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File: SpaceshipQuestArt3.png (60 KB, 1537x1314)
60 KB
Last thread:https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2024/5875308/

>[Hey hey du~de. Ya' daily report alarm just rang. Wanna make one?]
>"Ah, right... Yeah sure, whatever."
>"*cough cough ahem* STR-K Pilot 337, reporting in. As specified in my previous report, me and CC-DA Pilot 609 have arrived in what seems to be the center of this civilization we've landed upon, "The Capital" as they call it. A rather great town compared to the filth we had wandered through beforehand. Smoke-filled skies, streets and vehicles, angry people walking about, it almost feels like home..."
>[Wanna bring up that magic dice voodoo ya' started doin'? And all the local folk ya' murdered?]
>"N-No way! My superiors would lock me up if they heard about that! D-Don't forget to cut that part out before saving this... Anyways! We're currently residing in a massive structure called "The Tower"... they're pretty uncreative with names around here I suppose... B-But I digress. Inside this tower we met up with the local monarch, the Icicle Queen. I couldn't quite understand her explanation, but from what I've gathered the only way for us to return home is using a certain device she has created, which requires a certain source of energy she does not possess..."
>[Psst... She means a magical staff-]
>"Sh-Shut up! Magic isn't real! Yeah sure, it "looks" like a magic staff, but I'm certain it's just some kind of technology we just don't understand, much less the locals! Cut that part out too or I delete your System 32 by the way! But yeah, without that "magic staff", which is in the possession of this really creepy pointy ear girl, it seems like we'll be stuck here for some time still... I wonder if I should take this time off to relax a bit... Ah! C-Cut that part out too!"
>[How 'bout that weird bit with all the flashin' colors hallucinogenic bee-ess goin' on? Don't wanna bring that up?]
>"I still have no idea what you're talking about! Stop taking up log space with your nonsensical ramblings! Uhh... STR-K Pilot 337. Out!"
>[Aaaaaand... Cut!]
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>Inspect the pipe-like thing
File: GooTBC.png (40 KB, 1537x1314)
40 KB
You walk up to the pipe-like device and pick it up, careful to point the fume-spewing bit away from your face. Let's see... Which bit of it do you want to touch first? You don't want something to break and leak smoke into your eyes.
>"Mmm... There's gotta be some way to turn this off, right? ...Ah, here we go."
You lightly touch around the pipe until you find a piece of it that looks unscrewable enough and start spinning it around. Soon enough the part you were unscrewing plops neatly into your hand, and with it the bright green smoke also begins to fade away, turning into a much smaller amount of a darker green smoke, more similar to the type you'd actually see coming out of smoking pipes from your world.
With the danger of skin diseases gone, you relax a little bit and take a look at the thing you are holding. It's a cilidrical glass vial with some kind of magenta-colored slime inside it. It reminds you from the slime you saw back at the mushroom forest, but what would something from there be doing all the way over here? Eh, doesn't really matter you suppose.
The plants covering the walls of this room begin to twist and turn, as if in agony, before drying up and withering down to the ground, some even disappearing into dust upon landing. The members of the gang fall to their knees and slam face-first into the ground. Man, what was in that smoke even? Surely it must be more than just some pink slime with some voodoo mixed in...
Either way, you should focus on the mission for now. You have that lady and all these gang members subdued, now it'd be a perfect time to ask them some question! ...If they were awake, that is.
>[Ey', it's just like ya's first casualty over 'ere! Ain't that a coinky-dink!]
You would reply to you obnoxious companion, but frankly this day has been so tiring that you'd rather just ignore it. You walk over to the knocked out woman, slam your ass into the ground, cross your legs, and close your eyes.
Guess we wait for now...
Was already having some scheduling difficulties, but then this morning I started having some tech difficulties too, so I just decided that was a sign to pause it here for now. Sorry the last month of posting has had a lot of pauses, I need to plan my shit a bit better.
Hope you're all still having fun reading this, feel free to ask anything, and I'll see you all again in a month or two! (and also at the waifu wars thread, that'll be fun!)
Also here's the archived thread!
Thanks for running QM.

File: esoterica6.png (508 KB, 904x903)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
Your name is Ezreal Mious Van Houtzmann. You are the personal Mage Apprentice of the Archmage of the Hawksong Mages’ Tower, and a Disciple of the True Fey. Having found a measure of balance between your human and elven heritage, you are a mage whose mystical, spiritual and political career are all at their absolute peak, and yet only seem set to continue ascending to still greater heights.

So how did you end up babysitting a monster, again?

You and Izirina Henzler—the Archmage’s daughter, and your significant other (well, one of them, it’s complicated) attracted your fair share of stares as you lead your young charge through the emerald-lit ‘streets’ of Iternagreyn, the capital of Sylvan civilization., a city of tall trees and root-and-branch bridges and stairways. Behind you trails your young charge… Or perhaps ‘prisoner’ is a better word, though he doesn’t act like it. The so-called ‘Unknowable Prince’ has all the usual rambunctious energy of his young age, which wouldn’t be a problem… Except that, as the child of the Dragon King of Bloodrise and the spawn of some unknown and no-doubt terrifying mate, he is also fifteen feet long, towers over you when he rears up, and has all the charm and cuteness one would expect from the description: ‘what if a huge insect also had a crocodile’s face and a lion’s mane?’

‘All the elves are staring at us,’ the Prince addresses you, communicating by means of frantic hand gestures while his toothy maw splits open to emit an uneasy, rattling chirp. ‘The elves at home stare, too, but not like this.’

“The dark elves are allies of your father,” you note, grip tightening on your staff. “These elves… Aren’t.”

The long-and-short of it is that you, and Izzy and all your other friends and allies awaiting your return in their diplomatic accommodations, were dispatched to the Sylvan Realms to retrieve this enfant terrible, and thus avert a war between his Dragon King and your elven mother’s people—a war that, through a conspiracy of shapeshifting cross-species romance—threatens to drag in even Hawksong, greatest city of the Race of Man. This was never a simple proposal to begin with but, upon discovering that the Unknowable Prince was a disciple of the same dark entity who has been secretly tutoring Izzy, you made the executive decision to bail him out of jail (well, a taboo temple for unclean things, such as he) and into your personal custody.

See https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=reptoidqm for this quest and its predecessors; only Seeker(s) threads are 'required reading' to follow along, but RIQ and DAQ are in the same universe and share some characters
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>That's already sort of in progress
I forgot, get Testa a boyfriend too.
File: 1711503878559806.png (2.37 MB, 2693x2014)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
>Testa's love life
[Well she'll be appearing at the start of the next thread, but I'm not sure how to fit in Tips getting her a date... And she's pretty good at getting them herself, even if she still has some unrequited interest in Pearce.]

[I imagine you've all already at least peeked at the Kings & Queens tourney if you're interested in that sort of thing, but some character interactions and insights can be glimpsed there, since Tips is participating!]
>How are you liking the quest’s direction and pacing? We’re approaching the endgame for what I have planned for Seekers faster than expected, but I suspect we still have two or three months left, at least, for reference.
the pacing is ok as of now

>For two ‘waifus’, Izzy and Costella, do they feel realized? Do you feel chemistry between them and Tips, or between one another at all? Do you want to see either developed more, or focused upon more?
Need more Costella, she's kinda the weak link in terms of interaction with us.

>Do you have any long-term character objectives for Tips which we haven’t been working on which you’d like to see wrapped up by quest’s end, besides the Unseelie Star matter, Carazzi, and the relationship situation?
find which god(s) of the bonnum chaoticum we can trust

>Out-of-character, do you have a strong preference for which divine faction comes out ahead in the coming age?
my only preference is that the dark ones lose, that's pretty much it since the bonum chaoticum is kinda unstrustworthy, dunno about the b. legale but they should have an stick even more up their ass and the dark ones is basically the ray peat pantheon.

>Is there anything else you’d like to see more or less of?
some beastmen if possible and more best trouple menage, after all what's the point of having 2 babes if we don't ?
>How are you liking the quest’s direction and pacing? We’re approaching the endgame for what I have planned for Seekers faster than expected, but I suspect we still have two or three months left, at least, for reference.
It's good, doesn't feel either rushed or dragged out except for some of the votes like on kids or what to do with the community long term, those felt a bit rushed.

>For two ‘waifus’, Izzy and Costella, do they feel realized? Do you feel chemistry between them and Tips, or between one another at all? Do you want to see either developed more, or focused upon more?
Moar Izzy

>Do you have any long-term character objectives for Tips which we haven’t been working on which you’d like to see wrapped up by quest’s end, besides the Unseelie Star matter, Carazzi, and the relationship situation?
Becoming archmage would be nice
Discovering more of the mysteries behind souls and the gods as well.
Clearing up any misunderstandings with our homeland.

>Out-of-character, do you have a strong preference for which divine faction comes out ahead in the coming age?
Gods of Light all the way

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: esoterica7.png (6.07 MB, 3880x3944)
6.07 MB
6.07 MB PNG
[Thank you all for your input, and for playing! new thread is up.]


File: omni-man.jpg (38 KB, 1024x576)
38 KB
You are Nowl-Ahn, a supreme Viltrumite warrior, sent to subjugate a primitive planet they call Earth. It's beneath you, but duty is duty. You cloaked yourself in the identity of Nolan Grayson, a facade, an Omni-Man, a so-called hero to these pitiful earthlings. The very thought makes your lip curl in disdain. Heroes? They're nothing but insects waiting to be crushed under your might. And yet, you play their game, biding your time, waiting for the right moment to strike.
In the first issue, you murdered The Immortal, the mightiest among the Guardians of the Globe. Following that, you eliminated Cecil Stedman, the leader of the Global Defense Agency, staging his death as an accident.
When Donald Ferguson came to you with suspicions, you cunningly shifted the blame towards Red Rush and his supposed Russian handlers. Subsequently, you lured Red Rush into a trap and ended his life as well.
Dissatisfied with the weaknesses of your half-human son, Mark, you have initiated a secret affair with Dupli-Kate of the Teen Team. Your grand design is to sire an army of stronger offspring superior to Mark and topple the Viltrumite Empire using them as your instruments of conquest.
In the second issue, you euthanized Robot—a grotesque, deformed human concealed behind a facade of artificial intelligence.
Following that, you banished Damien Darkblood to the infernal realms from whence he came. Darwking, the most intelligent member of the Guardians, was the next to fall.
You then set your sights on the Green Ghost, removing her human husband, Theo, from the picture, and then manipulating her into assassinating Martian Man, framing the innocent extraterrestrial as her husband's murderer.
While the Green Ghost is most vulnerable in her grief and guilt, you lowered her inhibitions with alcohol to seduce her.
21 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Challenges inevitably arise. Aquarus, notably, starts harboring suspicions towards you. To neutralize this threat, you craft a story for Mark, convincing him that Aquarus has betrayed Earth by colluding with the Viltrum Empire, asserting that his elimination is crucial for Debbie's safety and that of the planet.
Reluctantly, Mark carries out the assassination, his human sensibilities deeply shaken by the act. Observing his trauma, you adopt the guise of a compassionate father once more, guiding him through his distress. Yet, beneath this guise of empathy, you meticulously mold him into your perfect tool, binding his loyalty to you ever tighter.
The aftermath sends Mark to Atlantis, where he has to stand trial for Aquarus's assassination and face his widow, Queen Aquaria. However, this threat and challenge is merely a fleeting chapter in the grand scheme you have set into motion, a minor ripple in the vast ocean of your ambitions.
Later, an Unopan calling himself Allen inadvertently finds his way to Earth. You see this as another opportunity to test Mark's obedience and resolve. Without the hesitancy that once plagued him, Mark fulfills your command to eliminate Allen. Witnessing his compliance, you can't help but smile at the realization that you've honed Mark into the ultimate instrument for your cause, setting the perfect example for his future siblings.
As Mark becomes increasingly entrenched in your plans, you persist in breeding your army.
Olga, the grieving widow of Red Rush—a hero whose life you ended—becomes another unsuspecting participant in your designs. The irony that she unknowingly carries the son of her husband's killer amuses you greatly.
Your ambitions aren't limited to the heroines; you impregnate villainesses as well. Iguana, from the Lizard League, falls prey to your designs next. With her, you forego any pretense of seduction, and impregnate her by force. Similarly, on a whim, you decide to impregnate Roarface, a C-list supervillain, first threatening her life and then offering leniency for her crimes to compel her to bear your offspring.
Your indiscriminate choice of both heroines and villainesses as the mothers of your future soldiers proves your commitment to your plan, leaving no stone unturned in your quest for dominance.
However, you deliberately refrain from involving Amber Bennet, Mark's former high school love interest, though you had contemplated claiming her for yourself in the past. Considering the potential repercussions—Mark's complete disillusionment with you and the inevitable severance of his loyalty—you conclude that Amber, a mere human without extraordinary abilities, does not justify the risk.
Your attention, therefore, shifts towards worthier mates, such as Atom Eve and Monster Girl. Atom Eve becomes a project of long-term manipulation, requiring years of careful planning and persuasion before you ultimately succeed in making her a mother to one of your children.
Monster Girl, on the other hand, proves to be far less complicated. Emphasizing her age to assert her maturity, she willingly enters into your designs. Like the others before her, she gives birth to your half-Viltrumite child, contributing to your growing army.
Two decades swiftly pass, during which your sons and daughters mature into formidable and unwavering soldiers, embodying the very essence of Viltrumite might coupled with their mothers' unique abilities.
With your army now at its zenith, you send a message to Thragg that Earth stands ready for the taking, orchestrating a meeting that promises him an easy conquest. However, upon his arrival, Thragg is met not with submission, but with a force of over a thousand fierce warriors, each a testament to your strategic genius and two decades of planning.
The conflict that ensues is epic, stretching across days of relentless combat. Yet, the outcome is never truly in doubt. Against all odds, you stand triumphant, with Thragg dead at your feet.
In the aftermath, you ascend as Nowl-Ahn, the unchallenged emperor of the Viltrum Empire, having forged your path to supremacy not just through strength and strategy, but through legacy and lineage.
Your story reaches the end with your complete victory.

>>End Quest
>>Good ending.
File: good job.gif (1.6 MB, 300x320)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF

Thank you for your service.

You are Ben Parker, super-powered criminal and thief extraordinaire. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, you underwent a miraculous change, and adopted the identity of "The Huntsman"! But it's not all bad! Your clone brother, Abel Parker, works to protect the city, and potentially help clean up some of your messes. He goes by the name of "Spider-Man"!


Last time: During the Prowler's farewell party, the Desperados sang their hearts out in karaoke, partook in some delicious tortas from a catered food truck, and played a couple of incredibly realistic virtual reality games created by their newest member! One of which was a combat simulator, where the Huntsman started to refine the fighting style he'd been developing with Callisto's help.

Afterwards, he paid Cindy and Wanda a visit, and even helped the budding blonde sidekick develop a fighting style of her own!

Can she withstand the hardships of becoming a teenage crimefighting vigilante? Will she and Cindy heed the Huntsman's warnings about the impending Gang War? Will Wanda ever stop being jealous of Cindy's high metabolism? And why didn't Cindy compliment the Huntsman on his stylish new suit?

Find out more in the latest issue of…MAXIMUM SPIDER QUEST!

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Screwball_L_MC_TR_C.jpg (67 KB, 600x708)
67 KB
“I think someone’s warming up to the idea of a collab…”

Screwball scoffed.

“In your dreams, Spider-Bro. I’ve had enough of you guys hijacking my stream.”

It technically wasn’t even your fault. It was all Julia’s idea from the beginning. You just played along because you thought it’d be fun. Not that you would admit that to Screwball, of course. Jules was a friend, and she didn't deserve to have such an annoying archnemesis.

“Hi, Chat! Hi, everyone else!” Shark Girl said, waving at the camera with a big smile on her face.

She was getting sucked into this a little too fast, and a little too easily. Maybe you should take some attention away from her for a second.

“What’re you even doing here, Screwball? Me and the others were kind of in the middle of a ‘Town Hall’ sorta deal.” you explained.

“We had big rousing speeches and everything!”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
“Yeah yeah, we’ve all got cool suits.” you interrupted. Screwball was clearly annoyed by the disruption.

“Shark, we really should be getting back to our thing.”

Shark’s eyes followed where you were pointing. Glass and the other Morlocks were waiting and watching them from afar. From the look on her face, she had completely forgotten about the meeting for a bit.

“Oh! Right, sorry. It was nice meeting you, Screwball. You too, chat.” she said, waving goodbye to the streamer and her camera.

As Iara started to slowly drift away, Screwball reached out to stop her, and very nearly fell out of the tree as a result.

“Hold up. Do you think I could maybe sit in, or interview some of you guys? I mean…I might as well while I’m here, right? It’d be great content for the stream.”

Both women looked to you for an answer.

What will you say?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>”Really? This doesn’t exactly seem like the type of thing you’d be interested in. They know they can't stay here and will just discuss a place where they can, in fact, stay. Kinda a private matter.”
>"If you can give them this privacy, I'll put in a good word and help you get an interview or two after they are done."
>"What do you say chat? Do you think Screwball can behave herself for an hour?"
>”You should be asking them, not me. It’s up to them whether they feel comfortable with you staying here right now.”
>>”You should be asking them, not me. It’s up to them whether they feel comfortable with you staying here right now.”

File: 1709776099179320.gif (16 KB, 496x456)
16 KB
It has been 100 years since ancient beings, known as the Old Ones, walked the Earth with their two strong feet. Now they are gone and we animals now rule the remains that they left behind. With our new knowledge of sword and sorcery, we were able to survive in peace for a while, but then came the three factions.
The Apes: Strong giants, claiming to be as just as the old ones and believe they should be the ones to rule over the new world.
The Pigs: An intellectual but slothful group who wish to rule the world with an iron hoof and remain kings while the others remained as dumb animals.
Then there the Lizards: A fast and large group that want to set the world a blaze. Trying to forget the harsh past that the old ones left.
All three sides wishing to go war and destroy one another to bring in what they believe to be true peace.
But, unbeknownst to everyone, there was another group. One that was trying their best to find a way to heal everyone. To bring back order.
You found it.... and now you are taking care of it.

A D&D Homebrew Adventure.

Previous Quests:https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Rise%20of%20the%20Awakened
1077 replies and 89 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 2, 4, 4, 2 = 12 (4d4)

IN CASE I hit, I'm rolling damage. If that 12 >>5980797 didn't hit, simply ignore this roll. And if Lightning damage doesn't get an extra die on Sneak Attack, ignore the last die.
I guess QM technically didn't say he was available today. We only got everyone except the one we needed most.

I'll be gone for most of the day now, so I'll see you all Tuesday instead. Have a great weekend guys!
See ya
File: IMG_2678.gif (1.63 MB, 320x240)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB GIF
Stay safe
Until next time we come back to this clog hangar
Cliff hanger I swear my autocorrect is a comedian

File: 1707133275813820.jpg (52 KB, 500x333)
52 KB
You are Ethan Graves, a 16-year-old high school sophomore. A few months ago, you discovered your great-grandfather's book of black magic, leading you down a path of dark temptations and moral dilemmas.

> first thread: >>5904737
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
> a queen bee that has bullied others into suicide attempts
Lol, who cares?

> a queen bee that has bullied others into suicide attempts
Welcome back, QM.
> a teacher that has sex with underage students
> a corrupt businessman that's been dumping industrial waste
> a queen bee that has bullied others into suicide attempts

526 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Dawn's Rise.jpg (174 KB, 850x1454)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Rush of information passes through William’s mind trying to see what Hellscream's goal is just giving him this information so easily. It is some kind of mind game or spell or is she assuming that all her words would be taken at face value. Making sure to doubt her information instead of relying on its content to make his own theories later when he finds more reliable information than from a leader. Giving out a sigh as he begins to undress trying to think how to make it look good as a treat for Hellscream before the nerves get to him instead as points his thumb toward the curtain and motions for her to wait outside. With a scoff and no resistance she makes her way outside as William picks out the White Lotus design looking at the dumb looking cape and finding it cute. Fitting on the white suit and clipping the cape on William’s shoulders he wonders if the cape could have a separate enchantment to the armor since they are technically separate parts. Pushing out the changing room William gives a small turn to Hellscream as he shows off the cape as his mind wanders toward the bet plan.

QM note: This was the Dawn outfit sorry I forgot to add it in before.
File: Ms. Nguyen fox youkai.jpg (266 KB, 850x1305)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
“Like what you see? The cape is a bit much but it will definitely show off your tailor and status.”
“Quite but white will be easily stained so you better have those cantrips ready.”
“You know since Animus will come back for me in round two I thought we could have a little bet.”
“Oh how so?”
“Well since you don’t believe I will win against Animus how about if I lose you can parade me around as your pet to the other leaders?”
“Hmm that does sound nice as I can snub those other two and I can deal with that problem later. What do you get?”
“If I win I want my armor to have Barkskin.”
“Aiming quite high no?”
“Well it is called a bet not favor trading.”
“And you will do anything I say during the time I lead you around?”
“Sure that is within reason.”
“Hmm, fine I will just pay you up front then if you're this confident.”
“You didn’t show a hint of uncertainty so if you win it makes Animus look bad and if you lose I win so better to get all this shopping done now than come dragging you back later. Now it's time for your armor. Ms. Nguyen?” Asks Hellscream out loud as a sudden fox appears beside her making William jolt out of reflex.
File: William armor upgrade.jpg (94 KB, 595x842)
94 KB
“My, my. Little bonsai tree has grown a bit. Oh and who are you?” Says the fox thing as she grabs Hellscream in a hug smothering her face into her chest.
“I am William, Hellscream’s pet project.” States William trying to avoid staring into the predator’s eyes in case it might notice something.
“Ah, so you're her first mark. A demon’s first pick is a rare thing to watch much less met in person.” Says the fox as she is still keeping a firm grip on a struggling Hellscream trying to escape the grapple.
“Uhh how rare?”
“I saw it about seven times between a few hundred years here and there. Oh I hit the limit.” Says Nguyen as she releases Hellscream from her grip as she sucks in lungfuls of air.
“Yan you need to stop that or you will choke me out one day.”
“Oh hush, you need more practice if you want to keep up with the rest of your family so what can I do for you?”
“I want to get my pet some skin armor to be worn under his suit and enchanted with Barkskin.”
“Ah, a safety investment. A very wise choice.”
“Excuse me, Hellscream I do have one extra question. Can the cape be given a separate enchantment?”
“Hmm, sure I am in a good mood but it has to be a level 1 enchantment as I only had enough funds for a level 3. What skin suit armors do you have, Yan?”
“For him I got a silver version of an old commission that should match his hair nicely. Won’t match your colors but I can have it ready in five minutes. Here, try it on.” States Yan as she snaps her fingers as armor pops up in her arms as she passes it over to William and pushes him into another changing room.
“So why is this armor so skin tight?” Asks William as he tries to get used to the armor’s tight seal.
“It is armor to stop your organs from spilling out longer enough for you to get a heal spell. Now Barkskin can be activated with just a thought. Now for the cape you can add any tier 1 spells and below to it. Any higher and it will be extra but bonsai here did not budget correctly.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Gained Barkskin armor skin can be wore under the White suit outfit. Gives a +30 to dodge and activates on a bonus action.
>Cloak of elvenkind

Time to be super duper sneaky and have it be harder for people to see us.

If it actually has to be a level 1 spell specifically...

>Shield or Absorb Elements (idrc which)

>End social we got the good stuff from hellscream today. Time to go mug those fucking gang bangers.

Big Dog, Big Hog, that's the name bitches. A week ago your name was different, you were called John, stuck in a souless job working for some consulting company. The money was good, real fucking good, but every day of work caused a piece of you to die.

Last Wednesday, you were taking a train into the office, the laborious journey took you 2.5 hours each way. You were on that train when you decided there needs to be a change, you need to be alive rather than rotting away with every day. Wracking your brain you were thinking of a new line of work to go into, and that's when it hit you, you've always wanted to be a pimp. Since a child you have dreamt of being the biggest pimp on the mean streets of West Lynn.

For a week you've been living the life, you are a pimp. You've got the oversized novelty hat, the chains and your cane. There is one issue with actualising you dream of been the top pimp of West Lynn, you haven't got any bitches to pimp out.

What do?
>Scheme on some bitches that ain't got no money
>Find another pimp, beat him and steal his bitches
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Red.png (970 KB, 1600x1157)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
Roughly you grab the woman by her wrist, yanking her off the floor, dragging her deeper into your house. Coming to your bedroom you throw her onto the mattress which she bounces upon. Her wide green eyes are full of fear as she cowers from you, paralyzed by your power and dominance. You grin at your captured prey, drinking in the moment. You throw your hat which perfectly lands on your hatrack.

With a softer tone you ask, “What’s your name?”

Taken aback by your cadence she pauses then replies, “H-Han-”

“Shhh, that’s not your name no more.” You cut her off by placing a finger on your bitches trembling lip. Gazing at the defenceless girl you come up with her new name inspired by her fiery red hair. “Your name is Red now. Tell me, what’s your name?”

“P-please I’ve got money, I will give you anything. Can I go? Can I please just go?” Red begs as new tears spill from her eyes.

You join Red on the bed, pinning her down with your strength but she barely resists, exhausted from all the shed tears. “Red, think about what happened today. I bashed your last pimp’s skull in. If you run or resist me, I will kill him in the middle of the streets, then I hurt your family. So, think before you say a word, what is your name?”

“Red,” An almost imperceptible whisper escapes her lips.

“Good girl,” You stroke Red’s shivering cheek, “Now undress for me.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>get red hoein
thats why we snatched her right
>>Send Red out to earn you money
>Use Red to help you recruit another hoe
>Send Red out to earn you money
Ambush her old pimp if he shows up, otherwise try to find a good spot

File: Isekai_Inquisition.png (695 KB, 564x846)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
The Unified Kingdom of Lindan has stood for centuries and has faced both catastrophes and miracles during its long history. Yet, a constant threat has lived in the populace's heart throughout it all. From kings to peasants time has proven that no one is safe from the whims of these enigmatic beings. In ages past they had many names, some called them Demons or Devils while others referred to them as Otherworlders, but today they are simply known as Strangers.

Hailing from an alternate dimension known as Earth the strangers always possess some form of outrageous ability they refer to as a Cheat Skill and with it they cause unimaginable cruelty. To combat the threats the Strangers pose the Crown sought the aid of the Church of the Goddess by inviting a Holy Order known as the Inquisition into the kingdom. The members of which are tasked with disposing of the Strangers, sometimes even banishing them back to their world of evil.

You are Lorina de Lindan, princess of Lindan, and currently third in line to the throne behind your elder brother and his daughter. You’ve recently been expelled from the Royal Mageknight Academy despite being both the top of your class and the student council president. All because you lost an honor duel to the peasant scholarship student Anastasia Lyndale for attempting to seduce your fiancé Albrecht Von Herrman away even if it meant severing the bonds between your two kingdoms. You were not expecting the prince himself to fight as the commoner's champion and for yourself to be left devoid of allies.

Due to this disgrace, you need to regain your lost pride by using your abilities to fulfill a greater purpose than trying to win an academy love triangle. As such you’ve made arrangements to join the Inquisition and bring justice to those who would do your kingdom ill. At least it’s a better plan than joining the army and being sent on a crusade to the Demon Wastes.
640 replies and 109 images omitted. Click here to view.
So apparently sup/tg/ doesn't like funny tags anymore, so I just made do with this new set in the spoiler box:

The Isekai Inquisition, Anime, Collective Game, Designated Waifu, Female MC, Inquisitor, StrangeQM, Suspected Stranger

Regardless, here's how it should look like now, as shown in the red MS Paint circle I just drew in the screenshot.

Hope this helps!
Sorry about that.

Thank you anons, you're life savers.
No problem. Do you want to do the honors?
I may have accidentally clicked send while I was still making tags but it worked. I can’t thank you enough anon.
No problem, it means I get to be the first one to give it a vote, since I don't think I can vote in a thread I make!

File: False Woman Quest Alt.png (378 KB, 1000x1000)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
“As flames were closing in all around us, I looked up and saw God. And you know what? God is made of steel.”
-Unnamed Serf

A change of fortune diverts you from the cliffs, to a place you never expected to be - the heart of the Omnissiah's worship in Odrev. Once you arrive, though, you find it increasingly difficult to focus on what's literally before you.


Read the previous threads at: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=False%20Woman

You possess an amount of Strain equal to your Conditioning score. When attempting actions beyond your current capacity, you gain a point of Strain. Attempting to Strain while at maximum Strain will result in a Strain Check. During a Strain Check, roll 1d10 for every point of the relevant Parameter. Results that are 6 or above count as one success. Results of 10 count as two successes. Three successes must be rolled to avert a critical failure. Fail or pass, after a Strain Check, you cannot Strain again until you restore your Strain by seeking shelter.

This quest allows you to designate a second-choice vote on decisions with three or more options before Write-Ins. When votes are totaled, the option with the least votes for it will be removed, with votes for that option instead being changed to the second-choice of those voters. Second-choice votes are also used to break ties. This helps increase the accuracy of votes, but is not mandatory. Please specifically mark your second-choice as such if you do so.

Vote stay open for a minimum of six hours, but will usually take longer.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You felt a little disappointed that there wasn't more conflict in you. There was conflict, and that overriding urge deep within you that whispered of the docks- that part of you that hoped there was nothing more to you than the desire to be a scribe. It was all you'd ever wanted, and you still wanted it, you knew. Logically, you knew it would be best.

Another part of you, though...

“It... would be nice, yes." You admit. “I cannot say I would accept, though.”

“Huh?” Trisa-Cant-8 shook her head, pushing bangs out of her eyes. “Explain?”

You sigh. “Artisan Trisa-Cant-8, the only reason I am here is because I removed a plate out of a titan.” And spoke to it, but nobody knew that. “It was even loose already. I... have not earned that privilege. I may never. Simply recording quickly is not a feat of skill worthy of a techpriest. My series is that of nurses, assistants and scribes- the third, in my case."

Her brow furrowed, and her expression softened slightly. “A-414, it's not that difficult to become an initiate."

“And how do you become an initiate?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
“This is true.” Trisa-Cant-8 said, with an odd inflection that made you briefly wonder if you had said something wrong. “We wouldn't need my entire personal forge. Just a few smaller pieces of equipment. You'll see. What do you think? You're already doing it, so..."

>"...very well."
>"I'd rather not make the commitment."
>"...very well."
If nothing else, it's a chance to broaden Leb's skillset.
>>"I'd rather not make the commitment."
>"...very well."

File: title.jpg (85 KB, 1015x788)
85 KB
You manage to convince the storyteller to take a break and wait while you gather as many people involved with the events of the past four to six months. It wasn't difficult as merely having a complete account was more than enough to entice Luo to wait for as long as it took for you to gather your entourage. Given that you weren't allowed into the village, the task proved a bit more difficult that you expected. Ming was still away and you can innately sense Xin Lan wandering around the base of the mountain as well so both were out of reach unless you planned on screaming at the top of your lungs.

That only left the Brotherhood and Tigress. A few of the Library's leaders were still at the palace, mostly in Palace's library combing over old land deeds and the like to prepare for their people's integration. Tradition made them hesitant to share their tale with an outsider as they preferred to chronicle their own lives but upon learning that Luo was once their host's old master they seemed more agreeable to the idea. You ask for them to retrieve the others and Ming down in the village as you go and search for Tigress. Xin Lan would follow as soon as the word began to spread.

Tigress proved to be as difficult as you suspected. You somehow manage to dance through the minefield that is speaking with her and inform her that an old master of the Palace was visiting and he would very much like to hear her account of the last few months. While it wasn't the entire truth, it manages to play to her sense of duty enough that her tail flicks angrily at you but you take that as a sign of acknowledgement. She'd be there.

All you had to do now was wait and the wait doesn't take very long as something slams onto your back and swings around your neck. Xin Lan hug your neck tightly as they peer right into your eyes, nose twitching excitedly. "You have to take me to him. Now." They say swinging side to side. "Otherwise I'm telling my big brother to beat you up and I'll never give you another holiday gift again." You reach to grab them but they simply swing around to sit on your shoulders and cover your eyes.
78 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I think I'm just old Xin. I was in my twenties when I was a prodigy able to face a garrison of the valley and reap through to the palace. After 20 years, I'm still able to handle any force the imperial or mongolian armies can throw my way, and now after my journey I'm more ferocious than ever. but now I have you and Renshu and Ming, and a selfish part of me wishes to enjoy life with your presence rather than always on the move. That's the source of my thoughts about retirement and things to do.

>Say we're not dying and explain why we wish to learn the new style. Explaination: If I also wish to be totally honest Xin, half of this is me going soft. I will not kill again, and if I can reduce this even further, then I would gladly do so. the other half. . . is that this excites me. A challenge I've not had in years, creating a style inspired by my friends, full of stringent requirements and brain achingly difficult conditions to put together? It's invigorating. That it might never be learnt again doesn't matter, when compared to the joy of learning it.

Tai Lung is a Kung Fu fanatic, while a lot of the reason may come down to a desire for altruism, another large part will come down on the fact that he LOVES kung fu and this shit is the best test he could ever hope to find
Sorry for the absence lads. Time to write.
You sigh and sit down and rest against the training hall before inviting Xin Lan to do the same. "I think I'm just old Xin."

"You're in your mid 40s big guy. That's like...nothing. Luo's been around since forever, so has your old master before he moved on. What about Ming's predecessor? He was even older than all of us. You can't use that as an excuse."

You give Xin Lan a look. "I think they're the exception than the rule. At least in terms of the average life span. Most people don't live longer than 70 or 80. Even if I do live longer, I was jailed when I was in my 20s for nearly that long as well if not more. That's half of my life. Before then, I was able to single handedly conquer the Valley and the Jade Palace. 20 years later, I can say that I've not only returned back to that strength but I surpassed it. Even so...I've spent majority of my life fighting and mostly alone. Think upon all I accomplished with that...it's nothing. I have very little I can look back on fondly. Certainly things I can remember enjoying but nothing I think is worth passing on. Now that I've met you, Ming and your brother I can't help but feel the urge to settle down and enjoy the rest of my life with you all in peace rather than always be on the move." You motion around you. "I like...this. Just us living and whatever mischief that comes from playing cards or trying out new foods. I want to make more memories of that and less of you all worrying if I died for the 5 or 6th time."

"So you are dying."

"What? No. I'm not dying Xin." You pinch the bridge of your nose. "Xin...you and Ren...I love the two of you dearly. The two of you were never given the chance Ming and I were to choose our own lives, make our own mistakes. I don't want your whole lives to just be fighting and maiming. I want you two to go out and find out other things you love. Just like Ren found with cooking or you did with writing. There could be other things out there you could enjoy, other things you can offer the world beyond just staining your hands red with the blood of others be even if it is for good. That's why I've been talking about settling down and building a life beyond traveling." You sigh. "Of course, I love martial arts. I'm a prodigy. Maybe the best in the world and I just found another challenge. This style is different. It's has rules, restrictions, things I would never have thought of putting together while fighting. Not to mention it takes what I learned from those closest to me? I can't help but be excited. I just can't do it alone. That's why I'm asking for you help."
Xin Lan sits there and thinks for a bit, twiddling their thumbs. You simply wait. You had said your piece and ultimately it was up to them for to decide if they wanted to try and teach you what they knew. Eventually they speak up, "If you love us and want to spend the rest of your days with us then why do you want to risk losing it all?"

"What do you mean?" You ask.

"You should already know how hard it was to get me out of my shell. It's kind of a miracle that it even happened I think. So...why do you want to risk ending up like that? If something goes wrong, it's highly likely that you may never feel anything ever again. You want to cut out a part of yourself you were born with and something that was never meant to be removed." They say simply.

>What do you say?
>Write in.
>I don't Xin. I'd like to learn how to put a lid over my emotions, A mask over my face. A lesser immitation and an imperfect copy of what was done to you. Getting rid of emotion isn't the purpose.

>But as for why to risk it? Because it won't go wrong. We are experts in our fields and masters of our crafts, taking exceeding caution to learn a form of reflexive meditation. If I truly suspected that the odds of such failure were sizable, I'd never do it. I've given up memories before, thoughts and impulses, but I Don't give up family.

So while Xin has a valid fear here. I dont hink we are gonna use magic to make it permenant. If I understand correctly, this form of learning would be to learn super stoicism. In which case, the only risk of that smothering our emotions is if our emotions werent bright, burning and self perpetually getting us into trouble. Honestly we might be able to mask em for a time, but we are never going to be able to surpress it forever.
[The style also requires us to still feel empathy in this state, and use the zen like a mirror of the other persons emotional state. So again, pure cutting out emotions isnt what we aim for xin]

File: SS_005.jpg (3.06 MB, 2816x1108)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
The Heavenly Emperor was imprisoned in His very own capital by traitors, and a call for heroes was issued to rescue Him from his imprisoners.

Close to the capital, a Coalition of Heroes has begun its conquest of the Great Swamp, the region holding the current Imperial Capital.

At the other end of the world; the Kindled Alliance based in the Stairway City, their ultimate goal unknown. Do they want to preserve the Heavenly Empire, or see it end?

But little did they know, the Emperor was missing, somewhere out in the woods, as vulnerable as any mortal.

Welcome to Setting Sun, a character-driven worldbuilding game. It is primarily story-driven and generally meant to showcase how settings can be focused on pulling as much drama out of a given circumstance and an array of character relationships rather than listing an assortment of factions.

New players can join, please ready the previous thread for rules.

To the anon who archived this for me, much appreciated!
Previous Thread:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Submissions closed for update.
File: idl_hime.jpg (60 KB, 475x800)
60 KB
Morning gents, I regret to say that I have lost the drive to continue this quest. It was more complicate than I needed it to be (despite its simplicity), but it was too difficult for me to keep this going while I was doing other projects. For those who have been with me before /qst/ such as the Between Two Skies threads from /tg/, I still have the Lingdom thread I'm running, which I actually have fun doing.


I've actually been working on building a website to store my worldbuilding autism, so you might see that shilled on /tg/ some time in the future.

Here is a cute idol-hime as an apology.
Courier anon here, sorry that you've been burned out and for replying so late. As much as it would be fun to continue this quest, your enjoyment and well being come first. This shouldn't feel like a second job. I've also been following the other quest and enjoy it as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if other anons here have been doing so. Thanks QM!
Thanks for running.

File: TIPQ Header complete.png (186 KB, 1200x850)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Your name is Rodney King. Yes really- no relation.

Being a bit of a slacker and underachiever, you don't have much going for you in life right now. Entering young adulthood and independence was a big change for you, and was exciting for the first few years, but you already feel the creep of routine starting to come over your life. Your little job at a hardware store is enough for you for now- other then that, you just go home to sleep and play video games all day.

You live in a shitty, run down part of your city in a major metropolitan area. You can afford your rent, but it's not great. At least your landlord is nice, as far as landlords go. He gave you a discount for this specific apartment, because of its... unique living situation.
262 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
Okay, now here's the most important question of all...IF we kept the promise to Sam, could we have scored the big tiddy goth girl?

That'd be the real good ending, the way I see it.
I never really considered their relationship to be romantic in any way, they didn't really click. Rodney is too self absorbed. But I'd say keeping the promise + closing the tunnel for good would have been the romance ending, sure. I mean you basically proved you had magic powers to the chunni vampire roleplayer type girl, so we'll go with that.
File: andTHINKING.png (71 KB, 896x637)
71 KB
I was kinda of wondering if there was a chance we'd lose control of our thoughts about the tunnel at some point in using it and "something" would come out.
File: andTHINKING.png (73 KB, 896x630)
73 KB
Something. Sinister
File: gladTOsell.png (73 KB, 896x630)
73 KB
Something. Happy.

File: wheel of time header.jpg (120 KB, 2000x1347)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose in the Mountains of Mist. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time.

But it was a beginning.

Born below the ever cloud-capped peaks that gave the mountains their name, the wind blew west, down through the Darkwood, and out through the grasslands of the Almoth Plain. Cold it swept through the tall grasslands, cold it howled against the walls of Almoth itself, howled down its cobbled lanes and through its square gardens, long and howling until it caught the coat of a young prince squared off against his master, two men armed with practice swords in one of the many secluded square gardens that dotted the great city.

Cold its howl found you, at the dawn of the day with sunset’s slow rise.

The Wolf Wind the peasants called it, its howl reaching down from the high peaks of the far eastern mountains promising snow and ice and all the pain of darkest winter. It meant nothing good.

You are Amalric al Amal of House Carlan, Prince of Falme. Your father is Amal al Osric, Lord of the Plain, First Keeper of the Tree, the Watcher on the Water, Guardian of the West, King of Almoth.

Your father’s master-at-arms was a dark skinned Tairen, currently flashing the gaps in his teeth through a beard ringed grin, sighting you down the length of his wooden blade. It was a poor imitation for the real sword he carried, a slender blade you’d seen him draw but once.

Vienma Sun, as foreign a name as everything else about him. His loose trousers tucked into his boots, the cuffs of his brown coat rolled up to bare his forearms. He was an age with your father, his woolly dark hair threaded with silver, but the two men couldn’t be less alike, your teacher moving through the world with a lightness of step and cheery grin that stood out among the dour people of Almoth.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
64 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>>Follow the raven haired lady
You good, OP?
He's with Robert now
>Follow the raven haired lady
Could someone archive this in sup tg for posterity?
Damn shame.

File: wwsc.jpg (17 KB, 284x223)
17 KB
It's as if you've suddenly walked into a luxury hotel. Gold leaf adorns the carvings on the mahogany paneling, reflecting flickering gaslight. The chairs and divans are all velvet upholstery. Oil paintings hang on the wall (aggressively secured by screws): landscapes of dramatic canyons and grazing buffalo herds. The only indication that you're in a train car is the muted sound of the station whistle coming through the heavy damask curtains.

It's the sort of gaudy display one might expect from a man like Rupert Redwater, but it takes your breath away all the same. You walk briskly toward a crystal decanter of amber spirits, but decide you aren't bold enough to help yourself to the tycoon's bourbon, and take a seat by the curtained windows instead. The patter of rain and the warm glow of the gaslights sets you to musing again as you wait.

This meeting has to go well because...

>You're in serious debt to some serious people, and Mr. Redwater is one of the few that can make such problems go away.
>Your wife's illness has taken a turn for the worse, and Mr. Redwater employs some of the best doctors in the country
>This is the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to finally restore your family fortune
31 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Agree to the terms. It's not what you expected but chance to work for Mr. Redwater is too good to pass up.
>>Agree to the terms. It's not what you expected but chance to work for Mr. Redwater is too good to pass up.
.... and dead
Sad. It was off to a very promising start.
>Counter-offer. You'll buy the town outright with a loan from Mr. Redwater, with your life savings as down payment.

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