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File: file.png (505 KB, 868x868)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
Are you a fan of World Trigger?
Or are you just curious?
Regardless, let's play a World Trigger campaign.
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I was thinking more like we all kind of contribute to the story and we can all play 1 or a few characters and discard and add characters as we like... is that too random?
the manga (with the viz translations) is better!! the anime was toei'd!
Thank you.
Hit that /qtg/ up, QM.
Anime where Humans are gifted with abilities and archetypes. These abilities are ranked in terms of strength against other humans as a meta plot hook, but the main story was about humans using these abilities to ultimately fend off an alien invasion. Then one of the human-alien hybrids (if I remember right) had an ultimate ability and this hybrid joined the average-ability MC and his rookie sniper friend to boost their team rankings.
>I was thinking more like we all kind of contribute to the story and we can all play 1 or a few characters and discard and add characters as we like... is that too random?
Stuff like that's not unheard of on this board, but if you really want to try and do that I think you need to provide a bit more structure if you want people to join in. An explanation of the setting, rules, char gen, a narrative hook for people to start from, etc. As is, you kinda just posted three sentences that don't explain anything and asked "What do?"
File: file.png (324 KB, 563x386)
324 KB
324 KB PNG

Japan, Mikado City.
The organization Border uses the substance/energy form "trion" to create advanced technological weapons called Triggers and "trion bodies" which they fight in, so when their trion bodies are destroyed, they "bail out" back into their vulnerable bodies.
The Neighborhood, which is essentially outer space, consists of several countries which are basically like stars or planets orbiting. They all have Triggers as well.
Neighbors invade Mikado city occasionally to collect trion from humans. They sometimes take them back to the Neighborhood. We're on a mission to get our people back.

In story mode you can just roleplay in your posts and roll dice if prompted for a skill check.
In battle mode we can have a grid map and do a turn-based improv thing, some of us can play enemies as well.

>char gen
Pick a name, a character design, introduce their personality if you'd like, and pick their triggers. See https://worldtriggerwiki.com/wiki/Trigger/Border_Triggers for more.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: conte.jpg (9 KB, 191x264)
9 KB
You are Argentinian who sees himself as an Italian but speaks only Spanish.

You are just Argentinian, Otto, forget this Italian stuff your best friend says.
My paternal and maternal bloodlines dare to disagree, Poncho. Methodically, patiently, placidly, contentedly, I have successfully traced them back to Tuscany, you rootless mutt! you have started disliking him since he came out as gay.
Your name is Otto.
Ah, Tuscany! Old country, home...
Your name is Otto, Otto.
My parents saw themselves as Schleswig-Holsteiners but I refuse to bow down to anything non-Italian!

...gay silence...

You are also obsessed with some French hussar that was obsessed with dying at 30. Now you are kind of obsessed with dying at 25, can't let the French win. Your pompousness, swaggering and boastfulness are also your best allies in making that obsession come true. It is the Italian blood in your veins!!!

Currently you are in a gay bar. Not Italian, just an Argentinian gay bar. Poncho, your gay best friend, was adamant of bringing you here. He believes that you are secretly gay too.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 1 (1d2)

>"Mussolini's guards"
Stand and deliver!
>>"Poncho, are you grooming me?"
Is this all an Otto Dix reference?
>"Poncho, are you grooming me?"

File: 1713897387829526.png (11 KB, 770x450)
11 KB
It has been 100 years since ancient beings, known as the Old Ones, walked the Earth with their two strong feet. Now they are gone and we animals now rule the remains that they left behind. With our new knowledge of sword and sorcery, we were able to survive in peace for a while, but then came the three factions.
The Apes: Strong giants, claiming to be as just as the old ones and believe they should be the ones to rule over the new world.
The Pigs: An intellectual but slothful group who wish to rule the world with an iron hoof and remain kings while the others remained as dumb animals.
Then there the Lizards: A fast and large group that want to set the world a blaze. Trying to forget the harsh past that the old ones left.
All three sides wishing to go war and destroy one another to bring in what they believe to be true peace.
But, unbeknownst to everyone, there was another group. One that was trying their best to find a way to heal everyone. To bring back order.
You found it.... and now you are taking care of it.

A D&D Homebrew Adventure.

Previous Quests:https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Rise%20of%20the%20Awakened
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Mother fucker we made some low rolls.

Mog (6)
Ursus (3)
"Superman" (1)
Owlbear (-1)

Sorry for late responses.

Mog what do you do?

Ursus what do you do?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 11 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

This post will wait after mogs action if he does go today
Ursus swings at the exposed paw
Sorry for being quiet guys.
Was waiting for Mog.
My bad guys. I was super tired. Rain went away and the sun was out, so it was more concrete mixing and pouring for me. Had to sneak in a nap afterwards. Sorry for being unreliable.

Though if it was just one owlbear, I'm certain Ursus could've taken it on alone. He would've even had NPC help.
Won't be here this Tuesday.
Gonna turn 30 and family wants to celebrate. Here's hoping the rumors are true and I become a wizard. See you all later Friends.

File: Queckst_01.png (10 KB, 812x251)
10 KB
You are a weirdo, an absolute strange one. After a lightning strike against some magic clay, you were born. You have no name, no goals, and an entire world of poorly illustrated weirdos who each likely have their own schizophrenic wants and needs!

Our story begins on the road where you finally have your ego slip into your new form. No deity claims you, and you don’t know what to do with your hands. In the distance, you see a quaint village bustling with activity. Its inhabitants are just as bizarrely drawn as you, moving in peculiar, jerky motions as if they're part of a child's flip book animation.

Nearby, a crooked sign swings slightly in the wind. It reads 'Welcome to Twisty Hollow.' Just past the sign, a group of creatures, looking like a mix of turnip and human, argue loudly about the best way to grow magical carrots.

As you stand there, trying to make sense of this odd world, a small, scribbly cat with two heads, one smiling and one frowning, approaches you. The smiling head purrs and says cheerfully, 'Hello there! New to these parts? You look like you could use a purpose! The folks around here always need help with something. Maybe helping them will help you find your own path!' The frowning head adds grumpily, 'Or just create more confusion. They're a weird bunch, after all.'

Your hands still feel weird and awkward, but you decide it's time to interact with this strange world. The cat continues, 'If you're looking for something to do, I know a few troubled souls who could use a hand:

>Help the turnip-humans with their magical carrot cultivation problem.
>Assist the local baker, a floating loaf of bread, who seems to be missing some crucial baking ingredients.
>Investigate the mysterious singing coming from the old well on the edge of the village.
>Simply explore the village and see what other odd jobs you might stumble upon.
What will you do?
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i hope everything will be ok QM
It wont :,)
become fugitive to tell strangers of turnip carrot farms
Jesus OP. TY for the heads up and best of luck with everything.
what happened here

File: érable rouge.jpg (200 KB, 850x1328)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
>You are an Inspecter looking to find out the truth on the matter of Son Gohan being severely injured. His sister, Son Peppa, has not been injured, but may have some clue as to why her brother was injured. You will have to find out what she knows.

>WARNING: This is a spinoff of Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest. Being familiar with Tuffle Quest helps, but this spinoff will also have topics such as bullying, abuse, self-harm, drug use, grief, suicidal ideation, grooming, violence, and rape.


The Inspecter actually three of the tuffle Maple Son-Mahogany, Peppa's Mom, in a trenchcoat has heard Peppa describe in detail how her chocolate, meant for her girlfriend, was stolen from her on February 14th.

Then, Peppa talked of how she was fighting with her brother Gohan since that incident, but then the fights got too severe for Peppa to recount the rest, so the Inspecter motioned for her to take a break.

The Inspecter went out and had coffee, and the three components of the Inspecter (Scolding, Doting, and Inquiring) discussed some theories based on the info they had, then went over some of the big questions of the case.

In the end, there was only one question that could be answered with any certainty...
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File: liquid slime.jpg (14 KB, 325x242)
14 KB
She pulls her hand back, her fingers constricting into claws, but not enough to close, if she closed, she would feel it more, it would spread more. She smears what little of it is on her onto a clean part of the uniform, now unclean, but unnoticeably so. How much of it is unnoticeably so?

The thought that that... slime, has stained one iota of her body, brings another thought, long repressed, to the surface.

An alien world, an alien fish, an alien slime.

She clenches her teeth, and her intake of air hisses.

Think of what Dr. Chansu said... what did Chansu say? Peppa talked out her problems, and said she was upset for a bit, then she was fine, and Chansu noted something down, and they also talked about tootsie pops?

Peppa could go for a sucker. Where in the school can she find one?

She shuts her locker, the light motion slamming the door shut, and she drops down. If anyone is looking at her or talking to her, it is unclear, as the girl has blocked out everything that would be a distraction from her short-term goal.

She steps out into the hallway, and the Coach pokes his head out as she moves past. He asks something, she says she's going to the nurse. It seems he's about to ask her for more info, but after a moment's observation, he gives her the OK.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
thank Kami-sama it wasn't cum
File: Spoiler Image (14 KB, 280x210)
14 KB
The obvious and immediate answer is Angela, who is so lovey-dovey with Penn. But, Peppa can't think of what the heck she could have done to inspire cruelty like this from either of them. That dating game she and Cocoa had hosted even set them up together!

...Videl also has a boyfriend, Sharpner. And those two have been antagonistic to her lately. They seem to have a so-so relationship, but it’s there. Sharpner seemed like he wanted to take charge and mostly show off when he confronted her on Valentine’s. Is this another part of that? But Videl is all about doing the right thing to a fault, so why would she plot something this mean? Then again, she’s also in cahoots with Erasa.

And despite that prank of hers, Erasa does not have a boyfriend. Well, Peppa doesn't recall seeing her with another boy, but it could be someone outside of class. Still, Erasa has been more focused on her work with internships and writing on fashion. It's a rare day when she’s not seen with a magazine in hand, analyzing articles and writing some pieces of her own for others to review. Any interest she has in romance is more on the gossip side and some light teasing with her friends.


But that medicine ball really hurt! With her clean hand, Peppa scratches her head in confusion. It's hard for her to reconcile the two Erasas she's seen. She much prefers Cocoa's, hehehe-

The girl cuts her own leering giggle off, and scowls at the hand that touched her uniform. It felt unclean still, but she couldn't see where the unclean part ended or began. Was there any? Perhaps washing it would help speed along the wave of disgust washing over her.

But washing her hand wouldn’t be thorough without soap, and the soap came out of the dispenser, and looked greyish and felt like slime on her hand-


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

She gets to the nurse, confirms that she is completely fine but gets told to take some rest anyway, and lies down, her newly acquired candy in hand.

She glares at what the nurse gave her, but pops it in her mouth anyway. Her face twists.

The neighboring cot’s curtain is drawn, and her cousin calls out, “Peppa?”

Peppa’s eyes flick over to her cousin. “Hey Izzy.”

Izumi considers her. “Something wrong?”

“No.” To emphasize the truth of her statement, she crosses her arms.

“You look like you’ve swallowed a lemon.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: pc.jpg (90 KB, 988x558)
90 KB

"Become my husband, Yuusha! Together we can overthrow the demon king and rule the kingdom as equals!" The demon king's top general whom you've fought multiple times as the chosen hero makes a shocking proposal! How do you respond?

>No, you're evil, I'll never marry you!
>You're just going to betray me after defeating the demon king!
>Sorry, I already have a girlfriend.
>Write In
61 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I don't know, anon. Feels like it would turn into a harem situation easily. I kind of want to focus on the dense, innocent, battle maniac instead of the elf girl. As for the thread, maybe QM meant it's the start of the next chapter and interchanged that with the word "thread"?
The elf girl can be a comedic unsuccesful rival.
Then just don't vote for a harem. Simple as.
>The demon king's top general and the chosen hero go on their first date!
File: e27.png (323 KB, 750x690)
323 KB
323 KB PNG

File: 001.png (1005 KB, 1938x800)
1005 KB
1005 KB PNG
Welcome to Do Your Best Quest: Relevant Times. A collection of auto-conclusive short sidestories in Prancijan!

Select one of the characters, complete their short story, and move to the next one! You’ll decide the fate of each one, help them succeed or watch them fail! It’s all down to your choices!

Please, pick who you want to play as first:

Rob Banks – Officially demoted (again) from his position as Police Chief, Rob Banks has been tasked to aid the mysterious Unit 95 with its most important mission so far: Apprehend the most powerful homeless man in the shelter. Can they defeat the man blessed by the city itself?

Dunja – This Orange Star United spy snuck into a high society party where President Lazarus Gordon Junior and his cabinet are guests of honor. Her mission is to assassinate the ‘Air Force General’ Wichapi Cherrikano. Will she taint her hands with blood? Or will she die in the process?

Ivanna L. Tavarez – After years under the tutelage of the former head of government Lazarus Gordon Senior, the second phase of his revenge is underway. As the future head of state, Ivanna has to pick a right-hand man from the prisoners locked up in the highest security prison in the country to serve her. Will she choose wisely?

Uzziel – The most outstanding prospect of the Saoinji & Koroma Educational Program of Excellency is being interviewed to work directly under presidential candidate Elicarto Lloydington. To test his competency, he’ll face challenges not even the bravest in Pokyo Lokyo could hope to survive. Will he tame the metaphorical White Tiger of the Concrete Jungle?

Richard Wright – The reinstated detective started his own private investigation on Elicarto Lloydington, and gathered enough information to get a search warrant for his office. He’ll find more than mere clues if he’s not cautious. Will this be the first step towards the politician’s downfall? Or will Richard be made to disappear like countless others?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We need to GO
File: 050.png (481 KB, 640x1040)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
“Take him away, it’s his best chance to live.” You raise your hands to show you’re not hiding anything.

“We won’t oppose you, bud.” Hanno joins you with hands in the air.

“G00d on you to look past your fears. You two are a rare breed.” The disfigured creature praises you for retaining your rationale. “He will L1111111V3.” With Flint in his possession, he bounces from wall to wall upwards through the hole in the ceiling he made to enter.

“What in the heavens is going on here?!” Lloydington enters the room in a rush, noticing that Masterson is missing from his blood pool. “That repulsive brat, how did he get in here?! I never made him aware this place ever existed.”

“Mr. Lloydington, do not rush ahead.” Uzziel is by his side, mildly concerned for his well-being. Buonanotte sneaks in by the wall, trying not to be detected. You can feel it, he rushed here to save the cat before he knew you’d be here...

“I tolerated your existence for far too long out of respect for your mother. But if you’re going to pose us harm, I’ll consider this a declaration of war, you hideous traitor.” Lloydington is pissed at the horrific human being.

“Ya lil’ jabber box, BRING your G0D to me and the c0ck$ucker will never want to step out of heaven AGAIN.” The Monsters holds onto the wall just to metaphorically spit on the criminal’s face, then continues climbing. “GAHAHAHA#4#4#4!!!~”

The tension in the atmosphere raises tenfold like the birth of a hurricane, Lloydington is about to bring out his entity...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 051.png (813 KB, 1600x640)
813 KB
813 KB PNG

“As for the two little rodents in my building.” Lloydington turns to you…

Or where you were supposed to be. You, Billy, Ghost the Cat, and Hanno (as a hostage you dragged away with your powers) already ran away to the elevator. The monster distracted them for long enough that this became a sound idea...

[To be Continued…]

That’s all we have for this thread! Thanks for playing! We return tomorrow with a regular thread!
Cool thread. Thanks for running!
>“Ya lil’ jabber box, BRING your G0D to me and the c0ck$ucker will never want to step out of heaven AGAIN.” The Monsters holds onto the wall just to metaphorically spit on the criminal’s face, then continues climbing. “GAHAHAHA#4#4#4!!!~”
This absolutely alien freak of nature that is barely even human and most likely has never been human, is BASED and cool for doing this crazy shit to Lloydington if all people

Very good thread OP, thanks for running

File: cutemon logo 7.jpg (281 KB, 1232x928)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
You are a Cutémon!

You are one of the rarest types of mon: a mon that looks like a cute human girl!

Like all mons, you gain energy by fighting and defeating other mons. Your trainer is the human boy Joe Apple of Patina.
132 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 32, 59 = 91 (2d100)

>Stay and fight with Onlion (roll 2d100)
Rolled 98, 62 = 160 (2d100)

>>Stay and fight with Onlion (roll 2d100)
Rolled 31, 15 = 46 (2d100)

>Stay and fight with Onlion (roll 2d100)
Rolled 24, 69 = 93 (2d100)

>Stay and fight with Onlion (roll 2d100)
Rolled 30 (1d100)

>>Grab your friends and run toward Pyrite City (roll 1d100)

File: Bully.jpg (82 KB, 671x680)
82 KB
A cute voice echoes,"Yuusha-sama! Yuusha-sama! Rise and shine!"

Startled, you snap awake. But there's nobody there. It was just a dream. Alone in your cramped studio apartment, you realize it's Monday morning. School awaits, yet the thought fills you with dread. The bullies are going to beat you up and steal your lunch money once more. Such is the fate of a fat loser in a school from a poor neighborhood.

Will you attend school today?
>Yes, there’s no choice.
>No, perhaps it's best to skip.

Roll 1d100. The result will determine today's luck.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 56 (1d100)

Rolled 74 (1d100)

>Aaaiieeee Nakamura sama I kneel! Please don't unleash your wrath against me!
>I’m sorry, Nakamura-san. My bad. I'll get you a strawberry milk to make up for it. [DC 80]
Rolled 40 (1d100)

Assault her

File: part4.jpg (133 KB, 845x450)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
You are Kuroda Haruka and King Lot of Lothian and Orkney. You are also King of Camelot by right and claim! Of course, so far, shouldering this heady title has only resulted in lots of work, bizarre discoveries of how things work in Avalon, and the responsibility of fending off attacks from enemies.

Like the monstrous Wyvern, which had the temerity to eat two of your vassals!

Even if all the vassals are unruly Anarchists, rigid Nomenklatura, religious Fanatics, disloyal Pirates and other such odd characters... Going down that mental route is verboten for a King. You need as many Baphomets alive to enact your ultimate ambition of returning home with your identity restored!

The unnatural two headed creature lashes out with its long, poisonous stinger tail to disrupt your attack. Black smoking ichor beads at the end of the scorpion-like stinger, and the odd droplet sizzles as it drips on to the ground.

Perhaps attracting the attention of this thing wasn't the best idea...

Kuroda Haruka, 16 year old. A forgotten but genuine member of the Kuroda samurai clan.

Identity: King Lot of Lothian and Orkney

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
145 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: infinitre.jpg (17 KB, 631x425)
17 KB
The room you have landed in is subtly unnerving. Painted paper shoji do not depict delicate trees and flowers or natural creatures like birds and fish but of silently terrified men and women tormented by horned oni. A Buddhist hell sans flames and blood.

And there's a pool of water. Or at least, you hope it's water. The color is too rich of a blue tint to be natural. All in all, you are glad to leave it behind and charge into danger.

But to get back to battle, you have to pass three more rooms. You got tossed through two rooms from the attack. When did this place add a third? If there was ever a keen reminder of how the manor house is an eldritch location of some sort, you can't think of a better demonstration.

You return to the battle and bear witness to a changed situation after your brief absence. The Wyvern has seen better days. Black blood coats its scales; two of its clawed feet are gone, leaving fleshy stumps where they used to be. Your spear is still plunged blade first into the floor, skewering the now-severed foot of the Wyvern.

Fortunately, your warriors and Gareth are in much better shape. Your Baphomets are scattered about the room, trying to flank the enemy and prevent it from escaping back into the corridor. They look exhausted but, luckily, don't have any visible wounds. They've switched to spears at one point during the battle to give support to the only heavy hitter left.

The Knight Gareth.

The once-gleaming armor of Gareth drips with black Wyvern blood, and through the blackness, a startlingly red gleam of red human blood streams from a cut on the cheek. It is the only injury on the girl, and she bleeds freely. She dances around the furious blows of the Wyvern, seeking to give a final strike to end the battle.

"About time, how about some help?!" Gareth barks out as she raises her shield to fend off a deadly stinger strike.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 5, 3, 3 = 11 (3d6)

Rolled 3, 2, 6 = 11 (3d6)

Rolled 4, 5 = 9 (2d6)

three successes. It's done.
I'll write out the next post hopefully soon.

File: title.jpg (85 KB, 1015x788)
85 KB
You politely listen to you friend's concerns. Given all that the two of you have been through you found their fears to be valid although Xin Lan was never one to exaggerate or dance around the point when they were serious. A trait that only served to punctuate what they said as they didn't hide it within a joke or a tease. "Xin, I don't intend to use magic or even want you to attempt to remember what was done to you." You stroke your chin as think about how best to explain your intent. "I don't want to completely cut my emotions out. Hmm..." You pause again. "This new style is supposed to be empathetic. To truly understand their suffering or anger. To that extent I need to be able to ignore everything else. Any anger I have towards them, or fear, or perhaps even doubt. If wanted to use this style then I can't be angry if they're holding you, Ming, or Ren hostage. You're the best at doing that sort of thing and given that you can do it at will, I was hoping you can teach me."

"It seems rather limiting. I mean the reason you're fighting someone is because you're angry at them." Xin Lan points out. "Do you really think you can empathize with say...the guy who destroyed the Library?" You go quiet. You weren't sure about that. You did defeat the ones who were behind that atrocity and even let them live but you couldn't say you did it because you felt bad for them. You're not sure if you could do the same for whoever sent the order out.

"Well, I suppose for now I'd try to use it against those who are simply lost. People who are simply lashing out. I think it's at least worth learning for purpose. Someone who doesn't really want to hurt others but they think they have no other option isn't the same as say a bandit or raider who sees themselves above morality." You explain. Xin Lan might have a point but you'd be glad if you could use it to pacify innocent people at least. Xin Lan tilts their head.

"There's plenty of styles for that. Or you can just hit their Chi points like you always do." They point out.

"Yes, but there's the challenge of it. It's like...writing a whole new story. Or discovering a new medicine. Right now, it's less about it's use but more about making it. We might never find it's true potential but now it exists. Someone else can find it, learn it, and take it to new heights I could never dream of. Just thinking of that...I think it makes it worth it." You eagerly. Xin Lan let's out a sigh before moving to lay on their back with a bit of a struggle.

"You're being weird." They say and you take their tone to indicate they had be placated and their worries assuaged.

"I can't help it." You say. "So can you help?"

"I dunno..." They admit. "You're asking for something weird. To not feel and feel at the same time. You know I don't work like that right?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
43 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
After a week of gruelling exams. This is what I needed to come back to. But here's the question, are blunts enough of a food item that TL can only do them with perfectly mimicked instruction or is it enough of an art that it falls under his martial arts side of the brain and he can flawlessly preform and improvise upon the technique? Riddle me that anons.
To quote where I got it from

>"Po worked food industry for a good chunk of his life, far longer than he's been doing martial arts. He'd roll the most immaculate blunts know to man and the Valley."

>"Tai Lung as a warrior rolls devious blunts soaked in fent to defeat his enemies".

>"Tigress is a basic bitch white girl, and can't roll shit."
File: Shin_Rider_1_Kick.png (1.7 MB, 4096x1714)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
It had been a long long time since you had to center yourself and put your full focus on learning something new within the realm of martial arts. Especially for something that has never been done before. You do your best to try and focus on your emotions, use your subconscious to handle what was going on in the material world but try as you might you just kept getting pulled away. Perhaps you needed to take smaller steps and learn how to actually use your new technique on an strong opponent. You don't have much time to think about it as you feel Tigress's fist collide with the side of your face followed by half the crowd cheering around you.

You block the next strike and lift Tigress above you head to toss her to unbalance her and close the gap. You press the attack in hopes of keeping enough of an advantage to fight without thinking. If you didn't give her the opportunity to regroup and fight back then that was one less thing your mind had to process. You begin to try and push everything away from your mind except the fight. Nothing mattered but the fight. Not the cheering crowd, not the heat of the sun that had just crested the mountains, Tigress tries to return fire but with your size and speed, you don't give her enough of a reprieve to regain her footing. Despite your best efforts, you can't fully push away the sounds of cheering all around you. There was enough people that the air seemed to vibrate from the shouting it self and while you push it away, the feeling was just subtle enough to start the spiral that led you back to thinking again. You'd want to continue practicing but Tigress attempts to leap out of your reach in desperation during one of your moments of zen and your body leaps and attacks to meet her.

You extend your leg and kick Tigress right in the stomach. She's knocked back and crashes into several vases knocking dirt and flowers everywhere. She rises with fury in her eyes, all sense of sportsmanship gone. She hunches over ready to leap but a voice cuts clearly and sharply through the crowd.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Your father shouts as he approaches, hands behind is back and an icy fury in his eyes. "This fight has gone long enough. Or do you two plan to tear the palace to pieces?" He asks motioning to the broken tiles, ruined flowers, and shattered chairs. "Tigress you will go and grab the cleaning supplies and begin cleaning up this mess. Tai Lung I want not only the training hall spotless by this afternoon, I want the steps to the Jade Palace fully cleaned as well. Once the two of you are done with that report back to me and we'll see what else we can find for the two of you to do."

It takes you a few moments to process that someone was giving you orders and a few more that those orders were chores trainees were punished with. Just as your poor overworked mind has come to that conclusion you finally realize that your father was the one punishing you.

>What do you do?
>Write in.
>Compose ourselves, give a minute to master the frustration at the chance slipping away and give the traditional wnd of fight formalities [a bow or something like it] "That was a good spar. Thank you."

>"Yes, Father."
There are people around, we are in his house, and he has made it clear thst we cannot continue. So take our lumps, secure his position and get to work. Xin Lan eill have a field day teasing us over it.

The time can be spent replaying the fight and speculating on a better route of learning. Maybe we shouldnt have isolated the feelings but instead focused on tigress?

Hmm. I mean. Hmmm
Blunts are closer to bombs of ancient china, and the technique is like origami

The actual foodlike process is preperation of the tabacco and "tabacco", which he woild be uninvolved in producing. However he does have to handle the tabacco, which is a food item and not a tool like a knife, so my verdict is that his rolls are flawlessly done and can innovate on the principles of packaging and even to an extent what to coat the paper in. However he is always messy with it, as the contents escape his fingers, and any adaptation to taste is for the worst.

My ruling.

File: Burn Wabbit Burn.png (112 KB, 800x600)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Megan was trembling in fear, as she and her three guardsmen friends, Flora, Daniel and Gregor entered the large, dimly lit hallway. The four were noticeably injured and anxious, with Flora being carried by Daniel. "G-Guys, I-I can't do this... I-I don't wanna t-tell her we failed. I-I know s-she'll hurt us if we tell her the bad news." Megan said, Gregor sighing in defeat. "We agreed to just tell her the truth. I'm sure that, if we're just honest, she might show some mercy. We just... need to keep calm, okay? Besides, if you run from her, you'll be as good as dead anyway..." Daniel started sobbing already, shaking his head and clearly panicking. "W-Why did have to happen to me... I-I just wanted to do a good job... w-why me..." The four would soon make their way to what used to be a containment chamber, the glass wall leading up to it having been destroyed. Aside from the destruction, the place was eerily clean and well maintained, with electricity allowing the place to be properly illuminated.

And in the remnants of the chamber, upon a large golden throne, sat their queen. Beside the queen sat many anxious guardsmen and a few scientist, some crouching whilst others were clearly on guard. Their queen had her legs crossed, her eyes looking down at the four soldiers who approached anxiously. She kept quiet, as the four would immediately bow in fear. "Y-Your majesty, w-we have failed t-to... c-convince the s-survivors n-near the f-factory of your rule. T-They f-fought back... a-and as you c-can already s-see, we... w-we unfortunately lost a m-man." The queen scoffed, hardly seeming to care as she leaned back a little. "I am already well aware of your co-workers failure. He was shot in the leg and taken in by those non-believers. Of course, I made sure he did not... betray me and my mission." The four guardsmen all looked terrified, knowing what that entailed.

Though soon after, Daniel broke down in front of her, much to the panic of the guardsmen. "P-Please, y-your majesty, h-have mercy! W-We're sorry for f-failing you! W-We will do better, we promise! Please j-just-" The queen would stand up with a soft stomp, before approaching Daniel and grabbing him by the neck. "Did I allow you to speak?" Daniel kept quiet, trembling in fear as the queen would tighten her grip on his neck. "I was going to pardon you, yet you speak out of turn and show your cowardice." She jabbed her fingernails into his flesh, before he moved his hands to her arms to try and get her to stop. Daniel started screaming in agony, the rest of his men looking down or away. Daniel's screams soon turned to gurgles, before a strange fleshy matter would wrap around the queens fingers, seeping into her flesh. She let go of Daniel, who fell to the ground and covered his neck with his hands as his breath sounded raspy and broken. He tried speaking, but no voice came out as he started letting out tears.
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>Morgan at the front, protect us all with your big sturdy metal body pls

I can support this, but tell Morgan we don’t know much about this queen or how her powers work. So unless she wants to get surprise-bitch-brainwashed, she shouldn't go full tard.
>Just head southwards without any plan. Since the queen and her servants all had come from there, you’d probably find some signs of activity regardless of what your plan was.
Drone scouts, once we get near try to do some more silent recon so as to not alert them.
This anon has the right of it. Go with Drones, and put Morgan up front.
Gonna forfeit another update today, I'm afraid. I just got home from travelling between my home town and my university, and it's quite late. More importantly, I got an exam coming up tomorrow, and I don't think I wanna risk sleeping in late for an update.

Good news is, I think I can get two updates in tomorrow if I plan things accordingly. It may be a bit tough, but I will try my best!
good luck OP
We can wait all week OP
as long as you give us subjects to kill.

File: Quest Gender Pick.gif (508 KB, 1920x1254)
508 KB
508 KB GIF
Come help this talentless and skill-less peasant forge a future, or will you let them fade into obscurity?

What were they again?

This is my first time as QM and I make no promises this is going to be any good or enjoyable! I hope I got the formatting down and haven't already butchered this into oblivion.I will try my best, hope you enjoy!
267 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
> I don't know
I wasn't expecting to be so out of it these few past few days. Just taking a little time to recharge, albeit probably a bad time in the quest to do so. I'll 100% post tomorrow, sorry guys! >.<
Better having you recharge and putting 2 updates a week than you burning up by putting 4 on one week then flake. Take your time.
File: Take a Peek.gif (37 KB, 683x447)
37 KB
Peek at attackers


Ivan was always one to get himself into trouble and always dealing in shady business. Even though he is your friend, you have almost been killed and he is still acting extremely suspicious. You decide to find out who these attackers are.

File: What is it.gif (113 KB, 683x447)
113 KB
113 KB GIF
Peering out from the bushes, you spot something you've never seen before; a green humanoid creature with sharp teeth and a spiked club, a race that's not of your own.

From your understanding any non-human race are known as Vo'Ran or followers of Vo'Rahka. You are to never interact with any of them, as Vo'Rahka is an untrustworthy god that brings only death and destruction to humans, at least that's what you've been told.

It seems to have been looking for you, but you might have just caught its attention!

Has Ivan really been dealing with these... things? What are you going to do now?

> Run!
> Get your Axe ready!
> Maybe it will just go away?
> Ivan, about that plan...
> Surrender.
> Write-in

File: cannibals.png (1.03 MB, 1280x853)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Anon, you, that's right, you have somehow acquired Feyd Rautha's harem of cannibal slave girls (after Feyd Rautha was killed by Paul Atreides). What do?

>Ask for a blowjob.
>Ponder the life choices that have led to this moment.
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And containment board breaching quests earlier in the year in a flood
You blow cannibals?

Have you tried running a quest which isn't incredibly low-effort and primarily about having sex?
Fuck off janny
yum yum
it's cannibover

File: MaxSpiderBanner.jpg (388 KB, 1440x900)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
You are Ben Parker, super-powered criminal and thief extraordinaire. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, you underwent a miraculous change, and adopted the identity of "The Huntsman"! But it's not all bad! Your clone brother, Abel Parker, works to protect the city, and potentially help clean up some of your messes. He goes by the name of "Spider-Man"!


Last time: The Huntsman swung over to Central Park and met up with the Morlocks residing there. Shortly after arriving, he ran into Gwen Stacy, a.k.a. "Bastion", and her father, Captain George Stacy, and played a part in introducing them to Gwen's clone, Joy.

They didn't get along at first, but with a bit of persuasion, Joy was willing to sit down and hear her family out.

While that was happening, Ben spent some time with Ester, met up with Glass, and helped the two of them gather the rest of the Central Park mutants in order to discuss their plans going forward. Only, those plans were almost immediately derailed when Screwball crashed the party!

But oddly enough, she actually seems willing to help the Morlocks find their footing here on the surface.

Can she be trusted, or is she simply taking advantage of them in order to gain more clout? How will everyone react to learning that the Morlocks don't have any intention of leaving the park anytime soon? Will Ben ever be able to persuade his team to roll out of bed and help with Screwball's plan?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Stay and chat with Callisto until Shark shows up
>>Stay and chat with Callisto until Shark shows up.
>Stay and chat with Callisto until Shark shows up.
I don’t actually know if Glass can handle Screwball, but I also don’t know how well Callisto reacts to Shark nowadays. I’ll go with the flow.
>Stay and chat with Callisto until Shark shows up.

Taking these. Writing...
As curious as you were about what Screwball could possibly be up to, you decided to stay and wait with Callisto until Shark showed up.

“Wonder what that’s about.” Callisto thought aloud.

“No clue. Maybe we’ll find out if we hop into Screwball’s stream.”

“You can do that?” Callisto asked, sounding a bit impressed.

“You can if you’ve got a decent smartphone. Ever think of getting one?”

Callisto shook her head.

“I don’t really have a bank account anymore. Besides, the service would suck, even if I did want one.”

You supposed that was a fair argument.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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