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The year is 1374 DR. Sixteen years have passed since the Time of Troubles, when the gods were made humble, and forced to wander the Realms as mortals. With the ascension of the mad god Cyric, Prince of Lies, and the recent return of the tyrant god Bane, Lord of Darkness, the future of Faerûn seems increasingly uncertain. It falls to bold individuals who possess an abundance of cunning, might, and determination to shape the future... should they be up to the challenge.

Affixing your weapons to your person, you leave the Hall of the Elders behind, ready for your journey to the Silverwood. There, you intend on informing the Eilistraeans of your most recent triumph and, gods willing, the eventual council vote that will allow them entry into Everlund. That you have gone to such great lengths on the behalf of your people truly astounds you. It is abnormal, or mayhaps even unnatural, for Ilythiiri to help one another for the sake of it.

Does this make you a deviant?

Burying these intrusive thoughts, you commence your journey. A round trip from Everlund to the Silverwood would take a tenday or less, provided you travel at a constant pace. Just as you face the road which leads to the city's southern gate, you recognize that the hexagonal All-Faiths Hall is but a minute away from your current location. True, you've no immediate business with the surfacer gods or their followers, although this does not preclude you from entering regardless.

What will you do?
>The sooner I commence my journey, the better.
>A detour to visit the All-Faiths Hall could not hurt.
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>are we the first redheaded dark elf of all time?

Curiously, no. Drow can be born with hair colored various shades of copper. Like albinism, it is considered an exotic mutation with no particular stigma against it. Young drow may also choose to dye their hair any number of vivid colors.You may now imagine a much younger Jezyrene with neon-green hair ranting to Phaere and Tatherin how she lives in a society.
>Oh, gods! The old woman is right - I need to begin planning our wedding before some whore tries to steal him away from me!
>Hmm, yes. I suppose that I will have to tell him everything eventually, if we are to be together.
>Maybe we'll get some brand new art going by some brave anon.
The waifu tournament is already producing some.
Vote closed.

File: plank.png (109 KB, 1040x671)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Alright, You know how this is gonna work
Pick a spot, then a color, and if you feel fancy a race and history.
Updates will be atleast twice per day

also remind me of things, I forget often.
and if you make a long post, throw in a tldr for me so i can update the map correctly
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> Necromancers rise from the ranks of the undead to defend their people.

Ghoul raids, and the horrifying offspring they produce, cast a dire shadow over the fledgling republic, but aid comes from an unexpected place. A handful of the ghoul-butterfly hybrids retain their awareness, and their allegiance. Their dark powers are mistrusted, but useful for managing the more feral undead.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Oh right, dice.
Builder going up for those who carve for some extra structure.
Or a game that's actually going anywhere at any pace
Rolled 16 (1d20)

I'll take the westmost part of Zhilju (basically the part in picrel, with most of the population living near the sea)
>Color: Light Red (think a pokeball top)
>Race: Human-like, but own diverse domesticated feral creatures
>History: A civilization of monster tamers that believes it is their divine role to rule over and domesticate wild creatures. They often travel to go discover and subjugate new species, they aren't very technologically advanced though, think early middle ages, so they've never been far into the desert and few have been on the island, and they're unaware of the existence of continents other than Zhilju. They mostly seek to improve technologically.
>Name: Celestia (Habitants are Celestials)

First action is doing a research roll

(tripfagging because i may phonepost which will change my id)
wait a bloody minute, i know that legend.
i was the one who added "wasteland" to the original.
wait another bloody minute. thats markdown formatting. i use markdown formatting.

who are you fren?

File: halo space battle (1).png (1.82 MB, 1600x828)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Halo:%20Wolfpack

Your prize hangs in the void.

A massive, three kilometer long vessel. It’s bulbous, manta-ray like hull sitting silent and practically inert. Its weapons batteries are silent and its engines sit idle. If it wasn’t, then it would have been contemptuously easy for the vessel to turn your ship into a burning hulk in only a few minutes. And on your own, there wouldn't have been much you could have done to fight back. It’s massive, alien form a harbinger of doom, a fact reinforced by a rap sheet of burned worlds.

It is a covenant CCS class battlecruiser.

A part of you feels privileged already. Very few humans come this close to one of the covenant’s mainline warships, and live to tell the tale. Of course, a lot of that is simply down to the fact that the ship’s own computers had been turned against the crew. The first they’d known of that fact, had been when the air itself had been rendered poisonous, killing anyone that wasn’t wearing a personal air system. Which coincidentally meant that the command cadre had been wiped out, while only the lowest ranking members of the crew had been left alive.

The remaining members of the crew would need to be wiped out. Every room, on every deck, of every section of the 3 kilometer long ship. And already, the various other commanders and marine officers were debating the topic. How many men would be needed? How would they be deployed? And how would you command the ship once it’d been cleared? Those questions and more were being bounced around between various groups in your flotilla. But for now, you are content with simply admiring your recent handy work.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Blow through the wall! It's a very risky idea, but it might give you the advantage needed to win the fight.

Lets change the rules.

>Blow through the wall! It's a very risky idea, but it might give you the advantage needed to win the fight.

This is a gamble, but a smart one.
>Blow through the wall! It's a very risky idea, but it might give you the advantage needed to win the fight.

>Blow the front door too. Hit them from two directions.
>Blow through the wall! It's a very risky idea, but it might give you the advantage needed to win the fight

Might want to still shoot and throw a few flashbangs from the front door. If nothing else for give them a false sense of security for a few seconds that we can exploit when we attack from the walls
Its okay but we don't know how big is the armory, this is a cruiser afterall. And its best to avoid using explosive weapons like grenades.
The problem with the front door is that is very likely they will have most guns firing on it. We can only do suppresive fire and throw grenades there, until the wall explodes and we can also go in from the door.

You found yourself in a desolate environment after death. There didn't seem to be much novelty, contrary to what you had expected prior to your demise, save for a few flying creatures that appeared reptilian and a distant view of a strange grey structure. You decided to journey to the faraway greyness. It disappointed you that you still suffered from exhaustion after running. Fortunately, it seemed thirst and hunger are not present in this world.
You reached the mountainous structure after a long time. Along your journey you met other individuals who must have died recently as well, but their voices were inaudible to you just as they couldn't hear you. This oddity kept interactions minimal. Many of them were old and lagging behind, while your smaller group of seventeen energetic and short lived individuals had already started looking for an entrance. Then, in a surreal manner the sky wobbled violently, and there appeared among the clouds a serpentine terror.
A man near you immediately began running to the other side of the structure, instinctively followed by the rest. There was no hope for the old. The monster descended rapidly with a darkening of sky spreading out from it. As its smaller tentacles slapped the ground and bounced up, you witnessed a second sort of death. Crushed bloody bodies stuck to it like mosquitoes. Then its pores widened, and sucked everything inside.
Your group finally found an entrance. Pushing open its glasslike doors, you rushed inside. A person fell to the floor and began praying, now fully audible to you. The creature's arrival somehow made speech possible again, allowing you to finally plan as a group and cooperate.
>Stay with the group
>Explore the structure alone, possibly find things of value to gain authority over others and prioritize your survival
>Believing the monster to be God's punishment for your sins on Earth, go back outside. Tell everyone that by hiding here they are refusing to admit their sins, and harsher punishments will come
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>Explore the structure alone, possibly find things of value to gain authority over others and prioritize your survival
>Stay with the group
Seems like the most sensible option.
>>Explore the structure alone, possibly find things of value to gain authority over others and prioritize your survival
>Stay with the group
>Believing the monster to be God's punishment for your sins on Earth, go back outside. Tell everyone that by hiding here they are refusing to admit their sins, and harsher punishments will come

File: Westeros_divided.png (2.13 MB, 1170x683)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
It is the year 404 AC and Westeros lies a broken land, ravaged by war, sickness and ambition for the
vacant Iron throne, from the ancient Wall in the north to the evergreen Rhoynar of Dorne, all lay claim to the Iron throne or those older kingships of the age of Kings. It is a time of chaos as the continent faces an
uncertain future as the only authority recognised by all is the sword, in such times a man can be anything he wishes, lowborn or high, rich and poor, he is only limited by the ebb and flow of fate and the reach and grasp of his ambitions.

But he makes what he does of it and only the gods know where he ends....
Twitter:TBA When I get to it
Our Hero deeds & companions: https://pastebin.com/DxjYPx9X
Archive: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Westeros:Interregnum
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>You were in need of a hot meal, water and some gods willing some better clothes, anything else could wait until you had that at least and with a sworn man to tend to it, it might even taste good. [Cynic]
>You were in need of a hot meal, water and some gods willing some better clothes, anything else could wait until you had that at least and with a sworn man to tend to it, it might even taste good. [Cynic]
>>You were in need of a hot meal, water and some gods willing some better clothes, anything else could wait until you had that at least and with a sworn man to tend to it, it might even taste good. [Cynic]
you ok herald?
It's over, House Celtigar has fallen. Millions of claws must crack.

Life is the accumulation of memories, stacked together haphazardly in the mind. Memories shuffled around and stuck together and altered and replaced, all moving in a chaotic whirlwind of patterns which are impossible for the person responsible to understand. And in the back, unused but not necessarily unneeded, are those memories which are scarcely ever recalled, kept only because of a bad case of hoarding. Just in case. 19 years ago, when you hid away your All-Campus Joint Struggle Committee hat and focused on studying, the aches in your body forcing you to remember the beating by the riot police that had made you finally give up. 14 years ago, when you silently sorted documents by yourself for weeks, going through your entire office's archive. 8 years ago, when you walked out of your last marriage meeting grinning as a plate flew past your head and smashed against the wall. And 5 years ago, on a cold winter night, when you were eating at an oden stall...

You were already eating when she came by. A young woman in black. The two of you sat next to each other for at least an hour drinking in near complete silence, occasionally asking the owner of the stall for more alcohol but never doing so much as acknowledging the other's presence. Despite that, you appreciated having someone else there - it made the dead of night a bit less lonely. She left before you did and you threw only a glance at her disappearing figure before you turned towards the stall's owner and asked for another cup of hot sake.

Just before you left, you threw a glance at the empty seat next to you for no particular reason. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a large wallet made of black leather lying on the ground, somewhere between a normal wallet and a purse. After some hesitation you picked it up. You should return it, you thought. It's only the proper thing to do.

Just like that memory, the wallet ended up being buried in the back of a closet for five years, bereft of any identifiers that would show an owner. It contents were only 850 yen in assorted coins; a coupon for a restaurant you later learned had gone out of business several months before; a black ring on a chain which, while beautiful, was lacking completely in identifying information; and two Polaroids of an unfamiliar seaside.
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>You'll back off a bit. Your sketch isn't going to work, and it's not like you can just touch it up and make it 'work'... so you'll let them do it. They've passed the teaching test - now they just need to show you their stuff by drawing their version of the woman you were trying to draw.
>>You'll back off a bit. You have a basic sketch so maybe you could just outsource some of the extra work to Nagai and his friends. They've passed the teaching test - NOW they can show off their abilities. Perhaps with a few sketches of a very specific outfit you saw this morning...
In hindsight I don't have enough spare time to run a quest at all right now, my schedule is too fucked to regularly cut out an hour and a half a night for an update on top of other stuff. Completely my fault. Thankfully there aren't too many people following this, I'll mercy-kill this while it's still at a very early stage instead of dragging it out in hopes that stuff clears up. Sorry.
Thanks for the heads-up QM. Shame to see it die, though. Was really fun so far.
Well it was fun and charming while it lasted. Thank you for the quest, WalletQM.

File: Far far galaxy.jpg (135 KB, 736x1313)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
The year is uncertain, perhaps the 24th century, but the future seems bright. A dozen spacefaring nations, seemingly hitting their technological stride at the same time, have walked forth into the dark cosmos and found it filled with other sentient life forms, strange new materials, and perhaps even a few ancient mysteries. Within a mere five cycles nations have become galactic empires, spread across as many as five stars. Machine life probes the nature of souls, ancient enemies are pursued, horrifying fuzzy enemies are plotted against. Unlikely alliances are struck as dark machines scream into the void. Only time can tell if which of these fledgling empires rise to greater might and which will crumble only to rusting ruins.


This is a Science Fiction themed Nation Roleplay where players take on the role of a fledgling spacefaring nation exploring the cosmos. We’re currently full on players! Turns are once a week with updates usually arriving on Sundays. The next update is expected to be March 31. Please try to get your turn in a couple days early so I have time to write. Each turn has two actions. Some actions take multiple turns to complete, typically research or cultural. You can check up on these things, along with your resources in:

THE SHEET: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pga7xuLjf7-hUDuQH73ie0MZndbkjoLnQsbJM4-Czmk/edit?usp=sharing
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>2 Precision fighter pilots
Solid rock is too heavy to fly inside an atmosphere without orbital speeds. Specific metals built into even more specific structures, designed to cut an atmosphere and generate lift underneath a small, one-man fighter vessel are the greatest way to fly! The ultimate supersonic offensive combat vehicle, the Atmoskimmer Wing! Known to some as an aeroplane, or fighter jet! It will need afterburners and a big, rapid-fire cannon on the nose, along with the capacity to carry missiles and bombs and possibly other specialized weapons as well. While that’s being developed, the masses should practice.

Simulators from ages long gone, an ancient artifact, a so-called “PS2”, with a copy of a disc game to accompany it inspired the now functional, real physics-and-math-based, low-spec-capable flight simulators of today, which in turn accompany most computer systems on colony ships and individual vessels, so that any living creature in the collective can practice their flight skillz inside and outside of an atmosphere or gravity well, with large ships and small ships of most kinds available to choose from.

High-spec resource packs are available for Virtual Reality users and those who just have more system specs to throw around.

Some sims offer a story to play through, while others are working towards a true sim experience. The skill desired to learn would determine the sim of choice.
>Action 1: Construct a metal mine in Rubicon III

no need to say much desu

>Action 2: Space Capable Aircrafts

"Sir, we lost our entire naval fleet!"

"What the absolute fuck?, alright fuck it, remember that fuckton of aircrafts we have in reverse?"


"Make them space capable!"

thus, the brightest mind of the IUN would be focused on making aircrafts (military aircrafts ofc) be able to operate in space and able to achieve FTL speed, why make ships if they get killed by aliens when we can make something small, and spam in mass?, thus we would work on such type of aircraft

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: unnamed (1).png (261 KB, 512x512)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
1. Earthworld Themepark - 3, 8

Aha! Clearly this Simulacrum was the famous and unfinished Earthworld! See, as fun as virtual reality is, it's hardly ever as visceral as real flesh and blood. And the Labourers are designed to always obey and work, hardly fun entertainment.

Earthworld was clearly designed to be the perfect amusement park, capable of matching any historical set up everything from the 22nd century to previous eras. It would be inhabited by Simulacra-Humanis. A perfect blend of Automaton and Android that replicates the human being precisely, feeling perfectly organic yet fully programmable. These simulacra would inhabit the world, acting in perfect historical societies.

Shareholders would then pay to arrive and essentially wander about as gods, able to manipulate and enact on societies as they pleased while having the latest and greatest technologies to keep them from any and all harm. Oh it was such fun! Re-eenacting major wars, historical events, and of course the simple enjoyment of waltzing around a world like it was yours.

2. Diplomatic/Advertisement Team:
We are getting very close to earth. We don't know what the situation is like, but let's be prepared. Gather up our best lawyers and ambassadors, we'll need the ICC to make its best case of peace and prosperity to the cradle world. Its leaders will surely be enthused by the promise of supplies, trade manufacturing, luxuries and much more!

We come in peace and prosperity, for all mankind.
>Action 1: Infest Crith-Eater goods
Among the stars all other civilizations have subjegated and domesticated nature. Save for two. Among them are the Crith. Most other ecosystems were too slow and undeveloped to overcome the powers of civilization. Yet on their world of origin the so called crith-eaters still predominate. A strong and developed interstellar civilization could not destroy them. Therefore they should be brought in immediately. Their adaptations and abilities could prove a great boon to the ecologies.
In order to spread its tendrils to the homeworld of Crith the ecology organizes the scant collections of beasts upon Crithquatro city. On this world it is Ecology beasts who take the mantle of crith eater. Yet the inflow of new biomass from their homeworld has been limited. As the paranoid Crith loath the thought of living under their old masters on yet more worlds.
Therefore insects gather, Crith-Eater livestock infested with parasites and wild beasts fall into the arms of hunters. All so that Ecology biomass can make it to other worlds. On these worlds these specially grown creatures will infest the environment of the Crith Homeworld. Implanting and integrating Crith beasts such that they become a part of the Ecology. From there they will establish a lesser hivemind. Sending information back to the Ecologies to be distributed and introduced into Ecological worlds. Shaking up their ecosystems and increasing the abilities and diversity of the Ecology.
This subterfuge will serve as the template for future such initiatives. Until it becomes just another part of Ecological colonization. Spreading the Ecology across the galaxy off the wings of interstellar travellers.
>Action 2: Whispers within the black pearl
Within a most unusual system lies a great black pearl. It shines in the void, a shape of deepest black blotting out the stars behind it. Those Void Fish which dwell within the system stay far away from it. And no creature has dared land upon it. On any other body some or another creature would have at least surveyed it. But not these ones. For they sense something within. Something ancient. Something that fills even the leasts of beasts with a primal dread.
Something lies within this enigma. Locked behind the gloss of mystery. Something that thinks. If the creatures of the magnetic system dare not approach then Lycaris shall instead. Piloting semi-autonomous beasts with only the circuitry for brains from systems away Lycaris attempts to approach the orb. Land upon it and performing tests in order to get a full picture of its insides.
Many beasts can sense vibrations within the earth. Of the movements of creatures above and bellow. Such it is that the probe taps its many legs upon its surface. Many creatures can see in colors of the spectrum far beyond the rainbow. Such it is that the creature beams upon the surface infared and radioactive frequencies.
Performing many actions such as these Lycaris recieves an image of what lies inside. And seeing its form understands it is somewhat alive.
Satisfied, she sends a psionic wave. Like the Primal Scream, but of a gentler variety. Instead of images of smog and death she sends images of serene ecological landscapes. Majestic mountains topped with soaring trees. Vast forests where titans roam. And beautiful coral reefs teeming with life.
Organizing such emotions and more she attempts to communicate various other emotions.
>Hello. Who Are You?

File: Quest Banner Image.jpg (223 KB, 900x486)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
After the conclusion of The battle for Yu Dao in 101 AG, Aang and Zuko instated a coalition government, where the colonies would be governed by both Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom citizens. The system first came into place in Yu Dao and the rest of the colonies adopted this soon after. People from all over the world flock to this place in hopes of setting up a brighter future for themselves, and to have a say in this era. The Year is 105 and you are being brought up in the newly formed coalition government.

You are Okoron Lee Embers , you’ve previously met and gotten antiquated with the water tribe students, sat through a lecture, and faced your first earth bender in combat on your first day at the academy. While it was a close match, you unfortunately lost and are now being taken to the nurse.

Previous Thread: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/5908809/

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Dk3Cp8aX
18 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Look into possible banishment rituals
Locked In, Lets see if I can get in an extra update today
Apologies for the lack of updates, life came first. However I will have an extra big update this Saturday.
After struggling to write for hours and work pilling up I will have to cancel the quest. Thank you voters and lurkers for sticking through this with me, but its become another chore isn't of something to do for fun. I'm sure that is apparent in some of my rushed writing. You may see me try again with my own original setting but this the end for this thread.
Darn. Well I hope you the best QM.
Also thank you for telling us instead of flaking.

File: 1705696568877003.jpg (403 KB, 1024x1073)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
Welcome, folks to the 2nd thread of Bretwalda Quest. We follow the journey of the young warrior Elfstan, who, having slain a wolf and been proclaimed a man, sets out on a journey to swear himself to the King of East Anglia. However, his path is met with unexpected obstacles in the form of deadly warriors.

Prevailing in his first bout of combat, but not without the loss of one of his party members, Elfstan journeys to a nearby Abbey seeking answers. There, he finds himself embroiled in a power struggle between the great men of East Anglia and must escort the niece of the Abbess (a secret princess) to the capital, Dunwic.

Having experienced a small crisis of self-reflection, a heartfelt talk with his father leaves Elfstan tired and in need of rest. This is where we pick up the story

Character Sheet/Rules

Previous Thread

Man getting this thread up has been a task. It would have been posted much earlier my internet is wacky and 4chan would not let me post. To those returning thanks for coming back, to those new, thanks for stopping by.
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Rolled 7 (1d8)

Rolled 5 (1d8)


I feel your pain, QM - but don’t fret, it was well done
Rolled 4 (1d8)

Glad to read it, looking forward to what this Qst has in store.
One boneless update please.

File: IMG_7428.jpg (25 KB, 512x512)
25 KB
Genre(s): Mystery/Supernatural
FCC Rating: [TV-MA(LV)]

Reina Tamura, a troubled Japanese college dropout living at a Shinto shrine run by her grandmother, once considered herself an empty person. Now she finds her mind swimming with impulses calling themselves “Kami.” Alongside aspiring detective Mayumi Ishbel, Reina begins a path of study and solution of the surreal and mystical. But is she truly strong enough to withstand the forces manifesting within Tokyo, or herself…?

Episode #01 - “Reina Tamura and The Blade of Izanagi”
Episode Description: Following a strange dream, Reina Tamura begins to hear her thoughts speak as if separate from her, as she is called upon to perform a cleansing rite for an apartment that has recently suffered a suicide…
61 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>That’s cliché. There’s nothing in this dish but raw obligation and misplaced pity. You’re not interested in holding strong as the last two non-incarcerated members of a dying family. You’ve got a life to live…
>That’s cliché. There’s nothing in this dish but raw obligation and misplaced pity. You’re not interested in holding strong as the last two non-incarcerated members of a dying family. You’ve got a life to live…
So we do have SOME honor for our bloodline, if not complete pride.
Sorry for the lack of updates last night. Something came up. All good now though.
I still hold out hope. Was liking this so far!

File: Players.jpg (572 KB, 1041x2552)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
Welcome into the stone-ice age of a far away unnamed star. After evolving in The Crack, the species known as Under Hunter reached Sapience and organized in tribes.
7 remains :
The fire-mastering Blanks of GrassGreen
The Assassin-tamers of Holey Moley Ghostclaw
The StrongHunters feodal lords of BurningGrass
The Tzeench-touch blanks of Jupiter
The Merchants of BadBack
The Lunar Dahu and Stove Grove farmers of Whitemane
The elusive trapmaker and History-recorders of Cerulean

The fourth matriarch have reach the end of their life expectancy.
For those of you which held a tribe's fate in your claw...
>How should your tribe develop? (don't forget to claim a name and a trip)

Interrested in joining? No spots yet for tribe. But you can still claim a name including "Lurker" and a trip if you want to interract with the game as events.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
285 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
with her final wish to her heir the Matriarch asks her to find the potential for the lightning this rock seems to attract.

The new Matriarch took this too heart seeking for ways to imbue the lightning that can be attracted into stone and ice to illuminate caves without needing to rely on the volatile light moss.
>>Ghost Claw Tribe Advancement so far : Assassins-like tribe prefer night opportunism over natural matriarch ritual duels and natural hunts, cave nest, using rocks/shaping rocks (Rounder rocks for Bludgeoning, oblong rocks sharpened into Piercing points, flat rocks faceted into edges) + synergized with Shape Ice, turns the projectile into ice blades, boulder or points, Observation behavior, Subjugation, Tamed Holey Moleys, Meditation, Ethereal Spy - Grants your tribe +5 to replicate one research from another non-blank tribes, Agriculture (Fire Ferns), Holey Moley Metal Claws, Primitive Tombs, Spirituality, Everstone Totem (5 spirits), Primitive Painting, Defensive Shelter, Ice Weapons, Stonecarving, Rock Tools
>>Ghost Claw Tribe Failed Advancement : Snow Shade Spell, Shaman, Painted History, Failed Spying for Nursery Keeps, Stone Weapon.

>>Development : Faith
>With their numbers ever dwindling and failures ever encroaching, the Ghost Claw has become an increasingly pessimistic tribe and started to be even more interested in the concept of death, spirits and ancestors. The new matriarch is much the same, and proclaims that there is a new great spirit above the five of the tribe. The Great Night Mother, a spirit so great that surrounds all and is everywhere at once. This is true. There is no equal, she brings great cold every day and with her mere shadow she puts the darkness over all existance. The great dark land above is her, the one where the spirits of the ancestors tribe live, fight and hunt. She is above them, they live under her. She is the night, the shadow, the cold, the ice. She must be honored, and so near the totem an altar of stone to the Great Night Mother will be made and where we will make offerings to her and the spirits.
Did all of my members return? Were they able to harvest any moss from the big patch?
Yes, and yes - filling up the rock-carrying earthenware by some of the moss from the big patch.
With so much failure in the past our young matriarch declares a return to the roots of the tribe, trap making! When the stone fall traps crash down Dahu dash about like mad beasts. Time to put a stop to that.

> Develop rope nets of twisted plant divers to aid in the take down of prey and subjugation of unruly degenerate hunters.

File: Gensokyo.jpg (230 KB, 1280x987)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Gensokyo, an isolated land of Fairy Tales. It is a place where faith is still very widespread in contrast to the Outside World, creating a shelter for many beings lost or forgotten. Sealed away by the vast Hakurei Barrier, many of its Human, Yokai, Spirit, Fairy, Divine, and others are in possession of a wide array of abilities derived from concept.

In spite of the many, many chaotic events that occur within its land, an overall peaceful place. This is thanks to the Spell Card Rules that allow the many turmoils, named "Incidents", to be resolved nonlethally by its inhabitants.

In this world, you are...

>The One that will Cause the Next Incident
>The One that will Solve the Next Incident
>One trying to Prepare for the Next Incident
>One trying to Flee the Next Incident
>One trying to Prevent Your Stuff from Being Damaged during the Next Incident
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>"During the darkest hours of the night, the festival will be reaching its climax..."
During a festival seems like a good time for a fairy to go unnoticed.
Give me three rolls of a d100, one per anon, for the first phase of your sneaking in. The Higher the Roll, the better. Because you rolled in the Lunatic/Beyond Lunatic difficulty level bracket, the lowest roll will be the one used.
Rolled 48 (1d100)

Nat 1 inbound
Rolled 14 (1d100)

Rolled 68 (1d100)


Select a role: Place Role and Name in 'Name' slot alongside Level (Choose a number in the 'Base Lvl' range).

Elven Mage/or Wizard (Man) (Infinite Slots) (Base Lvl: 7-50) (No base faction affiliation)

Elven Soldier (Infinite Slots) (Base Lvl: 7-25) (Faction affiliation: Great Elven Military)

Goblin Soldier [Corrupted elf] (Infinite Slots) (Faction Affiliation: The Dark Lord's Military) (Base Lvl: 6-25)

Goblin Rogue (Infinite Slots) (No base faction affiliation) (Base Lvl: 10-15)

Demigod/Deity 1 {Name: Ithyg} (1 Slot) (Giant: Height: 6 meters) (Gender: Male/Androgynous) (Base Lvl: 600)

{ Level simply reveals the general power. Health and Magicka is determined but not measured by Level. Numbers and extreme statistical linearity are not prioritized in this quest, creativity and fun is. Level progression is determined and expressed by QM.

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>You find the missing lady tied up next to a few dead bodies and under some sort of paralysis poison.

What will you do?

>Untie her, tie her to your horse and ride to headquarters with your platoon.

>Kill her and then yourself.

>Carefully steal her mysterious shiny necklace, then ride out to headquarters (+5 Thievery) .

>Get your platoon buddies to do the work for you.
>>Untie her, tie her to your horse and ride to headquarters with your platoon.
File: tegaki.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
Please select a skill/trait to increase:

• Magicka + Mage Abilities

• Health + Healing magick abilities (A healing spell that heals you by 15+ every second)

• Stealth +Archery Abilities (+10 to archery and stealth skills)

•Your own input [Not guaranteed to be accepted]

[Display your Name as Cloris Strifis, Elven Soldier: Level 23]
[Story Progression Is currently halted. More will come later.]
Rolled 83 (1d100)

Goblin Soldier
Level last number on my post plus 10

File: image (1).png (13 KB, 600x300)
13 KB
"The Empire of Al-Kimia-- A land once ruled by powerful cabals of alchemists. The Alchemists waged war on each other, driven by hunger for gold and power. With each passing battle, Alchemists slowly drove each other to extinction.

Now, Al-Kimia is a land of adventure, where many people hope to uncover the powerful relics of the Alchemists..."

Your name is Marron. No last name because your family isn't important enough for one. You've got two younger siblings, Aubergine and Carrot, and a loving mother and father. At age 16, you're at the age where your youthful heart is craving adventure.

There isn't much adventure to be found in the sleepy town of Carp River Seis. The town is the sixth of a series of small towns located along the Carp River. Being so close to the river, the land here is fat with nutrients indeed and almost everyone here is a farmer, except for the local carpenter and smith.

You don't have a town doctor, but one frequently travels with the merchants that arrive at every season.

One day, your father says he has something very important to talk to you about.

“Son, I know you're itching to go out in the world. Me and your mother have saved up a small sum. When the merchants arrive here in the Vermillion Season, go with them to Tarrasque. We have enough saved for the merchant caravan to take you there and about a month's worth of spending money.”

> Dad, I can't take this. You're better off saving it for Aubergine. (Stress +1, Family affinity +1, Reliability +2)

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Thanks for running, QM! This was a fun first thread.

Don't forget to archive this thread!
Cute note to leave off on for now. Thanks for running!

It already was a few days ago, anon.

Hell yeah. We scored the 10. Thanks for the quest, QM. Was nice.
Take care QM. I look forward to seeing you run this again. Please do not vanish into nothingness
>I almost thought you weren't interested
>chastises you for making Choux wait for so long
First it's the bandits raiding and escaping the hometown, then it's the training and reading in the big city, c'mon. We had a lot to handle before we could agree to this

File: Tree.jpg (111 KB, 960x540)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Oh SHIT you've reincarnated as a tree in an isekai world.

You can't do shit besides check a status panel in your mind which says this:


Well shit how do you open that skill thi- oh, with just willing it, you do. What do you pick?

> Drop Apple
> Bloom Flowers
> Grow Root
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File: rainforest tree roots.jpg (210 KB, 548x800)
210 KB
210 KB JPG

You have decided to protect the catgirl, and with your tree strength, you grow sharp roots under the wolves, surrounding yourself in a large area.

The wolves start to yell in pain as their feet start to get cut, and quickly start to run away, yelling about a cursed tree.

Some minutes passed, and starts to climb down your body "You, you saved me? Thank you very much!" And she leaves.

Some days later, she comes back, this time with some other people, and they seem to have brought offerings. Water, flowers, compost, and start taking care of you.

"Thank you tree for saving me. You are a guardian of this forest!" says the catgirl.

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>Absorb area ability
wtf why is throwaway tree quest actually goated? Didn't expect it mang but great wuurk

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