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Displaying 70 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
6997501post bloom/lights wallpapers[View]
6998082Tilt Shift Nature Shots: Doesn't matter if it's with an actual tilt shift lens or an appli…[View]
6990741Official Homescreen Thread #130: Previous thread: >>6983448 FAQ: Need inspiration (or want to …[View]
6997406Snowing and dark: Snowy scenes at night, preferably evil looking, death involved etc etc Pic kind of…[View]
6997672Avatars Thread: Cool stuff forum avatars[View]
6997877Black Background Papes: Hey, I'm looking for some nice papes with a blackground. It can be anyt…[View]
6995070IMT No. 620 - THIS IS THE OFFICIAL IMAGE MODIFICATION THREAD: Welcome to the IMT! We are here to hel…[View]
6984996Suggestions and advice to make my homescreen a little better? Input appreciated[View]
6979168Subtly Depressing Wallpapers: I need some subtly depressing wallpapers. I want wallpapers that conve…[View]
6979578In honour of the /wg/ vs /asp/ 4cc game today, post any and all sports related papes. /wg/ is final…[View]
6992344Off by one: I'm looking for a specific type of wallpapers where the scene or subject seems to b…[View]
6996335Rare Gerald Pape for phone[View]
6997069Summer / Beach: Posy summery wallpapers. Make me want to go on vacation.[View]
6997796Blue-Purple wallpapers: Any desktop wallpapers with a blue-purple color theme to them.[View]
6997492How To Theme Windows 7: Hey ya'll! I want to learn how to theme Windows 7, I know there's …[View]
6997706New PC: Somthing colorful[View]
6995240So today is my birthday, I'm 24 years old now. can you guys give me one of your favorite wallpa…[View]
6995683Looking for generally open, neat, standard WPs with one burst of Color. Show me your color pops[View]
6997535Can we get an 'HD' wall paper thread going?[View]
6996214Chromatic Aberation[View]
6941470More Witcher 3 please this one is all I got. Higher quality the better[View]
6993985VIDEOGAMES IN GENERAL: I need a new cover photo for my FB Fanpage[View]
6997405Color splash[View]
6989156Christian Faith Phone Wallpapers[View]
6996649Wallpaper Requests: Imagine this: It's an early morning (7AM - 8AM) and it's an in a citys…[View]
697221918th birthday post your 18 pape in your folder[View]
6996833Need new pape: Had this paper for a while and need a new one. Post similar action-y sci-fi/gaming/an…[View]
6997265Neon Colored papes[View]
6988292League of Legends: Post your favourite lol papes[View]
6993962Pink and Blue: Pink and blue is the best color combination, especially when it's a gradient. Ph…[View]
6996662GAME OF THRONES ART THREAD: I need more Game Of Thrones wallpapers plz[View]
6997173Gondola Wallpapers: I only have one, I'm looking for more if anyone has any more[View]
698314521st birthday here. Give me your 21st paper[View]
6992900Animated Wallpapers: Just got wallpaper engine, would love some gifs that would be great walls. 1920…[View]
6997034Steven Universe Wallpapers[View]
6994477So, hey /wg/, I just downloaded the 8-bit icon pack, because I think it be cute. ( https://play.goog…[View]
6997719Attack On Titan: Been really getting into Attack On Titan lately. Dump em[View]
6996947Perspective/Speed/Aerial Shots: I'm looking for some thrills. Drop anything that gives a sense …[View]
6994918Blue themed wallpapers?: I'm looking for something to go with my blue LED computer tower, mouse…[View]
6996364rate my wallpaper[View]
6995358Philosophy Papes: Just made this. Thoughts and posts?[View]
6994968Castlevania: Need some Castlevania papers lads. Especially from the New Netflix series, the animatio…[View]
6996428Morning everyone! Post hot multi wall papes! Remember, sharing is caring.[View]
6996305Requesting more wallpapers like this- Phone wallpapers will also be appreciated[View]
6996303need more 80s-90s wallpaper[View]
6992960Flat, minimalistic thread[View]
6995160Phone Pape Thread: I just got my new phone and only have pic related Post your fav/current phone pa…[View]
6995885WARRIORS: wallpapes about warriors real photography only[View]
6994748Is wallpaper engine worth it?: is wallpaper engine worth the $4?[View]
6996224People in gas masks wallpapers: I think they're cool[View]
6996053hey wg , how you guys doing? I've just gone through results day in college but haven't loo…[View]
6993955American wallpapers: Something like the pic I posted. Something ominous or intimidating or showing o…[View]
6995276Age of Sigmar thread: Anyone wana hook me up with some age of sigmar warhammer stuff? bonus points f…[View]
6994424High Res Wallpapers: Does anyone have a higher resolution version of this wallpaper?[View]
6970907Random /co/ related wallpaper dump. Almost all of these are OC that I made recently.[View]
6993395New wallpapers: Hey, I'd like to get some new wallpapers. The ones that I have are pretty dated…[View]
6995955Wallpapers like this?: Someone got wallpapers that kinda look like this one? I really like the colou…[View]
6996028looking for a higher res.. also any other rp1?[View]
6996008Anybody got those pictures from the following website: http://www.lightphonics.co.uk/Gallery/Glacier…[View]
6995048Suicide Thread: #depressing #sad[View]
6995915Wallpapers with a stylish mix of Red and Black. Phone/Mobile prefered.[View]
6992826Turned 9000 Days Old Yesterday: Paper me? Please and thankyou[View]
6994862weird futuristic papers[View]
6988875Red wallpapers: Red thread cuz i need help getting a red wallpaper for my red setup[View]
6993630Dark Wallpapers[View]
6993646Another Post-apocalyptic wallpaper thread: post your best post-apocalyptic wallpapers[View]
6989752post your coziest studio ghibli/related papes[View]

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