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File: OIG4 (4) (1).jpg (91 KB, 1024x1024)
91 KB
Through legitimate or other means, nine vampires from across the globe had acquired the Sanguine Invitation granting them access to Lord Waughann's mansion and its enigmatic rules where the greatest auction would be held across five days. All would seek the most precious artifact in the entire world:

The Primeval Vial of Nakathesep

You were one of those lucky nine vampire, They called you...

>Yeera Ysreth
One of the few pureblooded descendants of Nakathesep. This child was going to claim what was rightfully hers one way or another.
Wealth: 2 Mil. GP
Pros.: Mastery over Critters. Arcane Knowledge

> Mathew Bloodwell
The titular Crimson Baron and the proud owner of 5.4 million human cattle. He bought his way here as expected of a man of his calibre.
Wealth: 20 Million GP
Pros.: Filthy rich, Daily interests

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>Go to bed [ Skip time to 08:00]
Didn't most of us vote to continue negotiations...?

+1 to this.

>>5984527 is me.
QM is on a three day “vacation” right now. Expect updates to resume after that.

File: remnant.jpg (423 KB, 2048x1348)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Rolled 2, 5, 1 = 8 (3d6)

The world of Remnant is a vast and dangerous place. Horrendous creatures known as Grimm roam the land, destroying everything in their path, rending the flesh and devouring almost any kind of living being unfortunate enough to meet them.

Fortunately, humanity is not completely defenseless. Certain people are born with particularly powerful souls, granting them extraordinary abilities. When these abilities are honed they can evolve into Semblances, unique type of abilities that grant the user with powerful powers that work similarly to magic (Most of the time). These people have formed many groups across the many continents of Remnant, being known as Huntsmen and Huntresses.

However, not all of these people wish to save the innocent or destroy the Grimm. In fact, some of them use their powers for self gain and take advantage of the chaos of the world. There are even rumours that some of these Huntsmen are secretly working for someone behind the curtains, an evil force that wishes to destroy all living beings on the planet for unknown means.

But one may arise and change things. For the worse? For the better? Only the future has eyes for what is about to come.

Who are you?

>Race? (Human, Faunus, etc)

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>Time to make a deal with those below. Surely they wouldn't want any harm made to his friend, as annoying as he was, right?

You ripped up some parts of his jacket, moving this torn clothing inside his mouth in an attempt to make him quieter by gagging him. While lifting him up on your right shoulder you decided it was time to stop beating around the bush.

Time to meet the ones that attacked the train.

You jumped downwards towards the cliff downwards, step by step and with grace, getting lower and lower by sometimes sliding and sometimes using your free hand for mor stability for the multiple jumps you did. The rhythm of the descent was quite fast, actually, and the man on your shoulder started whimpering again in fear, his voice muffled by the cloth inside his mouth. Its probable he didn't like the fact that you did some spins and flips in the air while doing all this.

You easily landed at the bottom of the cliff, and the renegades quickly turned their attention towards you. Most of them lifted their weapons (Crossbows, pipes, a few swords and axes here and there. Nothing too fancy technologically speaking, which was weird), but the girl Sora just remained seated on the floor, watching you with a grim expression with her piercing yellow eyes.

"I will only say this one thing. I..." you started taling, trying to take the initiative, but you were suddenly cut by some 'Sushes' coming from the falcon Faunus. She slowly started to stand up from the ground as if bothered and tired, and you could easily notice her tall stature. She was quite a few inches taller than you. Now it was easier to see how she looked like under those tattered robes she was wearing.

File: SoraWindcrest.jpg (107 KB, 565x607)
107 KB
107 KB JPG

Her hair was short and messy. Black as the night and with some yellow highlights near the tips. It made her look somewhat of a wild and tamed animal. A small golden and black collar was around her neck, and her clothing was that of a short black jacket with what appeared to be a modified corset as her main apparel. A golden and tattered bracelet was strapped on her left wrist. Plenty of knives where strapped on her belt, and her leather pants and tall boots had quite an unhealthy amount of spikes.

"Lumber. Are you alright? Did this stranger hurt you?" Sora asked, not even bothering to look at you as if you didn't exist, but instead looking at the man on your shoulder.

The man moved his head from side to side. He was saying something, but the clothing around his mouth made understanding him quite a difficult task.

"Good. Now, if you please, miss Huntress, would you please give him back to me? If you do I'll promise I'll end you quickly and painlessly. Who knows? Maybe I'll spare you." the girl Sora said, extending her right hand and smiling at you. She was still far away from you, however, with a posture that indicated that she didn't felt threatened at all. The other bandits just stood there, motionless, slightly trembling in fear.

However, the fact that she wasn't moving closer to you probably meant something important.

>Be aggresive. You're the one with the hostage. You're the one in control. Don't let her intimidate you.
>Be charismatic. Lets play her game of 'fake smiles'. This will maybe annoy her, but you don't care. Her fault for starting it.
>Be passive on purpose. She thinks she's in control, so this may lower her guard. Who knows? Maybe she'll start gloating or something and this way you can fish for info.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Be aggresive. You're the one with the hostage. You're the one in control. Don't let her intimidate you.
>Be charismatic. Lets play her game of 'fake smiles'. This will maybe annoy her, but you don't care. Her fault for starting it.

File: Better_Map_2.png (5.67 MB, 2560x1440)
5.67 MB
5.67 MB PNG
Welcome back.

Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

When a roll is called for, roll however many D100 are specified. 5- is a 'crit fail' and generally means something bad is about to happen. 95+ is a 'crit success' and generally means something good just happened. a 'crit success' trumps a crit fail. User input on both will be taken into consideration.

Inventory, pokemon stats and other links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15i2N08IpWqitoTJujsUMishe4PLbao1lqT-bCAmvPcE/edit

Discord: https://discord.gg/GGXeMEMj

For a short summary for the new and to recap:

You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills. On the road, you met Fie, the Fire Gym Leader, Gareth a novice Aura Guardian on pilgrimage and Holly, a runaway heiress using a pseudonym. You've also made enemies of Team Green a group of violent, radical activists looking to abolish pokemon training.

Recently, Fie returned to her gym for the time being.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 33 (1d100)

Rolled 77 (1d100)

Rolled 63 (1d100)

File: Cutiefly.jpg (4 KB, 250x141)
4 KB

"Silver Wind." You order.

Queenie's wings flutter and another gust of wind springs up, this one filled with tiny silver scales that buffet Mareep, doing negligible damage, but under your sight, Queenie blazes as she picks up speed, before she's nailed by Mareep's Thundershock, turning her aura from lush green to pale green, though you get the impression that whatever happened to Queenie just then helped take the edge off of what was in all fairness a very solid hit.

"Hm... Alright, Thunder Wave." The farmer orders.

Fairy Wind
Stun Spore

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Silver Wind
Time for yet ANOTHER omniboost

File: clay contemplating.png (4.76 MB, 2752x1728)
4.76 MB
4.76 MB PNG
Clay exited the train. He scanned the crowd, the desert, for the sparse chance that Aiyana was there. He knew she got on the train with him, and he stopped it before there was a stop. So she must be there somewhere. Right?

He began to search on his own while the passengers reconnoitered. He looked for her as though she was hiding from him, in bushes, literally under rocks. He searched the train cars. He sought out hidden compartments and what-not. But she was nowhere to be found.

The light dwindled, twilight coming to a close. The air began to cool rapidly, normally a burden lifted, but in this moment, a damning chill. Clay knew he had to find Aiyana, but he didn't know how. It wasn't just about the secrets of her song. He quickly formed a bond with her.

Options to Continue Searching for Aiyana

1. Gather the Passengers for a Search Party: Marshall the passengers to spread out and search, cast a wider net. Maybe she ran off.

2. Track Her Steps: Treat Aiyana like cervid quarry, tracking her steps. If Clay can find them, that is.

3. Interrogate The Passengers: Answers might be found in words. Use them to uncover these secrets.
This game uses a system published in IDDQD Magazine. Don't worry, the QM will guide you on what to roll and when if you don't know the rules, but if you're interested you can get the actual magazine. It's printed in here:


You can also contact the author over various means:
Telegram: https://t.me/+IXDVDXHzIHozNjQx
Discord: https://discord.gg/8wPJEN7VQJ
Matrix: #traditionalgames:iddqd.chat or @neetzsche:iddqd.chat
(These services are bridged together, so if you type in one you type in all)

Pleroma/Fediverse: https://iddqd.social/@NEETzsche

Ideas from this Quest, including its posts, might be used in the magazine. Clay's sheet has been updated. The players from the previous thread chose Acumen, so that's listed in GREEN[/b] this time.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> 2. Track Her Steps
1. Gather the Passengers for a Search Party: Marshall the passengers to spread out and search, cast a wider net. Maybe she ran off.

File: OP Image 3.png (7.49 MB, 3000x3000)
7.49 MB
7.49 MB PNG
Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you unlocked Redbone's psychic potential, made an example out of a federal agent by dumping him outside the ISS and tracked down one of your old friends.
However, the government also made contact with you, and made clear they're both aware of and concerned by your presence.

Intending to stay on relatively good terms with them, you offered to clear things up by sharing some basic information and keeping in contact.
With your time on earth close to wrapping up, there's not much left to do before heading back into space. Will everything go according to plan, or will there be a hitch?

Find out this time, on Humanity Fuck Yeah!

>Last Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2024/5943919/
>All Threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=humanity+-+fuck+yeah%21
>Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rNxD6ccWY5M48dLWuTWdr5LiYLuS_YIAMKlTLw42eeo/edit#gid=0
>Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PYJ7Aa3zQF
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Gyrojets are not nearly as loud as a regular gun. You don't really even need earpro.

It can look however you want it to, anon.

She's a cervid.

By adjusting the pitch of the striking plate, you can finely adjust the size of the exhaust holes in the gyrojet and cause the bullet to curve mid-flight.
This can be done on a per-round basis, and together with a target tracking system, could allow for a significant degree of automatic aim correction.

Assuming the gun's electronics are all functional, of course. In the case of an EMP or loss of power, the plate will just strike at full power and ensure all the nozzles are fully opened, causing it to fly straight.
So in the worst case scenario, you'll just have to aim manually like usual.

All of that is only possible though, because every single bullet will be exactly the same down to the thickness of a few atoms.
That's some serious match-grade ammo.

"What about the powder?" You ask, crossing your arms.

"Well, we did some tests." Kyla begins to explain. "Obviously, gunpowder works in a vacuum. You already know that much... but it's inconsistent. The grains float around or clump together in zero-g, altering burn time.
Nitrocellulose was better, but for a rocket motor we need something with more energy and a longer burn time. Fortunately, we came up with a mix that performs well, but isn't super explosive."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Wait, there are "people" out there who don't enjoy a nice game of nitrogen jenga?
https://youtube.com/shorts/wyTQiKU4d1k mmmm green

File: causeway.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1365)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
You are a PIRATE, the scourge of the Fringe and cursed from Diplo to Bretagne by the cowardly merchants and traders whom you prey upon.

It’s been hundreds of years since the Federation of Sentient Planets was founded, and while the formidable Fleet patrols spacelanes and performs countless interdictions on so-called freebooters, just as many pirate vessels evade blockades and continue to smuggle, slave, and profiteer off of the rest of interstellar civilization in any way they can. Gangsters, muggers, washed-out mercenaries, and the general flotsam of the known galaxy crammed into starships of all kinds, they lack only the romance once associated with the pirates of Old Earth. But perhaps you are different.

The arrogant, domineering ways of the Federation disgusted you, so you deserted from the Fleet and took up life as a corsair. Now you command the mighty vessel Flow My Tears, from which you command a crew of miscellaneous spacers with your executive officer, Shis’so (a spider gestalt).

In our two previous threads, you successfully conducted a raid against a commerce station and commandeered a prize ship. After that, you enjoyed some productive time off picking out new clothes, making connections, selling information, and poaching a retrieval job. You proceeded to the forbidden planet Burn Caladh, entering a Central Service brainship in search of a mysterious, high-value container. Unbeknownst to you, the ship was wide awake and is none too happy with intruders…


Hello anons, my deepest apologies for the delay — yours truly was busy finishing some historical research, but is now back in the saddle. Feel free to join in on the action even if you’re a new reader, as I intend to make the quest easy to understand for any newcomers. Here’s hoping it hasn’t been too long since the last thread.

Archive: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Master%20Adept
On the surface of Burn Caladh
Until at last the frigate
Shot the pirate's mast away.

The lights in the main room flicker as Kunzea wrenches on the console, but despite a brief break in the engine’s hum, there seems to be no other change. Your operations officer throws her hands up and looks at you in despair.

“Deserving attempt,” the ship says during a pause in singing. “Anything else up your black sleeves?”

“You sing well,” you reply, trying to recall the lyrics to that ancient tune. Unfortunately, you’ve buried far too many of your Fleet memories to bring the words to mind. “...might you regale us with more?”

“A charmer,” the ship says, and sings out mellifluously:

The ship it was their coffin
And their grave it was the sea.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Speechless, the three of you watch as a disfigured, infant form is revealed. Despite the breadth of unsavory sights you’ve taken in, this one still manages to draw from you a potent mixture of pity and appalled fascination. Despite the many medical advances made by the Federation and the Central Service, some cases were truly untreatable. This... lifeform, was no different. You wondered how this person would ever have been able to walk, had it grown up normally. In fact, they probably would have been confined to a moto-chair or similar device for the rest of their natural lifespan.

“Shellpeople’s physical bodies are put in stasis prior to their linkage,” Fraus explains in a low murmur. “She is no different.”

“Can she hear us?” Kunzea asks, turning her ice-blue eyes to the column’s permanent inhabitant. Fraus shrugs.

“Possibly. I only paid for the disarming phrase, it wasn’t explained to me. I’m glad it worked.”

“Some kind of posthypnotic trigger,” you muse. He nods in confirmation.

“Very expensive on the black market. Renders the ship completely safe for us, however.”

With the ship’s eponymous brain offline, Kunzea is able to release the rest of the lockdown through the console, in addition to pinpointing the cargo and updating Crane on the situation.

>Take a closer look at this shellperson.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>take a closer look at this shellperson
Did we just find Fiana?
>Interrogate Fraus about his resources. [low to medium DC depending on write-in]

It is the year 0078 of the Universal Century. A half century has passed since the earth began moving its burgeoning population into gigantic orbiting space colonies. A new home for mankind, where people are born and raised… and die.

“We are the people of the universe. We have struggled to survive in a harsh environment, and new generations of colonists testify to our success. Now, when we gaze back at Earth, we see a sacred blue and green orb - the cradle of civilization and a sacred home that we must eternally preserve and protect . . .”
-Zeon Zum Deikun, UC 0058


16:15, 9th December UC 0077
Zeon Military Academy on Guardian Banchi, Side Three (Republic of Zeon)

Crisp cool air greets you as the hermetic seals of the airlock hiss open. The wrapping blue and green vistas of Guardian Banchi’s cylindrical interior, a quintessential close-type O’Neill colony, stretch out far before you. Mountains and lakes, valleys and forests, the interior of the colony cylinder have been molded carefully to match many of Earth’s environments.

You stand at a secured exit of the colony’s Earth Federation controlled spaceport. All around you are edifices devoted to maintaining that distant government’s control over not only the people of Zeon, or Spacenoids, but all of mankind. White and gray concrete military structures stand interspersed about the small city wrapping around the spaceport’s connection to the colony, a constant reminder not only of the Federation’s political supremacy over what should be Zeon’s truly sovereign territory, but also of the jackbooted force by which they maintain that supremacy.
199 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm not really sure if he cares about what Degwin or the rest of the Zabis think
It's not about caring what Degwin thinks, it's about getting in the way of Degwin's plans when (we suspect) he's more than willing to snuff out a Deikun who gets in his way.
Speaking of family, it's been a bit since I read the other threads but Zenna is in our class right? >>5986169
This is a good idea for if this is going down.

I wonder what the real Quattro Bajeena is up to.

+1, this plan may eventually lead to the revival of the Deikuns as a unique force in the public eye. If not precisely that, then this is still definitely a good step towards that in any case.
>>[TRY TO STOP CASVAL]. Through talk, or an alternative plan.

With this plan >>5986169
I'll leave voting open until the morning.

Just so you know, because Felix would be painfully aware of it: forcing yourself into a defensive fight is inviting MUCH greater risk to himself and the other cadets (and his siblings+newtype pilot candidates) since it would gives Federation forces time to prepare. A surprise attack gives your forces the initiative and would likely result in many Federation soldiers not even being awake or armed - forcing their hand is MUCH likelier to turn very bloody, wherever it is done. The optics of a defiant stand to protect civilians with the Federation as the (mostly) undisputed aggressor vs. pre-emptive defense of civilians (on another colony) is up for anons to debate.
I appreciate y'alls support of my idea, but as Contolist said : >>5986243
We could be sacrificing a lot with this plan. If we do decide to go for it, we're going to need to find some way to spring a trap on the Federation, or its going to be bloodbath. And as politically advantageous as it could be for us, its a moot point if we get too many of the cadet force killed.
Building on my idea of tricking the Federation into striking first, we need to find a way to bring some kind of force onto the Federation's flanks, or ideally, their rear, in order to hit them from behind before they savage our frontline too badly.
We should hold Casval back for now, and try to find a way to position some kind of heavy firepower, preferably mobile suits, somewhere out of the Federation's sights, so they can jump them once they fire the first shot. If that isn't possible, we'll have to rethink the plan.

File: CC4.png (1.23 MB, 1104x864)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
You managed to build a happy family far away from most of the magical happenings that could hurt you and your children's. Nowhere is truly safe, even in your newfound home in Russia, but you think the worst is finally over.

You decided to go on a vacation into your old nameless town, both as a way to unwind and to help find out more about your magic's memories. Unfortunately, Etsy's rightful fear of the U.S agency did make the travel pretty costly, but what's the point of money if you aren't spending it after all.

Your old house has all but been ransacked after you left. You did manage to sell it, but the buyer turned out to be part of the agency, and you presume they tried to find anything that you or Etsy would've left behind they could use. As far as you know they didn't find anything, so it's not really your problem. You end up staying at a pretty expensive hotel, it used to belong to Mona, but the town didn't have any place to stay that didn't belong to her, and since she's dead, her magic is all but gone from it. Your old apartment is also of course not an option, as it was wiped out long ago by the Sword of Dusk in order to spite the U.S agency.

Your kids are pretty happy that they get to stay in a luxurious place like this, although Anastasia does complain a lot about how she'd rather have stayed home. Etsy is still a little paranoid, constantly looking out the curtains of your room as if a man in black was going to suddenly attack you.

You are a little worried yourself, but your kids have all been given a tag that tracks where they are, so even if something happens to them, K.I.S.A will be able to rush to them in an instant-- A literal instant, borderline teleportation level speed, you're not sure how it works, but apparently tri-matter has some very funky applications when it's stretched over long distances. Etsy tried to explain to you how it works, but you didn't understand a word she said, you don't think even she knows how it works herself.

Anyway, with safety out of the way, you can finally relax. What should you do during your vacation?

(You can vote for two options. You will search for Arachne's remaining memories, in addition to the two most popular votes.)

>Look into Mia's dissapearence

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: oliver.png (569 KB, 923x866)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
sorry, not feeling like an update today, have this though. I couldn't ever nail the dynamic pose, but I remember wanting to draw Oliver's stance and weapon during the fight. He should actually be in a chitinous armor but couldn't be bothered so it just looks like a green shirt, it's kind of a useless fact, but the spear (although it's actually more of naginata) was basically made using Arthis uniquely grown to produce claws capable of withstanding his pushing speed, the weapon itself isn't even that sharp, but it is incredibly sturdy, which is why he can parry bullets with it.
That's ok this is still cool. Take care OP
Nice. Thank your QM.
handsome chap, a shame we had to off him
Hang in there lad

File: SWATR OP.png (299 KB, 1220x574)
299 KB
299 KB PNG

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


War has engulfed the GALACTIC REPUBLIC
With the pyrrhic victory of the GRAND ARMY at GEONOSIS, the CLONE WARS have truly begun. Republic forces find themselves vastly outnumbered in space and on the ground, as despite the massive influx of CLONE TROOPERS, the industrial capacity of the CONFEDERACY OF INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS remains unassailable.

After the battle, hundreds of thousands of solar systems declared independence from the Republic, swayed by the impossibly persuasive COUNT DOOKU.

Even the JEDI ORDER has found itself fractured, a hundred JEDI KNIGHTS have invoked their Right of Denial, opting to stay out of the conflict entirely, while a handful have found themselves seduced by Dooku, though not all by the allure of the DARK SIDE…


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>but you need to be centered to properly practice Vaapad
I thought Windu and that other guy were the only two to actually know Vaapad? Or am I getting Juyo and Vaapad mixed up since they're kind of the same thing? I thought Vaapad had a huge "you're gonna dark all over the place" thing going on kek

Just read the spoiler, so I guess things aren't exactly as they may normally be. Right on.
>[B] Destroy Shen-Jon’s lightsaber and take him prisoner, even if his troops don’t stand down, having the Jedi captive will make the escape from Bothan Space a lot easier, and will help elevate your record after what happened in Anx Space.

We don't have any reason to just kill another jedi yet I don't think? Its been awhile sense the first thread.

>[B] Destroy Shen-Jon’s lightsaber and take him prisoner, even if his troops don’t stand down, having the Jedi captive will make the escape from Bothan Space a lot easier, and will help elevate your record after what happened in Anx Space.

Plus I don't know that we should relish killing individual Jedi, even if the Council are a bunch of total hosers.
Survey says... KILL!

Take the Jedi captive, sedated if you can manage it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Plus I don't know that we should relish killing individual Jedi

File: Screenshot_902.png (1.34 MB, 1148x469)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
You are the most feared Warlord of the Seven peaks, the small woman infront of you informs you in a hushed tone. This seems true, judging from the leatherclad psychos braying what is ostensably your name - oh, and the flayed skulls.

This is strange, because 30 minutes ago you left work - an office job, boring - went into a normal doctors office for extremely minor surgery. Now you're the leader of the "ExecuKillers" according to the woman (who also informed you she's your concubine).

"So... Lord of Skulls..." You frown, and she smiles slightly. "Sorry, Nigel. Right. So..." she looks over her shoulder at the tent-flap, beyond which you can hear the drums of war and bellowing hores of warriros - your warrirors, now.
"This, uh, incident... well, bad timing. The Execukillers are about to go to war with the Bloodletters... and you need to rile them up. Quickly, too, because everyone's ready to leave."

[Continued below.]
27 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Have Fetter and the slave whipped for insubordination
>Go into battle
We aren't weak, but we won't be killing people for no reason.
+1, but have Fetter whip himself & the slave, at the same time
He should be whipped for the implications of cowardice, + 1 to this.
File: latest-141474149.jpg (68 KB, 610x693)
68 KB
Better idea, whip em both raw and make slave person the logistics guy. They're always hauling stuff so we'll make em keep count of the shit they haul!

Also we need to work out who's going to be the head of our new HR department to handle some on these unruly workers and get ready to hire new talent. I'd consider Cynthia since she already fired our harem but I think she's a better secretary, I like that venom. Reminds me of someone...
No update today. Thread's not dead.
Big update tomorrow.
c+c welcome at this juncture.

File: Title.png (23 KB, 800x600)
23 KB
The year is 2444. Much of mankind has abandoned a ruined Earth to live in space colonies. The countries on Earth have corresponding colonies just outside the planet's atmosphere. Rather than fight wars for political and social dominance, the colonies agree to hold a M.I.L.F Olympics every four years. Each country sends to Earth a representative, piloting a highly advanced Mechanized Infantry Land Frame, or M.I.L.F for short. Due to an oversight in the M.I.L.F Pilot recruitment program you have been recruited as Mexico's' only Pilot. With your 3rd generation mining M.I.L.F "Tequila Sunrise" you must defend your countries honor! First things first, what is your M.I.L.F best at?

17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
+1 to both. We can have multiple sponsors, right?
Those so-called pro" MILF pilots are absolutely covered in all sorts of sponsors, from Amazon-Boeing to Coca-Cola Corpse Reprocessing.
File: Post4.png (28 KB, 900x600)
28 KB
With your ties to mining and your troubled past you of course have ties to the local orphanage/labor union. The fact that these two establishments are already heavily linked helps massively with your sponsorship deals! It helps less so for the poor orphan miners. Sister Foreman Superior Catalina Cabrera seemed to remember you from your years spent in her care, she gladly accepts your offer of sponsoring you and your R.A.P.E G.I.L.F, she even offers you a few of the orphans to help in the pit crew. With your crew and sponsorship sorted you're well on your way to Mecha stardom, this fact supported by the official invitation to the opening ceremony you find waiting in your mailbox. The opening ceremony is in three days time, there's a lot that needs to be done to get you frame ready.
Do we have a checklist of what needs to be done?
what do? Drink a Chinese modelo in the meantime.
Put together a promotional video to get some fan support

You float about the void, a wasted carcass of white flesh and bleached bones. A slug relentlessly clutches to your remains as you bare yourself to the motherly embrace of the cold black nothing.

You’re submerged in the loving abyss, the parasite your only tether. This is your birthright, revel in it. Feel.

You feel
You are

> Alone

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Vote locks in shortly, taking time to read and tally. But right now I’ll be taking advantage of this window between updates.

I’m currently debating whether or not to prune suspicious one ip’d votes before the lock in on this current vote due to the sudden influx of quick single postings.

Regardless after the next update and from now on non backlinked 1ip posts will simply be disregarded, a trip will also suffice.

The discussion regarding the options is greatly appreciated, and I’m surprised to see this much investment so early. Even if it’s caused it’s share of discourse.
All of my votes. I can only assume the QM is stumped by the sudden cascade of samefagging, so everyone link back all your votes in order. This is far too interesting a qst to die off due to blatant bullshit among the voters.
Those are my votes. I know I voted for EMBRACE THE MOON in the beginning but I don't remember which was me
Hope this ain't dead really wanted to see where it would end up.

File: images (4).jpg (42 KB, 470x652)
42 KB
-Imp tail (E)
-Greenwell Potatos (D)
-Sickle Herring (D)
-Darkbloom Mushrooms (E)
-Mystery Meat (?)
-Rockshell Tomato (C)
-Bilehound Slab (E)
-Leadborn Peas (B)

-Eastwind Spices (E)
-Salt (D)
-Pepper (D)
-Diluted slime (C)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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-better tongue, yes. Can talk, can haggle.
-New face. Not adventurer. Homunculus like you.
-girl, pretty, merchant, food, more?

" Instersted in my wares? Cough up some coin first~"

Quality (E->D)
Meat Ing.-> 45 Gold
Non Meat Ing. -> 35 Gold
Extra Ing.->25 Gold
Ing. from a specfic Region-> 55
Upgrade stock-> 475 Gold
Random Race Info-> 45 Gold
Random Food Recipe> 75 Gold

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>2 meat
>2 non meat

I don't think this quest is going to get very much traction with this sort of pacing.
I just wanted a comfy food sim quest. Shit you are right. Should I call it off ? Maybe prep a bit for a redux? What should I take into consideration next?
The initial tutorial was not presented very intuitively. You didn't mention that there's only one serving of every ingredient, for example.

I'm thinking
>skipping any preamble is fine
>start with 1 adventurer, with a line or two of what they want and MAYBE the opportunity to accept multiple different dishes so more than 1 anon's vote gets through.
>Bigger quests than this have died shopping. Just do a single lump purchase, or don't make it a vote at all.
>The second half of the shopping choices don't make sense for low intelligence homunculi to deal with. Introduce them through the master or something, or provide them as rewards from the customers.
>Sprinkly narrative hooks to slowly introduce the tavern, whoever operates it, and the surrounding areas.
Well, I will be back soon with vengeance, thanks anon!

This is a Toriko fan quest, taking place after the manga/anime ended.

The world is in the Second Gourmet Age and you are Sterling Pister a student in his final year at Gourmet Hunter Academy.

Alright, your final assignment, which is necessary to graduate, is as you all you know the so called Graduation Full Course. This means that you need to come up with and hunt a full course meal using the ingredients available to this school. As a reminder anyone who successfully captures an ingredient with a Capture Level of 3 will be injected with gourmet cells, though I only recommend doing this if you're confident in your abilities. [/green.]

The moment your teacher is done with his speech you look at the form on your desk. There are of course eight courses in a full course menu and you had a good idea of what you wanted to go for, but the highest capture level is 2. Even your Main Course has a Capture Level of 1.

You have no doubt that your planned full course menu is good enough to let you graduate as is but should you keep it or try to go for the Gourmet cells? Of course as Gourmet Hunter you will get Gourmet Cells eventually just by eating delicious food but that way it can take a while. As you think it over you decide to at least fill in what you're already sure of.

*Hors d'Oeuvre: Almond Cabbage (CL less than 1)
*Soup: Rock River Soup (CL 1)
*Fish Dish: Garlick Crab (CL 2)
*Meat Dish: Bacon Leaves (CL 2)
*Main Course:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 9 (1d20)

> Try to fight
Rolled 15 (1d20)

> Try to fight

Let's back up Zongeh-- he already seems to be engaging one of the bandits (?) with his axe, so we might as well.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

> Try to fight
Gas them with pepper spray
>> Shout that there are intruders
They said they don't want attention, give it to them.
> Try to fight
Nice finally some blood sacrifices for Mazela

File: r-evo.png (10 KB, 686x223)
10 KB
A narrative evo game. Pick a creature, make a single iterative change to it that helps it to adapt to its environment.

Your creations may antagonize other player's creatures, defend themselves, adapt to an environment, or meet change through periodic "evolution table" events.

1. Always save your picture as a .png, and never use a soft edged painting tool. This allows other players to easily edit your creation should they wish, and lets less experienced people without developed artistic skill join in.

2. Any player can edit any creature. If two players edit the same creature that creates a split in the evolutionary line, which is great for biodiversity.

3. If a shitpost emerges, instead of complaining, try to herd it full circle back to plausibility. It's fun.
The Cast:

The titular Ramel, a sort of warm blooded repto-insect with a blade on it's face and tail. An omnivore with a preference for delecious ragas berries or the occasional bord. Stupid, territorial, and asocial. A patrician choice for a sensible player.

The noble Ragas. A semi mobile plant that reproduces via berries. A mild acidic secretion allows it to break down soil for maximum extraction of nutrition, as well as any tough carrion, or incapacitated organisms it comes across.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
62 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: spankbord.png (15 KB, 395x396)
15 KB
Roll a 2d5 for your organism. 1st table applies to all, second table applies to the organism you choose.

You may post multiple organisms in one image.
"Sweet fucking mother of egg!"
-Hugo Package Bord Sr.
Rolled 3, 5, 4, 5, 4, 5, 1, 3, 1, 5, 4, 3 = 43 (12d5)


Rolling for (in order)
Fat Bordstard
Gore fruit
Stinky Runmel
Having run out of prey to hunt in some of their habitats, some Gorebord populations have instead turned to vegetarianism, growing longer arms to more easily pick ragas. This peaceful life has made them more social, to the point that they form small family units that stick together for life, becoming Vegegorians.
To facilitate better communication with one another, Vegegorians have developed little holes on their beaks, covered by skinflaps, to create a variety of whistling noises. These peaceful creatures have little need for weapons violence, returning their once blood crusted feathers back to their original color.

Hornybords are becoming increasingly more intelligent, and in the process, more violent. Having begun hunting Ramels exclusively, by forming packs and ramming their huge horns into them, these malicious carnivores have developed a horn-covered forehead to protect their bigger brains during charges, as well as a fashionable air-sac with which they can communicate longer and louder to coordinate their attacks

Horny Gorebords as well have taken to the hunting of Ramels, but they have little need for nerd shit like "tactics" and "talking" they instead use their newly acquired pack-instincts to turn hunts into competitions of strength.
No longer fighting among one another, the survivors the hunts become buffer and buffer until they are so buff that they can communicate with their fellow hunters solely by the flexing of their muscles.
Because of their impressive physique, these creatures are simply known as Gorelords.

Constantly struggling to survive, the Ugly Bordstard has taken to simply eat whatever it can get its hands on, fighting lesser creatures for their kills, powering through the pain of ragas defense mechanisms, and using its misshapen beak as a weapon to substitute for its dysfunctional horn, resulting in a strong all-purpose beak.
Driven into the night by stronger creatures, the Ugly Bordstard's naturally brown coloring has made them nearly invisible in the dark, and being constantly on the run has given them short, but powerful legs.

File: Bigevo.png (28 KB, 764x475)
28 KB

Because of their great success in killing its own predators, Gorefruits have grown larger and managed to save up enough nutrients to develop a large nutrient-bulb underneath, which distributes both stored nutrients as well as nerve signals through the plant's body, effectively making it a miniature brain.
In large numbers, they can interlock and become more than the sum of their parts, developing so much intelligence they become not just self-aware, but fully sapient, earning these plants the name Brainfruit.
Using their enormous intellect, Brainfruit can and will try to kill everything that isn't a fellow Brainfruit, so that they may grow and become even smarter.

To stabilize their bipedal running even further, Stinky Runmels have grown long tails with which they can remain upright without falling over. Their stinkgland has moved at the end of this tail, which has become bright red like a ragas berry so they can sit down and lure stupid Ramels in, so that when they try to eat these "berries" a powerful stinkblast instantly kills them and the Runmel can feed on them.
This bizarre lifestyle has caused them to grow fur to better blend with the environment, but also become warmblooded to survive the winters more easily.
Being as stinky as they are and now also having fur, Stinky Runmels are now Stinky Ratmels
OP, could you compose a lineage tree / mark some of the early versions as extinct (as in there are no more left because all of them evolved to something else), please?
very cool image

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