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File: HWxTransformers.jpg (134 KB, 766x675)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Calling all diecast enthusiasts!

Welcome to the Diecast General, your one-stop shop for everything diecast! Whether you're a Hot Wheels fanatic, a Jada Toys collector, or simply love miniature metal marvels, this is the place for you.

From cars and trucks to figurines and statues, we celebrate all things diecast. So buckle up, join the conversation, and let's roll!

>Hot Wheels:



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File: IMG_0201.jpg (3.32 MB, 4032x3024)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB JPG
What's up with all this nasty crud inside the package?
I've heard you can send in receipts/card backs and get a car back but I don't see how on any website.
File: IMG_0943.jpg (564 KB, 1170x1149)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
Got a walmart brand die cast car pack for this neato vac metalized alien car

Yes. There are mail in promotions Mattel holds several times a year when you usually buy $20 worth of Hot Wheels at particular stores they name. Mattel Creations' website will have details on that usually. Or if you sign up and get emails from them, they usually let you know in advance.

Some of the cars are better to get this way. Others are cheaper going to ebay and buying directly from Thai or Malaysian sellers.

Lastly, as someone to have procured some of these cars, they will usually have a number on their side, denoting which release it is of the year, and the color throughout the year will likley be the same. Spectraflame purple and a couple Zamacs were last year's colors, while Spectraflame Red seems to be this years.

Pictured is last years set

At the moment that's Kroger.


File: GLSodBsX0AAWHZL.jpg (107 KB, 1080x716)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Garfield Movie is coming out soon. The new plush actually look alright. I wish we got proper Garfield action figures though. How come no Garfield nendoroid or something?

Anyone else excited or have some cool Garfield toys to share?
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File: 61hPaTMhTXL.jpg (89 KB, 1000x1000)
89 KB
that's a mood.
File: nermaltrain.png (2.96 MB, 1600x1600)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
bumping with Nermal train. I wish Garfield had more interesting things to post.

Seriously why didn't super 7 make some Garfield figures or something? I would have been okay if they did hipster shit like early years Garfield, Jon, Odie, and Lyman.
File: fluffield.png (588 KB, 647x800)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
I think my favorite so far is the small movie garfield plush. I haven't seen the one with the bandanas (bibs?).
File: GN05KvUaMAAO2YW.jpg (63 KB, 1026x688)
63 KB

File: GAOMW4hWsAASNIc.jpg (216 KB, 1625x1109)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
We now have information regarding the Sonic Movie 3 line and the new LEGO sets if you're into those.
How do you feel about the movie figures, anon?
I got a movie Sonic on clearance and didn't care for it at first but he has grown on me. I really like the design and the detail.
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5" sonic movie sounds good. the 4" line from movie 2 had good articulation, and the 5" line for prime had some nice details. Hopefully they can improve the articulation for 5" and let the elbows and knees bend further for the movie toyline.
Some people here really didn't like the prime line but I thought they're excellent, sonic and shadow especially. I hope the same will be the case for the movie toys
5" is too tall though. 4" was perfect because the characters were small. Also now im remembering how tall they were in Sonic X
I think the 4" ones are ok but feel a bit small and limited in detail because of it. The 5" prime ones get the extra detail and articulation and just feel better in my hands. When I was a kid, I wanted toys about 5" tall, and now as an adult collector I still feel the same. I've always felt that the 4" line has a lot of wonkiness and I think their scale is the primary contributor to that. I think Sonic in particular is one of the wonkiest looking toys in that line too
2.5" is, on average, the perfect size for most Sonic figs, especially since you've "4-inch" characters like Big, Vector, and Omega that look right with them, the playsets and accessories work with them.

That said, if you prefer a 1/12 scale situation, 4-inch is the better option. 5-inch on its own doesn't really add anything, just an awkward size.

File: IMG20240502180852.jpg (2.61 MB, 3072x4080)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
I recently had to repurchase the neca bootlegs to replace some weapons and noticed the huge drop in quality.
I have a few questions if anyone can help.

I heard that the people pumping these out actually got their hands on the original moulds, how did this happen?
And I noticed the difference in the paint apps, can anyone tell me exactly how this process is done?
Sorry about the low quality pic.
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seriously? did they work on the super7 tmnt line too?
Why is your super expensive art print framed so shittily? Just cirious, whoever did it doesn't know what they're doing, like from a fundamental geomety standpoint
Why are you so concerned about the geometric placing of a print?
Are you autistic or on Adderall?
I've seen what can only be bootlegs of super7s on aliexpress, does anyone know if those are any good?
Those figures are my Moby Dick. I wish NECA would reissue them one more time so I could cop, but it's looking like I'll have to drop almost 1k to buy these fuckers.

File: 7230.jpg (29 KB, 425x319)
29 KB
LGB Stainz Edition
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To add to what he said, for Z, there is Märklin for steam, but that is almost entirely for German subjects. AZL has some too.
File: IMG_0041.jpg (968 KB, 2908x1494)
968 KB
968 KB JPG
O scale can easily be more of a toy than a model but it is also really easy to set up and take down and makes a good rug runner set.
that N&W is fuckin clean
>Makes sense anon. Any steam locos you'd want to see added to the catalogues?
Too much to name. So many locos existed in reality it would take 100's of years to make them all outside of the brass already made plus many come from forgotten, unpopular Class 1 railroads that the mainline model manufacturers won't touch because they won't sell. But if you had to twist my arm I would say more steam options from the Baltimore and Ohio, Southern (USA) Railroad, and Western Maryland. Would really like to see a Western Maryland I-2 Decapod outside of brass.
File: 1703220571679279.jpg (116 KB, 1000x1000)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
So anyone know what happened with those bootleg Dapol O gauge locos? Or what the story was? Has anyone done a comparison between a real one and a fake one?

File: 6094o8d8piq21.jpg (106 KB, 1242x1321)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Bo Peep is Woody's love interest in TS1 and 2. She's depicted as a porcelain doll. Despite this, she's seen to have a fabric dress and articulated arms.
How the fuck is that supposed to work? She also has a layers of clothing as revealed in TS4. Who makes a porcelain doll into a night light?
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>Now Buzz on the other hand; there's no way he could have the folding pop out wings AND the karate chop action button on his back at the same time. Not to mention the karate chop arm is the same one with the light and sound wrist lazer.

The Disney store one has the karate arm, wings and laser, but the karate arm needs to be locked upwards first and the back button just unlocks it so it makes the chopping motion, doesn't work with gears that move it up and down like in the movie.

The main problem is the fully retractable helmet, that interferes with every other thing inside the body. Also accurate wingspan is absolutely impossible, as they cheat a lot with those in the animation.
Can you go into more detail why? As someone who doesn’t really know about the internals of toys like that.
It's literally just basic physical limitations; There simply isn't space for all those things to exist at the same time. The helmet has to go somewhere. The mechanics for the karate chop have to go somewhere. The wings and the mechanism that releases them have to go somewhere.

It's not something that requires an engineering degree to figure out. Holy shit just stop to think for two fucking seconds you fucking retard.
The weird cerberus sheep always freaked me out of some reason. It/they look like they live in abject conjoined misery.
Not only that but also the electronics, speaker, batteries and all the wires. Just too much crammed inside the body already.

File: s-l1200.jpg (250 KB, 900x1200)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Any exo squad figures fans?
I absolutely love their engineering and designs. It's so much fun and I always liked when mechs had pilots inside that would hold on to something to control their mechs.

The TV show is a well written show from the 90s that features serious themes like death, politics and even fascism.
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look at the little fish bulbs for his toes! come on!
I vaguely remember owning oen that looked pretty much exactly like this one as a kid, except it was green with purple stripes and had a big pincer. My brother definitely had the big jet one from your previous pic, though.
that sounds on-brand; they repainted them into the ground as the IP faded into obscurity
After a bit of Google searching, I found it - this is most definitely the toy I had as a kid. I completely forgot it came with all this stuff, but seeing it now, I also remember it coming with a little clear green 'microchip' that you could plug into the suit's back. Don't remember what the little black things in the lower left corner were for, though.
It's cool to see this nonetheless - I had completely memory-holed the series all these years.
Sucks that apperently Universal/Dreamworks owns the IP which means if it were to somehow get a reboot it would be nonstop fujoshit like the recent Voltron show.

File: GKMGI9kbAAA8MQo.jpg (89 KB, 628x679)
89 KB
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>People today are fed up with cape-shit and because the comicgaters live in the past they can't fathom a comic without cape-shit. I did some research with primary school / junior high kids at some point. The moment I mentioned "superpowers" most of them literally rolled their eyes. The moment I mentioned "female protagonist" they almost lynched us, both the boys and girls. Something like Kamen America is the antithesis of what the younger generations want.
I want to say there was a poll recently stating young folks categorically do not want remakes of old properties. Stands to reason this would extend to comics.
There are plenty of "superpowers" in manga, but the stories also tend to have actual stakes. There are no stakes in what passes for mainstream American comics.
This is more expensive than a figma.
People love super powers. They hate capeshit due to oversaturation only. Comics don't sell because editorial oversight keeps the status quo to tightly.

Oh you want to read xmen? Well you have to read 5 issues of this side story, and 10 issues of this seemingly unrelated title, oh and the story finished under the wolverine title. Then read issues 1-3 of the special summer gala, but not 4-6 since theres a time skip that spouls what happened in x-force 22. Also there's gonna be 10 different 'first issue'. Oh and most of the story gets retconned and reinterpreted 2 years later to completely change the outcomes.this

Oh you want to read Demon Slayer? Read volumes 1-25.
I was talking about Western Comics specifically. Read my first post:
>Comics (Western comics) is a dying medium

I also mention manga here: >>10993347

Because comic book creators live in the past for them superpowers always equals capeshit. Harry Potter has superpowers, it is not capeshit, and at some point it was more popular than all the capeshit put together.
The kids I talked to weren't against superpowers but they didn't want the powers to be the main focus of the story. They were ok with lowkey powers like "talking to animals", "animal tamer", or "his best friend is a tiger", stuff like that.

>Comics don't sell because editorial oversight keeps the status quo to tightly.
This falls under point 2)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Literally just read creator-owned titles
Demon Slayer is trash

File: IMG_0536.jpg (271 KB, 1200x1200)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Pic very related
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I used to do that. Instead of buying Warhammer 401(k) figures for $12 each I'd buy dollar store army men and paint them into armies.

Just saw these at a store I went to!!!FACT!!!
Why are you in every thread?
Shit sucked anon. People want the actual robot masters and Mega Man characters, not Man of Action's OC's.
File: 20240514_232208.jpg (1.06 MB, 2020x2693)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG

File: shark attack.png (438 KB, 491x906)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
>filled the bath with warm water and pleasant foam
>sat down with candles in a cozy atmosphere
>playing with top tier shark toy
>tfw i'm 36
tell your batthub stories. Did you have any batthub fun lately?
What is your favorite bath tub toy? Have any recommendations?

What is better and more fun? Ships and boats or sea monsters?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sometimes I'll grab Mer-Man but I don't really play with him. Baths are either for fucking my wife or just relaxing after sex.
Please tell me nobody is actually bathing with their toys here.
I sleep with my toys for first two or three days after i open the box.
What toyline is this from? Gives 70s vibes.

File: massivegay2.png (1019 KB, 1013x899)
1019 KB
1019 KB PNG
Welcome to the Lego General, the worst place on the net for any and all LEGO discussion!
Please note that any new thread that uses promotional imagery or leaks for the OP image is a corposhill spam thread and should be avoided at all costs.

Previous Thread:

>FAQ (Why?):

>/lg/ Flickr Group (lol):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
416 replies and 150 images omitted. Click here to view.
Come on dude I’m trying to bait the guy in a dead thread don’t be a buzzkill.
I loved the part where they had chimp eyed palpatine, that was pretty good
I like the smooth floor
Is Barad-Dûr a phallus?

Are the ones interested in purchasing it fags?

>In-universe toy made of rubber-plastic mix
>Give her a plushy
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
easier to adapt fer for an onahole, what are you complaining about?
File: RmkKQEKvDpQ8UywA2UKRMZ.jpg (475 KB, 2874x1624)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
Yes and no
There's more real and solid stuff like Amnesia: The Bunker or Iron Lung or Mundaun or Signalis or other upcoming games like Retrospace are "real" horror games, what you're mentioning are all "pop" horror games ala FNAF which are basically catered towards a very different type of audience usually looking for jumpscares or so forth rather than someone actually looking for a genuinely frightening or unsettling game. Twitter is full of real horror indies which often are ignored or don't get a lot of coverage.

Bendy is the only one thats good and its psycho to even say those all in the same breath

Were you the one looking for smiling critters sex dolls earlier?
>Enters thread
>Proclaims Bendy's superiority
>Doesn't explain
>Were you the one looking for smiling critters sex dolls earlier?
I have no clue who you are talking about
I think so since I've seen people pose them before

>Upcoming Transformers
>Leaks and Rumors
>Online Stores for TFs
>Where to watch TF shows:
>Transformers General Archives:

Previous: >>10988164
755 replies and 150 images omitted. Click here to view.
>lol, no. A kid today would be bored to death by G1.
My nephew is 6 and he loves Transformers. He came over my house and saw the original G1 show on my Plex server so he asked to watch it. We didn't make it through a single episode before he lost interest.

Retarded manchild toy collectors are already out of touch with their own generation, never mind younger ones. Unsurprisingly, "OLD THING GOOD" doesn't actually hold up in practice.
Maybe your nephew is just a stupid retarded kid with your stupid genetic stock. Don't blame G1 because your kids are stupid retards with autism.
Transformers was never meant for 6 year olds, it's for slightly older children
Always loved how gruesome Dinobot's transformation looked - he always looked like he was tearing his own ribcage open, which matched up with how his toy had exposed ribs (from his robot legs) there.
>Transformers was never meant for 6 year olds, it's for slightly older children

I watched G1 when it premiered in 1984 when I was six and was never bored.

It's because children today are constantly bombarded with media that anything that isn't a 5 second TikTok video puts them to sleep.

Also, you have to take into account that we hadn't seen anything like G1 Transformers at the time which made it fresh and exciting to watch.

So it's understandable that children today can't sit down and watch anything as they all have ADD!!!FACT!!!

File: maxresdefault.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720)
93 KB
Noob here, gonna give selling on Ebay a go, i have a full set of 5 figures that are packaged in the style of those retro star wars figures. I know i'll get more money for the full set of 5 but i feel like packaging them/shipping them is gonna cause some issues. Do i bite the bullet and box all 5 up in a big box or stay safe and sell them separately?
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why not try the bst here? You will have to pay taxes if you make too much on ebay.
like I'd trust anyone from here
>21 watchers
i mean you would think it would sell at that point
it probably will eventually but that could be years
Just sold something for $145 and it has me a bit paranoid since its my first time selling sonething above $50. If somebody does a return claim and sends me the wrong item what are my options?

File: IMG_9182.jpg (308 KB, 960x1280)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
I just opened the figure, was trying to bend his leg and snap! Anyone else had this issue? Otherwise it’s a good figure, but this is extremely disappointing since I had to go to 3 different targets all across town to finally find him and then this ruins it all.
114 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Someday I will just find a decent mage to curse this autist, so he wouldn't be able to post here ever again. I know this stuff is real, have seen it work with my own eyes.
And same treatment for subby.
They are vermin of this board, don't have any compaction towards them.
im proud of you for recognizing it early on and getting out. don't let anyone stop you from speaking out about your experience
Recognizing the faults of N*ca and leaving is tantamount to fleeing the church of scientology or some other cult.
File: IMG_5919.png (3.87 MB, 1242x2688)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB PNG
I’m joining the lonely neco hearts club, op, bugger me.
this would bum me out so bad

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