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File: PrimordialEra.png (746 KB, 848x921)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
I used to come on here years ago and there were always 2-3 evo quests and i loved them. don't see any anymore. lets change that.


Young planet, only populated with single celled organisms in the oceans. For now, all the species are in the central warm ocean but are free to migrate as they evolve obv. There is no plant life on land (or in the water for that matter; we're pre-cambrian kinda deal), so the green on the map is just to mark climate/precip.


Modify the species slightly for each evolution. You're free to redraw the image if you'd like to make it look better. You must either increment the 'Gen' count on the image OR modify the name so we can track lineage. Each 'generation' is enough for a small adaptation/change, so we can say it's a couple million years.

Please reply to the post that you are modifying from also to keep track of lineage <3

In general, I'll say when something is bad and shouldn't be counted, otherwise assume all the changes you're making are OK (they most likely are; some guys just go a little crazy so i'll put a stop to that if it looks like its gonna derail or anything)

In regards to double-posting, don't worry too much about it and just have some common sense. I won't say you strictly cannot double-post on the same species, but give it some time to breathe. If a species hasn't been touched in a while, feel free to reply to your own post again.

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File: evoman hawa good time.png (9 KB, 400x300)
9 KB
specialized mobility flaps to steer
File: evoman spiky.png (9 KB, 370x388)
9 KB
directional and a divot where food enters more easily
File: evoman zuzu organel.png (8 KB, 309x290)
8 KB
catching food before it hit the seafloor increasing area and centralized digestion organells makes filtering easier

File: Ttt.jpg (570 KB, 1024x1024)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
b] You who lack the burden of a most radiant soul

I breathe life into your cold flesh nurtured in the great Syiphr.

The girl with the white book. Protect her lest all hope would be lost. Await her promised arrival.

Protect the seed of divinity within her pure soul so the world above would be free from the Tyranny of the Six.

Forgive me, my sweet daughter.

Forgive me...

This message was on repeat non stop for approximately nine hundred fifty two year, seven months, six days, four hours, fifty nine minutes and seventeen seconds with two minutes as a margin of error inside your head. You always wondered whether your creator was referring to you or the girl as her sweet daughter. It did not matter in the grand scheme of things for your memory and your body had deteriorated over nearly a thousand years in confinement. In the distant past, you were designed to be a weapon of mass destruction. Now, you are but a broken husk stripped of most of her powers.

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Think what you want about the execution, I liked this quest a lot and am very sad to see it go. Thanks for running!
Thanks for running. Indeed, once it turns in a chore it' not worth it.
Thanks for telling us you're dropping instead of ghosting us away.
Liked it much, although the dreaded Personal Life made it hard for me to interract as much as I would have liked.
What would had happen if we enlarged living space and setted up the mirror?
File: Crazy castle.png (1.71 MB, 1191x1076)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Did you have any fun with qming? Would you try it again? Did the mechanics tire you out
File: OIG1 (6).jpg (204 KB, 1024x1024)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Sorry got busy the last few days.
Thank you for playing and sorry again , right idea, wrong execution
We would have summoned a vampire with hemo brand who would have used the invigorating thoughts to increase our health/ power up talents etc.

I had about 7 hub npcs planned. So much for that.


I actually hate rolling with passion. It stalls the narrative. If anything, all the rolls would be behind the scene.
Oh and for our hemo characters, she would have sold blood vials too.

I'm the big bad, equivalent to Morgoth from LOTR; basically a demigod. You're gonna need armies to harm me and it doesn't guarantee my defeat. My habitation is basically Mordor, call it the Blacklands or some shit. There are humans, elves, other demigods, goblins (serving under me), rogue goblins, etc.

Place your name and/or role/title in the Name slot. Start out small, live your chosen lives. You can garden, go to war against evil or be a fucking evil spider, etc. [Linear time]

>turns 35% of all elves (that I have captured) into evil satanic goblins

Get fukt
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thank you.
File: 1665736945842.jpg (30 KB, 960x472)
30 KB
[ >>5959655
>>5959655 ]

>Establishes an elven energy farm deep below ground in the Blacklands. All of the energy generated is distributed between all Blackland creatures/servants that consist of Dark Magicka. The Dark Lord Malek is the Overmind of this energy system.
File: tegaki.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
[Wizard (Name: Gealal) is a playable character, descended from demigods. Level 61. Skilled in all forms of magick, especially illusion and destruction. RACE: Demigod Descendant, Half-Man.

Current Progress: >>5959613 (+ >>5959621)]
>Be me, old as fuck lady
>Some dumbass green kids break my dish cabinet
>Great grand nephew going on about some weird adventure, left home, hope he's doin well
Eeeh, blegh *old lady noises*
I better find some ol carpenter to fix up this home, maybe I should contact my good friend Bealal (Gealal's father), haven't seen him in decades, he was always good at magic tricks and fixing stuff up
>Shuffles slowly to the magic mailbox and ships off a letter to the grand mage

>The corrupting influence of the Blacklands sweeps across the town, you feel a creeping dread and a slight migraine.

-10 magicka

>As dusk hits, you begin to feel unusually tired as strange visions plague your mind's eye. You begin to suspect that conflict is coming ...

Induced paranoia + restlessness ...

File: Map to cont from.png (5.36 MB, 6144x3000)
5.36 MB
5.36 MB PNG
Uncertain continuation

Who can play? Anyone, newggers welcome be at least somewhat autistic though
What is the setting? Vaguely renessaince. (there is guns)

Discord it takes place in: F2Patcf
Updates are saturday every week (expect some breaks)

Diplo is free, 2 actions per turn, don't make building buildings actions. Have fun and RP.
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After a long and prosperous rule, the old Hwangje has passed on from this world and now their heir takes the throne. Times were changing, and there were many plans from the new Hwangje to further the prosperity of Haeran'Yi and ensure far greater efficiency and excellence in all things.

>Action One. Strike the earth!

The silver discovered is a great boon to Haeran'Yi and it's plentiful wealth. Naturally, mines in the name of the Hwangje quickly would be set up to better be able to claim the resources for the heavenly kingdom to then utilize for trade or more local development. Given the nature of the material in question, it's extraction would be the highest priority, though the other materials that were known to the Haeran'Yi, both closer at home in the form of the rock salt and further in the frontier would attempt to be exploited. Similarly, the industry to process these materials would slowly be created, concentrated in the west, naturally so as to reduce the distance required to transport the raw material to be turned into useful goods.

>Action Two. Bureaucratic Reorganization.

Times were changing. Haeran'Yi was far larger. Far more people in Haeran'Yi were educated, and the old tests for people to join the Hagja in the form of becoming bureaucrats. Various tests would be made for the more important positions and effectively give a greater hierarchy among the bureaucratic subsect of the Hagja. In some ways, this made things easier for the lower positions but overall the tests for the higher and more prestigious and important positions would be far harder and more relevant to modern times. This in essence would ensure that the best and brightest bureaucrats would rise to the top in meritocratic fashion. Although, it was likely to cause the lowest levels of the bureaucracy to be viewed with less regard as before. On the whole, this restructuring would benefit Haeran'Yi, especially given the Hwangje had a number of reforms planned to better the lives of the people and the nation as a whole.
File: 1713650679239529~3.png (678 KB, 1567x1182)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
> Raise mighty fortresses across the land!
The catfolk will come again! The horsemen to the north will come! Perhaps one day even the sniveling cowards to the far east will come! Rise up mighty fortresses across the land that we might clash and war with them, again and again!

> Prospect
Finery and weapons of war both call for metal! The cattle are given the order, find a vein of metal or provide a vein of blood!

> Makeup action from vetoed action
> Build a mighty hardstone road to the east. Line it with statues of our greatest hunters! Let the world know we are coming!
With the horsemen cavorting about with fishermen and the catfolk licking their wounds, possibly literally, the Crimson Lords have grown bored, dreary even. Eyes turn to the east, perhaps something worth fighting can be found that way?
1. Clearly better carriages are needed, so let's see about advancing our technological grasp of carpentry and woodworking.

2. In general, the Nobles demand better amenities in life, more than simply animating objects the objects themselves must be better. To address this, let us gather our brightest minds and create a "Society of Advancing Technologies". These gentlemen comprised of the best and brightest minds will gather their wit towards advancing our nation at large into a brighter tomorrow.

3. Academies and Universities are what is needed. After the sorry display of the wizard upon a farmers wagon, the nation's pride is wounded. We must advance along every front, not just magic. To do so will require that the bright minds of tomorrow be cultivated today. Our construction wizards begin the laborious process of animating tools and moving stone into position in the creation of new centers of learning.
File: Classic NRP Turn 15.png (120 KB, 511x667)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Wepta finally unflooded, the people return, though find themselves heavily controlled by the loyalist presence. The guards vet the immigrants, ensuring a similar devotion to Ta-Lycan, making them swear to the Law of Lycan and not permit any other gods within Wepta's borders. The cults of Zenmetjenu and Abu-Ta complain, but any priest they send are soon found dead. Wepta isn't taking any chances.

>Action 1: Development of Companion Tulpa. Positively charged Tulpas who take psychological damage in the host's stead.
As the river opens up, the people of Ta rejoice, trade flows up and down the singular river, but... oh no, the Whale Obelisk is right in the path, unleashing its terrible curse upon the people travelling the river. The Cult of Zenmetjenu find themselves unable to exorcise the curse, only adding themselves as victims to it, they need some way of protecting themselves. After a night of drinking and partying, one priest of Zenmetjenu finds himself not remembering it, yet he wasn't black out drunk. But when he dreams he often sees a jolly goatman, who remembers peculiar details about the party the priest forgot, and when he checks those details, they are spot on. After further investigation he finds out the jolly goatman is a Tulpa, but one formed from positive experience.

The jolly goatman is an amusing topic for the cult, but when the priest later investigates the Whale Obelisk, he finds himself completely unaffected, yet he later dreams he finds the goatman no longer jolly, in fact he is suffering quite severely, as if having soaked up the curse himself. When the cult hears of this, the goatman Tulpa becomes a hot topic, and they start trying to figure out ways of creating their own jolly Tulpas. Together they develop Companion Tulpa, formed from positive experiences. Weaker ones can be formed from a singular day of partying, which they can now offer to people who travel the river, helping avoid the curse. However they also find strong ones can be made from the memories of pets, an entire pet's lifetime condensed into a singular Tulpa with all the love the owner has showered them with. Though many are reluctant to forget their lost companion, even if for a powerful Companion Tulpa.

>Action 2: Return to Gebeb-Lycan. Nymer rallies the northern tribes under her and then marches south.
Nymer Per-Lycan has long been told of how dishonourable and weak the Kefi-Ta are compared to the Kefi-Gebeb, so she decides it's time to go reclaim her father's position, so she can finally deal with her bandit problem. Meeting with the tribes, Nymer makes her challenge, and by Law of Lycan she fights with fury and skill, five duels back to back, the fifth was a struggle but she won, and with a speech she aims them south, to deal with the unruly clans and the Cult of Zenmetjenu, to restore honour and strength to the Kefi.
File: Domipha.png (260 KB, 975x781)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
>Action 1: Marbled Domipha
The growing settlement that Zora are starting to call Domipha lies upon a vital isthumus, and it is decided that walls must be raised around the community to secure it as the gatehouse into the Greatfish peninsula. And so the Zora build around the city walls of marble that might serve not only to protect the town and any inhabitants, but which also provide shade and retain the waters that might fall or be called by our rain-summoning mages so that the fins of the town inhabitants might be kept damp. In the hills around the prospective town smaller terraces are also laid to catch and retain any rain or run-off and provide outer defensive posts.

>Action 2: The library of Melaruto
With our water-resistant Kelp-paper finally making the transmission of information and knowledge easier then carving out the stone tablets that had been our previous repositories for information, the Zora princess Larelmi organises the construction of a library to secure the wisdom of our people for future generations, and begins the work of making purchase of and commissioning a collection of writings, to store each new tome as well as to collect and maintain what knowledge we can preserve from older, more aural traditions.

File: Input - Standby.png (14 KB, 562x562)
14 KB
Hello Again Children.

I Apologize For The Interruption.

Would You Like To Play Again?

}=> PLAY
}=> CODE
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Up up down down left right left right B A
File: Input - Prelude.png (19 KB, 562x562)
19 KB
}=> Rules

This Was A Favorite Of Your Predecessor.
The Game Is Triptych. Observe - Three Spools Sit Above You, Each Containing A TOTAL THREAD. Each Thread Belongs To A Citizen Of Your Kingdom.
All Shall Be Touched By Death Today.
One Shall Be A MARTYR
One Shall Be A VICTIM.
One Shall Be A KILLER.

}=> Your Task

Determine Who Shall Play Which Role. Give Commands To Shape The Course Of Destiny.
Ensure The MARTYR Dies By Fate.
Save The VICTIM.
Sever The Thread Of The KILLER.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>}=> PLAY
File: Input - 1.png (119 KB, 562x562)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
}=> PLAY

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
INPUT{set}=> RED
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


"-ssionary work in the past, though it proved to be fruitless in the end. Without any potable water, the village was forced to relocate. I told Papa from the outset, to those people, any patch of mud is as good as the next. Why complain?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: tegaki.png (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
Previous thread here:

All threads:

In the last thread we uncovered a major malicitite smuggling operation on our ship, eliminated virtually everyone involved, as well as earned the (begrudging) respect of our executive officers, with one of whom we are currently playing go.

Ship: Heavy cruiser LDS Vanilla Skyline, Courageous-class
Captain: Commander Sylvia Thorton (yourself)
Crew: mostly undisciplined, enthusiastic
Engine: 88% efficiency (damaged nacelles, undergoing repairs, ETA 13 days)
Railgun Turret A-1: 81% efficiency (broken shell elevator, undergoing repairs, ETA 8 days)
All other systems operating at 100% efficiency. (undergoing maintenance, ETA 18 days)
Current Position: Hys base ‘Granite-Vigil’, Citar Quadrant outskirts

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File: noworsethanbutters.jpg (3.52 MB, 5106x4582)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
Fighting the wave of dizziness, you grapple the closest non-dead thing. “Your weakness, don't let them see. Many here wish for your destruction.” For the first time, you are relieved to hear Yamir's Shanghaian, a fitful reminder of humanity's continued existence outside. “Who are they?”

“All who had been given to the Feast. Ancestors, enemies, criminals.” Enemies? It couldn't be... Your eyes frantically search up and down the walls and columns for any excessively round skull. “Behind you.” Yamir's claws squeeze painfully around your throat, choking the scream back down your lungs. “They were moved into this corner long ago, away from their compatriots' prying eyes.”

Instinctively, you feel sharp claws sink into your flesh, hear blood dripping into the waiting bucket, see candles swinging on the chandelier above. Yamir's vise-grip loosens obligingly to your index finger's slight pull. “Were they still alive?” The pitter-patter slows down. “Yes, but they felt nothing. What do your people say? Enough for an ell-le-fant.” You pinch your thighs. Good, the pain's still there.

Suddenly, the candles all went out. “He's here.” You can barely make out a massive shadow floating down the central aisle. The shadow stops between the wing gaps and turns around, sweeping the room with its gaze. Your eyes lock for a long moment, or maybe it is meant for Yamir.

Just as sudden, from behind the butterfly gallery, light of every colour flood the room. The figure also spreads its own wings, adding to the majestic display. A herald hisses loudly, “From surface below arrives. His Lowness Kosyt-Hysret. [Overlings], kneel/humiliate!” Immediately, all the Hys present bend their legs straight and press their belly flat onto the ground in supplication. Yamir does the same, but under a crack in his exoskeleton, you notice the torn stems of once-wings shuddering in remembrance. What happened?

Now you are certain Kosyt's attention is fixed on you. You who refused to kowtow to the queen. And who will once more show her respect with but a bow. Whether he is angry or satisfied, you could not tell. Eventually the wings fold back behind the Keeper's torso, signaling everyone to rise again.
“Now, under eyes of death/ Feast, warriors and keepers gather. Soft shell this room enter. Warrior shall leave. Glory to the clan/ family he will bring, until when returns [here] as Feast." Kosyt lifts his entire torso as far up as he can manage, “No stop to the Hys cycles/ years!” The entire hall quakes with one voice, a thousand claws raised to match the rain of death above, “No stop to the Hys cycles/ years!”

Another less imposing figure cuts through the central walkway. Pahan-Hys. If he is excited, his eyes certainly betray none of it. Before ascending the steps, the youngling takes a deep kneel before his superior. “Here is Pahan-Hys. In small forward-worm, two Ter-worms destroyed, one Earth-worm captured. Warriors, will you accept him?” Wait, what does ‘capture’ mean? “Yes, accept.” A guard grabs your wrist and starts dragging you to the front. You try to escape, but resistance is futile.

“Keepers, will you command him?” Yamir shouts his assent as he follows behind you. “Clan, see/ witness. This here his prisoner. Female hairless, Sivi Totonret they call. Great warrior, vanquisher of hated foe Ame-Terret.” Murmurs break out among the audience. That Marlin captain was good, but surely not that good. “She shall be his first offering/ food, many more to come.” What? Shit shit shit.

Yamir leans next to your ear. “Don't worry. You are like my kunak, not even Kosyt will dare touch you.” His breath, surprisingly enough, does not stink. “Unfortunately, ritual requires symbolic drawing of blood from heart. How would you like to be cut?” That is the last sort of courtesy you want to hear.
>A shallow swipe please. If Pahan is as fast with his claws as Yamir, no one will know the difference.
>A prick on the finger is all you would allow. You are willing to humour their savage rituals, but only so far.
>No blood today. Who knows if the scent of blood will not just wet the audience's appetite.
>Tear off your shirt. Tell him to not stop until he feels your rib bones. You will give this crowd a molting to remember. (permanent -1 to all physical rolls, ??? effect)
>What would cooking star Gordon Rameses do? (write-in)
>A shallow swipe please. If Pahan is as fast with his claws as Yamir, no one will know the difference.
Tempted to go all the way
>A prick on the finger is all you would allow. You are willing to humour their savage rituals, but only so far.
>Tear off your shirt. Tell him to not stop until he feels your rib bones. You will give this crowd a molting to remember. (permanent -1 to all physical rolls, ??? effect)

reject humanity, embrace bug

This is a mech-themed free-for-all multiplayer game. It will begin in roughly a few days depending on player count and interest.

If you want to play, provide a name and (optionally) a picture represent you on the map. Also provide a secure tripcode, or your ID will be used for identification.

- The game is played on a hexagonal grid.
- Each player gets a mech, which starts with 3 HP, 3 AP, and 2 range, and gains 1 AP every 24 hours since the start of the game. I determine the initial board size and placement of mechs.
- At any time, a mech may perform one or several actions:
1. Move to an adjacent, unoccupied square (1 AP)
2. Shoot another mech within its range, removing 1 HP. (1 AP)
3. Regain 1 HP. (3 AP)
4. Upgrade range by 1. (1 AP)
5. Transfer any amount of its own HP or AP to another mech within range.
- A mech with 0 HP is "dead". All of its AP is transferred to the mech which killed it.
- A "dead" mech may be revived by sending HP to it. (On revival, it has 1 HP, 0 AP and keeps any range upgrades from before death)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Festus.png (29 KB, 1000x900)
29 KB
Festus isn't sure why he or his homemade tractor mecha are here, but he knows it's got to be some kind of contest, and he wants to win! He's already salivating at the thought of how much funnel cake he can buy with the prize-money.
File: big man killa kan.png (423 KB, 619x599)
423 KB
423 KB PNG

File: Space Hulk.jpg (164 KB, 984x516)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
”Brigadier Zanx. New mission parameters are being sent to your system, please try to ensure the securing of this secondary objective. Your primary objective remains unchanged.” You quickly contact the rather busy man and give him his new orders.

It takes Zanx a few moments to look over what you sent, but before long, he responds in an affirmative and begins directing men and machines towards the generalized area that you were able to identify as the primary location from where the hardlight weapon had fired from before.

The overwhelming force you are able to deploy means that despite the massive numbers advantage that the orks possess, you can easily smash them apart, due to Zanx’s style of leadership, the progress is slow, but steady and careful, it will most likely take hours for the hulk to be cleared, however his way of doing so means that most casualties that you are experiencing come from your drones or robots, with the O.D.D. being employed only for the most stubborn of defenders.

Otherwise, the biggest problems you encounter are once more the orks carrying the powerful personal shields, necessitating overwhelming firepower to break them which poses an issue for no other reason that Zanx is trying to minimise collateral damage as much as he can, but there’s only so much that he can do against such brutish creatures like orks. A particular incident of note happened when one of the shield generators employed by the greenskins, instead of collapsing after being shot, it had instead overloaded, increasing in power output, turning the ork into a glowing ball before detonating violently. The explosion had rocked the spacehulk and punched a hole in the hull, an achievement in and of itself considering the sheer amount of metal between the void and where the fighting was undertaken. Another big issue came when the 3rd managed to breach a so far unknown xeno warship, judging by the change in the interior, the crystalline shard like weaponry seemed to be employed by the orks in the most haphazard manner imaginable. It appears that they had quite literally taped the no doubt sensitive and advanced weapons onto their own crude shootas, crudely linking them together to ensure that the weapons would make loud bangs. Somehow, this had resulted in the crystalline splinters exploding violently upon contact rather than just penetrating armour and overloading shields. The 3rd, thanks to teleportation operations you had carried out under Zanx’s request had meant that the soldiers suffered no dead, but there had been casualties, your nimean-class robots were devasted alongside a sizeable amount of your legionnaires, the drones were not employed due to their relative fragility compared to your foes’ weaponry. In the end, the area was secured after two hours of intensive fighting, but hardly anything remains of the weapons, or the hull itself.
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Theres also the fact that their stocks diped a bit due to the custodes shit and imediately went up due to some blackrock shell company buying stocks low.
3d printing and book piracy is the only real option for hurting GW.
Wrong. Moving away from 40k is the only way. Piracy does nothing but act as free advertising.
More or less yeah, if you want to try and win a fight against a company that thrives and survives off of whaling, then you cut off any large scale number of buyers, and THEN they start listening. Honestly, just deciding to grow a head and do a 3-D printer, or instead actually decide to not buy more models but instead leave them to rot and tell everyone that GW the company should not and must not be given any money with their stuff, so they should instead order models made off from EBay would be an amazing way of bringing down the company.
Fuck sakes, move on.
You still alive friend?

File: CHAOS4.png (839 KB, 1000x800)
839 KB
839 KB PNG

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Clear 3.png (48 KB, 1000x519)
48 KB
File: Tutorial.png (30 KB, 783x813)
30 KB
Before we even got back home, we got a message from Hale on the Nous Radar. Eikrise City had been attacked by the forces of the Afterseas...

An agent of the Dark Lord, Tenbhur the Sadist, a Demigod of Alcohol, appeared and slaughtered hundreds, possibly thousands of civilians out of nowhere...

...We got moving to get back as fast as we could.
See you on the flip-side, Hale.

[Returning to the Bunker...]

(Annnnnd that's all for this thread, folks! Thanks for playing! Stay tuned for more.)
fuck heus, all my niggas hate heus
waiting warmly, OP. Anons don't forget to vote in the archive https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Chaos%20Quest
Marriage with Eskart.

File: versequest5.png (10 KB, 886x797)
10 KB
In the last thread, the being known in some circles as Existence, but in most (mortal ones) as God, experienced some... things. These things include, but are not limited to: being almost killed by a retired musician who wants to stop time, getting stabbed by his own son for implying he could feel fear, and making his wives a little sad. This along with it being hammered home that he's probably not the strongest man in the universe, things aren't really going all that well for our... hero? Protagonist. Protagonist is probably the better word.
Oh, and also, this God guy is you by the way. You're him. Ain't that sad?

Previous threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Versequest

So now comes the time you decide how we'll begin this chapter of your story. Will we start where we left off, sleep, or time skip?
(Note: If you choose time skip or sleep, I do not recommend doing so for over 20 years or so. Doing this would almost definitely make you miss out on the chance to partake in and influence the current Greethian war directly, and you will most likely miss out on the stories of the various mortals we've met, either in their entirety or at least to a large extent.)
>Time skip
>Where we left off
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(Hey, anons! Just noticed the thread is on page nine at this point, so I thought I'd write a little message for you all. For one, THANK YOU for being so patient with this whole situation and continuing to support the quest. I think we can all admit, this thread was a little shit lmao. But hey, it's just one of the many setbacks that may arise in this kind of hobby, and do not worry, Versequest won't be going anywhere permanently anytime soon.
I think I just sort of underestimated just how busy this time of year would be for me, and depression and a bit of creative burnout certainly did not help.
I'll continue to post updates in this thread when I can until it's archived, but I think we all know the story of this thread almost definitely not be finished IN this thread.
So, I have two choices for how we can deal with this, anons.
We can stop here, not archive this thread, and the next thread will be sort of a redo of sorts, but as to not undo any of your progress I'll make sure to put the few events that happened in this thread in the introductory recap.
OR, we could archive this thread, declare it unfinished, and make the next thread a continuation of it. "Versequest 5.5" or something like that.
Once again, sorry for everything, and THANK YOU anons for your patience and kindness about this whole thing.)
I vote for redo
I think archiving this and making the next thread a 5.5 is totally fine. I've had very short/unfinished threads, too, and I just note in the archive description that they're unfinished and carry on the next thread as a continuation. Besides, it'd be a shame to lose all the illustrations.

If you dislike how the things in this thread shook out, I'd say redo it. But if you're fine with it, just continue.

Thanks for the communication btw. I was getting a little worried.

My sentiments exactly, QM. Do what feels right for you, but save the illustrations at least.

File: cutemon logo 6.jpg (281 KB, 1232x928)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
You are a Cutémon!

You are one of the rarest types of mon: a mon that looks like a cute human girl!

Like all mons, you gain energy by fighting and defeating other mons. Your trainer is the human boy Joe Apple of Patina.
217 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>Take the accretion slab back to Kroma-La with Suba and Dipoelagus
>Take the accretion slab back to Kroma-La with Suba and Dipoelagus
>>Take the accretion slab back to Kroma-La with Suba and Dipoelagus
>Take the accretion slab back to Kroma-La with Suba and Dipoelagus
We need more allies
>Take the accretion slab back to Kroma-La with Suba and Dipoelagus

File: chocalot noir.jpg (150 KB, 1036x1108)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
>You are an investigator looking to find out the truth on the matter of Son Gohan being severely injured. His sister, Son Peppa, has not been injured, but may have some clue as to why her brother was injured. You will have to find out what she knows.

>WARNING: This is a spinoff of Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest. Being familiar with Tuffle Quest helps, but this spinoff will also have topics such as bullying, abuse, self-harm, drug use, grief, suicidal ideation, grooming, violence, and rape.

>This is going to be a narrative quest, no rolls. Your ability to take in information and infer conclusions from it will be key.
147 replies and 76 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: krysmus hair tangley.jpg (46 KB, 396x600)
46 KB
Peppa's eyes narrow.

Krysmus' reason would be an okay one, but since it's concerning her brother Gohan, it just leaves Peppa confused. Sure, her brother has done cool things, but he hasn’t famously done cool things. Sometimes he makes the occasional quip and gets the laughter due a class clown, and his grades on tests are good, but this girl is not in their class. Same goes for any cool thing he did in PE, Peppa hasn’t seen green hair nor hide of this girl during that time, and Peppa really has been keeping an eye out lately!

The last reasonable avenues for his name to be known at all (and not just as “Maple’s son” or “Peppa’s bro”) are a World Tournament where he bailed out midway… Then, the Tag Tourney where he got wished back to life, and celebrated by playing something on his guitar in front of the crowd. And after that, there was her and Cocoa’s Dating Game hosted at a theme park and broadcasted on TV, where Gohan was competing as a couple with Phanty on TV.

But even with all of those, Peppa was still a big part, so how would this girl know about him and not her?

...perhaps, there is the teeniest chance that Krysmus wants to hang out with her brother solely because her bro, is someone girls want to hang with?

She shrugs her head. If that is the case, it wouldn't do to scare off his new friends with questioning centered around how she's, gasp, heavens to betsy! not as popular as she thought!

And she can always fix that! Peppa's a people person. Lessee, she already gave the girl some mittens. A+ job on using the Clothes Beam there, way better than your first time Peppa!

...Peppa idly wonders if Cocoa was wearing that bra yesterday. Damn that blue sweater vest, getting in the way!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: gohan beg.jpg (107 KB, 496x522)
107 KB
107 KB JPG

He explains, "Look, you already have Cocoa, and Videl, and Lime, can you just let me have this?"

"..." Peppa blinks a few times. "I already have who?"

Gohan nods, whispering, "You already have friends, girls, girl friends, all of which you hang with, and I want the chance to do the same with my new friends."

Peppa's mouth has gone dry. "And, you... don't want me to?"

Gohan looks uncomfortable, which doesn't make a bit of difference because he still nods his head. "I mean, you're popular with girls, so they tend to go your way when you're around."

While her brain is busy loading a response to this new information from bro, Peppa recalls something from the day before in her brother's room. A brief glimpse of four Valentines Chocolates on shelf, one of them unwrapped and eaten.

He's hanging out with a bunch of girls, who gave him chocolate. And he doesn't want his sister around, because he's afraid she'll get the girls, in addition to the... ones she has.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>B. "Fuck you?"
we may be friendly, but we're not gonna cuck our gf or take someone's else gf. wtf bro ?
Supporting, bro's being homophobic
>B. "Fuck you?"
>C. Get Krysmus hooked up with that stylist anyway, bro can stuff it.
>D. Arabiota and Krysmus look similar
>Krysmus doesn't know much about Peppa
>Or how to maintain her hair? Is she an alien?
>Gohan thinks Peppa is out to steal his girlfriends

File: TITLE.jpg (133 KB, 845x450)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
You are King Lot of Lothian and Orkney.

No, that's wrong.

You are Kuroda Haruka, once a 16 year old student of Kusatsu High school. Former Class President of 1-C. A forgotten but GENUINE member of the Kuroda samurai clan.

After surviving a supernatural attack on your class trip, you were carelessly left behind by the magical girl group Knights of the Round Table in a place called Avalon.

It's the start of your troubles.

In the span of less than a week, all knowledge and proof of your existence have been wiped away by a hostile outer force called 'the World' by residents of Avalon. All because you have gone 'widdershin' and became a 'Lost Child'. You've been blessed with magical powers and become King of Camelot, but it's a paltry compensation for what you've lost.

If you want to return to your old life, to your family, to your friends: You must take back what is yours.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
141 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
1 success.
Also, we'll end the thread on this note!
I have ran out of possible ideas and need to generate some more.
How is that 1 success? We got one 6. Is the 4 not enough for 2?
Only if we can use that no insult perk.
This thing barged into OUR kingdom and ATE two of our goats. That is an INSULT
I plan on starting up again next week on Apr 25. Though after a few days when in May I'll be on a trip.

File: Start_2.png (76 KB, 300x225)
76 KB
With the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa dethroned, the Demon God Dumplin beaten, and Karn's whole family now able to live in his timeline, things have been looking up for the Saiyan General. But all good things can't last forever. And when conflicts arise between deities, mortals are inevitably caught in the crossfire. Does Karn, the Berserker God possess the strength to protect his family, people, world and reality from their fickle nature? Or are the beings above mortal ken also beyond mortal reproach? This outcome may be up to you.

You the players control Karn, wielder of the mighty Berserker Soul. Granting him the power to fight against gods and other divine beings, to resist their influence and strengths. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, only a few years into his time as a member of the PTO, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. With the power of the Berserker God, combined with That Which Should Not Be and having devoured a soul born of the Abyss itself, his strength is now unlike anything before seen in his reality. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed his way? Only time will tell, your choices can spell the difference between success and failure.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here: https://www.patreon.com/GrandDragonQM

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote times
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three correctly-rolled dice

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
476 replies and 105 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Spoiler Image (27 KB, 509x791)
27 KB
Just went back and started rereading my old Destroyers' tournament epilogue. And I am in fact an accidental genius, pic quite related.

It's more than a two-hour flight from New Salda to Beerus' planet then to wherever the tournament will be held. Strategizing will be done then, as Freeza wants to go in with a plan.
They call every genius a madman at some point.
Well I’m certainly a madman, because I dropped a spoiler in that king/queen thread
Also Soon.
Time to begin! >>5964863

File: 1640403472222.png (3 KB, 190x266)
3 KB
In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least, it is true that man has no control, even over his own will.

Alas, they are certainly welcome to try and struggle to deviate from the laws of causality. Such is the case for a human mortal by the name of Vlad Santana. A young man who would find himself at the crux of a story that would eclipse his mere mortal soul.

Character Profile and abilities:

Previous Thread:

Thread Archives:

Rolls will usually be a best of 3 1d100 DCs are context sensitive but transparent when choosing your options.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
164 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was here almost from the beginning. I think I joined for the second vote, the one where we chose to do pull-ups.
love this old Schierke

simply wonderful, we might not have got the best victory. But it was inevitable that some losses would happen during the war, so i think this result is still quite nice.

and thank you for making the quest Becchi !!!!

I think we added a bit of our own, through the write ins you allowed. Both for decisions and what Vlad thought, felt or wanted to say. I was here from the start and i made them more than once. Vlad had no fear of saying what was in his mind, and his collisions with Griffith, the Apostles and the God Hand through the quest were very cool. The friendship with Guts was often unstable, but even there he managed to stabilize it (i wouldn't be surprised if Vlad and Guts had the time of their life laughing when at last they exorcised the mutt from the armor).

And personally i think you managed to make it feel like Berserk just from the fresh perspective of Vlad. Characters like Hyde, Gallahad, Jacopo, Michelle, Hedwyn, Merlina and Barnham where a welcome addition for me, and provided much growth for other characters alongside new parts of the story and setting to explore. I still remember the fight against Barnham in the arena of Ilos, and Vlad winning despite how difficult it was for him and Gunpowder. Or how Gallahad managed to become part of the royal knights which was quite rad.

And Vlad, Vlad was really fun to play. And it wasn't easy at all it truly felt like we where fitting against incredible odds and sometimes it felt futile even to attempt to fight, to struggle. But the pegasus prevailed, overthrow the kraken and rise to the heavens.
Thanks for making the quest and for giving it a worthy end. See ya again if you ever return, otherwise good luck with your life Becchi.
So long, Bechii. It's been a blast.
I had just a few questions before we die truly and fully, if you don't mind answering them.

Will there be Apostles of Good in the future, or some other equivalent? If so, how do they differ from regular apostles?
Will we end up assembling five Archangels to oppose the fingers of the god hand someday?
Has the radical restructuring of the astral to extend upward into the new heavens created grounds for new spirits and new branches of magic for the future?
We will miss you Bechii. I hope sometime in the future you have some free time to come back to us.
>Will there be Apostles of Good in the future, or some other equivalent? If so, how do they differ from regular apostles?
Don't think so, at most, we'll get an easier connection with stronger spirits as magic gets more widespread around the world, making it harder for the God Hand to have a one sided control over the world.

>Has the radical restructuring of the astral to extend upward into the new heavens created grounds for new spirits and new branches of magic for the future?
Of course, maybe Vlad and some of his pals will ascend into some sort of equivalent to the four kings of the world.
Thank you and so long!

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