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Displaying 54 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
7244794Discontinued iOS Wallpapers: Because Apple got rid of them for no reason[View]
7245140Black Metal Albums[View]
7244521Need more papes: Hi, /wg/, I just bought my first laptop and I am in need of some new wallpapers. I…[View]
7241752Meme papes thread[View]
7226207Pink and Comfy: Good shit only thanks Both mobile and pc[View]
7243654Anything you feel roughly related. I'd say it's pink/feel/aestetic, nothing really origina…[View]
7245569website backgrounds: For any website. Backgrounds they would use on their websites.[View]
7244380I missed her... Post papes of how you feel with your girls[View]
7241995it`s my 20th birthday... blablabla... you know the drill[View]
7244238war: anything related to war. soldiers, machines of war, military weapons, you name it.[View]
7244929Asian cozy papes: Like this without animals[View]
7239545Vintage tech, computers appreciated, others okay, aesthetic as fuck: Looking for great aesthetic vin…[View]
7234416Wallpapers You Never Use: I have an idea for a thread that can only work here on /wg/. Post images y…[View]
7245355Water Based Papes: Let's make a thread for my favorite kind of element![View]
7237937Futuristic/Gritty/Cyberpunk Themed Papes[View]
7241058Asymmetrical Papes: Looking for wallpapers where most of the image is on one side or the other. Poin…[View]
7213129Communism / Socialism[View]
72437302018 Russia World Cup /wp/ thread: Post Russia 2018 Soccer World Cup kino wallpapers[View]
7238377Star Wars Wallpapers[View]
7235517Political papes: hey /wg/, instead of making separate fascist and commie threads, why not just lump …[View]
7244820Fortnite wallpapers[View]
7244927.: WW1 battle wallpaper[View]
7243609My birthday was the 15th. Post ya 24th paper for this birthday boy[View]
7242152Dual Monitor: Didn't see one in the catalog.[View]
7244350Art thread?: Art thread![View]
7239585Comic book screenshots?[View]
7238482How do you all categorize your wallpapers? Like landscapes and cityscapes in seperate folders, obvio…[View]
7243969Nature photography, OC: Enjoy a couple of photos from this weekend's camping trip.[View]
7240557Simon Stålenhag and anything related: I got a few WPs from you, /wg/, so I'll share some of min…[View]
7241577Hello, I would really appreciate some cool STONER pictures that I can print and hang on my wall. I …[View]
7217139Bad Trip art: Post anything that would be considered an unspeakable horror[View]
7244422World Cup 2018[View]
7241554Beach Papes: I went to the beach and took some pics of the waves with the sun setting behind me. Let…[View]
7230090Studio Ghibli Wallpapers: Good ol' Ghibli papes[View]
7243263Berserk papes[View]
7240613mobile papes[View]
7244332Final Fantasy Backgrounds: Post ur best final fantasy backgrounds doesn't matter which game pre…[View]
724390690s rave aesthetics: 90s rave posters/flyers and acid.[View]
72388692560x1440p: Got a new monitor and need new wallpapers anything would appreciated thanks in advance!…[View]
7242104Baptist Papes: All things baptist, sola fide, pro grace and anti-lordship salvation.[View]
7234649Japanese themed wallpapers anyone?[View]
7243930Wallpaper Engine: Hey guys, have you tried Wallpaper Engine on steam? https://store.steampowered.com…[View]
7243955Anyone got more images like this?[View]
7243316Minimalism: No text, no shapes, only colors and simple textures.[View]
7236627Gorillaz Wallpapers: Anyone got and good papers?[View]
7237212Blue Papes: I'm looking for more like this[View]
7243916Favourite Photographers' Works: I'll start with Nan Goldin. This one's called Amanda …[View]
7234430Comic Book Papes: I hope this doesn't count as double threading or whatever it's called, b…[View]
7242423Industrial Beauty: anything industrial-relatec, power plants, workers, steel, steam bonus points for…[View]
7243784(L.A.) Noire Wallpapers: Post some 1930's/40's Noire papes my dudes[View]
7237770Comfy sexy?[View]

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