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Displaying 36 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
7281405>the perfect woman doesn't exist I'll start:[View]
7280373ABSTRACT LIKE PAPERS: Natural images that look like abstract designs.[View]
7274552Mirrors edge[View]
7281485Looking for hockey jersey backgrounds for my phone. Specially for the Rangers one. No team name, no …[View]
7266856Let's get a Halloween thread going[View]
7281513Music/Bands: Post wallpapers that have to do with bands/music. Preferably metal but any music is wel…[View]
7279306Abstract wallpapers[View]
7268640Purple Thread: Love this color, post all ya got 1/4[View]
7278515Red Wallpapers: My whole aesthetic is red, got red laptop red hair give red Wallpapers too[View]
7279079Shades of Violet Thread:: My favorite is (215, 190, 215);[View]
7281303Dead Space: Dead Space/General scifi papers[View]
7281247GoTravel photos[View]
7276868Fashwave thread: Post fashy aesthetics[View]
7279318Neon Papes: Papes with neon-themes, sci-fi or otherwise[View]
7278273Personalized credit card: Post best art / textures suitable for a credit card. The small print says …[View]
7250770Turning 20 years old: Post your 20th pape, I'll start with some stuff I like[View]
7281125mondrian related art[View]
7279860Nature thread, lots of grass if possible.[View]
7279370pixel art[View]
7281137Papers that make good posters: Looking for stuff to decorate with. If the thread lives long enough, …[View]
7278287/psychadelic/: does anyone have psychadelic wallpapers featuring women?[View]
7281004LINES for desktop or phone.: Preference for darker ones....____..__[View]
7280046Wallpapers that provide general useful information: Got a few examples, hopefully people have some m…[View]
7268170GREEN THEME: Anything with a general green/mint color scheme. Post em![View]
7264892You Save You Lose!: Old Thread: >>7246956[View]
7276444Ultrawide 21:9: I didn't see a 21:9 thread and it's a pain in the ass finding UW wallpaper…[View]
7276594Rainbow Thread: Every next pape has to be the next color of the rainbow and we'll keep looping …[View]
7274851itt:anything goes (comfy is preferred) bonus: comfy discord pape server https://discord.gg/V2TnJFE[View]
7278116Predator: Guys, The Predator comes out this Friday, post all your wallpapers featuring the ugly moth…[View]
7280566retired dump thread: it's that time where i go through my papes folder and drop all the ones i …[View]
7268926The Elder Scrolls Wallpapers: ANYTHING Elder Scrolls, but I'd prefer Morrowind/Anything with Da…[View]
7273004Doctor Who thread: only have 3, but there are many out there. Also, does anybody have updated versio…[View]
7277226Symetric Wallpaper: post your favorite symetric Wallpaper min res 1920x1080[View]
7274501What's your idea of the perfect pape? I personally love minimalism .. I don't know why, bu…[View]
7245043beautiful women beautiful faces: it's been a while since the last beautiful girls thread so pos…[View]
7279460Dark 3840 x 1080 wallpapers (dual monitor): Here's my favorite one I've been using for a y…[View]

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