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File: Tree.jpg (111 KB, 960x540)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Oh SHIT you've reincarnated as a tree in an isekai world.

You can't do shit besides check a status panel in your mind which says this:


Well shit how do you open that skill thi- oh, with just willing it, you do. What do you pick?

> Drop Apple
> Bloom Flowers
> Grow Root
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damn almost like that isnt what I said, I said give the knives to the wolves, not stab their feet
i'm not a gay furry, let's stick with the catgrill
Honestly, I was thinking of "knife roots" as just sharp roots, not that they literally sprout knives. . . Or am I being stupid?
Well, I understood the knife roots as sharp knife like roots since in past options for growth we're knife apple and poison apple, so I kind of went with that logic.

File: NIL2CHARACTERCREATOR.png (86 KB, 2000x1500)
86 KB
Welcome Passengers. It's time to wake up. NIL is a CYOA style quest, with freeform dialogue.
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Inquire what town this might be - who rules here? Maybe we can take over
File: NIL2PAGE8.png (331 KB, 2000x1500)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
Ask for entry.

(You might want to open votes up to multiple players to gain more engagement.)
File: WhosThatPokemon.png (6 KB, 364x321)
6 KB
NIL is not dead, I'm just making a bunch of content "ahead" of time instead of doing it on the fly. You'll be getting better art and a more cohesive aesthetic. I really want this to play AND look good and haven't been satisfied with the results thus far. Here is a sneak peek at something I'm cookin up. When it's all done I'll be updating the rules and mechanics as well.

File: Rulebook1.png (5 KB, 318x318)
5 KB
You are The Master watching The Player play The Game in accordance to The Rulebook below:

The Rulebook

The Player (@)
You have 6 health points.
When you hit 0 health points, you die.

You may attack for 1 damage.

When you accomplish things, you gain Potential.

You may try and spend Potential to remove, modify, or establish new rules.

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> Create Goblin spawner.
> Create minable ores
>Create Slime Merging where if two unmerged slimes meet up they merge into a stronger and or combine elements.
>Create blacksmith shop in the village
>Create minable ores
>Create blacksmith shop in the village
>Create Slime Merging where if two unmerged slimes meet up they merge into a stronger and or combine elements.
>Allow merged slimes to consume ores and gain bonuses based on the ore. Killing the slime will drop a smaller, purified piece of ore.
>Create trees
>Create an acid slime capable of destroying environmental objects (such as trees and buildings) over time. Don't include an AI to do so yet, currently it just deals damage when it randomly bumps into objects.
I hope this thread is not dead already
>Create Slime Merging where if two unmerged slimes meet up they merge into a stronger and or combine elements.

One small step for @, but a great step towards slime girls! With that in mind, dump a bandit into a huddle of slimes to see what happens, if nothing else, the bandit’s agony would be amusing enough to make it worthwhile.

File: PrimordialEra.png (746 KB, 848x921)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
I used to come on here years ago and there were always 2-3 evo quests and i loved them. don't see any anymore. lets change that.


Young planet, only populated with single celled organisms in the oceans. For now, all the species are in the central warm ocean but are free to migrate as they evolve obv. There is no plant life on land (or in the water for that matter; we're pre-cambrian kinda deal), so the green on the map is just to mark climate/precip.


Modify the species slightly for each evolution. You're free to redraw the image if you'd like to make it look better. You must either increment the 'Gen' count on the image OR modify the name so we can track lineage. Each 'generation' is enough for a small adaptation/change, so we can say it's a couple million years.

Please reply to the post that you are modifying from also to keep track of lineage <3

In general, I'll say when something is bad and shouldn't be counted, otherwise assume all the changes you're making are OK (they most likely are; some guys just go a little crazy so i'll put a stop to that if it looks like its gonna derail or anything)

In regards to double-posting, don't worry too much about it and just have some common sense. I won't say you strictly cannot double-post on the same species, but give it some time to breathe. If a species hasn't been touched in a while, feel free to reply to your own post again.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How many spectators do we have?
File: evoman hawas.png (7 KB, 228x264)
7 KB
>motion and receptors are closely linked jerking jumping through the water towards food in the free floating swirl thats the ocean at this scale
>both as a predator, as a organism with sexual reproduktion it needs to hunt for prey and partners more effective moment is a necessity for continue survival
>evolution likes to use what already exists in the too.box instead of making anything completely new
>water at this scale acts less like a fluid and more a jello
BoubaB fails to divide properly, yet manages to survive, becoming a very primitive pseudo-multicelular organism.
File: Bouba3.png (7 KB, 252x256)
7 KB
Actually blow my brains out.
There there it's okay I like it just been depressed and stressed myself.
I really need to get in the vibes but there is nothing I can find that explains the shapes of algea
Hmm would it be neat if they grew into rings

File: Ttt.jpg (570 KB, 1024x1024)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
b] You who lack the burden of a most radiant soul

I breathe life into your cold flesh nurtured in the great Syiphr.

The girl with the white book. Protect her lest all hope would be lost. Await her promised arrival.

Protect the seed of divinity within her pure soul so the world above would be free from the Tyranny of the Six.

Forgive me, my sweet daughter.

Forgive me...

This message was on repeat non stop for approximately nine hundred fifty two year, seven months, six days, four hours, fifty nine minutes and seventeen seconds with two minutes as a margin of error inside your head. You always wondered whether your creator was referring to you or the girl as her sweet daughter. It did not matter in the grand scheme of things for your memory and your body had deteriorated over nearly a thousand years in confinement. In the distant past, you were designed to be a weapon of mass destruction. Now, you are but a broken husk stripped of most of her powers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Think what you want about the execution, I liked this quest a lot and am very sad to see it go. Thanks for running!
Thanks for running. Indeed, once it turns in a chore it' not worth it.
Thanks for telling us you're dropping instead of ghosting us away.
Liked it much, although the dreaded Personal Life made it hard for me to interract as much as I would have liked.
What would had happen if we enlarged living space and setted up the mirror?
File: Crazy castle.png (1.71 MB, 1191x1076)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Did you have any fun with qming? Would you try it again? Did the mechanics tire you out
File: OIG1 (6).jpg (204 KB, 1024x1024)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Sorry got busy the last few days.
Thank you for playing and sorry again , right idea, wrong execution
We would have summoned a vampire with hemo brand who would have used the invigorating thoughts to increase our health/ power up talents etc.

I had about 7 hub npcs planned. So much for that.


I actually hate rolling with passion. It stalls the narrative. If anything, all the rolls would be behind the scene.
Oh and for our hemo characters, she would have sold blood vials too.

I'm the big bad, equivalent to Morgoth from LOTR; basically a demigod. You're gonna need armies to harm me and it doesn't guarantee my defeat. My habitation is basically Mordor, call it the Blacklands or some shit. There are humans, elves, other demigods, goblins (serving under me), rogue goblins, etc.

Place your name and/or role/title in the Name slot. Start out small, live your chosen lives. You can garden, go to war against evil or be a fucking evil spider, etc. [Linear time]

>turns 35% of all elves (that I have captured) into evil satanic goblins

Get fukt
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thank you.
File: 1665736945842.jpg (30 KB, 960x472)
30 KB
[ >>5959655
>>5959655 ]

>Establishes an elven energy farm deep below ground in the Blacklands. All of the energy generated is distributed between all Blackland creatures/servants that consist of Dark Magicka. The Dark Lord Malek is the Overmind of this energy system.
File: tegaki.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
[Wizard (Name: Gealal) is a playable character, descended from demigods. Level 61. Skilled in all forms of magick, especially illusion and destruction. RACE: Demigod Descendant, Half-Man.

Current Progress: >>5959613 (+ >>5959621)]
>Be me, old as fuck lady
>Some dumbass green kids break my dish cabinet
>Great grand nephew going on about some weird adventure, left home, hope he's doin well
Eeeh, blegh *old lady noises*
I better find some ol carpenter to fix up this home, maybe I should contact my good friend Bealal (Gealal's father), haven't seen him in decades, he was always good at magic tricks and fixing stuff up
>Shuffles slowly to the magic mailbox and ships off a letter to the grand mage

>The corrupting influence of the Blacklands sweeps across the town, you feel a creeping dread and a slight migraine.

-10 magicka

>As dusk hits, you begin to feel unusually tired as strange visions plague your mind's eye. You begin to suspect that conflict is coming ...

Induced paranoia + restlessness ...

File: Map to cont from.png (5.36 MB, 6144x3000)
5.36 MB
5.36 MB PNG
Uncertain continuation

Who can play? Anyone, newggers welcome be at least somewhat autistic though
What is the setting? Vaguely renessaince. (there is guns)

Discord it takes place in: F2Patcf
Updates are saturday every week (expect some breaks)

Diplo is free, 2 actions per turn, don't make building buildings actions. Have fun and RP.
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The pixies agree. A pact is sighned and the refugees return to normal… more normal than the pixies expected in fact largely due to the prior zen garden efforts of the fey. The refugees now can talk freely and share what they know. You learn all there is to know about the vampire nation and may for free get the effect of one of their actions.

Your population is not happy about the slip in living standards due to spending half the national budget on a pixie shrine.

You manage to find some but they spak a tongue unknown to you and seem fearful of you. Your men spurred on by their faith seem hesitant, but a faithful druid eventually manages to talk to one of the fye announcing he is a friend. To which the fey says “no, you’re scary” and disappears. (we will treat talking to the fey as diplo so we can do it in a thread tomorrow)

You found a long land narrowly hugging a river. A land of slaves, toruture andn ighmares. In the south a grand golden statue of a vampire beheading a human with cat ears jolts out of the ground. It does not appear like a nice place to live. All is like how the refugees communicated.

Missing a turn only refunds one action.

More farms are built increasing your self-sufficiency. I veto the magazine action, too fast.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.


Action 1: The Amber Road (1/?)

A mad project is devised, to build a road from Iaakon that stretches all the way to the end of the world. All the riches of who and what ever may lie beyond out there will be added to the Covenant, a line of trade that will be exclusively Iaakan in nature, fuelling the economy of the covenant for millennia to come.

The army is raised, to clear a path, conduct any necessary diplomacy and fell wild beasts, as workers begin felling trees, assembling guard posts and laying the brickwork of this road to eternity.

Nobody knows when it will be finished, or if it will ever be finished, only that this dream of the emperor has occupied every one of his senior magistrates.

Action 2: Internal Appeasement

General strife between the immortal cultivators of the Endo aristocracy and the far more fragile common nobility and imperial factions, is bad.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It has begun. A road has begun stretchign eastward laid with stone and decorated with amber, the goal is to pierce the wilderness and reach the end of the world itself.

The negotiations of power between the martial artists and imperial authorities. Little is arranged, but an uneasy peace is brokered. . The martial artists demand the number of mortal soldiers remain limited as so that their status is not threatened.

Action 1: Amber Road (2/?)

The road continues, winding through the ruins of a lost empire as it does. Orderly houses turned to memories, lost brickwork and forgotten estates.

They are of no interest to the construction crews, who continue their work and build straight through the heart of this dead empire, joining their amber road to the main streets of this lost nation and renovating as they go.

Perhaps the road will attract travellers soon, eager to resettle, or perhaps only looters to pick at the rubble.

Action 2: Looters to pick at the rubble

There’s an entire dead civilisation just in the way here.
Rummage through their things and collect any valuable secrets. Lost super weapons, alchemical recipes, ancient technologies and the like are obviously sought after, but more sensible things such as this nations old resource deposits and maps are chased after as well. The various martial artist schools will send only their best to go scrounging, for this is an obvious opportunity for them to earn great wealth by finding something good. Special contracts are arranged, to ensure that anything of national importance found must be reported and purchased off the noble explorer.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

The glory of war! At long last we have laid claim to our birthright, the entire crimson river! Our enemies have broken and fled rather than face us! And now with rumblings of a great warlord to the north we know even greater battles await us! Good! Let them come! Let them crash against our walls! Let the river run crimson from here to the blood stained coast!

> Study and master the Tulpa Magic of the cat folk and add it to our own!

Catfolk sorcery has plagued the dreams of the illusionists who were at the final battle against them! Mocking visions hound them each night now. But all battles are an opportunity for strength and might! Even now our illusionists alternate studying and battling the demons that plague them! We will capture them! Tame them! Then turn them back on the catfolk of the west armed with nightmares of our own devising! Ahahahahah!

> Mammon: A magical alloy of Vampire Blood and Gold filled with corrupting whispers that drives sapients insane with greed and avarice.

A tragedy has befallen the Gilded Ridge! An illusionist has created something terrible and beautiful, an alloy of Vampiric Blood and Gold that bewitches the senses and fills the heart with maddening greed and avarice! So bewitched by his creation the illusionist hunted his own kin or used the precious metal known as Mammon to bewitch them. Dozens and dozens of vampires threw themselves into the crucible before Soulless Agents were dispatched to put a stop to it. The dangerous, oh so precious, metal has been hidden in a location known only to the Soulless, for only they can handle it without falling to its bewitching allure.

File: Input - Standby.png (14 KB, 562x562)
14 KB
Hello Again Children.

I Apologize For The Interruption.

Would You Like To Play Again?

}=> PLAY
}=> CODE
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Up up down down left right left right B A
File: Input - Prelude.png (19 KB, 562x562)
19 KB
}=> Rules

This Was A Favorite Of Your Predecessor.
The Game Is Triptych. Observe - Three Spools Sit Above You, Each Containing A TOTAL THREAD. Each Thread Belongs To A Citizen Of Your Kingdom.
All Shall Be Touched By Death Today.
One Shall Be A MARTYR
One Shall Be A VICTIM.
One Shall Be A KILLER.

}=> Your Task

Determine Who Shall Play Which Role. Give Commands To Shape The Course Of Destiny.
Ensure The MARTYR Dies By Fate.
Save The VICTIM.
Sever The Thread Of The KILLER.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>}=> PLAY
File: Input - 1.png (119 KB, 562x562)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
}=> PLAY

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
INPUT{set}=> RED
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


"-ssionary work in the past, though it proved to be fruitless in the end. Without any potable water, the village was forced to relocate. I told Papa from the outset, to those people, any patch of mud is as good as the next. Why complain?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: tegaki.png (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
Previous thread here:

All threads:

In the last thread we uncovered a major malicitite smuggling operation on our ship, eliminated virtually everyone involved, as well as earned the (begrudging) respect of our executive officers, with one of whom we are currently playing go.

Ship: Heavy cruiser LDS Vanilla Skyline, Courageous-class
Captain: Commander Sylvia Thorton (yourself)
Crew: mostly undisciplined, enthusiastic
Engine: 88% efficiency (damaged nacelles, undergoing repairs, ETA 13 days)
Railgun Turret A-1: 81% efficiency (broken shell elevator, undergoing repairs, ETA 8 days)
All other systems operating at 100% efficiency. (undergoing maintenance, ETA 18 days)
Current Position: Hys base ‘Granite-Vigil’, Citar Quadrant outskirts

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: jimi.jpg (103 KB, 600x902)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
“What do you fight for?” The question bounced off walls, swung down from the ceiling, skipped on the table like a pebble aimed right at your breast. You opened your mouth in the shape of “Memory”, but no sound came out. The shot had taken the wind out of your lungs.

“The grace and peace of God our Father, who raised Jesus from the dead, be always with you.”

Again you returned home, or what outlived it. The coarse fabric of the rental veil scraped against your scalp, itching no matter the adjustment. The thrum of cars were faint, filtered through veils of leaves. The droning fliers occasionally dashing overhead were unfortunately more noticeable. In a dense city like Jefferson, volume is as scarce as space, and communal areas even could not escape this cold forwardist logic.

Unable to wrestle the tie into not strangling its wearer, you undid the knot and stuffed the whole thing in the breast pocket of your vest. A black dress would be more appropriate for this occasion, but you had barely made it in time as it were running straight from the office. Mrs Plauf softly admonished your unfeminine appearance, but what did she know? Jimi was all the rage back then.

Professor Eszter, the only male present beside the priest, shook your hand and offered his condolences. You apologised in return for ruining this beautiful weekend of his. Your mother should have kept more balanced company. It only took one man to make her disavow all men. To her, infidelity is hardcoded into the Y chromosome, as inevitable as original sin.

A helper boy handed you the urn and showed you to your shotgun seat. The elderly priest, clearly enjoying this excursion away from the dusty dampness of the parish chapel, motioned for the crowd to quiet down before starting the rites, “Today, we are all gathered here to mourn the passing of a coworker, a friend, above all, a mother...”

You observed the joggers, the new parents, the cyberhound walkers sieved through the park. “He turned to the body and said, ‘Tabitha, get up.’” What were they thinking about? Just another funeral, nothing to see here. The wife is on the too young side, don't you think, honey? Please, let there be refreshments afterwards. “Sown in weakness... raised in power.”
File: orbital_mirror.jpg (53 KB, 480x300)
53 KB
“...conquered the world.” Professor Eszter did not return your knowing glance. Strange, you had always remembered his staunch atheism, no, antitheism. How he used to launch into rants against religion and spirituality when you had just wanted him to look over a paragraph in your honour thesis. “The late Mrs Thornton, peace be upon her soul, was indeed the salt, the yeast of our community. Her whole life could be gathered into two words: reaching out...”

“And so just as the last Adam's life is not an exception but the blueprint, so is his Resurrection not merely a historical accident, confined by time, but indeed points inexorably forward to our eventual reunion with the Lord, for all eternity... Amen.” Only half of the Credo could be dredged in time, forcing you to fill in the rest with lullaby vowels. You took in another view of the park. This time something stuck out.

On the edge, where green meets gray, two men stood statuette, defined less by their own lack of movement but rather by the movement all around them. Over their heads, a massive golf umbrella blocked out the mild reflected sunlight. The one encased in business suit and tie looked strangely familiar, and it is he who attracted all your attention then. But now, looking back, the other man holding the umbrella was perhaps interesting in his own right. His military uniform bore a striking similarity to Directorate colours, and his face, his face-

Shave the moustache, fill in the creases, paper over the age spots, could it be? You open your eyes. Yes, it is. Straight out of that park, sitting right across from you, still awaiting an answer. “Memory. They are all barren rocks to me. What did he see worth dying for?”

He turned aside and started cursing, “Six men died, and for fucking what? A soul search. Touching union, ain't it, made on top of bones!” Silas impatiently coughed, “Johnson, let me remind you that it was those men who tied their own knots. If we didn't strangle them, the Naval Court will do it for us anyway. Discipline is the strength of the Navy.”

The aluminium table shuddered and strained under the full fury of Tim's fist. “That is Not. The. Point. Those men deserved to be heard. To have one final chance to defend themselves. Without rights, without freedom, we are no better than the Qyngurs. In fact, seeing the current state of this damn Directorate,” he channelled the remains of his fury into one last push, “We might as well...” Still not enough.

So that is what this all boiled down to. Tim's sister lost her job due to an extrajudicial decision. The mutineers lost their lives on the same account. How could you not have seen the parallels earlier. Softly, insistently, someone knocks on the door. Must be Frank returning from his raid behind enemy lines.
There is now a lull in the interrogation room. Tim does not even bother keep up appearances anymore. Now's the chance to deliver the knock-out blow. Conversely, his earlier outburst could be construed as treason, with a little push.
>"What happened to Barbara is unfair, I agree. But insisting on an impossible level of fairness is not the answer." (This may get personal)
>"Law is created to serve men, Johnson, not the other way round. What do they say again? Better good men than good law."
>"Tim, the Directorate is such a crappy place sometimes, isn't it? Maybe my father was mistaken, seeing something that wasn't there."
>Pour a glass of wine each for the three of you. Change the subject.
>Say nothing. Let Tim sort out his emotions on his own.
>An angel, or devil, whispers into your ear... (write-in)
>"Law is created to serve men, Johnson, not the other way round. What do they say again? Better good men than good law."
>"Law is created to serve men, Johnson, not the other way round. What do they say again? Better good men than good law."

This is a mech-themed free-for-all multiplayer game. It will begin in roughly a few days depending on player count and interest.

If you want to play, provide a name and (optionally) a picture represent you on the map. Also provide a secure tripcode, or your ID will be used for identification.

- The game is played on a hexagonal grid.
- Each player gets a mech, which starts with 3 HP, 3 AP, and 2 range, and gains 1 AP every 24 hours since the start of the game. I determine the initial board size and placement of mechs.
- At any time, a mech may perform one or several actions:
1. Move to an adjacent, unoccupied square (1 AP)
2. Shoot another mech within its range, removing 1 HP. (1 AP)
3. Regain 1 HP. (3 AP)
4. Upgrade range by 1. (1 AP)
5. Transfer any amount of its own HP or AP to another mech within range.
- A mech with 0 HP is "dead". All of its AP is transferred to the mech which killed it.
- A "dead" mech may be revived by sending HP to it. (On revival, it has 1 HP, 0 AP and keeps any range upgrades from before death)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Festus.png (29 KB, 1000x900)
29 KB
Festus isn't sure why he or his homemade tractor mecha are here, but he knows it's got to be some kind of contest, and he wants to win! He's already salivating at the thought of how much funnel cake he can buy with the prize-money.
File: big man killa kan.png (423 KB, 619x599)
423 KB
423 KB PNG

File: Space Hulk.jpg (164 KB, 984x516)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
”Brigadier Zanx. New mission parameters are being sent to your system, please try to ensure the securing of this secondary objective. Your primary objective remains unchanged.” You quickly contact the rather busy man and give him his new orders.

It takes Zanx a few moments to look over what you sent, but before long, he responds in an affirmative and begins directing men and machines towards the generalized area that you were able to identify as the primary location from where the hardlight weapon had fired from before.

The overwhelming force you are able to deploy means that despite the massive numbers advantage that the orks possess, you can easily smash them apart, due to Zanx’s style of leadership, the progress is slow, but steady and careful, it will most likely take hours for the hulk to be cleared, however his way of doing so means that most casualties that you are experiencing come from your drones or robots, with the O.D.D. being employed only for the most stubborn of defenders.

Otherwise, the biggest problems you encounter are once more the orks carrying the powerful personal shields, necessitating overwhelming firepower to break them which poses an issue for no other reason that Zanx is trying to minimise collateral damage as much as he can, but there’s only so much that he can do against such brutish creatures like orks. A particular incident of note happened when one of the shield generators employed by the greenskins, instead of collapsing after being shot, it had instead overloaded, increasing in power output, turning the ork into a glowing ball before detonating violently. The explosion had rocked the spacehulk and punched a hole in the hull, an achievement in and of itself considering the sheer amount of metal between the void and where the fighting was undertaken. Another big issue came when the 3rd managed to breach a so far unknown xeno warship, judging by the change in the interior, the crystalline shard like weaponry seemed to be employed by the orks in the most haphazard manner imaginable. It appears that they had quite literally taped the no doubt sensitive and advanced weapons onto their own crude shootas, crudely linking them together to ensure that the weapons would make loud bangs. Somehow, this had resulted in the crystalline splinters exploding violently upon contact rather than just penetrating armour and overloading shields. The 3rd, thanks to teleportation operations you had carried out under Zanx’s request had meant that the soldiers suffered no dead, but there had been casualties, your nimean-class robots were devasted alongside a sizeable amount of your legionnaires, the drones were not employed due to their relative fragility compared to your foes’ weaponry. In the end, the area was secured after two hours of intensive fighting, but hardly anything remains of the weapons, or the hull itself.
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Sorry about the length, but I figured this was a good as time as any to try and air out what the current problems are that are actually gripping the community, thata ren't the same old shit as yesteryear. Its not just GW increasing prices or fucking up a game system, its the fact that they treat their setting as a product and treat both it and its fanbase as a product that has clearly fallen down the slipper slope of power control from even the worst shit they were doing in 5th edition in the early 2000's. And its not helped by the largest group of retards, that constantly defend the multi-billion dollar company, and constantly give them money, because they don't have a critical fucking head to go between their shoulders were their skull should be.

If, IF, this does finally get a bunch of its members to finally start growing a head and doing something about the prices and management of the models (They ain't their that lazy and uninterested in the setting, and their tourists that only want to do it to make it for the left and not the Right.) Then I would fucking love that to happen, to finally make models for in book characters that have never seen the light of day in books, like Ravenor! Or, that they could create their own service where they make new and almost free models to give to anyone that wants them and not have to pay for GW then I would appluad the idea. But until that day comes, and until a amount of the fandom, say 10%, actually follow through and do that, then its never going to happen and those reasons mentioned in my prior posts are why.
Theres also the fact that their stocks diped a bit due to the custodes shit and imediately went up due to some blackrock shell company buying stocks low.
3d printing and book piracy is the only real option for hurting GW.
Wrong. Moving away from 40k is the only way. Piracy does nothing but act as free advertising.
More or less yeah, if you want to try and win a fight against a company that thrives and survives off of whaling, then you cut off any large scale number of buyers, and THEN they start listening. Honestly, just deciding to grow a head and do a 3-D printer, or instead actually decide to not buy more models but instead leave them to rot and tell everyone that GW the company should not and must not be given any money with their stuff, so they should instead order models made off from EBay would be an amazing way of bringing down the company.
Fuck sakes, move on.

File: CHAOS4.png (839 KB, 1000x800)
839 KB
839 KB PNG

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>< What will you do now? ><
>Access the Case Files and undertake a mission.
• The Dagger of Death (Usultu, God of Weapons)
• Changing the Channel (Yasukuni, God of Media)
• The Clown, Noramus (Scapegod Noramus)
• Testing the Tengu (Daitengu Scheiracht)
• Fell Fire, Mortal Resolve (Master Garlo, God of Fire)
• The World of Mythology II (Oggthorn, Hunter Demigod)
• RAID: Konglasha's Capture (Shèng Xù, Chain of Chains)
• RAID: All-Seeing Ehyeh (NUMBER-8 Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh)
• RAID: Naturens Ondskapfulle Vrede (Bedolfir, Giant God of Nature)
• RAID: The Forever Apocalypse
• RAID: End the New Eternity
>Access Psyops Deployments.
>Access the Skill-Tree.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Access Psyops Deployments.
some mortis missions
>Access the Skill-Tree.
I say we buy some skills and go slap Usultu's shit in, we have 400 points to spend.
File: PROTAGONIST Sheet (v7).png (258 KB, 1400x793)
258 KB
258 KB PNG



[You hold 403 Pleroma Points. Spend them wisely.]

( https://static.miraheze.org/chaosquestwiki/5/55/The_Skilltrees.png )

File: versequest5.png (10 KB, 886x797)
10 KB
In the last thread, the being known in some circles as Existence, but in most (mortal ones) as God, experienced some... things. These things include, but are not limited to: being almost killed by a retired musician who wants to stop time, getting stabbed by his own son for implying he could feel fear, and making his wives a little sad. This along with it being hammered home that he's probably not the strongest man in the universe, things aren't really going all that well for our... hero? Protagonist. Protagonist is probably the better word.
Oh, and also, this God guy is you by the way. You're him. Ain't that sad?

Previous threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Versequest

So now comes the time you decide how we'll begin this chapter of your story. Will we start where we left off, sleep, or time skip?
(Note: If you choose time skip or sleep, I do not recommend doing so for over 20 years or so. Doing this would almost definitely make you miss out on the chance to partake in and influence the current Greethian war directly, and you will most likely miss out on the stories of the various mortals we've met, either in their entirety or at least to a large extent.)
>Time skip
>Where we left off
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>Do something else
Genderswap him.
>Heal his wounds and hold him close
Do not do that, we're trying to fix him lmao...though this could've gone better
>Heal his wounds
>Debrief him, bring the therapist

File: cutemon logo 6.jpg (281 KB, 1232x928)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
You are a Cutémon!

You are one of the rarest types of mon: a mon that looks like a cute human girl!

Like all mons, you gain energy by fighting and defeating other mons. Your trainer is the human boy Joe Apple of Patina.
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>>Say goodbye to Stompex and keep going
>Say goodbye to Stompex and keep going
Too big to be a practical follower, and anyway he's in the middle of dinner.
>Ask Stompex to come with you to the ash caves
Always like me a new friend.
>Ask Stompex to come with you to the ash caves
>Say goodbye to Stompex and keep going

File: chocalot noir.jpg (150 KB, 1036x1108)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
>You are an investigator looking to find out the truth on the matter of Son Gohan being severely injured. His sister, Son Peppa, has not been injured, but may have some clue as to why her brother was injured. You will have to find out what she knows.

>WARNING: This is a spinoff of Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest. Being familiar with Tuffle Quest helps, but this spinoff will also have topics such as bullying, abuse, self-harm, drug use, grief, suicidal ideation, grooming, violence, and rape.

>This is going to be a narrative quest, no rolls. Your ability to take in information and infer conclusions from it will be key.
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Her face goes from pink to green as she keeps digging herself deeper into this travesty. "Eh, your hair's fine too, Gohan, it reminds me of a pineapple... Soaree! I haven't had pineapple before, it seems like it would hurt to bite into. Haha, that was a joke, it's stupid, I know you eat the inside part, uh, nevermind. We don't get much tropical fruit back home, is what I was getting at. We also didn't get pizza but once a month, so, I've never had pineapple on pizza neither, I hear it's a contentious topic and, heheh, I'm always up to join sides in a gang war! Uh, I've never been in a gang, I don't why I said that, please forget I..."

As the cringe keeps coming and it don't stop coming, Peppa eyes her brother. "Bro, what happened with Arabiota? It's like her moxie just evaporated."

He rolls his eyes. "I told you, this isn't Arabiota, this is Krysmus. New girl."

"New girl?"

"Huh, they look like they could be twins!" you note.

Peppa waves that off, "Nah, they have different hair and eye colors."

Peppa taps her chin. "But that's weird, why are you so popular all of a sudden?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Speaking of hanging, Peppa feels like she could die of second-hand embarrassment right now. There would be an easy way out of this for her, just gotta raise two fingers to her head, and she can leave this world, then pop right back into it anywhere else but here.

Ah, but if she teleports right now in the middle of an unpleasant conversation, what's that gonna tell Videl?

...heh, that reminds Peppa of the time Videl asked her if she should cut her hair short before the World Tournament. Peppa had told her no because she thought Videl looked cuter with long hair. But, Videl could pull that off was the thing, whereas this girl doesn't seem like she could pull off the lid of a can of pringles without injury.

What to do...

>A. Teleport away from this natural disaster, yesterday teleporting worked... eventually!
>B. Recommend she get her hair cut short, would look pretty cute!
>C. "Why do you wanna hang out with Gohan?"
>D. Write-in
>E. Update notes
>B. Recommend she get her hair cut short, would look pretty cute!
>C. "Why do you wanna hang out with Gohan?"
>D. "Your hands look cold, would you like some mittens?"

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