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Your name is Hass Takar and you are the Supreme Ruler of the Hegemony.


During your reign, you defended the Stand from the aggressive expansion of the Consortium's business interest, and defended your people. You only took up your position in your selfishness; killing the previous Supreme Ruler in a duel, but have since learned and changed. But only now does a new reality reveal itself.

The previous victims of the Hegemony's genocidal racism, the Swall and the Vetucker aliens, have since been found again. Revived by some strange pods deep in the soils of their rightful homeworlds, you have found them once again.
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I love Monke Quest
So I'd love it if you
>Should keep running Monke quest until it's finished?
But I need you to not crash down and burn out before the end, so the answer boils down to
>Just take my time with it?

>Just take my time with it?

Take your time, choom.
I'd support this, make Monke the focus but not the 'only' thing, if that makes sense.

In the end, though, you have to do what works for you Bananas.
Do monke quest at whatever timescale you want. I think it's important for Qmers to not feel obligated.
i love this quest but also variety is the spice of life like make it the main thing but do other stuff also for the fun of it

This quest is the story of the rise or demise of House Duntreow as seen through the eyes of two unlikely characters. Lady Gwynfryd Duntreow is the current heir to the keep of Hallowgrove and the Duntreow legacy. Before Robert’s Rebellion, she was sixth in line to her father’s seat. With enemies and rumors lurking in the shadows, the former lady-in-waiting has a long road to overcoming or harnessing burdens now placed upon her. A fateful counter with a Tyroshi sellsword has placed her on the road home. Vaaro Orlios is the second son of a merchant and former paymaster of a dying free company. The cunning and ofttimes duplicitous sellsword has sensed opportunity through the burgeoning future Lady of Hallowgrove. Time will tell if his instincts will be to the house’s benefit or downfall.

Previous threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=House%20Duntreow
Character sheets: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kWLdiwaUG4Iqr-zOPQJLVp9ug45R8MSO-3Da77fYENg/edit?usp=sharing
House history and important personages: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17z4CFDMRRmtGowj6oSsNi4-xfb-SOzxijLeZSwMmPe8/edit?usp=sharing
Various PDFs that might be of interest: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gieuIrCoHbYbWdm-BNFQQW_ruLlMTdVu
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>>You will seek to make less of a scene by imploring a knight of the City Watch to aide you in safely traveling onwards to Grassy Vale. You still retain some faith in the honor of knights.
>>You will seek to make less of a scene by imploring a knight of the City Watch to aide you in safely traveling onwards to Grassy Vale. You still retain some faith in the honor of knights.

Sell the dress Vaaro gave Gwyn unless we don't have other clother gave Gwyn, use either the knight we find or the merchant onboard as a intermediary in return for a portion of the resale then get some basic travelling clothes, travelling provisons and the nag if we can afford it nicer clothes would be good but needs must.

Remember the war might be done but there are likely broken men and bandits afoot even in the reach, travelling alone will be incredibly dangerous, especially for a unarmed woman even of noble birth.
>You will seek to make less of a scene by imploring a knight of the City Watch to aide you in safely traveling onwards to Grassy Vale. You still retain some faith in the honor of knights.
>You will seek to make less of a scene by imploring a knight of the City Watch to aide you in safely traveling onwards to Grassy Vale. You still retain some faith in the honor of knights.
>>You will seek to make less of a scene by imploring a knight of the City Watch to aide you in safely traveling onwards to Grassy Vale. You still retain some faith in the honor of knights.
Must have faith in the good people of Westeros.

File: ValenQuest-OP.png (226 KB, 640x480)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Pale light dawned gently in the furthest reach of the sky. Solid black blades of charred grass crunched lifelessly beneath the shoes of uniformed men and women as they worked to secure what remained of a natural disaster that perhaps only the Shrine could explain.

Shards of shattered hulling wedged into the carved furrows of Lake Resuri, but the rays of sunlight beginning to skip across the now placid lake's surface betrayed the fact that they were only a fragment of the wreckage still finding its way to shore. Where the earth was not crumbling char, evidence of having been scoured by a flame the guards had to assume were Adept related, it was upturned or flooded, and in some cases, both.

"I don't even know where to begin looking for what caused this." A guard scowled, "This stuff isn't normally our purview is it? Seems like Shrine business."

"They're saying they won't be getting involved with it." Another groused, running her hand back through her hair as she looked out across the ruin with a heavy heart. "Usually they're the ones telling us to fuck off, but now when we actually want them to step in they're refusing to budge."

"At least there don't... Appear to be any casualties. Small miracle, that."

"No casualties on shore, anyway." The woman corrected darkly, "No telling if they just got washed out. Or buried."

"Really wish you hadn't said that." The first guard sighed, raising his foot uncomfortably from the upchurned mud. His peer's laughter was cut-short when a sudden shout from one of the other guards made the morbid joke into a prophecy. "Wisp preserve, there really was one buried!"

"Should've kept my damn mouth shut..." The woman grumbled as the two of them jogged to the source of the commotion. An arm had been found sticking out of the ground. At a glance, despite being caked in mud, it seemed feminine. There was already an effort rallying to begin digging the rest of the body out when... The supposed corpse's digits twitched.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sorry I just got no time for debates. I guess I shouldn't do this anyway, not fair since I have no time to contribute. Do whatever
I'd partially expected that there always would be casualties should Aegis be employed, which would be almost certain to occur is she was borrowed by Isacc, just instead of nameless mercs and civilians, it could be "important" merchants, Artemis plants or slaves.

Also I don't really have a concrete idea for what Irue or Ari would actually be doing later in the day, but i was intending to leave that open just in case Caylen actually raised a good point or otherwise something came up to deal with.

We could always have one of the two escort Aegis, but then that risks injury so that that was why at least its probably better for us overall if she is allowed to do as she wants, within reason, and we pick up the pieces.

I don't really expect for us to remain in Resuri for very long after this either, for a number of reasons
I want Irue and her groupies to have a nice day off and just be a cute girl doing cute things for once, is that too much to ask? I don’t think that there’s ever been a time in her life or in this quest where she’s not just stressing out about her imminent demise or her next move. But then again, maybe there’s simply no rest for the wicked.
Riz gave us a breather one time and we spent it stressing out.
Okay here's my ideas for who goes where.

>Ari on bodyguard duty at the merchant's party, informed of the general situation and instructed to act on Rinnier's advice and turn the nobility or their mercenary forces against eachother somehow while keeping Isaac out of the firing line.

I have no idea how we'd accomplish this so lets just leave it to Ari, for better or worse Ari is a sneaky bitch now and I think she'll do well here. I think it's probably best to leave Aegis with Ari too, neither of the siblings have a comprehension of the world sufficient to follow complicated orders without supervision.

>Find Priat, quick visit to Isaac I suppose. Try to speedrun it with Scar, unless we can sequence break by sending out a pulse like how we did with Lily and Aegis or shooting a big fireball into the sky. Involve him in Nightgaunt preparation if possible.
Leave him with the Mayor's men? He'd be a powerful bolster to the town guard forces who lack a heavy hitter, I think he used to be a royal bodyguard or something so assigning him to what martial forces we have feels like a natural fit.

>Ask if the guards have some means to communicate over long distance.
Mounted on Scar, Irue's team will be the most mobile force on the field, so it'd pay off to have some way of keeping in contact with our main force or letting them indicate things to us such as one of our allies showing up or whatever. If they have cool whistles or the coloured flares from attack on titan then I wanna know about it.

Once things are set up I guess that leaves us, Ashe and Lily to meet with our cousin and play things by ear from there, right? I'm sure I'm missing a lot of things but to me the primary concern is the ticking clock of Maran's nightgaunts of which we know next to nothing about and thus can't plan for beyond meekly lighting fires and hoping for the best unless and until we cheat using Luna.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Feeling Blue Title Card.png (1.22 MB, 1024x1208)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Welcome to the fourth installment of Naruto Quest: Feeling Blue #4!

For my returning players, thank you for your continued support. You're the lifeblood of these threads, and I appreciate that you give me your time.
For any new players, I highly recommend that you read the archives here: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Feeling+Blue

Note that the first thing I do is archive the thread the second I create it, so realize you may catch up a little sooner than you think! However, for any of you who are impatient and want to join the action immediately, here’s an extremely quick and dirty recap of what’s happening at this exact moment:
>You are Otomo Mizutani, ninja of the village hidden in the leaves.
>Your squad consists of yourself, Masami Igarashi, Naoki Fuma, and your team leader, Hotaru Nakagawa.
>You are currently on a mission to escort a trading caravan into and out of bandit territory, the territory of an anti-ninja separatist group that calls themselves The Lords of Fire.
>Your real purpose is to cripple the bandit group, which may be harder than you think because you have extremely strong suspicions that they’re being propped up by four of the Daimyo’s disgraced former bodyguards.
>You just left a temple wherein you met the deceased spirit of a priest named Hiraku Hyuga, who insisted that you purify your soul of an old wound that might one day be your doom.
>For your own personal reasons and because you didn’t fully trust him or the purification ritual, you’ve decided not to listen to his advice.
>Hopefully that turns out to be a wise decision, but like so many other things in life, only time would tell.
>You will soon travel away from the temple and towards the end destination of this escort trip.
>You are currently safe and can relax, but every day that passes from here on out will increase the danger to yourself and charges.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Journal huh?
Yeah that might do us better.
>How are you going to cope?
Slip back into the mask you wore during the offense, and analyze your performance. What could have been done better, by both you and your teammates? Identify any points where you were sloppy, and any points where you performed ideally. This is a point of growth as a ninja.
Cope by disassociation, write in our journal and then try to just kinda repress things.
I have a feeling that after living with our mother that's just kinda how Otomo deals with things.

As for tactics, we should set a goal rather then going right into means and I'd say our goal here is aggressive recon, we want to find problems *before* the caravan is under any danger and as such:
the Water sensory orb we created earlier with a drop of blood to search for "human", that is our first line.

The second line should be water clones sent out, maintaining their own sensor spheres on lets say 20-30 minute patrols ahead of the caravan, to help us get a heads up.

Between us at the caravan and water clones further out Masami and Naoki can alternate going out on 10-15 minute patrols ahead of us giving us several layers of "see shit coming" without relying entirely on any one person, while having everyone that matters close enough to regroup if something (like a water clone dying)

Yea it'l be taxing as hell on us, but we wen't hard into stamina so lets make use of it! The effort to maintain a few clones and the sensor sphere will also force us to focus on that and not think about the massacre we just committed.
>>You now officially have a burgeoning case of authentic ninja PTSD. All the good ones do. How are you going to cope?

File: TITLE-ROGUE.png (10 KB, 500x400)
10 KB
In @ world filled with dangers an explorer sets out with oneshot to delve within an even more perilous dungeon, this character. What was their identity like?
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Agreed, we're better off without the human.
Alright, let's check out the noise, but fuck we need to go back to that room we were too drugged out to investigate, these distractions won't stop!
We shall be sidetracked everytime
yea let's go check
hope it's not actual woodsman doing that though
File: ROOM 5B.png (3 KB, 300x300)
3 KB
These sound distractions are starting to get on your nerves… you feel like there might be some interesting stuff you’ve missed from being so in the motions since meeting that human.

In fact, the human’s loud footsteps accompanied by iron clanging steer further away from your hearing. Bah. Even as a dedicated meatshield, this meek guy is more trouble than he’s worth. At least he proved useful by letting you… “borrow” this great artifact of harmonious doomsday.

Regardless, you feel like you must investigate what exactly is going on now. This whistling… You really hope it’s not a woodsman, the ones you’ve met, while you personally liked their attitude, are known to be… pretty non-amiable whenever interacting with outsiders and be extremely territorial. What could one be doing here if so?

You sneak & peek around the corner to see if you can get a glance of whatever’s making this noise. And see… no living entity. Nothing outside of a wooden ornamented chest laying there. The coast looking clear, you take advantage to look around your area and of interest, can only spot the lone naked dried corpse of a human inside a nearby cubbyhole to your left.

The noise stopped but you felt like it was further away than in your vicinity.What do you do or go to from this?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 2nd Primarch 1.jpg (1.07 MB, 2581x1629)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Previous Threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=The%202nd%20Primarch%20Quest

You are Lieren of Nothing, a man of many aspects and roles. Farmer, hunter, architect, rebel, general, scholar. philosopher, student, teacher, enemy of the wicked, Primarch and son of the Emperor of mankind and soon you shall also be groom and husband. Having arranged for your known kinsmen, brothers lost and father distant, to converge for a time upon Shangrala as guests for that most joyous of days, you greeted and welcomed Magnus and Perturabo most gregariously and grandly, with ceremony and pomp reserved for great men such as them. Presently, Perturabo is giving his unabridged and honest criticism to those amongst your ministry of developments engineering and architectural corps and branches, which translates into a scathing judement of their capabilities that might drive lesser willed men to suicide. And Magnus is meditating near by, while he along with Amon, his friend and once mentor, and Wenyan, your adoptive father, watch Perturabo's adoptive sister, the bright Calliphone.

Reaching out to your red hided brother, you do not even need to brush his mind to sense the turmoil it is rife with. He had bitten into the mere mention of "angels" and has been pondering how to approach you or Farmin to here the truth of the matter, as the last time you and he encounter Warp entities together, a life or death struggle began, your fiercest battle and closest brush with death. One that taught him of the dangers the denizens of the great sea can represent. But, while he all but knows the truth of the discordant powers ever plotting the downfall of man kind, he was not trusted with keeping the secret that weighs heavily upon your mind. And you would not so easily break the oath of secrecy you made, even if at times necessity has forced you to straddle the line of doing so. Until your father has given his word, you will not betray his trust, even if you are certain Magnus would be as stalwart an enemy against the dark powers as you or Elazar has proven to be.

'The matter that troubles you, of the reference to the slaying of a being dubbed an angel by misguided and twisted minded psykers during my introduction of the valiant pilots of the steel giants, is one we shall discuss when we are able to hold a truly private conversation with our sire' you wind whisper into his mental ear as you watch Perturabo point out fault after folly after miss measurement by the merest of estimation 'For it is a matter that concerns him as well, the fall of the Shuni Caliphate is something you and Him should be aware of. As well as the ruination that was wrought upon it by itself in its final death throws, but, I cannot say more, for my tongue is bound by promises made'
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happy Birthday!

>Join in Perturabo and Magnus' discussion about the culture of theoretical aliens
>Tell your brothers the warning Eldrad gave you of the orks, just for the peace of your own mind
>Seek comfort from Kanzeon and tell her of what troubles you
Why no information on Ork Waagh field?
Seriously. That's like their most important feature.
Probably because it would sound like he's making stuff up by then...
Is our golden sea just WAAAAGH!!! with extra steps?
It really isn’t. It’s more Lieren playing god without realizing it.

File: Gondola_Quest_1.png (12 KB, 400x400)
12 KB
You are Gondola. You walk around. Where do you go?



117 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Right path please, Gondola likes nature
QM, take as much time as you need, but please don't abandon this quest! It is really nice.
File: RIP Gondola.png (264 KB, 500x475)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Here lies the Gondola, taken behind the shed and shot by Witch Queen Mazela
>Take the right path
the forest is always comfy

You're not selling it very well - now I know what quest to avoid
>Take the left path.
The voices are calmer this way.

A few years back, the evil government of a distant nation embarked on a secret project: to mold young girls into heartless killers, void of emotion and remorse.
However, these girls, honed into lethal assassins, defied their grim purpose.
Rather than serving their cruel masters, they turned their guns against them, breaking free from their chains.
Yet, freedom bore its own curse.
Haunted by their past and alienated from the ordinary world, many found solace in the shadows, embracing the dark craft they were forced into as contract killers, as killing was the only thing they knew.
Among these tormented souls, you forge an unlikely friendship with one such girl.

>Who are you?
>A young medical student, you found yourself patching her up after a hit went awry, a secret that binds you both.
>A drug dealer, you are the dealer whose drugs keep her alive.
>A crime boss, you've brought her under your wing for missions only she has the cold precision to execute.
>A hard-boiled middle-aged detective, you see in her the daughter you once lost, stirring a protective instinct you thought was buried.
>A normal teenage boy, your ordinary teenage life took an extraordinary turn when a chance encounter in the park introduced you to a girl with a past as mysterious as her gaze.
>A tech-savvy high school dropout, you become her eyes in the digital world, helping her navigate threats unseen.
>A journalist on the trail of her story, only to find yourself entangled in a web of conspiracy that puts both of you in danger.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>You make a point to step away, giving Luna the room to breathe and the privacy she needs in an unfamiliar place.
>You make a point to step away, giving Luna the room to breathe and the privacy she needs in an unfamiliar place.
You make a point to step away, giving Luna the room to breathe and the privacy she needs in an unfamiliar place. She finishes the meal you prepared, cleaning every bit off the plate—a rarity for kids these days. "Thank you very much for the food," she says, her gratitude sincere.
"Don't mention it," you reply, a smile unexpectedly crossing your face—the first genuine one in a long time.
That night, you let Luna sleep in Hoshiko's old room, on a bed that hasn't been used in six years, while you settle onto the couch with a makeshift bedding. Although tomorrow you plan to take her to the police station to find her legal guardians, tonight there's a certain comfort in seeing your daughter's room occupied again, even if just for a little while.
Morning arrives too soon, and with it a silence that feels out of place. You rise to find Luna gone, only a note left behind: "Thank you for being so kind to me." The words are simple, but they leave a hollow feeling in your chest, echoing louder than the quiet of the apartment.
As you're lost in thought, your phone erupts with the shrill ring of urgency. It's the police chief, your boss. His voice is urgent, cutting through the morning haze. "Kurosawa, get your ass to the station now!" he barks. "Boss Yamada of the Yakuza clan got hit last night. We're looking at citywide gang warfare soon."
"Shit," you mutter under your breath as you light a cigarette. The implications are clear; this shit is going to spiral quickly. "Where was he killed?"
"His penthouse, right near that dive bar you haunt," the chief continues. "And you know what the weirdest part is? Word on the street is that he was whacked by a little girl with a gun."

~[End of Prologue]~
I am sure this is totally unrelated to the girl we housed last night. Surely a murder and a kid is in no way related and will come back to us.
They claim it was a kid, but you can never really trust witness statements. It's clearly far more likely that it was just a midget assassin.

File: 1552144820594.jpg (138 KB, 1100x850)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Not a single builder going? Let's fix that!

Welcome to Standard Fantasy Nation Builder. First, start with providing description of your future nation.

Fill this in:
>Leader's name:
>Color(for if/when I get a map):
>General location:(mountains, jungle, plains, ocean, lake, etc. More detailed the better I can make a map..maybe)
>Fluff about nation:
>Fluff about leader:
>General magic practises or other speciality (for a magic-related bonus, can be replaced with tech or situational bonus, too, so it doesn't have to be magic, but make it ONE)
Don't fill this in:
>Population: 10000

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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... this trip?
Rolled 50, 69, 97 = 216 (3d100)



>Population: 10700
>Power level: 2
>Tech Level: 1
+5 Research
+1 Defense
[Mage School I], [Magistrate I] [University I]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 46, 6, 46, 24, 41, 98 = 261 (6d100)


TURNS 32-33

>Population: 10000
>Power level: 2
>Tech Level: 1
Crafting +10
Hard Labor +5
[Mines II], [Quarry I]
[Toolmaker I], [Forge I]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> Only above average roll of six is for the emergency bunker
> 98
Are the dice trying to tell me something? At least 6 barely eeks into Do Nothing instead of Punitive.
Rolled 83, 98 = 181 (2d100)

Necran Holdings
>Population: 10000
>Power level: 1
>Tech Level: 1
Necromancy +10
Survival +5
[Shelters I]
[Walls I]
[Cemetery I]
[Storage Depo I]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Start_1.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
With the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa dethroned, the Demon God Dumplin beaten, and Karn's whole family now able to live in his timeline, things have been looking up for the Saiyan General. But all good things can't last forever. And when conflicts arise between deities, mortals are inevitably caught in the crossfire. Does Karn, the Berserker God possess the strength to protect his family, people, world and reality from their fickle nature? Or are the beings above mortal ken also beyond mortal reproach? This outcome may be up to you.

You the players control Karn, wielder of the mighty Berserker Soul. Granting him the power to fight against gods and other divine beings, to resist their influence and strengths. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, only a few years into his time as a member of the PTO, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. With the power of the Berserker God, combined with That Which Should Not Be and having devoured a soul born of the Abyss itself, his strength is now unlike anything before seen in his reality. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed his way? Only time will tell, your choices can spell the difference between success and failure.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here: https://www.patreon.com/GrandDragonQM

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote times
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three correctly-rolled dice

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
766 replies and 142 images omitted. Click here to view.
>So Cooler, when are you fighting Karn?
>"Behold, citizen, I have found a previous dreadzone champion to face!"
we call that the Wookie forest on new salad. after all, you'd have to be suicidal to continue fighting the Saiyans at this point.
Just gonna start writing down things to do in no particular order...
>wrangle the true might of our Berserker God form
>talk with Maz and Kayle about what they said to Tomitsu
>help Okira master the base Berserker form (and Karn Jr. as well for that matter)
>keep up with the optimized gravity training (and help Frieza figure out what's optimal for him)
>talk with Frieza about mentoring Maza on ruling when he's done on Yardrat
>learn Energy Kicks from Chaya (and Piercing/Cleaving Kicks after that?)
>mess around with Energy Body some more and see what we can actually do with it (spikes and blades maybe?)
>tell Chaya she needs to stop stewing in how things ended with Raditz and move on
>find good wedding gifts for Broly and Kori
>tell Cooler to quit stalling and set a date for our rematch
>sit down with Cell and ask what his long term goals are
>try and retool Hellzone Grenade (we never use this, but I feel like the principles of the technique could be very useful)
>talk with Ubo, ask how he's been and if he needs our support in restoring Krypton
I'm probably missing more than a few things, so feel free to speak up anons.
Dude, we've been over this, Energy Body doesn't need blades or spikes, that just makes fragile points in the armor.
A lot of these are a given, some are a bit low in priority too, but these two
>mess around with Energy Body some more and see what we can actually do with it (spikes and blades maybe?)
>tell Chaya she needs to stop stewing in how things
Are already resolved. Chaya's moved on, or atleast in the process of doing so. It isn't about a big speech to wrap things up in a neat bow; sometimes its time that's needed. And we can't fix what isn't broken unless we want to just break it. Ask yourself; when was the last time it was said
>gee, I wish we had something sharp to bisect our mortal enemies with
that wasn't answered by either our weapons, the piercing fist Mk. II or Energy Javelins. The Energy Body strikes the perfect yet delicate balance of efficacy and efficiency, adding extra bells and whistles brings the technique down. Its a one trick pony, but you can bet your ass its the finest pony in the whole galaxy.

File: magicmoon.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1827)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
Magic Moon Return Quest

The magic moon returned to the world after a thousand years absence and magic is being rediscovered! You're a young and talented magician traveling the land seeking to improve your magic!
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I am using the OP intro as a prompt, and a world where 'magic is being rediscovered' will have many ways to solve problems that are mundane. It's shaping up to be urban fantasy, so there would be plenty of rogues, warriors, etc.
Psionics would be another form of magic in the setting, I dont think I'll use the elemental+light/dark tree that was proposed though.
Ah. Well, I'm keen on seeing what you come up with all the same. Especially if we get some sweet psionics.
Bro, I hate when niggas say they finna do sum and then ghost. Word to my flag, y'all corny af on here.
I have been working on it on and off, I got most of the setting fleshed out, a few maps, but I got stuck trying to put together characters and plotlines. I'm not a good writer.
That being said, I want to thank you for your support getting me to even start, but I don't think it'll be this thread if it does happen, sorry for disappointing you man.

File: Azula.jpg (129 KB, 900x675)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
The truth is you should be the next Fire Lord.

You are stronger, smarter, more cunning. Uncle Iroh is a coward, Zuzu is weak. And father? He was great, of course he was, but he is lost in his own delusion, too haughty, too proud. You could be more pragmatic, understand how a Fire Lord’s tools can remain useful. Father banished Zuko, you would’ve simply shamed him, then you’d have kept Iroh as well. Iroh was not the Dragon of the West for nothing. Simply removing Zuko’s right to inherit would’ve been enough.

You clench your fist, of course, father would never trust a woman with his birthright. You were always better, you learned first and learned faster, you did everything you could to please him, but it wasn’t enough. You never dared mention it to his face.

“Lady Azula.” A voice says from outside the palanquin. “We have arrived.”

“Good, this journey was getting tiresome.”

You step out and your servants bow. You take the first steps on the palace’s front stairs.

The Fire Lord’s room is blazing hot, as it always is, yet this waiting your father put you through before he turns around and speaks feels cold, as cold as the bloody ice sheets of the water tribes.

“Azula.” He says, not turning to face you. “Dire news have come to my ears. A great surge of power was spotted by a passing ship in the northern arctic seas. I believe this can only mean one thing: The Avatar has returned..”

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That javascript thingy is because I clicked draw on my post
>>Accept his gracious offer. “Of course, commander Zhao.”
must... sip... tea....
>Accept his gracious offer. “Of course, commander Zhao.”
>Accept his gracious offer. “Of course, commander Zhao.”
Tell the crew that loose lips sink ships
Locked in

File: OIQ_4.png (1.92 MB, 2977x2085)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
Relevant Links:

>Past Threads
>Rentry masterlink, includes character sheets, shop information, inventory, and general information
>Popularity Contest Round 2

A couple months ago, the world changed forever.

Individuals worldwide began manifesting the qualities of various figures- gods, spirits, heroes, beasts, and monsters- from Greek mythos. The system that caused and continues to facilitate this phenomenon is shrouded in mystery, both in how it functions and why it began its activities when it did.

The protagonist of this tale is the incarnation of Atë, a minor goddess in the grand scheme of Greek mythology, who causes and presides over folly and ruin. She, formerly a miserable but ultimately normal office worker, has since accepted her role as the embodiment of her <Myth>. She, along with her partner in crime, the incarnation of Pheme, titan of rumors and gossip, have been working to expand their influence and stack the deck in their favor against not only mortals, but also rival incarnations. In her own eyes, she is no longer human. Her ultimate goal- the elimination of all rival incarnations and, eventually, complete and total world domination.

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Cautious takes it. Generally, I like to do the rolls and the roll type vote separately, so please give me another 3 rolls of 3d22
Rolled 22, 4, 3 = 29 (3d22)

Rolled 21, 2, 21 = 44 (3d22)


Holy shit a maxroll
Rolled 7, 6, 1 = 14 (3d22)

haha, good thing we didn't choose reckless

File: lokir.jpg (263 KB, 600x1080)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
The Divines are fickle. One minute you were racing toward the border into Hammerfell on a stolen horse, with glimmering hopes of a new life. You were going to turn things around. No more gambling. No more thieving. You were going to become a respectable Nord. Instead, you find yourself clapped in irons, not for the horse you stole, nor for the debts you've left unpaid, but for a rebellion you were never a part of.

Ulfric Stormcloak, THE Ulfric Stormcloak, leader of that same damned rebellion, just told you to take heart and have courage, but at sight of the executioner's massive ax, your nerve fails you. You make a run for it, somehow managing to pull away from the guard attending you.

The captain does not bother sending someone on a chase. He gestures to another guard wielding a bow to fire. You were going to be executed anyway, it makes no difference if it's by ax or arrow.

You make it as far as the eastern gate when pain explodes from your right shoulder. The guard, having missed your heart, clicks his tongue, and lines up for another shot.

But he never gets the chance to loose it because just then something completely impossible happens. A dragon, an actual, flying, fire-breathing dragon, appears overhead and begins burning Helgen to the ground.

You don't stick around to witness the carnage, you hightail it as fast as your legs (and your wound) will allow. Through the eastern road, south until you come to a fork and the sound of the fighting and the burning and the screaming begins to fade.

>Keep running, you need to make tracks before more Imperials show up
>Look around for a place to hide until the hubbub dies down
>Tend to your wound before it worsens further

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There are several sites with better and more modern interfaces. These include Sufficient Velocity, Space Battles, fiction.live, and a few others. The trade-off is they have username registration (an upside and a downside), voting isn't anonymous, and they have stricter moderation (SB & SV) or an overwhelming focus on smut production (fiction.live). Some of the other chans have quest boards, too, but when I last had a glance it was all fetish porn all the time, and weren't any more active than 4chan's /qst/.
YEAH! Like SpaceBattles, MSPFA or Sufficient Velocity.
Or like, Questionable Questing, maybe.
May I also interest you in some Omegaupdate?
>stricter moderation
So they aren't better, then.

File: TheLast.jpg (164 KB, 1772x1772)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
You sit across from the girl in front of you. This place is, frankly, nasty. It’s literally an underground cavern. There’s a shit hole in the far left, a worn sleeping bag to the right. Scattered amongst the dirt ground are pictures. Sooo many pictures. Many of her with some friends, other by herself, sporting a megawatt smile.

All of them in clearly happier times. The blonde young adult sitting across from you doesn’t seem very happy right now.

She’s shaking. Lightly, but she is. Her blonde hair was clearly more vibrant before all…this. Now it’s fading and you swear there’s a couple grey hairs in there. Her once clearly flashy and bright dress is faded, torn, ripped to the knees for better mobility and hasn’t been washed in who knows how long. The girl isn’t even drinking age yet and she looks four times that.

Then again, being on the run from two planets’ worth of hate will do that to you. She takes the recorder you offered in a shaking hand, swallows. Begins to speak.

“M-My name is Mippi Glittershine. Princess of- formerly of the-the great Glittershine Royal House. This is my last will and testament, a-as well as my…my confession. B-because I’m about to die here. Underground. Alone.” She glances at you, but you give no impression one way or another. Frowning in sorrow, she continues speaking. “My kingdom…is in ruins. My-my people are calling for my blood. I guess not mine anymore, but-” she shakes her head, tries to continue. “I- they’re alongside the outsiders that- that I brought in. That I wanted to share this wondrous land of Faenalia with. Even my oldest friend turned against me. She…left three days ago. Saying that she couldn’t help me anymore, not when I…” she pauses, clearly remembering something painful. You don’t blame her. It’s that same friend that’s how you even found her at all.

She takes a deep breath, before squeaking out the rest.

“I’m not a bad person! I…I just…I made a mistake.” Tears. “I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to do any of this! I just wanted to try to make up for-”

“Mippi.” You speak once. She understands, and refocuses.

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>“For what it’s worth, I’m not seeing an irredeemable villain, personally.” A screwup of gargantuan proportions, but that’s not new.
>> “In a way. Facing down your wrongs is noble. And brave.” It’s cold advice, but...
>> “I see…should we move on to your final statements, then?” Might as well start to wrap this up, her follies aren’t your business.
>> Other
How long ago and in what way?

If others disappeared the same way, it MAY not have been vaporization. Could be the death of magic making corrections, like non-magical beings being placed 'where they belong'.

In that sense, it may mean many who 'died' may be recovered as a result of her testimony.

May be unlikely, but it's worth investigating.
>“I see…should we move on to your final statements, then?” Might as well start to wrap this up, her follies aren’t your business.

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