

SD version: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:398a036897b00d07ce5140953e9c5303c7705ddf

HD version: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4ab9092c0223062d6e5134677ae10801815b6bbf

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The soundtrack is linked in the OP. There's plenty of Salyu at jps, but not on any public tracker from what I see.

Wanted to start my first ever thread, getting a big tits JAV one going.

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No way

File: game_porn.jpg (157 KB, 700x571)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
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dude, they have the best button mashers and actual games. There is a post on flash now and then about farts that is a real game. Also they have the sick Mobile suit games.

File: wing.jpg (54 KB, 400x300)
54 KB
Cause I'm feeling nostalgic...
Now in space considerate size!

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Don't you fucking die on me I just started downloading this.

File: PA.jpg (756 KB, 1680x810)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
War. War never changes.

everything Post Apocalyptic related, books, games, movies, you name it. but no zombies, there's already a thread for this.

I'll start with

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I think it's pretty great, especially as far as a modern CRPG goes. Gotta take what you can get.
They have patched it a fair bit too, and on the 13th of October they are supposed to be releasing a Director's Cut version as a free update to the game. "The Director’s Cut brings improved graphics, new character perks and quirks, a rebalancing, and other nice things."
I didn't finish it so I'll probably start a new game when this update hits.



Let's get in here and discuss why this is possibly the worst adaptation ever. Currently seeding.
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File: 200_s.gif (27 KB, 200x200)
27 KB
It was overhyped like Naruto or dragon ballz p

File: Cover.jpg (55 KB, 417x500)
55 KB
I'll start with this one, all tracks are 100% instrumental except one:

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I wouldn't normally bump, but this is the first thread on /t/ EVER, where I have downloaded every single item posted.

You anons are heroes. Good stuff. So yeah, bump.

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