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DC vs Marvel who do you choose?
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Based. My hero chooses to sleep rather than fight this turf war.
Aquaman? Got knocked tf out by Pete
File: pete0.jpg (17 KB, 640x311)
17 KB
Pete was there? Damn.
Who wins this fight
DC and Marvel are my favorites though

MOCs for life
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And we’re out of here.
thanks anon !
anon do not be lewd to me please
That's not "juniorisation" the box art makes the older set look bigger than it is. Minimalism is what defines most all old legos.
Now break it down and make a moc out of it
Nah it was juniorisation the buids were simple even for the era full of big bits of lego and panels

File: IMG_8645.jpg (342 KB, 828x1228)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Noticed we never got another thread after the last got bumped off and saw this cool Chrollo go up for preorder on 5ktoys so here goes.


SHF Naruto
SHF Bleach
SHF One Piece
SHF Demon Slayer
SHF Sand Land

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another bel workshop pic
Can't wait to see what accessory they are going to gaijin tax us out of.
File: 94vgmidwrcc71.png (849 KB, 1024x768)
849 KB
849 KB PNG
You think? I'd argue it's one of the better SAS figures. Like >>10952505 said, the 1.5 was a massive improvement.

I can think of a lot of figures that need resculpting first (looking at my entire SDC shelf)

>smiling face
God. That would be nice, but I hope it'll still be easy to win.
Good question. If it's a lottery I'll put in my lot and hope for the best.

btw, Giorn and GE BIG are also coming and will probably be shown at WF. I'm honestly glad I did get into that line. They look lovely, but I don't have space.
File: t69sr7n029n71.jpg (432 KB, 906x1281)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
How much longer are they going to make us wait??
File: cvSRVdAi_o.jpg (451 KB, 1240x1754)
451 KB
451 KB JPG

File: 1712595176680761.png (647 KB, 1041x1030)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
Previously: >>10943480

-Marvel Legends Fan Stream 4/25 @ 11AM EST

-Marvel Legends Giant Man/Wasp 2 pack solicited (Pulse Exclusive, shipping now)

-Marvel Legends Retro Carded Iron Man wave solicited (Fan Channel)

-Marvel Legends Fox Wolverine and Deadpool re-releases solicited

-Mafex Spider-Man 2099 Soliciited

-Marvel Legends Nick Fury Jr/Dum Dum Dugan/Sharon Carter SHIELD 3 pack solicited (Fan Channel)

-Marvel Legends New Fantastic Four Wolverine/Spider-Man 2 pack solicited

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So Deathbird, Savage Land Rogue both have appeared in X97. Hopefully this means there comic figures will be made to fill out this cover since the ML team is bent on completing it. Not sure how if they made Zaladane and Prof X as a fan channel 2 pack, I'd be okay with that.
Savage Land Rogue is too sexy. They won't make her.
New Thread:

Based display, anon. One of the best I've seen on here.
i bought four as soon as they hit my target and sold them all for $100 each within 24 hours. couple months later i bought two more for like $12 each on clearance.

Tried on reddit and Google lense. Got it in a lot of legends and dc direct figures.
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File: M6D.png (19 KB, 500x500)
19 KB
M6D pistol Halo Megablok
looks like a prop from Rebel Moon
File: 21621-hoardar-.jpg (154 KB, 1080x1064)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Sorry forgot pic
Thanks anon!
So this was always a retrospam thread? Makes sense.

File: 1690979945985517.jpg (40 KB, 826x464)
40 KB
Post your photos of toys in nature. Dump those snaps!
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File: o65.png (902 KB, 653x896)
902 KB
902 KB PNG
File: 20230811_125229adj1-sh.jpg (523 KB, 2000x1500)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
File: 20240415_205250.jpg (1.48 MB, 2200x1686)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
Took my Azone 1/6 Rimuru out to the botanical gardens. I didn't realize how busy it was so anxiety got the better of me. I'm still happy I got more than one good picture.
File: 20240415_222916.jpg (911 KB, 1208x2180)
911 KB
911 KB JPG
Cute photos and very nice doll. I wish I was as brave to do this with my ob11

Is there a production release for these, or just the 3d printed version?

I'd love to grab them but don't much care for the 3d printed stuff.
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Or just print it in ABS.
are those designs popular over in China? If they are then they'll eventually be made into kits or even pre-built figures, with or without the designer's involvement. Happened with some TF garage kits.
Here you go. Anons like to play the ass and not just answer simple questions.


I ordered the zilla and ape from one of these makers.
>are those designs popular over in China?

The stuff China is making unofficial wise (3D printed) is far beyond anything you will see in the West.

Those things are designed for FDM printing which isn't that popular in China. They have a ton of 3D printing factories over there and it makes no sense to not print it in resin.

File: fancy (Copy).jpg (955 KB, 1104x1440)
955 KB
955 KB JPG
>"If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!"



The guide:
Part 1 (Quick Start)

Part 2 (Deeper Dive)

And a handy guide to other types of plamo: http://www.mediafire.com/view/1vf1aw7v91pz5pa/Airfix%20Model%20World%20Specia%20(Scale%20Modelling%20Step-By-Step).pdf

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So is the kit good? I liked her show at the time at least.
Show me an armored core kit at retail
File: TASTY.png (1.12 MB, 900x1200)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Are Hemoxian kits any good? This guy looks sick
bro? https://www.hlj.com/1-72-scale-algebra-soluh-barbaroi-reissue-kbyvi-072x
I have the Thor. It's similar to a PG. Big chunky fucker yet very poseable.

File: 20240412_213721.jpg (396 KB, 1080x2155)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
Lego-type fire truck instruction book, video, or anything helpful to rebuild this needed. Please, help. \(^-^)/
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I appreciate it, thanks. o7
You can try to put a request at
It's not in those already available for download.
Thanks, I have already sent them, still waiting.
Guys, I really thank you all for your efforts, I have had the PDF.
Fuck off. This isn't reddit

File: 81Z4Rba5XnL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (263 KB, 1176x1500)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Why hasn't Anime Heroes made a Nami figure?
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File: 1894.jpg (46 KB, 800x241)
46 KB
No doubt the toys were shit. They were all a gimmicky mess where the Naruto line had a play balance of figures with decent articulation vs gimmick figures. What I somewhat doubt is the adaption side of things purely because it managed to actually run for 3 years while still telling more or less the same story beats (Laboon aside). Still a shit dub either way but managed to last as long as it did.

Bleach is a funny outlier all things considered. It could have been prime material for CN at the time and the thought of having the big three all airing on a single network is a fun what if, though probably for the best it didn't. Sucks that the toy license went to Toynami of all companies since they only produced a few staction figures.
Have you seen the aftermarket prices for most of the VAHs? I'll patiently await for a S.H Figuarts version of Boa and Robin than paying $600 to get both of their VAHs.
You're 100% right and I'm waiting on a crocodile shf or vah reissue to avoid payong like 200 bucks. That being said I just got super lucky and got the vah boa on ebay for like 40, I have no fucking clue how. There's no bootleg version as far as I'm aware so I don't think I need to worry about that
One thing to watch out for is depending on the VAH figure there can be some questionable quality control. For OP I remember years ago there being talks about Robin and Hancock specifically being fragile, especially with their joints. The first release of Zoro has scary tight joints that future reissues fixed as well.
File: 20240312_184445.jpg (665 KB, 2880x2880)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
Alright, I'll be careful, thanks for the warning. She arrived yesterday but haven't opened yet cause I'm too busy for now. Originally wasn't planning on getting her because she wouldn't fit into an SHF display but at that price I thought fuck it. Talked about it in the shounen general a while ago, might be able to squeeze her in next to a Luffy but the height comparison just isn't gonna fly when it comes to my brook/franky/yamato, they're not meant to be the same height as her. The head size might be what really screws it

Now that Street Sharks is coming back (With a new younger-audience aimed show a la CGI Masters of The Universe almost a gimmie given Mattel needs back up for that show flopping.) would a Mighty Max revival work in this day and age?
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File: IMG_7064.jpg (109 KB, 720x960)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
File: IMG_7059.jpg (61 KB, 1067x800)
61 KB
File: IMG_7058.jpg (46 KB, 500x500)
46 KB
any decent place you can actually buy these from?
File: 2.jpg (224 KB, 800x800)
224 KB
224 KB JPG

Are you US or European?

Second wave seems to be a mix of brown hair Max and some Chinese guy (?)

I really wish we went back to the classic style of plush and that we got pets in every queer color scheme. My friends and I would love it. They don't even need to have it in the name so that conservative families will buy it too. It could be something like:

Gay dog or frog
Lesbian cat or fox
Transgender starfish or dragon
Bisexual monkey or horse
Asexual unicorn
Genderqueer possum
Genderquestioning owl
Demigirl kangaroo
Demiboy raccoon
Straight ally squirrel
Pansexual giraffe
Transmasc rhino
Transfem lioness

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>i NEED the company to pander to my self ascribed label i NEED to be boxed in and categorized rigidly i NEED IT I NEED IT I NEED IT
why are americans like this
the funny thing is there are a dime a dozen rainbow pets already in the game, it's just a fuckload of them are virtual only and never made into plushes. nothing explicit, but you can read between the lines.
maybe people just like colors, dude
i mean, yeah, for the most part, a lot of them are just colors, but there are some where it feels like the team wanted to be a bit pandery.
On the internet, every one is American.

File: 20240414_161815.jpg (320 KB, 909x1079)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
What is the chance my friend would die from this? They joked about doing vore and shoving them up their ass. He/she doesnt have health insurance anymore! These are covered in cheap paint from china. Worried my friend is going to do really do it as she/he is really deranged over this cartoon, has put other action figures in their ass and mouth, swallowed tiny soft ones, fucks specific stuffed animals and has stolen toys from family kids all the time as well as stealing strangers kids toys at least 4 times, plus a shoplifting problem.

I dont want these, i want good ones for my shelf. Sharp points are ok because they are not entering my asshole. Pretty retarded that the shop didnt sell any single figurines. Yes im aware i need new friends and should probably check outside of this fandom for some.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
what an ugly dogshit artstyle who watches this
Their cool rep is going to skyrocket when they have to inform a doctor to extract a homo spider and cyclops from their bloody asshole then pump their stomach and have lesbian girls fly out. They offered me the alastor and requested photos if i shove it in my ass so i just declined it.

This isnt close to the style and the styles got a lot on calarts or ugly 3d cgi tho theres problems. Problems lie mostly with design copy paste or color pasting tho.
File: alstolim.png (30 KB, 146x135)
30 KB
that alastor is sending me.
look at his stupid fucking expression.
Cool bait thread about the tranny hell cartoon and all but I just want to talk about how doofy/cute that Charlie is. look at her gormless little anime face and goofy little horns.

I’ve currently been using nicer bookshelves I received for free, but I feel like they’re not the best for figures. I’m curious what other anons use for their displays.
I know, but don’t they not sell them anymore?
China was just toys for old people
I display my JP futa import figures next to her heirloom china.
I love you grandma.
I kinda want to get into making dollhouse style rooms with some lighting to display figures in.

There were a bunch of femanons who had absolutely based dollhouse threads here years ago and modded some calicokids tree. I'd be intrested in seeing those again but don't have my own material to really contribute or feel like I should start them.
It’s just our version of Hummels. I still have a really old Detolf that I just rotate my display into, but I do kinda need something else.
File: 81yWVeiRg-L.jpg (337 KB, 1224x1632)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
I've got 7 detolfs, a Neutype double door cabinet, a wall shelf, and two book shelves that I put a row of figures in front of the books. Other than a third bookshelf which can be accented with figures like the others, that's all I plan to get. The Neutype(picture isn't mine, just an example) is what I went with after detolfs became $130 and while it was a bitch to build, it looks better than the detolfs imo since it doesn't have the railing on the sides. However, there are some bootleg detolfs on Amazon that also forego the rails. I tend to prefer cabinets since even without dustproofing they let in so little dust for it to be a non-issue, though there's something neat about figures being out in the open and being able to tweak their poses at the drop of a hat.

Because now is the time to sell that shit. I know it's extremely unlikely, but if you have ANY O.J. merch, ESPECIALLY any of the toys hanging around in yours or a relative's attic or storage unit, this is the prime moment to offload it for a fat payout
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Reminder: black people knew he did that shit, but the LAPD was so corrupt that someone who murdered his wife became the good guy in a fight with them
It’s gotta be the same guy who killed JonBenét Ramsey
I'm not american and it was on the primetimes national news here.
the juice are eradicated
I dont watch tv news too often but i do read it and atleast for me it barely even made a blip. I guess the news wouldnt want to do a memorial but charles manson got better coverage.

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